In every way you could measure, Candy's body was average.
Average height, weight, breast size, hip size. For colors, they
were all typical -- fair skin, light brown hair, eyes of an
unremarkable brown color. The only thing that wasn't average was
the overall effect -- her face was beautiful. As for her body,
I've always found an average young woman's body to be very sexy.

We worked in a software development company. I was a programmer
and she was one of the QA people. She was reserved, but had a
lovely smile when something pleased her. I sensed a depth to
her; something unusual. Her beauty brought her plenty of male
attention, but when I asked her out, she readily agreed to a

Our second date started with an early dinner. Afterward we
decided to take advantage of a fine summer evening and strolled
through the park that ran beside the river. She was a pleasant
conversationalist, and she seemed to like me. But she was
holding back; there was no spontaneous warmth. I was thinking
that unless she gave me a little more encouragement I wouldn't
ask her out again.

We sat on a bench to admire the river and the passersby. Then I
saw a pair of girls run by. They were perhaps seven, and they
were just in love with life, holding hands and skipping. I
should have given them a brief glance and returned my attention
to Candy, but instead I just kept watching them as they went by.
There was something about girls that I really liked. If I was
feeling low, just watching c***dren play would cheer me up. The
boys were fun to watch, but the girls were something else.

My head had swiveled away from Candy as I followed the girls, and
then I was aware that she had stopped talking. Turning back to
her, I saw the first glimmer of interest as she watched me

"Beautiful, aren't they?" she asked.

I realized I had been inattentive, but answered smoothly, "Oh,
absolutely. If there is one thing that could get me to believe
in intelligent design instead of evolution, it would be little
girls like that."

Candy laughed out loud, then paused for a bit. "Would you like
to go over to that playground so we can find some more to look

I checked to make sure she wasn't being sarcastic, then let her
lead me to a bench to watch.

"What do you think of him?"

"He's cute," I said politely.

"What about her?"

I realized I was grinning -- maybe too much. "She is so
adorable!" I said. The girl was perhaps three, and she was
sitting in the sandbox with a shovel in one hand and bucket in
the other, but just looking around in wonder at the c***dren
whizzing all around her.

"I can see you as a good daddy," she said.

This surprised me as a topic for our second date, and she
realized it immediately too.

"Someday," I said, stressing the word, "I would like to have

"Do you ever think of them as, well, sexy, instead of just cute?"

I looked at her, and she looked away, realizing she had asked an
odd question. "I'm not a p*******e, if that's what you're

"No, no, of course not," she said, flustered. "I didn't mean

"I think perverts are disgusting, and I'm not sure just locking
them up for life is enough."

"Yeah," she said.

I knew a lot of women had suffered abuse and were very touchy on
the subject, but she hadn't taken my answer and expounded upon it
with vehemence. I wasn't sure why Candy had brought the subject

As we sat in silence I kept looking at the k**s. The girls
filled my heart with a tender ache, and the boys didn't. Why
should there be a difference? Sugar and spice and everything
nice, I guessed. And I had bad memories from my c***dhood of
being tormented by the other k**s -- and that meant the boys.
That was probably all there was to it. Candy, I noticed, was
looking at me, not at the k**s.

After a bit I suggested we continue our walk, and the subject
didn't come up again for the rest of our date. But instead of
letting that be our last date, I wanted to find out more. Candy
had shown a certain vulnerability.


"Dave, suppose some day you had a daughter."


"And she liked to climb all over you and snuggle in your lap."

"Sounds wonderful."

"Then suppose she was taking a bath, and started playing with

"Well, hmmm. If she was young enough I would just look at her
and smile. It's natural ... I think. Isn't it?"

"Oh, yes!"


"Suppose when you were drying her off she asked you to dry her
again between the legs, and then again, and again..."

"Gosh, I ... I think I'd say it was dry already."

"Right," she said. She was searching for something. "Suppose
she was on your lap, straddling a knee, and she started bouncing
up and down, over and over, and you got the feeling she was
rubbing herself against you, like sexually?"

"Candy, why are you asking me these questions?" I asked quietly.

"Oh, I ..." She looked down and away.

"I mean, I'm sure you have a good reason, it's just a little odd,
considering we haven't even kissed or anything." She didn't look
up or answer. I decided to answer her question anyway. One of
my strengths was knowing about the latest ways for people to
relate for psychological health -- or at least I knew how to talk
about it. "I guess I would smile at her and tell her maybe it
was better to do that kind of bouncing by herself." I realized
with concern that my erection was swelling in my pants -- I had
no idea why it was. I hoped it wasn't visible.

"Would you think she was -- abnormal?"

"I don't know, Candy. I haven't had that much to do with k**s.
But I think my attitude would be that whatever she was doing was
what she needed to do, and I would accept her and try to figure
it out."

Candy had looked up and was giving me a shy smile, but quickly
averted her gaze.

Wanting to argue against my erection, I continued, "But look, I
am not going to be sexual with any c***d in any way at any time.
It's a matter of not making them feel embarrassed but setting
firm boundaries."


We had been exchanging some significant kisses in the front seat
of her car. She was about to go up to her apartment, and the
question was whether I was going to come along.

"I've got another question for you. You won't like it," she

"OK," I said.

"Suppose you and I are married some day and have a little girl,
maybe five years old."

"Sounds good."

"Some bad guy breaks into the house, a real psychopath."

'Sounds bad."

"And what he says is that he needs you to get all sexy with our
little girl. He says you've got to lick her out, and then she's
got to give you a blow job. Maybe you've even got to penetrate

I winced.

"And if we don't he's going to kill our little girl. What would
you do?"

"Oh shit, what kind of question is this?" This was some weird
foreplay, that's for sure.

"Just try to go with it, OK? You'd lick out our little girl?"

I considered. "First I'd ask her permission."

She seemed surprised by that answer. "OK, suppose you explain
that the alternative is to get killed, and she says she'll do

"Yeah, sure, I'd lick her out."

"Would you enjoy it?"


"Would you enjoy licking her?"

"With a bad guy pointing a gun at us, I doubt it very much."

"Suppose the bad guy is quite cheerful. He's in the other room,
leaving you and dear young Felicity alone together. You've got
all day. She is cheerful and happy and is sure you'll do the
right thing."

I thought about it. My erection got harder. Fortunately, that
conveyed nothing to Candy even if she was looking closely, since
I already had a hard-on from our earlier kissing. It might have
shrunk just a touch as we discussed the bad guy threatening to
kill our daughter. But as I thought about it, I realized I would
like it.

"Maybe," I said.

"What about sticking your finger in her little pussy?"

The erection got harder. I sensed I might as well just tell the
truth. "OK, yes, it would be sexually arousing! But I'm not a
c***d abuser!"

Candy relaxed a little.

"Can you come upstairs with me?" Candy asked.

"OK," I said. "But those questions..."

"Later," Candy whispered. "Later."

Candy's average body was just as luscious naked as I would have
expected. Breasts, nipples, all of a beautiful proportion,
symmetrical. I massaged her pussy and clit gently with my hand.
She was very hungry for me, and I was eager to get into her.

"Here, let me get a condom," I said.

"Oh, well OK," she said, sounding disappointed.

I didn't like the feel of condoms, so I thought about the
possibilities. I was certainly clean. I'd had sex with two other
women in the past year, with condoms at all times. Before that I
had been tested.

"Well, I'm clean. Are you on the pill and have you been taking

"No, no," she said.


"Oh, not on the pill."

"What about precautions, you know, for disease?"

She giggled a little sheepishly. "I haven't had sex for a long

In any event, a condom was definitely called for. Her pussy was
hot, wet, and tight. She didn't want anything fancy, no oral,
just straight missionary position. She was totally into it,
moaning with delight, her pleasure building remarkably quickly.
She came in less than a minute. She smiled at me, focusing

"It's so exciting to have you in me!" she said. "I can't wait
for you to come!"

That was pretty special. I knew she was really with me and it
felt just especially wonderful when I let loose and came inside
beautiful, enthusiastic Candy. She came when I did, and as
ecstasy possessed me it was doubled seeing the pleasure glowing
forth from her entire body.

I rolled off and she snuggled against me and we caught our



"Can I tell you about when I was a little girl?"

It had been a decent interval, but I was still feeling happy and

"OK," I said, trying to rev up my attention.

"I was the oldest. One younger s****r and a baby b*****r. My
mother was a teacher, my father an engineer. Stable home, no
drinking. No problems with money. They both loved us. We k**s
got along pretty well -- at least as well as most sibs do."

Candy was gently stroking my cock as she spoke, and it was
growing rapidly.

"Sounds great," I said.

"It wasn't great," she said. "But you are nice and hard again!"

"Well, that happens when a sexy lady strokes it, you know."

"Well, then, make love to me again! If you want..."

"No, I can listen. It sounded like you were going to say
something important."

"Oh, that can wait. If you have a hard cock, and don't mind, I'd
like it in me!"

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Sure," she said, rolling over and rolling me on top of her. She
started guiding my cock to her opening.

"Wait, we need another condom!" I said, barely pulling back
before she pressed my cum-covered dick against her pussy.

"Oh, right, sorry," she said.

I found the next condom and put it on, then took her invitation
to slide straight in.

"Sure you don't want to be on top or something?" I asked.

"No," she smiled. "I come easily, as you may have noticed," she
said shyly. "You just go for it! You can just do me hard and
fast -- I mean, if you want."

Candy was going to be pretty amazing. I'd had girls who might
consent to a quickie now and then, as a favor to me, but she was
begging for it. I love sex all different ways, and this was a
rare and happy one for me.

So I banged her deep and hard, looking for signs of distress.
But the harder I banged, the more she smiled. She panted, "Yes!"
over and over. "Fuck me, Dave!" the shy Candy whispered
urgently. Thirty seconds after sliding into her that second
time, I clenched my jaw and gave my orgasm free reign, ramming
into her furiously, orgasm fogging out my brain as I spurted once

Just at our joint climax, she yelled, "Oh, daddy! Daddy!"

It was the sort of comment that puts a damper on lovemaking,
though it was far better to say something so ominous right after
your partner climaxes than just before. Daddy or not, I kept
pounding until I felt satisfied and spent.

