Late Night Fuck

When he told me he would be passing through my neighborhood late in the evening on Friday, I managed to find an excuse to get out of my house, and we arranged to meet in a secluded location nearby just after 11pm. We’d never been alone after dark and the concept of meeting him on a deserted road was more than thrilling, and my mind raced with ideas of what we could do with each other’s bodies during our brief nighttime encounter. I arrived early and parked discreetly in the shadows. As the minutes slowly ticked by until our rendezvous I sat back in my car and closed my eyes. I let my mind wander back to the way his mouth felt against mine. His lips warm, moist, softly dancing tantalizingly with mine; I put a hand to my lips and imagined it was his fingers softly stroking my chin and face. With images of him in my mind I let my hand travel down my throat to the warm suppleness of my breasts. I ran my palm over the outside of my shirt, kneading and squeezing softly, knowing in a few moments it would be his hands on my body not my own. While my left hand caressed my nipples and brought them to hard sensitive peaks my right hand slowly slipped between my knees and pressed against the tender flesh of my inner thigh. Mimicking the way his hand travelled up my leg I slowly raised my skirt until I felt my fingers gently brush the hot, hairless lips of my pussy. With a quick turn of the wrist my index finger found the tiny wet button of my clit. I was always amazed at how wet I became by the mere thought of him – this time was no different. I tilted my hips forward and parted my legs wider. My finger rhythmically flicking my clit, I could not suppress a gasp as I began to feel the familiar rush of an orgasm. But I didn’t want to come yet, not without him. No sooner did the thought escape my mind than the fleeting brightness of headlights pulling in behind me filled my car with long moving shadows. A quick glance at the license plate confirmed it was him. I got out to meet him as he turned the engine off. The night was silent, warm, stars filled the sky, the moon was up and we could see each other clearly. He had just finished his volunteer coaching job and was dressed casually in shorts and t-shirt. I had never seen him in anything other than his office attire, and the sight of him wearing something completely unfamiliar to me sparked excitement mixed with anxiety. “Hi.” I said. “Hi.” He replied. There was a fleeting moment of awkwardness as we realized we’ve never been alone like this before. A sudden wave of nervousness washed over me and caused my body to shudder. Our eyes met and I drank in his features, his mouth, his chin covered with a neatly trimmed beard, until at last my eyes landed on the spot where I knew his Adam’s apple to be. In the dark of night there was nothing to see but shadow. I took a step closer to him, I reached up and placed a trembling hand on the soft flesh of his neck. Being this close I could now smell his natural musk and feel the heat from his body. My head swooned and my pussy came even more alive. As I tenderly danced the tip of my finger over his throat, his own fingertips found my mouth and softly traced my lips. I gasped as his gentle touch sent familiar lightning strikes to each nipple. They strained against the thin padding of my bra. He leaned down and smoothly covered my lips with his. Instinct took over us as our lips pressed against each other’s and our mouths parted ever so slightly to let our tongues collide in their own erotic coupling. I felt his hands on me, large and firm. He skillfully moved from one breast to the other massaging, rubbing, pinching. I made a soft moan in my throat. My own hands were around his neck, savoring the feel and chiseled definition of his lean, muscular shoulders and biceps, his form was so masculine and sculpted. Our embrace quickened our tongues tussled aggressively sparring. I ran my left hand down his torso to find the erection I knew would be there between his legs. His cock was stiff and pressing against the soft cotton of his athletic shorts. I took it in my palm and stroked him through his shorts. He gasped. Hearing him enjoying my touch only added to furry building in my already drenched pussy. I wanted him, badly desperately in that moment. I freed my mouth from his and with one motion slid out of my dress. He knew I would not have panties on and I saw his eyes gleam as I stood before him in nothing but a red bra. My own mini strip show prompted him to pull his t-shirt from his chest over his head. Once more our lips collided and I could not help but run my hand over his lean, nearly hairless body before once more finding his cock, struggling to be free of the fabric which contained it. His mouth left mine and travelled to my neck, he knew just what spot to dote on, and he made quick work licking and flicking his tongue over the sensitive skin just under my ear. I panted loudly, suddenly. “I want to fuck you so bad right now.” He whispered into my neck. The sensation of his lips so close to my ear, his warm breath on my skin, mixed with his terse confession pushed my resistance to the brink. “Yes fuck me.” I whispered brusquely as I untied his shorts and tugged them down a bit. He took my cue and acted on it. His hands travelled to my chin and his lips once more locked mine and he stepped me back against the trunk of his car. His mouth left mine again and he finished removing his shorts followed by his boxers. I knew he would want to