f****y reunions can be fun. I mean what's not to like about a f****y reunion? You get to see people that you may not see otherwise for years at a time, and you get to reconnect with f****y from all over the country. That is of course, unless you are not really part of the f****y. No, I haven't been excommunicated from my f****y; quite the contrary, I am part of a kind of second f****y. My k**s are extremely close to another f****y's k**s, and their mom is my wife's best friend. They are at our house almost as much as their own, and I regularly run errands and do favors for their mom. The standing joke is that their mom is my second wife, without certain benefits, unfortunately. Our two families are so close that we are considered part of their extended f****y, and as such we are invited to their f****y reunion every year.

It is fun, the gold standard for f****y reunions. They do a two day reunion every year around Independence Day that usually includes a float trip, bar-b-que, and fireworks display. I have gotten to know much of the extended f****y and made friends with quite a few. I have watched many of the k**s grow up over the years and some of the young ladies blossom into very good looking young women.

One of the young ladies that seemed to enjoy hanging close to me over the years was, Beth, who this year showed up at the swimming hole wearing a very tiny bikini! I couldn't help but notice that she had dropped at least 30 pounds off her 28 year old body, and definitely couldn't help but notice that what passed for her bikini top barely contained her 38 D chest. I was just glad I was standing in waist deep water so my wife couldn't see the suddenly growing bulge in my trunks.

I've known Beth since she was maybe ten or so? I watched her go through her high school dating years, get married, her marriage turn rocky and finally end in divorce a couple years back. Now a single mom, she has her hands full, and I am pleased that she has managed to keep a positive outlook on life through all the trouble. Last year though she seemed quite down in the dumps and for reasons I never quite understood, she latched on to me like she had in her younger years and spent much of the two days as close to me as she could manage. We sat for hours before the fireworks display and she talked freely about all her troubles, including losing her recently acquired boyfriend. She seemed happy to just get it all off her ample chest, and I guess I was safe, being close enough to be f****y but not quite f****y.

But this year she seemed to be in much higher spirits, and skimpier clothing as she tossed her wrap and towel onto a lawn chair and stepped into the warm lake water.

"Well, Hello Mike!" She said cheerfully as she waded deeper into the lake toward me.

"Beth! Good to see you! I didn't know you had gotten here."

"Just rolled in a little bit ago. Had to get the k**s all settled into the bunkhouse and then change. As hot as it is out today I thought a swim was a good place to start!" She said as she dipped herself under the water and then back up again, water cascading off her body and suit as she leaned her head back and squeezed the water out of her long brown hair. The material slowly absorbed the water running down her large chest and what started out as an opaque white bikini was growing somewhat less opaque by the moment. Her face broke into a small smile as she watched where my eyes were glued; knowing full well what affect the water was having on the material. Within a minute the suit had absorbed enough to allow me to see the darkness of her areola and the hardness of her nipples hiding behind the tiny triangles of fabric. Not that the top came anywhere close to covering the bulk of her creamy breasts to start with. "I take it you like my new suit?" She asked almost coyly.

"Uh I guess you could say that. It certainly does look good on you, what there is of it, that is." I said a bit nervously, glad that we were standing out of earshot of anyone else at the moment.

She looked over her shoulder to confirm that no one could really see anything but her back, and then looked straight at my eyes. Her hands slid up her stomach to the round bottoms of her breasts, and cupped them gently. "I'm glad you like it. I got it new just for you." She practically whispered as she gently stroked the curves under the white material. "I know you want to see more though, don't you?" She asked a little quiver of nervousness in her voice.

"Well, I have to say that I'm already seeing a whole lot more than I would have ever thought." I answered, watching her fingers slowly stroke back and forth along the bottoms of her creamy white breasts.

"So you like what you see?" She asked again, the tremble in her voice now showing in her fingers as they slowly moved up the curve of her breasts until they were teasing the bottom edge of the white material.

"Very much!" Was all I could say as I watched her fingers work slowly back and forth as well as upward, slowly pushing the white material up her breasts, exposing more and more of them by the second. My dick was also responding to her actions, growing harder by the second inside my suit, and more than likely quite visible to her just below the water's surface.

"Then you should really enjoy this." She whispered a bit more boldly as her fingers pushed the material up and over her nipples, not stopping until the triangles of material were well up her breasts, each of them now fully exposed to my stare. They were easily D cup, with only a little bit of sag, each one topped with a slightly oval shaped areola and a round hard nipple as big around at the tip of my finger, but slightly shorter. I watched as she gently stroked each nipple with her fingers first once, and then a second time, before taking hold of the material of her top and pulling it down as she let herself sink into the water. She moved a step closer to me under the water as she fixed her top, only her head above the surface of the lake. Her hands reached for my legs as they let go of her now straightened top, and slid up my thighs until she reached the legs of my swim trunks. My heart pounded, and I stood frozen as her hands snuck up the legs of my suit, worming into the mesh pouch to enclose my hard cock in her hands.

"Oh damn!" I breathed quietly as she stroked my cock inside my suit. "But we really need to stop this before someone sees." I told her nervously.

"If you insist!" She answered with a smile as she withdrew her hands from the legs of my suit. "I'm sure we will get to see each other a bit more later!" she said with a wink. She stood back up, turned and bent over to swim toward shore. She pushed her butt out as she bent at the waist and pressed her round rear against my raging hard on, making me wish I could just grab her hips and pull her down my shaft.

"Oh God." I breathed as she pushed away and swam toward shore. She climbed out of the water and covered herself with the wrap she had brought down. "Good thing too, with all the k**s around." I thought to myself as I sunk into the water and pushed myself toward the swim platform anchored in deeper water. I hauled myself up the ladder and flopped onto platform, water streaming off my body into a growing puddle. My mind was filled with thoughts running in as many directions as the tendrils of water I was laying in as I fell asl**p in the warm sunshine.

I could feel her wetness as my fingers softly and gently stroked between her wet lips. I could almost feel her touch and lips pressing against mine as I stroked her closer to climax, the scent of her arousal strong in my nostrils. My cock throbbed and jumped as it desired to replace my fingers with itself, filling her sexy pussy with its fullness. I could hear her quiet moans as my fingers teased her lips and clit closer to climax. I could feel the gentle rock of the platform below me as my mind began to slowly process more than just its dream world. The quiet moan in my ears and the smell of arousal were no fantasy. Neither was the soft wetness my fingers were buried in. I could feel her weight lying on my arm as the sun warmed my body, her weight changing on my arm as her hips gently bucked in minuscule movements. I looked over to see Beth laying on the platform, face down, her head laying on her arms, pointed toward me, her eyes closed and her tongue gently licking her lips.

I looked down to see my arm disappearing under her, my hand apparently in the front of her tiny white bikini and my fingers curled up between her lips.

"Oh yes!" she whispered softly as her body stiffened and shuddered, her juices flooding over my fingers as her climax washed over her trim body. I wasn't exactly sure how she had managed to get my fingers in her pants without me waking up or it being seen, but she had. I guess I couldn't blame her, but now I was damn horny for her and really wanted to just roll her over and fuck her silly. Not that that could happen out here. Not with everyone watching.

"Thank you. And I know exactly what you are thinking. I wish I could just climb on top of you and ride you until you explode deep inside me." She whispered as she lifted herself up in her elbows so her tits were just barely touching the decking.

I gently pulled my wet fingers from her pussy and bikini bottoms, resisting the temptation to sniff her juices. She looked at me longingly, and then stood up, pulling on her panties as she stepped across me on her way toward the ladder. Her bottoms were pulled enough to the side to provide me a look right up at her spread wet lips, which I am sure was her intention.

I groaned quietly to myself as she knelt down by the ladder, bending over to splash some water on herself. Her actions pushed her bare pussy out at me spreading her even farther. I so wanted to just roll over and drive into her. If her intent was to tease me into wanting her, she had long since succeeded.

"Hope you enjoyed the view!" She said quietly as she turned around and lowered herself down the ladder and into the water. "Maybe later you can have a bit more of it."