So, it wasn't so hard to connect the dots. Candy had been
sexually abused by her father, and had mixed feelings about it.

A big part of me groaned. My last girlfriend Steph had been
abused, and it had been a heavy burden on the relationship. I
was sympathetic -- that's what a guy is supposed to be,
certainly. She wasn't totally lost in her past trauma, and for
the most part led an independent, cheerful life. But sex between
us was always a sort of wizened affair. She had to be in just
the right mood, and sometimes she would get overwhelmed in
foreplay and we would have to stop. She had to be on top, and
while she usually came, it often took twenty minutes. It was
important to her that I didn't get too carried away. Nothing
rough. A bunch of gentle strokes, and she really wanted me to
come within a few seconds of when she did, because those feelings
would often come and grip her after her own orgasm faded. Funny
how impending orgasm can keep yucky feelings at bay.

But that was Steph. Candy's behavior in bed so far had been

Realizing what she had said, she turned pink, but waited until I
had withdrawn before turning away from me.

"Oh, shit," she whimpered. "You were so nice, and now I've gone
and blown it."

Perhaps she thought men were like women. For a lot of guys, a
gorgeous woman who gives them unlimited hot sex can yell out as
many different names in the heat of passion as she wants. I
wasn't quite that extreme, but yelling out the name of her daddy
was hardly a deal-breaker.

"Nah, Candy. You're pretty special. Somehow I doubt you're
going to leave me to go back to your daddy. Maybe you should
finish your story."

Candy started crying softly then, and I put my arm around her
gently. Many minutes passed, and she said nothing.

I took a stab at it. "If I had to guess, I'd say your daddy
abused you, over and over for a long time, and probably did it to
you like all the way, and part of you loved it and part of you
hated it, and the part that loved it felt guilty, and you hate
him for betraying your trust but you love him, and everything's
all jumbled up."

Candy stopped crying and lay completely still. Then she turned
over. "It sounds like you've known someone like that," she said.

"Last girlfriend," I said. "I admit it was kind of a drag. But
something's different because you are totally hot in bed. Maybe
she hated it more, and you loved it more? Or you're just

She looked down.

"Hey, sorry, I shouldn't assume. So why don't you tell me?

Candy began after a pause. "My daddy never touched me. He never
gave me any lewd looks, never threatened me."

"Uncle? Grandfather?"

"No, nothing like that."

I waited.

"No, the sicko was me. I wanted him. I was obsessed with him.
No matter how much the ther****ts talked to me, I couldn't just
let it go. So when I cried out his name, it was for something I
wanted so much but never happened. I'm supposed to be all over
it now, but it sure doesn't sound like it, when I'm yelling his
name, right?"

"I guess not," I said, trying to absorb the new information.

"Look, you can go now if you want, I won't be offended. You
don't have to call me again or make up any reasons. Or you can
stay the night. Do it as many times as you want before morning,"
she said wistfully.

"So that's why you were asking me those questions about the bad
guy and your daughter and all."

"Yes!" she said.

I'm not a shrink or anything, but I can figure out all this stuff
with feelings better than most guys.

"So you wanted to know that I wasn't like your dad. You liked
that I wouldn't have said you were sick for getting sexual with
me. And you wanted to know if I might even have felt a little
sexy towards you. Say, how old were you when this started?

"No. Earlier. Way earlier. I don't remember a time when I
didn't feel that way."

"Yeah, you weren't asking me about teenagers, were you."

"No, not at all. I had a pretty good idea as soon as you started
getting a hard-on when I told you about bouncing up and down on
my daddy's knees, but I wanted to make sure. Like with the bad

I sighed. A guy's sexual arousal is right there on display.

"And you admitted it! That meant a lot to me."

"I said I wasn't a c***d abuser, and I meant that."

"Of course," she said. "Of course, I know c***d abuse is bad. I
know it's terrible. But it's hard for me to relate personally
because I wanted to be abused so much!"

"So," I said. "Here's how I feel. I accept that you were just a
horny little girl, and you were mad at your daddy for not
returning your interest. I think you didn't do anything wrong.
It's just the way you were." I thought a moment. "Do you think
if he had been accepting and loving and all that but didn't do
anything you would have gotten over it?"

Candy looked at me with a level gaze. "No, I wouldn't have. I
needed him to be sexual with me."

"But he couldn't really have done it, right? He would have gone
to jail!"

"Maybe," she said, sighing. "I don't know." She took a
different tack. "We need the kind of world where k**s like me
are accepted, and people understand what we need and they give us
what we need. Don't you see?"

"I guess so," I said. "Though you are pretty rare, no offense."

She shrugged. I congratulated myself on not saying she was weird
or strange or in need of help. Just "rare."

"Did you have the hots for everyone, or just your dad? Like your

"No, just my dad."

"How did you get over it?"

"What do you mean?"

"How did you get so you date people."

"When I hit puberty I got so I thought boys were interesting. I
fumbled around in college; a few awkward little romances here and
there, and bit of sex, but nothing felt really good. The sex
felt good, but not the relationships. And since then I've dated
but nothing feels right. My daddy died last year..."

"I'm sorry."

"Thanks... But I think it set me free -- he sure wasn't going to
sl**p with me now! -- and also made me realize that my life is
passing. So I got more willing to take risks. I've tried
bringing up little girls and sex with a few other guys, but their
reaction ended those budding relationships fast. If they didn't
solve the problem by running away, I had no interest in them any
more. Then I met you."

We lay silent for a long time, side by side. Then she turned
over to face me and started stroking my hair.

"But Dave?"


"Suppose we did have a daughter and suppose she was like me.
You'd be understanding and supportive, and that would be a great
start. But what about the rest?"

"The rest?" I said, stalling for time, waiting to get cornered.

"Would you be sexy with her -- if she wanted?"

I sighed. "I said I'd never abuse a c***d."

"But would it be abuse? She'd want it. I'd be pretty sure she
was right and not just going through some odd phase. I'd want it
for her."

I imagined a six-year-old begging me to kiss her, suck her tiny
nipples, rub my hand between her legs. My erection was rising
strongly, in plain view.

"It seems like you'd like the idea of it," she said, glancing

"Yeah, I guess I would."


"There's still the matter of going to jail for a long, long

Candy was silent a moment. "So is that the only reason you'd
hold back?"

"Yeah," I said. It really was. That luscious little
hypothetical daughter was beckoning me.

"If there was some way to make sure you wouldn't go to jail, then
you'd do it?"

"Yes," I said. "Yes, I would."

Candy wrapped me in her arms and squeezed tight before shoving me
onto my back and mounting me. She had an almost frighteningly
intense orgasm, screaming and shaking. As I was rising to my
orgasm I remembered we had no condom. I hesitated but came
anyway, delighted to leave my sperm up in her pussy this time, my
pleasure supercharged thinking that I just might be making her

Candy had made me aware that my attraction to little girls could
have a sexual component if I let it. She encouraged it and held
out the prospect that if we made a life together, she might beg
me to satisfy a daughter begging me for sex. There was the
matter of jail, and it was all hypothetical in a way. But it was
enough of a possibility that I found my pedophilic attractions
blossoming. Those little girls I passed now and then were sexy.
I'd never go near them, of course. But I knew my attraction for
them was real and strong.


Candy's period came on schedule.

She was a wonderful girlfriend: flexible, supportive, and
fun-loving. We could talk about any subject, spinning ideas and
fantasies, challenging each other respectfully. She was even a
good cook. She made me wonder how I had even considered marrying
any of my previous girlfriends. My willingness to consider being
sexual with some hypothetical future daughter was the condition
that let Candy open her heart. But our relationship was built on
all the regular stuff.

Sometimes we made love in the dark, and she talked like a little
girl, and I talked like her father as we fucked away with
abandon. I didn't mind in the least. That was part of her past
and I was willing to help her deal with it.

But at least half the time we did it in the light, trying any
position I wanted. She was happy with anything, and pretty much
always had a large, satisfying orgasm whenever I did. She never
turned me down. She learned I liked to do it right after I woke
up, so she often aroused herself fully, then woke me up by
guiding my morning hard-on up her pussy. I often came within
seconds, and we both loved it.

We got married in a small civil ceremony six months after the
first time we made love.

For three years we felt we were the luckiest couple in the
world. Then we decided it was time to have c***dren.


When little Samantha was born, the 'daughter' part became a
reality. But she was an infant and we were both totally in love
with her as our baby. I didn't think of her sexually at all.

As she got a little older, I noticed her femininity, but I wasn't
thinking about sex. She was just my daughter. A big part of me
assumed that no little girl would want sex. Even if it was
possible, there was a very good chance that whatever Candy had
wouldn't be passed along in families.


Candy was five months along with our second c***d. Sam was

Candy turned to me just as we were preparing to turn the lights
out. "Dave?"


"Sam was just playing on my lap. You know she loves 'Trot, trot,
to Boston'."

"Right." I had played the game with her several times.

"After we had done it a couple times, she kept bouncing herself
up and down almost like she was getting off on me. So don't be
surprised if she does that with you. It might be starting!"

"Oh!" I said. That got me hard in a hurry, as the possible
relevance of my attraction soared.


"Here's daddy," Candy said, bringing my precious daughter in to
see me. "He loves to play 'Trot, trot' too!" Sam gave her
mother a questioning look, then reached out to me as I stationed
her on my knee. Candy busied herself around the room but kept an
eye on what was happening. We played three times, and Sam gave
the usual giggles as I let her fall off -- holding her, of
course. But she didn't bounce up and down. Part of me was

"You again, mommy!" she said.

Candy sat and took the girl on her lap. After a mere one time
through, Sam held herself up on Candy's legs with two hands, and
then bounced up and down. It wasn't bouncing, really. She was
carefully rubbing her crotch against Candy's leg, looking at her
mother and smiling.

"OK, enough of that!" Candy said breezily, and put Sam down on
her own two feet.


"I can see it in her eyes," Candy said. "It's the same thing I
felt! But I wonder why she's starting with me. Maybe she's
afraid you'll reject her, and doesn't want to risk that right

"There might be another explanation," I said.


"Sam might really want her mommy, not her daddy. Maybe she's a
horny little lesbian."

