Ari Takes Control

Ari woke up alone. She could hear the television in the next room and the smell of some sort of tomato sauce filled the air. Ari looked for her clothes but then remembered that she had left them in the living room. Trying to decide what to do and feeling very naked, she cracked open the door and could see Jennifer moving about the kitchen dressed in a silky looking robe. Ari stuck her head out the door and said hi. Jennifer smiled and came towards Ari. She opened the door and reached pass Ari to grab a large soft looking robe. She helped Ari slip it on and the two women walked out into the living room. At first they exchanged awkward small talk and then ate a nice pasta meal. Their conversation came easier as they ate. The conversation finally turned to what had happened earlier. Both women admitted that they enjoyed it. Jennifer seemed eager to play again but Ari wasn’t sure. She was curious but it was so much so fast. After dinner, Ari got dressed and got ready to head back to her place. Jennifer lingered in her robe and the two girls embraced as Ari left. As Ari headed home, she was certain that Jennifer would masturbate again right away.

By the time Ari had gotten back to her apartment, it was cool and getting dark. She opened her door to find her roommate had returned. They caught up with each other for a few minutes but Ari was eager to get to her room. Once there, she stripped down and started her shower. The warm water felt good. As she stood under the water she reflected on the weekend. What a weekend. So much had happened and she was starting to discover her sexuality. She was unsure of so much but didn’t regret any of it.

The light across the way was dark. She laid down in her bed and went to sl**p. She slept as deeply and as comfortably as ever.

The week went by quickly. Ari was busy with her school work. She had studied with Jennifer a few times and they found that their friendship was growing. It was nice to have a friend at school. Friday came again and her roommate went home again. Jennifer was spending the evening on a blind date which she was very excited about. Ari was happy for her but wished she had a date too.

She ate dinner and checked to see if her neighbor was around. He hadn’t been around all week. He seemed to work late and leave early. But this evening his light was on. Ari turned the light on in her room. She walked in and started through her normal evening routine. She noticed that the gentleman next door was sitting at his desk typing. He noticed her as she walked past the window. Ari was pleased. She wanted him to see her. She began stripping. It had been a week since their first encounter but she was more confident in what she wanted. The man couldn’t help but watch. She was glad to have his attention. She continued to strip down to her panties. Her window was open and the night air felt so good. She stood in front of the window with her back to the man and slid off her panties. She ran her hands up and down her body. She noticed that the light turned off behind her. She was sure he didn’t want to be caught. She smiled to herself and turned around. She opened the window the rest of the way and stood for a few moments pretending to look out into the street around the corner and then skyward. She picked her leg up and rested it on the sill. She put her hand between her legs. Her pussy was already wet. She dreamt about this all week. She was sure he was just a few feet away. She started fingering her pussy and using her slippery wet juices to lubricate her clit. Ari spread herself as much as she could. She wished she could see the man. And it occurred to her that she should be able to see him too.

She couldn’t believe it when she said it but she called out to him, “Hello, I know you’re watching me.” She was suddenly very aware of her nudity and afraid she might scare him off. With no response, she got bold and asked him if he likes watching her. From the darkness she heard a deep voice say yes. She turned around and reached down between her legs so he could see her from behind. She rubbed her clit and was wishing that she had some of the gel. But it was at Jennifer’s and she certainly wasn’t going to leave to get it.

She turned around and asked the man if he was stroking his cock. There was no answer for a second. Then a lamp turned on in his apartment. He was sitting in his desk chair stroking his cock near the window. Ari was glad that her friend was playing along. She put her leg up on the sill again and spread her pussy wide open for him to see. He smiled and she asked him to move closer so she could see. He complied and she stood fingering as he watched her. Her fingers were so wet. She couldn’t believe that she was doing this and yet she was so happy that she was.

His balls laid on the chair and his cock looked bigger than she had remembered it. It was thick but not long like some of the guys on the computer. She told him how nice it looked and stared at it wanting to touch it. She grabbed her tits with her free hand and pulled on her nipples. She could feel herself losing control. Seeing his cock so close was driving her crazy. She told him that she was getting close and that she wanted to see him cum. He spread his legs more and threw his head back as he stroked. She had never seen a man stroke himself until the week before but she loved it. He began to moan and stroke faster. She could tell he was getting close. Suddenly, he stood up and stood right in front of the window like her with a leg up on the sill. She wondered if she could reach it if she reached out. He was so close now. Her hand worked her clit furiously as she got closer and closer herself. Suddenly, his body tensed up and he thrust his cock forward, a jet of white cum burst from the tip and with each deep stroke, another jet of thick white jizz burst from his cock.

It was too much for Ari. She got weak in the knees as her first wave of orgasm washed over her. She caught herself and continued to rub her clit as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her. He stood still stroking as she convulsed in pleasure. When she finished, she opened her eyes and could see he was still there stroking his softening cock. She smiled and put her wet fingers into her mouth. She liked the taste of her pussy and could see it had an affect on him. She smiled and blew him a kiss. He seemed very self conscious. He waved awkwardly and disappeared. Ari laughed at him. She ran over to her dresser and grabbed her red sexy lipstick. She put it on thick and ran back to the window. The man was gone but she still kissed the window and drew a heart for him to see.

She cleaned up and got ready for sl**p. She decided to sl**p naked and turned off her big light. She turned on the lamp on the nightstand and glanced over to the other room. She was sure he was watching. She left the light on and spread her legs. The night air still felt good. She wondered how her friend Jennifer was doing on her date. She missed her new friend and was sure she would love hearing this story. She drifted off to sl**p with all of these thoughts running through her head. She liked making herself cum but she wanted a cock badly. One that she could have inside of her.

It was a great thought. The weekend was just starting. Things were good.

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