Psst? I have a secret? Wanna know what it is!

I've had a crush on my Uncle Robert for over 20 years.

It all started when I turned 18 and he was 34.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. When I was 18, I was five foot four, blonde, and built pretty well. My measurements were 36c-28-35, a little hippy, but isn't that what boys needed to grab hold of when they're fucking you?

I was the youngest of three k**s, with older twin b*****rs named Ethan and Evan. My mom and dad are Elizabeth and William Codahay; my name is Lauren.

My mom, who everybody called Lizzie, was the middle of three s****rs. Emma was older and Ella was younger. Ella married first, to a real dreamy looking guy named Robert Edward Jamison III, who was not nearly as pretentious as his name sounds.

Robert and Ella had a nice house with a built-in pool, and told my b*****rs and me that we could come over whenever, and enjoy the pool. They even had a nice above ground spa, for after you swam. It felt tremendous!

Whenever I came over, I would spend about 45 minutes in the pool than I'd get into the spa and just vegetate. Sometimes Aunt Ella would join me in the spa, but usually I was alone.

"That spa looks awfully tempting Lauren!" Uncle Robert said, causing me to open my eyes. "Mind if I join you?"

He turned around and didn't wait for my answer and was back down in a swimsuit with a towel.

He asked me, "You do have a suit on, don't you?"

I was up to my neck in the spa, so I understood why he asked. I answered him by standing up showing him my body, in my rather modest swimsuit.

"Damn Lauren, you certainly have grown up, haven't you?" He said blushing.

"I guess so, Uncle Robert -- but the boys seem to steer clear of me. I think my b*****rs scared off any would-be suitors. Anyway who needs a boyfriend, when I have an uncle who looks like you do!"

"Thank you, Lauren -- that's awfully sweet of you to say. If you ever need a temporary boyfriend, just call me. Until I met Ella, that's what I did; I was a paid e****t in college. Girls would pay me to be their dates. I kept up on things to be a nice conversationalist, and there was never any nervous moments after the date, just a payoff."

"My uncle was a gigolo?" I said, astonished at this revelation.

"Not exactly," Robert said, chuckling. "An e****t is expected to shepherd a woman to and from parties, open doors, dance with them, all of the things young men used to do, but don't anymore."

"A gigolo is a man who has a regular and continuing sexual relationship and receives financial support! I never took advantage of a single young lady under my care, and some of them offered me a lot of money to stay overnight with them, but I didn't."

"Being an e****t helped pay the bills, while I was going to school, Lauren. I'm sorry you're having boy trouble. Don't you have a prom to go to in three weeks?"

"Yeah, but I'm not going -- Nobody's asked me yet, and I would need to get a nice dress, which I don't have the money for." I said.

"Well, Lauren -- Nobody at your school has ever seen me, so I would like to ask you if you would go to your prom with me? I'll even help you find a dress? How's that sound to you?"

"You'd do that for me Uncle Robert! That sounds like a lot of fun, going out with someone so handsome, all of the girls would be so jealous of me?"

"I don't know about handsome, but I'll bet you would look beautiful in a nice dress with your pretty blonde hair. How about I take you shopping tomorrow, after you get home from school?"

"Sure thing, Uncle Robert!"

"And start calling me Robert, drop the uncle, and we can fool everybody there, OK?"

I went over to him and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I saw that he had blushed and I wiped my lip-gloss off of him.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Than evening, I must have been humming or something, because my mom came into my room.

"Honey, you certainly are in a good mood; what's going on?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing?"

"Come on, you can't get anything past me, what is it?"

"Well, a boy asked me to the prom!"

"That's great Lauren, anybody I know?"

"No, mom -- he's new at the school and I just met him today."

"And he asked you to the prom, just like that?"

"Just like that, mom -- you sound surprised?"

"I'm sorry honey, he must be something to have you humming, and it's been a while since I heard you do that, what's his name?"

"Jo - Joseph, Joseph Williams, he's a real cutie-pie mom, the kind of guy I could fall in love with."

"My goodness, he certainly made a good first impression didn't he?"

I was spacing her out, thinking about Robert.

"Lauren, didn't he? I've never seen you so taken by a boy. I can't wait to meet this young man."

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

I met Robert the next day and he took me to Victoria's Secret, reminding me to call him Robert. After spending some time there I tried on a black dress, and when I came out for Robert to see it, his mouth fell open. It had a built-in push-up bra and my titties were putting on a show for Robert.

"Wow, Lauren honey that is quite the dress." He said. He walked all around me pausing to look at my butt for a moment and then came around. He stopped right in front of me and I grabbed him and gave him a nice kiss directly on the lips, which surprised him so much he blushed!

He stepped closer and whispered, "Wow, Lauren. That dress looks perfect on you."

"It's OK Robert, just remember that when we're at the Prom, You can kiss me all you want then!"

He looked at me with a sly grin and said, "I'll help sell it every chance I get, Honey."

"So, you haven't told Ella anything have you?" I asked.

"Have you told your mother anything?"

"Just that I met a boy named Joseph Williams, who's real cute, and has asked me to the Prom. She's mentioned wanting to meet you. How do you propose to handle that?"

"I have an idea for that, and no, I haven't told my wife anything? And I don't think I will either! I plan on telling her that I have all day and all night meetings and will be home very late, maybe not at all!" Hearing that, I leaned in and kissed him again, only this time, he kissed me back."

He seems trainable.

I changed out of my new dress, and put back on the clothes I wore there. He paid for the dress and we walked out together with his hand on the small of my back. It felt so very nice.

The next day, when I got to school, there was a young man who was holding a sign that said, 'Lauren' on it.

I walked up to him and said, "My name's Lauren, who are you?"

"I've been paid to tell you that my name is Joseph Williams and I am your 'faux date' for the prom. Wow, the guy who paid me didn't tell me how pretty you are?"

I giggled and said, putting out my hand, "Nice to meet you, Joseph Williams, do you go to school here?"

"I've been paid to say, yes I do, I just started school here a few days ago, and I'm here for a month as an exchange student from Italy."

"Are we supposed to be a couple right now?" I asked.

"I'm supposed to meet your parents, then I'll see you again to pick you up on the day of the prom. When would you like to schedule me coming by to meet your folks?"

I just giggled; amazed at all of the trouble Uncle Robert was going through for me. He must have a crush on me as well.

"How about on Friday, you can take me home and meet my mom and dad, Joseph?"

"Sounds like a plan, Lauren, see you then?"

"Bye!" I said as my best friend came up to me.

Her name is Jennifer Stevens, and she's been my best friend since first grade.

"Hey Lauren, who was that hunk you were talking to? Is he your date for the Prom?"

"No, he was asking about the school, his parents are moving to this side of town and asked about stuff about the school. My date for Prom is an older guy, that I met a while back, but I never knew he was interested in me. When I told him I hadn't been asked to Prom, he jumped right in and asked me if he could take me, and I said yes!"

Jennifer followed up by asking, "How old is he Lauren? 20? 25?"

"Actually, he's 34, Jenn!"

"34 years old! A guy is taking you to Prom and he's 34 years old!" Are you out of your fucking mind, Lauren?"

"Actually, that's one of the reasons, I'm letting him take me to Prom, Jenn. I'm going to let him have my cherry that night! Don't look at me like that. I've struggled with my weight most of my life, and I've finally got a pair of tits and a reasonably nice ass, so if he wants me, he'll get me!"

The first school bell of the day went off and Jennifer and I went off to our first class.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Friday rolled around and 'Joseph' was by my car, a very used Volkswagen. He opened the door for me, and then got in and I drove us to my house. We worked out a history for us and he picked up my schoolbooks and we walked into my house together. Mom was home, dad wasn't!

