I was eighteen when we had to move, cause I was in the f****y way. My
dad was already gone by then. I'd asked my mom where he went and she'd
told me up the river without a paddle. I wondered if we couldn't mail
him a paddle, if it meant he could come back home, and my mom had said
that was a fine idea. She'd gone out the next day and bought a paddle,
a nice big one she said, and mailed it off to daddy. I didn't believe
her at first, but she showed me the return receipt paper that she'd
filled out.

"When your daddy gets that paddle, he'll have to sign for it and mail
a little postcard back to us." Mom explained while we ate spaghetti-
o's. "That way we'll know for sure he got it and he can't say he

"Oh." I nodded. "You sure you sent him a paddle?"

"Oh yeah, a big one too, honey." My mom had her lips shut tight and
she nodded.

"Okay." I said and I put the papers down, I knew when she looked like
that it wasn't much fun to talk to her. I wasn't dumb though, I knew
the difference between divorce papers and paddles.

Everyone thinks I'm dumb. Like little k**s don't know what's going on,
and I'm not so little anyway. Even when I was twelve, I wasn't dumb. I
had a pretty good idea that letting my dad touch me the way he did was
wrong, but I'd liked it a lot. I'd asked for it, really, although when
I'd tried to explain that to the lady doctor I had to see for awhile,
she'd decided that I was protecting my dad, the way a little girl
would when she was hurt inside.

I guess she could have been right, but I didn't think so. I'd liked
the way it felt being held and kissed and eventually fucked. That's
what it was too, we were fucking, and dad liked me to say it just like
that. We fucked every chance we got too. I'd make up excuses so we'd
have time alone and together, so I knew it wasn't just him. It was me
too and I hadn't told anyone. Dad knew that. He'd trusted me and he
still could, because I hadn't said a thing to get him in trouble.

We'd just got caught and daddy was paying the price.


"Mrs. Sewell, I'm Dan Thayer..." The man was saying and we hadn't even
started unpacking yet.

"Miss Parsons, please." She told the man. "I'm not married anymore."

"Of course." The man nodded and gave my mom a sympathetic smile, then
he noticed me and so did my mom.

"Jenny, take that box to your room, start unpacking your things,
honey." My mom said. "We'll get some pizza later, okay?"

"Sure mom." I nodded and the box was just my stuffed a****ls, so it
was kinda big, but not very heavy.

"You have to excuse the mess, uh who are you again?" My mom asked and
I didn't go to my room at all, but just sat around the corner in the
hallway listening.

"Dan Thayer, I'm the court appointed social worker on Jennifer's
case." The man said. "Can we sit down, Mrs...Miss. Parsons?"

"I don't know what we need you for, Mike's in prison now." My mom
said. "Here, we can sit here. Let me move that...There."

They were sitting on the sofa in that cluttered living room, since all
the rest of the furniture was coming the next day. I opened the box
and grabbed Jim, my pink giraffe. He was pretty cool and I stroked his
long soft neck while they talked.

"I understand that, but obviously the judge is concerned about your
daughter, we all are." The guy said.

"Well, I'm more than capable of taking care of my little girl." Mom
told him.

"I'm sure." The man's voice was gentle. "Let me explain something to
you, something you might not be aware of, Miss Parsons."

"What's that?" My mom was impatient and trying to show it.

"My job is to decide whether or not your daughter stays here." There
was a pause. "This is a decision that I have to make every week."

"You decide?" My mom sounded like she didn't really believe him.

"Oh yes, Miss Parsons." The man assured her. "If I don't think you're
a fit mother, being all of...what? Twenty-seven years old?"


"Twenty-eight, divorced now, working a low income job at...Lucky
Luke's?" The man chuckled. "I have to say, being a stripper Miss

"I'm a waitress and dancer, Mr. Thayer." My mom's voice had an edge to
it. "I'm not a whore."

"...Right." He was still laughing. "A flick of the pen, Miss Parsons and
it won't matter if your Mother Theresa reincarnated. Jennifer will go
to the state and you'll have one less thing to worry about."

"What you want?" My mom sighed.

"Like I said, this is a decision I have to make every week, let's say
Tuesday nights between seven and nine, shall we?" The man asked and I
wondered why it was going to take him two hours to decide if my mom
was a good one or not.

"My night off." My mom gave a little laugh of her own. "What a

"I like to be thorough, Miss Parsons." The man agreed. "Now, if you
wouldn't mind, I know it isn't Tuesday, but..."

"Great." My mom muttered and I heard the sound of a zipper being
pulled down.

"Oh yeah..." He took a long deep breath and let it out slow. "You're a
wonderful mother, I can tell."

The soft and only barely heard sounds of my mom sucking the man's cock
filled my little ears. It really is an unmistakable sound and I'd made
it myself plenty of times with my dad, believe me. That wet lip
smacking sound, the funny little farting sounds, the little moans and
groans. Yeah, I was just twelve years old and pretty dumb, most people
figured, but they didn't know anything about me. Near as I can tell,
the one person in the whole world who did know about me was dead.

His name was Vladimir Nabokov and he once said: Between the age limits
of nine and f******n there occur maidens who, to certain bewitched
travelers, twice or many times older than they, reveal their true
nature which is not human, but nymphic (that is, demoniac); and these
chosen creatures I propose to designate as "nymphets."

It was nice being a nymphet, once I'd found out about Mr. Nabokov. He
was right too and I think I was possessed, or at least corrupt. My dad
was in jail because of me, and I didn't really cry about that very
much, at least not unless I was supposed to. When people were
watching, yeah, I'd cry and pretend like I didn't understand. But when
I was by myself, mostly I just wished my dad was with me, cause I was
pretty horny after he'd gotten arrested.

I was fingering myself while I listened to my mom giving that man a
blowjob. She was doing it for me, or at least that was what she'd be
telling herself, and maybe that was true. But she'd just known him for
fifteen minutes. My mom hadn't slapped him, or tried to throw him out,
or threatened to call someone. She'd just gone down on his cock like
it was nothing. That made it better for me, but not really good. I
think if he'd had to f***e her a little more, maybe if my mom had been
crying, then it would have been really good and I could have made
myself cum even.

As it was though, I just thought my mom was a slut. I mean, she was a
stripper. She'd told me she was a dancer, like in a ballet, and I'd
pretended to believe her. But I wasn't that dumb, I was in sixth grade
and none of my old friends would have believed that either, I was
sure. We all knew what sex was. Some boys brought magazines to school,
like when I was in fourth grade, and fifth, before I'd even got my
first period, I'd seen pictures of people doing it. So don't go
thinking I was dumb like everyone else does.

We'd driven by Lucky Luke's and I'd asked my mom what E-X-O-T-I-C
meant, spelling the word even though I was pretty sure I knew how to
read it. Mom told me it meant special and I'd made like I'd believed
her, but the only thing special about exotic dancing is that the girls
took off their clothes while they did it. Mom should have just told me
that and I was a little disappointed when she didn't.

I think she was embarrassed by it though and I knew she'd looked for
other jobs first, before taking that one. She'd looked hard, but it
was tough finding one that would pay enough just to cover the
babysitter, as if I needed one. I'd tried to talk her out of that, but
she wasn't going to leave me home alone every night, that was for
sure. So some old lady was going to be coming around to watch me
sl**p. What a total waste of money that was going to be.

Probably mom would make a lot though too. She had the looks, that was
for sure. Even after having me, she didn't look much like a mom.
Probably because she'd just been sixteen when I was born, so her body
went right back to shape. I hoped mine would, not that I had a lot of
shape, being barely twelve like I was. My mom had a real shape, with
nice hips and a round butt, smooth flat tummy and big boobs. Real
boobs too, not like fake or anything, and they were great. I hoped I
had big firm bobs like hers when I got older, that would be so cool.

She had blonde hair, like mine, except hers was long and golden, while
mine was long and sort of pale, almost white really. The same blue
eyes though, sort of greenish blue, like the ocean where the water
just starts to get deep. She was beautiful and I always thought my mom
should have been a model, or even an actress maybe, and I think she
did too. I guess it was tough trying to do that and raise a baby
though, so all she'd done was had a portfolio made when she was
eighteen, and mom looked at it sometimes, but then she'd put it away.

I was rubbing my pussy nice while mom sucked the man off. Holding my
pink giraffe with my knees up and legs spread, my little white panty
pulled to the side, just rubbing my finger along the hairless cleft of
my sex. I couldn't wait til I got hair; that would be nice. My pussy
looked pretty boring, I thought. The lips were small and thin, my hole
was tiny, although my dad had stretched it pretty good for awhile
there, but that had been a couple months ago the last time we'd
fucked, and now it was small again. I didn't even have a real clitoris
yet, which was something I wanted more than anything. All I had was a
little bump, a tiny knot of pink flesh at the top of my slit, and it
felt good when I rubbed it, but I suspected when I got a little older
it would feel a lot better than just good.

It was hard waiting to grow up.

Especially since I had a baby in my belly. They talked about aborting
it, if you can believe that. They'd asked me about it, the woman head
doctor, but not directly. She'd sort of talked around it, like let's
make believe I could take a pill and that baby would go away. It would
go to a god place and wait for a real mommy who wanted to have a baby.
Like I wasn't one of those? But I didn't say anything like that, I
just thought about it real hard and told her that I figured God had
put that baby inside me. That's what they said at Sunday school.
Mommy's and daddy's expressed their love and god rewarded them with a
divine touch, the spark of life jumping from his fingertip like God
had been shuffling his feet on the carpet for half an hour.

