"Okay you two know where we will be at, and you have
the list of phone numbers that you can call if you need
us for anything," mom said.

"And remember, no leaving the yard," she added.

"Yep, don’t worry mom, we will be fine," Bobby said

"You’re the man of the house today while I’m gone, I
expect you to take good care of Allison," my dad told

"We are giving you a chance today to prove that you two
are old enough to stay home alone, don’t make us regret
it." Mom said sternly.

"We won’t disappoint you," we both said together.

Mom and dad laughed at our perfectly synchronized
answer. Bobby and I giggled along with them. They
rushed around getting ready for the wedding as they
kept telling us various instructions and things not to
do. Finally they were ready to leave. They took us in
the living room for the last minute warnings.

"Okay, here is twenty dollars for some pizza tonight,
just call for delivery. Remember all the instructions
we gave you and you will be fine" dad told us.

Mom hugged and kissed us both then they headed out the
door. We walked them out to the car and waved as they
drove off down the street.

"Jeez, at last they’re gone" Bobby said as he plopped
down on the sofa.

I sat on the recliner across from Bobby and told him
that I was glad that they trusted us enough to leave us
by ourselves. He told me that he had begged them all
week for the chance to prove that we could do it. He
said that we couldn’t mess this up and end up with a
babysitter again. Bobby was 12 and I was 10 almost 11.
I told him that we were old enough to be left alone. He
said that we knew that but mom and dad needed to be
shown that we could do it.

"What do you want to do today?"

"Let’s clean up the kitchen to show mom what we can do"
Bobby said

We went into the kitchen cleaning up the breakfast
dishes. We washed and dried the dishes and pans that
were used for the bacon and eggs. I wiped up the
counter and table as Bobby put everything else away. We
then went up to our rooms making our beds and picking
up our rooms. I walked into our parent’s room picking
up their mess and making their bed. After an hour we
were done and the house was clean. Bobby found me in
the living room watching MTV.

"Want to go shoot some baskets"

"Yeah, I guess so" I said

We went out the back door to the garage. Bobby grabbed
the basketball and took some practice shots. He
suggested we play a game of horse. He took his first
shot and made it from the corner of the garage. I tried
it and missed giving me the letter "H". It wasn’t long
before I lost. I lost three games straight before I
finally won one. We played for about an hour then I
told Bobby I wanted to go back in the house. He put the
ball back in the garage and we walked into the kitchen.
Bobby went to the fridge getting out a couple of sodas.
We went back into the living room to finish our drinks
and watch some television.

"Let’s watch a movie" I told him

"Okay" he said as he grabbed a James Bond movie

"Yewwww, let’s not watch that, let’s watch a comedy" I
asked him

We argued about what movie to watch, neither one of us
wanting to give up on our choice. Finally Bobby said
that we should play a game and the winner gets to pick
the movie. I asked him what game he wanted to play.

"The dare game" he said to me

"Fine, we haven’t played it for a while but I’m game" I
told him.

This was a stupid game we played when we were smaller.
He would dare me to do something and I had to do it. If
I refused, he wins but if I do it then I get to give
him a dare. We never dared each other to do something
bad or gross just things that we knew that the other
one didn’t like.

"We will flip a coin to see who goes first" he said

Bobby told me to call it when it was in the air. I
called heads and it landed with heads side up. I
clapped my hands at winning the flip. He looked at me
with a smile on his face saying that he had no doubt
that I would lose.

"Okay, I dare you to climb the ladder to the garage
roof" I told him.

I knew that ever since he fell off the ladder last year
he was scared to get back on it. He shot me a real
dirty look as he thought about what he had to do. He
got up heading toward the back door. I followed him out
to the garage as he set the ladder up against the side
of the garage. He laughed at me saying that this was
too easy. He began to climb fast up the ladder. I
thought I made a mistake when he stopped half way up.
He looked up at the roof then back at the ground. I
could see that he was sweating.

"You can come down and watch my movie" I teased him

"No way" he yelled at me

He started to go up again and soon was standing on the
roof. He was pumping his hands over his head in victory
as I conceded that he won the first dare. He carefully
climbed back down the ladder and put it away in the
garage. We went back into the house to the living room
so I could get my dare. He looked at me saying that I
had given him a good dare.

"I dare you to go down in the basement and catch a
spider in your bare hands and bring it back to me"

I shuddered at the thought of touching a spider. I
absolutely hate those things. He told me that if I
wanted to I could just watch a James Bond movie. I got
up heading for the basement steps. I turned the lights
on in the cellar and walked down the steps. I knew that
I could find a spider in the furnace room. I walked
into that room and saw a big web by the hot water
heater. I walked over to it and stared at the big black
spider that was sitting in the web.

I looked around and saw that Bobby had followed me down
the steps. He told me that he wanted to be sure I
picked it up with my hands. I quickly grabbed the
spider in my hands, shaking them all the time so the
spider couldn’t bite me. I ran back up the steps to the
living room. Bobby was right behind me as I got into
the room. I turned to him and gave him the spider. He
tossed it down on the floor stepping on it to kill it.
I smiled at him as I thought about my next dare.

"Hold on a minute Allison, I have to go to the

"I dare you to let me watch you pee," I blurted out.

I don’t know why I ever said that. Bobby stared at me
with his mouth hanging open. I couldn’t believe I said
that. We never did anything like that before. I started
playing with myself a few months ago and was kind of
curious about boys but I never thought of looking at
Bobby. I looked at my b*****r and he was still standing
there with his mouth open and his eyes wide.

"HUH, what did you just say?"

"I dare you to let me watch you pee," I repeated.

"Or you could watch the movie I want to watch," I

"Bull, come on and watch I don’t care."

I think he thought I would chicken out and I wasn’t
sure that I wouldn’t. We headed down to the bathroom in
the hallway. Bobby turned the light on as he unzipped
his shorts. He reached into the opening and pulled his
penis out of his pants. He pointed it at the toilet and
let loose a stream of pee.

I watched without blinking as I saw my first real
penis. I couldn’t believe that I was watching my
b*****r go to the bathroom. Bobby shook his dick a few
times when he was done and then put it back in his
shorts. He turned to me smiling saying that he won that
dare. I was blushing brightly as we headed back to the
living room.

"Okay smarty, you want to play like that then I dare
you to show me your boobs," he said.

"I don’t have that much for you to see," I told him
blushing brightly.

"I don’t care, I dared you so you have to show me or
watch my movie."

I didn’t have any boobs yet, I just had some puffiness
around my nipples. But if he wanted to see them, I
wasn’t going to lose the dare because of that. I
figured it would be like him looking at his own chest.
I took the bottom of my t-shirt in my hand and slowly
raised my shirt over my braless chest exposing my puffy
nipples to my 12 year old b*****r. I heard Bobby suck
in his breath as my nipples came into view. I felt them
getting stiff when they hit the air conditioned air.

"Wow they look neat" Bobby whispered

I lowered my shirt back down looking at my b*****r. The
first thing I saw was that his shorts bulged out in
front. I guess that his penis was hard from looking at
me. My best friend Sally told me all about boys and
their dicks. I sat back down on the chair thinking of
my next dare.

"Are you ready? I dare you to let me look at your
dick," I said quickly.

Bobby looked like he was going to say something then
changed his mind. He stood up and pulled his shorts
down to his ankles. He hooked his fingers in the
waistband of his jockeys and pulled them slowly down
his legs. His hard dick sprang into view.

"My dare was for me to get to look at it so you have to
come over here so I can see up close," I said to him.

He waddled over with his shorts around his ankles and
stood in front of me. I looked closely at his hairless
dick. It was about 4 inches long and real hard looking.
I saw his wrinkled sack hanging beneath it. I told him
that his dick looked real nice. I stared at his hard
dick for a few minutes until he told me that it was his

"I dare you to rub my dick for three minutes," he told
me without moving away from me.

"Really, you want me to rub it?" I asked in a whisper.

"Yeah, that’s my dare for you, you have to rub it up
and down for three minutes"

I looked at Bobby and he was smiling at me thinking he
was going to chicken out. I moved to the edge of the
chair staring at his hard dick. I looked up at Bobby’s
face and saw him staring at me. He told me that he
wasn’t going to start timing me until I actually
started to rub him. I moved my hand down and put his
dick in the palm of my hand closing my fingers around
his hot penis.

I quickly let go of his dick when I heard him groan. I
told him I was sorry if I hurt him. Bobby giggled and
told me that I didn’t hurt him at all in fact he said
that it felt great that’s why he groaned out loud. I
moved my hand back to his hard hot dick and began to
pump it up and down. I looked at the skin moving with
my hand covering the mushroom shaped head of his dick
every time my hand moved up.

"What is that coming out, are you peeing again?" I
asked as I saw a drop coming out of the hole on top of
his dick.

"No I’m not peeing, that’s just some stuff that comes
out to make it slippery," Bobby informed me.

I ran my fingers through the liquid and it definitely
made my hand slide smoother up and down on his dick. I
moved my hand faster on his hard dick.

"Oh God Allison, it feels so much better than when I do
it," he moaned.

I stopped moving my hand when he told me that. He said
that it wasn’t three minutes yet and told me to keep
going or I would lose. I asked him if he rubs himself
like I was doing. He told me that he does it a couple
of times a week to feel good. He asked me if I ever
touched myself and I told him that I do it once in a
while too. I began to move my hand again so I wouldn’t
lose the dare.

"Do you know what sperm is Allison?" he asked me.

"It’s the stuff that makes babies, we learned that
already in science class." I told him.

"I’m going to shoot some out of my dick pretty soon
because it feels so good/"

I looked at the clock and told him that I only had
about 20 seconds left to go. I slowed my hand down so I
could feel his dick better before I had to stop. I let
go of his hard dick and sat back in the chair. I smiled
at him and told him that it was my turn to make a dare.

Bobby looked like he was in pain. I asked him what was
wrong and he told me that his balls hurt because he was
close to shooting his sperm out and then I stopped. I
told him that the dare was only for three minutes and I
didn’t have to do any more.

"Since I saw you, it’s only fair that you get to see

I stood up and pulled my shorts and panties down to my
ankles. I stood in front of Bobby with my bare pussy
pointed right at him. He knelt down in front of me to
get a closer look. I had an idea for my next dare. I
remember something that my friend Sally told me she
heard her b*****r talking about.

"Bobby, I dare you to kiss and lick my vagina for three

"Yuck, no way Allison, you pee out of that and besides
where did you learn about doing that kind of stuff" he
said loudly.

"Sally told me that she heard her b*****r telling his
friend that his girlfriend really likes to have her
pussy licked so I want to feel what its like. Don’t
worry, I’ll go wash it real good then you have to do it
because that is my dare"

I got up to go to the bathroom to wash my cunnie. I
looked at Bobby standing by the chair with his pants
around his ankles and his dick sticking out from his
young body. I came back after a few minutes telling him
that I cleaned it real good for him. I sat back down on
the chair with my legs spread open so he could kneel
between them. I smiled at him and asked him if he
wanted me to put my movie in the DVD player.

Bobby dropped to his knees and crawled between my legs.
He looked closely at my bare cunnie. He was so close I
could feel his breath on it. I felt myself getting damp
as he checked out his first close up look at a naked
girl. I felt his fingers on my cunnie and let out a
sigh as it began to feel good.

"I never did this before, I don’t even know where to
kiss it," he complained.

I reached down with my hand and spread my cunnie open a
little. I told him to look at the top of the slit and
find the little bump. I said he should kiss it there
and then lick it. I removed my hand and waited for him
to do it. I told him that I wouldn’t start timing it
until he kissed it first. I felt an electric shock race
through my body as his lips touched my bump for the
first time.

"OOHHHHH Bobby that feels so good," I groaned as he
kissed it again.

"I thought it would taste bad but it don’t," he said.

"I started the timer Bobby, just don’t stop."

Bobby continued to kiss my little bump making me groan
each time. I told him that he had to lick it too, that
was part of the dare. I felt his tongue touch me
causing me to shudder in pleasure. I reached down and
spread my cunnie open so his tongue could lick inside
of the slit. Bobby slid his tongue inside of my slit
making me arch my butt off the chair cushion. I groaned
out loud and grabbed his head holding his face tight
against my 10 year old cunnie. I felt myself getting
wetter every time he licked my slit. I glanced at the
clock and saw that he had been doing it for over 4
minutes. I pushed his face away telling him that his
time was up and he could quit.

"Allison, I’ll keep going until you feel good if you do
it to me with your mouth."

"Okay Bobby, I’ll do it to you as soon as you make me
feel good."

Bobby moved his face back down between my legs running
his 12 year old tongue up and down my wet little slit.
I felt the tip of his tongue pushing at my tight cunnie
hole as he tried to get his tongue inside of me. I
spread my legs farther apart trying to help him get it
in. I gasped out loudly as the tip of his tongue
penetrated my virgin hole. I grabbed his hair and
ground my hips on his face.

"OOHHHH Bobby, OOHHHHHH lick it there, OOHHHHHH I feel
so good," I cried out.

He wiggled his tongue around my tight hole making me
squirm on the chair. He took my cunnie bump in his
mouth and sucked on it gently causing me to leak more
of my p*****n juices out of my cunnie.

"OHHH Bobby don’t stop, OHHHHH I’m feeling real good,
screamed as my juices flooded out.

My butt came off the cushion and I pushed my hips in
Bobby’s face. His tongue was licking all over my cunnie
trying to get every drop of my p*****n juices as I had
my very first orgasm by another person. I couldn’t
believe how good it felt as I shuddered and shook from
the feelings that were racing through my young body. I
finally had to push Bobby’s face away so I could catch
my breath. I saw that his face was wet with my juices.
He was trying to lick his own face clean. He saw me
watching him and told me that my juice tasted real
good. I thanked him over and over again for making me
feel so good.

"Will you really use your mouth on me," he asked me

"Sure, it’s only fair Bobby."

I looked down at his rock hard penis and began to rub
it with my hand. He moaned out as my hand slide up and
down on his shaft. His penis felt so hard in my hand
and it was real warm too. I could see that slippery
stuff leaking from the tip of it. I put some of it on
my finger and held it up to my nose sniffing at my wet
finger. I couldn’t smell anything so I stuck my tongue
out and tasted it. It was a little salty and oily
feeling but it didn’t taste bad. I thought if Bobby
could lick and taste me then I could do it to him.

