They shaved my wifes pussy and took turns in her a

We are driving to the mountains to meet Dave and Lynn at the lake resort we used to go when in high school.I havn't seen Dave for a few years,but we talk most Sundays and e mail frequently.We get to the town by the lake and stop at the diner for a drink and pit stop.It's an old place so I suggest we sit at the counter.We order and Karen goes to the bathroom,I ask the waitress how far the lake is?. "3 minutes down that road. You're lucky the hot water and plumbing went out this last weekend,but I think it's working again". "Yes, Al was in town getting supplies and said he had everything going again".said another man sitting in the diner. "Oh,thats great cold showers are roughing it in my book".Karen and I finish, then roll down the road to the lake.There arn't many perple here I've noticed.We get to the campground and look for a couple of sites for us and Dave.I see a couple of motorhomes that look like they are full time residents.I find a site thats away from those people but close to the bathroom and the host.This will be nice whenever Dave gets here too.We start to unload the car when Al comes over."Hello there,thats a good spot.I am Al and if you have any problems let me know". "I hear the showers are working with hot water?". "Yes,but the ladies showers are out so I converted the mens into 2 shower rooms,but the ladies toilets work.I live in that camper there ,so come over for any reason.Marty asks who lives in that trailer? Oh thats Ken and his f****y they come here about 6 months ago after losing their home.Hes got 2 k**s and the son stays with me because there isn't room for him there.How old is he? Hes 20 and has a twin s****r."Oh thats nice for you to do that.Marty and I look at each other with the I don't know look.We walk to the bathroom and see 2 teens walking ,they wave and say hello as we do the same,these must be the twins Al talked about. They look back at us and laugh,we continue to see the showers.There are shower curtains seperating the big shower room into 2 rooms and across the front to seperate from the toilets and sinks.They are hung on a rope streached across from wall to wall,super mickey mouse but Karen and I love the oppertunities to expose.There are gaps at every point that 2 curtains meet.I go to the bathroom and Karen goes to the ladies side.I stand in front waiting for Karen to come out.I see the twins coming over with towels and bottles of shampoo,obviously they are taking showers."They do look alike both slender with dark hair.She is more friendly then her b*****r.Hi there is there hot water? I dont know I didn't shower but need to.She smiles and says I'm Jenny and this is Ken."nice to meeet you guys I am Martin."she asks "where's your girl?" Oh my wife ,Karen is in the bathroom. Ken walks in to take a shower,I think he thought my wife was in there showering and could get a look.Karen walks out a moment later and they meet and greet.Well,I've got to take a shower,it was nice to meet you see you around Karen and Martin.I tell my wife that they did look alike,but she said I didn't see him.I say well they are both taking a shower,we can see them and naked if we are lucky.We sneak in and hear the showers going,I see them in the same shower,Jenny has her hands on the faucet handles and her b*****r Ken is fucking her from behind!Karen asks is he fucking her?I say yes ,"thats his s****r!".We sneek out and I say that wa so fucking hot!My wife says that was a good looking k** but I didn't see him real well.I say they are b*****r and s****r!We head back to our place,with these wild thoughts, when Al steps out and asks us to come over for dinner.We accept,I want to fuck but am real dirty and wish I were in that shower! I brush my hair,teeth,wash my face and put some