Joseph introduced himself and he and my mom actually hit it off quite well. I told mom we were going to study up in my room. She asked Joseph if he wanted to stay for dinner, but he declined, per our previous discussion, and told her that I had to get him home by dinnertime.

He actually did help me study, helping me understand Algebra II, which had been beating me up this year, those damn polynomials. He also helped me to understand better about the relationship between the derivative of a function and the key features of its graph!

I wonder where Uncle Robert found this guy!

I took Joseph back to the school, which is where he asked to go, and I told him I would see on Prom Night, promptly at 6:30pm.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

As I came back into the house, mom came up to me and said, "He seems awfully nice, Lauren. It seems a shame he'll be here only a month!"

"Yeah mom, he really gets Algebra II, and helped me loads tonight."

The next day, I went over to my Uncle Roberts and swam for a while then got in the spa. I was resting with my eyes closed as I heard someone come through the door. It was my Aunt Ella, coming in to join me. She is very beautiful and has bigger tits than me.

"Hey Lauren, Your mother tells me that you have a date for the Prom?"

"Yeah, his name is Joseph Williams, an Italian Exchange Student, only here for a month, but it seems to be just the right month!" I said.

"Your mother also said that he's cute!"

"Yeah, if you like tall, dark and handsome." I chuckled.

"Well, I got my own tall, dark and handsome, so I stopped looking." Ella replied with a laugh.

The glass door opened and Robert came out, surprised to see the two of us in the spa. He got in and said hi to the two of us.

"I feel like I've died and gone to heaven, with two beautiful ladies in the spa with me." He said.

"Thank you, Uncle Robert -- you don't look so bad yourself!" I responded.

Aunt Ella looked at both of us and said, "If you two want to be alone..."

"Ella, I can't even flirt with my own niece, even a little?"

"Oh, just don't be too blatant about it, please -- my ego is fragile." Ella remarked with a giggle.

Robert scooted over to his wife and gave her a great big kiss, making me blush a little. She shooed him away saying, "Not in front of Lauren!"

"That's OK, Aunt Ella -- I was watching, to pick up some moves from you, for when I go to the Prom in two weeks with Joseph."

"Oh, Lauren! That's right -- your Senior Prom is in two weeks. Who is this young man that's taking you?" Robert asked.

"His name is Joseph Williams, an Italian Foreign Exchange Student. When I first met him, I thought he resembled what you must have looked like at 18!" I said, as I smiled at Robert.

"Thank you! Well, have you ever kissed a boy before, I'm available for lessons and I don't charge much!" he said, as Ella slapped him on the chest, giggling.

I can't believe I'm flirting with my uncle while his wife; my mom's s****r is in the spa with us. She seems to be enjoying the light banter between the two of us.

"Well, Lauren -- if something happens and Joseph flakes out, I could always take you to your Prom. Oh, that's right... I'm working an all-nighter that same night, well good luck to you anyway."

We all got out, Robert helping Ella, and then me. We all dried ourselves off, and I packed up my stuff getting ready to go home.

"Stay for dinner," Ella asked. "It's always just us, having someone else around would be a nice change of pace."

Robert came up behind her and said, "What am I, chopped liver?"

"That's not what I meant, and you know it. I'm going up to change and I'll be right down to start dinner." Ella said.

As she left the room, Robert sat down, and I sat in his lap, surprising him a little. I pulled his face to mine and we kissed again.

We heard Ella coming back down the stairs, so we separated. I grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom to change. When I came out I smelled some kind of meat dish that was making my mouth water.

Their phone rang, and Robert got it.

"Hello, Oh hi Lizzie, yeah she's here -- we're keeping her and it will cost you one thousand dollars in ransom to get her back. Oh, she's not worth a thousand, how about twenty dollars and a tank of gas. Ha-ha... yeah, I'll bring her home after we have dinner, about an hour, maybe a little longer. Sure -- See ya!"

"Honey, what is it that smells so good?"

"Mediterranean Meatballs, it's the mint and rosemary in the recipe that makes it smell so good. I'm adding some ravioli to it. What does everybody want to drink?" Ella asked.

"I'll just have water!" I said.

"Do you want to try a sip of wine, Lauren? I won't tell your mother, if Ella won't!" Robert said, raising his voice so Ella would hear him.

"Just a little, I don't want it on my breath, or my folks will go ballistic." I said.

The evening went well and Robert grabbed his keys and yelled he was taking me home.

We heard a 'Drive Safe!" from the kitchen.

Robert was a gentleman opening my car door, and we left. I decided to sit close next to him, and after I did, I put my left hand on his leg. I may not have to work as hard as I thought on Prom Night to get him to fuck me. I must be getting to him. I know he's on my mind all of the time.

He pulled into a parking lot of a closed grocery store and turned off the car.

"Lauren, I've been thinking about you a lot, and I think I've got a real bad crush on you. What do you say to that?" Robert said.

"Kiss me, please?" I said, and we were mashing our lips against each other, tongues all ablaze. After about 10 minutes of that, Robert pulled himself together, including adjusting himself in his pants. After he started the car, I reached over and put my hand over the front of his pants, feeling him throb against my hand.

As he pulled up to my house, I leaned over and kissed him and said, "I'm wet for you," and went inside.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Prom night was coming fast now, it was tomorrow, and I couldn't wait to see Robert again. I was nervous as a cat all day. The next day was no school for seniors, since the Prom was that night.

Jennifer came over and we did each other's hair and makeup, both of us were looking pretty good from the neck up. I pulled my dress from beneath the dress that was hiding it in my closet, and Jenn loved it. I put it on and what it did to my boobs was truly magnificent. I actually put my own hands on my boobs to feel what a guy feels, and it felt pretty good!

Jennifer put on her dress and looked spectacular herself. We were touching each other up, slipped on our shoes, and the doorbell rang. It was 6:20, Jenn said, "That's mine, see you later k**do, I can't wait to meet your guy!"

She left me alone and I fiddled with the straps of my gown for a couple more minutes and the doorbell rang again and I went to the top of the stairs. I heard some whistles from below and started downstairs. My breasts actually jiggled as I walked, which made me feel quite sexy.

Joseph stood there waiting for me, as my dad continued to whistle and wolf call, much to my mom's disdain. I took the last few steps and Joseph placed a light purple flowered wrist corsage on me and we stood in place so my folks could take pictures.

Mom was crying saying, "I wish your b*****rs could be here to see how beautiful you are!"

"They're the ones traipsing through Europe, Mom!" I said. "We need to go!"

Joseph spoke, "Nice to see you again Mr. and Mrs. Codahay, there are a couple of parties after prom, could I please take Lauren to one of these, it would mean she wouldn't be home until around three or Four am, if that's all right with the two of you?"

This k**, whoever he is, certainly has the character down, right from Ozzie and Harriet!

"That's all right with us, she's in your hands until then, so keep a close eye on her, will you?"

"Certainly folks! I won't let her out of my sight." He said.

We left and got in his new looking Corvette. We didn't speak to one another and he took me to the parking lot that Robert and I made out in, where I saw a stretch limo waiting. He pulled up to it, and let me out, and the door to the limo opened.

"Everything go OK, Jeremy?" Robert asked.

"All's good, Uncle Robert -- Have fun you two!"

"Uncle Robert?" I said.

"He's my nephew on my s****rs side of the f****y. Did he play his part well?"

"Perfectly, he was quite impressive actually!" I said.

