Human Mexican Donkey Part-1

I went to the Mexico to visit the Mayan ruins for my summer vacation.
The Mayan’s Indians are very poor and work very hard for there money. They live in mud huts with dirt floors and thatch roofs. They are very short people
who are know for carrying large heavy objects on there heads, and walking
many miles with there cargo. Because they use there heads to carry heavy
objects, they have a very strong neck and back, to be able to withstand the
pressure put on them while walking many hours to carry there goods from town
to town. Most of them only make about 75 pesos a week, which is about $5 US dollars.
Well back to my vacation. I like staying with the locals and get to know how they
live, work, and play. I hitched a ride into this Village and got a room at the local hotel which wasn’t much to write home about, but it did have hot running water.

The country is very rough with lots of jungle and uneven ground which makes it
hard to get around if your not use to it. I saw them carrying there cargo on there heads and thought I bet they can carry me on there shoulders with no problem.
I’m 5’10” weigh 185 pounds of lean muscle and a 10 inch thick cock.
I asked around for a local to be my guide. I also told them that the guide would have to carry me on there shoulders all day. I found a young man about
18 years old who looked strong enough to do the job. I also told him he would be my slave and would have to do anything I asked him to do and not drop me. I would pay him $50 pesos for the day. If he didn’t obey my orders or drop me I wouldn’t pay him anything! He agreed and said there wouldn’t be anything he wouldn’t do for that pay.

The next day I met him at the edge of the town at 6am because it gets hot there
so it’s better to start early while it’s still cool. I wore a T-shirt and jogging shorts.
He has shorts and sandals but no shirt which showed his muscular shoulders that I would be sitting on. It was suppose to get over 90 degrees that day but it didn’t bother me because he was going to do all the work, which excited me. His pain doesn’t concern me, it’s part of serving his Master. I had a backpack with some water bottles and a couple of sandwiches to eat. He didn’t bring anything to drink or eat. With the heat and hard work he will do he will be thirsty and hungry which is not my problem as long as he does what he’s ordered.

He got on his knees so I could get on his shoulders. After I settled down on his shoulders he stood up with a little strain and started walking into the jungle with his hands around my legs so I wouldn’t fall. I started getting excited by his movements of his head on my crotch of the uneven ground and my 10 inch cock started to grow and come out of my shorts along side if his face. He kept turning to look at it in amazement. After about 30 minutes of walking he was sweating and starting to breath heavy. Maybe because the heavy load of his Master on his shoulders. I had drank many cups of coffee that morning and had to piss, so I tapped him on top of his head and told him to stop so I could take a piss. He stopped and got down on his knees so I could get off. I stood there in the path and dropped my shorts. My cock was as hard as a rock and sticking straight out from the excitement of riding my Human Donkey slave. He was still on his knees resting and I was in front of him with my cock in my hand getting ready to piss when I caught him staring at my cock. I guess the Mayan’s don’t have big cocks, because he had a shocked look on his face. I asked him to hold it for me while I pissed. His wrapped his small hand around it, which didn’t go all the way around and held it while started to piss. He looked hot and thirsty so I asked him if he wanted something to drink and he said yes. I pointed to my cock and said he could drink my piss. At first he said no, then I reminded him that he had to do what ever I told him to do, and that this would be the only liquid he would drink for the day. He raised his face up and took my cock in his mouth. I let the piss flow, which was a lot. He drank it down and didn’t waste a drop. My cock was still rock hard after I finished pissing. I told him I had more for him to drink down his throat. He looked surprised when I started shoving my cock down his throat. His eyes started to water and he was straining but I grabbed a hand full of hair and kept shoving until I got it all the way down his throat. After a few minutes he got use to it and started sucking me off with no problem. I was getting tired of standing there with no place to sit, besides I had a Human donkey and his shoulders were softer that the rocks on the path. I sat down on his shoulders but this time I was facing backwards with my cock in his mouth. I told him to use his hands to hold me steady while he sucked me off and to use his throat muscles. He stood up with my cock impaled in his mouth. I told him to start walking around to enhance my blowjob. I was pulling the hair on the back of his head forcing his face into my crotch. He was using those strong neck and throat to give me a great BJ. His head was moving in and out and his throat muscles were doing a number on my cock. He was holding my ass with his hands so I wouldn’t fall because I told him if I fell down I wouldn’t pay him anything. As I started to cum I pulled hard on his hair and f***e his face into my crotch which made it impossible to breath and held it there while I was Cumming. I didn’t care because my pleasure was more important that him breathing right now. Because he couldn’t breath he started to get weak and shake. He went down on his knees still holding me in place and looked a little blue in color. I didn’t care because I was having one of the best orgasms of my life and this Slave wasn’t going to ruin it for me. He laid down on his back making sure I was sitting on his chest and that my cock was still in his mouth before he passed out, which he did out cold. But his breathing had to wait until I was finished. I came like I had never came before dumping a ton of cum down his throat. He didn’t have to swallow because I had my cock all the way down his throat shooting rope after rope of hot cum down into his stomach. When I came down from my orgasm and my cock was still down his throat I noticed he wasn’t moving, his arms were limp. I pulled my cock out of his mouth and noticed that he wasn’t breathing. I stood up and started pissing on his face. When my piss hit his face he started breathing and moving. I continued pissing into his open mouth, and as soon as he caught his breath he began swallowing my piss.

