The start of a very relaxing evening....

As you look up toward the showerhead, the warm water trickling down your chest feels very relaxing. You place your head under the stream and run your fingers through your wet hair, with the gentle tapping of the water on your scalp. I step into the shower to see your beautiful naked body. Your ass looks so good as I approach you from behind, your sexy back facing me, beckoning me to touch it. I gently run my fingers through your hair, announcing my arrival. You smile but remain facing away from me, content to let the water continue to massage your bosom and sleek abdomen. I take my hands from your hair and bring them down to my sides. The sexy curves of your waist have called me and now I run my hands up both sides of you, slowly, gently, caressing with great care and attention, not to miss a spot on your wonderful physique. I continue to move my hands up… and down,….. slowly,….. softly,……up and down, …..tracing every inch of your waist with my strong, powerful, gentle hands. You relax your arms to your sides and I now caress them as well, careful to massage them after a long day of work, relaxing the muscles, easing the tension, stroking the firm flesh that now is in my hands. I trace from your sleek sexy hands, to your wrists, slowly up to the elbows,……. sliding up to your bare shoulders, massaging them and slowly moving my hands to the base of your neck. My hands squeeze and invigorate your skin, pulling the tension from them as you start to slowly lower your head as the movements of my hands begin to rock you back.. and forth,…… firmly grasping your muscles as I ease the tension out of them. I continue to stroke and caress your skin as I begin to move closer to you. As my body touches yours, you feel my chest pressing against your back. I wrap my arms around you and hold you tightly in my arms. For the first time you reach back and caress the sides of my thighs as I move closer to you. You feel my cock as it nestles between your buttocks, against your hot flesh. I now continue to caress you in my arms, slowly moving my hands around,…… searching your body for flesh that has not been touched,…… stress that needs to be let loose, ……..sensations that need to be felt after a long day of work. Your flat stomach is now in my hands,… your sleek abdomen,…. the sexy waist and side of your body, slowly I work my way around your body, teasingly coming close to your beautiful breasts, brushing up against them slightly, watching your nipples get hard and your flesh swell with the warm water that is beating down on them. Your body feels so good next to mine, ….against me, … my hands, …, …..wet, ……beautiful. As I move back up to your neck, I begin to massage your sleek neck, you love the way that my hands move back and forth,…….. up and down, ….circling the base and moving all around from your ears and down to the nape. I quickly reach down and give your firm ass a playful little squeeze, a smile creeps on your face and you feel my lips on your neck. Soft at first, they caress your skin as soft as a butterfly’s wings on the beautiful flower that it rests upon, …..just enough to feel my breath,……. to feel my presence with you. You start to cock your head to the side and a sigh escapes your wonderful lips. I start to kiss around the side of your neck, making my way slowly,… creeping forward and retreating back, …..making sure that every spot on your neck has received the touch and heat of my lips. You reach back with your left hand and grasp my hardening cock with your loving hands. You feel its firmness and begin to caress my length with care and purpose. Up to the head and down to my balls which hang below, full, heavy in your hands. Your touch is so gentle, … awesome that my dick becomes engorged with bl**d, harder than I have ever been in my life. My soft kisses become a little harder as you continue to please me with your hands. I continue to kiss your neck, slowly working my way around to the other side of your neck as my hands find their way to your big, beautiful, full, breasts. First my hands hold them up, off your body feeling the weight of those marvelous globes,… heavy, sexy in my hands. I give them a gentle squeeze as I lower them back to your flesh. Carefully I encircle the nipples with my fingers, running them around and around and around, feeling them get hard and erect, just as my throbbing cock has in your wonderful hand. You reach around with your other hand and begin to caress my balls, ever so gently. Sensually, seductively you smile as you feel a sigh escape from my lips which are still busy working on relieving the tension in your neck and upper back. I begin to kiss purposefully around your neck as I start to turn you around with my hands. We are now face to face. The most content and sexy look is on your face. I look at that gentle smile and I frame your face with my hands. You place your hands on my chest as you anticipate the kiss that I am about to place on your lips. Leaning forward I cradle your head with my right hand and reach around with my left to hold you in my arm. Closing my eyes I find your nose with mine. Caressing each other’s noses in an Eskimo kiss we eventually meet, lip to lip. My hand continues to caress your face as my lips softly play with yours kissing, ……nibbling at your lips, you feel the slight brush of my tongue against your lips and your give me yours to receive. My lips caress your tongue, I lick back, …our tongues meet in a playful little exchange,… soft and sensual, …relaxing and passionate. I reach around with my arm and caress that beautiful ass, softly,.