a very hot encounter

I've had been feeling way too horny for days; masturbating every night to shemale porn. I've always loved transexuals. There's nothing better than a very hot body with a fairly large cock to be sucked and drained of hot cum. There's something even kinkier for me about a top shemale. I imagine that cock being inside of me, drilling my little tight ass while I go crazy kissing whoever is fucking me.

The weekend arrived and that friday y decided I was not going to go out and just tend to my restaurant business. I have this little tradition that whenever I stay in at the restaurant on a weekend day, I buy myself a bottle of rum and just down it while I'm there. So there I was biding my time drinking while it got late and we were closing up. When we finally closed it was 1 AM, I had drank nearly half the bottle and I was already super horny because of this waitress I have that has a killer ass. We both flirted with each other and this night we even had agreed on going out after work, but she had already left with some douche leaving me horny as hell. I was fairly d***k and as we were gathering outside for a smoke, a waiter came up to me and gave me a good-sized marihuana joint. I love weed and he had heard me nagging about how much I wanted to get high. I thanked the gesture not knowing it was going to turn into an awesome night. Weed makes me extremely horny. Every time I get high my "gay" side comes on and I get this warm feeling all around my asshole and i crave to masturbate. I love the feeling and I love smoking. SInce I had really nothing to do and it was fairly early I decided to go home to smoke and masturbate but the alcohol started acting up in my head and the image of that waitress's ass had me hard all along. As I was driving home something in me made me turn and head towards the area where the trannys come out at night and I did not even fight it.

In my hometown there are some fine trannys. A noob that passes by that area of the city might actually get a big surprise if he takes one home because they are really hot as hell and you really can't tell. Given that I am a frequent client of that zone I found myself looking for my regular girl. Luckily, I found her getting of a cab just as I was driving past her usual spot. I stopped just beside the cab, she recognized me and without saying anything got into my car right away. She gave me a little kiss on the cheek, said that she had been remembering our times together over the past week and that she was eager to get it on. We started flirting a little on our way to the motel. She was looking fine as hell that day. She was wearing a little black skirt that allowed the beauty of her long legs to show, a white tank top, her long black hair in a pony tail and very little make up. I tell you she is as natural as she can get and she is so so cute. I was driving quite fast since I was so horny. I told her that I was feeling specially horny that day, that I felt sexy and that I was in a hurry to suck her dick and feel that hard cock up my little asshole. She kinda enjoyed me acting like that so she started flirting even more. She started acting sexy, her voice changed and she started teasing me. She leaned on me, put a hand over my cock, licked my earlobe a little and opened her legs so that her panties showed. My dick was about to rip my jeans off from how hard it was. And all the while she was enjoying this.

When we arrived at the motel, we got up to our rooms and she asked me if she could order a few beers. It was evident that I was d***k and she did not want to be left behind. I answered that I had something much much better and she almost flipped when I showed her the joint.

She came up to me and we started kissing real slow and sexy. She placed herself behind me, hugged me from the back and kissed my neck while her hands unbuttoned my shirt. I was twirling like crazy possessed by those kisses and hands. I was so horny and I wanted to be used like a little slut. I have to make it clear that I am bisexual and can either act as top or bottom depending on the occasion, but that day I wanted to be fucked. I wanted to feel used, to feel dirty, to lose respect. besides my ass was craving for a cock from all the shemale porn I had been watching, it wanted to be drilled. She was still behind me, I was shirtless and her hands were squeezing my nipples as she ran her tongue all over. She threw me on the bed while she took all of my dick in her mouth. She gave very good head and I was in heaven. She licked my shaft, licked my balls and teased my head with her magical tongue. I was hornier than ever and I could feel my ass pulsating with pleasure and anticipation. She noticed I was about to be pushed to the edge so she stopped cold. She stood back and said "i'm going to stop now love, you're horny as hel!!!" and smiled. She turned her back and went to get her purse. As she was getting a lighter out of it she said "well, are you going to get the joint out or what?"