After a few minutes to recoup his strength, I got back on his shoulders and started back on our trip. After a few minutes my cock got hard again and I told him to turn his head and lick my cock while we walked. We did this for about 1 hour until it was time to eat lunch and I had to piss again because I drank a 16 oz bottle of water. He got on his knees to let me off. I found some shade and tried to find a soft spot to sit and eat my sandwich but it was all hard dirt and rocks. Why should I sit on rocks when I had a Human chair to sit on. I told him to get under the tree and kneel down on the rocks which he did. You can see the pain on his face kneeling on the rocks, but he didn’t know pain. I sat down hard on his shoulders which made him shouted out in pain. I put my feet on his legs to keep them clean and ate my sandwich. After about 15 minutes I got off his shoulders still standing on his legs and turned around to face him. I told him I had something for him to drink and to open his mouth and not to waste a drop. My cock was already sticking out of my shorts so I stuck in his mouth and started pissing down his throat. After I finished and had him suck the last drop out it was time to get back to our trip. Still standing on his legs and seeing his pain I turned back around and sat hard on his shoulders. I tapped him on the head and said UP. He was weak and stumbled getting up and fell to the ground flat on his face with me sitting on his head now smashing his face into the dirt and rocks. He said he was sorry and to forgive him this one time. I told him this would be the only time. I slid down to his back and he got on all fours, then I slid back to his shoulders and told him to get up. He strained but was able to get up being careful
to not stumble again. We walked for about 30 minutes all the time with him kissing and licking the sides and head of my cock, when we came to a river.
He said it was about 5 or 6 feet deep and we could swim across. I told him I was not going to swim, that I had him to get me across. He said he couldn’t hold his breath and hold me on his shoulders without falling. I told him I had a plan, that I would sit in front of him with him holding my ass up and I would plug his mouth with my cock which has been hard the whole trip so he wouldn’t drink any water and I would hold his nose while he crossed so he wouldn’t drown. He had no choice and I turned around and shoved my cock down his throat blocking his air passage and hold his nose. He started across the river which should only take about 1 min or 2 to cross but that’s not my concern right now. I’m thinking of another way to have a good orgasm. When he was half way across I let go of his nose. When he started breathing water down his nose he started to panic and gag which felt great on my cock. He was jumping and trying to run to get some air and get across quick, but I wasn’t finished yet and started pulling his hair turning his head and he didn’t know which direction to go. He started really gagging and coughing and squeezing my cock with his throat muscles which felt even better on my hard cock and I started Cumming even harder than before. I bet I shot a quart of cum down his throat which made his keep gagging and squeezing my cock dry. As I was coming down from my intense orgasm he was coming out of the water to the other side and was able to breath fresh air. He knelt down on the bank and I pulled my cock out of his mouth and stood up. I was looking down at him and told him that was for letting me fall on his head earlier. After catching his breath and resting a few I mounted him and we got on our way with my cock by his face to kiss and lick for my enjoyment.

End or part 1
35% (3/5)
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3 months ago
so shameful so erotic so humiliatyine butt so very exciting
1 year ago
You are a very good master.