Lovers Quarrel

I was angry as I stormed down the hallway. His office door was open so I barged in slamming the door rather abruptly behind me. Fortunately his side of the office was vacant this late at night. “Here is your damned budget!” I snapped tossing a hard copy of the file we had been emailing back and forth onto his desk. My tone immediately set him on the defensive. “What the hell? I told you I needed this by today, I’ve been telling you for a month this was due on the first. I have a deadline.” He replied sharply. “I have deadlines too, and I don’t appreciate you hounding me when I have a million other things to think about besides your fucking budget.” I countered. For as long as we had been lovers we’d never fought. This new budgeting project had put us both to the test. “Well I don’t appreciate you barging in here and throwing shit at me.” He said rising from his chair as if to intimidate me. He was tall, it was one of the things I found most attractive about him. Fortunately, I was wearing my red stilettos they added four more inches to my five foot three frame and it helped to bridge the height difference. He took a step towards me, his eyes were dark, angry, I had never seen him like this. His jaw clenched. But this sudden movement, this sudden show of power had instantly disarmed me. My already pounding heart skipped a beat. Our eyes locked, his face softened and I knew my own expression had given away my vulnerability. There was a short moment of silence between us as we sized each other up. I tilted my chin at him to show I was not afraid. “Suck my cock.” He said, his voice superior, calm. “Fuck you.” I said and brazenly drew back my hand and struck him across the cheek. The satisfaction was nearly overwhelming. “You haven’t bothered with me in months, and you think you can just order me around? Make me suck your cock when it suits you? You’re a selfish bastard.” I snarled. He was momentarily stunned. I wondered what his next move would be. I suddenly felt challenging and deeply empowered. Haughtily I turned my back to him and took a step to leave. He watched me walk to his door. It didn’t matter to me then if he would try to stop me. I was riding on the wave of satisfaction I had gotten from slapping him and the astonished look on his face. I took the cool steel handle and began to turn. I felt him behind me suddenly. His body pressed tightly to mine, his erection against my back. His right hand was on the door in front of me holding it shut. f***efully he used his own brute strength and pressed me face first into the cold hard wood. His left hand tangled in the hair on the back of my head, he pulled, tilting my chin up. “I said suck my cock.” He whispered, his mouth brushing my ear. The sensation of his lips against my skin, the threatening sound in his voice, the way my scalp burned as he took me roughly by the hair caused twisted spasms of pleasure that turned my nipples to iron and my knees to jelly I could not suppress a gasp. Clearly this was my punishment for the callous way I had just treated him. I didn’t care, my body hummed with a burning anger towards him mixed with a longing desire to feel him dominate me. I had never felt anything so thrilling. He eased his body back away from mine and removed his hand from the door. He used his handful of hair like a bridle and spun me around, before once more pinning my body to the door with his. He kissed my mouth firmly, his left hand pulled roughly at my hair. His right hand flew to my breast and he squeezed, rolling my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, he pinched me - hard. I moaned in pain and pleasure. He had never been this rough with me. I met his lips with the same fiery passion, the same anger. His lips left my mine and travelled to my neck, his neatly trimmed beard was rough against the softness of my cheek. I gasped and my hands instinctively reached down and began to fumble with his belt. He quickly helped me with his right hand and in a moment his pants were around his knees followed by his boxers. “I’m gonna jam my cock so far down your throat.” He warned as he f***ed me to my knees by my hair. I gripped him firmly with my right hand and danced the tip of his cock on the edge of my lips, I made small wet circles on his head using the much softer, warmer under side of my tongue. He sighed. I knew he was leaning over me, looking down, watching me suck him as he propped himself against the wall with his arm. I tilted his cock up and placed my tongue at the base of shaft. With one long motion I licked his entire length. With my left hand I cupped his balls and brought them forward into my mouth, gently sucking one then the other. He made a slight noise as I licked him. With one more long lap along the underside of his cock I slid his head fully inside my mouth and sucked as he had told me to do. A moment of panic struck me as the words of his threat came into mind. He wants his cock down my throat. Fine. He would have to live with the consequences of that. I felt his fingers in my hair, slowly he began to push my mouth down his staff. He stopped. Then slowly pulled me off him. My scalp burning at every tug. He pushed me again, this time faster and deeper in and out dragging me by the hair. Just when I expected him to pull my mouth off he brazenly jammed my mouth deeper. I had all but an inch of his staff in my mouth. He pulled me off and quickly jammed my mouth again going farther than before, I felt the tip of his cock at the back of my throat. I could not suppress a choking cough and quickly withdrew my mouth in discomfort. He gave me a mere second to recover when once more he jammed into my mouth, once more gagging me. I withdrew my mouth quickly. “Stroke it.” He whispered. “I’m gonna come on your face.” He said his breathing heavy. Doing as he commanded I took his hard slippery cock in my hand and gave two full strokes before feeling a hot load of cum on my lips, chin, and cheek. His body was tense, his muscles clenched as his cock throbbed seven, eight times emptying his wad on my chin and chest. As the throbbing subsided, he slowly released his hold on my hair. I gently released his softening cock. I looked up at him. With my left finger I swiped my chin and filled my mouth with the ejaculated fluid. I sucked my finger deeply getting every drop. His eyes were soft, spent as he watched me clean his load from my chin. When I had cleaned myself up as best I could he offered me his hand and helped me to my feet. “Here” he said passing me a tissue from a nearby box. I wiped off the remainder of the jizz. “I’m sorry.” I said, referring to our fight. He had won, I was once more knocked down a peg. “I’m sorry too.” He said. “It’s late, I’m going.” I said and placed my hand once more on the door. “Have a nice evening.” He said as I walked away, adjusting my red dress. “You too.” I said and strode back down the hall, humbled yet deeply satisfied.
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