first time mutual masturbation

When I was 14 I had a friend to stay during the summer holidays. I lived at the time in a house on the shore of Lake Windermere. I had my own room and had got used to having a wank before sl**p and another when I woke with a hard on in the morning.
This gave me a problem as my friend was sharing my room and at the time I thought it wasn't usual to play with yourself as much as I did. Did he even wank at all? Was I the only 14 year old with such a rampant cock? I didn't dare rub myself in case he heard me.
That first night I lay there aching to touch myself, but eventually fell asl**p. In the morning I rushed off to the bathroom and jerked off quickly but it wasn't very good.
One afternoon a couple of days later I had some chores to do in the house and my friend had gone off down to the lake. Once I'd finished I went to look for him. There was an old boathouse by the lake with a wooden bench next to it. He was sitting there wiuth his back to me, just wearing a pair of shorts. As I got closer I suddeny realised his right arm was jerking rapidly up and down. He was having a wank! I crept round the side of the boathouse to get a closer look - I'd never seen anyone doing it before. I was just in time to see him suddenly lurch forward onto his knees and shoot his cum from his stiff cock onto the grass. As soon as he left I pulled my aching cock out and came in about three rubs.
This changed everything now I knew I wasn't the only wanker and that night I lay in bed straining my ears to hear any telltale sound. When nothing was forthcoming I decided to initiate the action. I started to stroke myself, making sure my fist rubbed against the sheet to make a bit of noise. Nothing happened for a while then I heard a rhythmic squeaking from his bed. I rolled over fully onto my back and started to wank properly. I peeped across and in the moonlight I could see his sheet moving up and down in time with the squeaks. This really turned me on and I began to go faster. I knew I wasn't going to last long so I threw my sheet back so I didn't get cum all over it. I looked across and he had done the same, he was watching me and wanking furiously. I couldn't see it when he came but I heard him groan and that made me cum too. It was almost painful.
Next morning I woke first with a raging hard on. He was sl**ping on his side and I got a desire to know if he was in the same state. I got out of bed, went across and carefully lifted the sheet to look. His cock was hard, sticking out of a small bush of blond hair. I was gazing at it when I suddenly realised he was awake. I dropped the sheet and jumped back but he just pulled the sheet aside and beckoned me in. We lay down together and began to stroke ourselves slowly. I was fascinated watching his hand sliding up and down his smooth shaft. We didn't make any attempt to touch each other, we just watched. It was incredibly horny and at 14 you can't do that kind of thing for long. He speeded up, I matched him. He started panting and I slowed down a bit - I didn't want to miss his cum. He moaned, I'm cumming, can't stop! then he spurted straight over his shoulder onto the bedhead. I wanked a few seconds more then I came, not so far, but lots of it. It was just the best experience I'd ever had.
After that our week's holiday went by in a blur of wanking and mutual masturbation is a form of sex I've enjoyed ever since
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1 year ago
good story ;-)
2 years ago
Friends are great!
2 years ago
used to do mutual masturbation with an uncle years was great.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Nice story, you bring to mind happy memories of masturbation with a friend in schooldays....