"So, Lauren, do you still want to go to your Prom, or something else?" He said with a touch of lecherousness in his voice.

I crawled up on his lap and said, kissing him every other word, "We have to make an appearance at the Prom, for about fifteen minutes, then we can go to your hotel room and you can take my cherry!"

"Oh, My - You mean, you've never..."

"Nope, I've been saving exactly for this moment Robert! I'm on the pill, have been for two years, so you can do 'everything' to me, just get me home by 4am!"

We arrived at the ball... I mean the Prom. Robert had gotten a haircut that made him look only about 25 or so, we grabbed each other's hand and went inside. The girls we walked by went weak in the knees the second they saw Robert. The guys, who had never seen me in a dress before, were equally impressed by what I had up on top.

Robert released my hand and put his arm around my waist. Talk about feeing weak in the knees. I was ready to take his hard cock deep in my mouth, right then and there, but I knew we'd have the time later to do that.

Jenny walked up to me and put up her hand, waiting for a high five, which made Robert chuckle. He leaned over to me and said, "Go ahead Lover, do it while you can still raise your hand, because later you won't be able to!" Jenny obviously heard that and put her hand to her face and walked away.

I shoved Robert in the shoulder, saying, "Why did you say that, in front of her?"

"You seduced me -- Now, I want your friends to know that you're 'getting some' tonight, which will only raise your standard amongst the boys. We can't have anymore than tonight and maybe one or two more carefully planned trysts, but I can teach you what I know, and you'll be the girl every guy wishes he had!"

"You'd do that for me, teach me how to love, how to fuck, how to take all of you down my throat?" I said.

"Will you stop that, I'm already hard for you, let's go dance OK?"

"OK, lover -- Oooh! I like calling you that!" I said in his ear.

"You'll be screaming my name within the next 90 minutes Lauren. By the way, who are you saying I am, exactly?"

"I told my best friend Jennifer, that you're someone that I've known for a while and we recently became very close."

"And your mother?"

"She met Joseph... Jeremy, silly boy; and might have developed a crush of her own!"

Both of us laughed out loud, as we joined in the slow dance that was going on. I rested my head on Robert's broad chest. I soon felt his hands on my butt, which got me so wet. We stayed for two more dances, then Robert took me back to Jenn and we said our goodbyes. Jenn smiled at me as we left.

The Limo was still there, and we got it and we ended up at the nicest hotel in town. I looked at Robert's watch and it was only 9pm so we had some time to kill.

We sat on the bed and my uncle placed his hand on my breast. It felt really good, and my nipple popped to attention almost immediately. I put my hand on his face, his wonderfully handsome face.

He stood up and pulled my dress carefully over my head, leaving me in just my panties. He stood silently, just looking at me, admiring me. I never felt so beautiful in my life the way he was looking at me. I kneeled and started to unbuckle his belt at the same time he pulled off his shirt.

Never having seen a man's penis before, I was overwhelmed by passion and touched it with my tongue. It got harder and bigger, right before my eyes. Robert looked down at me at said, "You are amazing, Lauren! I can't believe we're in this circumstance, but I'm willing to make sure you're completely satisfied, and will do whatever you feel OK doing?"

"Robert, I've never felt for anybody the way I feel about you and I know this can only happen a couple of times, but I 've had a crush on you for a while now and only dreamed you may have any feelings for me!"

"Would you please fuck me, Uncle Robert?"

He picked me up and placed me on the bed. He pulled my panties off and tossed them to the floor. As he crawled up on the bed, he stopped and licked my pussy making me tingle as well as tremble. He only gave me a single lick, but he got up licking his lips, and making a point of the fact that he liked how I tasted.

He kept crawling up farther and kissed my belly button, then each of my breasts, and finally my mouth. I tasted myself for the first time on another person and I was so ready for an orgasm. Robert started kissing me, going from my neck to my breasts, then my lips and back to my neck, over and over.

I felt his hand going down near my pussy, wondering what he was about to do, but he didn't touch me. He put his hand on his own dick and found my pussy opening and just before he pushed in, he asked, "Are you sure of this Lauren?"

"Please, please fill me up, Uncle Robert?"

He took his dick and pushed forward, without stopping and filled me with the most amazing feeling I've ever had in my entire life!

After the initial penetration, which hurt for a moment, but then felt fantastic, Robert looked directly into my eyes, and I started to cry. Robert must have thought he hurt me and started to pull out, but I kept him inside me by grabbing his butt cheeks and pulling him towards me.

"I'm not hurting Robert, I'm just very happy. I can't believe I'm fucking my uncle?"

"Actually Lauren, I'm inside you but we aren't fucking yet?"

"Then do it!"

He started by pulling himself about halfway out and then pushing back in with all of his might, and just kept repeating that over and over, while he started mauling my tits with both his hands and his mouth. I had never had a boy do anything other than try to grope my titties. What Robert was doing felt so damn good!

He was picking up speed with his dick, and I thought he might be getting close to coming, but he slowed down and started the slow regimental fucking that let me feel every inch of him inside me. I guess he wasn't a talker during sex; he was smiling at me!

I could feel every ridge on his dick as it filled me, and then emptied me, over and over. He raised my left leg and changed his angle and he started hitting a different spot and, Oh Boy, did that new spot feel good! He stayed in this position for a bit then lowered my leg and leaned forward, causing my butt to leave the ground, but he was getting even deeper now.

I so resent Aunt Ella, who gets this anytime she wants. Her tits are bigger then mine; I hope Uncle Robert is having a great time with my C-cups. The whole time he's been fucking me he's been trying to suck my nipples right off the end of my tits.

He pulled his head up and asked, "Where do you want me to come, sweetheart?"

"What a wonderful man, to be so loving and so caring, I hope Aunt Ella appreciates what she's got, Robert?" I proclaimed.

"Since our first kiss, I have been boning her every night and coming buckets inside her. I stopped three days ago, telling her my balls have been hurting, so I would have a nice big supply for you, Lauren. Where do you want it, dear?"

"In my pussy, please -- fill me up, whenever you want?" I practically pleaded.

He started to pick up speed again, but this time it was going to end with me getting my first load of his warm sperm inside me. My own uncle's sperm was about to fill up my aching pussy! He started fucking me so fast his dick was just a blur; as I looked down and saw it sliding in and out, in and out, until I saw a look on Robert's face.

It was a look of passion and lust; he just let loose inside me and it felt so damn good. I was already thinking about when we might get together again. He shrank and pulled out and rolled over on his back, breathing hard and moaning deeply. I got off the bed and went down to his dick and started to lick off our juices.

That must have surprised him, because I heard a "What?" from him and I proceeded to put my mouth around his dick and it started to grow again, in my mouth. I kept my mouth on him and sucked on his dick getting every bit of both of us off it, until it didn't seem to get any harder. I climbed back on the bed and lowered myself until he was back inside me.

"Oh, my god, Lauren -- I can't come again for a while?" Robert said.

"That's all right Robert -- I just want to feel it inside me again. You don't have to come."

I was moving my hips back and forth, doing a sort of reverse fuck; him being still, and me doing all of the work. I felt him tremble beneath me as I went up and down on his now very slippery dick. It kept slipping inside me and felt so nice. I was nibbling on his nipples and he was growing a bit harder inside of me as I kept going.

In an effort to feel his dick hit a spot he hadn't yet, I turned to face the other direction. I was looking at his feet and was now pointing my ass at his face. He was obviously enjoying what I was doing. He put his hands on my butt cheeks, which gave me the shivers. He spread my cheeks apart moving his fingers ever closer to where his dick was plowing into my pussy. I felt his finger get real close to my butthole.