Candy laughed out loud. "Very funny!"

I didn't laugh, but Candy shrugged it off.


"Candy, we've got to talk."

"About what?"


"Yes. I hear she's likely to be jealous of the new baby."

"Not about that."

"Is she having trouble in preschool again? Did Doris speak to
you again?"

"Yes, Sam's behavior might get her kicked out before long. But
that's not what I wanted to talk about."

"What about --"

"Listen, Candy. Listen. Let me talk, OK?"


"I've seen it. Now you won't play 'Trot, trot' any more. I see
her asking for it."

"I don't know, she's weird and doesn't want to play, really."

"Right, she wants to bounce up and down, right?"

"Yeah, it's not comfortable."

"And in the bath, when I walked in the other day. She was
playing with herself."

"It's natural, of course."

"Yes, it is."

"But she was looking at you the whole time. And you know what


"She never does it when I'm supervising her bath."


"Remember your daddy, and how he wouldn't let you be sexual?"

"Yes, of course!"

"Sam's asking for sexual attention from you."

Candy was silent. "But it's not natural!" she said.

I am proud of myself. I didn't laugh. She had this baby
sexuality gene or something which she had passed on to her
daughter, and she was getting grossed out by lesbianism.

"Remember what you told me, back when we were first going out?
You have to accept her feelings, right?"

"Yeah, but..." she said, making a face.

"So now the question is, will you go ahead and be sexy with her
like she wants."

"It's i*****l..."

"Of course. It would have been i*****l for your dad, too."

Candy looked at me, pleading for help, but I couldn't really help

"Remember yourself as a little girl, how much you wanted your
daddy to fondle you, and kiss you on the lips? Lick your
nipples, then lower and lower..."

"All right, I remember!" Candy fumed for a minute, the crossed
her arms over her chest. "You were supposed to be the p*******e
who could come out of the closet to help our little girls. I
wasn't supposed to have to be a closet lesbian p*******e!"

I shrugged. "I guess we take what we're given." I thought a
moment. "Of course, we could just be like normal parents and set
limits and you could tell her that we can't be sexual with her."

Candy looked at me. "No, I couldn't do that to her."

"Why not?"

"You can see it in her eyes, right? This isn't just normal
curiosity. She's driven. She needs it, just like I did!"

I smiled. Sam's sexuality would never be mistaken for a normal
-- make that 'typical' -- girl's sexual curiosity.

"I think it might be related to her troubles with school, and how
she's pretty tough on us, too."

"Yeah, of course..." Candy said. After a few seconds' silence,
she said, "How about I start getting used to it after the baby's

"No, you'll be incredibly busy and exhausted. You've got to do
it now."

Candy looked very tired.


"Daddy, how come mommy doesn't like me?" Sam asked, plopping
herself in my lap.

"Oh, your mommy loves you very much! What's the problem?"

"When she rubs me down there," she said, pointing to her crotch,
"her face gets all cold like."

I was afraid that was the kind of problem they were having. I
thought for a few seconds.

"You are a very special girl, do you know that?"

"Yeah, of course," she said, squeezing me.

"But there's one thing about you that most girls don't have."


"Most little girls don't want their mommies to do some of those
things you do."

"Like what things?"

"The things you do with her that you don't do with me, like
kissing, rubbing, and so forth."


"Your mommy and I were both brought up to think mommies and
daddies shouldn't do those things."


"So when mommy looks cold, it's not really what you're doing that
makes her feel weird, it's just the bad things she was taught."

"Oh. Should I stop doing the things that make her think of those
bad things she was taught?"

"No, not at all! You go right ahead and do them. Mommy's really
OK with them, just give her time."

"Is there something wrong with me?"

"Not at all. You are perfect just the way you are!"


"You know, Dave, little girl pussy tastes really nice. Really,
really nice!"

I gave Candy a big hug. Sam was a lot happier, and her behavior
had turned around just in time so she didn't get kicked out of

"Oh, that's great!" It was great. But I couldn't help give vent
to my jealousy, adding in a significant tone, "I wouldn't know

Candy looked at me. "But you'd like to know, wouldn't you?"

"You wouldn't marry me until I told you I would, right?"

Candy smiled at me. "We never thought of that, I guess. You
find her just as hot even if she doesn't want to get sexy with

"Bingo. You gave me permission to think about little girls that
way, and I now find them pretty attractive."

"Sorry, Dave."

"Thanks. I guess I'm no worse off than a regular closet p**o
father with a daughter."

"But you would be sexy if she wanted to, right?"

"Of course."

Candy said in a sultry voice, teasing me. "And you'd really
enjoy it."

I was a touch exasperated. "I want to fuck you. Right now!"

Candy realized she had been a little mean. "Of course dear. Take
me!" With her huge belly, the only way we could do it was from
the rear. She turned around, lifted her gown, and began rubbing
her clit with her fingers.

I stripped and my cock rose. She wasn't quite as sexy to me with
a huge belly, but still plenty sexy. I felt a little guilty,
with flickering images of Sam's little girl lips. After twenty
seconds, as my cock was reaching peak hardness, Candy whispered,
"Imagine you're fucking our little Sam."

With that permission, the image of Sam's little pussy sizzled in
my mind in vivid color, and I was so excited I shot my wad up
into pregnant Candy three strokes later.


Candy was picking up Sam from preschool as usual.

"Candy, can you stay a moment? I wanted to talk with you

Marty was the junior teacher, good with the k**s. She took
Candy out into the hall while Sam played with a couple other
k**s, and spoke in a low voice.

"I thought you ought to know that I overheard Sam talking to Iris
about things at home. How it was a secret but that you did
'lovey' things to her, like stuff between her legs where it felt
really good. I don't know if she's been reading stuff or how she
got that idea, but I thought you ought to know. If Doris hears,
she'll have to report it." She then brightened. "But she did
seem very happy about it, however she got the idea!"

"Oh, I guess she misunderstood. Thanks for letting me know," and
with that Candy took Sam home.


"I don't think you know how serious this is!" I told Candy as lay
in bed that night. "Once it's reported, they will come and ask
Sam questions. Once she tells the truth, they'll whisk her away
and we may never get her back!"

"Oh, come on, it can't be quite that bad, can it?"

"Yes, it can."

"What can we do? We could teach her to lie about it."

"Sam's just barely four. They have ways of asking, indirect ways
to get it out of her. And besides, do we want a daughter who has
to lie all the time?"

"So that's why my daddy would never love me that way."

"Yeah, that's part of it, anyway."

We were both silent. I took Candy in my arms in bed.

"We need to move. I don't think they will follow us when they
haven't even interviewed Sam yet. Not enough probable cause, or
whatever the word is."

"How do you know?"

"I've been studying about it. I knew this was a possibility.
And I think we need to get out of here by 6am and get over the
line into New Hampshire."

"You're k**ding? Where will we stay in New Hampshire?"

"Tomorrow night, a motel. Maybe then an apartment until we can
work something out."

And so, at 6:45, we packed up the two cars and headed off to a
motel outside Manchester, New Hampshire.

Arthur was born in Manchester, and he was a great joy to all. He
also complicated our efforts to build a new life.

When I returned by myself to attend to affairs at our
Massachusetts house, it turned out I had been correct. There
were letters saying that the preschool had filed a "51a",
suspicion of c***d abuse, and we were required to bring Sam in
for an evaluation.

Candy was convinced.

We considered starting a commune out in the woods somewhere. The
American West was full of them. We could perhaps find some
families with a similar problem so our k**s would not grow up
isolated. We could home school them. But looking into the
future, we could see trouble. An outsider might wander through
and suspect something. A disgruntled f****y might leave and
report us. And what would happen when our c***dren grew up and
went off on their own in the world? Could they keep such a big
secret about their upbringing? Could we ask them to?

The only solution we could think of was to get out of the country
entirely to a place where laws were less draconian and bribery
could smooth over many difficulties. We ended up outside
Bangkok, Thailand, and soon we had a community of several
American families. What we shared was that some u******e c***d
was engaged in sexual activity that was i*****l in the United
States. But that didn't mean that among us anything was OK. Our
rule was that all parties had to be consenting.


Little Arthur showed no unusual interest in sex at all. As the
years went by, he certainly made no moves to come on to Candy or
me. He was a normal boy and played at boy things with friends he
made in our little community. He and I played catch, tussled,
played board games, took walks. We had a father-son
relationship. I love him a lot, but I'm leaving him out of the
story pretty much. The interesting stuff was what happened with
the girls.


Holly was Candy's younger s****r. When they became adults, the
two talked to understand their c***dhood better and clear the

Holly hadn't had the same attraction to their father that Candy
did, and that had made a huge difference. Their father liked
Holly and got along with her -- the one who wasn't 'sick'. Candy
naturally resented that.

Holly had married Bill, and they had two c***dren, Nancy and
Jake. While Jake was a happy well-adjusted boy, Nancy had

Starting at age four, she had insisted on showing her naked body
to Bill, opening her labia sometimes. She sat in his lap and
openly masturbated. She liked to touch the little bulge in his
pants, the one girls don't have.

Holly recognized the pattern, and had insisted that Bill not make
her feel guilty about her sexual feelings. Bill had done a
decent job of it. But as she got to be five, Bill insisted that
she keep covered up around him and stop masturbating while
sitting in his lap. He strictly enf***ed a rule that she couldn't
touch his crotch. He was acting like a totally responsible
father. He had allowed about as much sexuality as he could
within the limits of the law and good c***d-reading practice, and
he had accepted Nancy's sexual feelings as natural while
prohibiting their expression. But it wasn't enough for Nancy.

Her behavior at school became unruly and she acted sullen and
depressed. She told Holly exactly what was bothering her: she
needed her daddy to love her by touching her between the legs and
kissing her for a long time, and something to do with what was in
his pants -- though she didn't quite know what.

Candy kept me apprised of these developments.


When Sam was six and Arthur just two, Candy brought Nancy to my
attention once more.

"Let me show you some pictures, Dave."

Candy landed on my lap with a laptop on hers, and showed me a
large portfolio of Holly and f****y, with special emphasis on
Nancy, including Nancy in bikinis. She wasn't a beauty, and her
sullenness showed in some of the pictures. But she was by no
means ugly. Her graceful eight-year-old body was perfect for a
girl that age, and I thought I could see beneath the sullenness a
hunger, a cry for help almost.