"I hope!" I whispered back as her head disappeared below the deck level. I lost sight of her as she swam around the platform, but was able to watch her almost naked body swim all the way to shore, where she walked out, picked up a towel and wrapped it around her body, covering her exposing swim suit. It took several long minutes for me to compose myself enough to get into the water and head for shore myself. Dinner would be soon and I thought maybe it was a good time to go change into regular clothes, and hopefully keep my now almost perpetual hard on hidden a bit better.

Dinner was your typical bar-b-que fare, hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, etc. After dinner games continued with some volleyball, washer toss and the like. Of course the perpetual conversations continued as the evening grew closer to night. One of the highlights each year was the fireworks. All the families chipped in and the boys bought a bunch of fireworks to set off. This year was a bit more than seven hundred dollars in fireworks, not counting all the buy-one-get-one-free stuff. As usual it was shaping up to be a long and impressive display.

As darkness descended on the group, the boys set up the fireworks on the far side of the lake and multitude of f****y gathered on the near side. I sat in my usual spot, down near the lake with my wife and her best friend. It wasn't long before Beth tapped my shoulder and then walked away, obviously wanting me to follow her into the darkness.

I waited a few moments and then made some excuse about deciding to make a trip to the bathroom real quick. It didn't take me long to find where Beth had headed off to, up behind the main group, shielded from almost everyone by some low bushes.

"About time. I'm still waiting for you to fuck me!" She whispered as she pulled her very short skirt up and showed me her shaved mound. She turned around and bent over, resting her hands on her knees, pushing her ass out at me in open invitation.

Probably wasn't the best idea or place, but I was too turned on to even think about turning this one down. I took one more nervous look around and then back to her bare ass. She looked back at me invitingly while I undid my shorts and let them fall around my ankles, leaving my raging hard on half sticking out of my skimpy bikini underwear. I pushed the front of my briefs down, freeing my hard cock and shuffled myself the few inches it took to be able to rub the head of my cock up and down her wet slit. I took my time, enjoying the silky feel of her wet lips caressing my mushroom head before letting it engage into her hot tunnel. I allowed some of my weight to press against her, slowly pushing my head into her hot wetness. I sunk only a couple inches into her before the dryness of my shaft had grabbed her lips and slowed my progress. I pulled myself out slowly, leaving only my head in her tight confines before pressing in again. Each slow stroke drove me deeper and deeper into her until my head was pressing against the end of her tight tunnel and my hips were pressed to her bare ass.

"Oh God!" She moaned quietly, her voice mostly drowned out by the booms of the fireworks. Her tight pussy gripped my shaft as I plunged in and out of her wet tunnel, the tightness caressing my head and teasing the sensitive spot under my head as she rocked her hips in time with my strokes. My hands squeezed her ass as I used it for a handle, pulling her back into me as my strokes became more and more powerful.

"Oh shit!" I groaned louder than I would have preferred as I felt her body convulsing, her already tight tunnel spasming around my cock. The sensations pushed me over the brink and my cock began spurting shot after shot of hot cum into her waiting pussy. Each shot drove my cock hard into her as my body jerked uncontrollably. I saw fireworks mixed with stars in my vision as my body surrendered to the incredible sensations it was feeling. I lost track of time while my body slowly regained control, and awareness of my surroundings. I found myself, standing, panting and sweating, my cock still stuffed into Beth's hot pussy, my chest pressed to her back and my arms around her, gently caressing and playing with her hard nipples while she held her shirt up above her now exposed breasts.

"I think it might be good to straighten ourselves." I whispered as I gave her nipples one final tweak and then stepped back to pull my slowly shrinking dick from her pussy.

"I suppose." She said as she dropped her shirt and smoothed her skirt, turning to kneel down in front of me and grab my shorts. She pulled them part way up my legs and reached with her hand to grasp my cock, quickly leaning forward and sucking it into her mouth. She licked and sucked it for several minutes, releasing it after it had been adequately cleaned, and then went back to pulling my shorts up. I fastened them as she stood up, looking up into my face, hers illuminated by the fireworks bursting overhead. "Thank you!" She whispered, before lifting herself up to plant a quick kiss on my lips. With that she turned and walked away, slipping into the darkness and leaving me standing alone, wondering what I had just done.

Fortunately my wife didn't quiz me too much on where I was during the fireworks. In fact, she hadn't seemed to miss me at all, since someone else had "borrowed" my chair. I thanked my good fortune, and walked off with her to call it a night. The next morning was going to be the f****y float trip.

Once the lights went out and we were finally settled into one of the many beds of the bunkhouse, my wife very uncharacteristically, snuggled up.

"You know. For some reason I am really turned on, how about you?" She whispered to me while she slipped her leg over mine and brushed her nose gently against my cheek. Her bare tits pressed against my arm and I could feel her hard nipple pressing into my bicep.

"Some." I replied as quietly, moving my arm around her shoulders and pulling her tightly to me so those tits I loved so much could press against my bare side and chest.

"I would think you were very horny. Especially after Beth wore that tiny little bikini today. "

"Oh Yeah...I almost forgot about that."

"Yeah right. You're such a horrible liar." She whispered with a giggle. "I saw her go out to the swim platform and step right across you... twice. Not only that, that suit was practically see though on top. You're not really going to tell me you didn't see her tits showing though."

"Well, there was that." I whispered back as she rubbed her leg up and down mine.

"What would you do if I stepped over you wearing one of those tiny bikinis?" She asked quietly.

"Oh gee. Probably pull you down onto me and eat that sexy pussy."

"And did you want to do that to her?"

"I don't know. I didn't really think about it."

"God you are such a liar. Your hard on right now tells me that you most certainly did think about it!"

"Well, maybe a little."

"Maybe a little huh? I bet it was a lot more than a little." She said quietly as she moved her leg. She rustled under the covers a moment and then rolled slowly over my body until she was kneeling across me, her naked tits hanging in my face. "I think you were a bad boy. What should we do with a bad boy? Hmmmm. Maybe as punishment you should lick my pussy till you make me come!"

"Oh you do, do you?" I whispered as I reached my hands up to her D size tits and cupped each one, squeezing them into cones that made her large nipples point out at me. I slowly licked each nipple in turn, teasing my tongue around and around before finally sucking each nipple into my mouth and sucking as much of it into my mouth as I could.

"Mmmmmmm that's a nice start." She whispered as she arched her back and lowered her tits toward my face a bit more.

"You like that?" I asked as went back to sucking from one nipple to the other.

"Oh I do. But I really want that that magic tongue on my clit."

"Mmmmph" Was all I could say around the nipple I was sucking on.

"Oh...You need me to move? I can fix that!" She said in a low almost growl that I hadn't heard from her in years. She pulled her tits out of my reach and grabbed the sill of the window over the bed. She walked her knees up next to my body, dragging her already sopping wet pussy lips along my stomach and chest as she worked closer to my face. I reached for her round rear and pulled her close to me, letting her knees work up the pillows until her wet lips were hovering inches from my mouth.

I reached my tongue out and gently teased the edges of her lips, just letting the tip of my tongue spread them slightly. I lifted my head a little and let my tongue press a bit farther into her, slowly dragging it up her slit until it bounced gently across her hard clit.

"Oh shit!" She breathed as her body shuddered in my hands.

I grinned to myself and pressed my tongue back into her again, deeper this time, so my tongue pressing into the entrance to her velvety tunnel. Slowly I drew her wetness up the length of her pussy, finding her hard clit and letting my tongue flick back and forth across it. I grinned again as I heard her moan softly and her butt twitch and shudder in my hands as my tongue teased her clit time and again. Within minutes of starting my attentions, she was trying to rock her hips to grind herself harder into my face, her body craving the release that my tongue was bringing closer by the minute.

My wife and I have been together a long time, and to be honest, I couldn't remember her being this turned on or active in many years. I sucked her clit between my lips and squeezed it gently while I attacked it with my tongue, my pinky finger teasing her little rosebud.

"OH GOD!" she gasped suddenly, followed by a long loud groan as her body shook and twitched, her juices flooding over my face with much more volume and f***e than I could ever remember. She pressed her pussy hard to my face, grinding her lips against my chin as her body rocked and shook above me. After what seemed like an eternity, she pulled back enough that I could breathe again.