My mom had wanted me to get the abortion and she'd tried hard to talk
me into it. Ice cream, a kitten, a new bike...She was big on bribery, my
mom was, and any other girl might have fallen for it, but not me. I
liked being pregnant, it made me special, especially since everyone
knew it was my dad's baby inside me. I didn't say that though, mostly
I just cried a lot and talked about how it was a baby and a person and
it wasn't the baby's fault that it was made in my little tummy by my
dad. I couldn't hurt my little baby cause of that.

I guess mom could have made me do it, get the abortion I mean, but she
didn't. The doctor told her not to, I think. We could put it up for
adoption later, or so they talked about while I colored dinosaurs and
sang quietly t myself in the corner. It would be bad for me, having an
abortion, much better to wait and find the c***d a proper home later,
after it was born. They just didn't know that I wasn't going to let my
baby go, not ever. Why would I? But they could think that all they
wanted, I didn't care. My mom would find out later and she'd love my
baby too, I was sure of it. Once my tummy got big, she'd get excited.

I knew I would.

That man my mom was sucking, he liked to talk, which was good. Mostly
he was telling my mom how she was a really great cocksucker. He'd tell
her how beautiful she was with her lips around his dick too. He wasn't
really imaginative and I just kind of half listened while I played
with my pussy, which had gotten pretty wet. Listening to my slut mom
suck off a stranger was pretty cool and I wondered if she'd suck off
anybody, or just guys who had a good reason. I was betting she'd suck
off anyone who would spend more than three minutes trying to talk her
into it. If she was as good as that social worker was saying, well,
mom must have had a lot of practice...And not with my dad.

He'd told me all the stuff mom wouldn't do, and cock sucking was high
on the list.

"Fuck...I'm gonna cum...Keep sucking whore...Oh fuck..." The man was saying
and so I got up quickly, smoothing my dress down over my damp panties.
"Jesus...Swallow it...Ohhhh..."

"Mommy?" I spoke up shyly right when he was shooting. "Can we get
pizza now? I'm hungry."

It was pretty funny watching them because my mom jumped, like three
feet off the sofa I bet and that man's penis was all big and red and
shooting his sperm all over the place. It got on him, on my mom, on
the sofa. Mostly because he was moving to, like standing and turning
and trying to pinch t off, or shove it in his pants, or something. He
probably didn't know what to do and my mom, well, she did look like
she wanted to cry just then.

"Go back to..." My mom took a breath, "...your, honey...Go on..."

"Okay, mommy." I nodded. "What's wrong with him?"

"Huh?" My mom glanced at the man and then pointed. "Nothing, he's...Fine...
Go on now..."

I left them, grabbing my box and taking it to my room and feeling
pretty happy with myself. I couldn't believe my mom would just suck
that guy on the couch, I mean right there where I could walk in on
them. That wasn't too smart and me and my dad had always been a lot
more careful than that, but my mom was a slut. She probably wanted to
get caught, I figured. Maybe not out loud, so to speak, but inside,
way deep down, my mom probably wanted me to catch her doing bad stuff.
She was a little insecure that way, like I'd been fucking my dad and
so I must have loved him more, right? Maybe mommy wanted me to fuck
her too, but she just didn't know how to ask me.

I decided I'd have to think about that a little more.

"Jen?" My mom was knocking on my bedroom door a few minutes later,
after the man had left and she'd washed her face and probably brushed
her teeth. She'd changed her t-shirt too, I noticed, since the other
one had gotten a bit spermy.

"Hey mom, are we gonna get pizza?" I smiled at her and I was sitting
on the floor, putting Harry Potter books in my bookcase.

"Yeah, um, in a bit." My nodded. "Um, that...What you saw, I mean what
we were doing, was, um..."

"It's okay, mom." I shrugged. "I've seen it before."

It wasn't like we were going to pretend it was anything other than it
was, I'd stood there watching the man cum in my mom's mouth, at least
for a couple spurts, before I'd surprised them.

"Right." My mom blinked at me. "Oh, I'm so sorry, honey. Come here."

She needed a hug, or needed me to need one, that's what it really was,
so I got up and we hugged for awhile. Mom apologized and said it was
just one of those things and I should forget about it and all that.
None of it meant anything though and I was getting a little tired of
listening to my mom pour her guilt out on me. It was another clue that
she'd wanted to suck his dick, I thought, cause she sure didn't act
like a woman who'd be f***ed to do it. Yeah, mom had liked it just
fine, I thought, all she'd needed was a reason.

"Is he your boyfriend now, mommy?" I asked and that shut her up

"Can I sl**p with you tonight, mommy?" I asked, standing in the
doorway of my mom's bedroom.

"What? Yeah, honey...Okay...Are you scared?" My mom was already in bed and
she lifted the sheets for me, scooting over a little.

"Kind of." I said, but I wasn't.

"It's okay." Mom nodded and I'd left the door open so the light from
the hallway would shine into her room.

I was wearing my little nightie and fresh panties after my bath. We'd
had pizza and done some more unpacking and then I'd gone to bed. Mom
too, finally, although she'd done some more unpacking in the kitchen.
Once I heard her taking a shower though, I knew she'd be getting into
bed soon, so all I had to do was wait a little bit.

"Maybe I should, uh..." My mom was going to get up as I got in her bed,
just because she wasn't wearing panties.

My mom never wore panties when she went to sl**p and I didn't know
why, but only that it was true. All she liked to wear was a big t-
shirt that was so thin that it was like wearing, I don't know, almost
nothing at all really. I guess it was really comfortable like that

"Can you hold me, mommy?" I said, pulling her arm just to keep her
there. "My room was pretty dark. I don't like it."

"Oh, Jen, yeah. Come here..." That was all it took and mom stayed where
she was, hugging me to her and rubbing my back to make me feel better.

It reminded me quite a lot of my dad, actually. He'd never come to my
room, not at first. I'd always had to come to my parents bedroom,
making up excuses and reasons to get in bed. I tried to do it when the
bed was bumping too, that was the best time. I knew they were fucking,
except I didn't call it fucking back then. I didn't use to swear at
all, but I knew what was going on. Their old bed was pretty noisy.

I'd make them stop though and get in bed, right next to my daddy who
would be all hot and sweaty and trying to hide his swollen cock from
me as I hugged him. That was what I'd liked the most, even though I'd
only been eleven back then. Mom would get him all ready for me and
then I'd be there to finish him off, while she was right next to us.
That was like a secret and just for me at first, but later daddy knew
the secret too and he liked it.

The first few times I didn't really do anything, but one night, when
my mom and dad had really been fucking each other good, I ran into
their bedroom screaming and sort of crying like I'd had a bad dream.
Daddy rolled off my mom and they were both breathing hard.

"Shit..." My mom said, real soft, but I'd heard it.

"Can I sl**p in your bed, Daddy?" I asked him and of course he wasn't
going to say no.

He tried to keep one of the sheets between us, you know, because he
was naked. They had a couple on their bed anyway, mostly kicked down
near the foot, and dad reached down to pull one up for me, but I
wriggled my way under his too and he didn't say anything. He just
looked at my mom, but she'd rolled over on her side, since this was
like the fourth time in a row I'd interrupted them. Mom was a little
mad at me I thought.

Dad was frustrated too, probably, but this night I was going to make
it up to him. I moved slowly, my arm and hand I mean, but I'd move my
whole body too, like I was getting comfortable, and I found his cock
with my fingers. He'd tried to hide it away from me, but I found it
and he gave a soft, very soft gasp as I wrapped my fist around his
penis. He was still sort of hard and really sticky, all wet and I
squeezed it carefully, since I'd never touched one before.

My dad didn't move a muscle either. I squeezed his cock over and over,
since I didn't really know I was supposed to do other stuff, like
slide my hand up and down, but that squeezing must have been okay for
him. He was looking at my face in the dim light, and we were so close
our noses were almost touching, and he licked his lips like he was
going to say something, but he didn't. I just kept on squeezing his
cock and it was so big and hard suddenly, much more than when I'd
started, and I wondered how it ever fit inside my mom. It seemed huge
in my little hand.

That was the first time I made my dad cum and all I did was look at
him and squeeze his cock. He swallowed hard and held his breath and
his body went stiff and he was squirting all over my thighs mostly, my
tummy too a little, and of course my arm and hand, and the very little
bit of bed between us. My dad squirted a lot and at first I thought
he'd peed on me, but I knew better. Daddy's made sperm, I knew that,
and sperm made babies inside the mommies. It was special that way and
I'd seen pictures of people making babies at school, dirty pictures
the boys brought sometimes.

I wanted that sperm inside me. I couldn't see it that first time,
because it was under the covers and in the dark, but I could feel it.
That stuff was warm and wet and kind of greasy thick, like pudding and
I scooped some up, mostly because I wanted to smell it, but I tasted
it too. The smell was weird, like old shoes I thought, but the taste
was salty and maybe a little sour, but not bad. Daddy watched me as I
used my fingers to clean up as much of his sperm as I could, putting
it slowly and silently into my mouth and swallowing it while my mom
slept beside us.

We didn't say a word about what had happened after that. We acted like
everything was normal, but now we had a secret.