perfune on.We walk up to his place and he says sit out there its too small in here,do you want a beer? Sure and I walk up to grab them,and I see Ken the b*****r in there.I say hello,I am Karen.You must be Ken.He says yes nice to meet you and smiles.I notce he is good looking as his s****r is.I can only think of him ramming his s****r moments earlier.Al tells us to enter and warns how small it is in here.We sit at this very small atble ,I sit across Ken and as we all slide in our legs are bumping.We settle in and I rub my calf up and down Kens leg and I do it twice so he knows it wasn't an accident.He looks at me and we both smile.We finish eating so I help clean the table as Marty washes dishes,even though Al protested.I ask for the bathroom and Ken takes me down a narrow hallway and opens the door.He squeezes past me and asks "WANNA FUCK!"I say "OH YES! he opens his bedroom door and pulls me in,I stop him and say later. He grabs my tits and I struggle to get past him into the bathroom,I wish I had a skirt on.I come out and hes standing there jacking off! I look down the hall and I rush across not to be seen by Al.I go down and suck his big hard dick,I want him to fuck me in the shower like he did his s****r!I get up to leave and he tries to pull my pants down,I tell him later and to save his cum for me,I walk back to the kitchen.We thgank Al and Ken and go back and see Dave has arrived and is starting to unpack.I saw your car but not you guys.I greet him and his wife Lynn and notice their nephew is with them.His name is Coy and he's 18 no job,no shcool and smokes a lot of pot.I see Marty talking to Dave about whats going on and are planning to get me or Lynn in a sex trap like Marty always does.Its getting late so I ask Lynn if she would like to make a bathroom break? We head toward the bathroom and Ken comes out and asks if we are going to shower? I say no a bathroom break,maybe tomorrow morning.I hold Lynns hand and lead with the flashlight,I see a bat at the entrance and we run back.Al comes out and asks what the problem is.I tell him about the bat,so he lets us use his bathroom.I introduce them and go down the hall.I tap at his door and he opens it and tries to pull me in,I resist and tell him i am with a friend and I want you to show her your dick.I will knock on your door and then come out.We run the plan and I tell Lynn the bahtroom is hers and knock.Lynn walks down and into Ken with a complete hard on.She stops and looks ,without saying a word she goes around him,his dick hitting her leg as she passes.She tells me about him on the walk back and is so excited,she hasn't seen another mans dick in years.She is conservative about sex and keeps it in their bedroom.
I wake to hear Marty making a fire ,so I get up for the day."i will make coffee as soon as I boil water" ok thanks Marty,I am going to go to the bathroom,is Lynn awake? Yes, but she is out running already.
I enter the bathroom and say hello to a dark haired lady in her 40slooks real naturally pretty.She is brewing coffee n a Mr coffee machine.I tell her that is a great idea!She asks if I would like a cup.I accept and ask what about you,noticing only 1 mug.I tell her we can share if you don't mind.Her name is Kate and she tells me she is the mother of the twins and husband Ken.We walk back to camp and I introduce her to Marty and Dave he is now up.She gives them coffee ,but has to go back to the bathroom to brew more.Lynn arrives and I introduce her to Kate,I asy those twins around are hers.Lynn says you don'tlook old enough to have them,really.I tell Kate that I will help carry the coffee stuff back because I need to take a shower."Oh, I will go with you I need a shower too.Kate asks if she could meet us there ,she had to wake her husband for work. I say "sure see you there".