I let go of her clit and gasped for breath beneath her as she panted for breath herself.

"Damn!" She said quietly as she began moving her knees down my body again, slowly working her pussy down my body. "Where did that come from?"

"You tell me!" I answered, still trying to catch my breath.

"I wish I knew!" She said as she lowered herself from the window sill and lowered her tits down to my chest. I felt her hand slip around behind her and grasp my rock hard cock, pulling it the rest of the way from the underwear that wasn't really containing it any longer. She rubbed its leaking head slowly and tantalizingly up and down her slit, my balls still trapped inside my bikini underwear. Without another word, she pressed herself back down more, driving my cock slowly into her still sensitive pussy. "Oh lord... Geez!" She breathed heavily.

"Oh Yes!" I groaned as I began bucking my hips up and down, driving my cock in and out of her wet pussy. "Ride me! God yes like that!" I encouraged as she began to rock her hips up and down in time with my thrusts. The bed squeaked quietly as we rocked in time, my impending climax slowly approaching.

"That's it honey. Cum in me! I want to feel you cum!"

I wasn't at all used to hearing her say even this much, and it had the effect she apparently wanted. With a long groan, my body bucked up, driving my dick into her until I lifted her off the bed, my cum spurting deep into her. Time and again my hips lifted her and my cock filled her, until I lay panting, my slowly shrinking cock slipping from her and releasing our flood of juices. "Damn!" I panted.

"I'll say!" She answered equally breathless as she rolled off of my body and lay next to me, a leg over mine and her head resting on my chest. We fell asl**p that way, both of us more satisfied that I could remember in years.

The next morning we over slept, and had to scramble to get dressed and ready to go on the float trip. Overslept was a relative term, since it was only seven in the morning, and the two of us had been up a tad later than we usually were. As she climbed out of bed completely naked I was disappointed that we didn't have time for a replay of the previous night. I was even more disappointed as I watched her tits swinging around while she bent over to pull her swim suit up her legs. She looked over at me and it only took me a second to see what had attracted her attention, since I was having some difficulty tucking my already hard dick into my suit as I pulled it up.

"Well, we know what you have on your mind this morning!" She said with an almost girlish giggle.

"Yeah. More of last night!" I said as I stepped around the bed to where she was standing and wrapped my arms around her, cupping her as yet uncovered breasts in my hands.

"Yeah...I know you. You're just thinking of Beth's tits showing through that bikini yesterday!"

"That's not fair!" I said as I kissed her neck, and stroked her nipples.

She pulled my hands away and went about pulling her swim suit up over her breasts. "I suppose if last night is what I get for letting you look at her tits...I might just have to let you look a little bit more."

"Yeah... Like you're going to do that!" I said with a chuckle. "Besides... I like these right here!" I said cupping her now swim suit covered tits with my hands again.

"I know you like 'em. As long as they're the only ones you touch you bad boy!" She teased, putting her hands over mine and pulling them tight to her tits.

I wasn't at all sure that I had seen her act this way before at all. In fact, last time she caught me even looking at another woman's tits that were accidently exposed, she got quite pissed off at me. I was at a loss to understand exactly what was going on with her.

"We better go before we get left behind!" she said, reaching her hand down between us and squeezing my hard cock through my swim suit. "And make sure this stays good and hard for me later!"

"I'll see what I can do!"

"Oh. With all the bikini's going on this float trip, I'm sure your dirty little mind will find some way to stay entertained."

"I'm sure it will." I said with a chuckle as she pulled away and walked to the bedroom door. Once outside the bedroom the bunkhouse seemed to be a bedlam of activity. With so many people getting ready to go, eating breakfast, changing into swim suits, standing in line for the bathroom...which was exactly where I was headed.

It took almost ten minutes to finally get my turn at the bathroom, and I began to wonder if it wouldn't have just been easier to go pee on a tree outside. Finally I got my turn, and headed into the bathroom, throwing the latch on the door leading to the main room. As I pulled down my suit and sat down on the toilet I idly wondered who was lucky enough to get the bedroom that had its own door to the bathroom. I finished up my business, and was in the process of pulling my swim suit back up when that academic question got surprisingly answered. Without warning, the bathroom door to the adjacent bedroom flew open and a young woman, in her late twenties, ran into the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her.

"Ohhh! God I'm Sorry!" She said in a squeaky voice. "But if I don't get to go now I'm going to pee myself, and she said that it would be ok!" The words flying from her nonstop as she dropped the towel, revealing her completely naked body only feet from me. She was somewhat shorter than I was, thin with nice curves. Her B cup tits were completely without tan lines, and her pink areola and large puffy nipples begged to be sucked. My eyes traveled down to her shaved mound as she sat down on the toilet, her legs spread enough to reveal her lips and the stream that began flowing from her. She stared at my hardening cock, now only a couple feet from her face, my suit paused around my thighs. "Ohhhh Thank you!" She sighed, the sound of her pee back dropping her comment. I stood in shock, staring at her completely naked body, wondering how I managed to end up in this somewhat awkward situation.

"Uh yeah." I mumbled, thinking that I should finish pulling my swim suit up, but not quite able to get my hands to move, or my eyes to tear away from her sexy little body.

"Oh...Honest I'm sorry!" She said looking at my hardening cock as my hands finally found managed to move again, trying to tuck my now mostly hard cock into my suit as I pulled it up.

I tried to remember her name, but was at a loss for what it was and just who's daughter it was. Just when I thought I couldn't get more uncomfortable, her hand reached out and wrapped around my cock, now well outlined in my suit, and gave it a squeeze.

"Nice cock. Maybe I can repay the favor at some point." She said with a seductively low voice before releasing it and standing up, still naked. She turned and flushed the toilet, bending at the waist to get her towel off the floor, and pushing her bare pussy out at me at the same time. Her ass pressed against my front, nestling my hard cock between her cheeks, while she continued to bend to pick up the towel. With a small wiggle up and down, she rubbed her wet pussy against my suit front before pulling away and turning, wrapping herself in the towel at the same time. "Yeah...Definitely need to pay you back for the favor!" She said as she walked out the door, closing it softly behind her.

I stood there for half a heartbeat, trying to gather my thoughts before the bathroom door to the main room knocked, and some lady asked if I was done yet. I gathered myself up and walked to the door, hoping my hard on wouldn't be quite so noticeable. I opened the door and the lady that was next in line, stared at me for a second, and then dropped her eyes to my suit and the hard shaft not quite hidden in it.

"Thank you!" She said with a half grin, stepping by me and letting her hand brush across the front of my suit as she did.

"You're welcome." I said under my breath as I headed for the kitchen, still needing to find some food. I did my best to try to keep my...problem, out of sight while I filled a plate with scrambled eggs, some sausage and toast. After filling a glass with milk, I made my way to the table and sat down.

"Well stud...did you enjoy the little gift I sent you?" Beth said as she slid into the seat next to me, wearing some kind of a wrap that went from her armpits to her thighs.

"You sent? I wondered who told her it would be ok to sneak around the line that way." I said as I shoveled some more eggs into my mouth and willed my finally reduced cock to stay that way.

"Yeah. I thought Tina would be a nice wake-up for you. Did you enjoy the view? I told her that you wouldn't mind as long as she was naked. You didn't mind... did you?" She asked with a crooked grin.

"Uh, no. I didn't mind." I answered her quietly as her hand slipped into my lap under the table and gave my cock a squeeze.

"I didn't think so." She said as she turned slightly toward me in her chair and leaned close to me. "I better go get dressed. Can't walk around naked all day, can I?"

"Well I suppose you could try. I mean that suit you had on yesterday was pretty close to it." I said quietly with a chuckle.

"Oh sweetie...You aint seen nothing yet. I saved the best for you for today." She whispered as she got up, her hand stroking my bare chest a she moved away.

I was still trying to get myself composed after the instant images of her taking off that swim suit from the day before, when my wife sat down across from me. "You better eat up. Looks like most everyone is starting to head to the cars."

"Yep. Just a minute." I said as I went back to scarfing down the end of my breakfast. "Is everything we need in the car or do I still need to fill the cooler?"