As I was quickening my pace up and down on his dick, he put his finger at the very entrance to my butt. I was real close to my next orgasm and he must have known I was, so he pushed his finger inside my butt and I came all over his expanded dick. He spurted inside me again -- almost instantaneously as I did.

I stopped and rested for a bit before I pulled myself off him for the second time. I had the urge to go to the bathroom so I left the bed and just made it before my bladder emptied itself. After cleaning myself up I went back in to him and found he was asl**p. I glanced at the clock and saw it was midnight. I decided to take a shower and clean myself up a little.

After drying myself off, I crawled back in bed alongside my Uncle Robert and fell asl**p myself, with my arms around him. As I was falling asl**p, I realized... he never told me how he was going to get me home?

About 1:30 am, I felt I fingertip on my nipple. I awoke and saw Robert turning to suck on my tits again; they sprung to life in anticipation of this. I felt so used up and so worn out already.

"Robert!" I said. "Take me home, please?"

"What? Did I do something wrong, Lauren?"

"No, I just really need to sl**p. Being up all night is something I'm not used to, so I need to sl**p in my own bed, please?"

"Sure! I understand that, can I take a quick shower first?"

"Yeah, go ahead! I'll get dressed!"

After I got dressed I checked my new phone. My dad got us all mobile phones, specifically a DynaTAC 8000x; daddy had a 6000xl installed in his car. The only real problem was that they were so big and bulky. A girl doesn't want big and bulky unless that has something to do with her lover's dick. I called the message center and found Jennifer had left me a message, "Hey Lauren, This is Jennifer, I looked and couldn't find you, I envy you! Call me when you get the chance? Bye!"

I started to call her, but Robert came out of the shower drying himself off, asking, "Was it everything you hoped for, Little One?"

"Yeah and more, you're a fabulous lover, I'm so jealous of Aunt Ella now!"

"Don't be, she gets all of me that she wants, only after trying anal, she said, 'Never again?'"

"Well you are awfully big, Robert! I'll try it, next time? Is there going to be a next time?"

"Oh, yeah, maybe in a couple weeks. I'm off to New York for my job, but how about two weeks from tomorrow, same arrangement; I'll use Jeremy again. He likes you, you know!"

Robert picked up his phone and called someone.

"The Limo will be here within 15 minutes, do you have a key to get back in?" Robert asked.

"Yes, I do!" I said.

We kissed a little while we were waiting. I hope he likes the way I kiss. The first guy I ever kissed was Eddie Mickellberry, back in 5th grade. I'm sure glad I didn't end up with him, what a last name to be stuck with, Mickellberry!

I remember Eddie, for an 11 year old; he was quite the ladies man. Both of my best friends, Layla Robinson and Steph Joerger, told me that Eddie gave them their first kiss too!

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Two weeks later, I went over to swim and Spa; Aunt Ella was home, and decided to join me.

"So was Joseph a gentlemen during and after the Prom? Some girls think it's a right of passage to give their virginity away on Prom night." She said.

Keeping an even tone to my voice, I explained, "We danced all night together, he did rub up against me when we were slow dancing, but I wouldn't let him touch me anywhere. He was cool with that. We went to the 'After Party' and ate some good food, talked some more, and he brought me home about 2am. I did give him a kiss at the door, he was a gentlemen, and didn't try to touch my breasts or even slip me the tongue!"

"That might just be too much information dear, I remember my Prom, it wasn't Robert who took me, but a guy named... hmmmm... what was his name, oh, it was Sven Hanssen, a foreign exchange student, just like Joseph is -- what a coincidence!"

Out through the glass door came Robert, sporting a little bit of a beard and mustache.

"Has Ella told you the big news, Lauren? It appears not! Well, I was gone on a work related retreat and when it was over, I was offered a job 1,700 miles from here. It means twice as much money, a new car and a new home." Robert said.

I was dying inside, Noooooooo, you can't go - what about us, what about what we had, what we mean to one another! The way you kiss, the way you hold me, and especially the way you fill my pussy with your i****tuous seed.

Robert reached for me and gave me a hug. We had to be careful, in front of his wife, but I couldn't seem to keep from crying, so I cried, saying, "I'm going to miss you guys so much, I've really gotten to love you both!"

"Isn't that sweet, Robert -- Lauren loves us, we're going to miss you too, dear! Maybe after we're settled in, you can talk your mother into sending you out to visit us in Florida! Well, I'm getting out -- are you staying for dinner tonight dear?"

"No, I'm getting out too, I better get home. Mom wants me home before dark. Exactly where in Florida will you be living?" I asked.

"Wasn't it Tallahassee, Rob?" Ella said.

"Yes, Tallahassee, Florida. My company wants us there ASAP, they're even dealing with selling our home for us. The movers will be here the day after tomorrow, so we've got a lot of work to get done. Hope to see you before we leave?" Robert said.

"I don't know, my mom says she's got a lot of stuff around the house for me to do, just in case, have a great trip! I'll really miss you guys. Goodbye!" I said, as I wrapped my towel around myself and cried all the way home.

I walked into the house, still sniffling, and my mom came up to me asking, "What's wrong dear, you look like you've lost your best friend?"

"Yeah, Robert and Ella are leaving for Florida, moving there for his job. I've just gotten to know them recently and now they're leaving! It's not fair, Robert even flirted with me, making me feel all grown up, but they're leaving for Tallahassee Florida!" I said with all of the sadness I could muster.

"Didn't you get accepted at Florida State, that's in Tallahassee, maybe they would even put you up?" Mom said, trying to buoy my attitude.

I suddenly had hope, and a big smile on my face. I went to my room and looked at the schools that had accepted me, mom was right, Florida State and Florida A & M are in Tallahassee. I hadn't dealt with any of that yet, because of the Prom. Now I need to make a final decision.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

I put on a nice dress and shoes, putting a ribbon in my hair and walked back to their home, ringing the doorbell.

Ella opened it saying, "This is different, coming through the front door. Is there something I can do for you dear?"

"Actually I need to talk to both of you, if you don't mind?" I responded nervously.

"ROBERT, Lauren is here to ... talk to us about something?"

Robert walked in and said, "My, don't you look lovely Lauren, what's up?"

I got everybody to sit and I told them that I'd been accepted to both Florida State and Florida A & M, on a scholarship.

"So, if I accept either one of these, mom brought up the possibility I could stay with you guys while I attended college. It would save my folks a buttloa... a lot of money; they told me they're buying me a new car. I thought I'd ask you, if you'd be willing to put up with a teenager. I could help around the house, cook, clean, whatever you guys wanted, I would do for you!"

Ella looked over at Robert, who had quickly gotten a smile on his face, although he was trying to hide it as much as he could.

"You know, Ella, that Lauren here is a straight A student, aren't you dear?" Robert said.

"Actually, on the traditional 4.00 scale, my accumulative GPA is only 4.05!" I said with a disconcerting smile on my face.

The chance to be with Robert again was making feel very good inside. Robert and I were both glancing at Ella, who seemed to be mulling this over.

"What degree would you be going for, Lauren?" Ella asked.

"I'd like to get my Bachelors in Advertising and then my Masters in Media and Communication Studies!" I responded succinctly.

"Well, that certainly sounds like quite the adventure, doesn't it Robert?" Ella said. "When does school start exactly?"

"The summer schedule starts in two weeks, the fall schedule starts two weeks before Labor Day. It takes a year to establish residency."

A ding came from the kitchen, Ella got up.

"I guess I'll be going, Thanks for listening!" I said as I plodded towards the front door. I had it open and was going through it, when...

