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Take me, please...

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I am alone now...taking my time...

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My Turn

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Shifting Desires

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One of my ways...

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Alice, My Special One (continued)

'Yes, my know what's best...'

I'm not sure that I did, but I had thoughts about what I wanted, and sometimes I just begin with an urge not really knowing where it will take us. It is like beginning a piece of art; I never know what the outcome will be, but if I can be in the process, that is all that really matters.

I was in my own little world, the excitement almost too much to bear. Alice's surrender made me crazy and I felt so strong and, yet, in a way, curiously compliant. I had given myself to her, and though she often said that she was mine, I was also undoubtedly h... Continue»
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[Story] Alice, My Special One

I recently became Alice’s mistress, which is thrilling for us both. We had talked about it for a long time, deciding that we had been interested in certain roles and wanted to embrace them more fully. Once we had decided, our relationship took on a more ‘defined’ quality, and our time together is very much more exciting, and also more fulfilling.

We have begun to experiment more with ways we want to be with each other and just talking about it stimulates us to no end. To learn to know myself and my partner is incredibly powerful. Her submission to me is very profound and I am enthralled wit... Continue»
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Alice, My Special One 2

I could barely concentrate on making coffee. I looked at Alice and my fingers caressed my flower. I was so wet and I could feel my heart beating with excitement. I fingered myself, rolling by bud and sliding my middle finger into myself. I went slow; I enjoy teasing myself, almost as much as I enjoy teasing my partners.

Alice looked beautiful, her skin so lovely, her bottom so pink. I wanted more. I wanted to spend some time with my mouth tasting her, licking and thrusting my tongue into her special places. My fingers vigorously rubbed my vulva; I had forgotten time. And I had definitely fo... Continue»
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Lost in the Rain

Lost in the Rain
(Otomo Yoshihide / Kahimi Karie)

Il pleut
Il pleut

La nuée grisâtre
qui se transfigure
en membrane fine
colle à la poitrine

Ah que les antennes comme les lances
perforent le…
gris jusqu’au bleu du ciel

La petite haleine échauffe la
vitre de tristesse mouillée
Les toits rouge continuent à l’infiniti

Les deux gouttes de pluie
roulées par la bise froide
tracent un trait du chemin
et deviennent une grosse goutte

Il pleut
Il pleut


It rains
It rains

Grayish cloud
that transfigures
thin membrane
sticks to the chest

Ah antennas ... Continue»
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Alice in...

Alice is lying on my four-poster, her wrists tied to the headboard posts. She is naked, except panties. I sit next to her and touch her stomach. I am wearing my Japanese kimono. She moves below me, opening and closing her legs, thrusting her mound up to meet me. I run my hands over her stomach and breasts and let my fingers tickle her arm pits. She tries in vain to resist me. She is slightly moist there and I become excited. I lean over to smell her there and lick her sweat. She smells so good and I kiss the small patch of hair there and lick some more. Such deliciousness...

Alice moans, sq... Continue»
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Vignette 2

Jen has been on my mind again. Sometimes, my brain won’t leave me alone. My desires are so powerful that images visit me when I’m working or writing e-mails and I stare out the window and begin to conjure up thoughts of sexual longing and unfulfilled desire. That won’t do; that won’t do at all! It is in these moments that I take to the keyboard and begin to form stories for my own pleasure. And recently I am being visited by Jen, my current ‘love interest’.

It is a Sunday morning and I’m lying in bed. It is light in my room, and I am cozy and warm under my down comforter. The day is clear a... Continue»
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Vignette 1

Last night, I had a very elaborate dream about my ex-ther****t, Jen. It was one of those dreams where there are a series of small scenes strung together to form what turned out to be a whole. Some of the scenes last for just a second or so, a fleeting image of a room or a doorway or a person. In other scenes, there were snippets of dialogue. The location kept changing, but Jen was always there or about to be there, or her presence was somehow felt in the dream. I woke up with these very vivid images in my head and these very strong sexual feelings for Jen.

I should explain that while I was ... Continue»
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My Katy 9 [Finis]

‘yes, tonight, you are… i like you being mine this way. there is nothing else for me right now. only you and what i want…’

‘what do you want?’

‘what i am taking now and what i will take soon.’