"Looks like there's plenty loaded already. If you don't mind, I'm going to ride out with Linda. I want to finish talking about the map stuff we started talking about last night."

"Oh...Ok. No Problem." I said as I finished up the last bite of eggs.

"Great!" She said getting up and walking around the table to give me a quick kiss before heading toward the front door.

I took my plate to the sink and downed the last of my milk. After a last trip to the bedroom to grab our bag of swim stuff, I headed to my car, a fairly new Chevy Traverse, while everyone started dividing up between cars. I was going to have plenty of room from the look of it, since no one else was migrating toward my car. I climbed in and started up, expecting to drive out to the canoe place alone.

"Mind if I join you?" Beth asked as she opened the passenger door. "I don't have a ride yet."

"Sure. Hop in." I answered as she tossed a fat bag of stuff into floorboard. She slid into the passenger seat, wearing the wrap she had on at the breakfast table. "So, did you manage to get yourself dressed to go?" I asked her as we pulled out toward the end of the line of cars heading out.

"Well, I did run a little short of time." She said coyly.

"Really? Just how short?"

"Ohhh This short!" She answered, her fingers pulling on the tie that held the wrap around her body. Within moments she was sitting with the wrap open and not a stitch of clothes on. "I was just so horny that I didn't have time to get dressed. I was way too busy playing with my pussy, thinking about how your hot dick feels inside me." She said as she lifted one leg and placed it on the dash in front of her, pushing her other knee as far apart as it would go. Her hand fiddled around on the side of the seat until it reclined back, leaving her in an almost laying position with her pussy spread wide. "God I want your cock in me again!" She said in a low voice, the fingers of one hand teasing her pussy while the other hand began pulling on her nipples.

"Lord." I said to myself as her fingers pushed into her pussy with a loud squishing sound.

"You know...I want you to fuck me again so bad!" She groaned loudly as her fingers slipped in and out of her pussy. She lifted her other foot to the dash and began humping her hips up and down in the seat as I drove down the two lane highway. "Oh God!" She moaned as her hand pulled her nipples, stretching first one and then the other, her fingers furiously stroking in and out of her pussy in time with her hips. "Oh yes! Fuck me harder!" She cried as her fingers assaulted her pussy. The inside of car smelled of sex and pussy as her body trembled and bucked in orgasm. "YES!" She cried loudly as her hand pulled from her tit and reached for my lap, grabbing my hard dick and pulling it roughly through my suit.

Her body had barely finished shaking and she was rolling onto her knees in the passenger seat, her head aimed for my lap while she struggled to push my suit low enough to get my cock out. "God I want you to fuck me so bad!" She panted as she finally got me out and began stroking me, the precum already leaking from watching her. She wrapped her lips around my head and her tongue worked around and around it, seeking the sensitive spot under it and teasing it even harder, it that were possible. Her hand and mouth slid up and down my shaft, coating it with her saliva and alternately driving my head down her throat or teasing it with her tongue. It was all I could do to maintain control on the windy two lane highway as she worked me closer and closer to climax.

"I don't know if this is a good idea!" I grunted, trying to hump my hips up toward her mouth, but held in place by my seat belt.

"Afraid you're going to wreck?" She asked from my lap.

"Maybe!" I grunted knowing that her actions had me almost to the peak.

"Well...don't!" She said, going back to work on my cock.

"OH SHIT!" I grunted, trying to keep the car centered in my lane while my dick exploded in her mouth, pumping shot after shot of hot cum deep into her throat. She gagged for a second and then went to work swallowing every drop that I produced. I'm sure whoever was following us wondered why all of a sudden I had trouble with the curves, and I was actually happy to hit a straight stretch.

"Hmmmm that tasted good!" Beth said as she licked the last of my cum and then rolled herself back into the passenger seat.

"Thank you. That was....unexpected!" I said as I tried to get my breath back.

"I hope it was more than just unexpected. I hope it was enjoyable."

"Oh believe me, it was!" I said as I looked over at her naked body. "I hope I have a chance to do that again, only buried inside your pussy again!"

"We'll just have to see, wont we?" She said coyly.

"Well, unless you want everyone to see, you better get your suit on. We're only five or so minutes from Akers."

"Oh well in that case!" She said, sitting forward and digging a small amount of black material from her bag. She put the bottoms on, which were little more than two triangles of material and a few strings. It left large amounts of her creamy skin showing. The top was barely more, a strip of material around her body that had no straps or ties to hold it in place, and was barely wide enough to contain her nicely shaped tits. "You know the nice thing about this top?" She asked, putting her seat back up.

"No, what's that?"

"I can do this!" She said, rolling the material of the top down so that her tits were completely exposed to me. "And I can do it any time I want and you will just have to watch."

"Yeah, like that's a hardship!" I said with a smirk.

She laughed and put herself back together in only seconds. That top did have some advantages, I thought to myself as we pulled into the floater parking lot.

I fixed my swim suit as I prepared to get out of the car, not really wanting to get caught with my suit half way off. Beth blew me a kiss and then climbed out, walking away with her butt swinging sexily. "Damn" I muttered to myself as I climbed out and followed her general direction.

"Hey there!" I heard a voice behind me say. I turned while I walked and saw the young lady from this morning's bathroom exchange behind me. She was wearing a dark blue bikini top and a pair of denim cutoff shorts, a pair of sun glasses holding her long brown hair back and a pair of black water shoes. "I don't think we got introduced this morning. I'm Amy!" She said holding a hand out.

"Hi Amy. Mike!" I answered, taking her hand while I was still walking backwards. "Nice to have a name to go with the...uh... face and all."

She laughed gently. "Yeah you did look a bit surprised. Beth said you wouldn't mind. I'm glad you didn't because I was about to pee myself."

"Uh... no... didn't mind."

"I could tell." She said as she got closer while I turned so we were walking the same way. "I can tell you, I'm not usually much of an exhibitionist, but I didn't mind too much myself. Especially after watching that pole of yours get hard. I wouldn't mind too much getting to spend some time with that buried in me."

"Uh. Ok." I said in shock as we turned and headed down the path through the woods to the river edge.

"Does that surprise you?" She asked bluntly.

"A bit. I mean you don't know me from Adam."

"Oh trust me. Beth has more than filled me in. A few of us had a nice long girl talk last night, and you were the topic of conversation more than once."

"Oh... Not good." I muttered.

"Oh don't worry. We'll all keep it under our hats. Not about to spoil a chance for that, especially after how Beth described how she spent the fireworks. Without a doubt the best she ever had, and after seeing it grow this morning, yeah....I believe her."

I was actually glad we emerged from the winding little path out by the river, if nothing else, to put an end to the very uncomfortable conversation. Without another word to Amy, we went our separate ways, and I headed toward where my wife was standing on the shore talking with a number of ladies, some of whom I knew and some whom I recognized but couldn't put names too.

"Hey. Good of you to join us!" My wife said, giving me a hug. "I was beginning to think you got lost or something!"

"Naw...Just at the end of the caravan." I answered simply, returning the hug. "You ready to go canoeing?"

"I am!" She said with a grin. "But not with you. I volunteered you to take one of the girls. This will be Amy's first canoe trip with us and Linda thought maybe we should put her with someone experienced."

"Amy? Do I know her?" I asked, feigning confusion.

"I don't think so. She's the young lady over in the blue jean shorts. She's Sue's daughter, just moved back from California."

"Well, I can if you want, but I'd still rather canoe with you!"

"Oh you're sweet!" My wife said, wrapping an arm around me and giving me a big hug. "I know you hoped to get a chance to screw me on the river today, but trust me. I'll make it up to you tonight." She whispered. "Now don't worry...I'm going to go with Linda and we have a ton of school stuff to keep talking."

"Ok. If that's what you want." I said with obvious disappointment in my voice. I really had planned on getting my wife alone on one of the sand bars for a quickie. I always loved having sex with her outside and this was one of the few places she actually would agree to, and one that I really enjoyed. She gave me a parting kiss and then smacked my butt gently, pushing me off toward where Amy was standing.

"Well, looks like I got volunteered to go with you!" I said to Amy as I stepped closer behind her.