The third time it happened, which was pretty much like the first two,
except I'd waited a few weeks so mom wouldn't get suspicious, the
third time dad showed me how to jerk him off. He didn't say anything,
cause mom was right there, but she was snoring too. She sounds like a
baby pig, sorta, it's cute the way she snores and she totally denies
it, of course. But we'd waited until mom fell asl**p and then dad had
put his hand on mine, gently too, like he was afraid of scaring me
away. He put his fingers around mine and started moving our hands back
and forth and it was so nice, I wondered why I hadn't figured that

It was made extra special that night too because while I jerked off my
dad, he kissed me. Softly and carefully in the dark, but a real one.
He tickled my lips with his tongue and I almost laughed, but instead I
opened my mouth and then he was teaching me what tongue kissing was
all about. I loved it! I couldn't get enough of tongue kissing after
that and we did it all the time, whenever we could and not just in bed
at night either. We'd moved our game into the rest of the time too and
when mom was out of the house, for instance, I'd kiss and jerk off my

Mostly in my room, but we'd do it downstairs too. In the living room
sometimes, like if we were watching a movie and mom would say she was
going to run to the store, we'd wave and smile and when the car pulled
out, we'd be kissing. We did it in the kitchen, in the bathrooms, in
their bedroom, even in the garage and in the basement. We'd kiss and
I'd jerk off my dad, catching his cum in my hands mostly, cause he
liked to see me eating his sperm and I really enjoyed it a lot myself.
I'd catch it while daddy jerked himself off at the end, and sort of
lick it from my palms while he watched me. It was messy, a little, and
so I started jerking him off into a glass, and that worked better.

One time I'd just jerked my dad off into a glass when mom came home
early. I was sucking that sperm out of the glass hard when mom walked
into the living room. It doesn't really come out very fast, I guess
cause it's so sticky and gooey, so I was kind of sucking and even
using my tongue and my mom stared at me. It was pretty funny really
and she shook her head, probably thinking I'd tried to make a
milkshake, which I did sometimes. It looked the same, sorta, but they
sure didn't taste the same!

That had been a close call though and so we were a little more careful
after that. Plus I wanted more than just jerking off my dad. I wanted
to do other stuff, like those mommies did in those magazines. Like my
mom did in their bed, you know? My dad wasn't too sure though and
really, he avoided me for a long time after we'd almost gotten caught.
He'd push me away and tell me how it wasn't right and all that
business. But I didn't believe him. His dick was hard all the time and
he had sex with my mom every night, sometimes every morning too, and
at least my mom was happy again. But I wasn't.

He was thinking about me while he fucked her, I knew that much, and it
kinda made me mad.

I finally told daddy that he had to fuck me too. He didn't want to, or
so he said, but I didn't believe that. He was just afraid, but I
wasn't. I told him if he didn't do it, I'd tell mom everything. He
didn't believe me, and he didn't understand why I'd say that. He asked
me if I loved him, and if I did, why I'd ever think about hurting him
like that. I told him that he was hurting me cause he didn't love me
as much as he loved mommy. He should love me just as much, I said, or
maybe even more, since he'd made me. I was a part of him; mommy

I cried then, while we talked, and real tears too. I wasn't lying to
him about how I felt, he was my dad and I loved him. I wanted to do
everything with him and when he wouldn't even kiss me anymore, it felt
an awful lot like he didn't love me at all. Other girls kissed their
dads all the time, so why shouldn't we? That was what had bothered me
the most, the fact that once my dad decided to stop having sex with
me, he'd stopped showing any kind of physical affection, even the
normal stuff. So to make it up to me, we had to fuck. I knew once we
did it the first time, we'd do it a lot after that too. I think my dad
knew it as well, which was maybe why he was so reluctant.

So he called my bluff, since I was just an eleven year old.

"Mommy, I have to tell you something about me and daddy..." I said at
the dinner table.

"What's that, honey?" My mom looked at me and my dad was having a
heart attack, which was frightening since he was so young.

"He said he'd take me to see that circus tonight, but he forgot." I
lied, but she knew my dad was like that. Making promises and
forgetting them later. Not big things and not all the time, but often
enough that it was one of mom's pet peeves and I knew it.

"Is that right?" My mom nodded. "Well, I don't think we're very busy
tonight, are we dear?"

"Uh..." My dad was recovering from his near death experience.

"But he said it would be our special night, just me and him." I whined
and only a c***d can get away with excluding a loved one like that. I
had good instincts, even back then.

"Oh." My mom made a little face, but she recovered. "Well, I guess you
guys should have a special night. It'll give me a chance to uh, read a

Mom's are like that, I mean they can take a lot more than people
think, just because they're like 98 percent love and only two percent
everything else, at least when it comes to their only c***d.

"I...I'm sorry, Pam, I forgot..." My dad was looking at my mom and
apologizing for something totally not his fault and that was seriously
cool. Mom was a little miffed at being left out, but not at me, she
was mad at dad.

"Sure, you guys have fun." My mom nodded. "Just bring me back some
cotton candy, okay? The purple kind."

"Okay mommy!" I smiled so big and jumped up to give her such a warm
and happy hug that mom would be happy to stay home alone, just for
that reaction from me. "I love you mommy! I'm going to get you a big
cotton candy, okay?"

"Okay, honey." Mom laughed. "Just be a good girl for your father."

"Oh, I will!" I wiggled my eyebrows and giggled and mom had no clue
that me and daddy be in a motel room an hour later getting ready to
bust my little cherry hard.

It wasn't hard to talk daddy into it at all, believe me, not after the
little thing at the dinner table. It would have been just as easy for
me to say something else, and he knew it.

"Are you sure you're eleven?" Daddy asked me in the car, and I think
he was sorta serious.

"I dunno." I giggled.

A little bit later we were in room 214 at the Holiday Inn. That's
Valentine's Day, which I thought was pretty cool and I teased my daddy
that he'd asked for that room on purpose, but he denied it. He also
started wanting to talk to me for some reason, going on and on about
how it had been wrong for us to do those things, like we could take
them back somehow, or forget about them. He must have really thought I
was dumb and I wasn't very happy with my dad.

"Don't you love me anymore, daddy?" I asked him and I was going to cry

"Of course I do, Jen. I don't want to hurt you, I want to protect

"It'll only hurt a little, I think." Cause that's what I'd heard from
Mary Lee Gibson's cousin, Cindy Beth Gibson, who was f******n and
she'd had sex with her other cousin, but I didn't know him.

"That's not what I mean, Jenny." Daddy was sitting next to me. "I
don't want to hurt you here..." he touched my chest lightly. " your

"You're hurting me there right now." I told him and then I was crying.

"Jen..." He stroked my back and even laid down next to me, trying to
make me stop.

"I'm going to tell mom everything." I said. "I'm going to tell her how
you're being mean to me."

"I'm not being mean, I'm being responsible." My dad tried. "You'll
understand that some day. Please, come on, you have to trust me. I'm
your father."

"I'm gonna tell." I said, my voice muffled through the pillow. "You're
a liar!"

He tried for an hour, I bet, but I wasn't going to leave that room
without getting fucked. I'd decided that already and there wasn't a
thing he could do about it. I knew he wanted it too, as soon as he let
me unzip his pants and find his hard cock, I knew he was a total liar.
He was sitting on the bed and I was on my knees and his cock was as
big as I'd ever seen it. I couldn't get my little fingers all the way
around him, he was so thick. And long? I could have had three hands
one atop the other, and had a little room at the end. My dad had a big
dick, which explained a lot about why my mom would get so frustrated
sometimes when I interrupted their sex.

"Do you want me to kiss it for you, daddy?" I asked him and when my
dad gave up, he gave up totally.

"Yeah, baby, give daddy's cock a kiss..."

I spent half an hour on my knees learning how to suck my dad's dick. I
wasn't too good at it and my mouth was way too small, but daddy didn't
seem to mind. I could get the head in my mouth and then I'd just go
crazy with my tongue, licking it all over and jerking him off the way
he liked. My lips were stretched tightly around the shaft and I had a
hard time breathing at first, cause I'd been crying and my nose was
stuffy, but once I started to get it, I got it good.

"Oh Jennnnnny..." My dad was smiling and I'd look up at him with my big
blue eleven year old eyes, my pale blonde hair falling around my
innocent face, and I'd wash his cockhead like it was the best tootsie
pop in the world.

I played with his balls too, after he suggested it and even lifted
himself up so he could get his pants and underwear all the way off.
Daddy had big hairy balls too, full of the same sperm that had made
me, and I washed those too, just cause dad asked me too. He really
liked seeing me sucking one of his balls into my mouth and it seemed
kind of nasty at first, I mean it was a man's ball, you know, and
hairy which sorta tickled my tongue at first, til it got all wet with
spit. I liked it though and besides, I'd sucked his dick anyway and he
peed out of there, so balls couldn't be bad, right?

I sucked dad's balls good and jerked him off and I even licked my
dad's butthole! I swear, it was really weird, but it didn't taste bad.
I was sort of lifting his balls in my hand and licking underneath,
since I hadn't cleaned there yet, and he was way on the edge of the
bed and somehow my tongue just got right there by my dad's butt. He
jumped a little, well jerked really, not jumped, but he seemed to like
it and it seemed like totally bad, so I wanted to do it more than
ever. I wanted to do all that bad stuff suddenly and licking my dad's
butthole had to be like the worst thing ever. Mom wouldn't do it, I
bet, but that made me want to do it even more. So like five different
reasons were in my little head and daddy didn't stop me. He fell back
on the bed and lifted his legs and told me to eat his ass!