I kissed the very tip of his dick getting my lips wet
with that stuff. I ran my tongue over my lips touching
his dick with my tongue as I did that. Bobby stiffened
when he felt my tongue on his dick. He let out a loud
groan and told me how good that felt. I opened my mouth
and pushed his stiff penis in my mouth.

"OW, watch out for your teeth Allison," he cried.

"I’m sorry Bobby, I’m sorry, I’ve never done this
before remember," I apologized

"It’s okay, just watch your teeth"

I moved my mouth to his penis again and lowered it down
over his stiffness. I felt it sliding across my tongue
as he pushed it further in my mouth. I moved my tongue
all over it as it slid into my mouth. The tip of his
penis felt soft like a wet sponge while the rest of it
was real hard. I couldn’t wait to tell Sally what I was
learning today. I ran my tongue under the ridge of the
top causing Bobby to jerk his hips so more of his penis
went into my mouth. Soon his dick was all the way in
and my lips were touching his body. I thought I was
going to throw up when it went all the way in but
managed to control that urge some how.

"AAAHHHH Allison, OHHHHHH man it feels so good," Bobby

"It is so much better than when I rub it," he said.

I moved my head up and down on his hard penis as he
held onto my hair. His hands began to move my head for
me as he controlled the speed of my movement. My tongue
was busy licking his hard penis as he guided my head up
and down on his dick.

"OOHHHHHH I’m going to shoot my stuff soon Allison,
OHHHHHHH let me do it in your mouth please," he begged.

I was only able to get out a muffled "mmmffffphh" but
nodded my head to tell him that it was okay. I sucked
harder on his penis as his hips moved faster. I
actually felt him getting a little bigger in my mouth
as I heard him yell at me.

"Allison, OHHHHH I’m going to shoot it, OOOHHHHHHHH,"
he shouted.

I felt the first blast of his hot sticky cum as it hit
the roof of my mouth. I swallowed instinctively just as
the next spurt filled my mouth. Bobby filled my mouth 5
times with his hot salty stuff. I swallowed the best I
could but some leaked out of the corners of my mouth. I
felt his penis shrinking after he stopped shooting his
stuff out. I wasn’t long before his dick fell out of my
mouth. I licked my lips and sat back on the chair.

"Oh thanks Allison, that was the best," he told me.

Bobby surprised me by kissing me on the lips. It was a
soft gentle kiss but it was my first kiss by a boy. I
could feel the dampness returning to my cunnie again as
his lips met mine.

"Bobby, lets forget about the dare game and keep
playing this game."

"Let’s go up to my room, I have an idea," he told me.

We pulled our clothes back up and headed for his room.
Bobby went over and booted up his computer. I asked him
what he was doing and he told me that he wanted to look
for other things we could do. I pulled a chair next to
his as he surfed the internet for some porn sites. At
last he found one that explained a lot of things for

"Wow, look how big his penis is," I said as I looked at
one that was about 8 inches long.

"They call it a cock, I like the sound of that better
than penis," he said.

"Look, that guy is licking that woman like you did to
me. Oh, that bump is called a clit."

"Now I know what it’s called," I said.

"Gee, look at this next picture," Bobby told me.

"Oh wow, look he has it all the way in that woman’s
cunnie" I said in surprise

"Yeah, but he calls it her cunt" Bobby showed me.

"I wonder if it hurts when it goes in like that?" I

"I don’t think so, she looks like she likes it, look at
her smile" Bobby told me.

Bobby switched to several different sites and we
learned a lot about what we could do. We were both
anxious to try what we saw others doing on the web. I
asked Bobby what he wanted to try first and he told me
that I could pick first. I told him that I wanted him
to kiss me all over my body then I said I wanted to
feel his cock in me. I felt so naughty using that word
but it sounded more grown up than penis or dick.

He said that we had a couple of hours before we had to
order the pizza so we could take our time. I stood up
removing all my clothes then lay down on his bed. I
spread my legs showing him my damp cunt. Bobby quickly
shed his clothes joining me on the bed. He turned
toward me looking at my naked 10 year old body saying
how pretty I looked. I blushed deeply as I reached for
his cock. I began to pump in with my hand as Bobby
leaned over and kissed me again on the lips.

I moaned as his lips pressed hard against mine. When I
moaned out I felt his tongue pushing into my mouth. I
remembered what I saw on the internet and sucked his
tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it like I did with is
cock before. Bobby groaned as his hands moved to my
flat chest. He took my puffy little nipples in his
fingers pinching and squeezing them gently.

I never felt anything like that before, Oh it felt so
good I told him not to stop playing with them. Bobby
kissed his way down my neck until he took one of my
nipples into his mouth and sucked on it. I felt the
electric shock all through my chest area as he chewed
lightly on my tits. His hands moved down to my cunt and
began to rub along my slit. I spread my legs wider
giving him more room. I felt his finger at the entrance
to my cunt.

He drew small circles around the tight hole as he
slowly applied pressure to it. I gasped out as the tip
of his finger popped into me. He asked me if I was
alright or if I wanted him to stop. I told him that he
had better not stop because I felt really good with his
finger in me.

"Oh Bobby, move it around a little, OHHHHH!"

Bobby moved his finger in a small circle and pushing a
little on it to make it sink in a little bit further. I
humped my hips up to meet his hand as I began to ooze
my juice out of my cunt hole. He told me that I felt so
hot and wet and that it was really tight inside of me.

"Bobby, I want to try to put your cock inside of me."

"I don’t know Allison, you’re kind of young and besides
they said on that one web page that it might hurt the
first time."

"I understand that but if I get on top like that one
picture showed I can lower myself down as slow as I
want and as far down as I want to go. I would be able
to stop if it started to hurt" I told Bobby.

"Okay but lets put some towels on the bed incase you
bleed," Bobby suggested.

Bobby jumped off the bed to get the towels. I pulled
the bedspread off the bed leaving just the bottom sheet
on the bed. I lay down on top of the towel just in case
as Bobby joined me again in the bed. We began to kiss
again as he moved his fingers to my wet cunt hole. I
moved my hands down to his cock so I could stroke it to
get him hard enough to put it in. I didn’t have to
worry about that because he was already as hard as a
rock. I rolled over on top of my b*****r and moved so
that his cock was against my hairless slit. I sighed
out loud as I felt him rubbing inside my crack and
bumping my clit.

"Bobby, I want to put it in now."

"O-O-Okay," he stuttered.

"I lifted my hips up so that I could put his cock by my
cunt hole. When I felt him at the hole I let myself
down a little. At first nothing happened, but then I
felt my cunt begin to spread open and the head of his
cock popped into my 10 year old cunt.

"OH MY, you’re inside me Bobby," I groaned.

I heard Bobby sigh when he felt his cock slide into my
hot wet p*****n cunt. I didn’t move any more, I just
kept his cock head inside of my cunt. I felt so good
that I didn’t want to move. My juices were oozing out
around his cock and running down the shaft of his cock.

"Gee Bobby, it feels so good with you inside."

"This is the best feeling ever Allison, I love you" he
whispered to me

I told him that I loved him too and that he was the
best b*****r ever. I still only had the head of his
cock in my cunt so I decided to let a little more in. I
held my breath as I lowered myself down some more. I
cried out when his cock hit something that hurt. I
stopped and moved up a little bit. I told him that it
hurt when I put it in farther.

"Remember what that one web page said about your hymen.
Once you break through it you won’t feel hurt anymore,"
he said to me.

"I know but it hurt when your cock hit it," I whined.

"Okay, let’s stop so you don’t get hurt."

"No, I don’t want to stop, I just want to wait a few
minutes," I told him.

I held myself steady without moving by putting my hands
on his chest to steady myself. I looked at Bobby’s face
seeing that he had a far away look in his eyes. I moved
my hips in a small circle and heard him moan as his
dick moved in my hot cunt hole. I started to move up
and down on his cock very slowly and not very far. I
could feel his cock bumping my hymen and it still hurt
but not quite as bad as before.

The more I moved his cock in me the better I began to
feel. Bobby reached up and began to squeeze and pinch
my puffy nipples with his hands. He twisted them gently
between his fingers as I moved my hips faster. I was
sweating slightly now trying to hold myself up so I
wouldn’t push through my virginity. I could feel the
good feeling coming as it built up in my pussy. The
warmth spread from my cunt to my chest and all over my
body. I moaned as my bald cunt spasmed around Bobby’s
hard 12 year old cock.

shouted as my cunt poured out its juice.

When I was feeling the very best my legs gave out and I
fell down hard on his cock. I let out a small scream as
his cock broke through my hymen and slide all the way
into my 10 year old cunt.

"AAAAAAWWWWWWWW, OOHHHHHHH, it’s happening again
already" I shrieked

I felt my cunt muscles contracting around Bobby’s cock
as a second wave of pleasure washed over my young body.
Bobby began to hump his hips up to see if he could get
more of his cock into my cunt. I bent down and kissed
him hard on the lips as I bounced on his stiff dick.

grunted as I felt him fill my cunt with his cum.

I felt the first squirt blast into my cunt followed by
four more quick shots of sticky cum. He pumped so much
into me that it leaked out around his pumping cock. He
kept pounding into me as I screamed out another great

"Oh Bobby stop please, it happened three times already,
OOHHHH stop," I panted.

Bobby pulled his softening cock from my sloppy cunt
hole. I steady flow of cum followed it out. Bobby got
up to get a washcloth to clean the mess between my legs
as I tried to catch my breath. When he came back he
gently washed my hairless cunt of all the cum and the
little bl**d that was present. I kissed him again
thanking him for being so nice to me. He kissed me back
thanking me for letting him take my virginity.

"How did it feel Bobby, was it good?"

"Heck yeah, it was the best feeling ever. It was warm,
wet, and tight."

"I liked it too, you made me feel so good three times,"
I laughed.

"Let’s get up and order our pizza," he told me.

We decided we needed a shower before we called for
dinner. We showered together washing each others bodies
but not fooling around. We got out of the shower drying
off then dressing. We went to the kitchen to call for
our pizza. We had about 45 minutes before it would be
here. The phone rang and I picked it up.

"Hey Sally, what’s up?"

"Bobby and I are home alone tonight."

"Yeah, it is cool."

"Let me ask him."

I put the phone to my chest so Sally couldn’t hear and
told Bobby that Sally wanted to know if she could come
over. He told me that he wasn’t sure if mom and dad
would like that. Bobby walked over to me and whispered
in my ear that he was hoping that we could fool around
more after dinner.

"I don’t know Sally if you can come over or not."

"Okay if I change my mind I’ll call you."

I told my friend good bye hanging up the phone. Just as
I hung up the phone rang again. I answered it again
hearing mom on the other end.

"We’re fine, everything is okay. How is the wedding?"

"Okay, just a sec."

I handed Bobby the phone telling him that mom wanted to
talk to him.




"That’s fine, okay, we will be fine don’t worry," he

"Okay, good-bye, love you too."

"Wait, wait, Allison wants to say something."

"Mom, would it be okay if Sally came over for a little
while tonight."

"Yeah, okay I understand mom, I love you too."

I handed the phone to Bobby again. He talked for a few
more minutes then hung up the phone smiling at me. He
told me that mom and dad were having a good time and
that they were getting a room at the hotel where the
reception was being held. They didn’t want to drive
home after drinking. Mom said that they would be home
around noon tomorrow.

"You mean that we will be home alone all night," I said
with a waver in my voice

"Don’t worry Allison, we will be fine, mom called Mrs.
Alberts next door and she is going to look in on us
before we go to bed"

"What do you want to do tonight" I asked my b*****r

"I don’t know, you want to surf the web some more" he

I told him that sounded like a good idea and we headed
for his room again. He sat at the computer table
booting the machine up. I sat on a chair right next to
him as he typed the words "sex pics" in the search box.
When the list came up Bobby clicked the first link. It
gave a list of different pictures to look at. He asked
me what I wanted to see and I told him to click on
facials. I didn’t know what that was but I soon found
out. The page loaded with pictures of women getting
their faces covered with cum. I told Bobby to go back
to the main page. We looked at the list of pictures and
Bobby picked on that said "anal pleasure". After he
clicked on that the screen was filled with pictures of
rear ends.

Some had cum leaking out of them and others were wet
with spit. Bobby clicked on a picture that had cum
seeping from it. A series of photos appeared that
showed a man putting his hard cock into a woman’s butt
hole. By the look on her face it must have felt good
because she was smiling. There was a link at the bottom
to go to a movie site. Bobby clicked on it and we were
soon looking at a video of a man sticking his cock into
a girl’s ass hole. We heard her yell for him to do it
harder and go deeper as the cock slid in and out of her
ass hole. I asked Bobby if he thought that was real. He
told me that he didn’t know how they could fake
something like that.

I glanced down and saw Bobby’s shorts bulging out from
his stiff cock. I laughed telling him that he must like
the idea of sticking his thing in a girl’s butt. He
blushed brightly and clicked off the page. We went back
to the page with all the butts on it and he asked me
what I thought was making those butts wet looking. He
said it didn’t look like cum. I told him to click on it
and see what it shows. Soon we were both staring at
something that neither of us ever thought people would
do. We saw a man with his tongue on a woman’s butt
hole. The next picture showed the tip of his tongue
inside of her butt. By the time the series of pictures
were done that man had his tongue all the way inside of
the woman’s butt hole.

"EEEWWWWW look at that, that’s nasty" I said loudly

I looked at Bobby and he was staring at the picture. I
asked him if he thought it was nasty but he didn’t
answer. I asked again but still he didn’t answer me.

"HEY" I yelled as I shook his shoulders

"What, Oh I’m sorry, what did you say" he asked

"I said isn’t that nasty what he is doing, are you
deaf" I told him

"I guess it is, I don’t know, it might not be that bad"
Bobby told me.

"You mean that you would do that if you had a chance"

"I don’t know, maybe, yeah I guess I would if I had a
chance" he replied

I stared at him with my mouth hanging open. I told him
that I couldn’t believe that he would kiss and lick my
butt hole if I let him. He told me that he would do it
to me if I did it to him. My mind was racing a mile a
minute trying to comprehend what he was asking me to
do. I enjoyed everything we’ve done so far but I don’t
know about licking his butt hole. I finally made a

"Okay Bobby, if you do it to me first and I like it
then I will try it on you. But if it’s nasty I get to
stop, okay" I told him in a firm voice.