"What do you think of her?"

"Who? Holly or Nancy?"


"She's a nice young girl, but it's too bad she's so unhappy. You
can just see it in the pictures."

"Do you think she's sexy?"

"Oh, yeah. It's too bad her dad can't give her what she needs,
but you can't blame him."

I had a pretty good idea where this discussion was headed, and my
cock was getting very hard.

Candy wriggled in my lap against my erection. Suddenly she
looked around to see who was nearby. We were in a common room
with no privacy. She pushed a button on the laptop to show a
close-up of Nancy in her bikini, legs open and smiling. Then she
knelt on the floor, facing the sofa we had been sitting on, and
put the laptop on her back, facing me. She then lifted her skirt
and pushed her panties to the side. "Quick!"

I loved my Candy. I whipped my hard cock out of my fly and knelt
behind her and pushed. She guided my cock into her hot, slick
cunt. With one hand I held the laptop a foot from my face and
studied every curve of the girl, especially the crotch of her
bikini, with the other I balanced myself on Candy. I pressed in
a dozen times, and we heard footsteps a couple rooms over.

I let it all out then, ejaculating up inside Candy while feasting
my eyes on Nancy. Candy pulled away before I had finished
ejaculating and within three seconds was sitting on the sofa
holding the laptop as if nothing had happened. She had even
changed the picture on the screen. I whipped my cock back into
my pants, though I was still breathing hard just as Sam rounded
the corner.

"Whatcha doin' on the floor, daddy?" she asked.

"I'm ... proposing to mom again... Candy, would you marry me

Candy barely suppressed her laughter. "Yes, Dave, yes!"

Sam rolled her eyes. "You guys are so weird," and tromped off.

I was still a bit too breathless to laugh out loud, but Candy
could no longer contain her hysterics.

"You are so wonderful," she said. Then we returned to business.

"We've got a plan, Dave. Holly is going to bring the k**s here
for a while to visit, assuming you're willing to make love to
Nancy if she wants you to."

"I'm not her daddy. With you it was just your daddy, right? And
then in Sam's case, she doesn't go after her teachers or

"Yeah, we know. It's just an experiment."

"You know, Candy, I promised to try to satisfy our daughters. I
didn't promise to service all the nieces and second cousins!"

"Will you if she wants you to?"

I opened my mouth and panted. Candy laughed and pushed her hand
playfully into my face.


Sam and Arthur liked their visiting cousin Jake. Being roughly
the same age, Jake and Sam did some things together but the
boy/girl difference limited their closeness. There were a few
squabbles among them, of course.

Sam and Arthur were wary of the sullen Nancy, who pretty much
stuck to herself.

I was friendly to Nancy, maybe even a bit more friendly than the
average proper uncle. But she was as wary around me as with our
k**s. I hugged her sometimes, rough-housed and tickled her when
the opportunity presented itself -- which was very rare given her
usual mood -- and told her from time to time how lovely she was,
shading that comment with just a hint of sexual innuendo.

She managed a smile now and then, but was mostly withdrawn and
depressed. There was no indication that she would accept me in
her daddy slot. A bit amusing, as I thought about the other
meaning. Nancy had a daddy slot that needed filling.


"Sit down, Nancy, I have something important to talk to you

Holly addressed her daughter. "You know how we've been away for
a month now."


"I just got a letter from Daddy."

"Is he OK?"

"Oh, yes, he's fine -- I think. But ..." She took a deep
breath. "He says he's met another woman."

"Oh," Nancy said, quietly.

"I'm afraid that for now it's just the three of us."

Nancy sat a while, taking in the news.

"Well, I'll miss him in some ways, but in some ways not."

"I'm sure you'll still see him sometimes."

Bill really had written a letter mentioning another woman, but
Holly had spun it as more of a definite break-up than his letter
indicated. One way of getting me to fill Nancy's daddy slot was
to get her daddy out of that slot.

To help push myself into it, I moved towards Holly. With Candy's
permission, I was to be seen sitting on the sofa with my arm
around Holly, and I gave her a kiss now and then.

Quite soon Nancy started acting awkward around me. Candy, Holly
and I held our breaths. Two days later I made my first move not
long before bedtime.

"Nancy, do you want me to read you that new book?" She could
read, but didn't like to.

She smiled awkwardly.

"What about your room?"

She nodded.

We sat side by side on the bed, and I opened the book. She sat
close and leaned against me. I put my arm around her, and she
stiffened briefly. Then as she leaned over to see the book
better, she rested her hand between my legs, right against my

She wasn't wasting any time testing me! At that point her daddy
would have insisted she remove her hand.

I paused only a second before slowly thrusting almost
imperceptibly towards her hand.

She turned to look at me with wide eyes, then reached her face up
to kiss me. I gladly leaned over and our lips met briefly. That
was the time for an uncle and niece to draw back and feel a bit
embarrassed. But I didn't draw back, and neither did she. We
kissed for a minute. Her book dropped on the floor, but neither
of us made any move to pick it up. She broke the kiss and looked
at me with wonder, breathing quickly.

I smiled and said, "You are a very sexy young lady, Nancy."

She started lifting her shirt to take it off, and seeing me smile
instead of object, she stripped out of her clothing about as fast
as a girl could strip, and I stripped too, though I left my
briefs on. Then she lay back on the bed, legs spread moderately,
and held out her arms to me.

I lay beside her and leaned over and we shared an enthusiastic
kiss. I ran my hands all up and down her body, pausing at her
flat nipples, which made her breath quicken. When I got between
her legs and started rubbing, she broke the kiss and broke into a
huge smile and a "Mmmmm."

I was very hot for this young nymph and moved my hands all over
her, missing no erogenous zone.

Soon my fingers homed in on her prominent clit, and as she ground
her hips and moaned she let out a big, "Ohhhh!" that clearly
marked a climax. I held the panting c***d against me, delighted
to have brought her to pleasure so easily. Maybe that would fill
her daddy need.

However, she was soon up and insisted I remove my briefs. When
she saw my erect member, she took an extra breath, her eyes
riveted to it as if she had spotted a pot of gold. She ran her
hands all over it and asked if she could lick it. I readily
agreed. Watching her shoulder-length hair swishing all around my
pelvis was very erotic as her warm and mobile mouth gave me
erotic pleasure.

Suddenly she sat up. She spread her legs and her lips to show
her little vaginal opening.

"It goes in here, right?"

"When you're older, but you're too small now."

She shook her head. She nudged me to the side and lay down again
on her back, legs spread wide.

"Put it in me?"

"No, I can't."


"It won't fit! You'd get hurt!"

She started crying a little, "You're just like my daddy."

I could have argued that we had actually done quite a lot of sexy
things already, but I sensed her need was profound in a way I
didn't understand. I'd let her discover how it wasn't going to
fit instead of being the bad guy.

"OK, look, I'll lie on my back, and you can get on top of me.
Push down but stop if it hurts."

She saw how that was going to work and was soon hovering above
me, lifting herself up awkwardly on her hands to get high enough
to nuzzle my cock against her opening. I reached to her wet
pussy area to lube up my tip as best I could. She pressed down,
winced and gave an, "Ow!"

"See, it hurts, and you haven't even gotten started. Just wait
and you can do that part when you're older."

But she shook her head and pressed again. I had never felt such
pressure on my cock before, but it didn't hurt me. She scrunched
her face in pain but kept pushing. My cock tip nudged inside
her. Now she was crying freely and wincing, and I saw a little
trickle of bl**d seeping out from inside her.

"Nancy, please, honey!"

"Shut up!" she whispered between sobs.

This was no time to worry about a little rudeness. Relentlessly
she pushed downward, crying and wincing, and within a minute I
felt her pussy lips grind against my pubic bone. She was in to
the hilt.

She looked at me then, smiling and sobbing at the same time, then
lowered herself down and lay on my chest.

"Oh, thank you, daddy!" she whispered. "I mean, Uncle Dave."

After a moment she said softly, "Did you give me the sperm?
That's what finishes it, right?"

Maybe I should have lied. What she requested was going to cause
her more pain. But lying doesn't pay in the long run. "No, not

"Then do it! Please?"

"OK," I said. Staying on my back with her above me, I pulled my
cock out a little and pushed back in. She winced again. But by
then I knew that quite a bit of pain was no obstacle to what she
wanted, and I trusted she would stop me if it crossed some line.
I didn't want to prolong her agony, and despite all her pain I
was very excited, so I slid back and forth with very small, quick
strokes. Her inner pussy rubbed against my tip with plenty of
friction. After a minute I tensed and then spurted several
times, then relaxed. It wasn't a super orgasm by any means, but
I had given her what she wanted.

She looked up at me through her tears and asked, "Was that it?
Did you give me the sperm?"

I nodded.

She gave me a big hug and then pulled off my cock, wincing once
more. Then she started laughing quietly and cuddling against
me. She certainly did act like that was what she had desperately

She followed me into the bathroom where we both bathed and used
the toilet, then settled down to sl**p together. Candy brought
us "room service" breakfast and lunch. Nancy didn't want to let
me out of her sight. She didn't even want us to put any clothes

I put her off of true intercourse for a day by showing her oral
sex in both directions. She was delighted with the pleasure my
tongue could give her. She was the one who insisted that I come
in her mouth.

The first time I slid into her after she had mostly healed, I
thought she would burst with excitement and pleasure. I could
think of myself a little more, and I was ecstatic. I was fucking
a horny and hot little girl who was ecstatic for my attentions.
I was filling her daddy slot! Over and over into the hairless
twat of her small body I pressed, lunged, and rammed, and the
more lusty I felt the more she liked it. She looked very
suspicious when I told her that I couldn't get a hard-on after
coming and needed some rest time. But her hot young body, her
passion, and her raw hunger got me up more quickly than usual.

After a day and a half she was willing to be apart for short
stretches, and within two weeks it got to the point where if we
slept together and had sex once at night and once in the morning,
she was content.

She was like a c***d transformed, suddenly attentive, cooperative
and energetic. I had filled her daddy slot, and she was happy.