I jumped like a rabbit towards my pants and got it out. I placed myself on the bed completely naked. She did a little mini-striptease to take of her sexy black skirt but kept her black lace panties on. She took of the tank top and her bra to show me her perfect 34b round breasts and to tease me as she knew I wanted to lose myself in them. She cuddled beside me and we lit the joint. While we were smoking she caressed me entirely and my hips got possessed and I started moving them up and down in an effort to make her hard. We shared the smoke by blowing it towards each other and kissed with it still in our mouths to make it even sexier as we felt how the marihuana relaxed our bodies. I got hornier by the second, hornier as ever and I felt how my pulse elevated and how I began to float thanks to the weed effect. I could tell she was enjoying it too and getting horny because she almost started eating my ear while she whispered "you make me so horny... i want you."

In that moment I started kissing her whole body. I ran my tongue all over her skin and all over her neck, tits and mouth while my hands caressed her as if she was the most prized possession on earth. I got excited as I watched how she was enjoying all this and how her dick grew so much that her panties were useless now. I took it of slowly and I placed her hot juicy cock in my mouth. I cherished that cock. I licked it, squeezed it, sucked it. I teased her head, licked her balls massaged her shaft. I was so turned on by the smell of her manhood by the smell of a hard cock in my mouth. My senses were completely lost in her dick. I was giving the best head of all time and she was twirling and twitching with pleasure. She kept pushing my head down so I could take it all and it was just surreal. I felt like a little bitch. She placed me over her to 69. I was on top and she could lick my open asshole. I could down that 7 1/2 inch cock in my mouth. She took my balls whole in her mouth and played with them with her tongue and with one finger she started dilating my anus. As she once again licked my asshole I was shivering with pleasure. I could feel her tongue lubricating my pulsating little hole and I was shivering and trembling with lust. The weed effect amplified all this pleasure and without even knowing I found myself losing control, asking her to make me her little bitch, to fuck the brains out of me. I was her sissy and I wanted to be punished.

She moved me from her and kissed me and she drove her tongue deep inside my throat as she pulled on my hair. She told me that she had a small vibrator in her purse and if I wanted to use it. I agreed, so she pulled it from her purse as she told me to lay flat on my back with my legs toward me. She put a small amount of lubricant in my ass that was already crying to be fucked with something and slowly placed the vibrator inside me. I was sent up to space with that! The vibration made me shiver like I had never done before. My eyes went completely white and I started rocking my pelvis. She was careful not to touch my cock since she knew I would blow my load in a second. She instead teased me with her tongue. She pushed my legs far apart so that my ass would be open as she fucked me with her little red vibrator. It was the best feeling. I found myself begging for more! More!! while the vibrator massaged my prostate. I could not take it anymore, I wanted her dick inside me! I wanted her to fuck me! I wanted her cock to violate my asshole.

She left the vibrator in me while she sat in my chest and drove her cock deep inside my mouth for me to suck on it. I was in extasis. I had my ass fucked AND a dick in my mouth. I could taste heaven. I could not describe that wonderful feeling and all was amplified by the weed. She whispered in my ear "baby, i'm way too horny right now, the weed makes me so lustful. I want to fuck you now without a condom. I want to make you mine, i want you to be my little bitch slave, my little fucker." Me, being d***k, fucking high and in extasy could not think of anything so I pleaded for her to fuck me, to fuck me now like a little bitch girl. I wanted her inside of me and I pleaded for her cum...

I had barely finished speaking when I felt the vibrator being pulled out. She lubed her dick and with a kiss in my mouth drove it deep inside my gaping little asshole. I could see stars, literally. It felt sooooo good. I had never had a bareback experience. I could feel her dick veins and how it pulsated inside of me getting warmer and making my ass so warm. There's nothing better than the natural feeling of a dick inside me.

I started moaning loud. All this was a dream to me. She kissed me and bit my shoulder and lip. I kept asking for her to fuck me hard, harder. I moaned that I was her little bitch, that I was a little pussy. She then put me in all fours and in one thrust she drove all of her manhood into me. I yelled "yes! yes!" while she pulled my hair back with one hand making my back arch like hell. She placed her mouth in my ear and told me "you wanted me to fuck you hard eh? You wanted to be a little bitch asshole?" All as she kept pulling my hair back. This was so exciting, the pain made it way to sexy. She kept pounding her cock in my ass harder every time. She was spanking me with the other free hand all while she kept grabbing my head. I was completely lost in lust. I was in space, seeing stars, having the best fuck of my life; my back completely arched and my asshole wide open for that hard dick.