"I think the first thing we need to do is take a shower
and be sure we are clean back there" I told him.

We walked together into the bathroom stepping into the
shower. We scrubbed each other paying special attention
to our butts. When we were clean all over we got out of
the shower drying ourselves off. We walked naked back
into the bedroom.

"How do you want to do this" I asked as my voice
wavered a little.

"Allison if you are afraid to do this we don’t have to"

"No, I’m just nervous a little but I said I would try
and I meant that"

Bobby looked at the computer screen and clicked on a
few pictures. He told me that it seems the best way was
for me to get on my hands and knees. I quickly moved to
the bed. I got on my hands and knees and I wiggled my
butt naughtily at my 12 year old b*****r.

"You know Allison for a 10 year old you have a real
cute butt" he said softly to me.

Bobby quickly joined me on the bed. I bent my head down
and looked between my legs as he moved behind me. He
put his hands on my butt cheeks and rubbed them gently.
He spread them open then pushed them closed. I felt the
dampness return to my cunt again as he played with my
ass. Bobby bent his head down and ran his tongue in my
cunt crack lapping up all the juices that were oozing
from my cunt. His tongue licked at my clit causing me
to push my ass back at his face. He pushed his tongue
into my cunt hole wiggling it around as it went deeper
inside of me.

"AAAHHHH Bobby that feels nice" I sighed as his tongue
snaked its way inside of me.

As his tongue was working its way in my pussy his nose
was rubbing my puckered brown hole. I felt a strange
tingling in my butt as his nose pushed against my ass
hole. It soon turned from tingling to feeling good. I
pushed my ass back on his nose trying to get it to push
harder against my hole. Bobby took his tongue out of my
cunt hole and ran it up to my clit. He circled my hard
button a few times with his tongue then licked his way
down. He passed my cunt hole and kept licking all the
way up my ass crack. I shivered when his tongue went
across my sensitive ass hole. I groaned out loud when
the tip of his tongue flicked at my puckered hole.

"What’s it taste like Bobby"

"It doesn’t taste like much of anything. I tasted a
slight tangy taste but now that’s gone so I only taste
soap now" he told me

"What’s it feel like when I touch your butt hole with
my tongue" he wanted to know

"I’m not going to lie, it feels real good" I told him.

"Are you going to put your tongue in my butt hole?"

Bobby didn’t answer me but he took his hands and spread
my butt cheeks apart. He gently blew on my puckered
brown hole making me shiver in excitement. He stuck his
tongue out flicking it against my tight ass hole. I
groaned out in pleasure as my cunt oozed my p*****n
juices. I could feel him spread my cheeks farther apart
and then push his tongue against my opening.

feel your tongue in my butt"

He wiggled his tongue as it slid further in my ass. I
humped my ass back to his face as his tongue worked its
way up my bowels. I cried out to Bobby that I was going
to cum if he didn’t stop right away. He pulled his
tongue from my ass and gave each of my ass cheeks a
kiss. I rolled over on my back panting hard from the
great feeling that his tongue gave me when it was deep
in my ass. He asked me if I would be willing to do it
to him so he could see what it felt like. I told him
that I couldn’t refuse to do it after he did it to me.

Bobby quickly got on his hands and knees as I crawled
behind him. I never really looked at my b*****r’s butt
before but it was really kind of cute. I could see his
hard cock and sack hanging down between his legs. I
reached my hand down and wrapped it around his stiff
cock. He moaned as I stroked his hard cock in my hand.

I bent my head down and kissed his butt cheeks slowly
building up my courage to lick his butt hole. When I
was kissing his cheeks I sniffed the air to see if I
could smell anything foul. All I could do was smell the
soap he used in the shower. I took my hands spreading
his ass cheeks apart and looked at his pink rosebud. I
moved my face close to his opening and took another
sniff. I slowly extended my tongue out and touched his
tight puckered hole. I quickly brought my tongue back
into my mouth to see what it tasted like but I couldn’t
detect any bad taste. I ran my tongue up and down his
ass crack flicking at his brown hole each time I passed

"OOHHHHHH yeah Allison, OOHHHHHH it feels so good when
you lick it"

I moved my mouth to his dark hole and pushed my tongue
into his tight hole. I wiggled it fast as it slide up
his butt. I spread his cheeks farther apart so my
tongue would go in easier. I reached down and began to
stroke his hard cock when my tongue was all the way
inside of his ass. I could hear my 12 year old b*****r
panting hard as it wiggled my tongue in his bowels. He
warned me that he was close to cumming. I pulled my
tongue from his ass and sat back on the bed.

"Jeez Allison, that felt better than anything"

"I got an idea" I said excitedly

"Wait right here, I’ll be back in a minute"

I ran into the kitchen taking what I needed then headed
back to Bobby’s room. I leaned in the doorway telling
him to close his eyes for a surprise. I held my hand
behind my back as I came into the room. I told Bobby to
get back on his hands and knees which he quickly did. I
moved behind him again taking his hard cock in my hand.

I bent my head down and slid my tongue back into his
ass hole. I could feel his ass muscles gripping my
tongue as it went deep into him. I felt his cock
getting slick from the precum that was leaking out of
his pee hole. I slobbered my saliva all over his
puckered hole. When it was good and wet I quickly moved
under him taking his cock in my mouth. I moved the hand
I had hidden and put the carrot at the entrance to his
ass. While I was sliding my mouth down his cock I
slowly pushed he carrot into his ass hole.


"Oh Allison, yeah what ever it is keep pushing it in"
he yelled


I had put about 5 inches of carrot into my 12 year old
b*****rs ass as I sucked on his cock. I could feel his
hard cock begin to twitch as I moved the carrot in and
out of his ass. Suddenly Bobby screamed out as he
filled my mouth with a huge amount of his hot sticky
cum. I swallowed fast to get every drop of his juice. I
kept the carrot moving as he emptied his balls into my
mouth. His cock stopped spurting and was now just
oozing out the rest of his hot cum. I licked his
softening cock clean and then pulled the carrot out of
his ass.

"Allison that was unbelievable. I don’t think I ever
shot a load like that before" he said

"I thought you might like it that’s why I tried it"

"You want me to do that to you now" he asked

"I would really like to feel you dick in my butt. Maybe
you could use the carrot in my pussy if you clean it

Bobby grabbed the carrot and went into the bathroom to
clean it good. I got on my hands and knees reaching
between my legs and slowly began to rub myself. I slid
a finger into my 10 year old cunt making it hot and
wet. Bobby came back showing me how clean the carrot
was. He got behind me and wasted no time putting his
tongue into my ass hole again.

"Oh my Bobby, Oh push it in farther please"

Bobby spread my butt cheeks with his hand and shoved
his tongue deep into my ass. He wiggled it around my
bowels as he moved the carrot to my cunt. I felt him
pushing the carrot against my wet pussy hole trying to
get it to go in. I moaned as I felt the veggie begin to
slide into my cunt.

"OOHHHHHHHH gee that feels good." I sighed

Bobby licked the inside of my ass hole as he pushed the
carrot in and out of my wet hot cunt. My hips were
humping back at him as the good feeling began to build.
Bobby pulled his tongue from my ass and the carrot from
my pussy. He repositioned himself as I turned to see
him spitting on his hard cock. He lined his stiff cock
up with my puckered ass hole and began to push hard
against my anal opening.

"UUUGGHHHH, UGGGHHHH, It’s not going in" I complained

Bobby pushed harder against my ass hole trying to get
his cock to go in. I let out a little scream as his
cock head popped into my ass. I quickly told him to
stop and let me get use to it. I was panting hard, it
felt huge in my butt. Bobby reached down running his
fingers through my cunt crack. After a few minutes of
his fingers dancing along my crack and against my clit
I began to move my hips.

"Wow, it feels so big in me. Keep rubbing my pussy
Bobby, it’s starting to feel real good"

Bobby held his hips still as he rubbed my clit with his
fingers. I moaned out as my juices began to seep from
my cunt hole. I told him to push his dick in a little
farther. He quit playing with my clit so he could grab
my hips as he pushed slowly. I felt his hot cock
sliding up my ass making me quiver with excitement. I
was panting hard as he continued to push his cock into
my butt.

"Allison, I’m all the way in" Bobby whispered in my ear

"Oh Bobby, I love the feel of it in my butt" I sighed
as he held himself deep inside of me

"Can you move it in and out a little?"

Bobby pulled back an inch or so then slid back in. I
felt little electrical shocks racing through my bowels
and my pussy. I never dreamed I could feel so good. I
begged him to pull farther out then push hard back in.
It didn’t take Bobby long before his p*****n cock was
slamming into my 10 year old ass hole. He pulled back
keeping just the head of his cock in my ass then he
rammed it all the way back in. I felt my whole body
shaking each time he slammed his cock in me.

"AAAHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHH, harder Bobby, it feels so good,
harder, OOHHH deeper, push it in deeper" I begged him.

Bobby grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them wide apart.
He smashed his hips against my ass driving his cock as
far into my ass hole as he could go. He was grunting
with each thrust of his hips.

"Don’t cum yet Bobby, I’m almost there, OOHHHHHH please
wait for me"

He reached down taking my clit in his fingers and
pinched it roughly. He twisted my clit as he slammed
his cock into me.


I felt my ass constricting around his cock as my cunt
poured out its p*****n juice all over the bed. Bobby
was still shoving his cock hard into my ass as I shoved
my butt back to him. Wave after wave of pleasure
crashed all over me as I heard Bobby groan loudly then
felt a searing heat rush up my ass.

"OHHHHHHHH Bobby, yeah, OHHHHHHH shoot it in me,
OHHHHHHHH" I cried as he shot a massive load up my ass.

I could feel each spurt of his cum blasting up my
bowels as he pumped his shooting cock in and out of my
butt hole. He let out a loud grunt each time he shot
another spurt of his hot slimy cum into my ass. After 7
powerful shots of cum I could feel Bobby begin to
shrink in my butt.

When I felt his cum washing my bowels I had another
massive orgasm. I began to cry because it felt so
wonderful. Bobby let his limp cock slip from my ass as
I rolled over on my stomach. He saw the tears running
down my face and told me he was so sorry if he hurt me.
I hugged him tightly, kissing him hard on his lips
telling him that I was crying because I felt so good.

"Did you really like it Allison"

"Yeah, it felt so big in there and I could feel each
little movement you made"

"I liked it too, it was so hot and tight" he told me.

We hugged for a few minutes then decided we needed a
shower. I climbed into the shower first while Bobby
remade the bed with clean sheets. When I got out of the
shower, Bobby was just walking into the bathroom. He
told me that he put clean sheets on the bed and was
washing the dirty ones. He climbed in the shower as I
told him that I would meet him in the living room.

It took Bobby about 10 minutes before he joined me on
the couch. He plopped down next to asking me what we
should do now. Just then the doorbell rang. Bobby got
up peeking out the window to see who it was. He walked
over to the door to open it for Mrs. Alberts. She came
into the living room looking all around to be sure that
everything was okay. She asked us if we wanted to come
over to her house to spend the night but we said we
would rather stay here in case mom and dad called
again. She told us she understood. She said her good-
nights to us and made sure we locked the door when she
left. When we were alone again I told Bobby that I
wanted to suck his dick one more time before we go to

"I would like that a lot Allison"

"I would like to taste you one more time too" he added

Bobby took my hand and led me to his bedroom again. We
slowly undressed in front of each other then climbed on
the bed. Bobby was lying on his back with his legs
spread wide so I could crawl between them. I moved
between his legs looking down at my 12 year old
b*****r. We got along real good but after tonight I can
honestly say that I love my b*****r more than ever. He
has been so kind and gently that I wanted this blow job
to be very special.

I began by placing my lips on his kissing him softly. I
ran my tongue over his lips searching for an opening.
Bobby parted his lips slightly giving me access to his
mouth. I slipped my tongue into his mouth searching out
every corner of it. I moved my tongue over his teeth,
tongue, and along the inside of his cheeks. Every once
in a while Bobby would suck gently on my tongue causing
me to moan slightly. After my exploration of his mouth
was complete I allowed him to put his tongue into my
mouth. I sucked it deep into my mouth letting it touch
the back of my mouth. He tried to move it around but I
kept sucking at it. I moved my hands to his chest
pinching at his hard little nipples.

I began to kiss my way down his chest until my mouth
circled his left nipple. I sucked it into my mouth
biting at it. I twirled my tongue around his taut
nipple as I sucked hard on it. I felt it puckering up
from the tongue washing I was giving to it. I moved to
the right side and did the same thing with his right
nipple. While my mouth was busy with his nipples my
hands moved down to his stiff p*****n cock. I wrapped
my hand around his dick and slowly slid my hand up and
down on the hard shaft.

"OHHHHHHH, you are getting good at this Allison" he
praised me

I kissed my way down his chest over his stomach. I
tickled his belly button with my tongue making him
squirm and giggle. I licked and kissed my way down to
his hard p*****n cock. I touched my lips to the tip of
his hard cock licking at the precum that was seeping
from the hole. I licked the tip clean then licked down
the shaft. I kissed and licked my way down to his
wrinkled nut sack. I took his sack carefully in my
mouth rolling each of his nuts around on my tongue. I
gave his sack a good-bye kiss as I kissed my way
farther down and into his ass crack. Bobby lifted his
legs so I could give his rosebud a kiss before I moved
back to his stiff dick.

I licked and sucked my way back to the tip of his cock.
I slowly let it sink into my mouth licking all around
it as it moved deeper into my mouth. I reached down
massaging his balls as I sucked and licked his 12 year
old dick.

Bobby moved his hands to my hair and gently guided my
face up and down his shaft. He controlled the speed and
depth while I just supplied the suction. I could tell
he was getting close because he began to move my head
faster on his cock.

"Oh Allison, Oh don’t stop, please keep going, let me
fill your mouth" he groaned out to me.

I moved my hand from his balls to my mouth. I sucked my
fingers quickly getting them real wet. I moved my
fingers to his ass as I searched out his puckered brown
hole. When I felt the wrinkled opening I gently pushed
my finger inside. Bobby grunted loudly and lifted his
legs to give me more room. I slid my finger deep into
his ass as I rotated it in small circles inside of him.