"Where are you going dear, we're having dinner; of course you're invited? We have to celebrate we're all moving to Florida together! Sit down, call your mother and tell her the good news. You need to pack right away so we can all go together in two days!"

I started shrieking and couldn't stop; I put my arms around Aunt Ella as she was headed to the kitchen. I let go of her and went over to Uncle Robert who stood up and we kissed for the first time in over two weeks and my nipples got hard, and I would swear that I got instantaneously moist in my panties.

We pulled apart just as Ella came out with the food.

"Can I help you get food to the table, please?" I asked.

"I never saw anybody so excited as you are Lauren, grab the salad bowl and I'll get the potatoes. We are going to have a blast in Tallahassee together, aren't we?" Ella exclaimed.

"You're sure it's OK, I certainly don't want to overstep?"

"We'll have tons of fun, you, me and Robert. I told him we needed a spa at the new place, now we have to, so you guys can flirt in the spa?"

Did I hear her right?

"What did you just say, Aunt Ella?"

"I can see that you two have a cute little crush thing going, just don't take it too far, you and I may have a falling out?" Ella said quite seriously.

Then she started to laugh boisterously, as she sat down. "I was k**ding, but I do see your eyes light up when you see Robert, just like mine do. Maybe we could even share him sometimes?"

She burst into another fit of laughter, with Robert and I joining in, looking at each other. We had dinner, which tasted magnificent. Maybe I can get Ella to help me learn how to cook; mac and cheese is all I've ever prepared for myself.

After dinner I called mom, telling her the good news. She and Ella talked for a while, and then I got back on the phone and finished up.

Robert offered to take me home, Ella agreed, and we got in the car together. After we left the driveway, I scooted over and put my hand on his hardening dick.

"That was quite the show you put on in there tonight young lady? Are you sure you shouldn't be a drama major? The way you sniffled and paused at the door, was classic! I loved it and I love you, too. We've got quite the future together don't we?" He said as he put his hand on my inside thigh, causing me to tremble.

"Pack up everything you own, clothes wise, along with whatever else you need. So, I gather you've picked Florida State over A&M?"

"Yes, I did!" I confirmed. "Mom told me you went there and you had always loved the Tallahassee area, so that's exactly why I picked FSU. Did you tell Ella about us, the way she went on and on about us flirting and a possible threesome?"

"She said nothing about a possible threesome!" Robert said with a bemused look on his face.

"Au contraire, Robert -- she said that she and I could 'share' you; what else could that mean besides 'threesome!"

"You sound like you approve of the idea, Lauren!"

"Ella is hot, and she's got bigger boobs then I do!" I said, as we pulled up to my house.

"OK, here's the plan, in two days, we will be by here at 9am, I hope you're ready for the culture shock moving from Colorado Springs to Tallahassee! We want to make the trip from here to there in three days, four at the most. Be ready to go, say your goodbyes the night before, I suggest, and wear something comfortable but not too slutty, OK! We'll all take turns driving in 4-hour shifts. Love you, see you then, beautiful!"

Has my life changed in the last six hours or what?

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

I was standing outside my front door, having said goodbye to my folks the night before. I had two suitcases, a backpack, and a thing I made in home economics class, it was a pouch with a zipper to open it and it went around my waist. I'll keep money, keys, whatever in it. I usually wore it with the pouch in front, but I could, just as easily turn it around and wear it on my fanny; hmmm... I guess you could call it a 'fanny pack!'

Thinking about Robert last night, I masturbated myself to a couple of orgasms, to sort of, get it out of my system?

They pulled up with Ella driving. Robert got out and helped me with my stuff, putting the suitcases in the massive trunk of their 1978 Lincoln Continental. Ella yelled for Robert to get in the back seat with me. Apparently she drove with the sir conditioning on and Robert didn't especially like it, so we sat together.

After a bit I started to yawn, Robert motioned me to lay my head on his lap. I did and immediately fell asl**p. When I woke up about 90 minutes later, his dick was hard and pressing into my face. I glanced up and he was asl**p now. I went back to sl**p deciding this wasn't a good time to suck on his dick, yet.

Our first gas and driver stop was in Oakley, Kansas a real little town, according to the Rand McNally Atlas. Gosh how would you ever do anything in a town so small? Everybody would know everybody else's business. I was rested so I got up front ready to drive, with Ella and Robert behind me.

I drove us to Topeka, where we were stopping for the night. Ella thanked me making such good time. Goodie, we're ahead of schedule! The company Robert works for is paying for our gas and hotel on this drive, so he had me pull up to the Toledo Hilton, and we got two rooms, with a connecting door. Sounds like fun!

Ella noticed my zipper pack around my waist and asked me to make her one. I told her that all I needed was some material, a zipper and a thin belt, along with a sewing machine. She said that after we get settled in Tallahassee, she could get me the materials. I'm actually getting to like Aunt Ella more and more. She's my mother's younger s****r, so she feels almost like an older s****r to me.

After getting something to eat, we all went to bed and woke up ready for the next day of traveling.

Robert started the day driving, and I was up front with him, giving Ella the back seat to herself, she'd said she didn't sl**p real well, so in less than 25 miles from Toledo, she was snoring. I took the opportunity to cuddle up to Robert while he drove, trying to reach Springfield Missouri, before we stopped for gas and lunch.

I reached for his zipper and he immediately said, "What the..."

"Ssshh, I want to feel you in my hand Robert. I thought you might come to my room last night, and I was ready for you, but you didn't, and I had to take care of myself, again."

I unzipped him and pulled out his cock. I was having fun just playing with it, jacking him off a little, pinching the head and so on. I saw he was driving at 80 miles an hour and said, "Slow down, Robert" and he slowed back down to about 70.

His dick was getting quite hard. I wasn't sure what to do about it, and then I had an idea. I unbuckled my seat belt and leaned over and put his dick in my mouth, and started to suck him off. Some of my girlfriends from high school said they had done this to their boyfriends, so it seemed the obvious solution.

Not wanting to be caught, I did quick work of his dick and swallowed every bit of his tasty come! I sat back up moved over and re-buckled my seat belt. John opened his window for a moment to clear the odor out of the car. This woke up Ella, who asked, "What's that smell?"

"I think a skunk, Aunt Ella?" I said, laughing to myself.

"Are we making good time today, honey?" Ella asked Robert.

Looking directly at me he replied, "The day is just... blowing by dear, another hour till we get to Springfield, and we'll take a lunch break. Who wants to drive after lunch?"

"I will," I said. "This is fun. The farthest I'd ever been from home before now, was a school skiing trip to Grand Junction."

"Thank you so much for helping drive, Lauren?" Ella said.

"It's the least I can do, Aunt Ella?"

"Well, stop calling me Aunt Ella, OK -- its just Ella and you can call what's his name, Robert?" She laughed at her own joke.

We pulled into Springfield, filled up with gas, and then pulled through a McDonald's, ordering food to go, food for three people cost us almost eight dollars. Gosh! I handed back the food to Ella, so she could sort it all out, handing me back first my fries, than my burger and finally my drink.

They directed me to highway 65, and the transition to Highway 60, from where it was smooth sailing all the way to Memphis where we stopped for the day. I got every mile I could from that last gas station where we paid $1.88 a gallon. Can you believe it?

First thing was get gas, so I found a Texaco, with $1.44 gas, and Robert filled it up and paid for it. Everybody got out to stretch his or her legs. We drove and found the Peabody Hotel, a clean nice place. According to a plate by the entrance, the Peabody first opened in 1869. Wow! Again we got side by side rooms, our bell-boy looked at me like I was catnip and he was a tiger. I smiled and quickly locked my door.

