"Oh, Uncle Dave, you're so long and thick, I will never fit it
in my tiny little pussy."

Uncle Dave was my bestest friend in the whole world. He always
took me out for ice creams and movies whenever I asked, and
even when I didn't. He also liked to take me shopping,
especially for clothes. He would buy me all the sexiest gear
and would sit there patiently while I tried on everything in
sight and never once complained about how long it took. He even
took me lingerie shopping, even though he always had to make up
some excuse why his thirteen-year-old niece just had to have
that silk teddy. Then he would pay the saleswoman a few extra
dollars so I could try them on in private with just Uncle Dave
to keep me company.

Sometimes when we had those private fittings we would play a
game. I would pretend to be a sweet innocent young girl and he
would play the dirty old man. He would watch me try on sexy
clothes, wearing less and less as time went by, then he would
try to fuck me. I would always try to resist, but let him have
his way in the end. That was what we were doing this time.

"Please, Uncle Dave, it hurts."

Of course it did nothing of the sort, in fact I was very close
to cuming all over his lap, but it was a game you see. I
struggled a bit and it looked like I was trying really hard to
get free, but actually I was just trying to get his huge cock
to go deeper.

"Ow, it hurts, it hurts."

Uncle Dave is a big man, not just his dick but all over, with
big thick muscles everywhere. He could pick my little body up
and do whatever he liked with it, fling me this way and that,
turn me over and over and just generally treat me like a doll.
That's what he called me, his little baby doll.

"Oh, Baby Doll I love it when you struggle like that."


"But it will do you no good, cause I'm gonna fuck your pussy
until it bleeds."

Of course he would never really fuck me that hard, and the only
time I bled was four years ago when Daddy made me a woman. But
Uncle Dave would certainly let me know I had been fucked, and
that was just what I wanted. His big meaty hands grabbed me
around the waist, his long fingers almost overlapping, and
started to bounce me up and down on his cock.

"Take it all you little bitch."

Oh how I loved it when he called me names like that. It made me
go all mushy inside to know that he would say those things just
for me. I really loved Uncle Dave, he was the best. I could
feel that extra special feeling start to grow inside me as he
thrust me up and down, my little titties wobbling in the mirror
we sat in front of. I liked to watch Uncle Dave fuck me; it was
like I was starring in my very own porn movie. That's what I
wanted to be when I grew up, a porn star. Just the thought of
all those people watching me fuck while they jerked off, it was
all just so... so...


That was all it took to set me off. Uncle Dave said I was
really special for two reasons. The first was cause when I came
all these juices would rush out of my pussy. It was almost like
I was peeing, there was so much of it. The second was that once
I started cuming it takes ages for me to stop. I would just
keep cuming and cuming until I stopped fucking, and even then
it would take a while to finish.

"You like that you little slut?"

Did I ever. The juices were flowing so hard that I could barely
feel Uncle Dave's cock as it pumped in and out of my pussy. But
I knew it was there cause I felt full, really full. Still, it
would be nice to be able to feel every ridge and vein so I
played my trump card.

"Do what you like to me you bad man, just don't fuck my poor
virgin ass."

I almost laughed out loud at the "Virgin Ass" bit, Daddy had
been in there since I was four, but this was a game and there
were certain rules to be obeyed.

"I'll fuck you wherever I want to."

Uncle Dave lifted me up off his lap and placed me on my wobbly
feet. Well I had been fucking his monster cock really hard for
nearly an hour, you would be wobbly too if you had to go
through that. Anyway, he stood up and pushed me towards the
mirror, making me put my hands out to brace myself. He called
this "Assuming the position" and I guess he got that from
working as a cop. Whatever he called it I didn't care, because
this was my second favorite way of doing it without being tied
up. I felt his hands between my thighs, easing my legs apart so
he could slide his slick cock into me.

"Now don't you try to resist me, I'll get my cock inside you no
matter how hard you try to stop me."

Resist him? I wanted to push back and impale myself on him. But
rules are rules so I tried hard to tremble in fear.

"No, please don't **** me, I'll do anything you want."

