The Librarian

Your body always looks good no matter what. I love to see it in those thin skirts you've got, that sexy business woman/librarian look. I see you eveytime I come to the library. My god I think you are so hot. I bet you are really smart too, mmmmmmm, that is sexy. I don't know if you have caught me staring at your deep cleavage or sweet ass. I hope not, I'd be so embarrassed.

"Can you help me find this book I'm looking for?"

"I think it is in the back section of the library......You'd better follow me.", you respond in a voice like a sultry siren. "I can't be too long though as we close soon. It's all the way down here."

Eagerly I reply, "Ok.....I'll follow you, I really appreciate your help, very appreciative." Following your sweet, round bum, I try not to be caught staring at your womanly frame. This close to you I can smell the sweet scent of your know your effect over men, you sneaky little devil.....

Reaching the section you were looking for, you peruse the shelves. I'm standing right next to you, I can feel your breathing beneath your tight blouse.

"Oh, it's up there.", you playfully state as you get the nearby step ladder.

"Can I steady you as you climb up the steps?"

"Yes please, these heels are difficult to climb steps in, I've no idea why I wear them to work!"

As I hold the ladder, I playfully muse, "Haha, I'm sure your male (and even some female) patrons are quite pleased that you do.......whoops, be careful!" I reach to steady you as you slip on one of the steps, your perfectly round, full backside lands squarely in my hands..... "I got ya..... Uh, sorry about that, my hand just ended up there......I, uh didn't mean to be fresh...."

"Er ok, but try and keep your hands under control and don't tell anyone you felt a suspenders clip. I only wear stockings because I like my legs to be warm, it's gets so cold in here some days."

"They did feel nice.....I can imagine how sexy it must feel to be wearing those stockings underneath your professional exterior. Gives you a little extra confidence, huh? I don't think you need it....... I've seen the way the guys around here gawk when you walk by..... Watching........wanting......wishing..... Your are a real dream. Hey, is anyone else even here?"

"No I think it's just you and me now. So have you been watching and wishing? And do you really need a book about growing tomatoes or did you just want me down here out of the way?"

"Uh, I, uh.....well...... Yes, busted I guess..... And yes, your body is amazing, and from the times I've asked for help you've always been very nice...... I just couldn't stay away. I needed to figure out how to get you alone..... Close..... Away..... And now knowing that you like to be a little naughty under your clothes while at work.....mmmmm......that's how I imagined you. You've got that sophisticated, sexy vibe..... You don't really mind we're down out of the way, do you?"

"Sexy vibe eh? You've no idea what you've let yourself in for." A sly, sexy, dominant smile spreads across your luscious lips...... "Strip. Right now. Everything off. I'll teach you for being a little pervert, looking at my arse. I bet you've staring at my tits too haven't you? Let me see you naked, right, fucking, now!"

Excited, obediently I follow your commands "Yes..... I've been looking. I told you I'd be appreciative. I'll gladly do as you wish....... It's exciting to be naked in front of a sexy, dressed, confident woman.... How could I not be staring at your tits..... Just look at what your body is doing to my cock......"

Glancing down my naked body, your tongue hungrily peeks between your lips as you lick them in sensual anticipation ...... "Mmmmm what a nice hard cock you have. Want me to take some of my clothes off?"

"No, just pull that tight skirt up a bit, and pull aside that silky panty..... I want to be naked while you're clothed. Let me service you...... Grab hold of that shelf as you bend over.... Let me lick you from behind this satisfactory?"

My god you are cock is getting so hard feels like it is going to burst in desire. This close to you, naked, I feel the electricity between us as I prepare to bury my face between your cheeks, my mouth is watering......I need to feed on your sex......

"Mmmmmm good boy", you purr. "Get on your knees and fucking eat me."

I kneel down, my hands on the back of your luscious thighs. The soft flesh feels so exciting in my hands. Your round cheeks are so inviting, I press my face right between them, my tongue straining for your pussy lips. The tip reaches its goal as I begin to hungrily lap and probe your soaked pussy. My nose pressed right up against your puckered back door, tickling your ass as you press back against me. You reach around with one hand, holding my head as you thrust back and pull me into you. All the while I lick and stick your sopping fuck hole. A moan escapes your lips as you feel more and more pleased.

