Josie mu former neighbor

I've just been reminded of my former neighbor Josie who we used to live next too in our old house.She was only in her 20's and already had 2 k**s but she was very sexy. Many a time I 've watched her put her sexy underwear on the line and passed comment to her. She was a single mum but had a wanker of a bloke who would turn up when he felt like it and fuck her. Me and her always flirted with each other and quite often she would leave us the keys to her house. One ocasion I went around her house wife was at work etc and went up stairs searching her room and under the bed I found a little black lacey knickers amere size 8 but full of her pussy juice and still drying. To find these was a dream come true and I sniffed and licked at then inhaling her aroma knowing where they had been.
Another ocasion she came out to the back garden wearing just a towel after her bath she had a downstairs bathroom and if her window was open I could just catch a glipse of her bare flesh. Anyway I passed a remark about wanting a hand drying she replied to come up in 5 mins. I did as she asked and walked staright in to her room and said I'm here to help. She screamed in a playfull way laughing at my cheek and she quickly flashed me her whole sexy body those lovely little titties of hers and her rose red nipples and dark bush. Before she told me to go away.
By far the best was a bonfire night and she was there with her freind and they had been drinking again I past comments about me wishing to play etc this time she said I would run a mile if she came over the fence. She jumped over and soon started kissing her my cok was hard at the thought of this sexy woman and I asked her for a blow job she declined but dragged me in to my shed and soon had my cock out wanking it meanwhile I snuck my hand up her jumper and started to play with her nipples. Try as I did I couldnt get my hands down her jeans and to her pussy. But she just breathed in my ear how she just loves it because we were so naughty. We were suddenly disturbed by the bathroom light from my house going on so we broke apart. Sadly that was all I got of her but she still makes my cock hard whne I think of what we could have had.
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