I went to our connecting doors and walked into their room catching Ella with only panties on, and Robert in the bathroom. I just stood there ogling her, and then realized the impropriety of it, and said, "Excuse me" and went back into my room. After a minute there was a knock on the door and Ella walked in, dressed for bed. She closed the door behind her, came into my room and sat on my bed.

"Lauren, I saw how you were looking at me before. Is everything all right with you? Do you like boys, or do you prefer girls? When I was your age, in college, I had a roommate who really liked girls a lot more then boys, and we... experimented a little. If you ever want to 'play,' I'd be willing to help you! I know that Joseph broke your heart, but that's not a reason to switch sides. I could even bring in Robert ..."

"NO, I'm sorry for walking in on you before. I was surprised how beautiful your large breasts were. I didn't mean to stare, but -- but I was just transfixed by your entire body. I never saw another woman so close to being completely naked, it bothered me and excited me at the same time." I said, gnashing my teeth.

"That's all right Lauren, life is a series of events that happen whether you want them to or not?" she responded.

"Thank you for being so understanding Ella, I wish my boobs were as big as yours?"

"There is a downside to having big ones, look at my shoulders, see those grooves? That's where my bra strap digs into my shoulder all day, carrying these double D-cups. They got me boys whenever I wanted one, but now I wish they made bras with wider straps, so us girls with the big bozongas, can walk upright!"

We both laughed at that.

"Yours look just fine, I'm sure dear. I've seen Robert glance at your chest a time or two, so he's aware!"

"I'm so sorry -- I don't try to get his attention... well maybe a little, Robert is awfully good looking, but you know that?"

"Well, get dressed for dinner, there's a place in the Hotel called Capriccios Grill, with steaks and Italian food, come in, in about five minutes, unless you 'want' to catch me completely naked." Ella said walking through the door and smiling back at me.

Oh my goodness, did my Aunt just make a move on me? She even offered to bring in Robert! My god, maybe they're swingers?

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Dinner was great; I didn't have anything real dressy, except for the prom dress to wear. That certainly didn't seem appropriate for tonight, so I just put on a blouse and skirt. I have tons of blouses and skirts, and a single pair of blue jeans, which I never wore because I thought they made my butt look big. On our way back to the rooms, Robert was gallant and had each of us on his arm.

We all went to their room for a minute; Robert had something to say to us.

"I looked at the Atlas and I'm not sure I want to try the route I had originally planned, but we are making such good time, here's the plan; Memphis to Birmingham Alabama, where we'll stop to get gas and drive to on Atlanta, where we'll top off and have lunch. Atlanta to Tallahassee is pretty easy; we'll split off 75 at Phillipsburg and come in to Tallahassee on the 319. If we come in late, we're suppose to get a hotel one more night, but we'll be sl**ping in our own beds the following day at the latest."

I got up off the bed and gave Robert a great big hug.

"What's that for?" he said, not letting me go.

"For being such a cool uncle, and taking me with you on such a long trip." I said.

"Robert, you can let go of her now?" Ella said, with a very self-satisfying look on her face.

I went to Ella and gave her a big hug too!

"That's better dear, you're learning!" she said with a significant chuckle.

I laughed as I got up and waved goodnight to my Aunt and Uncle.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

The next morning, we gathered up our stuff and headed off to Birmingham, where we only stopped for gas and a potty break, and went straight on to Atlanta, where we took a leisurely lunch and got back into the car. Robert changed plans again and we were driving to Valdosta Georgia, where we were staying for the night at the Marriott, where we got a suite with a king bed and a sl**per sofa. I never slept on one those before; it sounded like fun!

There wasn't a restaurant connected to the place, so we found a place that looked like it had just opened a few years ago, called Charlie Trippers Restaurant. We were ravenous and ate like a pack of wild dogs. We went back to the Hotel and prepared for bed. I usually take off my bra to sl**p, so I grabbed a t-shirt and put it on, and fell asl**p rather quickly.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and thought it was morning, but it wasn't. Robert snuck out of his bed and came in to see me. We kissed for about 10 minutes, he grabbed my loose breast and I almost screamed, it felt so good to have his hands back on me. He kissed me goodnight and I easily fell back to sl**p, now with a smile on my face.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

The next morning, I got up and grabbed some clothes and knocked first, lesson learned; came in and got in the shower, taking my first hot shower in two days. I was humming, and heard a knock and yelled 'come in,' and it was Ella who had to pee real badly. After flushing I felt her get in the shower with me and started to wash her hair. Sensing my concern, she said, "Oh, we're both girls, it's no big deal, is it?"

"No, you just surprised me that's all, Ella?" I said.

She rinsed her hair out and said, "You really are quite beautiful dear, I guess Joseph missed his opportunity didn't he?"

"Well, Ella -- he wasn't 'the one!' I haven't met the guy to sweep me off my feet, at least not a single guy?" Oh, shit -- I just said that out loud, could she put two and two together?

"Oh!" she said, "Is he one of those unavailable, because he's in a relationship guys? I had a few of those along the way. If you ever want to talk about him or anyone else for that matter, you can always talk to me. Just think of me as a big s****r?"

"I already do Ella, my two b*****rs always just looked past me as a k**. I was always in their way. Now they are off together and I'm gonna be 1700 miles from home."

"I'm done. See you in a bit?" I said as I got out and dried myself off.

I changed into my clothes for the day and walked out of the bathroom. Robert was just getting up, so I walked up to him and kissed him with a soft kiss on the lips. He acted like he wanted more, but I told him that Ella could come out any time. I packed up my stuff, and picked up the book I've been reading on and off since we started our voyage across the country, the Covenant, by James Michener. I sometimes lose myself inside this book, trying to understand about both 'white supremacy; and 'Apartheid.' Fascinating!

We loaded up the Lincoln, and drove the final 90 miles to our new home. As we approached I realized that we were going to live very close to the FSU Campus. The street we were going to live on is called Britt Street in a community called Magnolia Heights only two miles from FSU. Wow!

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Robert pulled up and we saw the moving truck backed in ready to start unloading. We parked on the street and found the key where Robert had expected to. He opened the place up and the movers started to open up the truck. Ella was suddenly in her element, telling the gentlemen where to put everything.

They first got out all of the larger furniture, sofas, chairs, TV, and beds. In less than two hours the sofas were in place, the beds put together for us, and the boxes -- boy were there a lot of boxes! First thing Ella wanted to get was the box labeled 'Linens' so she could make all of the beds. I offered to help and she let me make the beds and she went on to start unpacking plates, silverware and tumblers.

Robert had to go and check-in at his new place of employment, and us girls had the place looking livable in just under four hours. There was a spa in the back yard, just like they said there would be, but sadly there was no pool. Maybe there's a community pool or I can use the one at FSU; who knows? Unlike at their old place the back yard is completely surrounded by both a tall fence and what I think is called a privacy hedge, so no one can look in, and we can't look out. Maybe Ella will nude sunbathe with me!

I came out in my bathing suit, asking Ella if I could help her do anything.

"No, honey -- go ahead and get in the spa. I'll join you in a little bit." Ella said.

I grabbed a towel from the linen closet and went outside. All of the chemicals to maintain the spa were just outside the glass door. I'll ask if I can be the one to take care of the spa. I know I'll be in it much more then either Ella or Robert.

After a bit, Ella came out in a very tiny bikini, and got in with me. The moment her butt got in the water I heard a tremendous moan from her.

"Doesn't it feel wonderful Lauren? You know, Robert called saying he won't be home for a couple more hours." Ella said.