The first blast of his hot sticky cum hit the roof of
my mouth and ran down my throat. I just finished
swallowing when the second more powerful blast shot
into my mouth. Then it became a continual flow of cum
from his cock. I had never seen him cum so much and so
hard before. My finger kept plunging deep into his ass
as he emptied his nuts into my mouth. His cock slowly
stopped shooting its load into my mouth. I licked his
softening cock clean while I eased my finger from his
butt. When his cock was clean, I sat back smiling at

"Oh Allison that was the best" he said to me as he
pulled me down on top of him kissing me deeply.

I returned the kiss telling him that I enjoyed pleasing
him and that I really appreciated him not teasing me
about my age or flat chest or anything else he could
have said. He told me that he was only a year and a
half older than me so it was no big thing and he added
that he liked my chest just fine. He said that I could
have teased him about his small dick but didn’t. He
said we would both grow so there was no need to tease
either one of us. I kissed him again just for being my

"Allison, it’s getting late, let me lick you before we
go to bed"

"You don’t have to Bobby if you don’t want to"

"Are you k**ding, I love to do that to you, you taste
so good and I love to make you feel good"

I rolled over on my back spreading my legs for my
b*****r. He crawled between my legs looking at my
hairless 10 year old pussy. He told me that he loved
the way my pussy looked. I felt his breath on my cunt
as he looked over every square inch of it. He took his
fingers and spread my cunt open exposing my wet hole
for him to see. He touched his tongue to my opening
making me groan with excitement. Bobby ran his tongue
up and down my wet slit flicking his tongue against my
cunt hole with each pass he made. He sucked my clit
gently into his mouth chewing on it softly with his
lips. I could hear him slurping up my p*****n cunt
juice as it poured out of my pussy.

"OHHHH Bobby that feels so good" I sighed as he pushed
his tongue into my cunt.

He moved his tongue in and out of my pussy slowly
tongue fucking me as his hand moved to my ass. I felt a
finger sliding up and down my butt crack. I raised my
legs up so my small puckered hole was visible to him.
He moved his lips from my pussy down to my ass as he
ran his hot tongue across my tight rosebud. I gasped
loudly as he pushed the tip of his tongue into my ass.
I grabbed him by his hair pushing him hard against me
as I tried to get him to go deeper. He slid his tongue
all the way inside of my ass while I humped my butt up
to his face.

Bobby slowly pulled his tongue from my ass kissing his
way to my soaking wet cunt. He drove his tongue into my
wet hole burying it all the way in. He moved it around
my cunt canal getting me to make more of my slick juice
for him. I begged him to push it deeper inside. He
spread my little pussy with his fingers opening me up
wider and then shoved his tongue roughly into me again.

"AAAAHHHHHHHH, OHHHHH yeah Bobby, OOHHHHH that’s it,
don’t stop"

don’t stop, please don’t stop, AAAAEEEEEOOOHHHHHHHHHH"
I shrieked as I shoved his face hard against my cunt.

My pussy was gripping his tongue like a vice as I
poured my juices out into him mouth. Bobby licked all
around the inside of my cunt channel getting every drop
of my sweet 10 year old pussy juice. When I pushed his
head away he quickly moved back kissing my pussy over
and over again. I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling
of his butterfly kisses on my cunt. When my breathing
returned to normal he came up to give me a kiss. We
kissed softly for a few minutes hugging each other and
chatting about everything we did today.

I glanced at the clock saying that we had better get to
bed. He asked me if I wanted to sl**p with him and I
told him that I would love to. We snuggled next to each
other as we drifted off to sl**p dreaming of the fun
that we will be having in the future.


"Sally, you have to come over right away" I whispered
into the phone

"Okay hurry, I have something to tell you"

I hung up the phone telling mom that Sally was coming
over for a while. Mom and dad didn’t look too good this
morning. They had gone to a wedding yesterday and the
reception last night leaving my 12 year old b*****r to
watch me. They came home this morning hung over and
They told us that they were very proud of us for doing
such a good job obeying the rules that they gave us.
Bobby and I said that they could go out more often now
that they didn’t have to get a babysitter. I shot Bobby
a look knowing what he had in mind. My 10 year old
pussy was getting wet again thinking of all the things
that Bobby and I did yesterday when we were home alone.
Dad said that as a matter of fact they were going out
again next Saturday and wouldn’t be home until very
late. He ruffled Bobby’s hair as he handed him two ten
dollar bills for babysitting.

"Hey, that’s not fair" I cried

"Here, it’s only fair that you get half" Bobby told me

I took the money thanking him for sharing. Mom and dad
just looked at each other shaking their heads wondering
what was going on. Bobby told them that I was no
trouble and that I helped pick up the house so it was
only fair that I get half. Mom kissed him on the cheek
as dad kissed me on my cheek. Dad said that he was very
proud of both of us. I heard the knock at the front
door running to answer it.

"Come on in Sally"

"What is this big news you couldn’t wait to tell me"

"Sshhhh jeez, keep it down. No one can know about it"

I yelled back to the kitchen saying that Sally and I
were going to my room. I saw Bobby going out the back
door heading to one of his friends for the day. When
Sally and I got into my room I shut the door motioning
Sally to sit on the chair by my desk. I walked over and
sat on the bed facing her.

"What is it Allison, the suspense is killing me"

"Okay okay, but first you have to swear to me that you
won’t tell a soul"

"Huh, come on just tell me what it is"

"Not until you swear to me on the bible" I said to her
as I grabbed my bible from the shelf.

"Wow, it must be really something" she said as she took
the book

"Now swear on it Sally"

"Okay, I Sally Dunforth swear by all that’s holy to not
say a word to anybody about what Allison is about to
tell me"

"Satisfied now?" she asked

"Yeah, okay thanks" I said as I returned my bible to
its place on the shelf.

"I mean it, you can’t ever tell anyone"

"I’m going to leave if you don’t spill the beans pretty

I stood up and began to pace back and forth in my room.
I opened the door and looked down the hallway to be
sure that nobody was coming then shut the door again.
Sally was watching my every move. She finally said that
I should just tell her and get it over with.

"I had sex" I blurted out quickly not looking at her

I turned slowly towards Sally and saw her sitting there
with her mouth hanging open. She just stared at me like
she never saw me before. I told her to say something.

"Bull, I don’t believe it"

"With who"

"What exactly did you do?"

"Slow down Sally, one question at a time" I said

"Okay, who was the boy, do I know him" she asked

I was just getting ready to answer when the door opened
and my mother walked into the room.

"Your father and I are going out for the afternoon.
Bobby is at Derek’s house and won’t be home until
supper. Will you two be okay by yourself all afternoon"
she asked

"Sure mom, Sally and I are just going to stay in my
room listening to music"

She left the room pulling the door shut behind her. I
went to the window and watched as they left in the car.
Sally asked me if we could get back to our talk.

"Yeah okay, what did you ask again?"

"Who was the boy?"

"Bobby" I said softly

"Yeewwww, your own b*****r" she shrieked

"I know he’s my b*****r but he was so nice and gentle"

"What did you guys do, give me details Allison" Sally

"I rubbed his dick until he shot his stuff out, he
licked me until I felt good. He stuck is cock in my
pussy and up my butt"

"Ha, you’re so full of it, I don’t believe a word of
this" Sally said

"It’s the truth, I swear it"

Just then we heard Bobby yelling from the kitchen to
see if anyone was home. I opened the door and told him
that Sally and I were in my bedroom. He wanted to know
where mom and dad were and I told him that they were
gone for the afternoon. He told me that he was going to
the den to watch TV. I shut the door and turned to

"Look, I swear I did all that"

"I don’t believe a word of it, you had me going for a
minute" she laughed at me

"How can I prove it to you? I can show you my pussy,
its still red from having his cock in it" I told her.

I dropped my shorts and panties showing my bald 10 year
old pussy to my best friend. Sally stared at my gash
with wide eyes seeing that it was red and a little
swollen yet.

"Yeah, it’s red but that don’t prove anything" she told

I pulled up my shorts again telling her that Bobby
could tell her what we did together. She said that
wouldn’t convince her because we could have cooked all
this up before she got there. I was just about to give
up when I had an idea. I told Sally not to say a word,
just sit back and watch. I opened the door calling out
to Bobby to come to my room. I watched as he came down
the hallway towards my bedroom. I let him in the room
and he said hello to Sally. I sat on the bed while
Bobby stood by the door. I told him to come over by me
so I could show him something.

"What do you want to show me" he asked as he came over
to me.

"I want to show you how good I can suck you" I told him
as I quickly grabbed his cock through his pants.

"Allison, what the heck are you doing? Sally is here"
he yelled

"I don’t care if you don’t. She don’t believe we did
anything and I want to show her"

"But what if she tells someone"

"I won’t say anything to anybody, I already swore on
the bible" Sally told him.

I quickly pulled Bobby’s shorts and briefs down to the
floor releasing his 12 year old stiff cock for Sally
and me to see. I wrapped my hand around his stiffness
stroking it slowly up and down. I looked at Sally and
saw that she was staring at us unblinkingly and her
face was flushed. Bobby moaned as I smeared his precum
all over his cock.

"What do you think Sally, do you like his cock." I
asked her

She just nodded her head as she kept staring at the
hard hunk of meat. I bent down sucking the tip of
Bobby’s cock in my mouth. I heard Sally gasp as she
watched my b*****r’s cock slide into my mouth. I moved
my mouth down his shaft until my nose was touching his
pubes. I began to move my mouth up and down on his cock
as Bobby moaned his appreciation.

I gave Bobby a few more licks then sat up letting his
wet dick slip from my mouth. I asked Sally if she
wanted to come over to the bed and look at it closer.
She slowly got up from the chair and walked to the bed.
She sat next to me never taking her eyes off of Bobby’s
hard cock. I told her to hold it in her hands. She
looked up at Bobby like she needed his permission. He
nodded his head and she put her fingers around his hot
hard cock.

"Oh it’s so hot and hard" she whispered

"You can stroke it up and down, he really likes that" I
told her softly

Sally began to move her hand up and down on his shaft
causing him to groan. I saw her smile as she squeezed
and stroked her very first cock. While Sally was
masturbating my b*****r, I stood up removing my clothes
so Bobby could touch me. I sat back down and Sally
looked at my naked body asking me why I took off my
clothes. She didn’t stop rubbing Bobby but she wanted
to know why I stripped. I told her that I want Bobby to
touch me and make me feel good.

"Do you think he would make me feel good too" she
whispered in my ear.

"Bobby, would you want to make Sally feel good like you
did to me" I asked him

"Sure, I’d like that a lot" he said excitedly.

"I don’t know what to do" Sally told me quietly

I told her first thing she had to do was take off her
clothes. I watched as she turned beet red in the face
as she realized that she would have to get naked to do
this. I stood up showing her my nude body saying that
it was no big deal. Bobby kicked off his shorts and
briefs then pulled his shirt over his head so he was
just as naked as I was. Sally looked at both of us then
slowly stood up. She turned her back to us as she
kicked off her shoes. She pulled her pants down to her
ankles then kicked them off. Next she pulled her t-
shirt over her head tossing them on top of her pants.
She was now standing with her back to us in just her
bra, panties and socks. I told her to turn around so we
could see. She slowly rotated her body so she was
standing facing Bobby and me.

"You are really pretty Sally" Bobby told her making her
blush again.

Sally sat on the edge of the bed pulling her socks off
her feet. She stood again looking at us as she slowly
reached behind her and took off her training bra. She
shrugged her shoulders and let the bra fall off. She
hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and
pulled them down quickly kicking them off. She now
stood totally naked in front of us. Bobby and I could
see the sparse hairs that were beginning to grow around
her cunt. We both moved our gaze to her chest and saw
that her boobs were more developed than mine. Mine were
just really puffy nipples but she had actual tits. They
were small but they were still tits.

Bobby reached up taking one of Sally’s small tits in
his hand and gently squeezed it. He took her nipple
pinching and twisting it carefully between his fingers.
Sally moaned out loudly as her eyes were watching my
b*****r’s hands on her chest. He rubbed both of her
tits and played with both nipples causing her to groan
constantly. I told her to get on the bed so Bobby could
really make her feel good. I moved over so she had room
to stretch out. Bobby moved so he was lying next to
her. I moved out of the way so I wouldn’t interfere
with them. Bobby moved his lips to Sally’s and kissed
her softly. I could see his tongue poke out licking all
around her supple lips. When she opened her mouth
slightly he pushed his tongue into her mouth.

Sally’s hands came up and wrapped around Bobby’s back
as they kissed each other deeply. I moved my hand to my
pussy and slowly rubbed myself while I watched my best
friend and my b*****r. Bobby kissed his way down to her
little tits sucking and biting them gently. Sally had
her eyes closed enjoying the new feelings that were
rushing through her 11 year old body. Once Bobby had
washed both of her tits with his tongue he began to
kiss his way down towards her virgin pussy. He kissed
he belly and planted kisses on both of her thighs. I
moved closer to watch as he used his hands to spread
open her tight virgin cunt. I could see the moisture
along her slit as he exposed her cunt hole for both of
us to see. Bobby leaned down and placed his lips on her

"OHHHHH my God, OOOHHHHHHH" Sally sighed when she felt
his lips on her cunt.

Bobby slowly ran his tongue up her slit taking her clit
into his mouth and sucking gently on the hard little
button. Sally’s ass came off the bed and she had a
death grip on the sheets with both of her hands. Bobby
alternated from licking her slit to sucking on her
clit. Sally was constantly groaning from his tongue

Bobby licked her wet slit lapping up her virgin p*****n
juices as they oozed from her hole. I saw him spreading
her cunt open so he could get his tongue into her tight
vagina. Sally let out a low moan as his tongue pushed
inside of her. She grabbed him by the hair and pulled
his face tight against her cunt.

"OOOOHHH Bobby, OOOHHHHHH yeah, lick me please lick me
more" she cried

I could see Bobby wiggling his tongue as he pushed it
in and out of her cunt. I looked up at Sally’s face and
saw that she had her eyes clamped tightly shut but had
a huge smile on her lips. Bobby pulled his tongue from
her cunt and licked up to her clit taking it in his
mouth to nibble on. He sucked it for a few moments then
began to lick back down. He passed her cunt hole
licking down her slit and up her butt crack. He licked
up until he was at her puckered brown hole.

his tongue on my butt hole" she yelled at me

"I know, don’t you love it" I said to her.