"I have an even better, idea" you muse. "Lie down so I can straddle your face!"

I do as commanded, obedient, for you......

You walk over me, looking down past your pendulous breasts as you place one sexy shoe on each side of my head. You are enjoying this hard body, hard cock lying on the floor beneath you......juice streaming down between your thighs... You squat down over me, feeding my hungry mouth with that sweet delicacy....

"Mmmmmmmmmm.........That's it. Now grab my tits through my blouse and squeeze them hard. Fucking eat me right now!"

"Oh god yes.....smother me with your sex..... See how hard I am for you? That cock is all for you......"

God your tits feel so full, better than I dreamed off.....mmmmmm....your pussy is so sweet.....I love burying my tongue in your pussy....

"Do you like grinding on my face? Please come on my face, come for me..... My tongue is what you want on my hot mouth...... Your nipples are so hard, these tits barely fit in my hands......

"Oh yes", you moan. "Take all my juices as I cum on your face."

Your hands grab my head as you shudder and slide over my hard working tongue......getting the juicy reward they have been craving...... the release of your juices from deep inside your womb.....dripping outs my tongue tickles, plays and twists around your swollen clit.......rhythmically grinding on my faces you cum hard and long......I struggle to catch my breath, almost smothered by your pleasure......but continuing my duty to lick and probe your pussy......

"" Looking down, a glaed look in your eyes, coming back into awareness from your shuddering orgasm, you seductively ask, "Want me to suck your cock now? Beg me and I might."

"Oh, please!! My cock is so swollen......I've got the sexiest woman riding my face and grinding that sexy ass on me......please suck my cock......I want those lips wrapped around it......".

I move my hands down to your plump ass grasping those cheeks as you bend down to take me in you mouth...... It is so hot feeling my swollen head enter past those luscious lips..... I can't believe how much of my fat cock you can take.... I'm almost all the way in. I'm in total heaven as my face is surrounded by your beautiful sexy ass and sweet, juicy pussy. My cock is about to burst, being treated to the hottest, wettest, sloppiest blowjob can feel my impending orgasm........but you have other plans. Grasping my cock hard with your hand, you sit up and dismount my busy mouth.

"Stand in front of me so you can watch as I unbutton my blouse whilst I'm on my knees. Let me use my tongue on your tip so I can taste your pre cum as it leaks out. Now let me sink the whole thing into my warm, wet mouth so that I gag just a little. Let me cup your heavy balls. Let's see how long you can take this for, shall we?" Your playful, yet dominating look is wicked, I'm powerless before you......

Longingly looking at those tits you are releasing from your blouse, I do not know how long I can hold out for. Your sweet mouth is like warm, and I can't believe how much of my cock you can take......I've never had anyone suck my cock as good as this.....holy shit, you're better than any fantasy I've ever had of you..... You are driving me crazy with hands instinctively go to your head.....grasping it as your mouth slides over and over my cock.....your saliva dripping down onto those fucking huge cock swells as my breath quickens.....

Your sass returns as you pop my thick cock from your mouth....... "What would do if I stopped? If I just abruptly stopped, stood up and started to walk away, swinging my hips as I calmly strolled away from you?"

Your sexy attitude has peaked my interest, but my sexual lust and my desire for you has pushed me over the edge.... "I don't think I could let that happen.....I need to come now, you've got me all worked up......those swaying hips might just need to be penetrated.....there is no one here now..... No one here to hear you scream with pleasure as I fuck you up against the wall."

Hearing these words your pussy gushes a little. Looking at my hard body, you see the power behind it. You bite your lip at my turn of control. As much as you enjoyed controlling my body and my will, you can get just as wet having the tables turned on you.

"You still want to walk away? You're going to leave this rock hard cock? All for you?"

"Mmmm...... maybe", you manage to say as your body craves the power and sex before you.

"You want it, come and take it. I knew you were a tease who secretly wants to get drive me crazy, and I'm going to show you by how hard I fuck you. Get over want it up against the wall?"

My sight is drawn to your big tits hanging out......I'm going to love watching them bounce as I penetrate are so fucking hot......your skirt hiked up, your gorgeous smile. I want to take you and please you all at once......fuck you hard to release my tension, but long enough for you to come and want more.....