I felt his thick fingers ease my ass cheeks apart and then I
felt that huge presence that could only be his cock. I was
shivering now, but it wasn't from fear, it was from
anticipation. That huge rod of flesh pushed its way
unmercifully inside me, not stopping until it was in as far as
it would go. I felt my fluids drench my inner thighs as I came
again. I braced myself and waited for the onslaught. Uncle Dave
started to pound his cock into my ass, plunging deeper and
deeper with each stroke. I wanted to urge him on, tell him to
fuck my ass, but I knew that would be breaking the rules. His
rhythm started to falter and I knew what was coming next.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum."

I felt him pull out and then those big hands of his grabbed me
and spun me around to face him. He pushed me down on my knees
so I was looking his cock straight in the eye. I didn't need
any encouraging cause this was the best part. I grabbed his
cock and started to stroke him as I slid my mouth over the
head. I had to really stretch my mouth open as wide as it would
go to get it in, but I'd had plenty of practice. My other hand
went to his balls and cradled them as I felt them start to pull

"Here it comes, baby doll, I'm gonna cum down your throat."

I felt his cock swell and then he was shooting cum into my
mouth. Oh God did it taste good; I just couldn't get enough of
his thick gooey jism. I sucked as hard as possible, swallowing
all that I could. It was tough, there was a lot to drink, but I
managed to get every drop. At last I finished and smiled up at
him, a little droplet of cum at the corner of my mouth.

"That's my little cum slut."

Uncle Dave picked me and kissed me on the forehead because I
was a good little girl. I was his baby doll, his cum slut. Oh
how I loved him during those moments.

"Get dressed little one so we can go home. Aunty Jen will be
waiting for us and she has a special surprise for you."

I could barely suppress my delight at that bit of news. Aunty
Jen always had the best surprises.

"Can I keep this teddy, Uncle Dave?"

I had the good sense to take it off before he could tear it
from my body. Sex is fun, but clothes are important.

"Of course, baby doll. Put it on so you can give Aunty Jen a
surprise. I'm sure she'll appreciate it."

We got dressed, Uncle Dave in his sensible clothes and me in my
micro mini and oh-so-tall heels. The silk of the teddy felt
good against my skin as we walked out of the store and it made
me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. We caught the bus
back to Uncle Dave's place and on the way I got to play my own
little game. I would keep kissing him on the cheek and rubbing
my body against his while everyone on the bus watched. Uncle
Dave went very red with embarrassment because everyone thought
he was a dirty old man, but I knew the truth. At one stage I
sat on his lap and started squirming around, rubbing my now wet
pussy against him. I could feel his cock start to get hard
through his pants and it gave me a very naughty idea.

"Uncle Dave, do you mind if we sit next to the window? I want
to see the world go by."

We changed position so we were right next to the window. I
didn't really want to look out, I just wanted an excuse to put
my shopping bags on the seat next to me, so people couldn't see
what I was about to do. As soon as everything was in place I
slid my hands under my bottom and started fiddling with Uncle
Dave's fly. I had done this sort of thing before so it wasn't
hard to get his cock out were it could do the most good. A
quick unsnap of the buttons on my teddy and I was ready for
action. I squirmed in his lap again and tried really hard not
to moan as I felt his cock slide up inside me.

"Oh look, Uncle Dave, a horse."

Of course there was no horse but it gave me an excuse to bounce
up and down on his lap, driving his cock in and out of my
little pussy and driving me crazy with lust. I wanted to tear
of all my clothes and fuck him right here in front of everyone,
but I knew that if I did he would get into so much trouble.
Other people didn't understand how much I enjoyed our
relationship; they thought I was being taken advantage of. If
anything I was taking advantage of Uncle Dave, cause all I had
to do was say to someone what he was doing and he would get
taken to jail. But I would never do that because we had
something really special and I didn't want to lose it.

"Oh, Uncle Dave, I'm slipping."