"Really? Wow. They said they were putting me with an expert, I had no idea it was going to be you." She said with a huge grin. "Who would have figured on that one?"

"Not me." I said quietly as I dug through the paddles and pulled out a few that looked to be the right size. I held them out, letting the paddle end hit the ground and the handle end stick in the air in front of Amy. "This looks about the right size."

"Oh thank you!" She said with a smile a she stepped over to the canoe. I spent the next few minutes, giving her instructions on how to maneuver the canoe, how to stay stable, what NOT to do and when to not do it. While we were doing this, most of the almost thirty some canoes in our group took off, leaving us as the last to pull away. It only took me about ten minutes to catch the end of the group and fall in with them.

"Damn that was fast!" Amy said from the front of my canoe. "Now I know why they put you with me. If I was steering we would be bouncing from shore to shore."

"Yeah, I've done this a few times." I said non-committal as I slid us up next to another canoe.

"Hey look at you girl!" I heard a very familiar voice say from the canoe we were just pulling up next to. Sure enough, it was Beth in the back, and another young lady in the front that looked to be a bit younger than she was. "How did you get so lucky as to have Mike in your canoe?"

"He got volunteered!" She called back.

"You are soooo lucky!" Beth called. "We're just having a hard time staying straight down the river. That's why we're falling behind."

"Well, I'm sure Mike won't mind hanging back with you." Amy said from her seat in the front. "Will you?" She asked, turning in her seat to see me. The shift in weight was not only unexpected, but unwise. As soon as she had done it she realized that it was one of those "don't do" things I had told her about. I did my best, countering her weight shift with my own and using my paddle to cause the canoe to start to roll back upright. I might have actually saved it, if she hadn't tried to correct her own mistake. As she tried to lean to correct what her body told her was an imbalance, her butt slid even farther toward the far side of the canoe, pushing the center of gravity beyond what I could correct for. As soon as the water started cascading over the gunwale, we were done.

The canoe rolled quickly, dumping both of us into the cold river water. Amy bobbed back to the surface, sputtering and coughing. I saw the almost instant panic in her eyes as she realized she could not touch the bottom. As with any panicked swimmer, she grabbed for the closest thing she could, in this case, Beth's canoe, which was only a few feet away.

Confident that she could manage the few short feet to Beth's canoe I got busy grabbing the canoe, paddles, boat cushions and any other floating items I could manage to reach while getting my footing under me. Fortunately the water was only chest deep where I was standing and the current was fairly slow. After grabbing my canoe and as much as I could, I started to check on Amy again.

Amy, not being able to touch bottom, hung on their canoe for several seconds before, in her panic, Amy did what was natural. She determined it was better to be out of the fifty some degree water than in, and began trying to climb into their canoe. Neither Beth nor her partner had any clue how to prevent what was happening. Beth's sharp cry drew my attention and I looked just in time to see Beth flop into the water, her arms spread wide in her own impression of a sitting swan dive.

I shoved my canoe toward the shore, making sure it was not going to escape, and then tossed the paddle, cushions and dry bag I had collected into the flooded canoe. I dove in and took a few quick strokes to grab the other paddle, and then head toward Beth and start gathering her canoe's load. On the way I wrapped an arm around Amy, who was now without anything to hold onto, and flailing in panic. She tried to practically climb up my body as I walked through the chest deep water to collect as much as I could before it floated downstream.

"Easy... I have you." I said quietly, trying to settle her down as she put a death grip on me. "Beth, try and grab your canoe!" I shouted as I headed for shore with my load.

I carried Amy to shore, or more accurately, walked to shore with her wrapped around me. I stepped up onto the overgrown shore, and found a small grassy spot just back from the shore a few yards to set her down in. I had been too concerned about collecting all our gear before it floated too far downstream to notice that Amy was topless, her bare tits pressing into my chest as she held on for dear life. Now out of the water, her hard nipples sliding down my chest awakened me to that fact.

"Well Jan, look at this!" Beth said as she stepped into the clearing behind me and dropped the items they had collected. "Leave them alone for a few seconds and he's already undressing her.

"I'm not doing anything!" I protested.

"Yeah... we know." Beth said with a grin. "Come on Jan, let's get dried off." She said as she dug into her dry bag and came out with a towel. She stripped off her t-shirt, revealing her skimpy suit. It only took her a few moments to pull the top off, with the bottoms following close behind. Standing completely naked in front of me, she wrung the cold water from her wet swim suit and t-shirt before starting to wring the water from her hair.

Jan, her canoe partner, followed Beth's lead and began stripping her t-shirt and shorts off, leaving her in one of the skimpiest swim suits I had ever seen, at least on a body that spectacular. Her hips were round and nicely shaped, just broad enough to set off her long slender legs and slim waist. The only thing covering any part of her private areas was a small triangle of cloth barely wide enough to cover her lips, and none of her shaved mound. The strings holding it in place pretty much guaranteed that from behind her ass would be completely naked. Part of me wondered how she managed to support the easily DD tits with the two miniscule triangles of cloth covering her large puffy nipples, easily seen through the wet pink material. The suit was definitely not designed for swimming and she might as well have been completely naked for as much as it showed. She stood squeezing water from her shorts and shirt while my body reacted to bodies on display around me.

Amy had yet to really let go of me, her tits still pressing against me as she stood next to me. I felt her hand wrap around my hardening cock through my suit, drawing my attention back to her. I looked down, seeing her standing, looking up at me with her dark eyes smoldering with desire.

"God what a cock!" She whispered as she continued to look up at me, her arm slowly releasing me so she could move around in front of me. Her eyes finally dropped from my face to look down at the bulk she had her hand wrapped around, her other hand moving to the string that held my suit up. It only took her a few moments to loosen it and start working my suit over my hips. I felt it slide to the ground as she lowered herself down, her mouth almost immediately wrapping around my hard cock.

"Oh God!" I groaned as I looked up at Beth and Jan, staring at me while Amy's hot mouth began stroking up and down my shaft along with her hand.

Beth stood watching, her hand idly squeezing one tit and nipple while Jan just stood staring, her legs together and gently stepping her weight from one foot to another to rub her pussy with her thighs. Beth followed my eyes to where I was watching Jan, her nipples growing noticeably in the tiny suit. I saw Beth move out of the corner of my eye, moving more into my vision as she moved around behind Jan. As I watched, she untied the strings of Jan's top, and pulled it away. Exposing her breasts completely to me. Her hands wrapped around each huge tit from behind, squeezing and teasing her nipples harder and larger while I watched. One hand traveled down, undoing a tiny bow on one side of Jan's bottom, letting it fall. Jan's head fell back against Beth's shoulder as her fingers slid between her legs, clearly sliding up into her wet slit.

"Ohhhhhhh" Jan moaned, stepping her legs farther apart to give her better access, and also giving me a better view.

"Would you like to see it better?" Beth asked me quietly across the few feet that separated us.

"Oh yes!" I whispered, not sure it was even loud enough for her to hear.

"Amy, lay him down. Why don't you ride that a while for him!" She said quietly but f***efully.

"Yes, Mistress!" Amy said obediently as she pulled her hot mouth off my shaft.

I might have fallen over completely on my own, had Amy not reached for my hands and coaxed me to lie on the ground. She quickly stepped out of her suit bottom and stood straddling me, looking at my face for a reaction as she slowly squatted down, reaching for my cock and aiming it at her obviously wet pussy.

"Ohhhh, thank you, Mistress!" Amy moaned as she settled down, my large cock spreading her as she enveloped me with her hot wetness.

"Come, slave. Why don't you squat over his face so he can enjoy your fruits?" Beth said to Jan. I had heard about women that were dominant and subservient, but would never have figured Beth to have what amounted to a harem of slaves. I watched Beth lead Jan around to my head and then turn her, holding her hands as she squatted down over my face, lowering her pussy until her wet lips were nearly touching mine. "Now eat me!" She commanded Jan, as I began gently licking her pussy.

"Yes, Mistress!" Jan moaned as my tongue dipped between Beth's wet lips and discovered her hard clit. From my position lying on the grass, I could look up and see Jan's incredible tits wiggling back and forth, framing Beth's pussy, and her tongue eagerly licking up her slit.