That's when I knew for sure that my dad was such a total liar and I
couldn't ever trust him. He'd been telling me it was all wrong and we
shouldn't even kiss and he was my protector, like a knight on a horse
and everything cause I was his princess, and now he was grabbing the
back of his knees and pulling his legs up so I could lick and kiss and
suck his butthole. What a bad, bad daddy he was!

I did it for him though, cause I was just a dumb k**. I didn't know
any better. I thought all little girls loved their daddies this way,
don't you know? I licked the soft skin and then the funny little hole
all brown and wrinkled and daddy was nodding his head and telling me
how good it felt. He wanted me to put my finger in his butt, so I did,
licking his little pucker and my finger too, getting it wet so I could
push it inside, and it wasn't hard. My finger was tiny anyway, so I
don't know why that felt so good, but daddy said it did.

He told me to keep fingering him while I sucked his cock some more. He
was going to cum, that's what he told me, he was going to cum and this
time he wanted me to drink it right from his cock. He was going to
shoot his cum down my throat, right into my belly, and I wouldn't need
to catch it, or use a glass, or anything. All I had to do was keep my
mouth on his dick, jerk him off, and keep wiggling my finger around in
his wet slippery butt.

Cum tastes better when it comes straight out of a dick. I don't know
why, but it's true, and I found that out at the Holiday Inn when I was
eleven years old. I had my first taste of daddy's sperm shooting
straight from his balls into my mouth. I swallowed at first, but it
was a lot and it made me cough. It didn't look like that much when I
jerked him off into a glass, but it was a whole bunch when I jerked
him off into my mouth. I coughed and choked and swallowed and a lot of
daddy's sperm sort of exploded out around his dick, out of the corners
of my tightly stretched lips. But I got most of it, and what I didn't
I licked up after my dad was done cumming.

"Oh, Christ that was good, Jen..." My dad was breathing hard while I
sort of sc****d sperm off my blouse. I hadn't even got naked yet.

"Can we do it now?" I asked him, because I really did want to fuck.

All that sucking and licking and kissing had sort of made me feel
funny inside, like the way it did when me and daddy would kiss. I felt
hot, like I had a fever, and my pussy was a little wet, like I'd
forgot to wipe myself after peeing, you know, and I got my panties a
little wet. But it was different than that, cause it felt wet way up
inside too, like there was a something, I don't know, a hot spring in
my tummy. My nipples would itch too, like they were growing, but it
wasn't major. None of it was, it just seemed sort of funny and I
noticed it, but it didn't make me crazy. My body didn't really know
about sex yet, or even want it, but my brain did. That was the part of
me that was all turned on and ready.

"Uh..." My dad chucked and gave me a look like I was asking for a
miracle. "...Give me a couple minutes, okay?"

"Sure." I shrugged and I eyed my dad's cock and it did look pretty
soft, which made me frown. "Does mom do that stuff?"

"What stuff?" My dad was pulling his t-shirt off, since that was all
he was wearing, so I decided to undress too.

"Like, all that stuff." I giggled. "Does she lick your butt?"

"No..." My dad laughed and shook his head. "...Definitely not."

"I didn't think so." I smiled and I had my blouse off and I rubbed my
boobs a little, even though I didn't have any. My nipples looked
bigger though, so maybe that meant something.

"Your mom doesn't even kiss my dick." My dad told me.

"Really?" I pursed my lips. "Why not?"

"I don't know." My dad shrugged. "I guess she thinks it's dirty or

"I bet she'd be good at it." I giggled. "Mom's got a big mouth,

"Yeah, she does." My dad laughed some more. "Take off your shorts and
panties, I'll kiss you, okay?"

"You can kiss me anyway!" I giggled and leaned over, but daddy had
meant something else.

"I know, but I mean I want to kiss your pussy." Dad smiled.

"Down here?" I sort of looked down.

"Yeah...Do you want to try it?"

"Yeah." I giggled, like why wouldn't I?

I got undressed in a hurry and daddy promised this would feel good for
me, really good he said, plus it would help make his cock hard again.
I was all for that stuff and so I didn't complain at all when daddy
had me lie down on the bed, my head propped up on some pillows so I
could see him, and he got right down between my skinny creamy white
thighs. He kissed me slowly and I laughed because he hadn't shaved
since that morning and the stubbly black hair on his cheeks tickled,
but pretty soon I wasn't laughing at all anymore.

He was kissing my pussy nice and it was like nothing else in the
world. I mean I figured it would feel, I dunno, like getting kissed on
the cheek, or like when I sort of kissed my arm to make farting
noises. That didn't feel like much of anything, but daddy kissing my
pussy, that was like he was kissing my mouth, tongue kissing me,
except different. No, it was the same, kinda, but not really. I don't

Daddy was tongue kissing my pussy, that was for sure and if I'd
thought all that sex stuff was just in my brain before, it was down
there now. My pussy was like shivering inside and there were ants on
my skin, or just under my skin, crawling all around. I felt like some
part of me that I'd never knew existed had fallen asl**p and now it
was waking up to pins and needles as bl**d and oxygen and all those
good feelings rushed into it. But I didn't know what that part of me
was. I couldn't point to it and say, this is where it is. It was just
down there someplace, and it was making me crazy!

"Oh daddy!" I couldn't breathe and I was just watching the top of his
head mostly, his thick black hair between my legs.

I could hear him, soft slurping and wet tongue and kisses and sighs
and moans and all of that, except half of it was coming from me and I
didn't know it. I was moaning a lot and I had my fingers in his hair
and I was lifting my little butt hard, rocking my little pussy against
daddy's mouth and pressing my thighs against his scratchy face. I was
feeling good and my pussy was like a hand, like I was making a fist
between my legs, that's what it felt like, and daddy was trying to get
his tongue in between my fingers.

"Are you okay, Jen?" My daddy was red faced and smiling and looking up
at me. He had his hands under me by then, holding my little ass in his
big hands and squeezing me.

"Uh-Huh." I swallowed hard and nodded and I thought my dad was going
to kiss me down there some more, I wished he would, but instead he was
crawling up the bed.

"I'm going to fuck you now, okay?" He was so big then, crawling over
me, on top of me, he seemed huge and my heart was pounding and my
lungs were on fire. I couldn't get enough air it seemed like.

"Okay." I whispered.

"That's what you want, right Jen?" My dad said and he made it sound
like a punishment almost. "You want to get fucked?"

"Yeah." I shivered and I was a little scared, cause it was really
going to happen.

"Ask me to fuck you." Dad told me.

"" I was staring up at him and I felt tiny.

"No, you have to ask." My dad shook his head. "This is what you want,
so ask me nice."

"Please, fuck me daddy?" I said softly and I might have been crying,
but I didn't know why. "Will you fuck me?"

"Yeah, I'll fuck you." And he was lifting my legs, getting them over
his shoulders and he was really going to do it.

I guess dad was a little excited and a little mad, because he really
hadn't wanted to d this, but in his secret place he did. Like he it
was okay if he wanted it and nobody knew and we never did it. He'd
have been just fine with that. He could have thought of me while he
fucked my mom and nobody would know or even care. But I was making him
do it for real and so he had to look at himself every day and he
couldn't avoid it. He'd be a guy who fucked his own little girl. He
didn't want to be one of those guys, but I was making him do it, like
I said, and so he loved me. He wanted me. But he didn't like me very

That's why I think it hurt so much the first time we did it, even
though it probably would have hurt a lot anyways cause I was just
eleven and his dick was pretty big anyway. But I'll always believe it
hurt just a little extra because my daddy wanted it to. He was
spanking me with it, sort of, not really, but you know what I mean.
Punishing me with his cock when he took my virginity.

I could feel him rubbing it around my slit and I was seriously wet
now. My juices and his saliva all mixed together. I was as wet and
ready as I'd ever be and daddy just worked the smooth shiny and now
very hard head of his cock along my slit, up and down, over and over,
working the head inside my little girl crease and he found my hole
finally, the too small entrance to my cunt. He found it and pushed a
little, just enough to get his cockhead in the right place, like it
was perched there and all he had to do was push.

I held my breath and daddy leaned down, covering my mouth with hs and
forcing his tongue inside like a big warm wet gag and then he did push...
Hard! I screamed into his lungs, my little fingers clutching at my
dad's bare sweaty skin. He tore my little pussy open with his cock,
driving God only knew how much of it inside me with the first thrust,
but it was enough. I was sobbing and trembling and pounding my fists
against him to stop. He'd ripped my hymen to shreds and split the
unprepared walls of my pussy easily around him.

He held us like that for many minutes, while my body burned with the
pain, sharp at first but eventually growing dull, like the flames of a
fire dying to glowing embers. I was hurt inside and it was done, I
knew that much at least. It had hurt worse than I'd thought it would,
but it was done. Daddy lifted his mouth so I could breathe, so both of
us could drink cool air.

"I hate you." I said and I meant it, cause he'd hurt me.

"I love you." My daddy sighed and then he kissed me again and I
welcomed his lips and tongue and wrapped my arms around his neck and
then he was moving and it hurt all over again.

He fucked me with half his cock, maybe. I mean I didn't know, but it
couldn't have been the whole thing, not that first time, and neither
of us needed it to be. He just fucked me with slow short strokes while
we kissed and he lasted maybe five minutes, ten at the most, before he
was cumming inside me. I hadn't had my first period yet and so we
weren't overly concerned about it and I mean him really, I wouldn't
have cared anyway. I sort of thought I was gonna pregnant right away
and I was disappointed when I wasn't.