I relayed my initial experience with Nancy to Holly and Candy,
including her fixation on getting me into her despite the pain.
We filed away for future reference the fact that it was really
not a good idea to frustrate a girl who had the f****y syndrome.
Holly lamented how her daughter's misery of the past few years
could have been avoided. We comforted her, noting that elbowing
her daddy out of the picture, moving halfway around the world and
substituting a married uncle to m***** her thoroughly was not
exactly a therapy to be tried lightly.

Candy considered her own past and couldn't decide whether she
would have been as ferocious with her father if he had ever given
her a chance. She had felt very angry at him during her
c***dhood but it hadn't cast a dark shadow over the rest of her
life. She had done OK in school and enjoyed other friendships
and activities.

Jake took the news of his father's departure far harder than
Nancy. He had no sign of the f****y's sexual hunger syndrome, so
he went back and forth between Thailand and the US, spending
roughly six months a year with each parent. Holly felt badly
that his life had been disrupted to repair Nancy's, but Jake
seemed to adjust pretty well to the arrangement.

Nancy wouldn't consider going to see her father, because at some
level he wasn't her father any more. At whatever level ruled her
sexual energies, I was now her father. Holly stayed in Thailand
with us.


It was two weeks after our first sex that I brought up a delicate

"Nancy, my dear."

"Yes, Uncle?"

"You do know that I am married to Aunt Candy, right?"

"Oh, yeah, sure. But I thought I saw you with mom too."

"Yeah, your mom too," I added hastily. "But you know what men
and women who are married do, right?"

She rolled her eyes at me.

"Since I've been having so much fun with you, I haven't had any
time to do things with them." I held my breath. We didn't know
how possessive she might be.

"Oh, sure, yeah, go ahead!"

And with that I had permission to go back to my very horny wife
and let her fuck my brains out for a few days.

"So, do you regret having suggested I get all lovey with Nancy?"

"I was getting there!" she said with indignation, mostly but not
entirely in jest.

"What about Sam? You still got to be with Sam, right?"

She sighed. "I love Sam dearly, and I love it when she comes and
when I can make her happy, but I'm just not a lesbian myself.
She's very sweet when she licks me, and I do come, a little, but
it's not the same. I'm a hetero woman, through and through, and
you're my one and only man, and I need your cock up my cunt deep,
banging and spurting hard."

That was enough to get my cock hard once more, and I proceeded to
give her just what she needed.

"There is another problem, though," I said, when we had finished
luxuriating after that bout of sex.

"I was going to say the same thing to you. But you tell me yours

"When I was trying to convince Nancy to share me, I mentioned
that you and I are married. She asked if I wasn't with her mom,
too. I quick said I was, because I was afraid that if I said I
wasn't then I might not fit her daddy slot any more."

"Well, that's very convenient," Candy said. "Because I wondered
if you might consider getting it on with Holly. I don't think
I've told you her full story. Holly was normal in not having
terrific sexual longings for daddy when she was four years old,
but she had a very strong libido once she hit puberty -- she was
quite the junior high slut. Now it's been so long since she's
been near Bill..."

"And I suppose none of the other men around here interest her."

"They're all a bit creepy, frankly."

"Yeah, I've had that feeling too. So anyway, are you saying that
if I put some moves on your little s****r, you don't think she'd
slap me?"

"Um, no."

"And if you found out that our passion ran away with us, you
wouldn't slap me either?"

Candy started tickling me and I had to slide off the bed to get
out of her grasp.


I came up behind Holly out in the garden and wrapped my arms
around her front.

Despite Candy's encouragement, I moved slowly. Just because
you're horny doesn't mean you're horny at any particular moment.
So I gradually let my left hand rise to her left breast and creep
up towards the nipple, outside her dress and bra. Holly's breath
caught, and she leaned her head back and up to sniff my
shoulder. As I pinched the nipple she moaned and sighed, "Oh,
Dave!" and then went limp against me.

"Holly, did you just, um ..."

"Yeah, I just came. I haven't had it in months. Can we go to my
room, Dave?" she asked urgently. As we started walking, she
continued, "Candy told me you might be getting fresh with me,"
she said. "That was a day and a half ago, and I've been nearly
creaming my panties ever since."

"Candy does have rights, and your daughter needed some good sound
fucking as well."

"Yeah, of course," she said. "But now..."

Holly is a little more rounded out than Candy, with bigger
breasts and bigger hips. I'm tempted to say she had a bigger
cunt, too, but that isn't just what I mean. Inside, her pussy
was just as tight and inviting as Candy's, but she squeezed
harder than Candy did, and her lining was even hotter and richer,

She put a towel down beneath herself as she spread her legs wide
on the bed, and I wondered why. I stopped wondering when I first
slid my cock into her. She came the instant my pubic bone hit
hers, and I felt a gush of liquid squirt out around my dick.

She relaxed for a while, and I just plunged into her in a
constant, satisfying rhythm. But soon she was panting again, and
this time her pleasure built more slowly. With her encouragement
I picked up the tempo gradually. Finally she seized up,
squeezing my cock very tightly. More cream came gushing out of
her, and her eyes rolled back in her head. The tight squeeze
started my climax. My strong spurts felt just right, dimly
reaching my awareness through a fog of pure pleasure.

It was special. Among other things, sex with a new woman is a
special treat.


Sam was our wonderful, mother-fixated little sex fiend. Arthur
was an ordinary little boy. But Candy and I didn't stop at two.

Grace was just one year younger than Arthur. She was a splendid
addition to our happy, energetic brood.

While Sam had started coming on to her mother around age three,
Grace didn't wait that long -- and she started on me.

"Well, Candy, I think little Grace may have your special
accelerated libido, too."

This offhand remark grabbed Candy's interest completely. "Tell
me! Tell me! What did she do?"

"Rubbed herself in the bath for a long time, looking at me."


"Stuck her labia in my face as I sat on the floor. When I gently
stroked them, she nearly purred."

"You didn't frown at her or anything, I hope?"

"What do you think?"

Candy smiled. "Can you get in the bath with her next time?"

"I assume you mean naked?"

"Of course."

"And you won't mind if I get a hard-on?"

"Not at all!" she beamed. "So this is still exciting for you?
Not just a duty? You're banging two very horny grown women and
an insatiable ten-year-old, and you want more?"

I gave a big smile.


I sat with my back to the faucets, and Grace sat at the other end
facing me. Her eyes were locked on my cock. She had seen it
before, but we hadn't shared a bath since she was much younger.

"Can I touch?" she asked.

"OK," I said.

Reinf***ed by the sight of my daughter's curious small hands,
her mop of lovely golden hair, and her body trailing away behind,
her gentle touches had me hard in no time.

"Wow!" she said, then looked at her own very different private

"You wanna touch me?" she asked with a naughty smile.

"Do you really want me to?"

She nodded.

So as she sat back in the tub with knees spread I slid my hands
inside each thigh and came to rest on her little girl pussy.

There came a knock on the door.

"Yes?" I asked.

"It's Candy, can I come in?"

I looked at Grace, and she said, "Sure, mom! Daddy's got a big
thing just sticking up!"

"OK," I said.

Candy let herself in and turned, and I almost heard her breath
catch. This was the moment she had envisioned when we had first
gotten serious, so many years earlier.

"Would you like to sit on daddy's lap?" Candy asked.

Grace gave a big smile and nodded at me, and I nodded back.

She scrambled into my lap facing me and settled with her little
girl parts nestled against the bulge of the base of my cock as it
stood straight up. The sensations captivated her and she started
rocking her hips, rubbing herself against me. She got a sort of
intense expression, the kind people get when their sexual
pleasure is demanding more attention.

"Love her," Candy whispered.

I was about to go into action anyway, but I thought I would heed
Candy's directions as much as possible. This might be a very
profound moment for her, as she watched her daughter get what she
herself had so desperately wanted. So I ran my hands all over
our two-and-a-half-year-old's shoulders and the back of her
head. I leaned in to kiss her forehead and her ears. She was
too intent on what she was doing to offer me her lips.

I encouraged her. "That's great, Gracie, I love that. Keep
going if it feels good!"

I was aware of Candy watching us intently.

So Grace went on and on, wriggling herself up and down. The
minutes rolled by, and after a while she seemed a little

"Reach in with your fingers," Candy whispered to me.

I insinuated my fingers down between us, pushing her away from me
just a little, and then I started a rapid pulsing motion.

My Gracie looked up at me with wonder in her eyes and within a
few seconds whimpered, "Oh, daddy! Oh! Oh oh oh!" and then
relaxed from her first orgasm, slumping back in the tub.

My cock was hard and eager for attention, but this wasn't the
time unless she took the initiative.

I took her in my arms and hugged her for a little. But the
bathwater was getting cold. I saw tears in Candy's eyes as she
excused herself, and I helped Grace get dry and into her

"What was that, daddy? That was good good good!"

"Wonderful! It's a new way to have fun."

Grace wanted to hug me for a long time when I put her to bed, and
she squeezed tight.

"Dave!" Candy whispered just as soon as I'd shut the door to
Grace's room. She was beckoning to me, and I followed her into
the bedroom. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs and
beckoned me to her. I was already pretty hard from the long,
warm hug of my sexy daughter, on top of the extremely erotic
session in the bath. Candy's invitation finished the job in no

"Come, Dave, come quick!" she said.

I pressed into her hot cunt, always something I was delighted to
do. In this case I wanted release from the excitement I had
experienced while watching my daughter rub and come. I pressed
perhaps ten times and moaned as I sprayed Candy's pussy with
sperm, images of Grace's small sexually urgent body dancing
before my eyes.

Candy squeezed me to her and started sobbing gently as my cock
stayed hard inside her. After many minutes she let me go and I
flopped to the side.

"Thank you, Dave! If only my daddy had done that, even once!"

"I'm sorry, Candy," I said softly.


"Can you help me with my bath, daddy?" Grace asked the next
night. "Please?"

"Sorry, Grace, it's mom's turn."

"No!" she said, a tantrum brewing.

I knelt beside her at the bathroom door.

"Do you want to do that bouncing, fun stuff again?"

Grace nodded.