Sally lifted her ass off the bed giving Bobby the room
he needed to insert his tongue into her tight little 11
year old ass. He spread her tight butt cheeks with his
hands and pushed his tongue deep into her bowels.

"OOHHHHH Bobby, OHHHHHH that is soooooo goooood" she

Bobby moved his tongue from her ass hole back to her
cunt slit. He ran it up to her clit taking it back into
his mouth to suck on. He moved one of his fingers to
her cunt hole and slowly pushed it inside. He put just
the tip inside of Sally as she moaned. When he pushed
it a little farther in, Sally winced and yelped out in
pain. Bobby apologized telling her that he didn’t
realize that she still had her hymen.

"Is it going to hurt bad when you put it in me all the
way" she wanted to know

"For me it only stung a little bit" I told her.

Bobby told her that he would be extra careful not to
hurt her. He kept just the tip of his finger in her
cunt. He rotated it and pushed it in and out a little
making her wetter. Sally’s hips began to buck up at
Bobby’s hand. She was panting hard as his finger played
with the entrance to her virgin cunt. Bobby softly told
her that he thought she was ready to be fucked. She
looked at him with trusting eyes and told him to go
ahead and do it.

He moved his body upward so that his cock was at her
cunt. He reached down and rubbed the head of his cock
in her wet slit. I watched as he put the head at the
entrance to her cunt and pushed slowly. His hard cock
began to slide into her virgin cunt. Sally gasped as
the head of Bobby’s cock popped into her tight vagina.
Bobby held still letting her get use to the feel of his
cock in her body. While Sally laid there with my
b*****r’s cock in her virgin 11 year old cunt, I began
to run my hand through my pussy. I slowly sunk my
finger into my 10 year old pussy so I could finger fuck
myself while watching my best friend lose her

"OHHHHH Bobby, OOHHHHHHH it’s so big, please, Oh please
be careful" she begged him.

Bobby began to move just the head of his dick in and
out of her cunt hole. He moved his hand to her chest
pinching and tweaking her pert little nipples. Sally’s
hips started to rotate and buck up towards Bobby’s

"OOOHHHH put it in me, AAAHHHHHH push it in, I want to
feel it all in me" Sally groaned

I sat up to watch the deflowering. Bobby pulled out
just so the very tip of his cock head was inside
Sally’s pussy. With a quick push, he broke through
Sally’s cherry and buried his cock all the way up her

"OOOWWWWWW, Oh that stung" Sally cried out as a single
tear rolled down her cheek

Bobby held himself deep in her pussy as he kissed away
the tear on her cheek. He moved his lips to hers and
kissed her softly as she grew use to his cock in her
pussy. I heard her whispering to Bobby to start to
move. I returned to fingering my own cunt as I watched
my b*****r begin to fuck my best friend. Bobby started
out slow taking long deep strokes into Sally’s pussy.
Then he changed is style so that he would take two
quick strokes then one real long one. This is the
steady rhythm that he kept up.

"OOOHHHHHHH Bobby, OOHHHHHH Allison, you’re right this
is the best" Sally sighed

"AAAAWWWWWW faster Bobby, can you go faster, it feels
so good"

Bobby started to move faster in and out of her cunt.
Sally instinctively wrapped her legs around him as he
plunged into her p*****n pussy. I was rubbing my cunt
faster as I watched the two of them fucking. It wasn’t
long before Bobby began to take nothing but long
strokes in and out of Sally’s cunt. He would pull out
just far enough so the head of his hard cock was still
inside of her then slam hard all the way back inside.


"I’m cumming, OOHHHHH I’m cumming, OOOHHHHH,
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" Sally shouted as her young p*****n
body shook uncontrollably.

Bobby kept pounding into her p*****n pussy as she
thrashed through several orgasms. I heard him grunt out
loud and hold himself deep in her cunt as I watched his
nuts begin to move in his nut sack. I knew that he was
washing her cunt walls with his hot sticky cum. Sally
was crying tears of joy as he spurted his cum deep into
her cunt. I was rubbing myself furiously trying to
reach my own orgasm. I finally gave up knowing that I
would never feel good unless I had some help.

Bobby’s limp cock slipped out of Sally’s well fucked
p*****n cunt. A small trickle of cum followed it out as
Sally lay there panting hard from her very first fuck.
I asked Sally if she believed me now when I say I got
fucked. She laughed out loud saying that she believed
every word that I said.

"I need to cum now Bobby" I told him

"I would like to help but I need to take a break for a
little while to build back up" he said

"That’s not fair, you guys both felt good but I’m
sitting here all worked up"

"Why don’t you and Sally take care of each other, I’m
sure she would love to cum again"

"What do you mean take care of each other" Sally asked

"Well, if I can lick your pussy, you two can lick each
other’s and make yourself feel good" he told her.

Sally and I looked at each other when his words sunk
in. I smiled at her telling her that I was willing if
she was. She asked me what she had to do. I told her
that since she already felt good it was only fair that
she lick me until I felt good too then I would do it to
her. She looked at me then at Bobby. Sally ran her
finger through her sloppy cunt holding her wet sticky
fingers up. She told me that she had Bobby’s cum all
over her pussy. I took her fingers and put them in my
mouth, tasting her p*****n cunt juice mixed with my
b*****r’s sticky cum. I told her that I tasted his cum
before and now I’ve tasted her.

"It’s no big deal, we’re just going to make each other
feel good." I told her

"What do I taste like? I never tasted myself before,
have you?" Sally asked

"Nah, not really, just when I kiss Bobby after he licks

"It’s kind of slippery but not bad tasting, and
actually, you tasted pretty good" I said to my friend

"Okay, I’ll try it, but you guys won’t tell anyone
about it, will you?" she said softly

"Not me, I don’t want other people knowing that I
licked another girls pussy" I laughed

"All right then, come on over and get on the bed" Sally

"Tell me what to do and how to do it, this is all so
new to me" she said to us

"Just kiss her then her tits and then her cunt, you
know what you liked when I did it to you" Bobby told

Sally moved her lips to mine and pressed them softly to
mine. I soon felt her tongue licking around my lips so
I opened my mouth slightly. She slipped her tongue into
my mouth exploring every crevice of my mouth. I sucked
on her tongue pulling it farther inside of my mouth. I
wrapped my arms around her hugging her close to me as
we swapped spit. I ran my hands over her back and sides
touching the edges of her breasts. Sally removed her
lips from mine and began kissing my neck moving slowly
down to my puffy nipples. She locked her lips on my
right nipple sucking it gently into her mouth. Her
tongue circled my nipple as she teased it with her
tongue and teeth. I felt her bite softly on the very
tip of my nipple causing me to shudder and begin to
make me wet between my legs. She moved her hand down to
my crotch running her finger through my wet slit as she
moved her mouth to my left tit. She licked and nibbled
on my left nipple while her finger found my clit.

"OOHHHH Sally, you are doing it perfectly. OOHHHH don’t
stop please, don’t stop" I begged

She started to kiss her way downward again kissing my
belly button blowing a little raspberry as she did. I
giggled softly as I pushed her head down toward my
cunt. I was hot and horny and I needed to feel her
tongue on my slit. She moved her body between my spread
legs staring at my bald little 10 year old pussy. She
was close enough so I could feel her breath against my
pussy as she stared at it. She used her hands to spread
me open looking at my cunt hole. I heard her sniff the
air checking to see if there was an unpleasant odor.
Next I felt the tip of her tongue touching my cunt as
she took a sample taste of me. When she realized that
there wasn’t a bad taste she ran her tongue up my wet
slit to my clit. I groaned very loudly as her tongue
licked my hard little clit. She sucked it in her mouth
chewing on it gently.

"AAAHHHHHHHH, OOHHHHH Sally lick my cunt hole, OOOHHHH
I want to feel your tongue inside of me"

Sally moved her mouth to my pussy hole and pushed her
tongue into it. I felt her hot tongue working her way
up inside of my hot cunt as she wiggled it. I spread my
legs farther apart so she could slip it a little
farther inside. She used her hands to spread my cunt
open so her tongue could reach further inside of my wet
pussy. I was humping my hips to her face as she tongue
fucked my p*****n cunt.

"AAAAWWWWWW yeah Sally, use your finger now, OHHHHH put
your finger in me" I instructed.

She withdrew her finger and replaced it with her
finger. She slowly sunk her digit deep into my pussy. I
told her to move in and out like it was a dick. Soon
she was shoving it in and out of my cunt with long deep
strokes. I could feel my orgasm building as she licked
my clit. I grabbed her by the hair pulling her face
tight against my cunt.

"OOHHHH Sally, OOHHHHH I’m cumming, OOHHHH I’m cumming,
lick me, OOHHHH lick my pussy, OOHHHH, AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH"
I screamed out.

I wrapped my legs around her head holding her against
my pulsating cunt. I could feel my cunt squeezing her
finger as I poured my p*****n juice out of my hole. She
quickly removed her finger from my hole and stuck her
tongue back into me so she could lap all my juices up.
I screamed out another orgasm as her tongue went deep
into my quivering cunt hole. I finally had to push her
head away to get her to stop.

"Oh Sally that was fantastic" I told her.

"Yeah really, it was fun once I got into it" she said.

"Come on up and lay down, it’s my turn now" I told her.

Sally crawled up on the bed stretching her 11 year old
body out for me to admire. Bobby was sitting in the
chair watching us as he slowly stroked his cock.
Watching Sally lick my pussy had made Bobby’s cock
begin to grow once again. I moved next to Sally turning
her face towards mine so I could kiss her. I slid my
tongue into her mouth licking all over the inside of
her. I could feel the suction as she pulled my tongue
deeper into her mouth. I moved my hands to her tits
rubbing the flesh and pinching at her little nipples. I
took one between my fingers and pulled it up away from
her body. I heard her moan softly as I tweaked the
little nubbin.

I kissed my way down from her face to her chest. I
sucked her small tit into my mouth washing the nipple
with my tongue. Sally wrapped her fingers in my hair as
she held my face tight to her chest. I switched from
one tit to the other sucking and biting softly at her

"Oh Allison, you’re making my pussy so wet when you do
that" she sighed quietly.

I licked my way down past her belly to her sopping wet
cunt. I could smell her excitement as I moved past her
waist line. I moved between her legs looking at her
dripping cunt. I saw the moisture oozing out of her
slit and making the bed wet. I laughed saying that she
was really leaking out her juice. Bobby got up to take
a closer look. He ran his finger through her wetness
and licked his finger clean. He ran it through her slit
again then offered Sally a chance to taste herself.
Sally didn’t hesitate at all, she sucked his fingers
into her mouth sucking it dry. Bobby returned to his
chair and continued to stroke his hard cock while
watching us.

I slid my tongue along her wet slit until I hit her
clit. I sucked her hard button in my mouth biting it
softly. Sally arched her back off the bed when I shoved
a finger deep into her p*****n cunt. I wiggled my
finger all about as I held it deep in her cunt. I
slowly began to move it in and out just like a cock. I
sucked her clit and licked her slit as I finger fucked
her. I kept fingering her for almost 5 minutes before I
stopped. I removed my finger and moved my mouth to her
hole so I could lap up all the p*****n juices that were
oozing out of it. I clamped my mouth tight against her
hole and snaked my tongue up her cunt canal.

As Sally was grinding her hips on my face, I moved my
wet sticky finger to her puckered rosebud.
I slowly pushed against her tight ass hole feeling my
finger stretching her hole open. Sally grunted as my
finger tip eased into her hot ass.

"UUGGGHHHHH, OHHHHH my God, OOHHHHHHH it feels so good"
she cried as my finger worked its way deeper into her
p*****n ass.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH, Oh Allison, wiggle it, OHHHH wiggle
your finger please" she begged

I rotated my finger in a small circle inside of her
bowels. I moved it slowly in and out as I twisted it.
Sally was thrashing her head back and forth as my
finger worked in and out of her p*****n ass while my
tongue was going in and out of her cunt hole.

"Oh shit Allison, I’m going to cum, OHHHHHHHHH yeah,
I’m cumming OOHHHHH don’t stop, OOHHHHHHHH,

I felt her vagina gripping my tongue as she flooded my
mouth with her hot slimy girl cum. He ass muscles were
squeezing my finger as I held it deep inside of her ass
hole. She screamed through three huge orgasms as I
worked my tongue and finger into her holes. She finally
pushed me away as she panted hard for air. I moved my
face up to hers and kissed her softly. She shoved her
tongue in my mouth licking at her juices that were
still there. Bobby started to clap his hands saying
that what we just did was the most exciting thing that
he had ever seen. Sally and I continued to kiss until
Bobby told us what he wanted.

"Sally, can you suck my cock for me, I really want to
feel your mouth on me" he asked her so politely.

"Sure Bobby, come on up here" she giggled at him.

He walked up to the edge of the bed placing his stiff
cock by her lips. She opened her mouth allowing him to
push his cock inside. I watched as she closed her mouth
around his dick and began to suck him hard. I told her
to massage his balls as she sucked him because he liked
that. Sally reached out taking Bobby’s nut sack gently
in her hand and rolled his nuts around his hand. I
moved behind Bobby and ran a finger through his ass
crack. He groaned as he spread his legs apart for me. I
sucked on my finger getting it slick with my saliva. I
slowly pushed against his anal opening sliding my
finger slowly into his tight ass hole.

"UUUGGGHHHHHH, Oh Allison yeah, move it in and out"

I moved my finger in and out of his puckered brown hole
while Sally sucked hard at his stiff cock. She pulled
his dick from her mouth and licked all around the head
and down the shaft before swallowing it once again. I
heard Bobby tell her that he was close to cumming. I
told her to take it all in her mouth. Sally looked at
me like she wasn’t sure on taking his load in her mouth
but I told her that she would like the taste of it. I
said that I loved it and if I liked it so would she.
That seem to satisfy her and she began to really bob
her head on his stiff cock.

he grunted as I watched his cock jump in her mouth.

I saw Sally’s eyes bulge out when the cum began to
shoot into her mouth. She kept her lips sealed tightly
around his cock shaft as he emptied his nuts into her
mouth. Sally was swallowing almost non-stop trying hard
not to choke on the slimy sticky cum. Bobby’s cock
slipped out of her mouth as she took one last swipe at
it with her tongue. Bobby told her that she was
incredible at sucking cock which brought a smile to her
fact. I asked her how she liked the taste. She told me
that it was sticky and salty but not bad tasting. She
told Bobby that she would want more of that later on.

