Getting Away

It was time for a vacation. She had been stressed a lot lately and it wasn't difficult to convince her f****y that she needed some time away and away from them. The resort was beautiful. It had everything including the normal spa and exercise club. They had a dance club and a fine restaurant but what attracted her was the fine beaches up against the beautiful mountain forests. It was perfect.

By the second morning she set out for a hike up the mountain. It wasn’t a difficult trek but the resort guide promised that she would have the trail to herself. It was everything she had hoped for. She had walked all morning and had not run into another soul. And now she had come to a small stream and a beautiful waterfall. The water was cool and inviting. She hadn’t brought a suit. She was torn by her desire to swim and her modesty. She finally rationalized that nobody would be along any time soon since she could see from the last overlook that nobody else was coming up the mountain.

He had spotted her coming up the mountain. He was disappointed that someone else was going to discover his perfect camping spot that he had set up the previous morning but there she was, heading up the mountain. Now that she was closer, he realized that he had seen her at check-in on Sunday night. She was a site and he remembered how pretty she looked with her tank top and shorts. She had smiled at him nervously and he had considered staying closer to the resort on the off chance he could meet her. He decided that if he was going to have company, it was good that it would be her. But now, he couldn’t believe his eyes. There she was, down below him slipping out of her shorts and t-shirt. He gasped a little as she un-latched her bra and her beautiful breasts slipped out. Her nipples were hard from the cool spray. She gave a final look around but didn’t notice him. She slipped out of her underwear exposing a shaved pussy and walked down into the water. He could feel his penis strain against his shorts. He didn’t have his shirt on because it was warm and he had been gathering wood for his campfire. He wanted her so bad now and was happy that it was her who was swimming nude in his stream.

By the time she had swum over to the waterfall, he had decided that he would “innocently” stumble on to her clothes that she had left in a neat pile on the shore. So he headed down the trail nervously.

The swim felt so good. The water was cool but in the warm air, it felt good. She was also surprised at how turned on she felt swimming naked. It was her first time au natural. She climbed up on a rock under the waterfall and felt the warm sun on her skin. She felt her body with her hands, half drying herself and half enjoying the pleasure of her own touch. She hadn’t played with herself in some time but now her hands hand wondered to her pussy. It was warm and wet. Her clit felt so good as she rubbed it and played with her nipples.

She let out a shout when she saw him along the shore. It scared her a little and now she covered herself as best she could. He looked straight at her and smiled. She smiled back coyly as she remembered that there was no way she should be embarrassed. Hell, he didn’t know her and who cared. She yelled over and asked him if he was a pervert that liked to watch women naked. He half admitted that of course he loved seen a naked woman, especially one that was enjoying herself. She noticed the bulge in his pants and for the first time, soaked in his body. She did remember him from the resort. He was cute and she remembered thinking that he looked like trouble for a horny woman. Her husband hadn’t made love to her in a month and even then, she couldn’t remember the last time he lasted long enough to make her cum.

She slid back into the water and started swimming towards him becoming bolder as she swam. He awkwardly apologized but she knew he didn’t mean it. He was watching her and suddenly she didn’t care. She got to where she could kneel and got on her knees. She asked him how he got up there so quick and he explained the camp he had set up and mumbled something about looking for firewood. She realized that they would be alone. She cupped her breasts and asked him if he liked what he saw. He nodded and told her that he did. He told her how beautiful she was and it made her feel good. She pushed her hand down to her pussy again and brazenly rubbed it in front of him, just yards away and still on her knees. She asked him if he would pull his cock out for her. He did as his shorts slipped down and he immediately began stroking it. His cock was thick and hard. He expertly pulled on it and smiled at her. She could feel her pussy getting hotter and she knew she had to have him.
She told him that his cock would feel better in her mouth. He closed the couple of yards quickly and she grabbed his meet with her wet fingers. It was warm and felt good in her hands. She stroked it a few times as he put his head back. Then she wrapped her lips around it. If filled up her mouth. She began sucking it lightly at first. Then rougher, with more vigor as she went on. She could tell he was loving it. Without warning he reached down and picked her up to her feet. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply. She could feel herself losing control as he kissed her lips and then her neck. Waves of passion washed over her as he expertly pulled her close to his body and kissed her some more.

He carried her over to the side of the stream and laid her in the grass. She couldn’t believe how brazen she had become but wanted more. He was already sucking on her hard nipples as his hands explored her body. As his tongue wandered down her body, she couldn’t help but look around again to make sure they were alone. But it was too late to care as his tongue pushed deep inside of her.

She arched her back as he licked up and down her pussy. It was soaked and his face glistened with her juices. His tongue flicked her clit and she felt embarrassed that she was gushing so much cream. But he wouldn’t stop. As the waves of her orgasm began to build, she couldn’t help herself as she cried out in passion. Wave after wave of pleasure swept over her as the most intense orgasm of her life washed over her.

She had barely recovered when he had pulled himself up and positioned himself between her legs. His cock was still swollen and she begged him to have it inside of her. It filled her up well. It was so thick that her pussy stretched to receive it. Her pussy was so wet that when he looked down, he couldn’t believe how much cream she had worked up. She was hot and his cock felt so good inside of her. Her legs had wrapped around him pulling him in deep. That was fine with him. He hadn’t been with a woman in a while and was enjoying this. After several minutes, he could tell he wanted nothing more than to give her another orgasm. She begged him to fill her up with his cum but he wasn’t ready. He picked her up and held her close, flipping her over on to all fours. He entered her from behind now watching her beautiful tits sway back and forth beneath her. He was going to cum and when he did, it would be spectacular.
She looked up at the waterfall. She couldn’t believe how good his manhood felt deep inside of her. She was moaning loudly and meeting each push driving him deep inside of her. She wished it would never end but for now, she would enjoy herself. She couldn’t believe it when she started to feel another orgasm building. It had never happened to her before and she had just figured it couldn’t happen, ever. But now as she felt herself letting go, she heard him whisper in her ear that he was going to fill her up with his cum. It was all she needed.

His balls tightened up and he released his load inside of her as he felt her pussy begin to spasm again. He hadn’t cum in a while so he knew it was going to be a big load. They both finished their orgasm and fell to the ground in a heap.

She laid there spent. She could feel all of his cum inside of her and what was oozing out of her pussy. His cock still looked thick and inviting. She reached over and grabbed it. It was wet with her juice and his load. He smiled back at her and she showed him the same coy smile he had loved that first night. She wondered what she would do now. She wanted more. His cock responded and started to get full again. He winked at her and suggested they go for a swim. After all, he had all day and now he had someone to spend it with.

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very good
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very good and so hot
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holy shit! lol i just got a new faveorite story!!!