"OK! But we don't need to do it in the bath. When you're all
ready for bed, teeth and jammies and everything, I'll come in to
give you an extra special goodnight, OK?"

With that promise, Grace was the very model of cooperation, and
ten minutes before her scheduled bed time I joined her in her

"Can I take my jammies off?" she whispered.

"Sure, Grace, then I can see all of you."

"You get naked too?"

We lay on the bed naked with only the nightlight on.

I started kissing her and she eagerly returned the kisses. I
used my hands to caress every part of her little body. She
wriggled and smiled and groaned, conveying sheer delight. She
pushed me onto my back and mounted me, her little pussy rubbing
up against the base of my cock as in the bath.

After a few minutes of that, I realized that while it was
terribly exciting, I wasn't getting any direct pleasure myself.
I hoped she would give me a turn later, and I had an idea for how
to make later come sooner. I flipped her over so she was lying
on top of me face up with legs spread wide, then I set to work
with my fingers, and was able to stimulate her clit at a better

Within a minute she squeaked, "Oh!" and shivered briefly. When
she relaxed, I turned us both onto our sides so she was spooned
back against me, but she instantly turned to face me, smiling.

I was happy for her, and I was also very horny myself.

"Would you like to let me feel good like you just did?" I asked.

She nodded eagerly.

"My big thing is called a penis and that's what I use to get
happy. You'll know when I'm really happy because some stuff
shoots out the end. Not pee. But don't be worried, OK?"

I then pushed the dear thing onto her back, leaned over her and
pressed my penis lightly against her labia, the underside of my
tip brushing lightly against her clit.

"Does that feel OK?" I panted.

"Yes yes yes!" she answered.

I was so thrilled to be able to touch genitals with Grace that I
knew I'd come quickly. After half a minute of the tiniest,
gentlest strokes of tip against clit I moaned and seized up and

The first gob of cum got away and splatted up on her chest. The
other gobs surged right onto her clit and got squished all around
in her pussy area. She laughed as I panted and moaned, finally
letting myself down beside her after I had given her all of my

She patted and played with the cum. "It's sticky!" she said.

"Yeah, it's funny stuff." I reached for the tissue box and
started cleaning us up.

"Did you feel happy, daddy? Like you said?"

"Oh, Grace, I felt very, very happy!"

"I'm so glad!" she said, giving me an extra squeeze. It was hard
to tell for sure, but it looked like her attraction to me
included giving me pleasure, not just receiving it.

I got her dressed in her jammies again and gave her a long
goodnight hug.


"Gracie, you have to stay in bed! I've already given you happy
happy with my tongue in your peepee twice now."

"But daddy, just once more! Please?"

"Oh, go ahead," urged Candy.

I gave my wife a look and sighed, then followed Grace back to her
room and once more she pulled down her jammies and her panties.
I licked her to a moaning orgasm in under a minute.

I had come during the first of our encounters that evening,
squirting my cum juice all over her little pussy, and once was
enough for me for the evening.


"Daddy? Daddy?"


"Can I get in bed with you?"

"It's way too early to be up!" I said, seeing from the clock that
it was 5:30.

"Please? Just to snuggle?"

"Oh, OK," I said, and lifted the covers for her. I lay on my
side and she spooned back against me. I was hoping to go back to
sl**p, but was soon aware of rhythmic rustling and a very slight
jiggling of the bed. Our Gracie was trying to be quiet as she
masturbated, but she didn't know what would keep a grown-up

Candy stirred and said, "OK, Gracie, back to bed."


"Yes, come on."

"Do I have to go, daddy?"

"Yes, sweetie, go with your mother."

After Candy got back, she said, "I think we need some limits,
right? When it first started I didn't want to frustrate her in
any way. But it seems she can't ever get enough."

"That's kind of what it looks like," I said. "I didn't think I
would ever get tired of licking that luscious, grateful little
pussy, but it is a bit much."

"Yeah, we'll have to set some limits," she said.

"But she can still suck my cock as often as she likes, right?"

Candy poked me and laughed, knowing I was joking.

After a thoughtful pause, I added, "But it is so wonderful, maybe
you could learn some things from her?"

"From my two-and-a-half year old?"

"Yeah," I said.

"How do I start?" she said.

"OK, try flicking your tongue fast in the same rhythm as you're
bobbing up and down."

She did it a little different from Grace, but it felt just as

"Ah, that's really nice! Oooo. Can I come in your mouth?" I
hadn't asked her that in a long time.

She looked at me, questioningly.

"Gracie lets me. She wants me to!"

Candy came off my cock momentarily, rolled her eyes, and said,
"Now I'm competing with her, huh?"

I smiled a little, but nodded slightly, as I wanted to shoot off
in my dear wife's mouth. She smiled ruefully and returned to my
eager cock.

"Oh, Candy, ooooo, just like that. Yes, yes .... oh, no, oh

She jerked just a little in surprise as she felt my first shot
surge into her mouth, but she kept licking and started

When I had surged the last jism from cock into mouth, she came up
to my level to rejoin me, swallowing the last vestiges of cum,
and said, "She's spoiling you!"

"Whose idea was it in the first place?" I asked.

"Mine," she said, then got quiet. "Thank you so much, Dave."

"My pleasure."

"Yeah, sure is. It's no sacrifice for you, is it?" She smiled
at me as I grinned and shrugged.


Nancy was 11, Sam was 9, and Arthur was 5 -- but he didn't
count. Grace was just 4. The three girls were playing.

"I have a secret," whispered Grace. She waited but the others
said nothing. "Daddy touches my peepee sometimes!"

"Very good, Grace," said Nancy. They knew that already, of

"Mommy touches mine," said Sam.

"She does?" said Grace, wide-eyed. "I don't want anybody to
touch mine except daddy."

"I don't want anyone to touch mine except mommy, so there."

"Why mommy? She's a girl!"

"So? Daddy's a boy."

"I like his penis too."

"Well, mommy's got a peepee like us, and I like to touch it!"

Nancy spoke, "I've never seen a woman's 'peepee'. What's it

"All hairy and smooth and deep inside!"

"I don't want to see mommy's!" said Grace. "Just daddy's. And
you know what happens when I rub daddy's?" She didn't wait for
an answer. "This sticky stuff comes flying out!"

"You mean like he pees?"

"No! It's different!"

"Oh, you're lying!"

Nancy chimed in. "No, Sam, actually she's right."

"How do you know?"

"You two want to know a secret?"

"Yes," both whispered at once.

"Uncle Dave and I do things with our thingies too."

"Really?" both younger girls asked.

"Yeah, really."

"Like what? Does he rub you?"

"Yeah, he does."

"'Til it feels good?"

Nancy hesitated. "Yeah, sometimes."

"And do you rub him and does that stuff spurt out? You said it
did, right?"

"Well, sometimes, but there's another secret." Nancy wondered if
she should tell. She probably shouldn't.


"We do something different too. You know you have a hole down
there? Not where you poop, the other place?"

"Yeah," said Grace.

"Of course!" said Sam.

"Well, his penis goes inside that hole in me. Pokes in."

"You're lying!" said Sam hotly. "It would never fit there!"

"Yeah, you're lying!" echoed Grace.

"I am not!"

"So how does it fit?" challenged Sam.

"My peepee hole is a lot bigger than yours."

"You're lying. I'm going to get mommy to say you're lying!"
insisted Sam, getting up.

"No, wait!" said Nancy. "I'll prove it to you." She found this
pretty exciting. The girls had all seen each other naked, of
course, but never inside their lips. She reached under her dress
and pulled down her panties, but left the dress and just
scrunched it up so she could cover herself if anyone came.

She then spread her lips, which didn't look all that different
from the other girls', but then she pressed her middle finger
into that other hole. And it went in smoothly, all the way.

Sam and Grace watched, transfixed, as Nancy took her pointer and
middle fingers together and slid them up inside.

"Why do you let him stick it up there?" asked Sam. This time
Grace did not echo her question.

"It feels really, really good. Better than anything."

"Yuck!" said Sam.

Grace was busy inside her own panties, trying to stick her little
finger up inside herself, but not getting anywhere.

"That's sick!" continued Sam. "And how do you get him to do it?"

"He likes it even more than I do. And then he shoots that sticky
stuff out the end when he's up inside me."

"Gross! That's so disgusting!" said Sam.

Grace was wriggling with excitement. "You think he'd do it to me

"No, you're way too small!" Nancy remembered the pain she had
felt impaling herself on Uncle Dave, and didn't wish that on any
other girl who didn't really, really need it the way she had.

"That's what Uncle Dave does with your mommy -- and my mommy,

"Really?" asked Grace.

"Yep. That's what all grown-ups do."

"My mommy likes it?" she asked, a little queasily.

"I bet she does. That's what they do to make babies, you know?"

The two younger girls stared at her.

"You didn't know that? Geez. Yeah, that stuff that spurts out
of daddy is his part of the baby, and it grows up inside mommy
'til she squeezes it out."

The two younger ones tried to digest the news.

Grace changed the subject. "Sometimes mommy watches when daddy
touches me."

"Really?" said Nancy.

"Yeah, I like it. And now I want to watch mommy and daddy doing
that thing you said."

"Grown-ups like to be private about that stuff," Sam put in

"We all do, right?" said Nancy.

"Except me!" said Grace. "I want mommy to watch. And I want to
see them now!"

Something stirred in Nancy, something very exciting. To watch
her mommy and Uncle Dave doing it? That would be special.
That's what she needed. Her hand slid up under her dress. Why
didn't she want the two little girls to see her? The idea that
they would look was exciting.

"Look at me!" she whispered, rubbing her clit.

Not to be outdone, the other two exposed themselves too. "Oooo!"
said Sam, especially excited to see the other two girls massaging
their pussies. Soon all three were wiggling away.

Imagining Uncle Dave and her mom doing it pushed Nancy over the
edge. "Ohhh!" she said, then gasped quietly.

Seeing Nancy gasp was terribly exciting to Sam, and she soon went
over with a quiet, "Aaaaah."

Grace was nowhere near a climax, but wanting to keep up with the
bigger k**s, she did her best to fake an orgasm. "Mmmmm."

"Yeah, right!" said Sam. "That wasn't a good feeling!"

"Was so!" said Grace.