Daddy held me tight though and kissed me hard and he was cumming
inside me which actually felt good for me. The fucking hurt, I mean it
never felt good. But when he came and he stopped moving and just
flooded my tender little pussy with warm soft sperm, it felt good. It
was the best feeling I ever had from daddy cumming inside me, that
first time. Mostly, later after I was used to it and we were fucking
all the time, I didn't really notice the sperm coming out. I knew he
was cumming, but it wasn't really noticeable or distinct, at least not
like that first time. That was like a bath for my pussy, a sperm bath
to sooth the pain away, and you know what? It worked, I think. I did
feel better.

I was surprised at how much bl**d there was too. Not like I was
bleeding to death, but yeah, it was more than just a cut finger. It
sorta freaked me out and my dad too, I think, but once he got a wet
towel and cleaned me up it was better. It hadn't really been that
much, I guess. It just looked like a lot cause of the white sheets
maybe, and my milky white skin too.

Dad cleaned me up nice and himself too, since he was kind of bl**dy as
well, and then he went down to the front desk to get some Tylenol for
me. I wanted three, cause my pussy hurt a lot and I didn't think I was
ever gonna walk again, but dad only let me have two since I was pretty
small. They worked good though and dad put hot towels on my pussy and
I even slept for a little bit. I was surprised at how tired fucking
could make me.

I don't think my dad slept at all though and he woke me up so we could
go home, saying we were sorta late already.

Mom never knew, well I mean she did eventually, but not for a long
time. I'd been right too, after that first time we fucked, me and my
dad did it all the time, except we waited like two weeks after the
first time, since I was really sore for awhile. I had to make up an
excuse for my mom the next morning and I told her I'd been on a teeter-
totter thing at the circus, up in the air, when the bigger girl just
got off and let me drop on my butt. That had happened before,
actually, and it had hurt, which was where I'd got the idea. My mom
believed me and she gave me some Tylenols too.

"I didn't know they had teeter-totters at the circus." That was all
she said and I just shrugged. We hadn't gotten her any cotton candy
either, but she didn't seem to notice that.

By the time my twelfth birthday had come around me and my dad were
really good at fucking. It felt really, really good, except when he'd
push a little too hard sometimes and sort of crash his cock into the
bottom of my pussy, but daddy was pretty careful about that and
sometimes, like one in while when I was cumming good, I sort of wanted
him to do that anyway. I'd had my first orgasm like oh, maybe the
tenth time we fucked and I thought I was dying. I was scared by it,
because it just happened and I think I scared my dad a little too,
cause I was kind of thrashing around and screaming and he didn't know
what was going on. We had a good laugh about it later though.

Orgasms are really fucking great!

I just wish they happened more often, but I guess that's why they're
so special. Anyway, daddy fucked me good for my birthday and I
couldn't say for sure, no one can except God and he isn't talking, but
I think that was when my daddy finally gave me a baby. I never did get
my first period. It just never happened and so we never thought about
it and we fucked every day, I swear. My mom was getting a little mad
too, because my dad hardly ever fucked her anymore and she'd complain.
She'd like tell my dad to go buy some Viagra, as if I wouldn't know
what that was? I'd watched daytime TV all summer long, believe me, I
got more education from Oprah, and Dr. Phil, and Ellen...

Daddy didn't need any Viagra though, that was for sure. If he couldn't
make his dick hard for mom, it was only cause all his sperm was inside
my pussy. We'd do it just about in front of her too, like dad would be
in the garage, working on his car or fixing the lawn mower, and I'd
come out in a dress without even any panties on, and he'd bend me over
quick. We'd fuck for five minutes, without even talking really, or
kissing or anything, we'd just do it, and then I'd smile and wave and
run back into the house to the bathroom.

Mom had to be getting suspicious. How couldn't she? You can't fuck
about a gazillion times and live in the same house with someone and
pretend like she won't know. Sometimes she'd find my panties, you
know, like if daddy fucked me and I didn't wash my pussy out right
away, which I didn't always, well my panties would get seriously wet
with sperm and girly goo. I didn't really pay much attention, so maybe
I am dumb that way, but I just didn't think about it. Mom should have
just dumped the hamper into the washing machine, But of course she had
to separate the clothes, for one thing, and for another she was kind
of waiting on my period too, so she'd check my panties for spotting. I
had no idea she did that, but she did. And she found spots all right,
big old sticky spots of half dried cum, for one thing.

My dad told her, and this is kind of funny actually, my dad told her
he would jerk off in my panties. That was his excuse and can you
imagine telling your wife that? Telling her that you jerk off in your
little girl's panties after she takes them off and throws them in the
hamper, and all the while you haven't fucked your wife in like three
months or something? My mom went pretty crazy for awhile, but at least
she thought it was just my dad being a pervert. She believed him and
my dad just told me to be more careful, that's how bad we were being.
We didn't even slow down!

So yeah, on my twelfth birthday, just before my party, my daddy gave
me a nice hard fuck in the bathroom. He shot so much sperm way up
inside me it was like my tummy bulged out, I mean I could see it, but
my daddy was skeptical when I showed it to him. He'd put a lot in me
though, and extra deep, since I was twelve now and he'd got his
cockhead right up against the bottom of pussy, right where the
entrance to my womb has to be. That cervix thingy, he was shooting me
there and it made me cum too, which I always figured opened my up
maybe a little extra, you know.

I didn't wash myself out either, cause I was twelve and feeling bad
and wicked and happy and full of daddy's sperm for my birthday. So I
went to my party and played pin the tail on the donkey, and busted up
a piñata, and had cake and ice cream. I opened presents and smiled for
the camera and got my twelve spanking from my dad, right on my butt
while daddy's sperm was leaking from my pink little pussy. It was the
best time of my life and it's so cool showing people my party pictures
and thinking to myself, I was full of sperm in that picture...and that
one...and that one too. And maybe I even had a baby inside me.

Two weeks later I was puking my guts out after supper. My stomach felt
so bad and I was crying, I mean it was terrible. I wouldn't stop
throwing up, all night long. My mom took me to the doctor and my dad
went to work, but he was worried too. They thought I had food
poisoning or something. The doctors did too and so they took urine and
bl**d and even put a funny light thing down my throat like maybe they
could see something in my tummy, but it was empty. I was there dry
heaving into a bed pan when the nurse called my mother away. The
doctor and the nurse and my mom all stood talking for a minute and
then my mom fell down.

They woke her up eventually and talked some more and I guess the
doctors had to call the police, since I was only twelve years and two
weeks old. My mom sat by me, but she didn't even have to ask. She knew
my daddy had fucked me and I was sorta glad I didn't have to tell her.
Mom looked pretty mad.

"Would you rub my tummy for me, mommy?" I asked softly, laying in her
bed in our new house in our new city.

"Are you okay?" My mom asked, cause I was just two, or maybe three
months pregnant then.

"Yeah." I nodded. "I just like it when you rub my tummy."

"Okay." My mom agreed and I made her wait a second cause I wanted to
take my nightie off.

I was naked except for my little panties and my mom was naked except
for her really thin t-shirt. I liked it like that and when I felt her
hand on my tummy, which wasn't big at all yet, but maybe just a bit
more round if you used your imagination, it felt good. The doctor said
I'd be showing son and he thought I was just like ten weeks or so,
maybe only nine, but he said I'd show early because I was just twelve
and so little. He said they'd have to watch me extra close too and
when I had my baby, they'd probably have to do a c-section, but maybe
not. I hoped not, they hadn't told me exactly what that was, but I got
the idea they'd have to cut my tummy open and that was pretty scary.

"Can you feel anything?" I asked my mom.

"Nope." My mom smiled in the soft light of the hallway as it came
through her open bedroom door.

"I can't wait to feel it kicking and stuff." I sighed.

"You will, honey." My mom sighed too, but for a different reason

"Did I used to kick a lot?"

"Oh yeah." My mom smiled at me and her hand was so gently. "You were
really fussy, especially after dinner."

"Oh yeah?" I giggled, even though I'd heard that before a lot.

"Uh-huh." My mom nodded. "But after you were born, you were such a
good baby. You didn't cry at all."

"I hope I have a good baby." I put my hand on top of mom's, sort of
guiding her hand under mine.

"Do you think my boobs will get big?" I wondered, and I was sliding
her hand up to my nipples because they were puffy and a little achy.

"Uh, maybe...I suppose." My mom wasn't sure she wanted to be rubbing my
flat little chest, but I wasn't letting her go.

"That feels so good, mommy." I sighed. "I want to have big boobs like

"You're still young, honey." My mom reassured me. "It'll happen."

"And milk too. Will I get milk, mommy?" I asked, looking at her face
as I pushed and pulled her fingertips around my left nipple.

"We should go to sl**p." My mom said. "We have a lot of unpacking to
do tomorrow."

"Just a little more, mommy...Please? My nipples hurt kinda." I told her
an I was only sorta lying, they actually felt so good it was like they

"We shouldn't..." My mom started, just like my daddy had, and I knew she
wanted to.

"It's okay mommy, just a little bit." I nodded my head and mom was
nodding too. She liked my nipples, small and puffy and even a little
hard as they tried to grow, tried to fill up with milk. But it was too
soon for that.

"Just a little." My mom licked her lips and I smiled at her.

