I'm not Gay

I'm not gay, but my new flatmate is. His name is Mike (not his real name. His real name is Jayson.) I'm straight, and I've never really had much contact with gay guys. He seemed alright though, and a couple of nights after he moved in, we had a few drinks and a chat and got to know each other. He's really cool, and we have heaps in common. We've both just broken up with people, we both think relationships suck right now, and we both like white wine and Futurama. I think I'm gonna enjoy having a gay friend.
With no sex I keep waking up horny. A week ago I was in the shower, and I got out, dried off, put the towel around me and walked into the living room. "See, this is what I'm talking about, Mike," I said, pointing to my boner under the towel. "I keep getting these, and it's getting painful. I need a girlfriend."
"I can fix that." Mike said. "Come over here."
I went over, thinking he had some medical trick for easing sore boners, when he undid my towel and started sucking me off.
"Hey! What are you doing?" I yelled, but Mike was deepthroating me and couldn't reply. He was good, too, far better than any girl who's ever done that to me. Maybe having his own penis gave him a clue as to what feels good for a guy, but wow! After about 2 minutes of pure heaven, I told him to watch out, 'cause I was gonna come like a freight train. He didn't care, and kept on sucking my knob, stroking my saliva-lubed cock with his left hand and massaging my balls with his right. I blew right into his mouth! I've never been able to talk a girl into swallowing my load, and Mike wolfed it down like it was honey.
After it was over, I collapsed on the couch. DAMN! I looked at Mike, and he must have sensed my confusion. "I won't tell anyone. You're still straight, but right now, while you're in between girlfriends, if ever you need a little help with a boner problem, let me know. I'd be happy to help out."
It's funny, but my boner problems seem to be on the increase. I find myself hard as a rock before bed, when I wake, in the shower, in the car. I can't stop thinking about sex, and Mike's always ready to oblige. If I shut my eyes, I can imagine he's a hot chick, and it's all okay.
Yesterday, I walked into the bathroom, (with my usual hard-on) and Mike was in there, naked. He was bending over the basin, and he has a nice body for a guy. I asked if there was any chance he was in the mood for relieving my boner issue, and he ran his hand over his ass and said, "Maybe you'd like to stick that thing somewhere else?"
Oh boy.....
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11 months ago
I need a friend like that
1 year ago
gay buddy could be real handy ....
I could use one right now !
2 years ago
The best roommate possible..!
3 years ago
man this was very entertaining I missed out on so much I wish I had a guy who loved me I don't have boner issues because I don't want one and I am can relate to Mike I just need a friend like this guy
3 years ago
Nice, I need me one of those flatmates
3 years ago
Need to find part 2... if there is one.
3 years ago
very fuckin hot I need me a mike (jayson)
4 years ago
So, how do you like the anal sex?
4 years ago
4 years ago
Can understand you! just realized that i'm also not gay!!!
4 years ago
one experiment two times you gay
4 years ago
oh dear the trouble that bone hard boner will get you into!!
4 years ago
4 years ago
great story keep us posted on ur boner issues