The Park

We are out at a park. Having a romantic summer picnic. Laying on the blanket just enjoying each other. There are people around so we have to behave. The skies begin to cloud up some and it looks like a rainstorm is coming. People are starting to pack up around us. We continue to lay out. Suddenly the first drop is felt. Then another. People now begin to move quickly back to their cars
We are laying on our sides staring into each others eyes. I put my arm around your side and pull u closer to me. Our lips meets. Your are so soft and I bite on your lower lip some. We are now pressed against each other. I can feel your breasts pushed against my chest. The rain is now a constant drizzle. The drops of rain are running down our face as we kiss
The last of the people run by us. We are alone. I reach under your t shirt and run my hand up your side. Your hand is running down my side towards my cock which is pressing into you. You reach under my waistline and grab onto it just as I reach your tits.I massage them through your bra. Your hand is pumping me in my shorts. I quickly help you by undoing my shorts and now you have all access to me. The rain is now just short of a downpour. The cool rain and a hot day feels great. Its even better since you now have started to suck on my cock. We are drenched now. I can see through your white t-shirt. The rain is pouring down as your sweet mouth takes my full cock. I see your head bobbing up and down. I feel you moaning on me. I can't take it any more. I rip down your shorts kiss you hard as my tongue probes your mouth and first three fingers start rubbing your pussy through your panties. I can feel how wet you are so I pull your panties aside and slip two fingers in you deep and then quickly into my mouth. After a minute or so you stop and come back and kiss me hard with tongue just so can taste your own sweet pussy. At that point the rain intensifies. A complete downpour. you climb on and lower yourself onto me. As we are pelted by the rain u begin to fuck me hard and fast. The rain is making it so intense and you have your hands on my chest and are giving me a great ride. My cock is completely filling you up. I then flip you over onto your hands and knees and plunge my cock into your dripping pussy, balls deep in one hard thrust. After twenty minutes of hard fucking in a rainstorm you then come down and kiss me. My hard cock still in you. I then put my arms around you and grasp your breasts, pushing them together, then pulling on your nipples with a slight twist. As I do this I run my long tongue from your neck, down your spine. I slide down your body and flip you over to your back. I grab your legs and bend them over you and spread them apart, filling my senses with your sweet aroma. I begin thrusting my tongue into you. Real hard. Then move up to your clit and start licking you really fast and hard. You start thrashing around violently as my tongue ravishes you. I tease you on and off. Prolonging your orgasm making it want to come harder and more intense each time. Eventually I go on an all out attack bringing it on harder than you have ever experienced before! You tense up and start bucking slightly. You are cumming so hard now. I spin you over and start fucking you hard doggy style again, but this time rubbing your clit with my glove.. Normally this would be too much, but I have been teasing you so much that you are beyond that and on your way to cumming again! I slam into you harder than I ever have. You hold on to a tree for leverage and push back for deeper and harder penetration. We are both moaning. I tell u I'm gonna cum, just as you start losing control into your second and even more powerful orgasm. You then push back on me. Making my cock sink into you and I start shooting my hot cum deep in you, at the same moment I feel u tense up as you cum as well. You fall next to me and we continue to touch and kiss as the rain is now letting up some. We decide we both enjoy this park..
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2 years ago
Damn that was amazingg