Office Tryst Part II

By the time I had returned with the water his eyes were closed. I could tell by the steady rise and fall of his chest that he was asl**p. I stared at him for a moment still partly in awe that he was here in my bed but more in awe that I had just fucked him into this c***. It seemed surreal, I almost had to pinch myself. While his body recuperated after our encounter. My body was still reeling, alive with desire, and hot with passion. My nipples were hard as diamonds – I wanted more. I placed the water on the stand beside his head. Silently I slipped into the master bathroom and closed the bedroom door behind me. I’ll let him sl**p, secretly flattered that I had used all his energy and stamina. I decided to release the delightful pressure he had built moments before. I opened the shower door and turned the water on. Quietly I stepped into the tiled, extra-large stall and closed the door behind me, hoping my sounds didn’t rouse him as he dozed. I sat on the tiled seat at the back of the shower, I realized I had never actually sat on this bench, currently it held my collection of body scrubs, lotions, and shampoos. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the wall. I replayed our encounter like a movie in my head. I heard his voice asking me to show him, it was so erotic the way he watched me as I tickled my clit with my vibrator. As I imagined his long warm finger sliding inside me, I slid my right hand down my body to my pussy. It was so hot, engorged, wet with both our jizz. I pinched and twisted my left nipple in an effort to duplicate his touch while I found my clit and rubbed it, slowly. Images of what his cock looked like sliding in and out of my pussy filled my head. I let myself whisper his name. I slipped my middle finger inside trying to duplicate the sensation of his hand on me. While my finger enjoyed the warm, ridged inside of my twat my thumb pressed small side to side strokes across my clit. It was not the same as his touch but I knew it would be a matter of moments before I came in my own hand. With my left hand I lifted my nipple to my mouth and flicked it with my tongue just as he had done. Surprisingly the effect was tantalizing, not as tantalizing as him but close. I envisioned it was his mouth on my nipple and his hand probing my pussy. Oh God I was going to make myself come in the shower. I withdrew my finger and used it instead to flick my clit. Faster, harder, yes I was going to come. Faster, I felt my body close, two more seconds, I moaned softly, panted, and finally was swept away as my body shuddered with pleasure, his name again escaped my lips in a breathy whisper and I was once more amazed at the way I reacted to the mere thought of him. I sat still for a moment, gathered my breath. Suddenly curious, I placed my middle finger on my tongue and savored the way we tasted together, salty, bitter, and purely sexual. I sighed and opened my eyes. It was so steamy now in the shower, it was like looking through a fog. With trembling legs I stood and let the water wash over me head to toe. I filled my hand with shampoo and closed my eyes as I lathered my hair. My long hair, that I had worn up - just for him. I stood with my back to the water and let the shower rinse away the Rosemary scented lather. When I opened my eyes I was shocked to see him standing in the shower looking at me. “Is this too creepy?” He asked upon seeing my clearly surprised, somewhat guilty, expression. “No. I thought you were sl**ping.” I said, suddenly thrilled at the prospect of having him in here with me. “Power nap.” He said nonchalantly. “Here, get in the water.” I said and moved aside “I’ll wash your back if you wash mine.” I said as I lathered up a mesh sponge. “I’d rather wash your front.” He replied. I laughed. He turned around and let the water run down his face and chest. I found myself facing the chiseled valley between his shoulder blades. He was so tall. I had often fantasized what his back might look like, I’d never seen it before today and it was broad, more defined than I ever imagined. It was exquisite and just looking at it sent an all new wetness to my already dripping pussy. I slowly swabbed the mesh sponge across his shoulders, watching as the foamy lather slid down his skin. I savored the sight as my hand glided side to side across his skin. I noticed a small coffee-colored birthmark near his lower back, I had seen it once before, a teasing glimpse given to me on a dare. I had forgotten about it until just then. As the lather rinsed from his skin I could not help but lower my mouth and plant a teasing kiss with a follow up lick on that ever so sexy imperfection. “Turn around. I’ll get the front now.” I offered. He faced me. I placed the sponge on the spot where is Adam’s apple met his collar. I remembered he had a ‘thing’ about his nipples being touched, which I thought was a shame because I wanted nothing more than to lick them, slowly taste them on my tongue, feel their hardness. I desperately wanted to linger first on one then the other as he had done to me. Clearing those thoughts from my head I maneuvered the sponge down his well-defined, nearly hairless torso, between his delightfully dime-sized dark brown nipples and stopped just above his flaccid cock. Even in its unaroused state, it was still impressive. Fearing the abrasiveness of the sponge might be too unpleasant on his recently fucked cock, I collected some suds in my hand and gently gripped him. As I stroked him, he gasped. I felt him instantly harden beneath my touch. “I thought you were done?” I asked teasingly. “It must be you.” He smiled coyly. It took only a few strokes along his shaft before he was once more fully erect in my hand. He closed his eyes and took a long breath in through his nose. “That feels good.” He confessed. Pleased that I had once more made him hard I continued to stroke him slowly, up and down the full length of his shaft alternating with smaller more targeted strokes on the head. He took a step closer to me and placed his hand on my cheek. I closed my eyes. Tenderly he traced the contour of my face, my neck, my lips. Gently he teased my mouth with his finger, parting my lips. I eagerly opened my mouth and allowed him to slip his finger to the warm wetness inside. My tongue and lips massaged his finger, sucking him, licking him while my hand simultaneously stroked his cock, mimicking the motions of my lips. I had never made him come this way. He leaned into me and placed his warm mouth on the sensitive skin behind my earlobe. His tongue soft, wet, and warm as he licked me. My head began to swoon once more. Instinctively I stroked him faster, the lather from the soap provided the perfect amount of sudsy lubrication. He made a small gasp. “Don’t stop.” He whispered against my neck. I still kept his finger prisoner in my mouth, as he came closer to orgasm he began to f***e his finger in and out of my mouth, deeper, faster he fucked my lips, fucked my mouth, my teeth dragging across his knuckle as he matched the speed and intensity as I stroked his cock. He made a small sound. “I’m gonna come.” He said breathlessly. I had always wanted to see him ejaculate. I pulled my mouth away and pressed my forehead to his chest and looked down. His cock was in my hand, sudsy, hard, ready to explode. He gripped my neck. “Oh God!” he panted. Hot white jizz shot from his cock, landing on my stomach, dripping into my hand, his cock throbbed three, four perhaps five times as he emptied his load all over me. When he was once more spent and semi erect in my hand I released him gently and with both my hands rubbed his cum over my stomach up and across my tits, bathing in the hot mess he produced. “I think I like it when you wash my front.” I said with a smirk.
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