I pretended to slide off his lap and Uncle Dave grabbed and
steadied me. It gave him an excuse to put his hands on my
titties and he gave them a good squeeze while he was there. It
felt so good that I just had to squirm in his lap some more. I
could feel Uncle Dave's breath on the back of my neck and it
felt like he was really enjoying himself. Placing my hands on
the seat in front of me I looked out the window and started to
slowly grind my pussy back and forth. I felt one of his big
hands slide up my leg and under my skirt. He went straight to
my clit and started to squeeze it between his fingers. I bit my
bottom lip and tried not to say anything but it was really
hard. My whole body started to tremble as I felt a huge orgasm
build up inside me. Uncle Dave's body also started to shake and
I knew he was about to fill my pussy with his sweet cum. I
leaned back against him and whispered in his ear.

"Cum with me, Uncle Dave, cum in my little pussy."

I felt his arms tighten around my waist as his cock swelled
inside me, and then he was shooting his cum deep inside me as I
shot my cum all over his pants. It was the quietest either of
us had been before and it was so delicious that I didn't want
it to ever end, I just wanted us to cum over and over and over.
Eventually we both came to our senses and looked around.
Everyone was staring at us, like they knew something was up,
but they weren't sure just what had happened. We just smiled
and nodded to them, like nothing interesting was going on.
After Uncle Dave's cock had gone down enough I slid it back
into his pants and zipped him up. Just in time too because the
bus had arrived at our stop. We grabbed our bags, Uncle Dave
holding his in front of his cum soaked pants, and scrambled off
the bus before anyone could say anything. When I got off the
bus and on to the sidewalk I pretended to drop one of my bags.
Taking my time I bent over to pick it up, making sure anyone
who cared to look could see my drenched pussy. Once I was sure
everyone had gotten a good look I grabbed Uncle Dave's hand and
skipped down the road to where Aunty Jen was waiting for us
with my big surprise.


"Hello, Sindy, how are you today?"

Aunty Jen was standing in the kitchen holding a tray of hash
cookies fresh from the oven. She looked so cute with a dab of
cookie mix on her nose and her leather bra and thong lightly
dusted with flour. There was even a tiny splash of milk on the
toe of one of her thigh-high leather boots. I loved those
boots, the six inch heels pushed her ass right out for the
whole world to see.

"Hi, Aunty Jen. I fucked Uncle Dave on the bus today, and
nobody knew we were doing it. It was so cool."

I couldn't help myself; I just had to tell her. I was so proud
that Uncle Dave let me do that to him and I wanted to tell the
world all about it. But I knew that others wouldn't understand
the way Aunty Jen did, so I had to keep quiet. Aunty Jen just
looked at me and smiled.

"That's good, dear, I'm sure Uncle Dave enjoyed that. He always
likes fucking his little cum slut. Now take a cookie and I'll
get you a glass of milk."

I sat down at the kitchen table and ate one of Aunty Jen's
delicious hash cookies. I wanted to eat it really fast because
then I would get to find out what her surprise was, but Aunty
Jen made sure I took my time. When I had finished my cookie and
milk she took me into the playroom. This was a special room
were they kept all their extra special toys. My favorite was
the four-poster bed, with leather straps all over the place.
Aunty Jen made me strip down to my new teddy then climb onto
the bed. She took some of the straps and tied me up so my hands
were behind my back and my ass was pointing up in the air. I
knew what was coming next and I could feel my pussy getting wet
with anticipation.

"Okay, slut, it's time for your punishment."

I heard a whistling sound and then the sharp sudden pain of a
riding crop striking my ass. I almost came on the spot. Aunty
Jen continued to spank me with the crop until I couldn't stand
it anymore. I came so hard that I had to scream into the
mattress beneath me and my juices ran down my thighs in a
torrent. Fingers started to pull at my teddy, undoing the snaps
and pulling the fabric away from my hungry pussy. Aunty Jen's
tongue was suddenly there, licking and sucking the liquids from
my velvet folds.

"Oh yes, Aunty, lick my pussy."

The tongue probed deeper inside me, lavishing every nook and
cranny within while her fingers found my clit and massaged the
little nub of flesh. Aunty Jen was really good at this.

"Ooohh, I'm cuming, I'm cummmmmmmmmmmming."

I shook with pleasure as an incredible orgasm bounced around my
body like a pinball. It was so overwhelming that I must have
passed out because the next thing I knew Aunty Jen was shaking
me awake.

"Wake up, dear, it's time for your surprise."

