My s****r Moves Back Home Part 1

My s****r moved back into the same town that i stayed in after her divorce came through. Naturally as a caring younger b*****r i let her move in with me.

I hoped that this would make us closer as we were best mates at high school and i also fancied her and dreamed about fucking her. i was close to doing that when we were both 18, she was naked in my bed but she didnt want to risk getting pregnant.

After she moved in and settled down we got on great and caught up, we got really comfortable in each others company and had a few encounters in the morning, mainly me seeing her naked coming out the shower.

My s****r had gorgeous 32C tits and very suckable nipples, her pussy was completly hairless which turned me on so much i had to have a wank each time i saw it.

One day when she was at work, i was feeling horny so decided to examine her knicker drawer, she had lots of sexy thongs and panties i took my cock out and wanked into one of her white thongs and came all over it.

A few mornings later i was mid wank when Laura came into my room dressed for work.

"hey b*o, i know about the white thong, i wore it to work and got so turned on having my b*****rs cum all other my panties and covering my sexy pussy, i went to the toilets at work and played with my pussy thinking about that time when we were 18, i wished you did fuck me and cum in me and get me pregnant.

"wow, i never knew you felt like that"
"when you were wanking off, were you close to cumming?" As my s****r spoke she unzipped her skirt and kicked it to the side.

My big s****r was standing infront of me in a sexy pair of red silky panties.

"come here" i walked toward her, she pulled down the front of her panties exposing the best pussy i have seen.

Laura grabbed my cock and began wanking me off, we started to kiss and then i felt my orgasm coming.

"i want you to cum on my pussy and in my panties, i am going to keep them on to work"

i shot my load all over my s****rs bald pussy and into her panties.

"that was just for starters b*o, tonight i am going to let you fuck me and cum deep inside my pussy"
"i take it you are on the pill? or you may already be pregnant?"
My s****r looked at me as she put her skirt back on.
"if i'm not pregnant now, i will be later" she winked at me as she left to go to work.

The thought of getting my big s****r pregnant gave me an other erection, roll on tonight.

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3 years ago
3 years ago
Great beginning. Thanks
3 years ago
Yes good story, like to see more soon, yes had my sister some time ago.
3 years ago
nice story more to come?
3 years ago
plzz kep me up todate
3 years ago
Great story,,keep us up to date,luv it,done my sis yrs ago