‘please take what you like...’

‘i will, my dear, it is our way.’


my tongue slides up and down her wetness some more, our words quiet again. katy moans and opens herself more. i suck her wet lips and tug on them. she sighs. i poke at her clit with my tongue, teasing her. i lick it and flick my tongue gently over her bud, then bring my entire mouth to press against her flower. she ... Continue»
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My Katy 8

i continue to kiss katy’s ear, sucking on her earlobe softly, biting the top of her ear, licking that little shell. i can hear her breathing deepen as i kiss my way down the side of her warm neck. she is mine tonight and i become more excited with this thought, pressing my mound against her thigh. i love to play with her like this, giving myself pleasure, teasing her wildly. i enjoy this power; it is intoxicating. her submission is very powerful, too, her trust…i kiss her spine, pulling on her black hair lightly, then touching all around her ear.

‘my darling, you are so responsive tonight.’... Continue»
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My Katy 7

i kiss katy’s neck and shoulders. she sighs and her body relaxes. her hair covers her face and i pull it aside to kiss her cheek. she turns her head towards me, offering her open mouth to me. i slide my tongue in, tasting her. her tongue meets mine and the texture and warmth sends me into another place. she sticks her tongue out some more and i suck on it greedily, our spit mingling, our mouths so wet.

i return to her shoulders and begin to kiss her back. backs are special to me. they are places i love to spend lots of time, and katy’s back is so beautiful. i kiss down her spine, my hands s... Continue»
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[Story] My Katy 6

i lean over and put my mouth on hers, kissing her soft lips gently many times, moving around to enjoy every part of her mouth. katy opens her mouth a little, letting me know what she wants. i slide my wet tongue out, licking her lips, then move around and lick her ear, so warm and inviting like a little seashell. she turns her head to let me in closer. she is so giving; i am so wet.

i whisper, ‘i like what i taste here, my beauty, but there is more i need from you tonight…’

‘rae, don’t stop…i feel so open to you right now…’

‘i want to taste some other places, katy…’

‘taste me, rae... Continue»
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[Story] My Katy 5

my mouth finds hers again, my tongue probing. i look at her again; her eyes are closed. she tilts her head away, exposing the side of her face, letting me know what she wants. i kiss her cheek and lick her ear. Katy moans softly and i feel her legs open a little below me. i raise up to look at her again. i see the wetness i left on her ear, shining in the glow of the room. i look at her face some more, her black hair, her warm neck, such a special place for us. she has gone into a zone i know so well. her hands return to her breasts and she pulls on her nipples some more, roughly, tugging, mak... Continue»
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[Story] My Katy 4

‘hi, rae’, she says, her voice deep from sl**p. my solitude is broken and the mood has shifted from my quiet play to a private show. i smile back, locking eyes with her. we look at each other for a few seconds and i moan softly.

‘hi, beauty.’

i continue to watch her. there is so much i want to give her. my left hand continues to tease my mound, my right hand holding my tee-shirt up. katy’s eyes move down to watch. i watch her watching, feeling electrified by her gaze. her smile turns to seriousness and her eyes take on a look of growing desire, softening, seemingly looking inward. she h... Continue»
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[Story] My Katy 3

katy stirs as i enter the room, shifting in the bed, turning away from me. her black hair is disheveled, in marked contrast to her daytime need to keep things in place. she puts herself together ‘just so’ before she goes out into the world, but all that falls away in the intimacy that is my house. this is not to say she doesn’t like to control some of the activities in my place. it’s just that she lets go of her need to look pretty here and keep people at arm’s length. and she is very pretty…

she is my beauty and i gaze down at her now, with my hand on my mound, lightly pressing and bringin... Continue»
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[Story] My Katy 2

it has been a while since i felt about someone the way i feel about katy. i have found myself able to let her into my life in a way that kind of surprised me. and i am happy that she feels relaxed enough here to stay over. sharing my space with another, never mind my bed, doesn’t come easily for me. i am naturally a bit of a loner, valuing my alone time, so having katy in my life is a leap of faith.

i hear her turn in the next room and look up to see her. she has adjusted her position and i can see her lovely face, her black hair covering her forehead and one of her eyes. she really is so b... Continue»
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