Ari's Surprise

Ari was glad to be back at school. The craziness of home and the lack of freedom had been enough. She had her own room in an apartment she was sharing which would serve as refuge when she needed to be alone. And she needed that time as she was just beginning to explore her sexuality in earnest. She found that she could make herself cum easily by playing with her clit and that her pussy was always so wet. She wanted more but was a shy girl. She was chubby and not always sure of how to proceed with the men she met.

The one thing that Ari didn’t like about her room was the view. The window faced towards another building, almost lining up with the window next door. But she could open it and let in the cool New England air and that was all she really needed. She hung some d****s and focused on her studies.

The Friday evening of her first week was proving to be uneventful. Her roommates had gone home and she was left alone. As soon as they left she stripped down since she loved to be naked. It felt so good to be able to lounge around nude. Ari had shaved her pussy that morning and now the cool evening air felt good on her bare flesh. She found that she was getting horny as the evening wore on. So, she decided to retire to her room and see what the internet had to offer.

Her large breasts felt so good in her hands as she started to surf through some of her favorite sites. She had checked out just about every fetish that she could over time and found that several turned her on. But tonight, she wanted to see a stiff cock, hopefully in a pussy as wet as hers.

It wasn’t long until Ari was soaking wet and working on her clit. It felt so good and she could moan softly without worrying about getting caught. Suddenly, she noticed a light in the room next door. She hadn’t really noticed anyone all week but then she kept her d**** closed most of the time. She had opened it earlier when she opened the window and could now see in to the room across the way. The room was about the same size as hers, large for a student but furnished a little nicer. She spotted it’s occupant coming out of the bathroom. The man was older, maybe in his late thirties or early forties. He was wearing a pair of shorts with no t-shirt. He was chubby but handsome and she found herself wanting to watch him.

The lights in her apartment were turned off and she closed her computer to make it completely dark. With his lights on, he wouldn’t be able to see her. She drew closer to the window as the man went about his evening routine. She was a bit surprised when he turned on his computer and sat down at his desk and started surfing porn! He had a large screen and could easily see what he was watching. He seemed to like chubby women, mostly amateur. He seemed very interested in a video that he stopped on with a man and woman in a shower. She was a chubby girl, not fat but plump like herself. When the woman in the video started to lather up the man, the gentleman slipped off his shorts to more easily stroke himself.

There he was naked, so close that she could easily hit him if she would have thrown a pair of socks at him. His cock wasn’t big but looked nice and judging by the size, Ari felt like it would fit easily into her tight pussy. By now she was soaked and laying back with her legs spread facing the window. Her hands expertly working her pussy as she had done so often before. The man across the way also had his legs spread and was stroking too. It seemed as if he had forgotten about the movie and was lounging back stroking himself. This was such a thrill for Ari and she soon wished she could have him in her mouth. She found that thought made her hornier and she wished she could have the man. Forgetting herself, she began to moan softly as she watched him stroking himself. He seemed to be picking up his pace as her fingers worked her clit faster. His balls bounced with each stroke and for the first time, Ari was aware of the cream running down between her legs. Her head went back and her hips worked in time with her fingers. She looked back over and the man had turned some and now she could see him so easily, She could see that he had grown so much larger. That site was too much as she began to cum. She let out a soft cry, forgetting herself as the waves of passion washed over her. She looked down just long enough to see jets of cum shooting from his cock. Another wave of orgasm spread over her, her hands slipping easily over her soaked pussy.

When she had finally settled down, she looked over, the man was standing looking at her through the window. She froze in a panic. Softly he said, “thank you for the great show, you were amazing.” Stunned she got up, and ran to the bathroom. Her heart was beating hard and felt like it could jump out of her chest. How did he see her? How long had he watched? How was she going to live here now?!

After some time, she peaked out her door. The man had hut his curtain and it was dark in his room. She raced over and closed her window and d****. For a moment she considered what had happened. The towel she had placed under herself was soaked and suddenly she didn’t feel all that embarrassed. It was the best orgasm she had in months. She felt exhausted and decided she would consider the implications of what happened in the morning when her head was clearer. She went back to the bathroom and showered. For some reason, she had a smile on her face when she was toweling off. (To be continued)
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2 years ago
Nice story :)
2 years ago
Thank you! I loved it, you should definitely continue the story. I want to see where I will go. ;]
2 years ago
very good