Alice, My Special One

I recently became Alice’s mistress, which is thrilling for us both. We had talked about it for a long time, deciding that we had been interested in certain roles and wanted to embrace them more fully. Once we had decided, our relationship took on a more ‘defined’ quality, and our time together is very much more exciting, and also more fulfilling.

We have begun to experiment more with ways we want to be with each other and just talking about it stimulates us to no end. To learn to know myself and my partner is incredibly powerful. Her submission to me is very profound and I am enthralled with this new aspect of myself. She is such a strong and willing lover, I sometimes smile to myself when I think of her. Other times, I am very serious, thinking hard about her and the depth of our feelings for each other.

Yesterday morning, Alice came over to hang out and have coffee (we love coffee!) and when she arrived, I had the sense that she wanted something from me. She was dressed in a red silk blouse and a short black skirt. I hadn’t fully dressed yet; I was still in my robe. Her face had an expression of longing on it. I kissed her hello and whispered into her ear, ‘Hi honey, how are you today?’

‘I’m feeling very nice.’

‘You look very nice…’

‘Thank you, Mistress.’

‘You’re very welcome. And you smell very nice, too.’

‘Thank you.’

‘Would you like some coffee?’

‘Maybe later. With your permission, I would like to lie down.’

‘Of course, my beauty. Are you feeling OK?’

‘Yes, I’m fine.’

I walked over to the couch, a large L-shaped sectional, and sat down.

‘Come stand near me. Take off your blouse and skirt. I want to see you.’

‘Yes, my mistress.’

‘You don’t have to call me Mistress. Feel free to call me by my name.’

‘As you like…but…you are my mistress.’

‘We both know it. That’s enough. Now I want to watch you undress.’

She approached me.

‘Not too close. Lift your skirt.’

Alice lifted her skirt to reveal sheer, peach-colored panties. I couldn’t take my eyes off her-her hands holding up her skirt for me, her mound barely hidden by her underwear and the tops of her muscular thighs.

‘You look lovely, dear. You please me very much.’

‘I am glad. I want to please you.’

‘That’s good. Take your skirt off and unbutton your blouse.’

Alice was dutiful. I hadn’t expected this tableau, but I welcomed it. She turns me on immensely. Her submission is such a gift. I become intoxicated when I dominate her, and my strength is a powerful feeling we both welcome. We feed off of each other, playing our roles and expanding them at times to experiment and seek out new ways of pleasure. It has become our journey.

She unzipped her skirt and it dropped to the floor and lay there around her ankles. She didn’t attempt to kick it away; she knew I liked it where it landed, containing her feet. She unbuttoned her blouse starting at the top. When she was done, she stood there for me to look at, her blouse opened but not revealing.

‘Turn around and take off your blouse.’

In one motion, she turned away from me and her blouse fell to the floor. She was wearing a matching brassiere. My hand moved to the inside of my naked thigh. I felt the warmth there and moved my hand closer to my puss, teasing myself silently. I hid these actions from Alice. It was a game I loved to engage in. Whether she knew or sensed what I was doing, she never let on. Her back and bottom are an endless playground for me, both visually and physically, so when I see her this way, I get very excited. This she does know!

I opened my legs a little and slid my hand up to my mound. I tugged on the hair and touched my bud lightly, easing into this. I looked at Alice’s bottom and pressed harder. My breath held. I pressed again, opening myself more. My mouth opened as I exhaled silently. Being secretive is something that turns me on a lot, and it is something that I think my lover is aware of. But that may be her secret.

‘Come here, darling. I want to take you over my knee.’

Alice turned and looked at me seriously. She took the two steps to reach me and lay across my lap, stretched across the sectional.

‘You look very beautiful today. I am glad you are here so that I may take my pleasure.’

‘Yes, Rae…’

‘Now be quiet. I want to caress my plaything.’


I touched her neck and ran my fingers down to the warm skin at the base of her back. I touched the waist band of her panties lightly, letting my finger trail along it. Alice began to open her legs reflexively.

‘I did not say you could open your legs. Keep yourself closed.’

I could see her bottom through the sheer material, so very inviting. I slid my finger up along the crack. My other hand reached out to hold her thigh. She shivered and I caressed the back of her thigh gently.

‘When I said I wanted to take you over my knee, I meant it.’


I raised my right hand. I could hear Alice inhale and hold it. Her buttocks tightened.

‘Stop tensing up.’

She relaxed her bottom and I brought my hand down hard on her right cheek. Alice exhaled with a small groan. My hand touched the warmed cheek, patting it. I raised my hand again. She clenched, then released. I came down. Then again. And again.

I could hear her breathing hard. I was very excited. I knew I was getting wet and I longed to touch myself. Or should I have Alice pleasure me? So many possibilities. I grabbed the waistband of her panties between my thumbs and forefingers and pulled them down, very slowly uncovering her delicious fanny. My fingers grazed over the reddened skin, soothing her pain. Her breathing quieted. I was incredibly turned on listening to her breathing.

‘You please me today, Alice.’

‘I am glad. I so want to please you.’

‘Now I am going to make coffee. You stay here on the couch, just like you’re lying now, so I can see you from the kitchen. I will make coffee and masturbate while I do, and I want to watch you. Turn your face away so you can’t see me.’

‘I will do as you say…’

‘I may let you watch me later…’

‘Oh, yes please…’

‘We’ll see…’

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