sharing my ssbbw with a close friend part 1

This is the first of a few times sharing my ssbbw wife with a friend. I am posting this via my cell phone so please forgive any mistakes that I might make in my gramar.

A hot summer day a few years back the in-laws calle us and asked if we wanted to go out with them on their house boat for the day. We had partied the night before and had a friend (chuck) spend the night since he had 1 or 15 too many. He was happy to join us for yet another full day of booze and fun.
We started the hour long drive to the boat slip stopping only to fill the cooler. Getting to the boat about noonish we started out on the river for a day of fun..... If only we knew.
Th wife was starting to feel no pain and was on the top deck with Chuck and I when she stripped down to her one piece swimming suite that was quite modest covering her ample body the best it could.Chuck had a few rude comments to me about all that cleavage and the cute dimples on her ass. You have to know Chuck that is just the way he is he didn't mean anything by tell you the truth it kinda turned me on. Shortly there after the wife bent over to get some beer from the cooler when one of her massive tits slipped from her suit right in frount of Chuck. You guesse it the rude comments started again turning me on even more and got me thinking. The wife told me what happened as I wasn't there to see the fall out. She said Chuck just staired at her the whole time with this weird smerk.
I asked Chuck later what he would do with thoes big ass tits if he had the chance....All I got was that smerk that got my mind spinning. 
Time to go home late we all had our fill of fun,food,booze and sun. As we walked up the boat ramp I told Chuck I would drive his standard cab pickup and we are going to have some fun. We climbed in the truck and I told the wife who was way past buzzing we wanted to play. She gave me a strange look as she jumped to the feel of Chucks hand on her shoulder pulling her trap down releasing her huge tits. Chuck leaned over to start suckin one the closet tit.I started the truck and took off for home with my wife topples and my best friend pull his dick out and sucking my wife's fun bags. He took her hand and put it on his cock.
Chuck would come up from her chest and have a rude comment or two like. " dude I am suckin your wifes tits!" Or "she is going to jack me off all over her leg dude". She reached over and started jacking me off while driving down the highway. We pulled into a bar and I told Chuck it was my turn so we swapped places the wife sittin in the truck titties all hanging out in frount of the bar while a few guys sitting on the frount deck smoking and stairing at the site of her. When I climbed back in the truck she was already jackin Chuck off. We finish the trek home playin suckin and jackin.
We walked into the house the wife topples me holding her hand Chuck following like a lost puppy. When we get into the living room Chuck pulled the one peice the rest of the way off of her and started to kiss her and rub her oversized belly and ass. I just watched in aww. He sat down pulling out his swollen cock and patted the seat next to him. She sat down and started jackin him off againwhile he rubbed her inner thigh. He started to moan as he let a huge load go on her leg shivering and moaning you could tell she was a little uncomfotable as she staired at me. Chuck then leaned over and gave her a deep wet kiss. 
After the fun on the couch the wife said she was not feeling well (probably due to the vodka and beer) so she stood up and walked towards the bed room as we followed. We turned down the bed layed her down and Chuck gave her a kiss good night on the lips,each nipple, the spreading her legs made a few laps with his tounge in her deep sloppy wet pussy. He then put on his pants and gave me a hand shake and left.
I ran into the bed room to see my wife asl**p so I layed down next to her stroking thinking of the past events.
This is a true story and we had a few events later on that I will be glad to post if the comments are welcoming 
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1 year ago
great story, wish I could get in on the share!!
1 year ago
damn thats my idea of FUN sounds like you guys had plenty of it
1 year ago
Dude, you gotta post the other events now!!!
That story was HOTTTT
1 year ago
Nice start, hope he gets the chance to fuck her properly.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Very nice. Would love to hear more.
1 year ago
Pretty cool!
1 year ago
It's good to have friends