I looked at the clock saying that mom and dad would be
home pretty soon. We all went to the shower to clean
up. When we were back in the bedroom all dressed we sat
around talking about what the plans were for the rest
of the summer. Sally said she was leaving for two weeks
in a couple of days. She said when she gets back she
wants to make up for lost time with us. We all laughed
and told her that we would make her cum so many times
that she would pass out. She told Bobby that she wants
her ass fucked next time. We talked about 30 more
minutes before Sally had to leave. We said our good-
byes and walked her to the front door. Bobby and I went
back to his bedroom.

"Well, that was fun" I told my b*****r.

"Yup, it sure was"

I sat on his bed staring at the wall. When I didn’t say
anything for a few minutes Bobby asked what I was
thinking about. I told him that I was just daydreaming
about something. He pushed me to tell him what it was

"I was thinking how an older guy’s dick would feel in
me. One that was longer and bigger around"

"I thought I made you feel good" he said sadly.

"Oh Bobby you do, but I just wonder what a bigger one
would feel like"

"Kind of like me wondering what big tits feel like" he

"Yeah, like that" I laughed.

"Maybe you could get dad to fuck you" he said jokingly

"Don’t laugh, maybe I will"

"Yeah right, how the heck would you do that"

"I don’t know but wouldn’t it be cool if I could do it
with dad and you could do it with mom" I told him.

"Come on Allison, that isn’t ever going to happen"

"Oh I don’t know about that. Let me think about it for

Just then we heard the car doors slamming and went down
to greet mom and dad. They asked if everything was okay
and we assured them that all was fine. Dad again told
us how proud he was of us to be able to leave us alone
without a babysitter. Bobby and I just looked at each
other and smiled. I already had started formulating a
plan to get mom and dad involved.


After supper I went to my room to think about the plan
on how I was going to get dad to fuck me and to get mom
to let Bobby fuck her. This was going to take some
serious thinking about. I thought I had a plan worked
out when Sally was over here but I didn’t think that
one would work. Now that my 12 year old b*****r was
fucking my 10 year old pussy, I thought it was time to
see what it was like with a bigger dick. I had to come
up with a plan to get dad by himself and Bobby and our
mom together alone.

I heard a light tap on my door and I yelled for
whomever to come it. My dad walked into my room. He
walked over to the bed standing in front of me. I
glanced at his crotch imagining what his cock would
look like. He asked me if I would go to the mall with
him tomorrow to help him pick out an anniversary gift
for mom. I told him that I would love to do that with
him. He smiled bending over kissing the top of my head.
I hugged him around his waist getting to feel a little
bulge poking at me. He quickly moved away telling me
that we would leave late in the morning and have lunch
at the mall. He walked out the door just as Bobby was
coming into my room. Dad mussed up Bobby’s hair as he
walked by. I told Bobby to shut the door then come sit
next to me. He plopped down on the bed asking me if I
had come up with a plan yet.

I told him that I thought I could use our trip to the
mall to get dad but I was having trouble coming up with
a plan for him and mom. He told me that he might have a
plan. He had overheard mom telling dad that while we
were gone she was going to pamper herself with a hot
bath and relaxing afternoon. Bobby said he would come
up with a plan to help her with the relaxation part. We
both giggled at his attempt at humor. I told him that I
wanted to be alone to plan my strategy for tomorrow.

Bobby leaned over kissing me on the lips. His tongue
pushed into my mouth and we sucked each others tongues
for a few minutes. He said good night and went to his
own room. I tossed my clothes on the floor and climbed
into bed. I moved my hands down my naked p*****n body
thinking of my dad. I brought myself to a quick orgasm
then rolled over to go to sl**p.

Dad and I left for the mall around ten. He told me that
he wanted to go to Harpers because our Aunt Beth works
in the woman’s department. We pulled into the mall and
headed for the store. I ran up to Aunt Beth hugging her
tightly as she said hello to both of us. Dad told her
that we were looking for something for mom for her
anniversary. She showed us several things that she
thought mom would like. Dad picked out a couple of the
outfits and paid for them. I asked dad if I could try a
few things on since we were here. He told me that we
had time and to pick a few things out to try on. I
choose five outfits and walked to the dressing room.

I returned to where dad and Aunt Beth were talking. I
told them that all dressing rooms were occupied. Aunt
Beth told us to follow her. She led us to a small
storage room that she said I could use. She asked dad
to stay inside with me just in case another employee
came in. We walked into the room that was only dimly
lit. I thought this is going to be perfect for my plan.
Dad told me that he would turn around and I should let
him know when I was read for him to look at the outfit.

I tried on a short skirt and small top first. I told
dad to turn around and he let out a soft wolf whistle
when he saw me with my bare belly. He told me that the
outfit made me look a lot older than 10. I said that
was one reason I picked it out. I twirled around so dad
could see the back. I shook my butt at him causing him
to giggle at my antics. I started to pull the shirt off
and he quickly turned his back to me again. I put on a
fancy dress this time. I asked dad if he could zip up
the back for me. He turned around pulling the zipper of
the dress all the way up. I turned around for him to
see. The dress was mid length with a neckline that
wasn’t to low because I had nothing to show yet.

"I wish I had bigger boobs" I said as I looked in the

"Don’t worry sweetie, yours will grow soon enough" dad
told me.

"What do you think, do you like it"

"Yes, it is very pretty on you"

I told him he had better turn around because I want to
try on another outfit. He pulled the zipper back down
before he turned around. I started to pull the dress
over my head but got a better idea. I raised my arms
way up in the air exposing my puffy nipples to the air.

"Dad, I’m stuck"

"What’s the mat……?" He stopped mid sentence when he saw
my standing there with my arms in the air and my puffy
nipples right there in front of him.

"The zipper is caught in my hair" I cried

I wiggled my arms to make it look like I was really
stuck. I could see dad from under the hem of the dress.
He wasn’t moving and I could see a definite bulge in
his pants. His eyes were locked on my chest and my
puffy p*****n tits.

"Dad, are you going to help or stare at my boobs all
day" I laughed

That got dad out of his trance as he laughed with me.
He reached up and began to untangle my hair from the
zipper. It wasn’t to long before he had it freed and I
lowered my arms down. Dad was still looking at my chest
as I pulled the dress over my head. I was now standing
in front of him with just my panties on. I pulled my
panties down to my ankles, kicking them to the side as
I told him that I was going to try on a bikini now. Dad
just nodded his head but didn’t move an inch. I went
over to him kissing him quickly on the lips thanking
him for helping me. I went over picking up the bikini
and began to put it on. I bent over to pull up the
bottoms knowing that dad could see my butt hole and my
pussy from where he was standing.

"Allison, I think I…I should leave you alone now" he

"Oh no dad, I want you to stay, please daddy"

"I suppose if that’s what you really want" he told me

"Daddy do you think I’m pretty"

"Sweetie, you’re beautiful" he said

"But my tits are so small" I said as I pulled the top
of the bikini off

"And look, I don’t even have any hair down here" I said
pulling the bottoms down to show him

"Allison, just what are you trying to do?"

"I’m trying to get you to notice me more"

"But I do notice you, more than I should"

"I want to feel you touch me daddy, please will you
touch me" I begged him

"Oh Allison, I would love to but it is so wrong and I
could get into so much trouble"

"I won’t say anything dad, please I want you to touch
me please"

I moved quickly to where he was standing and kissed him
hard on the lips. I took his hands and placed them on
my puffy little tits. I left his hands on my chest and
moved my hands down to his hardening cock. I could feel
it growing in his pants as he stood with his hands on
my tits. Ever so slowly his hands began to move around
my chest. I felt him pulling and pinching my nipples
with his fingers.

"Oh Allison, this is so wrong baby" he whispered to me

"No it’s not daddy, I love you and I want you this way"

"If this is what you want then that’s what you will
get. OOOHHHH Allison just keep rubbing me"

I smiled up at daddy knowing that I was going to have
his cock in me very soon. I saw an old couch against
the far wall telling daddy that we should move over
there. I picked up my clothes taking them with us in
case I needed to get dressed fast. I sat on the couch
with daddy standing in front of me. I slowly reached up
pulling the zipper down on his jeans. I reached inside
of his pants and briefs grasping his hard cock. I
pulled it free of his pants and found myself looking at
my first adult sized cock. Dad’s cock was huge, it had
to be 8 inches long and so big around that my fingers
couldn’t go all the way around it. I pulled daddy
closer to me by his dick and licked his spongy cock
head. I could see a large drop of his precum on the tip
of it and I quickly licked it off. I heard my dad sigh
loudly as my tongue ran across the tip of his cock.

I opened my mouth wide and lowered it over his cock. I
closed my lips around his hardness moving my head
slowly down his shaft. I could only get a few inches of
his cock in my mouth but I tried to make it feel as
good as possible. I twisted my tongue all around his
shaft as I bobbed my head up and down on his massive
tool. I reached down with my hand to take his hairy nut
sack in my palm so I could massage his balls.

"OHHHHH Allison, OHHHHH my God, where did you ever
learn to do this" he groaned

I tried to push more of his cock in my mouth but soon
gagged when it hit the entrance to my throat. I quickly
moved his dick back a little and licked all around his
cock head again. Dad was leaking his precum out in a
steady stream as I lapped the sweet juice off the tip
of his penis.

"AAHHHHHH Allison I don’t think I can last to long"
daddy groaned

I sucked harder on his cock to let him know that I
wanted him to cum in my mouth. I pulled his cock from
my mouth so I could lick and suck on his large nut
sack. I took each of his balls in my mouth and tongue
washed them gently. I ran my tongue all over his hairy
sack and into his ass crack. I heard him gasp and hold
his breath as my tongue went up to his brown ass hole.
I flicked the tip of my tongue across his puckered hole
before moving back down to his cock. I pushed his cock
into my mouth just as he grunted loudly.

God I’m cumming" she yelled.

I felt the first powerful blast of his hot cum hitting
the roof of my mouth. I swallowed quickly tasting his
hot sticky cum for the first time. It was a lot
stronger tasting than Bobby’s but still very good. The
first blast was followed by 5 more strong ropes of cum
being squirted in my mouth. I gulped down every drop
that daddy gave me. When his cock stopped squirting I
licked the tip softly. It was still oozing cum out but
now it was just running out in a little stream. I
sucked him until there was no more cum coming out of
him. I then concentrated on getting his cock nice and
clean. When the job was done I sat back on the couch
smiling up at my dad.

"Wow Allison, that was absolutely fantastic" he praised

"Can you put it in me daddy, I want you to so bad"

"Give me a few minutes then I will. Let me taste you
now honey"

I lay down on the couch with my legs spread wide as dad
got between my legs. He looked at my little hairless 10
year old pussy like he never seen a cunt before. I
heard him mutter to himself that it was beautiful just
like he dreamed it would be. I jumped when his tongue
ran through my wet slit. I grabbed his hair pulling his
face tight to my pussy. He sucked my clit into his
mouth and played with it using his lips and teeth. I
felt my p*****n juices running out of my cunt hole. His
tongue moved down to my hole lapping up all the sweet
juices that were oozing out. He used his hands to
spread my pussy apart so he could slide his tongue deep
into me. I felt his hot tongue working its way into my

"Oh daddy, OHHHHH lick me dad, lick my little cunt" I
cried as he lapped at my p*****n pussy.

I could feel him wiggling his tongue deep inside of me
as I bucked my hips up to his face. He pulled his
tongue from my cunt hole and replaced it with one of
his thick fingers. He slowly inserted it until it was
all the way inside. He began to pump it in and out of
keeping a slow and steady pace. My hips began to move a
small circular motion as his finger plowed deeply into
my 10 year old pussy.

"OHHH, OOHHHHHH yeah daddy, it feels so good"

"I want to feel you inside of me daddy, put your dick
in me please" I pleaded with him.

"I don’t know Allison I think I’m to big for you"

"Please dad, I want to try it. OOHHHH I need it in me
daddy please" I begged

"Okay, let me lie on the couch and you can sit on it
and control how far you want it in"

"Okay, but can we do it now"

Dad got up from between my legs letting me get off the
couch. We switched position and soon he was lying on
his back with his massive cock sticking straight up in
the air. I climbed on top of him straddling his
stomach. He told me to lift myself up so that his cock
was at the entrance to my vagina then I could lower
myself down as fast and as far down as I wanted. I
smiled at him thanking him for doing this with me. I
told him that I had dreamt of this for a long time.

Actually it has only been a couple of days but he
didn’t need to know that. I rose up moving over his
huge cock. I reached down taking his cock in my hand
rubbing it along my slit. I put his large spongy head
at my pussy hole and began to push down. At first I
didn’t think it would go in but soon I felt my pussy
stretching wide as his cock head eased into my wet hot

"AAAHHHHHHHH daddy yeah, OOHHHHHHH so big, so good" I
sighed loudly.

His cock felt so good nestled just inside of my cunt
hole. I let another inch slide into me as my legs began
to quiver from the feeling of being so stuffed with
cock. Daddy reached up tweaking and pinching my puffy
nipples. I felt my pussy oozing its juice out around
daddy’s cock head as he played with my tits. I pushed
down sliding another inch into me. My legs were really
shaking now from the strain of holding myself up plus
the feelings that were rushing through me. I quickly
let two more inches slip inside. It felt like I was
being split in two but without pain. The feeling was
incredible. I let myself down farther on his cock
leaving only about an inch outside.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH Oh daddy, I love you, OHHHHHHH I love
you, OOHHHHH, AAAAAWWWWWW I’m cumming daddy, I’m
cumming" I yelled at him

fell the rest of the way down burying all 8 inches of
his hard cock in my 10 year old cunt.

I was screaming loudly as my body jerked and twisted on
his cock. I felt the head pop into something when I
shoved the last inch of his cock in me. It was
stretching me something terrible but it felt so good
that I didn’t care.

"OOHHHHH daddy, OOHHHHH geez, OOHHH daddy" I cried as I
bounced up and down on his cock.

"AAAHHHHHHH Oh my God, I’m cumming again, OOHHHHHH
daddy I’m cumming" I shrieked as a second powerful
orgasm smashed into me.

