my first trip to the spa

This is my second story. Any story I post is 100% true. I want to share my erotic experiences with all of the horny people here. This story is about my first visit to a men’s spa/bath house.
It was a relatively warm night. I have always heard of a men’s club/bath house/spa near the downtown area. I had never been to a place like that but have always thought about checking it out. I really like the thought of being around many naked guys at once, checking out the view and just maybe playing a bit. A little background on me, I am not one that plays a lot but have given a few bj’s and hand jobs but other than that I am very inexperienced. I know what turns me on with videos but other than videos and fantasys in my head, I am fairly much no open with my wants.

So I get to the men’s spa and I check in and get a room. I guess you can get a room or a locker and I opted for a room just In case I want to get away and chill while I am there, more than likely alone. The rooms have locks so there is some privacy if needed. So I strip down and grab my towel and walk around checking out the place a bit. The first thing I did was go to the roof where there were lots of guy hanging out and playing in bubbles that they had shooting out of this machine. There were then a couple of guys hanging out near these chairs where they were just lounging and this was also the only smoking area in the building. So as a smoker I sat over there, lit up a cig and took in the atmosphere. There were all types here it seems. There were older, younger, good shape and out of shape guys around. All seemed fairly hospitable and would speak if eye contact was made. Nothing in depth, just a simple hi or how are you doing, etc. So I was sitting there and out of the bubble this younger (22ish) African American twink came to the area I was sitting. I noticed him because he was fairly built and had a decent cock swinging between his legs. We made eye contact and he smiled and he asked me if he could bum a smoke. I didn’t say anything but I opened up my pack and he took one out. I then handed him my lighter and he lit up. I was sitting on basically a park bench. He and I were watching what was going on with the guys in the bubble when I suddenly felt his hand slide over my towel and start rubbing my cock. I was half way hard to begin with but when I felt his touch thru my towel I instantly got hard. I moaned a bit and then opened up my towel and it didn’t take him long to grab my cocks shaft and start slowly stroking. I held back from touching him as I was a little in shock. He leaned into me and asked in a whisper if I enjoyed him touching me. OF course I nodded yes and he said good. He then asked me what my name was, and I told him. He then whispered back if I would mind if he called me daddy. I looked at him and told him it was ok in a soft voice. He said good and gripped my cock hard and continued to slowly stroke me.

