My wife gets pumped at the gas station

We started off living in a bad part of LA back min the 80s,but the neighbors were great.I always told my wife to get gas at the Texaco because they had a full service island,that way she didn't have to get out of her car.This station was owned by a Korean f****y,the father was the owner and mechanic,the son worked there and was a student at UCLA , he is 19 but looks 14.The s****r ran the place,she was 24 and a business grad.My wife always flirted with the son whose name was Johnny,an American nickname.She liked him because he looks so young.We would go there and as he pumped the gas she would open her legs and give him a beaver shot as he washed the windshield.He was so shy, he wouldn't ever directly look at her pussy.My wife and I would invite him over for bbq's and parties but he never would come.I told my wife that I wouldn't mind having a three way with him if she could set it up,she has tried for several months and has gotten nowhere.My wife told me once, "I am going to bring him here and have him fuck me!" and she wasn't drinking.She put on her exhibitionist dress(short skirt with a slit up the side),nylons(the ones that go up to the thighs with the elastic thick band,a shirt that folds over itself and ties(if folded loosely it can show the entire boobs,and her driving boots.
She drives to the station and sees Johnny in the office.She pulls up to the island and waits for him to come,as she waits she adjust her clothes to expose as much as possible,she also moves the seat back from the steering wheel.Johnny runs up and smiles as he always does. Karen asks how he doing,hows school,f****y all the small talk to let him see her legs and tits. "Fill it up,please" he turns and starts pumping the gas.My wife looks at him in the mirror and asks,"would you wash the windshield please? As he starts My wife waits until hes reaching toward the middle of the windshield when she opens her legs to expose her wet blonde pussy.She leans to the back seat to pretend to get something so Johnny can look up between my wife's legs and get a good look at her pussy without her catching him peeking.She turns back and smiles as she now has her legs spread wide open.Johnny comes up to the window and tells her how much the gas was. My wife grabs her credit card and hands it to him but as he grabs it she holds it for a split second before letting go.This is in the 80s when the pumps weren't able to pay at the pump,they brought a tray and a bill you had to sign.Johnny brings the tray and a pen and hands it to Karen.My wife grabs the tray lifts her knee up high to use as a table to sign the bill.This opens her legs right in front of Johnny as he looks straight down to see her pussy.She signs the bill and hands it to him but drops it between her legs,She spreads her legs as wide as she can to retrieve the tray,giving him another perfect view of her wet dripping pussy.She grabs it and hands it back to Johnny,smiles and says it may be a little wet.She asks him if he would check the oil? "OK, can you pop the hood,please?" My wife says,"I don't know how" he tells her there is a handle under the dash that you have to pull. "Oh Johnny you will have to do it I can't find it.Johnny comes up to the door,when my wife opens the car door and puts her left leg out and onto the pavement leaving her right leg in the car.When she does this her legs are as wide as she can open them.Johnny comes up and looks straight at my wife's pussy.He points to where the handle is but my wife tells him to do it.Johnny kneels down and looks under the dash,when he does this his face is inches from my wife's pussy,he can feel the heat.As he reaches for the handle my wife puts her leg on his back and rubs it up and down.He pops the hood and turns into my wife's pussy,my wife keeps him between her legs and asks him if he wants to lick her pussy? He says he can't do it here there are too many people around.My wife tells him to come to our house and he says he can't leave his Dad left for home,hes in charge.My wife tells him to take her to the office.He agrees and tells her to park her car behind the garage.She parks and he comes out to greet her,taking her through the garage to the office. Johnny unlocks the office and turns the light on,they enter and he locks the door.My wife sits on the old sofa and spreads her legs,have you ever had pussy before? He says yes he has but my wife knows hes a virgin.Come eat my pussy Johnny,I've wanted you for a long time.Johnny goes to his knees and eats my wifes pussy like hes eating ice cream,licking and slirpping.My wife is screaming but not real loud because there are workers in the next room.She sits up and pulls his pants down.Out pops a 6 inch fully hard dick.She thinks to herself, "I thought Koreans had small dicks" she sucks his dick savoring the thought of him being a virgin.I want you to fuck me hard and cum in my mouth,OK? he nods and she keeps deep throating him.He shoots a wad of cum in the mouth giving her a taste of his sweet cum.She looks up at him ,then leans back on the sofa and says "grab my ankles and fuck me!" He pulls her ankles up and works his dick in her pussy,hes moans and moans again having more emotion then she has ever seen from him.He has her ankles by her ears now and is ramming his dick in her.My wife is screaming now not caring about the volume.He pulls out ,grabs her and bends her over to fuck her doggy style.He slams her from behind so hard shes starting to feel sore.He keeps fucking my wife real hard as he squeezes her tits real hard.Johnny turns her around again and makes her suck his dick ,as shes sucking his big dick he holds her head and starts fucking her in the mouth,making her gag.He keeps doing this to my wife and wont let her go until he starts cumming.He rams his dick down my wife's throat holding her head still and shoots his massive load of cum in her throat choking her until she coughs up his cum.Hes rams his dick in again with another massive load of hot cum and it starts to come out her mouth an drips down her chin.He loosens his grip of her head and squirts another load of that sweet hot cum in her mouth for her to enjoy.My wife keeps his dick in her mouth until the pulsation stops.My wife sits on the sofa and tells him he fucks very well.
"You have to come to my house and fuck me while my husband watches or participates,it will be your call.You can come over when he's not home if you want he won't mind either way. What about right now? My wife looks at him and starts sucking his dick again.He fucks my wife again and did come to our house a few says later for a threesome,but that's a later story. Please comment on this story...
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2 years ago
I loved watching the my wife show off for the gas guys
2 years ago
fantastic story
2 years ago
Great story now we need to have the follow up
2 years ago
Nice 1 Marty and Karen
3 years ago
Very nice.
3 years ago
Guess he did fill her up. Good story. The 80's were great, weren't they. Of course I enjoyed the 60's and 70's too. Hell, the 90's weren't bad either ;o))
3 years ago
nice story you should have my BBC over for BBQ if you think 6 inch is big.
3 years ago
Great story, lets hear the rest