Daddy grabbed my hips and began to move me up and down
his hard cock. He was grunting loudly as I rode his
pole. He raised me so just the tip was left inside then
he would let me drop all the way back down.

"UUUNNNNNGGGGHHHH, Here it comes Allison, OHHHHHH I’m
cumming in your p*****n cunt" he said loudly

I felt the first blast shoot deep into my cunt followed
by 5 more strong shots of his hot sticky cum. He held
his cock deep in my cunt as he emptied his nut sack of
his load. I laid my head down on his shoulder savoring
the feeling of his cock still buried deep in me. He
lifted my face kissing me softly on the lips.

"Allie, you know that we can never tell anyone of this
don’t you?"

"I know that daddy, as long as we can do it again

"Allison, where did you learn to do all this" he asked

"Not now daddy, someday I will tell you I promise" I
said as I kissed him hard again.

"We better get dressed and get out of here, Aunt Beth
will begin to wonder about us" he said

We dressed quickly and left the storage room. Aunt Beth
was helping another customer and didn’t see us leave.
Daddy and I went to the food court and had a big lunch.
We talked about a lot of things but didn’t mention what
we just did. After lunch I held daddy’s hand as we
walked around the mall. I suggested we go see a movie
since we were here already. He said that sounded like a
good idea. We headed for the theatre to watch a movie,
but I really wanted to give Bobby some more time to do
what he was planning on doing.

After the movie, dad and I headed home. We walked into
the kitchen, mom was whistling softly while she
prepared supper. Dad told her that her relaxing
afternoon must have done her a lot of good because she
looked like she was glowing. Mom giggled and said that
she had an excellent afternoon. She wanted to know what
we did all day. I told her that we shopped, ate lunch
and then went to a movie. She told me to go wash up
because dinner would be ready soon.

I went to find Bobby. I found him in his room on the
computer. I shut the door then sat on his bed.

"Well, did you do it with mom?" I asked him bluntly

"How about you and dad, did you guys do it?"

"Okay, I’ll go first" I told him

"Yep, I got dad to put his cock in me. Oh Bobby it was
so good. He is huge." I said to my b*****r.

"What all did you do to each other" he wanted to know

"I sucked him until he filled my mouth with his hot
cum, it was a little stronger tasting than yours but
still good. He licked my pussy and then I put him in my
pussy and bounced up and down on it. It made me feel so
good I wanted to cry"

"Sounds like you two had fun" he said laughing.

"Yeah we did, how about you? Did you have fun too?"

Just them mom called for us to come to dinner. He told
me that he would tell me about it after supper. We went
to the table sitting in our usual spots. Mom and dad
said that they were going out after dinner for a little
while and that we both had kitchen duty which meant
cleaning up after dinner. We told them that we would
take care of it and to have a good time. They left as
soon as they were done eating. When they were gone, I
turned to Bobby and told him to tell me what happened
between him and mom this afternoon. He told me that we
should get the kitchen cleaned up first then go to his
room and he would tell me all about it. We quickly
washed and dried the dishes then headed for his
bedroom. He shut the door when we entered his room and
we both sat on the bed facing each other.

He told me that it started as soon as dad and I left
for the mall. He said that mom came into his room
telling him that she was going to take a long hot bath
to relax and to take any phone messages there were.

Bobby said he suggested a nice bubble bath with some
scented oil. He told me that mom laughed but told him
that it was a good idea. He said he sat in his room
while he listened to her run the bath and then close
the bathroom door. Bobby told me that he waited about
15 minutes then went to get some herbal tea. He took a
cup to the bathroom knocking on the door. When mom
answered Bobby asked if he could come in. She said no
because she was still in the bath. Bobby said he asked
her if she was covered with bubbles and she said she
was so he walked into the bathroom. He told me that he
saw mom lying in the tub with bubbles up to her neck.
He told her that he had made her some herbal tea to
help her relax.

"Did you see her boobs" I asked

"Nah, she was covered all the way to her chin with

"What happened next?"

"She told me that I had better leave the bathroom so I
did. But I turned at the door just as she was sitting
up to sip the tea. I got a perfect view of her
beautiful tits. I uttered an apology telling her that I
had a surprise for her when she got out." Bobby related
to me.

He told me that he had gone into mom and dads bedroom
and lit some candles. Bobby said that when he finally
heard the bathroom door open he went out in the hallway
and told mom to go into her room. She was dressed in
just a robe and had her hair up he told me. When she
walked into the room she saw the candles and the lotion
on the bed she wanted to know what was going on, Bobby
said to me. He said that he explained that he was going
to give her a back massage to really help her relax
today. He told me that mom wasn’t to keen on the idea
at first but when she saw him look dejected she told
him that he could do it.

"Wow that was a great plan Bobby. Did she take off her
robe then?" I wanted to know

"Heck no, I had her lie on the back and I started to
work on her shoulders. I asked her if she could lower
her robe off her shoulders for me. She told me to turn
around and when I turned back she had taken her arms
out of the robe and pulled the back down almost halfway
down her back"

"Did you get to see her tits" I asked

"No just the sides of them. I began to rub her
shoulders again. Soon I could hear her sigh every so
often as I rubbed her shoulders and back. I moved my
hands down her back then up her sides every once in a
while getting to touch the sides of her breasts." He
told me

"What did they feel like Bobby, like mine?" I wondered

"Maybe a little like yours but hers are bigger and

"While I was massaging her back I noticed that she had
opened her legs slightly as she relaxed. I moved my
hand to her back rubbing farther down pushing the robe
down as I went. She didn’t stop me so I pushed it down
until it was at the top of her butt" he said to me.

Bobby told me that mom told him that he was doing a
great job. He said that he asked mom if she wanted him
to keep going and she told him to keep up the good
work. My b*****r explained that he kept rubbing her
back and sides touching the sides of her tits more
often. He said she started to moan a little and lifted
herself up on her forearms so he could rub more of her

"Really, she wanted you to touch her more"

"When she raised herself up like that my hand went to
the front of her tit and I pulled and twisted her
nipple like I do to yours. She groaned out loud and
turned over on her back letting me see her chest for
the first time." He said

"That’s too cool, what did you do next" I wanted to

"I just stared at them, they were the first big tits I
had ever seen. Allison, they were so beautiful. They
stood up firmly and were topped with a hard nipple. I
wish you could see them." He said to me.

"What did mom say to you?"

"She said that it was wrong and we should stop but I
reached down and played with both of her nipples making
her groan out loud. She must have forgotten to tell me
to stop again because she pushed one of my hands down
to her pussy." He told me

"I guess you knew then that you would be putting your
dick in mom huh" I asked

"Yeah, when my hand touched her pussy that was a good
indicator" Bobby laughed out loud

"Guess what, you will never guess" he said

"What? I don’t have a clue" I said to him

"She shaves her pussy, it’s as bald as yours"

"No way" I shrieked as the image of a hairless adult
pussy popped into my head.

"Yep, bald as yours"

"Wow, that is so cool, what’s it look like"

"She has lips on hers, yours haven’t formed yet" he
told me.

"Go back to telling me what happened, I want to know
everything" I told him.

"Well, I had one hand on her tit and the other was
playing with her pussy and it got real wet. I heard mom
telling me to keep going so I put my mouth over her tit
sucking at her tit and licking her nipple. Mom groaned
out telling me to bite her tit so I did and she moaned
louder telling me to bite harder. I thought I was going
to hurt her Allison, I really did, and I bit harder
leaving teeth marks around her nipple" he told me

"Wow, that is wild" I told my b*****r.

"She asked me to stand up so she could take off my
clothes. I tell you Allison, my legs were shaking when
I stood up. She said that this is between us and nobody
could ever know. Of course I told her that I wouldn’t
ever say a word to anyone. She pulled my shirt off
running her hands down my chest and pinching my
nipples. I thought my cock would bust out of my pants I
was so excited" he said to me.

"I wish I would have been there, I would love to see
mom naked" I said to my b*****r.

"Let me get back to telling you what happened. Anyway,
mom sat up and put her mouth on my nipple. She sucked
and nipped at it just enough to make it hurt a little
but it still made me even harder. She pulled my shorts
down to my ankles leaving me in my briefs. She kissed
her way down to the bulge that was in my underwear. She
put her mouth right over my covered cock and sucked at
it. I thought I would blast my cum right then and there
but I concentrated hard not to do that. She hooked her
fingers in the waistband of my briefs tugging them down
to the floor. She then took my bare cock in her mouth
pushing it all the way into her mouth. Allison, it was
so moist and hot I couldn’t hold back any longer and I
blasted my cum into her mouth. She never stopped
sucking my cock as she swallowed all the hot cum I gave
to her. I must have blasted at least 7 strong shots
into her mouth and she swallowed every drop of it."
Bobby told me as I stared at him with my mouth hanging

"I don’t’ know about you but I’m getting so hot
listening to you that my pussy is soaking wet" I told

"I’ll take care of that problem when I’m done telling
you what mom and I did this afternoon." He promised

"As I was saying, mom gulped down every bit of my hot
sticky cum. I told her that I was sorry that I didn’t
last longer but she told me that I would get hard again
soon. She laid back down on the bed with her legs
spread wide apart telling me to lick her pussy. I
started to climb between her legs but she stopped me
telling me to turn around so she could suck me again
while I licked her. As soon as I got into position she
sucked my soft cock into her mouth. I began to lick her
wet slit pushing my tongue into her hot hole. It didn’t
take her long before she was pushing her pussy into my
face trying to get more of my tongue into her hole. You
won’t believe what happened next Allison" he told me

"What, did she cum?" I asked

"Heck yeah, she grabbed my head yelling that she was
cumming and then her juiced squirted out of her cunt.
At first I thought she was peeing but it tasted almost
like you do when you cum. She actually squirted a
stream of cum, I was unbelievable. I held my mouth open
and let it stream in. After 3 big squirts I moved my
mouth back to her cunt and began to suck hard on her
cunt hole. She had another orgasm when I shoved my
tongue deep into her cunt. It was awesome" Bobby said
to me as he continued telling me the story.

"Mom told me that she wanted to feel my dick inside of
her. I was rock hard again from her sucking on me so I
knew that I could do it to her. I crawled between her
legs but she got up on her hands and knees telling me
that she likes it doggie style. I couldn’t believe that
I was staring at mom’s perfect looking ass. I could see
her bald cunt and her tight puckered ass hole. I asked
her if I could give her pussy a couple of licks and she
giggled that it would be perfectly fine with her. I’ll
tell you Allison, I didn’t want to lick her pussy, I
wanted to taste her ass" He confessed to me.

"I bent down running my tongue up and down her wet cunt
slit. When I was licking back up, I kept going until I
licked her right on her brown ass hole. She squirmed
her ass against my face as my tongue licked her tight
hole. She was panting telling me to rim her good. I
licked all around her rosebud getting it nice and wet
so I could push my tongue inside. Mom moaned loudly as
the tip of my tongue wiggled into her ass hole. She
told me that she wanted my dick in her right now so I
pulled my tongue from her ass and ran my cock along her
cunt crack getting it wet with her juice. I slowly
pushed inside of her hot cunt as she sighed out loud."
He told me.

"How was it Bobby, as good as you thought it would be"
I asked him

"Mom isn’t as tight as you are but she felt so warm and
wet. I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing my cock as
I pushed it deep into her. She tightened and loosened
her cunt muscles so it felt like her pussy was milking
my cock like you would a cow. It was awesome. I began
pumping my cock in and out of her cunt as she reached
down and rubbed her clit. I sucked on one of my fingers
getting it wet then pushed it into her puckered ass
hole. She cried out in joy when she felt my finger
sliding into her hot ass canal. He hips began to slam
back against me as she started to whimper that she was
going to cum soon. Suddenly she let out a scream that I
thought would make the neighbors run over and then I
felt her juice squirting out around my cock. She
squirted enough cum to soak my entire crotch with her
slimy juice. My finger kept working in her ass as I
slammed my cock into her convulsing pussy. I gave a
loud grunt as I began to pump my hot cum deep into her
cunt. I filled her full of my sticky cum as I slowly
withdrew my finger from her ass. Mom and I both
collapsed on the bed" he said as he finished his story.

"Oh God Bobby, I’m so hot after listening to that, I
need to cum" I told him.

I quickly got undressed as he did the same thing. When
we were both naked, Bobby pushed me down on the bed and
rammed his hard cock into my 10 year old pussy. I was
so excited that he slid all the way in with no problem.
He was like a jackrabbit, taking quick short strokes in
me. It wasn’t long before we both were screaming out
our orgasms. After we finished we took a shower and
waited for mom and dad to come home. I told Bobby all
about what dad and I did in the store room of Harper’s
Department store. Bobby thought that was really hot and

"I would like to see you do it with mom sometime" I
told him

"Well, I’d like to see you and dad go at it" he said

"Allison, would you lick mom if she would let you" he

"Sure, I’d like to taste her pussy juice to see if it
tastes like Sally’s" I said

"You know, you saw me do it with another girl but I
never saw you suck a cock" I told him.

"Would you suck dad if I asked him to let you" I added

"God, I don’t know, I never thought about it before. I
guess so, why not" he said.

"I bet if we came up with a plan we could get them to
mess around with us at the same time. Can you imagine
all four of us naked on the bed together" I said

"That would be hot" Bobby said

I told him that I would think of a plan and let him
know when it was ready. He said that he couldn’t wait.
I told him that it would be a day to remember and it
would happen soon if I had my way.

Mom and dad walked in the door about 20 minutes later.
We had supper and then watched a movie on television.
When the movie was over I told everyone that I was
going to bed. I said I had to make some plans for the
coming week. Dad looked at me with a smile as I smiled
back and I saw mom smiling at Bobby. I knew that I
could come up with a plan if I just tried hard enough.