We rubbed my nipples for several minutes, first one and then the other
and I could feel myself getting moist. I almost wished my daddy was
there too fuck me again, but he'd had his turn and now he was up the
river without a paddle. It was mommy's turn now and she had to love
me; I was all she had left in the whole world. Mommy would love me
good, just like daddy had, and it would be fun and different and I'd
be her special girl.

"Do you want me to rub yours too, mommy?" I asked her. "It feels
really good."

"No, um, that's okay..." Mom withdrew her fingers then, and I didn't
stop her.

I knew she'd say no the first time, but that would just make it easier
for her to say yes another time. She might say no to me three or four
or a dozen times, but every one of those no's would cost her a little
and eventually she wouldn't have enough willpower left in the bank.
She'd think about me in between all the times she said no, imagining
what saying yes might be like, and that would cost her too, I thought,
the same way it had cost my daddy.

It wouldn't take a dozen no's, not even half that many, I thought. She
was curious and wanting to be loved as much as daddy had been. Mom was
a beautiful woman and she knew it, and she was still young and
desirable and she'd lost her husband to me. That would make her wonder
too. I hoped she was jealous, and I thought maybe she was, but she
loved me too much to show it, and blamed my dad for everything. I just
wanted to know what it was like to be helpless.

I slept with her every night for a week, always coming into her room
and always asking, until one night I was already there, waiting for
her and if my mom was surprised by that, she didn't show it. I was
changing her already and it made me happy inside and when my mom
hesitated just for a moment before undressing in front of me it made
me giggle. It made me feel grown up because mom hadn't been shy like
that before I'd gotten pregnant, but now she was.

She looked through her panty drawer, wrapped n a towel after her
shower, and I knew she was wondering if she really had to put a pair
on. I'd come to her bed seven nights in a row and she'd been naked
from the waist down every time. Nothing had happened. I was only
twelve, mom was in charge anyway. That's what she was thinking. And we
were both girls, mother and daughter, and so why did she have to
change? She decided she didn't and I smiled because I wasn't wearing
any panties either, just my nightie and that wasn't much at all.

"Rub my tummy, mommy." I told her and it wasn't a question.

She did it for me every night and by this time I didn't even have to
put my hand on hers. She would rub my little tummy for a while and
gradually her hand would move higher and higher, feeling my flat chest
and then the soft bumps of my nipples, which were already hard. Just
being close to my mom was enough for that. I could smell her, all
clean and sweet and soft. That has its own smell, you know, softness,
and even a taste on the tip of your tongue. I could taste her on the
air and I imagined myself bathing in her like that.

There was something else besides, another flavor that I'd recognized
immediately. When I'd come into her room tonight the bed had been
hastily made and still warm, still damp with sweat and I could smell
him. It was Tuesday and I'd been in my room, looking at words without
reading them, and listening to that bed squeaking and rattling and
thumping. The social worker had come, to see if my mother was fit to
be my mom, and he'd spent his two hours in bed with her.

I didn't like it. He was taking something of mine, that's how it felt.
She was my mom and not his at all. He was using me to use her and in
my little brain that was bad. I lay there, feeling my mom, well fucked
and well washed, playing with my nipples. She wasn't just rubbing
them, she was pinching and pulling and thumbing them so that I would
arch my back and gasp when it was just right. She liked that now and
even that man's cock inside her pussy wasn't going to change that, but
it could someday, if I wasn't careful.

I'd have to do something about him, about that man. That's what I was
thinking and I started wondering if he wouldn't like me to sit in his
lap and call him uncle and give him happy kisses when he came to
visit. Secret kisses, that we wouldn't tell my mom about. If he'd fuck
me mom, he'd fuck me, why wouldn't he? Everything I knew about people
and men I'd learned from my dad. I'd make him want me, I could do
that, I'd had a lot of practice. I'd make him want me and even let him
have me and then I'd send him up the river, where he belonged.

"What's so funny?" My mom asked me.

"I was thinking about that man." I told my mom honestly. "That Mr.

"Oh." My mom stopped moving her hand for a moment. "Do you like him?"

"Not really." I shook my head. "Do you?"

"Not really." My mom smiled. "But sometimes we have to be nice to
people we don't like."

"Yeah." I nodded and mom was playing with my nipples again as I lay on
my side facing her.

I reached out, slowly in case mom wanted to stop me, and I took her
left breast in my small hand. It was on the top as she lay on her
right side, and heavy and form and my mom shivered but she didn't stop
me. I pressed my palm against it and her nipple was hard already, much
harder than mine and I rubbed it around slowly.

"I love your boobs, mommy." I told her.

"I love yours too." She said and it was like she was letting out a
sigh of relief, finally saying something she'd kept inside for too

"Really?" I smiled at her and my mom nodded. "Do you want to kiss
them, mommy?"

"I..." My mom hesitated and licked her lips.

"Can kiss yours?" I asked. "Like I'm a baby again? Can I do that?"

"Yeah." Her voice cracked and I knew she'd wanted that for a long
time, maybe since I'd stopped nursing as a baby.

"I'll be your baby again, if you want, mommy." I whispered and I moved
closer and she helped me with her t-shirt, pulling it up abover her
tits, but not completely off, not yet.

"Suck mommy's tits, honey...Ohhh..."

She hitched a sharp breath as my mouth found her nipple and if she was
shy with me before, now she wasn't at all. Her arms went around me and
it was like she was cradling me to her, stroking my hair and back
while I pulled her nipple hard into my mouth. I wished she had milk
for me, warm and sweet, but she didn't. I suckled her like a newborn
though, literally, using my tongue against her flesh and even my
teeth, biting and nibbling at her stiff nipple.

Mom kissed my head and neck and cheeks and when I lifted my mouth from
her tit I found her lips easily. She was ready now, ready to kiss me
finally, and I needed that. I let her do it. I didn't kiss her, mom
was kissing me and it was important because she was older, she was in
charge, and she was the one doing it to me. It had to be that way at
first and so her tongue filled my mouth and I sucked it and tickled it
with mine. After this it would never be the same, never ever again.

"We can't do this." My mom breathed a few minutes later and she was
pushing me away.

I didn't say anything. My dad had been the same way and I knew mom
would change her mind. The next time we kissed, I'd jerk her of too, I
promised her that silently, with my eyes, and maybe she understood,
but probably not. She was just confused is all, not sure how or why
she'd started playing with my nipples, or letting me kiss hers. The
want was in her, but she was so used to denying t that it felt strange
not to. So she was trying to find normal again, but that was gone
forever now. Normal didn't exist cause were doing it, mom and me, we
were going to fuck soon and she knew it.

I wasn't exactly sure how two girls fucked, but I figured it had to
feel pretty good, I mean since we were both girls. Mom would know even
better than my dad what felt good for me and I'd just do the same
thing for her. I was hungry for it, starving to fuck my mom and most
of all I just wanted to feel her tits on mine. My puffy titties
rubbing her big full ones. I don't know why I liked that so much, but
I did, and it was hard not to try and talk her into doing more right
then, but I had to wait. Girls are different than boys and if mom was
like me, she wouldn't be rushed, she'd be patient and so I had to

Mom would tell me when the time was right.

"Hi, Mr. Thayer!" I smiled at him.

I was sitting on the front steps and it was Tuesday night, five
minutes before seven. He was right on time, like I knew he would be.
He wasn't an ugly man, not handsome either, but just a guy with a bit
of a tummy and thinning hair. He'd have to really be funny, or smart,
or rich, or something to get a woman like my mom to fuck him. Mr.
Thayer wasn't any of those things though, he was just ruthless, which
is a pretty cool word and I liked using it a lot. I'd read it in my
Harry Potter book and I'd looked it up in my dictionary, and Mr.
Thayer was ruthless when it came to fucking my mom.

"Uh, hi, Jennifer." He smiled back.

He stopped and looked down at me and I was wearing some shorts, really
loose ones too, and I had my knees up and spread, sort of wagging them
in and out so he could see I was just wearing some little red panties
underneath. He could see everything and I was showing it to him.

"Do you think my tummy is getting big yet?" I asked him.

I leaned back on my arms, arching myself a little and my t-shirt was
way too small. It showed off my tummy and my nipples especially, which
were always puffy it seemed like, but especially since I'd been
pinching them while I'd waited.

"Uh..." He licked his lips and he wasn't really looking at my tummy at
all. I figured red must have been his favorite color in the whole
world right about then.

"You know what?" I smiled.

"Uh..." He cleared his throat and pulled his briefcase in front of his
crotch like he was hiding behind it. "...What?"

"I'm gonna have my baby and I ain't even had my first period yet." I
giggled. "Ain't that funny?"

"Yeah." He said slowly with a nod.

"I thought of something else too." I leaned forward again, sort of
lowering my voice in case somebody might hear.

"What's that, Jenny?" Mr. Thayer leaned forward too.

"I can't get pregnant." I lifted my eyebrows and grinned.

"What do you mean?" He looked confused and so he went back to looking
at my panties.

"I mean if I did it some more." I shrugged. "I wouldn't get pregnant
cause I already am!"

"Ohhhh...well, yeah..." Mr. Thayer looked back at my eyes and blinked.

"Isn't that cool?" I asked him.

"That's...Yeah..." He laughed nervously, but now I knew he was interested
and that was all I'd wanted to know, really.

"My mom's working tomorrow night." I frowned. "She got an old lady
babysitting me, but she always falls asl**p early."

"Is that right." Mr. Thayer blinked some more.

"Yeah." I nodded. "She's pretty boring. What do you do for fun?"