Lynn and I are walking to the showers and see Al."Hi Al, wheres Ken" Oh he's dressing. I tried to say it loud enough where Ken could here me.We start the coffee and put our bathroom stuff on the counter by the sinks.Kate and her husband walk in and she introduces us.He gets a cup of coffee and steps behind the curtain.He throws his towel on the rope holding the curtain and it makes the curtain sag where we can see most of his body.He hands Kate his mug not closing the gap he opened and undresses,throwing all his clothes on the rope so now we can look straight at him.I see his penis hardening and I notice Kate is watching Lynn and I get aroused. I think she and Ken like doing this to people as Marty and I do.Marty and Dave come in and see Ken naked in the shower and disrobe and enter.Lynn is nervous that Dave will be angry that she is looking at another man,but he looks at her and says come in before the water gets cold.Kate and I quickly get in the womens side making sure we show all as we undress.I see Kates full tits and untrimmed pubic area.She lets the water roll over her head and now she looks so hot,as she shines.The men are also thinking the same thing.Lynn is shy and is still up there,now she has to undress alone as we all want to see that body.She takes her shorts off and her legs are so tan, thin and muscular from all that running.She takes her top off and Ken jr walks in and say's "Wow, nice body" she pulls her panties off and runs to us,shes scared. I go up to where Ken is and Put shaving cream on my legs,I really wantedto see his dick in the sunlight.He looks at me and says I am fucking you first,ok? I say yes like a shy school girl ,thinking how bold he is.Marty walks up to me and says lets start this off.I look at him and think he wants to fuck while everyone watches.No he takes my hand and walks me into the mens shower and tells the men she needes to rinse her legs off.I do and he takes me in the middle of these 3 men ,kisses me and tells them "enjoy"and leaves me there.They surrond me and I feel hands going in all my holes ,my boobs are being squeezed.I am grabbing all the dicks I can,when Ken sr tells Dave and his son to carry me to the sinks.They carry me as if I am sitting in a chair and put me on the table top.Ken tells them to hold my legs open.They do and he rubs shaving cream on my pussy! "OH HE"S GOING TO SHAVE MY PUSSY"He tells them to spread her wider and shave my pussy.I see everyone watching.Marty is so happy to see his wife getting taken advantage of,it makes him just as horny as if someone were sucking his dick.They take he back in the shower and run the shower over my pussy Ken walks in and eats me He sticks his finger in my ass too. They put me down and I am put on my hands and kneess.Ken sr comes and fucks me in the ass as the other 2 starnd ther ,Ken jr steps up and fucks my ass I am screaming durring all this .I am thinking they are taking turs fucking me in the ass.Dave does the same ,Ken sr tells his son to slide under her and fuck her pussy. I am so sore and I want a break but I want more.Ken sr makes me suck his dick as he watches his wife suck my husband dick,his daughter has her tongue in Martys ass,wow mother and daughter.Lynn is standing there when Ken sr walks over and brings her to us.He tells her to take my spot.She looks at Dave ,he nods ok and she smiles and gets on her knees,she tells Ken that she doesn't do anal so he makes her suck his and Daves dick at the same time.Every fantasy of hers is coming true.Ken tells Dave to get some of his wife and daughter pussy.Dave see'e his wife taking a father and son double team.He see's Jenny and bends her over and rams it in her pussy from behind.I am fucking Kate while Karen is eating her pussy.Karen is happy but I know she wanted Ken to cum in her.I decide to double penetrate Karen.I lay and have my wife straddle me and Dave came in her ass.I hear her moan in delight,she is so horny from all that has happen that she cums.She wants to watch Ken fuck Lynn so she gwets up and goes over.We make mother and daughter 69 each other as Dave and I fuck them from behind I fucked Kate in the ass and made her scream.Jenny was taking Dave dick in the pussy.Kate asks for Dave to fuck her pussy.Daveslides into her pussy and we are in perfect timing where each dick is driving all the way in their hole.I feel her tighten as shes cumming so Dave and I ram our dicks all the way in.I get up and jack myself off on her face,I tell Dave you have to fuck Jenny she hasn't come yet.He's fucking heras hard as he can and her mom is flicking her clit,Dave pulls his dick out and puts it in her mouth.Hes cumming and she swallows it all,she is still horny so she goes over to see if there is a dick to fuck.The father and son are still fucking Lynn and the dad is ready to cum.He holds Lynns head and puts his dick deep in and cums til she chokes,coughing cum all over herself and Ken laying on the bottom.Ken jr fucks Lynn hard for 10 more non stop minutes when he can't hold it any longer.He pulls his dick out and sticks it in Lynn ass and cums! Lynn is so suprised,she screams in pain and delight.She rolls off him,His s****r climbs on her b*****r and fucks him for another 5 minutes until he goes soft.We all head back to our camps,Coy comes out and asks "where you all been,I am hungry. Lynn grabs his face between her hands and gives him a big kiss on the mouth and says "whatever you want Aunt Lynn will give you and gives him a giant smile.
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I love camping :-)
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A crazy read but good stuff. I got to go camping.
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