You take a step towards me as I move into you. I turn us around and press you up against the wall. As I line up my hard cock to your pussy lips, I lean in to kiss you.....your mouth opens as my shaft enters cock sliding in as our tongues slide over one****g that full ass for leverage as I press you into the wall.....

"Fuck yes! Hard. Fuck me hard, Be nasty to me.....", you whisper to me as you momentarily pull away from my kiss. "Use all that pent up frustration on me and fucking use me. I knew you wouldn't able to resist doing this to me. Now fucking do me like a man!"

Your words ignite me as I pound you into the wall. Grasping your fleshy ass, gasping for air as I plunge my lips into yours...... Uuunngh.......I love how much your body can take.... taking my hard thrusts up against the wall. It is so fucking good to fuck a nice tight hole on a woman who can take a good pounding...... Fucking hard, passionately, strongly......feeling the power and strength of my body.......the excitement you've caused....fucking like getting taken, don't you?

Your hands claw and cling to my bare body as I continue to rhythmically thrust into you. Your lips loving the attention mine are giving them, your pussy spasming on my thick shaft as you give into my power, my sex, my lust......your pussy lips grabbing hold as the walls deep inside spasm as you start to orgasm. You bite my lips as you despertely try to hold onto me as you cum all over my cock. Your energy, draining from you in an earth shattering cum. You scream into my mouth as my cock begins to throb in unison with your vagina.

I can feel the wetness of your pussy.....the slapping of my body up against you....your sopping wet hole as my throbbing cock pistons in and out....I'm slowly forgetting about pleasing you and only thinking about my pleasure.......that fine ass in my hand.....those bouncing fucking tits......the bottom lip between your teeth as you take my hard thrusts signalling you like it and want more.....I'm just about to cum......but where am I going to put I thrust into you I glance at those beautiful, bouncing boobs......

"Fuck yeah......I'm going to cover those tits in my cum.....I going to fucking come on those tits......"

I give you a few last thrusts as I kiss you hard.....almost biting your lip......your head hits the wall as I f***e myself into you.....I grasp those hips and slam into you the last few times....a squeal escapes your lips as you feel the urgency in my look into my eyes as I pull out....

"Now you get on your knees", I command, my fat cock in my hand, holding back my impending cum. "I'm going to use your fucking huge boobs as a fleshy canvas to come all over.....your prim and proper look......expose those tits for me......pull those nipples as I stroke my cock......I'm going to coat your tits in'd like that, huh?"

Your eyes light up with excitement at my words, the tables turned completely, you are giving your body up for my use. You lower your self to your knees, your right hand fervishly playing with your hot pussy, your left hand tweaking your perky, erect nipples. You reach the level of my throbbing penis, being stroked by my hand. Saliva drooling from your mouth as I increase my pace.

Your bountiful flesh, beckoning me...... "

I'm going to cum, baby.......I'm going to spray this thick load all over your sexy breasts. You want to ride the train home with my cum under your bra? Sitting next to guys who will be looking at you? Lightly disheveled and used? Fucking show me those tits......"

The pace of my strokes now matched by your and on your clit. The head of my penis swells as I approach orgasm, that familiar tingling filling your insides. You look down to see my cock erupt all over you, thick streams of white hot cum coating your cleavage, your full, mounds of breast. Spurt after spurt spew onto you as your own orgasm crescendos. Thick, white lines of cum, dripping and pooling between your fabulous breast. All tat sexy flesh coated in my cum, as your pussy drips its own juices on the floor. The sight of your tits covered in my cum sends shivers down my spine, I steady myself against the wall, my body inches from your face.

You kiss my stomach as the last of my seed falls onto you, my balls drained in ecstasy. I gently caress your cheek in appreciation, as you readjust your bra and button up your shirt. My hot, sticky cum still coating your tits, a frazzled smile on your luscious lips. I offer my hand as I bring you to your feet. I give you a sweet kiss on those lips which just a short while ago, pleased my cock like no other.

"Will you make it home alright this late on your own?", I ask, as I reach for my pants.

You turn and glance seductively over your slender shoulder, "Who says I'm going home alone?"..........

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