"Me?" He almost choked. "I, uh, well...I'm married, so..."

"Oh." I smiled at that. "Too bad. I don't have any friends, I was
thinking maybe you could be my friend."

"Well, sure." Mr. Thayer said. "I'm your friend, of course."

"Would you come over and play with me sometime?" I asked giving him a
little smile.

"I, well, maybe your mom would..."

"She wouldn't have to know." I pursed my lips and looked up at him.
"I'm really good at keeping a secret."

"That's, uh..."

"You could be my secret friend, if you wanted to." I told him, biting
my lip and spreading my legs a little wider.

"I'd like that very..."

Just then the door was opening and my mom was there.

"Oh...I didn't realize you were here." Mom gave Mr. Thayer a look and
then she looked at me, but I'd closed my legs tight anyway and I just
looked up at her.

"Mr. Thayer was asking me if I'd made any friends, mommy." I made a
face. "But I told him there weren't too many k**s around here."

"Yeah, I know dear." My mom nodded sympathetically. "When school
starts, it'll be better."

"Yeah." I nodded.

"So why don't you go watch a little television, okay? I think Mr.
Thayer wants to talk to me for a little bit now." Mom said, meaning of
course that Mr. Married Thayer was going to give my mom a serious
fucking because he'd be thinking of me.

"Sure mom." I sighed and got up slowly. "See ya later, Mr. Thayer."

"Uh, yeah." He replied. "See ya later, Jenny."

I went into the house knowing my mom was a little nervous at seeing me
talk to Mr. Thayer all by myself. Not cause she thought we were up to
no good, but because she was afraid I'd let something slip, like the
fact that mommy liked to rub my tits and let me suck her nipples
sometimes. I understood that immediately and so tonight, after she was
done with Mr. Thayer and his cock, I'd have to make sure we did that
some more, cause if fucking my dad had taught me nothing, it had
taught me that being scared for just a minute was really good for
having sex later.

I didn't know why that was true, only that it was. Mom would be all
worried and even once she was over it, the thought would still be
there. She'd want to kiss me, I figured, she'd want to play with my
nipples and feed me her tits, just because we hadn't done it in a week
and now she'd almost thought she'd been caught. So if she was going to
be caught, she might as well do it. I mean she was already guilty, so
why stop? It doesn't make any sense, but it's the brain trying to make
sense of something, like talking yourself into doing something wrong
just because you already did it and now you knew you'd gotten away
with it. See?

Me neither.

But it works and I was going to use it later, once Mr. Thayer was done
fucking me in his head while his big cock fucked my mom. I didn't
watch television, I just went to my room and played with my pussy
while I listened to them. I was all small down there again, or so it
seemed like. I hadn't been fucked since my daddy had gone to jail and
I missed it. I wondered if it would hurt again if Mr. Thayer put his
cock inside me and I thought maybe it would, but it would feel really
good too, I figured. I liked fingering myself though, but it wasn't as
good as somebody else doing it. Like I knew where my fingers were
going already so it wasn't much of a surprise, but if someone else was
touching me down there, I wouldn't know where they were gonna go, how
deep or hard or anything. That was what made it really fun for me.
Being surprised when I had sex.

My mom went straight for the bathroom, the little there in her
bedroom, of course. She'd want to wash herself cause having sex with a
guy she didn't like made her feel dirty, but since she liked that a
lot it made her feel dirty inside too, probably. She'd never wash that
away. My mom was a slut and that was kind of funny for some reason,
but I was looking serious when Mr. Thayer came out of my mom's
bedroom. My door was wide open and he saw me, cause he had to look.
Even though he'd just fucked my mom twice, near as I could figure, the
man still had to look and see what I was doing and I had a finger
inside my hairless little pussy, way deep inside just for him and I
smiled when he stopped.

"See ya later, Mr. Thayer." I pulled my finger out of my pussy and I
bet he saw how wet it was.

"Uh yeah..." He almost dropped his briefcase when I stuck my finger in
my mouth, sliding it in and out of my lips like a little cock.

"You wanna try some?" I put my finger back inside my pussy. "It's

He didn't say anything, Mr. Thayer just left and so I took off all my
clothes and got in my mom's bed. She was still in the bathroom and I
could hear the shower running. Her bed wasn't made at all and I could
smell them on it strong. Both my mom and that man, their sweet and sex
and everything. Like humid and thick, really ripe like old fruit that
hadn't been picked or nothing, but just fallen to rot in the sun.
That's what mommy's bed smelled like and it made my puffy nipples burn

There was wet spots too, like a couple big ones and I put my node and
then my whole face on the wettest one and licked at it, just cause I
wanted to know what it tasted like. It was sorta sour mostly, but not
a whole lot of flavor. That was disappointing, but I licked it for
awhile anyway, while I played with my pussy, getting my fingers all
wet and rubbing my juices all over my nipples until they were shiny
with my girlish excitement. It was a good way to pass the time til
mom's shower was done, when I straightened myself and pulled up a
sheet and lay on the pillow smiling then.

"Oh, honey, that's...You should let me change the bed first." My mom

She wasn't even wearing a towel, except around her hair, and I could
see her pussy lips hanging down between her thighs. She must have
washed herself out good, or else Mr. Thayer had really fucked her
good. Probably both, I thought, and I wished I had big old pussy lips
like that. I bet they were pretty fun to play with, but all I had were
little thin pink ones.

"It's okay, mom." I smiled at her, feeling all tingly inside. "I like
your bed when it's all warmed up."

"Well, I guess so." My mom didn't know what we were doing and it had
been a week already, but she was ready. Mr. Thayer had given her some
good sex, but no love like she really needed.

I watched her put on her big loose t-shirt and she turned off all the
lights, except the one in the hallway. We had to leave that one on
cause I was afraid of the dark. She got in bed with me and I was
giggling softly so she gave me a funny look.

"What are you laughing at?" Mom wanted to know.

"That big t-shirt." I told her. "How come you don't get a new one or

"What's wrong with this one?" My mom frowned in the dim light and then
smiled. "I like it, it's comfy."

"It's all stretchy!" I grinned at her. "It's big enough for two
people, I bet."

"Oh it is not." Mom was under the sheets now, fluffing her pillows a

"I bet it is...Let me see." I started getting on top of her sorta, since
mom was on her back.

"What are you doing...Jen!" My mom was a little confused, maybe nervous
too, cause I was lifting her t-shirt.

"See...Look!" I was laughing though and so mom was smiling too and I
crawled right inside her big old t-shirt, sliding my little body on
top of hers and I felt mom's big boobs sliding past my face and then
my shoulders, and then they were against my chest, my flat twelve year
old body and that t-shirt was stretched for sure as I got my head
through the loose neck.

"Jennifer...Hey..." My mom made like she was protesting but she wasn't,
not really and I was laying on her now.

My body was pressed against hers and my legs were spread over her
tummy, with my knees by her waist and my feet by her hips and my pare
little pussy against mom's tummy and our faces were right next to each
other. My hair was hanging down around me, sorta covering us, and I
could feel my mom's heart beating fast, just like mine.

"I told you it was big enough for two people, mommy." I whispered and
mommy kissed me. She couldn't help it.

She put her hands on my little butt and I wriggled as I felt her
tongue filling my mouth for the first time in a week. I moved my body
back and forth too, rubbing my hard little tits against mom's big
flattened ones, our nipples kind rubbing each other, I hoped, but even
if they weren't it still felt good. We kissed a lot and I was
squeezing my mom, my hands kinda under her shoulders, holding mom
tight and I put my little pink tongue her mouth too, which she liked a

"Finger me, mommy." I breathed later, cause her hands were still
there, still on my little rear end, squeezing my buns and holding me

She hesitated, cause she was my mommy, but w were already doing this
much, so now she was going to fuck me too. I could see it in her dark
eyes, all shiny and reflecting the light, and they were wet like my
cunt. Mommy had juicing eyes cause she was so turned on it hurt and
all that pain had to come out someplace, so she was crying while she
pushed a finger into my tight little cunt from behind. Mommy was going
to be fucking me a lot after this and she'd feel good about it when we
did it and feel bad about it later, and maybe she'd be like daddy and
punish me for making her want me so much, but I liked that too. Mommy
could hurt me all she wanted, as long as she fucked while she did it.

"Ohhhh...Mommy...Make me cum, okay?" I kissed her some more. "Make me cum
like daddy used to!"

I felt her jerk beneath me, like all of a sudden she was shocked cause
I'd mentioned daddy, but I did it on purpose. She wasn't no different
than him and I was gonna make sure she knew it. She really jammed a
finger in me then, cause mommy didn't want to be like daddy. He was a
bad man, he'd made a baby in me. Mommy had sent him to jail and then
sent him a big old paddle with a return receipt. She wasn't like him,
mommy thought, daddy had used me and mommy was just...

"Fuck me mommy...Please? Fuck me good...okay?"

I kept kissing her and telling her how much I loved her and how good
it felt with her fingers in my pussy. I was wet too, soaking wet and
it was like I was peeing all over mommy's hand. It ran down my thighs
and across her fingers and mommy put another one inside me, twisting
and curling and surprising me the way I liked until I was gonna cum.
My first really good cum since daddy had fucked me on my birthday.
Mommy was making me cum on purpose and when I looked at her I couldn't
even tell the difference. My dad or my mom, they looked the same cause
it didn't matter right then.

