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My Katy 7

i kiss katy’s neck and shoulders. she sighs and her body relaxes. her hair covers her face and i pull it aside to kiss her cheek. she turns her head towards me, offering her open mouth to me. i slide my tongue in, tasting her. her tongue meets mine and the texture and warmth sends me into another place. she sticks her tongue out some more and i suck on it greedily, our spit mingling, our mouths so wet.

i return to her shoulders and begin to kiss her back. backs are special to me. they are places i love to spend lots of time, and katy’s back is so beautiful. i kiss down her spine, my hands sliding all over this lovely expanse. i move to the end of the bed, kneeling, and kiss the back of her knees. she twitches a bit; it’s ticklish. i hold her legs down with my hands.

‘steady on there, girl…’


‘yes, baby?’

‘please don’t stop.’

‘i will decide…’

‘oh, rae, please…’

i take one of the ends of the rope that is tied to her ankle and tie it to the corner post of my bed, tight enough to allow little movement. then i tie the other. i lightly place a hand on her backside and she tightens. i look lovingly at her there, thinking about the possibilities. i gaze between her legs, in shadow, and touch her lips there softly with the top knuckle of my index finger. she shifts, wishing she could open her legs. i straddle her, sitting on the backs of her thighs, looking down at her. she has a small tattoo of a flying raven on the top of her right buttock. i lean down and kiss it, as i always do when i have her here. it is one of our rituals.

‘oh, rae…’

i lick her raven, and kiss her some more there, covering the top of her buttocks in wet kisses. i hear my katy sigh. she flexes her cheeks, tightening and relaxing, her delicious, athletic ass beckoning me. i continue kissing the place where her muscles meets the base of her back. there are few places on a woman’s body i love more than this one. i also love to be touched there; it melts me. my right index finger slides lazily up the crack, slowly beginning my deeper seduction of katy this evening. she moans, loving the tease. i trail my finger up and down dragging it along slowly. my right hand rests on her warm hip, then moves around to squeeze the cheek…just once.

i lean down and kiss her back again, my mouth now moving down to the very top of her crack. i lick her there softly, this little valley, flicking and tasting her tentatively. katy shifts and squirms, again trying to open herself to me, but this is my show; i make the rules tonight. she knows this, welcoming the dominance.

my left hand returns to her pussy. it is moist and i slide the tip of my index finger into her. i pull it out, and caress her clit with my now lubricated finger. i go back in again, deeper, and move my finger around, my thumb resting on the crack of her ass. i pull my glistening finger out and put it in her open mouth. she sucks on it softly. she is like a sweet baby, being fed, her eyes closed, her mouth around my finger, sucking quietly.

i return my hand to her slit, wetting my finger and moving it up her crack to her back. i place both my hands on her backside and squeeze the cheeks lightly, fondling them. i slide my hands to katy’s hips and feel them up and down, moving my hands all over her hips and thighs and back, rubbing, pinching, touching.

i lean over and lie on top of my friend, covering her body with mine, my wet pussy on her crack, bringing my mouth to her ear.

‘rae, you are so warm. cover me…’

‘i will, my love.’

‘warm me up.’

‘i am, baby…’

‘then, take me…’

‘i will, baby…’

Posted by fantaray 2 years ago
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1 year ago
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2 years ago
Wow, Rae, beautifully written. I want you to take me like that. So vulnerable for you. I belong to you.
2 years ago
Beautiful sweetie.
2 years ago
thank you so much. rae
2 years ago
Just read it again, all of it. No possibility to rate this one. But 5 stars, of course.
2 years ago
More more more! :) You have a very descriptive way with words...I feel like I'm there watching them (and I wish I was!) ;)