fuck me from behind and I was more than happy to bend over across the truck of his car. My nipples and stomach pressed against the cold steel of his car only added to my urgency. I felt him come to me from behind one hand gripping my left breast the other hand travelled across my hip, through the small patch of hair on the top of mound, to the clean shaven lips of pussy. I closed my eyes and threw my head back against his chest and shoulder. His experienced fingers knew my pussy well and in no time he had located my hard wet clit and he began to make small slow circles on the it’s fleshy tip. My breath quickened. Holding myself up with my right hand, my left hand I reached behind me and gently gripped his cock. My thumb danced on the tender spot where his head blends into the shaft. He drew a sharp breath. The sensation of his finger on my clit coupled with my own thumb tracing the ridges and valley of the tip of cock were enough to cause me to explode. “Don’t stop” I panted as my legs trembled, a few more seconds and I knew I would come all over his hand. “Don’t stop.” I murmured again. Suddenly the frenzy of ecstasy washed over me as my pussy throbbed and my clit sent bouts of sheer pleasure through my entire body. As my orgasm peaked “Fuck me!” I panted. I wanted to finish throbbing around his hot hard shaft. He deftly slipped inside me. His cock glided between my lips into the wetness of my pussy, the sensation of his girth passing against my clit did not allow my first orgasm to fully finish and with a few long deep in and out thrusts I once more felt ecstasy wash over me. “I’m gonna come.” I panted as he slammed into me with long deep full thrusts. The fullness I felt each time he was completely inside me was tremendous and at moments I felt my pussy would burst. As he fucked me I was once more overcome and let myself explode on his cock, throbbing, pulsating as I let myself orgasm. He was also close – his cock steely and firm inside me. With his right hand still on my clit and him pounding me rhythmically, I was once more pleasurably tortured by the way he would not let me completely finish one orgasm before driving me to the brink of another, and it took mere seconds for me to realize he had once more opened the preverbal flood gate. I panted his name. I was so close. “Oh God!” he moanded. I knew then it would be mere seconds before he too succumbed to the sheer pleasure only an orgasm can produce. His left hand held my waist firmly, “Oh God!” He panted more hurriedly this time. I let myself go and was once more lost in those few blinding seconds when orgasm engulfed my body like fire. I felt his cock throb as he emptied his load inside me, my own pussy milking, exploiting him of all his hot jizz. After a long moment our bodies began to return to their pre coitus state. Keeping in mind the lateness of our tryst, we dressed quickly with little talk. One last hug and kiss goodbye and we parted ways in the silence and darkness of the warm summer night.
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Warning: Reading Contents May
Arouse Intense Curiosity And
Just Words On A Page? 
Did you ever instantly know you were going to
like and trust someone for a long, long time?
Maybe you only knew them for a short while but
it seemed that you had known them your whole life,
as if there were a timeless connection between
you. As you read these words and remember those
amazing feelings, it's good to know that sometimes
life has a way of making us remember those things,
right prior to discovering that we can experience
those feelings again...
With my experience, it's the kind of
thing that can't be forced and no essay or words
can create it. Words and appearances are only
expressions, the vehicles that contain the essence
that moves us. It can only happen naturally as the
expression of an energy between two people, but
when it's just like that feeling of
incredible bonding, when all the barriers melt and
drop way, and two people come together, fused into
one spiritual essence, the mingling of energies
feeding one to the other, building and increasing
and intensifying, mingling into an expression of
aliveness that words can initiate but never
capture fully. It has instead to be indulged
inside your own imagination...dwelled on,
contemplated, experienced, deep, deep inside you.
I do not know if you are the kind of person
that can imagine enjoying that that kind
connection, with someone wonderful who deeply
moves you. But if you could envision the
possibility and feel it opening now before you,
drawing you irresistibly forward, how powerfully
could you feel that urge to read on and learn
If these words have moved you...
Then perhaps you are the special, imaginative,
fun-loving woman for me and perhaps we are already
on the way to being able to meet and feel a
special connection; a connection based not just on
getting what you want, but moving beyond what you
want into what could deeply fulfill you.
Me...I am open to that special, adventurous,
athletic , in-shape woman who can show me she has
a sense of purpose to her life and a sense of
humor and play to her soul. A woman, not a girl,
who is open to new learning, indeed even thirsts
for it, but also has her own mind. A woman who
longs to share with someone special; someone who
will be her friend and lover, partner and
adventurer, who will make each day together seem
like the first and each moment together filled
with that sense of a timeless and indescribable
Do You Remember??
