Our holiday in Greece

I was on holiday in Greece and was ona night out with my b/f. We were hitting the clubs and getting d***k of course ;o)!!

We met some guys we were staying next too and were talking and drinking when some girls came over and joined in. I got friendly with one and we were just talking and she said come back to my room as I have some pictures of f****y etc and free drinks. I went off with her as my b/f chatted to his mates said see you later baby.

Me and this girl (can't remember her name) were walkign back when these two boys came over and said can we come along with you wherever your going? We sort of let them come as they followed behind. We went back to the room and they did come in and we carried on drinking and she showed me her pics etc.

One of the boys was getting somewhere with the other girl and the other was trying it on you know giving me some lines arm around my neck, i told him sorry babe I have a man. Oh I see he said well he not here, I blushed (as I did fancy him a LOT) sorry babe no.

I decided I wanted to go back to my room I was d***k and scared I might do soemthing with the guy, I will walk you back he said. Ok then.

Along the way back I needed a wee and went into a ditch hold my hand I said so i dont fall down! Please turn round as I need to pull my knickers down. I weeed as he held my hand.

We carried on back to the flat, I realised I was still holding his hand as we walked by the bar where my b.f was! I just carried on hehe!

We got to my door and I said thankyou and kissed his cheek, he quickly pulled me back for a passionate french kiss, I got so wet at him doing that I said come in.

I sat down and said I can't really babe I have a b.f really he only across the street and I don't want to cheat. Have a beer and go!

When he sat down I kissed him and pulled off my knickers and sat on his lap finger me I said, he did. Nice and slow rubbing my lipe before slipping a finger inside me. I was so wet thinking "oh my god I am cheating, kissing another man and having his finger in me."

I sat on the bed told him to coem over I undid his jeans and sucked he dick slow.

I took of my skirt and shoes, followed by top and bra so was naked, "nice bod" he said so yours I said. He got his kit-off and I wanked his dick as he got on the bed.

He lied down and i got on top of hi, kissing long and slow and deep, whilst rubbing his cock on my pussy.

I slowly slid his cock inside me, and started riding him still kissing nice and passionate!!

I was so wet at the though I was properly cheating now, I had another mans dick in my pussy and I was prefering it too having sex with my b.f.

As I was riding him, he started moaning, mmmmm he was getting harder fucking me hard now whilst I was still on top arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh he went as he exploded I felt his cum explode in my pussy...............

FUCK I forgot protection, I honestly forgot and so did he (probably knew the guy) it was dripping from my pussy. I was not happy!!!!!!!

I told him to go back to his room and if he saw me the next day to ignore me and I didn't want to see him again.

I went back to my b/f at the bar my thong was drenched from the guys cum still dripping out. I was just chatting to my b.f with another mans cum dripping from my knickers...

Suddely i realised I was getting even hornier talking to him, with my pussy full of another mans cum.

I got up and took him back to the room, I want sex I said, love to b/f said.

Lick me I said..........................................xxxx
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3 years ago
good women,
3 years ago
God, I'd have been happy to lick you too!!
3 years ago
mmmmm that's hot
4 years ago
god thats nice
4 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
naughty naughty