"Ohhh God!" I grunted into Jan's pussy as Amy rode my shaft with abandon, her little squeaks and cries of her impending orgasm filling the glade.

"Oh please, Mistress! May I cum?" She begged in a high squeaky voice.

"When he does!" Beth commanded sternly between gasps of her own building orgasm.

"Yes, Mistress!" Amy panted, her hips changing to more of a rocking motion as she rode me, driving my cock to the brink. The sensations and view above me were more than I could take, and with a long groan into Jan's pussy, my cock unleashed itself into Amy's hot tunnel. My hips bucked up, lifting her off the ground as I spewed shot after shot of hot cum into her, all the while groaning in pleasure and tasting Jan's girl cum as she orgasmed on my face.

"That's my girls!" Beth panted as her own body trembled and shook where she was standing. "Give him all you can!"

"Yes, Mistress!" Amy panted, as she pulled off my expended cock and moved to begin licking and sucking any last drops from me.

I lost track of how long I lay there, looking up at Beth's pussy, her juices trickling down her legs, my hands roaming Jan's tits and Amy's mouth licking and cleaning my softening cock.

"I think we should get back on the river, don't you girls?" Beth said quietly, both girls pulling their faces from their duties and responding with a quiet 'yes, Mistress'.

Beth squatted down near my head as the girls pulled from me and smiled. "Bet you didn't expect that, did you?"

"Not in a hundred years."

"Well, my husband couldn't appreciate my desires to have both men and women, so he chose another path. I hope you didn't find this to be...uncomfortable?"

"No, just a bit odd." I answered honestly as she stood up and stepped around, holding a hand out for me. She helped pull me up to a standing position and wrapped her arms around me, pulling herself against my chest and her lips to mine. Her soft lips were hot against my own, her tongue tasting Jan's cum as it snuck into my mouth and teased mine. We kissed for several long seconds before she pulled her face from mine, and whispered, "Next time I get to ride!"

"With pleasure." I whispered back. "I'd really love a chance to play with those tits Jan has too."

"Ohhhhhh really?" She questioned, raising one eyebrow and moving a hand to one of her tits to heft it for me. "Is there something wrong with these?"

"Nope!" I said, leaning down and sucking the nipple of the offered breast, letting my lips nibble it gently before swirling my tongue around it.

"Ohhhh God that feels good!" She moaned softly as my hand found the other breast and gently pulled and twisted her nipple.

I let her tit slip from my mouth and stood back up with a smile. "I think we do need to go though."

"Yeah, we better." She said, turning to find her swim suit and pull it back on.

"Um, Mistress, I have a problem. I can't find my suit top. I think it got lost in the river." Amy said with her head tipped down and her hands clasped in front of her bikini clad crotch.

"Hmmm, I should make you go without one for being so careless. For now, wear my t-shirt." Beth snapped at her as she pulled her own suit bottoms on.

I shook my head in amazement as I pulled my own suit on and then set about gathering up the remains of our gear. It took me a few minutes to get all the water out of the two canoes and everything situated. It seemed we had lost one paddle along with Amy's top, but we would hopefully find it down the river. With only three paddles I was limited, and decided to use one paddle to lash the two canoes together and use the remaining two to move and steer. I dug a length of rope from my dry bag, and quickly made a raft from the two canoes, loading all the remaining gear into them. "All set!" I said as the girls waited on the shore.

Beth moved to her spot in the rear of the right canoe, and Amy took the front of mine again. As soon as Jan had settled into the bow, wearing her shorts but not her t-shirt, we set out. I had Jan work her paddle from the front of the right hand canoe, and used mine to steer from the stern of the left one.

"Well, this seems to be working quite well, and I get a free ride!" Beth said with a smile, sitting only a foot or so from me.

"Yeah, but I get to do all the work!" I joked.

"Well, we just need to give you some payment then!" She said with a grin. "Amy. Turn around carefully in your seat and take your bottoms off. As long as no one else can see, I want you to show him as much of you as you can!"

"Yes, Mistress!" She said quietly. Moving slowly she turned in her seat to face me, and then undid the bottom of her suit, pulling it off and dropping it into the bottom of the canoe. She leaned back on the bow and lifted her legs to let her feet sit on each gunwale, her knees pushed far apart and her pussy spread wide. "Like this, mistress?" She asked a she lay, pulling her t-shirt up to her neck so she was as close to naked as possible.

"Very nice." Beth told her.

"Thank you, Mistress. Would you mind if I play with myself for him?" She asked huskily.

"Yes, you may."

"Thank you, Mistress!" She replied as one of her hands slide down her body and began stroking her pussy, cream from my recent load, dripping from her as she teased herself with her slim fingers.

"Damn!" I muttered under my breath as I pushed us along as fast as I could under the circumstances. We made our way down the next to riffles without incident, Amy playing with herself the whole time, apparently close to another climax as well.

"There is our paddle!" Jan called as we slid down the river toward the next turn in its banks. Sure enough, there was a red and yellow paddle gently floating along the shoreline. I aimed us close to it and Amy was able to reach over and grab it as we slid by. As I steered us back toward the middle of the river Amy pressed the rounded handle of the paddle to her pussy and began rubbing it up and down her slit, pressing it harder and harder against her as if she were going to push it right into her. I doubted that she could get the whole handle inside her tight tunnel, but didn't have a chance to find out, as her whole body jerked and trembled as she gushed cum over the handle and her hand as her orgasm washed over her.

I was so busy watching her climax, that I missed the rock in front of us that was more than large enough to hang us up. The two tied canoes spun in a circle as the rock held to the bow of the right canoe, finally releasing after forcing us to turn backwards. I chuckled to myself at the thought of what we must look like, Jan sitting almost naked in the front of one canoe, Amy lounging and climaxing in the front of the other, and Beth sitting in the stern near me, her top pulled down to expose her tits and her hand buried between her legs as she watched Amy. All this, going down the river backwards!

"Now that we have the paddle, we should probably try to catch up. It will be lunch time by the time we do!" I said, estimating that we were now a good mile behind the group, even assuming that the group was going as slowly as it usually did.

Amy seemed almost disappointed to have to put her bottoms back on, and turn around before I straightened us out and separated the canoes. With everyone back paddling I figured it would be a good half hour before we caught up, if we paddled pretty hard. Beth finished fixing her suit and off we went, with me giving Beth and Jan advice as we went.

I checked my watch, and sure enough, thirty five minutes had elapsed before we arrived at the big sandbar by the cave, the point everyone had agreed would be the lunch break.

"Well, I see you finally made it!" My wife said with come sarcasm.

"Yeah....we had an unintended swimming party. Seems some young ladies just don't follow directions!" I said with irritation clear in my voice. Last thing I needed was to have my wife wondering why I was happy to have been dumped.

"Well, I figured you could manage one rookie!"

"Oh Yeah, but it wasn't one rookie! It was three!" I said with a chuckle. "But no one seems worse for the wear, so I guess it won't matter. How was your ride with Linda?"

"Well, I much prefer having you drive. I didn't realize how hard you always worked back there!" She said with a laugh.

"Ahhhh, just make you appreciate me all the more next time!" I said as I reached out and drew her in for a hug.

"Yeah, maybe!" She joked as she hugged me back. "Better get some food. They were pretty much waiting for you to show up before they started heading down river again."

"Ok. Thanks lover!" I said, walking with my arm around her, toward the coolers sitting in the sand a short ways away.

I made a sandwich and grabbed a cold soda, quickly scarfing the ham and cheese down. I hadn't realized how hungry I was. I made a second sandwich just before they loaded the coolers up and started heading out. "Bye sweetie! See you downstream. Try to keep them upright, and oh yeah...put some sun block on. You're starting to turn a bit red!" My wife said with a quick peck.

"Ok. Have fun. We'll be along as soon as we finish eating and putting on some sun block!" I called to her back as she walked down the sandbar toward her canoe.

My wife had barely gotten the canoe into the water when Beth walked up and sat in the sand next to me. "So, sun block huh? I bet I know a way to make that more fun." She said in a voice just above a whispered. "Come with me!"