Once I got my bearings of what was going on, I asked him if he wanted to go back to my room and he said yes. So we went down 2 flights of stairs, and made it to my room. I was walking behind him on the stairs and I saw his perfect bubble butt bouncing as we walked. He was the perfect twink from head to toe. Once we got to my room, I asked if he wanted me to shut the door or not. He said leave it open and let’s see if we can get some people to watch. Even though I was new to this, I was intrigued by this gesture, so I left the door half opened. The room was not very big. Basically there is a twin size bed, a little table and the door. Not much room to do much other than be close. So as I tuned around he was on his knees and he was rubbing his hands over my legs as I walked over and sat on the bed. He instantly gripped my cock and slid the tip into his mouth. His mouth was warm and wet and I moaned and slid my hands gripping his shoulders. He went down to my shaft and engulfed my entire cock into his mouth. He released my cock and he looked up at me and smiled. He then said daddy I am yours tonight, to do as you see fit. I want to be your slut and I will do whatever you want me to do. I leaned back and slid my cock over his lips, thinking to myself this had to be a game. This kind of shit just doesn’t happen to me. I was waiting for him to say, oh just k**ding or hey it will cost you 200 dollars, or some shit like that but he went back to my cock and was sucking me like a professional.
As he continued to stroke I noticed a couple of decent looking guys stroking their cocks in the door way as they watched us. I pushed my slut back a bit so my cock exited his mouth. I then told him we had company and he looked over at the door. He looked up and said that it turned him on to be watched. I then told him that when they were ready to cum, they were to enter the room and blow their load in my slut’s mouth and he was to swallow their hot seed. He said yes daddy and went back to my cock. I looked over to the guys and they both nodded and started pumping their cocks furiously. I saw out of the corner of my eye a guy walk forward, I tapped my slut on the shoulder and he looked over and saw the man, he without hesitation shoved the guys tip of his cock into his mouth and the guy continued to stroke until he drained his balls into his mouth. The guy turned around and walked away and I told my slut to show me his reward, so he opened his mouth and let me see the cum in his mouth. I then told him to swallow and he did. The next guy was ready and the same thing happened and he got his second cum reward, for being a good twink slut. He showed me his prize and he swallowed it down. I’m not sure if the first 2 guys said something to others but the next I knew there were probably about 8 more guys hanging around our room jacking off. One by one they were ready to explode, the shoved their cocks in my sluts mouth and all deposited their hot seed coating his mouth and giving him his reward. Each time he displayed his reward for me and swallowed it all down. After his tenth reward I stood up and shut the door and locked it. I then had him lay on his back and I straddled his chest and started playing with his cock as he placed mine back into his mouth. I pumped my cock into his mouth a few times and was able to get his huge cock rock hard. I then got up and slid between his legs. I reached over to grab a condom and some lube and prepared my cock. I spread his legs and rested them to my chest and f***ed my cock into his sweet tight ass. I whenced as I went balls deep and I begin to pump him hard and fast. I then slowed down a bit and rested his legs on each side of me and I grabbed his cock. As I pumped my thick cock into him I was pumping his monster cock with my hand. He moaned and said oh fuck daddy, make your little slut squirm and squirt for you. I pumped him harder as I fucked his tight hole harder. He begin to moan a bit louder and whimper a bit as my cock was thrashing his tight hole and stretching his ass out. I felt his cock begin to start spasming and I knew he was about to cum. This was about ready to send me over the edge. I told him to hold his explosion and I gripped his cock still, as I slid my cock out and took my condemn off, I then told him to let go and cum and as soon as I said that I released my grip and both of our cocks started cumming on each other. I felt his warm cum over my shaft and my cum blasted onto his cock and balls. I rubbed our cocks against each other as they began to get soft. We both were sweaty and breathing hard and I laid on top of him and his arms went around me and we held each other for several minutes. Our hands stroking each others bodies as we laid there. I got up eventually and he followed. He was about 8 inches shorter than me so as we stood face to face he kissed my neck and started sucking on my nipples. I moaned and he started rubbing my balls and my cock was getting hard again. I told him that we needed to go to the pool and chill. He grabbed a condom as we left my room and we made it to the pool. He climbed into the pool before me and as I was climbing to get in he had the condom out and he rolled it onto my cock. I continued down into the pool and sat on the side and he straddled my waist, wrapping his legs around me and he leaned back and maneuvered my cock to his asshole and he slid forward and my cock disappeared into him. We both smiled at each other and he placed his head on my shoulder and chest as he gently rocked on my cock. He felt incredible and his touch was electric. I kissed his exposed neck as his head was on my chest and I leaned his head up and slid my tongue into his mouth. Yes I realize he had 10 loads of cum in his mouth and before I thought it would bother me but I couldn’t refuse this sissy slut any longer. I kissed him deeply and began to rock my hips sliding my cock in and out of him slowly. I reached around and grabbed his ass as we grinded into each other, him grapping my cock with each short thrust, as our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. I slowed a bit and held him still as my cock was ready to explode, I didn’t want to release yet but I was past the point of no return. I then held him still as I moved slowly, with my cock buried inside of him as it began to explode. He felt the warmth and was griding onto me. We stayed connected for the next hour, his legs wrapped around my waist and my cock inside of him. We kissed passionately and held each other like lost lovers who had found each other. I didn’t want this moment to end as I knew we both would go back to our normal lives. I then looked down and knew it was time for us to part. I moved a bit and my condom covered cock slid out of him and he slid into my lap. He slid his arms around my neck and we kissed deeply and passionately. My hand rubbing over his cock and balls, massaging them as we had our final embrace. He whispered into my ear saying thank you daddy you’re incredible. I smiled at him and I stood up, getting out of the pool and went to the restroom to dispose of my cock. I kept wondering if we could ever re connect in the real world to share the passion that we both had for each other. I was ready to give him my contact information but when I made it out of the restroom, he was gone. I smiled and shook my head, grabbed my towel and walked back to my room, looking for him as I made my way. I got dressed and left. I was so shocked that I met him and our experience seemed like a dream. I have tried to look for him many times but the city is big and I doubt we will ever get in touch again, or maybe we will. That my friends is for my next true story.

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3 months ago
Incredibly fucking hot story!!
3 months ago
Fuckin HOT!
4 months ago
fucking hot! so well written!
5 months ago
Thanks 2bornot2b! I guess im doing my job then. :)
5 months ago
I have spent quite a few days and nights at the gay bath house in Denver, Co. I was only in my early 20's and I only went on days that the old trolls went mainly because I preferred men who were at least twice or 3 times my age. They in turn seem to enjoy watching a boy my age walking around with my towel around my neck instead of around my waist. Many a man has taken me to those side rooms which were open to everyone where I would suck their cocks to a creamy finish or if I got lucky they would fuck me and a third man would enter the room and end up using my empty mouth for their sexual pleasure. After about an hour I would smell like cum which was the best perfume there was.
5 months ago
your stories are getting me very hot and hard...keep it up!!!!!
5 months ago
Awesome story. I have been to a spa a few times and always managed to get my rocks off in some fun way
5 months ago
Your story hit home with me. I have had some casual cock play a few times but have not done oral or anal and wonder what it is like. There is a mens club not far from here but I am still too chicken to go there. I think about leaving the door open and suck and stroke every man that comes in and have cum all over me. Once I have gone that far, anal would be next.
5 months ago
A hot time was had at the spa. Wish I was there to join in.
5 months ago
let me know what you think. I have lots of experiences to write about that are true. The more comments the more motivation to write them. Thanks!