Do you remember when you were a little child
and you went to bed expecting tomorrow to be a
rainy stormy day? But you woke up the next morning
and to your delight and surprise, you looked out
to see a brightly shining sun, and not a cloud in
the sky? And you realized, "Hey...this day is MINE
to make happen?" Imagine sharing those feelings
everyday with someone who truly understands, along
with the passions only adults can create and
More About Me...
I'm 6 foot, athletic with sky blue eyes and
I am very pre-occupied with
stimulating and intelligent conversation; while I
love travel I believe the greatest adventure is to
explore one's passions. I define true passion as
not just lust in the's not even when
you are touched so deeply that you find you give
all that you have. It's when you are touched so
deeply you find things coming forth from you that
you never even knew or imagined could be there.
Can you feel that.....would be an amazing thing to
experience with someone?
ME: I am a quite successful self-made stocktrader. I am involved in the
human potential movement, so you'll learn lots
from me about spirit and mind as well as body! I
must be with someone adventurous who LOVES to
learn new things and is longing for an amazing new
direction. Someone who can decide on her own what
SHE uniquely finds desirable, magnetizing and
attractive based on her own deep feelings and
needs. Not because society would approve. Not
because her friends would validate it. Not even
because it is what she is used to or expecting or
based on seeing her "type" or what is "typical",
because maybe what is typical hasn't really made
you very happy in the past. But because she is
ready...truly ready..for something beyond what she
really even thought could be possible. Because
maybe feeling that amazing opening is the link
between the girl inside the woman, and the woman
inside the girl.
What I Like...
I'm strongly into touching, and intense
kissing(electricity)...that first, soft brush of
the lips so soft you're not even sure you're
kissing yet, and it's as if all the passion..all
the fire that will be experienced in the
relationship is enfolded in that one, first, soft,
special kiss, just waiting to be explored and made
real. It's that moment where time stands still and
yet in that one moment, there is an eternity of
experience to be explored. It makes your knees
weak and your heart soar and every part of you
comes...alive...awakened...ready for whatever will
come next. 
It's That Moment
It's that moment when you just stop...and look
deep inside yourself and you are able to push
aside all the rules and restrictions that hold you find that you are free to look at your
own desires with eyes unclouded by the fears of
others. You can look deep inside and see that
special place where you keep all your secrets.
Inside is what you desire. You can see your
desires and when you see your desires, you know
that what you want is right there waiting for you
to act on your desire. Now, with me...that's quite
a powerful thing. When you see your desires
clearly, maybe for the first time, the excitement
and longing you feel is very strong. The
excitement of knowing you can fulfill these
desires and the longing of wanting to share that
experience with someone who so understands how you
More For You...
I am willing and able to learn from you just
as I am willing and able to teach you many new
things. Moving forward together in life, longing
for this amazing new direction. Feeling totally
excited with permission to not only be who you
are, but to totally explore and accept the person
who is even NOW emerging.
So if perhaps you are this woman, 50+, with
a touch of poetry in her soul (and a bit of a
naughty mind), then maybe you can feel surprised
at how much you'd like to meet and learn more.
Please understand that looks are not enough; I
truly seek a person with a good, strong philosophy
of life, a high-self esteem, a sense of fun and
adventure, a love of life and learning and a great
imagination(so very important!). Please also have
a good sense of humor and play, and a love of all
things sensual(if your skill with your lips
matches your luck with your looks then maybe we
already have something amazing in common!)
Does This Sound Too Good To Be True?
Sometimes in life, we get hurt and let our
disappointments or past experiences block us from
holding out hope...hope that real love with real
people can be possible. But behind all
that...behind all the cynicism and hurt...the
let-downs and the "not quites" is the part and the
person who believes. The one who believes in love
and being loved for who you are. As you listen to
the message that one is telling you right here,
right now...NOW what do you feel just might be
possible, if you reach out and make this yours?
Here Is Your Next Step To Take...
Got pics? show me yours, I'll show
you mine". No pics? Then don't ask! I don't mind
younger women(40+) and have dated/enjoyed a few,
but you younger gals, don't write me if you can't
sustain the excitement; thrilled to be your
teacher but not looking to be a babysitter! So my
preference is 50+, please! (If you're hot and
flowing with life, a few years older won't matter
either!) Piqued your interest? Good! How strong
can you feel that building before you RESPOND AND
Of course, you don't have to email me right
away; you might want to take a few minutes to feel
the excitement and anticipation or even read this
page over a few times before you email me. Then
you can look back on it and enjoy the satisfaction
you feel as you look forward to receiving my