She got up and walked towards the little woods in the center of the sand bar, disappearing into a small trail between the bushes. I shrugged and followed her, disappearing into the foliage, following the twisting path until it came out of the other side of the woods. Before me was a small sandy beach adjacent to a small rivulet of the main river, making the sandbar into an effective island. Standing on the sand were all three ladies, each completely naked.

"Ladies!" Beth said to her two 'slaves'.

"Yes, Mistress!" They both intoned quietly as they moved toward me. It only took them a few moments to undo my suit and pull it down my legs. They didn't stop until they had it completely removed and me standing as naked as they were. The girls stepped back picked up tubes of sun block before stepping back.

"I think you will definitely enjoy this! Girls, I expect that you won't miss anyplace?"

"No, Mistress!" Jan said with a smile, standing in front of me while Amy moved behind me. She took the bottle of lotion and squirted a copious amount onto her huge tits, and then stepped forward, pressing her tits against my body and slowly sliding around, using her massive boobs to spread the lotion around my chest. Her lips met mine and she kissed me hotly each time her face neared mine, her tongue trying to dart into my mouth as she was turned on more and more by her own actions. She worked her way down while a pair of smaller tits worked my back. My cock had grown rock hard and Jan seemed delighted to wrap her tits around my member and slide up and down to coat it. The girls continued rubbing their tits over as much of my body as they could, before switching to their hands. I felt Amy stroking up and down my legs, her hands occasionally meeting Jan's as they worked up my legs and between them.

Beth stepped toward me and kissed me, taking over for the kisses that Jan had been making. I stood getting more and more turned on as the girls worked on me, my cock aching to explode someplace.

"Mistress. He is very turned on. May I please allow him to cum in my hot sexy pussy? Please, Mistress?" Jan pleaded from where she knelt in front of me, her hands gently teasing and stroking my cock.

"What do you say Mike? Wanna unload that in her?"

"Hmmm, that sounds just perfect." I groaned as either Jan or Amy stroked a finger down my ass crack.

"Jan! Come in front of him and bend over. I want to watch him fuck you from behind while Amy puts lotion on me!"

"Yes, Mistress!" They both said in unison as Beth backed away from me. Jan stood up and after giving me one more hot kiss, she whispered in my ear. "God please fuck me. Let me feel your hot cum fill my pussy. It's been so long since the Mistress has let me have a cock inside me!"

"Why so long?" I whispered back, watching Amy begin to massage lotion all over Beth's body.

"She caught me playing with a dildo one day and I hadn't asked permission." She replied as she broke away. She turned and bent over, resting her hands on her knees and stepping her feet apart to give me good access. I stepped the few inches to where I could rub the head of my cock up and down her slit. Not that it needed any more lubrication, but just because I wanted to feel her wet lips on my head before I sunk into her. She was incredibly tight and moaning loudly before I was half way into her. "God yes!" She repeated over and over as I stroked my cock in and out of her, working a little deeper each time. Before too many strokes I was plunging my full length into her hot pussy, my hips slapping into her sexy round ass with each stroke.

"Please, Mistress! May I cum please?" She begged breathlessly, her body clearly about to give way regardless of her wishes.

"Not yet!" Beth snapped, appearing to be perturbed, but the smile immediately appearing belying that. It was clearly a game, one which both seemed to enjoy.

I reached down past her hips and found her huge tits swinging wildly in time with my strokes. She lifted her upper body to allow me better access, as I gripped her tits and ran my fingers back and forth across the tips of her large puffed up nipples.

"OH FUCK!" She cried loudly as her whole body shook in orgasm. My additional stimulation had proven to be too much, as did the stimulation from pussy clenching around me.

With a grunt I closed my eyes, my hips bucking into her and my cock squirting deep into her pussy. Just when I thought I was done, I felt an electric shock run through my body as a finger first stroked and then pushed into my ass. My body jerked again as several more strong surges of cum lanced into Jan's pussy. I opened my eyes and sagged slightly as my body released from its hormone induced state. I looked for Beth, and found her standing next to me, Amy sitting between her legs, licking her clit and pushing a finger in and out of her pussy. Beth's hand was still resting between my legs, her finger deep inside me.

"God what a fuck!" I groaned.

"Yeah, well, you do a pretty good job of that yourself." She panted as Amy worked her closer to climax. "How do you feel about sucking these tits a few minutes?"

I pulled my softening cock from Jan, who sagged to her knees and turned to face Beth. Leaning down I sucked first one and then the other nipple into my mouth, letting my tongue tease around and around her nipple before nibbling and pulling it with my teeth.

"Oh God yes...harder!" She moaned, clearly moments from her own explosion.

I bit harder on one nipple and pulled the other until it lifted her whole tit.

"Oooooooooooooo FUCK!" She screamed as her body jerked and shook in climax, her juices flooding over Amy's face as if someone has just used a squirt bottle on her. Her hands wrapped around my head and pulled my face up to hers, bringing our lips together in another long wet embrace.

"We better go now." She panted when she broke the kiss. "Thank you for that, it was just what I needed!"

"You're welcome. And thank you for the nice application of sun block. I think your girls still need some though."

"Well, feel free to join in!" She said with an almost girlish giggle. "Girls! Please help each other get all lotioned!"

"Yes, Mistress!" Amy responded a broad smile on her face as she climbed from the ground in front of Beth.

Jan picked up a tube and stepped over to Amy, squirting some in Amy's hands and then her own. The two stood face to face, inches from each other, rubbing the lotion all around. I felt Beth push me toward the pair and I quickly ended sandwiched between them again, my hands rubbing all over first Jan, and then Amy.

"Please make me cum!" Amy whispered as I rubbed some lotion between her legs.

"Like this?" I asked, slipping a finger deep into her sopping pussy.

"Oh yes. Please!" She begged almost silently as I teased her pussy and clit. My fingers rolled up and down her slit, pushing into her and then drawing back out to slide the length across her clit. I could tell from her breathing that she was near climax.

"Amy. Did you ask?" I heard Beth say from where she was walking slowly around us.

"No, Mistress. Please let me cum! I am so turned on from eating your delicious pussy. I just have to cum! PLEASE!" She begged.

"If you had asked I might have said yes. You should know not to try to sneak one in. No. If you cum now I will have to punish you!"

"I don't think I can hold back!" She panted, her whole body shaking and trebling, only seconds from going over the edge.

"AMY!" Beth said sternly.

"Yes, Mistress!" She half panted, half moaned.

"Are you willing to pay the price for satisfaction now?" Beth asked her, stepping closer and reaching out to help my hand stroke Amy's pussy.

"Please, Mistress!" Amy begged as Beth now stopped my hand.

"Very well. I shall require something from you later in return for this....favor!" She said, moving my hand again. She released my hand and leaned toward my neck, kissing it gently. "Give her a good one!" She whispered.

I wasn't sure what to make of the exchange, still being quite new to this kind of relationship. But it was easy for me to lean down and suck a nipple into my mouth and roll it against the roof of my mouth while my fingers dove back in and out of her pussy. I squeezed her ass with my free hand and felt a hand on my own cock as I pushed Amy over the top, her whole body trembling and shaking until she nearly collapsed, unable to hold her own weight up any longer.

I let her slide to the ground and sit, panting and sweating, while she regained her composure.

"Well, you got your climax. Now it is time to leave!" Beth said sternly, Jan and Beth already dressed in their suits. "Help Mike dress and then put on a t-shirt. I think we will start by letting your pussy air out a bit."

"Yes, Mistress!" Amy said quietly as she reached for my suit and held it out for me to step into. We were dressed, but it was clear that the shirt Amy had on would barely cover her pussy and ass, and not at all when sitting down. I wondered if Beth would relent when we caught up with the rest of the group. I was pretty sure that it would be noticed, at least by the teen aged boys.

I followed Beth through the woods and back to the beach. We quickly packed the rest of our gear and climbed into the canoes; Amy's bare pussy poking out at me as she bent over to step into the canoe. I suddenly understood exactly what Beth was up to. It was more to tease me than punish Amy.