"Oh daddy!" I squealed and that just made her fuck me more. "Fuck me
daddy...Fuck me harder...oh yeah daddy!"

Mommy was doing it too cause I wouldn't stop calling her daddy and it
made her mad and confused, but she liked it. I could tell and she
didn't tell me to stop or shut-up, or anything. She just kissed me
hard, fucking my little cunt while I wriggled and rocked and had a
good orgasm all over her. I was gonna be calling her daddy a lot,
maybe from now on, just cause she deserved it. She'd made my real
daddy go away and now she was just like him, so that's what she was
and I'd make sure she never forgot it.

"You want me to suck you, daddy?" I asked her when my cum was over.
"You want me to suck your cock like I used to do it before?"

"Lick my pussy...yeah..." Mommy breathed cause she was all out of air.

"Kay, daddy, I'll suck you good too!" I told her, sliding my body down
slow, tugging my head free of that t-shirt and mommy was pushing me,
helping me, cause her cunt was on fire probably. She needed it now,
more than she needed to be a mommy, she needed to fuck my mouth with
her cunt and have a good cum.

I didn't never suck a pussy before, but it wasn't hard or anything.
Mommy was holding my head anyways, just like daddy used to. Mom pulled
and pushed me around, lifting her butt off the bed and I found her
pussy already creamy with her juices. They were hot and sweet and
tangy like Lemon Heads, and I licked between those fat pussy lips she
had. Her hair was tickling my nose and she smelled strong, like soap a
little, but that shower was getting lost in the sex. I could smell her
all happy inside and mommy was shaking while I sucked her pussy hard.
She had a little cock, which was what I called her clit, like the size
of my pinky finger, except not as long maybe. But it was hard and I
sucked it just like an itty-bitty cock, between my lips and with my
tongue, sucking and licking and making mommy crazy.

I fucked her, that's what I did. I was only a little girl, but I knew
how to fuck already. I wasn't dumb at all. I was good at sex and
getting even better cause now I knew how to fuck my mom. I pushed my
finger in her pussy and she was so huge in there! I put in another
finger and another one two. Then all my fingers and mommy was jerking
around like crazy cause I was biting her little clitty cock then. I
couldn't ever bite my daddy's dick, but mommy's clit was good for
nibbling on and I had all four of my little fingers in her pussy,
feeling her wet and greasy and hot inside.

Mommy pushed me away and she was crying, seriously, like I'd slapped
her face or something. Her clt was so hard it hurt if I even breathed
on it, I thought, so she'd pushed me away and I giggled, all red faced
and panting like a little blonde puppy dog. My face was soaked and I
licked my lips tasting all the sweet-sour pussy juice my mom had made
just for me. I really fucked her then, putting my thumb inside mommy
too, sort of tucking it in and my hand was so little anyway, I just
pushed and mom's eyes got huge when she realized I was in her all the

I was fucking her with my whole hand and mom was fucking me back. She
grabbed my wrist and started moving me around the way she wanted me to
do it. She was using my hand to fuck herself and I sort of wriggled my
fingers inside her, feeling that big mommy pussy around my hand like a
big wet sock, sorta, if it was really hot too and maybe only half
dried in the drier, you know. It was soft and moist and humid like a
jungle with little bumps and soft dents and I dunno what all else. I'd
never felt inside a pussy before and mommy was cumming, she groaned
and told me she was gonna cum and it was like her cunt was a mouth,
biting down on my hand hard, except she didn't have no teeth. An old
lady's mouth, gumming my fist hard, sucking at me hand as mommy
bounced her butt off the bed.

It was kinda funny, but not for my mom. She was probably having the
best orgasm of her life, maybe. I hoped so cause I wanted to be her
best little girl, just like I was daddy's. He'd loved fucking me more
than anyone else in the world, even mommy who was all full grown and
beautiful. Daddy had loved me more and that's what I wanted from my
mom. I wanted her to not even think about other people. She'd just
want to fuck me, everytime she saw me, and we'd do it too. Mommy would
fuck me every morning before school and every day when I got home and
every night when mommy came home from work, like at two in the
morning, she'd wake me up because she couldn't go to sl**p without
fucking me.

I wanted her so crazy for it that she'd do anything.

"Oh God that was good, honey." Mommy huffed and puffed and I pulled my
hand out of her pussy slow, making her sigh and smile and just

"Do you wanna suck my pussy, daddy?" I teased her.

"Don't call me that..." My mom shook her head at me.

"I like it." I giggled and I moved up so I could put my pussy on her
mouth, just like I used to do it with my dad.

Mommy liked it too and she licked me nice, kinda like daddy used to do
it, but different as well. Mommy's tongue was longer and thinner and
she liked to get it way up inside me, which was way sweet for me.
Daddy took long licks along my slit, but mommy was more like fucking
me with it, making her tongue stiff and then wiggling the tip inside
my tight little hole. I kept my pussy on her mouth, my fingers in
mommy's golden hair, still wet from her shower, and I rode her mouth
like it was a little pony. My butt was rocking back and forth and my
pussy juices were running out of me like I was making girl goo by the
gallon. Mommy swallowed a lot of it, but mostly it just ran down her
beautiful face, soaking into her hair and the pillow beneath her. I
was making another wet spot, right under mom's head, and that was

I wished I had a big clit, but I didn't. Mine was little, still hard
though and it felt good, but mommy couldn't really suck it good like
I'd sucked hers. Mostly she just took my whole pussy in her mouth,
sorta, and sucked me that way, and it felt good. Really good and when
mommy stuck her finger in my butt I jumped a little, cause it sorta
hurt at first, but it felt good too. Daddy never played with my butt
very much, but mommy liked it a lot. She fingered my butthole while
she licked my pussy and then she licked me there too, sort of pulling
me a little so her mouth was right under my little hole.

That's when I found out why daddy liked it when I kissed hs butt, it
felt really nice. Mommy licked and kissed my ass and she even got her
tongue inside my butt finally, just a little, but enough so I could
feel it and it was like getting a wet willie in my ear, except better,
this was a wet willie in my ass and it was gonna make me cum if mommy
didn't stop! And she didn't, of course, mommy liked eating my butt
more than she liked pistachio ice cream, and she loved that stuff.
Mommy pulled my ass apart with her fingers, with her thumbs really,
like prying me open so she could get even more tongue in my ass. I
didn't say anything cause I was pussy cumming then, rubbing my pussy
with my fingers cause mom was so busy with my butt.

I came all over mom's face too, like it was raining pussy juice and I
mashed my pussy down hard against her nose, which might have been
funny, except it wasn't. Mom's pert little nose went right into my
cunt, I swear, but not very far, but still, it felt pretty good,
especially since she was still tonguing my butthole from the inside
out, it seemed like. I came on my mom's nose and I was gonna be
teasing her about that later, believe me, but not right then. I was a
little busy just trying to keep myself from falling off her face, not
that mom was gonna let me go anywhere anyway. She was going to lick me
until her tongue had blisters or something and that was fine with me.

"Oh Jesus..." I heard mom' voice and it was morning already. "...What did
I do?"

She was talking to herself, sitting up and looking at me.

"That was a really good fuck, mommy." I smiled and stretched.

"Wha...What?" She closed her eyes.

"You fucked me good with your nose!" I giggled then and my mom was
turning red, if you can believe that.

"Jen, I'm sorry, we...I shouldn't have...I don't know why I did it..."

She was even worse than my dad and I rolled my eyes. Mommy knew
exactly what she was doing when she fucked me and now here she as
pretending like she didn't. That just goes to show how messed up
people are. And this was the woman who was gonna teach me how to be a
grown-up? Please, I might have been just twelve, but I wasn't that
dumb. Maybe getting old makes you dumb though, and that thought sorta
worried me. I didn't want to get stupid, that would really suck.
Everything always seemed pretty clear to me, but not to my mom or dad,
they always had to think too much, and change their minds, and feel
bad about stuff that feels good. I didn't really have a whole lot of
respect for other people.

"It's okay, mommy, it was fun." I shrugged. "After I pee you wanna do
it some more?"

My mom stared at me as I started getting out of bed and I was all
naked and sticky.

"No, we can't...You can't tell anyone, okay um..." My mom was sorta crazy
looking. "...we'll just forget about it, like it was a dream, okay? It
was just make believe and..."

"You're worse than dad was." I giggle and then I sorta crawled on my
knees across the bed, hugging her. "You wanna watch me pee, mommy? I
like to play with it sometimes."

"What?" She swallowed hard.

"Come on, you can't stay in bed all day..." I was tugging at her arm.
"If you gotta pee, I can play with that too."

"No, God! Jennifer..." My mom was going to get serious now, like she was
mad at me, and I sighed.

"We're gonna fuck a lot, mommy." I told her, nodding my head while she
stared at me. "And you're gonna like it too."

"No, we're going to forget about..."

"Uh-uh, we're doing it now, and we're gonna keep doing it." I told
her, wishing I didn't have to. "Otherwise, I dunno, probably I gotta
tell Mr. Thayer you won't stop doing it."

"You wouldn't..." My mom looked ready to cry, but this was for her own

"Like going to the circus, mommy." I nodded my head slowly. "You're
just like daddy was."

"The circus, that was...You?"

"Daddy didn't want to do it, but I told him..." I giggled. "...And we did
it good after that, mommy. You and me are gonna do it good too, you'll

"But...You can't...You're just a little girl..."

"Yeah." I giggled and tugged mommy off the bed. "Pretty cool, huh?"

the end

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