"Fuck me!! Fuck me hard bitch!!!" I kept yelling, losing myself in my moans of pleasure. I had no control over me. I did not recognize what had I become. I felt so good, so hot, so sexy... She started breathing harder and I did not want it to end so I suggested we switch positions. She lied on the bed and I sat on her shaft. I could feel it all the way to my throat. I bent to kiss her all while bouncing up and down like a pogo stick on her dick. With my own hands I was squeezing my nipples. I wanted more and more pleasure. The weed had me flying, her dick had me in extasy... the smell of sweat and sex had me completely possessed.

I kept mounting her until we went back to missionary position. She lifted my legs so that my knees touched my chest leaving my ass completely exposed. She drove it in harder and more violently every time and I could feel that dick deep deep inside me. I kept saying "fuck me bitch! rip my asshole apart!"

Her rhythm accelerated and I was sure she was about to cum. I didn't know where to receive her load: in my mouth or inside me. She kept going and I just let it be. She then screamed "I'm cumming baby" and I remembered this was my first bareback so I asked her to seed me. To blow her load deep inside my ass... i told her "breed me... give me your cum in my ass, I want you inside me, fill me up" and suddenly I felt this warm liquid filling me inside. I could notice the thick streams of cum being shot into me. I had never felt that and it felt incredible. I was completely lost in pleasure. There was nothing around me but that dick inside and the hot cum filling my ass. I felt wonderful as she twitched in her orgasm while she was biting my lip. I could just think of that hot cum inside me. I felt like a bitch... i felt great.

I asked her to pull out so I could lick her dick clean. She put it in my mouth and I sucked it dry enjoying her manhood inside me. I was in heaven with her juices inside every crevice of my body. Her cum tasted so good it was intoxicating. Her hands quickly found my own dick ready to explode. Her way of fucking me without touching my cock worked because I did not cum and I was ready to explode in a huge orgasm. It took only 2 or 3 pumps for me to blow like I had never done before. She quickly inserted a finger inside me while she placed her mouth near my dick as I shot that load. I orgasmed in a loud moan and I twirled like never before. My eyes shot back, I saw nothing but white and my pelvis started moving automatically. She collected my cum in her mouth and then she quickly went to my mouth to kiss me. I was now tasting my own cum and it was dripping all over our mouths as we deep-kissed. I was full of cum feeling so sexy and so dirty.

Exhausted, we both cuddled. The marihuana had peaked during sex and we were way too high and way too tired. We just lied there in a hug, relaxed and flying after that session of hot sex and weed. We were like that for almost 20 minutes before my ass came alive again by its own. I started moving my pelvis up and down and rubbing my ass cheeks on her dick. She responded quickly to this invitation and without words we started touching each other. She was behind me so her hands started masturbating me. I could feel her dick start to grow between my ass cheeks. We were lying on our side so I positioned myself to feel her tip probing my hole. In a single thrust she went inside me again and she started to pump frenetically. She started moaning and I was so high I was flying whispering "fuck me fuck me fuck me" It didn't take long before she started filling my ass with her hot cum once more. It was the best feeling to feel my second ever load of cum deep inside me. I wanted more. I wanted more cum. I did not last long either and came over the bed. She picked the cum up with her finger and fed me. It was so sexy. I loved being fed my own cum.

We lied there for about 10 minutes and then got inside the shower to clean ourselves and to try to wear off the marihuana effect so that I could drive. We dressed, I paid her, we went out of the motel and I dropped her off near her corner and left for home with a huge smile. It was the best dirty sex experience ever. I was so satisfied still feeling the hot cum inside me. The best dirty sex ever: a hot tranny, high as fuck, cum in my ass, my own cum in my mouth and completely fucked like a little bitch. It was a good night.

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2 years ago
fantastc made me cum all over myself
2 years ago
a very sexy experience......
2 years ago
soo hot
2 years ago
Wow, super hot! thx
2 years ago
hot story and u told it very good!
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