I was surprised at how well we managed to go down stream, catching the back of the pack just as they were leaving the next swimming hole. I climbed out and made a quick jump into the water to cool off before climbing back in again.

We made our way toward the pull out point with the rest of the group, Amy being careful to keep her shirt in place and try to look like she was still wearing something under it. Beth frequently came close to smile at me and blow kisses.

It was another whole hour of floating before we finally pulled into the landing, Amy's climb out giving me the flash I expected. She made her way to the bus, holding her shirt down as far as she could, hoping no one noticed.

It was almost a relief to be back with my wife again, as we sat on the bus for the several mile long ride back to the parking area.

"Riding home with me?" I asked her as I pulled her against me.

"Why? Miss me?"

"You might say that!" I said kissing the side of her head as she leaned back against me.

"Well, if you really missed me..." she said, letting her hand slip into my lap and squeeze my soft cock.

"You expected me not to?"

"Well, you did spend most of the day with three good looking younger women."

"Uh yeah... And just who volunteered me for that?" I asked, rolling my eyes as if put out at having to baby sit.

"Don't worry. I'll make it up to you!" she whispered, squeezing me again before pulling her hand back.

"You better!" I said jokingly, pulling her to me and hugging her hard.

Everyone got out of the bus at the parking area, and headed for the cars and the trip home. Beth chose to ride in the car with my wife and me, sitting in the passenger seat behind my wife. I did the best I could to not look in the back too much, as she frequently pulled her top or panties in a position to expose herself to me. She clearly wanted me to stay horny.

Other than the frequent exposure, the trip back to the lodge was uneventful, and our arrival was well timed to start getting the fish fry set up. I spent the next couple hours cooking fish and hush puppies in outdoor propane fryers. After dinner I found a relaxing chair facing the lake and dropped into it to relax.

"So. Have a good trip?" A lady whose name I couldn't remember asked as she settled into the chair next to me. She was about my age, and I knew her face, but couldn't quite place her name. As she leaned back in the lounger I couldn't help notice that she did have a very nice set of breasts and her sun skirt was quite short. I wondered idly if it had a pair of shorts under it, and assumed it did, spoiling my thoughts of a peek.

"It was an interesting canoe trip." I answered.

"It seemed like you got stuck with the beginners. Every time you just caught up we were getting ready to leave again." She said as she leaned back in the chair.

"Well, at any rate, Jan very much appreciated your attention. She said she was sure she wouldn't have made it without you." Startled, I looked over at her, understanding immediately who she was. This was Jan's mother! "She can be a bit of a handful sometimes. Your wife told me that you almost never dump a canoe, I'm sorry that you ended up unintentionally wet today!"

"These things happen."

"Yes, they do. But just the same. I wish I could pay you back for all the attention you gave my daughter today." She said as if it were the most natural thing in the world. I was completely unsure if she was speaking innocently or if she knew what had gone on and was trying to make it sound innocent.

"Not necessary. I didn't mind. I have always enjoyed sharing my outdoors expertise with anyone who wanted it." I answered, keeping my voice just as innocent.

"Well, thank you just the same. If I see an opportunity to repay you, I most certainly shall!" She said, turning her head and giving me a smile. Now I really wondered how much she knew.

I heard my name called and excused myself, heading to the bunkhouse to find out what my wife needed.

"Would you be a dear and run down to the swimming hole with me and make sure all the floats are put up?" She asked sweetly.

"Sure." I answered with a shrug, standing back to let her take the lead down the stairs. I followed her down the wooded path to the swimming hole, where we collected up all the inflatable floats and put them into the fence that kept them from being blown around in a wind.

"You kind of did get cheated." She said as she dropped the last float into the fence. I know how much you really enjoy getting to have sex outside."

"Yeah, I was kind of bummed out that we didn't have a chance." I said, looking at the ground.

"Well... What are you waiting for then?" She asked, reaching for the tie of the robe she was wearing and pulling it. As the robe swung open I saw she wasn't wearing a thing. The moon glistened off her bare body as she dropped the robe and stood stark naked in front of me.

"Damn!" I muttered under my breath as she stepped toward me. I took her in my arms and gently kissed her, letting my hands roam her body while she undid my belt and the front of my shorts. She let my pants fall to my ankles and then pushed my underwear down, exposing my quickly hardening cock. She stroked it for a few moments before pulling and pushing my t-shirt up and over my head, leaving me almost as naked as she was.

"You better hurry stud. No telling how long we will be alone!" She said breathlessly as my kisses worked down her neck toward her chest. I broke away from her and pulled an inflatable raft from the fencing and set it on the ground, pulling my wife toward it. She lay down and spread her legs, letting me kneel down and gently kiss and lick her already wet pussy. "God I have wanted this all day!" She panted quietly, her hands groping in my short hair.

"What got you so turned on?" I asked her quietly between licks.

"I saw that suit top one of those girls had on, the one with the huge tits? I knew how hard that had to make you and couldn't stop thinking about you being on the river hard as a rock all day. Made me so horny for you!"

"Well...we can fix that!" I said as I crawled up between her legs, letting my hard dick press into her soft lips. "How's this?" I whispered as I slowly sunk into her, her legs sticking high and wide to give me complete access.

"Oh God yes." She whispered as I hit the end of her tunnel and started stroking in and out of her.

"Uh huh!" I grunted as I plunged in and out, making sure that each time my body pressed against her clit just the way she liked it. "Ohhhh so good!"

"Uh huh!" She grunted as her hips rocked to meet mine. "Cum with me. I'm almost there already!" She panted.

"Uh Huh!" I grunted, wanting her to feel my cock spurting inside her, but knowing that I was pretty well drained from the day's activities. Something drew my attention, and I looked up. Standing by a tree only a few yards away was Jan's mother. I watched her slowly, almost teasingly; pull her top up and off. Her eyes stayed locked with mine as her hands drifted down her now naked top, stopping to cup and fondle her own breasts, before continuing on down to the tiny skirt. Her hands pushed the material down slowly, her hips undulating back and forth seductively as she did her strip tease in the moonlight. She stepped out of the skirt and short combination, leaving her completely naked, the nearly full moon illuminating her body. She squatted down and spread her knees wide, letting the moonlight show me her completely shaved mound and pussy. My strokes got longer and harder as her fingers slowly spread her lips and then first with one and then another, plunged into her pussy. Her stroking fingers matched the pace of my strokes as her eyes stared at mine, her desire smoldering and obvious even at this distance. My cock swelled inside my wife as the three of us drew closer to climax. "Oh God." I grunted as Jan's mother squeezed one of her tits with her free hand and pushing the nipple out toward me. I was glad my wife couldn't tip her head back far enough on the inflatable pillow to see the show I was getting.

I felt my wife go stiff, her whole body shaking and trembling as her climax started to wash over her. It was only a few more strokes before both Jan's mother and I climaxed together, my cock spurting shot after shot of hot cum into my wife's pussy, but in my mind, Jan's mothers as well. I closed my eyes and sagged down on top of my wife, both of us panting and sweating as we struggled to catch our breath.

"Ohhh that was a strong one. You must have been saving that one up for me." She cooed.

"My pleasure!" I responded before lowering my mouth to her face and kissing her softly. After our embrace, I looked up to where Jan's mom had been and saw nothing but the tree. She had apparently slipped away as quietly as she came, or my mind had imagined the whole thing. I pulled from my wife and helped her to the lake, where we washed off as best we could and then redressed. I put the float back in the fencing and walked her back to the bunkhouse, where we headed for a well-needed rest.

The next morning it was time to head home, even though home wasn't all that far away. We still had grocery shopping and the like to do before things started for the next week. We had breakfast in the quickly filling main dining area, most of the relatives gathering their things to head to their own homes. Jan's mom caught my eye as she walked behind my wife, who was sitting across the table from me. She blew me an almost imperceptible kiss as she carried her plate to a spot just a few seats down. No, my mind had not imagined the whole thing at all.

After a significant number of handshakes and hugs, my wife and I headed out. I was fairly quiet on the ride home, letting all that had happen sink in. And I was left wondering what next year's reunion would bring.

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