"Then I don't need to keep this on, do I?" I said as I took my top off.

"I agree!" Ella said, removing hers as well.

"You know Lauren, the only thing that would feel better then the jets in this spa, would be a man!"

"I believe you're right Ella, unless you turn around and let the jet spray right up against your pussy! That feels wonderful?"

"You did that in our spa back home?" Ella asked with an odd tone to the question. "So have I! Didn't it feel great!"

I reached down and took off my bottoms, making a big to-do about it, dropping it on the ground. I turned around and aimed a jet right at my pussy, and I screamed just a little. This spa has better jets so it feels simply marvelous. I looked over, and Ella had removed her bottoms as well, and was enjoying the nearest jet. At the same time she was 'jetting' herself, she reached over and put her hand on my breast, making it tingle.

I got up from my jet, and placed my hand on her huge breast, pinching her nipple, which was quite big. She moaned, and got up moving towards me, until our tits touched, which made us, both tremble. I reached over and touched the side of her face. I heard something of a purr from her as I leaned into her and kissed her gingerly on the lips, causing her to make a sound like "aghh" and then she returned the kiss, and very quickly we were making out, using open mouths and tongues on each other.

I wasn't sure what else to do, since I had never been with another woman before. I suppose I could stick a finger in her pussy, but I don't know? I should let her lead this. She bent down and kissed the tops of my breasts and rolled my nipples between her fingers. I was about to orgasm. I decided to do the same thing to her, first kissing her massive bozongas, as she called them, then rolling her nipples.

She got out, and picked up her bathing suit, walking inside the house.

"I'm sorry Ella, everything felt so good, come back in please?" I started to cry, I've ruined this relationship on the first day here!

I got out grabbing my suit and drying myself off. I didn't know what to say to Ella, do I apologize?

She came back out saying, "What did you say Lauren? I had to go in and set a timer on the food I'm baking?"

I was embarrassed and said, "I thought you left because of what I did?"

"You didn't do anything to offend me dear. I was enjoying myself a lot. Want to finish this in my bedroom?" Ella longingly asked.

I went up to her and gave her a great big hug, apologizing for my apology!

She took my hand and we went together into her room. She grabbed some fresh towels, and laid them on the bed. She crawled up and waved me to follow her.

"Lay on your back Lauren and spread your legs, please?" Ella said. "Anytime you wish to stop or not do anything, just let me know; otherwise you and me are going to have some fun. I've got a soufflé in the oven for dinner later. It takes about 35 minutes so I have a timer set."

I got on my back and Ella's lips made quick contact on my pussy, causing an immediate orgasm as well as me making a rather loud almost scream, or at least I think it did. She stayed down there sucking on my clitty and digging inside my pussy with her tongue. It almost felt as good as when Robert was fucking me, but this was a different kind of good. I heard a faint ding and Ella left for a moment to do whatever it was she had to do with her soufflé.

I was bucking and catching my breath when she came back in. She went to her backpack and got out a contraption that looked like a dick connected to a belt of some kind. She was putting it on like a pair of pants, but it had a dick attached that looked rather real.

"This is called a 'strap-on Lauren.' I know my husband's fucked you and took your cherry, now I want my turn, OK?" Ella said, sounding so sexy while she said it.

"Does h-he know that you know?" I asked worried about this revelation.

"He does not, and I would like to keep it that way, please? You and I can have some fun, the same way you and my husband did!"

I was so turned on seeing her dick flop around. It was big and bright yellow.

Ella crawled up and grabbed her large dick and positioned it just at the entrance of my pussy. She then clamped her mouth over my nipple and sucked so hard I had an orgasm. Just as I was coming down from it, Ella pushed forward, filling me with 10 inches of pussy splitting dick.

"Ladies, I'm home. Hmmm, smells good!"

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

"Why is he home so soon?" Ella said, under her breath.

"Maybe he can join us?" I suggested, a little out of breath.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you, to get his cock back in your sopping pussy?" Ella said, keeping the yellow plastic all of the way inside me.

"IN HERE HONEY!" Ella said, starting to fuck me with all of that beautiful fake cock. She was taking it slow and deep as Robert walked in, dropping his suitcase.

"She'd like you to join us Honey, think you can do that?"

Robert was rubbing his hands together with glee, and then got out of his clothes very quickly.

"Let her suck on you, while I fuck her with Charley?"

Robert climbed up on the bed and kneeled above my head and was stroking his dick and putting it against my mouth. I opened my mouth and he plopped it in. I always liked his big dick and this was no exception.

Ella was sweating a little, while slamming Charley into my wonderfully wet vagina. It'd feel so wonderful, being filled by two different dicks at the same time. I was using my hands on Robert's dick while Ella was filling me completely with Charley, he felt the perfect size, any longer and it would probably hurt. It looked like fun to wear that and fuck somebody with it, I wonder if Ella would let me fuck her with it?

Robert turned around and squatted in front of my face, while I was sucking feverishly on his beautiful boner. I took my hands off it and he started 'fucking' my face, using the same exact motions from fucking my pussy, just using my face as his pussy. I would occasionally gag a little but that didn't really bother me. He was showing the signs of coming so I took my finger and pushed it inside his ass, causing him to overfill my mouth with his precious seed.

Ella started slowing down considerably. She came to a stop and pulled out of me, then attacked my pussy again with her mouth, causing me to orgasm one last time. I swallow Robert's seed and he went to the foot of the bed, and gave his wife a most wonderful kiss.

I was finishing a convulsion from his coming in my mouth and Robert pulled me off the bed and gave me a wonderful kiss of my own. He had to hold me up, or I would have fallen to the ground. He picked me up and carried me to my bed and put a cover over me. Just before he left, he kissed me again and said, "I love you!"

I woke up and took a shower and changed into a skirt and blouse. Ella was setting the table for dinner, as I plopped into a chair a little too hard. "Owwie," I said.

"Sore, are we?" Ella asked, with a smirk in her voice.

"Have you ever been fucked by a 10 inch strap-on before, Ella?" I replied.

"Well, no -- but with you here, it could happen?" She smiled.

"Thank you for carrying me to bed Robert, I was fucked senseless by your little wife here. When it stops hurting down there maybe I could get the real thing?" I appealed.

"Maybe? If you asked me just right?" Robert responded.

"Lauren, the whole time you've been resting, Robert has been talking about fucking you up your ass while I fuck you in your pussy again, you ready for a DP?" Ella asked.

"What's that?"

"DP, Double Penetration -- one in your pussy and one in your butt at the same time. It might be easier your first time to take Charley up your butt and Robert in your pussy, but it's really just six of one, half a dozen of the other."

Dinner was on the table, so it got quiet and we ate this fabulous food. "Hmmm, Ella this soufflé is really good, I was hoping you could teach me to cook while I'm here. Oh my, I was supposed to call mom when I got here!" I got up.

Ella said, "Sit down, I called her telling her that you were too worn out to talk, which was true. You can call her later, remember we lost two hours making this trip."

"That's right, but isn't part of Florida the Central Time Zone? I remember something about that from school!" I queried.

"Yeah, Pensacola and Panama City are Central and a couple of other communities as well." Robert remarked.

Ella gave a big sigh and said, "About earlier, Lauren -- I don't know what exactly came over me, but I want to apologize for what happened? I just saw your naked titties and they just made me a little crazy!"

"Ella!" I responded. "I enjoyed every second of both the spa moments and especially Charley, I definitely want to get to know him better, I thought I could help you out sometime by wearing him myself."

