Chance Encounters

Sorry if there are any typos and loose ends, or holes in the plot. It's been awhile since I actually sat down to write somtething. This story is dedicated to one of my friends here, MrsDank.

I guess I should start this story here on Hamster, I was just browsing around when I noticed a quirky status line for a girl. I wrote something back never did expecting a response, so I continued browsing for more porn and then a message pops up, it was a pretty funny response and I guess you should say that is how our friendship started. Over the weeks of daily correspondences, I found out that she was just alittle lonely seeking attention; I never talked about sex to her even though we were on a sex site, but we just hit it off. When I found out that I was going to be in here area, I messaged her to see if we could meet up for some coffee and to actually see each other. I didn’t get a response for a day or two which made me nervous, but I finally got one. In it she stated, that she was sorry for the delayed reply but she just had to think, but in the end she said yes and that she had feelings for me. I too, admitted that I was curious about her too and I had some feelings for her too and that seeing each other may lead to bigger and better things.
The day of our meeting, I was nervous, we agreed to meet a nearby Starbucks, wearing a dark blue polo shirt so she would recognize me too and al so that it would be safer and get a better feel for each other in person. I got there 10 mins early order a hot chocolate and sat waiting at a nice comfy love seat, and on the dot I hear some footsteps approaching me and here she’s is , a very attractive Asian girl. She was wearing a knee high black skirt and blouse. I stand up, shake her hands and give her a hug, I offer her to buy her some coffee or whatever and she declines. SO I then sit down and we start to talk some, I guess we were both nervous because had that awkward silence with each other, then sometimes it be a slight glance or blush at each other. But, after awhile we started chatting more once that tension was gone. I got a good sense from her and I offer to buy some dinner since it was hitting the evening and she agreed. Of course, my mind is racing thinking the first obstacle is done with. Not really know the area, I asked her was she in the mood for at the same time a nice, sort of formal place. She gets into my car and tells me wear to go. We finally hit our destination, a nice f****y own Italian restaurant, I was for a secluded booth in the back and we order out food. We eat, have a little more chit chat, but she seems quite, I ask her what’s wrong, after alittle prying, she finally spills the beans saying that she was happy to meet me and was really horny for the fact that I was treating her well. I said thank you and I said that I was happy to finally meet you too. She then bites her lip and gets up and then sits next to me, she whispers in my ear, “I’m really horny and wet for you, “she then proceeds to grab my hand and places it between her thighs. My fingers just feel the heat down there and once I got closer my fingers are just drenched. I was immediately hard just for the fact that she was wet, her actions, but the thought she didn’t have any panties on either. Not to sour the mood, I asked her are you sure about this and with that she rammed my fingers in her and then proceeds to put them in her mouth and suck on them. I sort of coughed and asked for the check now.
After paying the bill and running out of the building, we race to her house. And once inside, her bedroom we strip naked, she playfully throws her black dress and me and I can sort of feel the dampness there but the smell is intoxicating. When I throw her dress down, I stand back and just start admiring her body, she was perfect and clean shaven, not that I would have really cared on this women. She jumps on the bed and spreads her legs open and does the come here motion with her finger. I jump on the bed after that, I slowly make my way down to her clit and once I get there I start to play with her folds of her labia, I then pull back her hood and start sucking on it. She starts moaning and with her already being wet, I just work my 2 fingers in her, finding her G-spot, she gasps as I rock it firmly back and forth. She’s just churning white cream out of her and then she squirts alittle, just enough to leave a spot on the sheets. She pushes away my hand and fingers grabs my face and pushes my face in her crotch and I didn’t resist, I start cleaning her up down there, she’s quivering as my tongue licks ever fold of her labia’s. She starts to buck when I start ramming my tongue in her pussy after a few mins of pumping and eating her out, I proceed to her clit again. I first lightly lick it here and there, just teasing her, she starts growling again and rakes my upper back with her nails and then I move her hood back again and start licking more and harder on it. She’s dripping again and I started to use my fingers to lube up her ass with her excess juice. I then slowly work my first finger in and then start sucking like a vacuum on her clit, she then tenses and has another orgasm. I kneel up between her legs, start rubbing my dick on her pussy, just lubing it some and then just work it into her. She wraps her lags around me, trying to get me in deeper and I just try to oblige her and pump deeper into her. I slow down the pace little to switch positions and enter her doggie style and in this position I really start slamming it into her and with one hand on her side, the other starts to penetrate her ass again. She’s just moaning loudly and I feel her wetness every time my balls slap her from behind. After mins of pumping into her, and want seems like multiple orgasms from her, I tell her that I got to come soon. I ask her what she wants with it on her face, her tits, and she replies back in a moan to cum in her. When she said that I knew she was a keeper and I started to empty into her, after that I pull out and she just grabs my limping dick to clean it off. Getting me semi-hard, I just push her onto her back and start eating her out again. After I clean her up again, I just reach up and we share and very erotic kiss tasting each other on out lips
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2 years ago
thanks for the story baby.... mmmm... i loved it
2 years ago
Very sexy, but like the sex, it seems kind of rushed and sweaty..(but still great..LOL)