spin the bottle

About 2 yrs ago me and a few friends went to Kingsnorton a suberb of Birmingham England. We meet up with a load of student girls studying at the local University. These 4 girls we all single and extremley shapley ladies ;)
the night was going so well I couldnt belive my luck. One of my mates had to leave early as he had to go pick up his girlfriend from work. So i was left with a guy called Andy and 4 stunners. The drinks were flowin and the girls were getting more and more aroused and flirtasious by the minute. Kim (the small petite blonde size 10 small boobs but a g8 ass) suggested we play spin the bottle?
I was game and so was Andy! So me Kim Andy Clare Sophie and Kate sat down. Claire was a red haired and very firey size 12 but lovely ass leg and tits. sophie and kate where size 10-12 both stunning and very touchy feely with each other.I think they were bi. But lovely funny girls. which gave me and instant boner.
The game began with us kissing the girls. They ask me and andy to get our cocks out to which he declined but offered the next girl the bottle landed on what ever she liked! As he span I was thinking dont land on Kim or Clare as I liked them both. Luckily I got my wish as the bottle landed inbetween Sophie and Kate. They were pleased and ushered Andy to there room upstairs.
me kim and clare were left in the downstairs living room.A nice dinning table and 2 leather seatees perfect.
"i said u 2 can still have a look u no"
2 which kim replied
" i thought u'd never ask." i pulled out my cock and said
" is that ok?" clare almost dived on me exclaimin
"give it me big boy!"
O.M.G She gave awesome head. Kim took of her top and bra and bottoms. as clare was on her kness kim caresd and played with her breast, undressing her sucking and licking her pussy.
This whole situation was like a wet dream. Kim had a go at sucking and also was amazing gagging and deepthroating. she stopped and said
" right nick please give me that cock!" to which i bent her over the sofa forcing her hands crossed on her back. Clare continued to suck my balls and cock while playing with her clit.
I slapped Kim's ass and fingered her dripping tite cunt. Clare directed my cock straight in kims tight whole. she sighed
" fucked me hard. nick!!"
I did. she came at least twice. Clare begged for her turn while she was licking my ass and finger fucking her self.
I pulled out of Kim and lay on my back. Clare jumped on. Bouncing up and down she was amazing. Kim sat on my face and I was sucking and licking away.
kim and clare swopped. And I did the same to clare. She came and gushed all over my face. that had never happerned before but i loved it ;)She srceamed for more. I ordered to hot girls to bend over on all fours.
"face down ass up girls." they giggled but didnt hesitate. I spanked Kim again
"harder". she said i stuck my cock back in her thrust like there was no tomoz.
Clare asked me to fuck her up the ass. Which i did
She came again and ordered me to do the same to Kim!
"I've never done anal b4. But u can be my first please"
She took the lot and enjoyed every stroke. I pulled out and the girls turned round sucking and wanking my throbbing cock.
" Im coming im coming." And shot my hot load all in there mouths." They kissed looked up and smiled.
we all cleaned up and went upstairs. Andy had passed out and the girls were asl**p. Claire said
"Ur not going anywhere u 2. Fancy round 2? I've got toys!" to which both girls pulled be into the room. But thats another story.
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4 years ago
Hot story - got me curious for the cuntinuation ;)