… sensually, stroking every inch with great care as to not miss any spot of that wonderful butt. Our kisses become more and more urgent,……our lips pressed together, tongues flashing about. You caress my chest and the back of my head, playing with my wet hair, something that I just love when you do, while your other hand playfully stokes the hardness of my cock in your wonderful grasp. We break apart momentarily, looking at each other with lust and passion, that ever present smile that I love so much tells me that you are ready to leave the shower. Leaning past your beautiful body I kiss your neck as I turn the water off. I kiss your lips and tell you to wait till I am ready for you. I get out first and quickly dry off. Inviting you with a smile I wrap the towel around you, drying you off carefully,…… purposefully. I so much enjoy the feeling of your body in my hands, and you love the attention that I give to all your body parts. Inspecting very carefully, I conclude that you have been dried off and now wrap you in a soft, warm, ankle length, terry cloth robe. Leading you into the bedroom, you notice the lights are out except for two candles which I have sitting on the two tables on either side of the bed. The soft light bathes the room as I lead you to the edge of the bed. Again I hold your beautiful face in my strong hands and kiss those lips I long for so much. Playfully our tongues meet, caressing one another with playful licks, nibbles, and kisses. I start to undo your robe, but only to expose your wonderful breasts. I bend down to kiss them,……one at a time, paying close attention to the nipples and areolas. Sucking them into my mouth, ……..licking them with my tongue,…….. kissing the flesh,……between them,……around them. My hands search for your awesome ass, as I caress your legs and back,…..finding the prize they have been searching for, I smile as I hold your butt and kiss your hot, heaving chest. You see the candle light flicker off the wall as I standup, my touch never once leaving your body. I reach around and hold you in my arms as I carefully lower you to the bed. Your ass resting just on the edge of the bed, as you feel my presence on top of you. Holding you, ………. kissing you,…..touching you. I begin to make my way down your very sexy body with kisses and licks and nibbles. First your left ear, then slowly down your sleek neck to your shoulders,….kissing, stroking your flesh with my lips,….taking time to go back to your lips, licking the corners of your mouth, and playfully kissing your nose. You look at me momentarily and see the big smile that I have on my face, and you answer back with a sexy smile of your own. Your big, beautiful, blue eyes wide with excitement, as I begin my journey down your chin to your chest, paying much attention to each breast as I pass by, nibbling and kissing, reacting to the sweet sound that escape your lips as I hit spots, and parts that feel so good in my mouth. I purposefully kiss the area between your tits and hold each of them in my hands, feeling the soft flesh on the sides of my face, I am in heaven pleasing you and being pleased by you. I make my way to your flat stomach, kissing all around,……., up,…and down,…..across….around your navel I playfully lick, kissing down, farther,…………and farther,…………….and farther, ……..and farther, ……. Until I come to your sweet, wet, hot pussy. I place your left leg on my back as I kiss down the inner part of your thigh, coming as close as I can to your sweetness, then moving to the other side, spreading your legs and paying most attention to the inner parts of your sexy legs. Licking, …….kissing, ….stroking, ……kissing. Rubbing my hands along the sides of your legs, I move my hands to the flatness of your stomach , caressing the flesh as your left leg rests on my back , your right leg spread, offering yourself to me. I start with a nibble on top and move my way down, kissing the flesh lightly, making sure not to miss a spot, I playfully suck on your pussy lips, twirling them around inside my mouth, I quickly lick your pussy, tasting you for the first time, your sweet nectar coating my tongue as I continue to slowly lick from bottom to top, swirling my tongue around, careful to avoid your clit as that will be the prize for last. Your hand caress my head trying to push me to your clit but I playfully decline, I am content with satisfying the needs of your pussy and tasting the sweetness that is you. I continue to play with your pussy until I sense that you are getting hotter, wanting more, knowing that I am going to give it to you. I smile as my tongue touches your clit for the first time, a shiver runs through your body, you knew that this is going to be awesome. I start by moving my tongue side to side, back,……and forth,…….back, ….and forth, back , ….and forth, repeatedly until I feel that you deserve more, I next move my head in an up and down motion, up and down, up and down, back and forth, pausing every so often to nibble and kiss you with my hot, wonderful mouth, a sigh escapes from you lips, moans from your mouth, I sense that you are about to come so I focus all my attention on you and the release you are about to experience, I tongue your clit around and around and around and around slowly, picking up speed ever so slightly, paying close attention to the sound emanating from the sexy, beautiful woman that lies before me, around and around, ……..getting faster and …….faster, around and around, I can feel your hands begin to squeeze my head, your caresses becoming harder, you feel my tongue moving around……. and around…… and around……. and around, nibbling every once in a while , keeping you on the edge of orgasm, prolonging the sensations, the lust, around and around, you begin to sigh heavily as the moment nears, I feel you begin to squirm under me, I continue at the pace I am going and the consistent rhythm, is what pushes you over the edge, you begin to orgasm as I continue to lick, and lick ,and lick, around and around, holding you down, caressing your stomach, your chest, the sides of your legs, continually, playing with your clit, while your arch your back and release all your energy in one big, wave. Wave after wave , after wave of sensations flow through your body as I begin to slow down the rhythmic licks on your pussy. You begin to come down as I kiss your stomach on the way to your neck, sliding you up the bed, so that I can wrap my arms around you and hold you tight as the feelings of the just past pleasure course through your body. I rest my head next to yours holding you tight, as you kiss the side of my head. A great big smile is on your face and your wrap your arms and legs around my body and hold me tight, taking in all that has just happened, happy in knowing that you can take your time to enjoy the moment and smile because you know that the night has just begun.
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oh very nice, thank you