wifes story

This is a story that takes place back in the 70s.My friend Jimmy, and his girlfriend were going to see an x rated movie and invitedme and my wife .This is a time when you had to actually go to the theater.My name is Martin and Karen is my wife.Jimmys girlfriend,Kay,is a exhibitionist,but is not blatent about it.Kay was dressed in a dress that was to her knees and wore boots.She had stockings that went to her theighs.Obviously no panties or bra.She also had on a lot of make up so she wouldnt be recognised.Jimmy comes to pick her up,and they go to pick up me and Karen.When they get to My apartment I tell them Karen had to work late and couldnt make it.Kay didnt want to go without Karen but Jimmy and I easily talk her into going because shes got a few drinks in her and shes a little horny.The three of us get to the movie theater and have a few more drinks in the car ,after a few minutes to scan the area,we go in.We enter the theater and quickly move to the doors to get out of the bright lights of the lobby.The brief time we go through to lobby all the men know there is a women in the building.We find a seat towards the rear and off by ourselfs,as our eyes adjust we see there are not many people there and Kay is one of maybe three girls there.We quietly sit there and watch the movie and get adjusted to the surroundings.While Kay was sitting there watching the movie Jimmy makes his move and slides his hand up her dress and starts playing with her pubic hair.Hes starts to finger her lower ,looking for her lips and shes parts her legs to accomadate.As this is happening she notices guys are moving closer to our seats and one moves directly behind us and another in the same row.She starts to close her legs and Jimmy pulls his hand out.A minute later Jimmy starts to unbutton her dress top way below her boobs.He reaches in and grabs her boob and opens her top to let hers boobs out.Kay is getting hot and bothered knowing that these other men can see her boobs when the movie gets bright and lights the seats.By this time she doesnt care too much about being seen, she opens her legs and Jimmy gets his finger in her wet pussy.Kay reaches down and unzips his pants and pulls out his fully erect dick.She starts jerking him as hes fingering her.With the other hand she starts rubbing My crotch area and its also hard.Jimmy is so horny he starts pulling Kays head down to suck him off,but she refuses to do it but continues to jack him while secretly rubbing mine.Jimmy and Kay are both so horny they decide its time to go home. they tell Me its time to leave and all three of us stand and leave.As we shuffle past these guys Kay is getting felt up by one guy and in the row in front of her the man lights his lighter to show his boner to her.We walk out of the doors and I realize she forgot to button up her shirt and her boob is showing,she pulls it closed but doesnt bother to button up.The three of us get to the car and Jimmy and Kay start kissing as I watche from the backseat.Jimmy pulls his pants down and Kay leans down and puts his dick in her mouth.I lean forward and watch in quiet,I am getting horny myself,and I reach around the carseat and start rubbing Kays butt.She feels my hand and pulls her dress up and leans over to let me have access to her pussy.I get my hand all the way in and just starts masterbating her.She gets so hot that she starts deepthroating Jimmy and gives him a great blowjob.While I am finger banging her Jimmy starts to cum in her mouth and she swallowing his cum.She starts backing off slowly so I can pull my hand out without letting Jimmy know his girlfriend is letting his friend finger fuck her.We drive back to Kays apartment and she continues to jerk off Jimmy as hes driving and goes down to suck him at times.We get to her place and as we walk up Kay has her arms around both of us, and is ready to take it in the mouth and pussy at the same time,and Jimmy and I are on the same page we ahve talked about having a wife /girlfriend swap before.We get in and Jimmy and I both sit on the sofa,Kay unzips Jimmy and pulls his dick out and starts sucking it.She reaches over to Me and un zips my pants and pulls my dick out too.She asks Jimmy if its ok to suck my dick?Jimmy says it would excite him to see that and its her decision.She leans over and starts sucking my dick and it was so hot in her mouth,and she was thinking about how its going to feel in her pussy and how her first three way is going to feel.She leans back to Jimmys dick and feels hes not getting fully erect.Going back and forth Jimmy is hard but not hard enough to fuck her.I go down and starts eating her pussy as shes sucking Jimmy,Then I start licking her pussy and then slip my tongue in her ass.Kay starts moaning and tells Jimmy to fuck her.They move to the bed ,she gets in the classis doggie position,Jimmy grabs her hips and sticks his dick in her pussy. She gets me to kneel in front and starts blowing me,I start to ram my dick in her mouth then throat.She grabs my balls and pulls me as deep as i can go.Jimmys dick is doing good but Kay spins around to let me fuck her and have Jimmy in her mouth.Kay starts moaning having two dicks in her but having my fully hard dick fucking her pussy hard.Kay starts jacking off Jimmy and licking his balls. Jimmy starts to cum and Kay puts it back in her mouth to taste his milk again.Jimmy sits back and I keep fucking her as he watches,Kay starts to cum and I pull out roll her on her back and pulled her torso to the edge of the bed.I grab her ankles and open her legs,and start fucking her,I can tell her pussy is dripping with juice.I keep fucking her but i have to cum too.I pull out and climbs up to her face and start squirting cum on her face as Jimmy watches.I fall asl**p.I am still friends with Kay and her husband.She did not marry Jimmy he got funny after that night and our friendship soon ended.
my wife and I are friends with Kay and her husbamd and have fun once in bed together.
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3 years ago
I loved the seventies ... almost as much as the sixties. Good story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
very good