I opened my eyes but I couldn't see anything. Aunty Jen must
have put the leather mask on my face. I guess she used the gag
too because there was something large and rubbery in my mouth.
I felt hands moving my restraints around, pulling my arms out
in front of me and pressing my breasts into the bed. My ankle
restraints where also moved, spreading my legs really wide. A
large padded cylinder was placed under my hips, pushing my ass
right up into the air. I was totally powerless and exposed,
just the way I liked to be.

"Are you ready, dear?"

I nodded my head, it was the only thing I could do in the
situation. I heard the bedroom door open and what sounded like
footsteps. Then I could feel breathing on my exposed pussy,
short, rapid breathing. I had no idea what was going on but I
knew that I liked it. I waited for the breathing to stop and
the licking to begin, but instead the breath disappeared. A
small moan of disappointment escaped my gag, but then someone
threw a rug on my back, a thick heavy rug. A rug that seemed to
be moving on it's own. I felt something hot and wet pressing
against my pussy and I squirmed against it, trying to help it
enter me.

"Don't move, dear, he knows what to do. Just relax and let it

I did what Aunty Jen said and tried to relax. The hot wet thing
pressed against my pussy, and then slid in deeply, burying
itself inside me as far as it would go. Then it started to push
in and out of me really quickly, driving me crazy with lust. I
wanted to scream with pleasure but the gag muted my cries.

"That's it, honey, just relax and let him go."

The thrusting was getting quicker and quicker, pounding my
little pussy like a jackhammer. Suddenly the thing that was
inside me started to swell. I thought it wouldn't be long now
before whoever it was came, but the swelling just kept going.
It was getting bigger and bigger, stretching my pussy as far as
it would go. It was causing me pain, but it also felt really
good. I didn't know whether to cry or laugh. In the end I
decided to cum, squirting my juices out over the huge swelling
thing and onto the bed, soaking the sheets below. I bit into
the gag and screamed as loud as I could as my shook with every
new wave of pleasure.

"Good girl, Sindy, you're doing really well. Now get ready, I
think he's about to cum."

Who ever it was did exactly that. I felt him stiffen, then the
cum literally poured into my pussy. Again and again more cum
squirted into me, filling me up then overflowing down my
thighs, mixing with the juices I had already spilled. The
sensation was incredible and I came again, even harder than the
last time. My pussy spasmed, then clamped down on the huge
thing inside it, locking us together. I guess it must have been
a turn on for him because he started to hump again, thrusting
that huge monster in and out of my battered pussy. I felt like
my body was cuming with every thrust now, wave after wave of
incredible sensation sweeping over my body like waves crashing
on a resilient shore. Just when I thought my body could stand
no more I would cum again, and again, and again, until there
was nothing but a tiny pinpoint of light in an ocean of

"I think she's coming around."

I opened my eyes to find I was no longer wearing the mask or
gag, and my restraints had been removed. I was lying on the bed
with Aunty Jen and Uncle Dave looking down at me.

"Are you okay, dear?"

I nodded and gratefully accepted a glass of water from Uncle
Dave. My whole body was a mass of aches and pains, but I
wouldn't have changed it for anything in the world.

"That was incredible, Aunty Jen. Who was it?"

Aunty Jen smiled and slid off the bed. She went to the bedroom
door and opened it, letting my surprise into the room where he
jumped up on the bed and started to lick my face.

"Rex, my God, was that you?"

Rex was Aunty Jen's pet Labrador, a cute bundle of fur that I
absolutely adored. But I had no idea that he was capable of
doing things like that.

"Your Aunty Jen has spent the past couple of weeks training Rex
to do all those things. And I must admit, I sure liked watching
her do it too."

Uncle Dave had a big grin on his face and I could just imagine
him standing there, stroking that big beautiful cock of his as
he watched Rex fuck Aunty Jen. It was the kind of vision that
gave me some very interesting ideas.

"Aunty Jen, can I see you and Rex do it too? And maybe while
you're fucking Rex, Uncle Dave can fuck me."

Aunty Jen and Uncle Dave smiled at me. Even Rex seemed to be
happy to hear my suggestion.

"I think that would be a marvelous idea, Sindy."

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