My Hands

You look like you need to relax. Lay down on your belly and let me rub your neck. You feel tense. Let's slip of that shirt and bra so I can work your whole back. Your skin is so soft. I love the way it feels to my hands. My hands are working your entire back and neck. You begin to relax because it feels so good. Your breasts peek out from under you and make me want touch them. You smell so good as your perfume meets my nose. I'll slip off your pants and rub your legs too. Your panties are kind of thread worn and I can make out your shape beneath them as I work on your thighs. I can feel your warmth on my hands. My cock is pushing tightly against my pants also. I can't help but lightly brush your pussy through your panties. I can smell your sex as I crawl up and kiss your neck. You can feel my hard cock against your leg so you reach back and hold it in your hand. It's solid shaft feels so good in your hand as I kiss your back softly. You rock your hips upwards spreading your pussy to me. I run my fingers over your panties and feel how wet your pussy is through them. I push your panties aside and slide my fingers deep inside of you to feel how wet and slippery you've become. You rub my cock through my shorts as I rub your clit so softly. Your soft moans encourage me to slip off my shorts and show you my hard cock. You can't help but pull yourself over and slide my cock into your mouth. My hand pulls your mouth deep on to my cock as my fingers continue to work your slippery hole. I push you down on the bed and slide off your panties. Your pussy is soaked and dripping with your wetness. My tongue slides easily into your your hot pussy. You hips buck as waves of pleasure sweep over you. I pull you against my face and bury my tongue deep inside of you letting it slip out to lick your clit which has grown hard and slippery with your juice. You beg for my cock and your heat is too much for me to resist as I slide my thick cock deep inside of you. Our lips meet as my cock slides in and out easily. You arch your back as I thrust in and out. I flip you over on to your knees so I can take you from behind. You meet each thrust eagerly as our bodies meet to not waste an inch of my hard cock. My fingers probe your nipples as your fingers rub your clit. Slowly at first and then more quickly our bodies grind together. I feel my balls begin to swell as your moans grow louder until I feel your orgasm welling over you. I unload my balls deep inside of your pussy as wave after wave of cum shoots deep inside of you. Your moans subside as the cum overflows from your pussy. I turn you and kiss you softly on your lips and hold you close until your breathing calms down. I whisper into your ear that I will take you there whenever we can be together as I nibble on your neck and rub your chest and belly. My strong arms feel so good as you drift off dreaming of the next time I'll fill you with my passion.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Lovely. :c)
3 years ago
i def. need this