"Never mind," said Nancy. "Doesn't matter." She was feeling
very friendly to little Grace, for she had suggested a terribly
exciting idea.


"You won't believe this one, Candy," said Holly.


"Nancy wants to watch me and Dave do it!"

"That's a new one! And you said..."

"No, of course!"

That ended the conversation, but Candy's reaction was mixed. So
she had an hour to think about it before Grace popped the
question on her.

"Nancy told me and Sam how babies are made!"

Over the years Candy answered every question the girls asked, but
she knew that sometimes the explanations didn't sink in until the
c***d was ready to absorb the information.

"And now I want to watch you and daddy do it!"

"I don't know, honey, it's private. And besides, we're not
trying to make any babies right now."

"But Nancy said men and women like doing it anyway."

"Yeah, she's right about that," Candy conceded.

"Please? His penis fits inside you?"

"Yeah, it does."

"That sounds so neat!"

"Let me think about it..."

"You watch me and daddy sometimes!"

"Not lately!"

"But you did, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember," she sighed.

Candy relayed the conversation. I was delighted to think of any
of my lovers watching me doing it with one of the others. I
hadn't thought any of them would agree, but it sounded wonderful.


All three of us were naked, and Grace was prancing with
excitement as she watched my cock head slide against her mommy's
pussy opening. For dramatic effect, I slid in very slowly.

"It's going in! It's going in!" I had barely gotten my tip
inside, and the sliding continued.

"Does it hurt, mommy? Doesn't it hurt?"

"No, sweetie, not at all."

"You like it, daddy?"

"Oh yes, sweetie. It feels kind of like your hand on me, but all
over and wet."

"Oh wow! Where'd your penis go? It ALL went inside her?"

"Yep," I said. I started a slow back and forth motion.

"What's that?" asked Grace.

"You know how you rub up and down?" I asked. "This is kind of
like the rubbing but I'm doing it inside mommy."

"Oh, gee!" she said, prancing and chattering as I went on.

Candy said, "OK, Grace, now could you sit down there and be quiet
for a little while so daddy and I can concentrate. And sit with
your legs spread wide," she added conspiratorially. "I'd like
that, and I bet daddy would too."

I nodded enthusiastically and began a 100% natural missionary
position fuck with my wife, younger daughter watching. Our
occasional glances at our exposed girl made it more exciting. It
felt delicious, but nature demanded an orgasm. Besides, we
didn't know how long Grace could sit still.

I reamed away at a terrific clip and shouted out my pleasure as
Candy shouted hers. All my sperm spurted out right in her pussy
where it belonged.

"Wow," said Grace, a little humbled by the strength and power in
the act. "Now can you give me a happy, dad? And you watch,

"Sure," I said, after I caught my breath.

Candy rubbed herself and moaned as I licked out the delicious
pussy of our younger daughter. Mother and daughter came at the
same time.


Grace wanted a special party for her sixth birthday, a very
special party. She wanted us all together. All being sexy

In the months after the girls introduced voyeurism to our f****y,
Grace became more and more interested in going all the way with
me. She had been excited to see my cock disappearing inside her
mother. Later, she convinced Nancy and me to let her watch us,
and she was excited to see my cock fill Nancy to the hilt.

Holly had been more reluctant about being watched. She had first
gotten herself adjusted to Nancy watching me fuck her soundly,
and had then relaxed enough to come that way. Now, in advance of
Grace's birthday, she had let Grace watch while I fucked her.
She seemed to have loosened up about it.

Grace's own pussy was small, of course, and I didn't want to hurt
her. I would have recommended waiting until she was at least
starting puberty. Nancy said she thought I needed to honor
Grace's wish much sooner. She did allow that she hoped Grace
could find a less painful way to lose her virginity than she
had. So as the weeks rolled by, I got to working my little
finger into Grace's little vagina. She winced a little, but
wanted me to keep going and thanked me profusely. I found it
pretty exciting myself. I went to my middle finger, then two
fingers, then three. At each step of the way Grace winced, but
then got used to it and begged me for more.

Grace wanted the whole f****y at her birthday party, except the
boys. The boys had no interest in this aspect of the party
anyway. The only one she had to coax a bit was Sam.

Sam had gotten to the point where she could watch cocks disappear
into pussies and feel kind of excited by it, though she didn't
want a cock anywhere near her own pussy. The only person she
wanted to touch her pussy was Candy, who had long since become
delighted with satisfying her daughter that way. Sam didn't mind
if people watched. The utter pleasure on her face as Candy's
delicate tongue strokes sent her into orgasm was a wonder to

The boys and other c***dren from the community had participated
in her party earlier in the day, with her birthday cake and a few
games and presents.

The highlight was in the evening. The females and I all
assembled in the master bedroom, blinds drawn and a number of
candles giving a romantic effect. We had mattresses on the
floor, since no bed would be big enough for all of us. All were

First Grace hovered around Sam and watched as Candy licked away.
"Oooo, you look so happy, Sam, are you going to have a cum soon?"

Sam nodded.

"I hope it's really, really good. Do a good, good job, mommy!"

Just then we could barely see Candy switch to a faster rhythm,
and Sam convulsed with her trademark look of transcendent joy.
Chest heaving, she gave Grace an unfocused glance and said,
"Happy Birthday, Grace!"

"Thanks, Sammie!"

She wriggled over to Holly, who was lying on her side, propped up
on an elbow and top knee bent as she watched.

"Aunt Holly, are you going to let daddy do his fucky thing with

The assembled smiled at the unusual turn of phrase.

"Maybe, if he asks me."

My cock was hard and twitching, surrounded by this sea of
femininity. I wanted to kiss every one of them passionately,
fondle and suck on every nipple, whether or not it was to be
found on a breast or a flat chest, and drive my cock into every
one of those pussies. The subtle blended smells were enough to
drive me crazy.

"Holly," I said, "Would you let me make free with your body?"

"Not sure just what you mean," she said.

"Holly," I said, "Can I fuck you hard?"

"Yes!" she said, turning onto her back, revealing erect nipples
on her ample breasts, and pussy lips engorged and very wet.

I eagerly lowered myself towards her.

"Can I aim it?" asked Grace.

"OK," Holly and I said at once, smiling.

With Grace aiming me, I could concentrate fully on the sensations
as I slid into Holly, slow on the first stroke so Grace could get
her hand out of the way. But then I started thrusting away
strongly, being sure to drive to the hilt, which I knew gave
Holly the most intoxicating sensations. She came as usual the
first time my pubic mat mashed into hers.

"Was that a cum, Aunt Holly? Did that feel really good?"

"Yes, Grace ... it felt ... really good."

"You like having his thingie in you?"

"I love it, Grace! It's the most amazing feeling."

"He's going to put it in me soon, for the first time!"

"Lucky you!"

I thrust strongly, enjoying Holly. The others were squirming a
little, excited at the act.

Holly built to her second, stronger orgasm. "Oooooo, Dave,
oooooo, aaaahhhhh! Happy birthday, Grace!"

Grace bounced up and down. I slowed down as Holly recovered from
her orgasm.

"You kept all your goop, right daddy? Didn't give her any?"

"That's right, Grace." It was tempting, but I had resisted
without too much difficulty.

"Now mommy!"

Candy was on her stomach, head between Sam's wide-spread thighs.
She slowly wriggled her knees back and forth to raise her butt
into the air.

"Candy, dear," I said. "Could I exercise my conjugal rights?"

"What's that?" asked Grace, as the others smiled.

A few voices started to speak, but Nancy said, "Let me. Grace,
it means that because they're married, your mommy has to let your
daddy fuck her now and then. But it's a joke, because your mommy
wants to get fucked constantly. All the time."

Candy raised her head long enough to stick her tongue out at
Nancy and say to me, "Yes, my love, you may. As long as you
promise to pull out."

That caused snickers from everyone. That was part of Grace's
present, that I would pull out.

"Nancy!" said Grace. "You're dripping down your leg!"

"Yes, birthday girl, that's because I can't wait for my turn.
You're a little damp yourself!"

Indeed, moisture was oozing from Grace's crack. Seeing it, she
smiled and rubbed herself a little.

I sidled up behind my wife, ready to take her.

"Let me aim, again!" cried Grace.

She did, and I started in.

"I want to keep feeling!" said Grace.

So with her hand she kept lightly touching my shaft and Candy's
pussy lips where they met, as the lips rowed in and out with each

"She's so soft and he's so hard!" she said, grinning.

Candy raised her head and gave a light peck to Sam's fat little
lips, saying, "Just a minute, sweetie. It's hard to

I had something of a problem. My body wanted to blow its load
any second. Pulling out of Holly without giving her my gift was
harder than I had thought it would be, and now all my reflexes
were primed to let loose in my wife's hot, deep, and tight silky
cunt. So I needed to go slowly and think of other things. But
if I went slowly, I wouldn't get Candy off.

Sexy little naked Grace was right beside me, her small hand
patting and feeling around the shoreline, if you will, where my
cock surged in and out of Candy. That made it harder. Much

Then I felt those pats take on a fluttery rhythm. Candy gasped
and looked in surprise over her shoulder at her young daughter,
who was smiling but looking intently where her parents' bodies
were joined. It looked like Grace was fluttering on her mother's
clit. Candy shut her eyes, and said, "Oh, my God, oh my God,
aaaaahhhhhhh," then stopped breathing as her face scrunched up.
I felt her pussy clenching me hard, and thought about ice cubes
to ward off my own rhythmic contractions.

Candy then fell slowly onto her side, a bit like a tree being
felled, whipping clear of my cock. She lay panting and said,
"Happy birthday, Grace!" Then she managed, "Where the heck ...
did you learn ... how to do that?"

"Nancy taught me!" Grace said.

"Thought you might like that," Nancy said.

Candy was too dazed to carry on the conversation.

Sensing that her mother's tongue was going to be out of
commission for a while, Sam flipped herself into a sitting
position and gave her mom a kiss on the cheek.

"Nancy's turn! Nancy's turn!" cried Grace.

Nancy was on the cusp of womanhood and was an especially
delightful morsel. Just the beginnings of breasts, with barely
growing nipples on light-colored aureoles. Her hips flared
slightly, and she had fuzz on her pubic mound. To be safe, we
had started her on the pill a few months before.

