Cheating in OUR own bed with b/f's best mate.

We had been chatting on msn and sending pics to each other and eventually we could take no more and had to fuck each other.

He came round one night and we were drinking and he was on x-box with my b.f and we were just chilling out. Paul went to get the food on and Matt sat on the sofa with me, we looked at each other and kissed but I pulled off quick. Told him no we really can't this is wrong. (WE NEVER INVOLVE FRIENDS IN OUR ANTICS, COULD GET CPMPLICATED PAUL SAID......)

Matt said I know it's bad but we want each other let's go somwhere and have sex, he then rubbed my leg and up my skirt and rubbed me. I was instanly WET!! Paul came back and sat at the table reading the paper while Matt pushed his finger inside me Iput my hand on his cock and rubbed his cock.

Paul came over and we quicly stopped, my face was flushed. " What the matter?" he asked, " It's just the wine!" I answerd. When Paul sat down Matt pushed his hadn under my bum as we sat drinking for another 2-3 hours. We had our food with Matt rubbing my bum as we stood at the table picking our homemade buffet lol!

We got Paul rather d***k and eventually he fell asl**p on the sofa.

We looked at each other and I said Matt noooo we really shouldn't do it, I know prehaps we shouldn't, he said!

We sat at the table drinking and eventually I got up and said better clear up a bit and MAtt got up to help but kissed me as I turned round.

Let's go upstairs I told him so off we went.......

WE got to the room and just ripped each others clothes off and snogged HARD, I got down on my knees and sucked him HARD, he said I know you fucked Rob and Tom and you take it hard, mmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah Matt I can fuck my face so he did hard.

After a good ten mins of face fucking he said let's fuck, he bent me over the bed and took me from behind, slow and deep then erupted into deeeep HARD thruts till I was screaming!!! He kept FUCKING me intil he blew his load in my pussy in his condom. Fucking hell babe I said this is the best fuck I EVER had. I've always liked you me 2 he said,mmm wellhow abotu we make love??

We started kissing and rubbing our naked bodies together and I said let's go into bed, we kissed for about 20 mins till he was hard again he put his condom on for more sex, I shall go on top of you I said, ride you slow and kiss.

I got up and went down to his cock and said you know what babe? What he said? I put my mouth over his cock and took his cock all the way down and took of his condome with my teeth, what you doing? I didn't say a word and slid down on his cock I ORGASMED straight away and pushed further and leaned down and kissed him and we just had SEX, slow and passionate, rubbing my tits holding my waste as I rode him.

I can feel it babe he said, good I said and kept going, I'm going to cum you better get of Alison. I kissed him and said cum in me, we can never do this again so just do it. I got up and rode him hard and he cum in me.

We started tidying up and suddenly we heard Paul coming up the stairs, I jumped into bed and pretened to read my book as Matt sat on the chair watching the tv.

Why you up here? Didn't wanna wake you mate Matt said, oh cool mate Paul said.

Paul got into bed with me and said mate you better go now need sl**p, off Matt went.

Wanns shag babe Paul said, mmmm of course babe, I lied on my back and let him lick my pussy before he stuck his dick in me.

Wow babe this feels good today nice and wet aren't you, OF COURSE babe.......LOL

Paul is NOT allowed to read my story section as he is my cuckold, he only uploads pics and vids.

So xHamster community reading this----------Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ;o(
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3 years ago
cool stori
am horny now
3 years ago
thank you for sharing
3 years ago
Great story, I just became a fan of yours
3 years ago
Have known many women to do!
3 years ago
I so like this!!!!!
3 years ago
mmmm so naughty but so good!
3 years ago
wow this is so very hot, amazing
3 years ago
You've been a naughty girl, but that why I love the story. Thanks
3 years ago
very naughty but very horny as well xxxx
3 years ago
naughty but nice x