"What did I tell you, El -- I knew she was enjoying herself? Ella has some other toys to share with you as the two of you see fit, including a 18 inch long double-ended dildo for the both of you to 'share,' and me to watch." Robert said, laughing. "Changing the subject, Lauren. I talked to your dad before we left, and I'm suppose to help you find a car you like, a new car, and he will reimburse me, after the fact."

"Thank you, Robert... I hope it doesn't take too much of your time to do that, I certainly don't want to impose on you." I said sincerely.

"Impose, after what happened between the three of us earlier? We are going to have a lot of fun while your staying with us as you attend Florida State University," Robert said.

"I'd like to get registered as soon as possible, so I can get in the summer classes!" I asked as I picked up my glass of water.

"Sure thing Lauren, why don't we take the morning, if needed and get you a car first, then while they're getting it ready for you, I'll take you over to the Campus and you can sign up for classes? I'll stop by the office and come back to get you about 45 minutes later. I'm getting the newest thing in mobile phones; something called the Nokia Mobira Cityman. I think it's a little lighter than the one you have. I sure hope they can make them smaller in the future. I wouldn't buy one myself, but my company wants to keep upper management on a short leash. To me the perfect size phone would fit in my shirt pocket!"

"Oh Yeah Rob -- when pigs fly!" Ella said with a hearty chuckle.

"Well, we had a demo today from a guy who showed us something new called a Macintosh Computer; much easier to look at then those clunky hard to look at Osborne computers, with their five inch screens!"

Dinner was over and I asked if anyone wanted to spa with me? Ella said that she still had stuff to unpack in the bedroom.

Robert agreed to spa for a while saying he was tired and hoped that the spa could relax him. He said he'd meet me out there, so I put on my sexiest bikini, which wasn't really all that sexy, but I went out and turned on the jets. Robert came in.

"Robert, sit in front of me and I'll massage your back and shoulders. That should help you get to sl**p!"

"Thank you Lauren, you're really very nice to offer to do that!"

"Only my stud uncle gets my massages, Robert!" I giggled.

"I'm no stud, dear, but thanks for the vote of confidence! Ooohhh, that feels real nice. Could I ask you to rub at the base of my neck, it feels real stiff!"

"My goodness Robert, it is! What has you so stressed, that you have such a stiff neck?"

"This new job is rather stressful, at least until I get used to the people I'm in charge of, including the Advertising Budget, which has money in it for me to get a part time minimum wage employee. Didn't you say you were going for a BA in Advertising?"

"Yep, that would be great for my resume, to work at a big firm like yours, even if only for a summer." His neck was really tight and it took a lot of effort to rub it, when I heard a sound from his neck that sounded like 'thwop' and he pushed my hands off of him and got up.

"My god, Lauren -- you did it, you untangled my neck. It's hurt for the longest time. Thank you! But it's also worn me out, so I better get to bed, we have a date in the morning to get you a car, wear something that makes you look barely old enough to drive. I have an idea to get you and your dad a good deal on a new car."

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

The next morning we went together in Robert's car, and stopped at a couple of dealerships, but I couldn't find anything I liked, so Robert took me to the Volkswagen dealership, I was drawn towards a white convertible Beetle, that had a price of $6,800 on it, Robert called it a 'rag top!' He told me to argue with him, saying how I thought it was a stupid looking car, but I really liked it. Robert smiled and winked at me.

"Uncle Robert, this isn't even a real car, I hear they put the motor in the back so they won't flip over when you hit the brakes!"

"But Lauren, it's a pretty car, just like you're so pretty?"

"My daddy wouldn't let me spend that much money on a car, let's go someplace else, please. Look at it -- It's ten years old, not worth a penny over $5,000!"

Robert took me by the arms, winking at me, and said, "Lauren, sit down. Let me talk to the nice man, OK?"

We ended up getting it for $4,500!

I drove it home, then Robert took me to FSU and dropped me off. It took me over an hour to take care of everything, but I got a schedule with classes starting the following Monday. Robert came along, honked and took me to the Campus Bookstore, where I got my books and materials. He made a phone call and told whomever that he was having car problems, and wouldn't be into work until the next morning.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Over the summer, he would take me to class from time to time, while I sucked him off letting him come in my mouth. He told me that the job in the office was still available, if I wanted it, but it would be 25 to 30 hours a week. This meant I would have to cut down on my classes starting in the fall, but the chance to work at a big business sounded like so much fun.

That night after dinner, I got a call from mom, who was crying very hard, but she managed to tell me that I needed to come home because daddy was dying. I packed up one suitcase and Robert took me to the Airport and got me headed home.

Daddy was in a car accident, on his way home from work! He'd been hit by a d***k driver, who was driving a Cadillac Limousine in a hurry to get to the airport. The doctors thought he would not last to the end of the week, but he actually started getting better, and, after another two weeks in the hospital they sent him home. After he got home and settled in, I went to my room and started to pack to get back to college in Florida.

Mom came in the room.

"What're you doing Lauren?" she said.

"Daddy's doing all right, and he's home! I'm packing to go back to Florida?" I said.

"You can't!" Mom responded.

"Why not?" I said with a bit too much attitude.

"Your father needs more care then I can give him myself. I need you here, Lauren!" she said.

"Mom, I missed half of the summer classes that were paid for, I've probably lost my residency status, and I have a car back there, that I've driven a total of 57 miles on. I have to go back, Robert and Ella need me too, and I had responsibilities there, adult responsibilities!"

I started to cry!

Mom came over to me but I pulled away from her, continuing to pack.

"Put the clothes away dear, you're not going anywhere! Your responsibilities to your f****y are more important than school and your Aunt and Uncle. They'll understand! We'll get your car here somehow. You look tired dear rest a little. Your father will need you to feed him in an hour!"

"But mom..."

"Lauren Elizabeth Codahay, enough backtalk! Take a nap!"


Despite trying to help all I could, dad was never able to feed himself. We had to call the ambulance to take him back to the hospital where he died two days later. Mom was in a fog for a while, Although Robert and Ella couldn't make, the rest of the f****y all gathered to mourn my father. Robert hired a company to bring my car home.

In the months that followed, Mom started to come out of her stupor, fixing dinner, occasionally setting the table for three out of habit.

I started community college, more than anything to get out of the house as much as I could. I got the occasional letter from Robert and Ella, trying to console me, but it didn't do much good. I had seen the other side of the looking glass, and I missed it a great deal.

I met a young man at college; we dated and eventually got married. He was a wonderful person and a passable lover, giving us two beautiful c***dren now 8 and 12.

It's been 15 years since that prom and summer that I had a crush on my Uncle Robert.

I'm 33 now, Robert's 49! He was transferred again, this time to Seattle Washington. He still writes me, although now it's mostly email. He signs his emails, "With Love, Joseph Williams."

I wonder how long it would take to drive to Seattle?

I miss Charley!

The End

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1 year ago
"Lauren and Robert" (Niece and Uncle-Not blood related). An eliptical story and awesome in many ways. From the start up until after the relocation in Tallahassee I was engrossed and mesmerized by the depth and longing of Lauren for her uncle Robert. Shortly after their arrival in Florida there were signs the story was going in a different direction--threeway sex of lust, not love; self gratification, not sensuality; a lesbian or at least bisexual affairs, not a male and female love story! I was on the verge of "changing channels (to another story), just as Lauren got the call from her mother about Laurens' father's critical condition. Though I'm sorry Lauren "lost" the love of her young life I am glad the story ended the way it did, with her finding love as a twosome couple family! Ideally!
2 years ago
i dont see how u can get any better....
2 years ago
very good