"Now you let my daddy fuck you too!" the birthday girl said.

"I don't know, I'll think about it," said Nancy. She was sitting
with knees draw up and arms encircling them.

"Nancy," I said. "I would mightily appreciate sticking this
organ here into your pussy."


Grace cried, "You promised!" Holly put a finger to her lips and
smiled, urging Grace to be quiet.

"Is there anything I could do to convince you?"

"Ask nicely."

"Please, Nancy, could I fuck you, please?"


I got down on my knees in front of her, and said, "Pretty please,
my sweet niece, just a little poke with my penis?"

"You've go to do better than that."

The delay afforded by this conversation was a good thing, since
it gave my cock time to cool off. Pulling out of two hot pussies
without coming was very hard. I had an inspiration.

I lunged at Nancy, growling, and quickly f***ed her onto her back
and f***ed her legs down.

She looked at me with surprise and wonder.

Still growling, I tried to open her legs, but she held them
tightly. Finally, with all my arm strength I got them open a
foot, then pinned them with my knees.

"You nasty man, you!" Nancy exclaimed, trying to keep from

I lowered myself and pressed in, sliding fully into the sexy
adolescent. She stopped struggling and started laughing. But as
my thrusts stimulated her organs she became quiet. I made
strong, slow thrusts, coming out nearly all the way, then
plunging to the hilt.

Nancy pushed her pelvis up at me eagerly and began squirming.

Grace had been a bit taken aback by the mock v******e, but now
she regained her enthusiasm.

"What's it like, Nancy? What's it like?"

"Very nice, Grace. He makes me feel so .... full!"

"Are you going to cum?"

"Pretty sure I am."

"Because his penis is going in and out like that?"

"Yes," Nancy said, beginning to pant a little.

I had a problem. I had taken rests. I had been thinking of
ice. But my cock was going crazy. It felt like the slightest
little thing would set me to ejaculating the precious fluid I had
been saving for Grace. I fought back a few twitches.

I glided into Nancy all the way and then stayed very still.

"Why are you just stuck in her like that, Daddy?"

"Remember I'm saving all my cum for you?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Well Nancy is so sexy, especially after Aunt Holly and your
mother, that it's hard not to give it to her."

"Oh," said Grace. "So you like her better than me? Pussy-wise?"

"Not at all," I said. "I can't just decide when I'm going to
shoot out my sperm. If I get too excited it can just happen

I turned my attention to Nancy. "So if you want to come,
sweetie, you're going to have to make a lot out of a little," and
then I began to demonstrate.

I moved out just the tiniest bit, perhaps two millimeters, then
slowly pressed back inside. The tip of my cock stayed stationary
inside her pussy tube, but I could feel the tiny movement of my
pubic bone stimulating her. She could feel it too. She was used
to wild fucking strokes, penis overfilling her stroke after
stroke, pussy lips surging back and forth, clit pounded roughly.
But her body readjusted. That little pubic bone hug alternating
with delicious seconds of anticipation made her loins glow, then
take on a tantalizing itch.

"Oh, Uncle!" she cried. "Just a little faster and I'd come."

"You can ask better than that."

Nancy smiled, but her urgent desire for release muted her sense
of humor.

"Please, Uncle Dave?"

"Hmmmm, better."

"Oh, pretty please, Uncle, you're the greatest, pretty please
with a cherry on top?"

"Nah," I said.

In answer to her look of despair, I said, "Well, I will if Grace
asks me too."

"Yeah, Daddy, do it fast so Nancy can come."

"OK," I said. "Let me count to three before I start. One...
Two ..." Nancy looked at me with pleading eyes. I waited a good
long while, then suddenly said, "Three!" and went into a frenzy
of fast hard strokes, but not coming out very far between them.

Nancy wailed instantly, her arms and legs twitched, and her pussy
clenched me tight. "Happy birthday, Grace!" she managed to moan.

I lay down on top of her, keeping my hard cock inside. I was in
trouble again. Despite the long rest, that brief flurry of
strokes with Nancy's pussy pulsing around me and her passionate
climax had me on the edge again.

In a minute I rolled off, kissing her.

"My turn, my turn!" shouted Grace. "You saved the stuff for me,
right?" she asked me.

"Yes, my love -- just barely."

Grace lay down, wiggling with excitement, and I held my shoulders
above her while my body trailed off to the side. For a minute I
just gazed into her eyes and stroked her hair softly. The comic
potential of the room conversation dissipated. Then I brought my
lips slowly to Grace's and gave her the lightest kiss, then
another and another.

"Oh, daddy!" she cried with passion.

I saw out of the corner of my eye that Candy was tearing up, and
I saw Holly silently glide over and put her arm around her

I slid my body slowly down. I stopped for a few seconds at her
flat chest, kissing and licking each tiny nipple.

I then nuzzled down the hollow of her stomach, giving her
bellybutton a few brief kisses before landing my head between her
legs. She had spread them wide in anticipation, and I set to
work licking out to the sides of her outer labia, then inside
them. Then I started on her inner lips, nudging inside to her
midline, poking into her pussy but gravity always bringing me
back to her clit.

She moaned, "Daddy, oh Daddy." Her little pussy started leaking
fluid. And after only a minute she said, "I don't wanna have
happy happy that way."

So I stopped the licking and smiled. I tried not to show on the
outside the lecherous attitude that raged within. I began slowly
progressing up her body again. My cock had softened a little --
a good thing! -- but it regained its steely strength as I thought
about the moment to come. I rose up above her and settled the
tip of my cock gently against her opening. A large adult man was
about to join in sexual union with a small girl with a hairless

Locking eyes with her, I softly asked, "What do you want me to
do, Grace?"

"You know!" she replied.

"Just say it once, please? For me?"

She grew solemn and whispered, "Daddy, I want you to put your
penis in my pussy."

"OK, Grace, I'd love to do that."

Using one hand to hold her pussy lips apart the right amount, I
started pressing in. She had taken fingers up her pussy before,
but they weren't quite as big as my cock -- which felt like it
had swelled to double its usual size with the excitement of this
moment. So as it pressed in, she opened her eyes wide, and gave
one little wince.

"Oh, Daddy! It's so big!"

I nodded and smiled. "You want me to stop? I could stop."

She shook her head anxiously. "No, no."

So I pressed in another half inch, and then another and felt my
tip get through her ring of muscles.

I slid back and forth in short, slow strokes, delving a little
deeper with each inward thrust.

Candy couldn't hold back her sobs, though they were silent so as
not to disturb Grace. Holly hugged her from the side with both
arms and kissed her cheek.

Finally the resistance increased quite a bit, and Grace gave a
little "Ouch."

"How can it all fit?" she asked, looking down in wonder.

The others of us in the room smiled, but I was mesmerized by the
experience of sliding into my six-year-old daughter. But I was in
a full four inches, and now began my back and forth, slowly at

Grace moaned, "Oh, Daddy, that's so good! So different and

We did nothing kinky or unusual. I thrust in and out at a
moderate pace, in the missionary position. Just the way losing
your virginity ought to be. I let her body get used to the
different route to pleasure that this act offered. She started
getting excited.

"Daddy's doing it to me!" she said to the onlookers. "See!"

"We see," said Holly softly. "Is it nice?"

"Super nice! Not just nice. Special special!"

We all smiled at that, all of us except Sam. We knew how sexual
intercourse was special, but she didn't.

I started speeding up my thrusts, which broke her contemplative
mood and brought her back to moaning and thinking about the
special filling and tugging and slurping going on between her

"Grace," I puffed. "Do you still want the stuff? The stuff I've
been saving? For you?"

"Mmmmm, Daddy. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes."

"I want to give it to you so bad! I'll go even faster now!"

"OK, Daddy!" she moaned.

I shifted to get the perfect angle, then slid into her tight
virginal cunt with the urgent strokes that lead up to the serious
business of ejaculation. Pleasure tingled through my body
everywhere but focused on that tip where the sperm would shortly
explode from. All was ready.

"It's coming, Grace! I'm coming!"

"Oh, Daddy!" she cried, shrieking as my promise and plunging dick
brought her off. After teasing my cock three times, I was
finally giving it its due, and it spurted and surged and humped
and thrust with abandon. Although it was gentle compared to the
f***es surging through my body, I felt Grace's pussy squeeze me.

As I slowed, I said, "Happy birthday .... Grace!" The girl
looked dazed from the best orgasm of her short life. She looked
at me vaguely and smiled just as vaguely.

My cock softened and slid out of her. I lay against her on my
side, attuned to what Grace wanted to do next. What she seemed
to be doing was falling asl**p.

The others quietly rose, and went around the room putting out the
candles. "Happy birthday, Grace!" they each whispered on their
way out. Candy was last to leave and after her "Happy birthday"
she mouthed, "I love you," first to Grace, but then fixed her
eyes on me for several seconds. I mouthed it back.

I had been on my side hugging Grace, but it was getting
uncomfortable, so I gently slid onto my back. Grace stirred just
a little and murmured, "I love you, Daddy" as she turned to
snuggle against my side, head on my chest.

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1 year ago
W H O W!! W H E W!! JEESZ H CRIST!! I'm so fucking breathless I feel as if I've fucked all five (including Samantha) of those ladies, non-stop, for three days straight!!

My conscious fantasy-mechanism went into double overdrive--I've never cum so much during one story in my life! Mostly, it had to do with the smooth, even-flow ebb of the story!! It's mostly error free, well, very well written, good grammar, punctuation, paragraphing, etc., etc.!!! I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the story context, and content, had lots to do with my overly sated enjoyment of this "...epic story..." as noted by my friend MinxGirl.

The writer/author must know that accolades are insufficient--AND an encore of some similar content and theme and subject matter would be welcome reading!
1 year ago
2 years ago
epic story. surprisingly, i was not turned on by it, but read to the end to find out how it ended.
2 years ago
That was absolutely awesome. Thank you.
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very nice
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O god that was so hot
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OH, you make me want to be your baby...
It was a long story but juicy. It got me HOT and wanting to be fuck...
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very good
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That was so good and hot
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God that was so hot! I wish you were my daddy