a driving experience

this is santosh guys just came here to share with u personal experience of mine...i work as a driving school teacher ... i teach driving to fellow students including men and women both..but i enjoy mostly with woman. its quite enjoyable and pleasurable one.normally the touch i have with women is quite enjoying,,thinking that they too feel the same,,once i had encountered a wonderful thing..that actually i couldnt forget even today..i was teaching driving as usual and one of my student actually mom of one c***d still she managed to look sexy,,i couldnt imagine to have a sexual encounter with her in my wildest of dream,,actually i had to teach her how to take reverse by applying reverse gear and so i had to choose some isolated place so that no problem could occur..and same thing i did it on that day. she was taking reverse but she unnoticed a speed breaker and the car jumped a little. and above all to my shear luck she even didnt had seat belt properly so the seat belt pulled off. though i managed to stop the car.but she just couldnt manage herself and her boobs touch my hand. i didnt knew what to do.. quite puzzled....i holded her by her shoulder and i was quite embarrased by that..but she enjoyed it.. to my amaze she suddenly said "Awesome touch" which encouraged me to again get grip of her boobs.which shooted my body temperature high.then i pushed her seat back...to my amaze she started removing her clothes and said u can suck it and left no time to do the things as directed my teacher(in this situation it was like she was my teacher)
then i kissed her on her wet lips and she was quite encouraging type she kept on kissing and liplocked me for a nice 1 min.. i was enjoying a lot then she asked "agey kya??(whats next)" i said"tum hi batao(you say)" she directed me downwards unbutton her pants i did as per my teachers instruction then i watched her wet cunt it was heating up just like radiator in a car..so the next i had to put water (in this case saliva from my mouth) i licked it and then inserted my finger on which she moaned"ah!!ah!!"..then without wasting more time and to do most of things quickly i removed my nuclear weapon and shooted out the hot fluid.. the next i was in and out.. she was moaning loud on my each stroke,, and i was like i was reaching the hell...then we came back to our normal position to find that we were 1 hour late from the normal time we stop our driving class.. so we quickly dressed ourselves and i dropped nearby her house. she sayin a "thank u" with a naughty smile.. i saying welcome ur highness... this was one of my most pleasurable teaching xperience with student teaching me how to drive(sexual drive) if u liked it do repond to it so that i can further continue to tell me my exciting encounters...
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3 years ago
i want more babey its hot