It’s been a week since I let daddy put his dick in my
10 year old pussy. That was the same day that my
b*****r Bobby put his 12 year old cock in mom. The plan
that we thought up worked perfectly to get them to do
it with us. I just hope that our new plan will work as
well. Bobby and I have been thinking of ways to get mom
and dad to mess around with us together. We want all
four of us in the same bed. We have gone through at
least a dozen different ideas before Bobby came up with
a really simple one. He said that we should both walk
naked into a room that they are both in and just tell
them. I was worried about what would happen if they
started yelling and refused. Bobby said that they can’t
very well refuse because they’ve messed around with us
alone so they shouldn’t have a problem doing it

"Okay Bobby, when do you think we should do this" I

"I wish I knew Allison, but I’m like you, I’m nervous
as heck about it"

So now we had a plan, we just had to wait until the
right opportunity to arise. Dad told us that we were
going out to dinner on Saturday for their anniversary.
He said that even though it’s their anniversary that we
were being included because they wanted to celebrate as
a f****y. I looked at Bobby and winked letting him know
that this may be our chance. The week dragged by for us
as we waited for Saturday to arrive.

Saturday finally came arriving as a glorious sunny warm
day. Bobby and dad did yard work while mom and I did
some house cleaning during the day. About 4 in the
afternoon mom said that we should all get cleaned up to
be at the restaurant in time for our reservation. We
took turns using the two bathrooms to get ready. Mom
and I both wore short sun dresses which showed our
legs. Mom’s was cut a low so her cleavage was showing,
but I didn’t have anything but some puffy tits so I had
nothing to show off. I didn’t ever were a bra. Mom told
me that she was going to get me one soon. Dad and Bobby
dressed in slacks and polo shirts. We all climbed into
the car heading for the restaurant.

We had a great time at dinner. Mom and dad included us
in the conversation so it was real nice. We all had
steak then dessert. After dad paid the bill we headed
home to give mom and dad our gifts. We walked into the
house and Bobby and I ran to our rooms to get our
gifts. We met mom and dad in the living room. Dad gave
mom her gifts first. She opened the boxes oohhhing and
ahhhing over the clothes that he had bought. He told
her that I had helped him pick them out. Mom thanked
him then thanked me for helping him. Mom gave dad her
gift of some new golf clubs. He picked one up taking
some practice swings with it. Bobby told dad to sit
down so we could give them our gifts. I gave dad some
golf balls with his initial on them and I gave mom a
necklace with Bobby’s and my birthstones on it. Bobby
gave dad a golf bag and mom a bracelet that matches the
necklace that I gave her. They hugged us both thanking
us for our gifts.

"Wait here, we have one more that’s for both of you" I
blurted out

Bobby looked at me like I was crazy. I told him to come
with me so we could get it. He followed me out of the
room asking me softly what the other gift was. He
followed me into my bedroom still asking me what I was
doing. I told him to take off his clothes as I was
already shedding mine. He stood there looking at me as
I removed all my clothes. I told him that this was
perfect for us. We both walk in naked and they have to
mess around with us, how could they refuse.

"Oh Allison, I don’t know about this"

"Come on Bobby, don’t chicken out now" I told him.

"Okay, but I sure hope this works" he said as he

We walked back to the living room naked as the day we
were born. Just before we turned the corner I took
Bobby’s hand in mine and pulled him through the
entrance to the room.

"What the hell are you two doing" Dad yelled

"Get some clothes on this instant" mom screamed

"Mom, Dad, wait a minute. Bobby and I just want to be
with both of you. Dad and I have been together and so
have you and Bobby." I told mom

"We just want to have fun as a f****y, all together"
Bobby said

Mom and dad looked at each other trying to work through
the idea that now it was out in the open that they each
had one of their c***dren. Mom was the first to ask
when and how he did it. He told her quickly about our
time together, then asked her to tell him about her and
Bobby. She gave him a shortened version of her relaxing
day at home. Bobby and I were frozen in our spot
waiting to see what happened next. Suddenly the both
started to laugh out loud calling us to come over to
them. I ran into Mom’s arms and dad hugged Bobby. Dad
suggested that we go to their bedroom so we could use
the king size bed. I walked with mom and Bobby with
dad. I heard dad telling Bobby that his cock was a nice
size for a boy his age. Bobby told him that he hopes he
gets as bigger soon. Mom told me that my tits were
growing nicely but I told her that they were growing to
slow. She said maybe all I needed was to have them
sucked on more often. I giggled at that comment as we
entered the bedroom.

"Okay then, since this was your idea, you tell us what
you want" dad told Bobby and me.

"Anything that you want to learn or try you let us
know" mom said to us.

I told them that they should at least be naked like us.
They began to undress as Bobby and I watched in
amazement. We couldn’t believe that it was so easy to
get them to mess around with us. When they were naked I
said they should sit on the bed while Bobby and I
talked about what we wanted to do. Bobby and I
whispered back and forth for a few minutes and then
turned towards mom and dad.

"Well, what did you decide" dad asked

"I think that it’s only fair that since Bobby saw me
lick Sally then I should get to see him lick you dad" I
told him.

"Now that is something I didn’t expect to hear" he

"Are you willing to do this Bobby" he asked

"I guess so, it’s only fair. You just have to tell me
how to do it" Bobby told dad

"It’s easy, I’ve done it a few time. You just do what
feels good on you"

"You mean you sucked other guys before" Bobby said in

"Sure, it’s no big deal. If it feels good the do it.
That’s my motto"

"We have a very open relationship" mom told us.

"We play with other people sometimes" she added

"Tell you what son, I suck you first then you can suck
me, how does that sound" Dad told Bobby

"Ah okay, I guess" Bobby said in a shaky voice.

"Don’t worry, I guarantee that it will feel good" Dad

Mom and I watched as dad got on his knees in front of
Bobby’s naked 12 year old body. He reached out taking
his son’s hard cock in his hands running it up and down
the shaft. Bobby moaned loudly as dad pumped his cock
in his hand.

"Oh dad, Ohhh that feels good like that" Bobby moaned

"Then you will really like this" dad said as he pushed
Bobby’s stiff cock in his mouth

"AAAHHHHHH geez, OOHHHHHHH" Bobby sighed with a big
smile on his face.

Mom and I watched as dad ran his tongue all over
Bobby’s cock as he sucked on it gently. He reached down
taking Bobby’s nuts in his hand and rubbed them softly
in his palm. Bobby took dad’s hair in his hands and
pumped his hips into dad’s face. Dad pulled the cock
out of his mouth telling Bobby that it was his turn
now. Dad sat back on the bed spreading his legs apart
showing his rock hard cock and hairy balls to Bobby,
mom and me. Mom told Bobby to get between his legs and
lick his hard shaft.

Bobby dropped to his knees between dads spread legs. He
slowly reached out wrapping his hand around dad’s stiff
8 inch cock. I happened to notice that Bobby’s own cock
twitched when he touched dads. There was a large drop
of precum on dad’s cock head which Bobby ran his finger
through getting the shaft wet with it. Soon another
drop appeared and mom told him to lick it off. Bobby
bent his head down licking the drop off dad’s large
cock head. Mom and I watched as Bobby’s tongue went
back to his mouth and he tasted dad’s slimy precum for
the very first time.
He must have liked it because he quickly pushed the
head of dad’s cock into his p*****n mouth.

"That’s the way Bobby, AAAAAHHHHHH yeah son, you’re
doing just fine" dad sighed

Bobby pushed his face down on dad’s hard cock letting
more of the hard shaft to slip into his mouth. Mom and
I heard him gag as dad’s stiff cock hit the back of his
throat. Mom moved over to Bobby so she could speak
softly to him.

"Relax your throat and breathe through your nose. Get
your fathers cock real wet and slowly let it go into
your throat. He will love it and so will you" mom
instructed Bobby.

I watched in awe as Bobby slobbered his saliva all over
dad’s cock then took a deep breath and slowly moved his
mouth down dad’s cock shaft. He paused slightly as
Dad’s cock head found the back of his throat. I could
see his throat begin to bulge out as dad’s hard cock
worked its way into Bobby’s p*****n throat.

Slowly dad’s cock eased down Bobby’s throat until
Bobby’s nose was buried in dad’s pubic hair. He twisted
his face on dad’s cock as he held dad deep in his
throat. Bobby slowly moved his face back as mom and I
watched in fascination as 8 inches of hard cock meat
came out.

"That was fantastic son, do it again would you?" Dad
asked him.

"Do it again Bobby, your father loves to cum when he is
buried in my throat" mom told him.

"Is that okay son, can I cum in your mouth" he asked

Bobby just nodded his head as he kept sucking dad’s
massive penis. He slowly moved his mouth down letting
dad slip back into his throat. Mom told me to watch
when dad shoots his cum because Bobby’s throat will be
rippling trying to swallow it all which will cause his
throat muscles to milk dad’s cock even more. It wasn’t
long before dad began to moan out loudly.

"OHHHH keep me in your throat son, OOHHHH I’m cumming,
OOHHHH I’m cumming" he shouted

Mom and I watched as Bobby’s adams apple began to move
up and down. We could tell he was gulping down a huge
load of cum. Dad had grabbed his hair and was holding
his face tight against his crotch. Bobby slowly slid
his mouth back up dad’s spurting cock and just held the
head of it in his mouth. We could still see him
swallowing dads cum but not quite as fast as before.
Dad was pushing his cock in and out of Bobby’s mouth
now as he slowed down to just a dribble coming out of
his dick. Bobby licked dad’s cock clean of all the cum
then sat back up looking at mom and me.

"Wow Bobby, that was way cool" I told him.

"Yeah, I liked it a lot and will do that again" he

"I thought it would taste yucky but other than a little
salty and sticky it was okay" he told me.

"I figured you would like it, I do" I said.

"Bobby, I need to you to put your dick in me" mom said
urgently "and I want you to sit on my face Allison"

Dad moved to a chair that he pulled next to the bed to
watch. I crawled up over mom’s face lowering my wet
pussy to her lips. I was facing towards her feet so I
could watch Bobby sliding his cock up and down mom’s
clean shaven wet cunt slit. I felt mom’s tongue working
its way deep into my p*****n pussy. She moaned loudly
in my cunt as Bobby slid his cock into her hot pussy. I
glanced over at dad seeing that his cock was getting
hard again as he stroked it himself.

"Mmmmpppfffff" mom grunted as Bobby’s cock slid in and
out of her cunt.

I ground my pussy on mom’s face forcing more of her
tongue to go into my 10 year old pussy. Bobby reached
out with his hands and began to pinch and twist my
little puffy nipples as he slammed his cock into mom.
Bobby’s hips were humping mom fast as he massaged my

"OOHHH mom I can’t hold off much longer" he told her

"OOHHH I’m sorry, I’m cumming already, OOHHHHHH,
OOOHHHH I’m cumming" he yelled

Bobby shoved his cock hard into mom’s cunt and held it
deep inside as he emptied his balls of their hot sticky
cum. He began to pump in and out again as he spurted
his hot slimy cum. Mom was moaning into my pussy as
hers filled with Bobby’s seed. When he finished up,
Bobby let his limp cock slip out of mom‘s cunt. I
looked down and saw a small string of cum at mom’s cunt
hole. After Bobby moved out of the way, I bent down and
ran my tongue through mom’s sticky slit tasting a
combination of bobby’s sperm and mom’s juices. I buried
my face into mom’s gooey snatch and licked all the
sticky cum from Bobby that I could reach with my
tongue. I pushed my tongue deep into mom’s cunt as she
licked my tight pussy hole too. Bobby moved a chair
next to dad and they began to stroke each others stiff

Mom wrapped her legs around my head holding my face
tight against her cunt. She was humping her pussy to my
face as I could feel more and more of her pussy juice
flowing into my mouth.

I heard her moan loudly into my cunt as her pussy
convulsed around my tongue. He pussy muscles pulled at
my tongue as she shuddered through her orgasm. Mom
locked her lips on my clit as she shrieked out. The
vibrations set my pussy off and I poured my p*****n
cunt juice into her sucking mouth. We both shook and
shuddered as we kept sucking at each others cunts.
Finally we rolled apart and I moved up so I could lie
next to mom. She turned her head kissing me deeply with
her tongue. As we sucked on each others tongues I heard
dad ask me if I was ready to help him.

"What are you going to do daddy" I asked him.

"I would really like to put my dick in your butt
Allison" he told me.

"I’ve done that before but not with someone as big as
you, will you stop if it hurts"

"You know I would, I sure don’t want to hurt you honey"

"Okay daddy, you can fuck me in the ass if that’s what
you really want to do"

He told me to get on my hands and knees with my ass by
the edge of the bed. He got behind me and I could feel
his hands on my butt cheeks as he massaged my ass. Dad
bent his head down running his tongue along my ass
crack. I felt his rough tongue licking me from my butt
hole all the way to my clit and back again. He wiggled
it against my p*****n pussy hole getting it coated with
my juice then pushed against my puckered brown hole.
Soon it was slippery enough to work his tongue inside
my tight hole. I sighed in pleasure as his tongue
worked its way into my ass.

"Oh daddy, OOHHHHH daddy, push it in farther,

Dad spread my ass cheeks with his big hands and rammed
his tongue hard into my 10 year old ass. I pushed my
ass back on his face as he rimmed my p*****n ass. Mom
went over to the night stand taking out the KY jelly.
She coated dad’s cock with a good amount of the lube.
He pulled his mouth from my ass so mom could work some
of it inside of me. I groaned out as she pushed her
finger deep into my ass. She was soon working two of
her fingers in and out of my hole. She turned to dad
telling him that I was ready.

I took a deep breath waiting for daddy to begin to push
his huge 8 inch cock into my p*****n ass. I was
quivering a little in anticipation as he got himself
into position. Suddenly I felt the tip of his big cock
at the entrance to my rear hole. I could feel the
pressure on it as he slowly pushed against my opening.
I squirmed from the pressure as he took hold of my hips
and really began to push hard.

"UUUGGGGHHHHH, OOHHHHHH my God it’s in" I cried out in
surprise when the head popped into me.

Dad held still while I grew accustomed to his size. It
felt like I had a telephone pole in my butt. I told him
that I didn’t know if I could do this. He told me that
he had an idea that would help. I grunted when he
pulled his large cock head out of my ass. Daddy laid
down on his back and told me to get on top so I could
control the speed and depth. I quickly moved over his
cock as he held it up straight. I lowered myself until
I felt his cock head pop back inside. I held myself
steady with just the head of his dick in me. I looked
at daddy and saw that he was concentrating hard not to
shot his cum yet. He told me that I was so hot and
tight back there.

I leaned forward kissing him gently on his lips as my
ass got use to his cock head. I sat back up and lowered
my body down so another inch of his hard meat slid into
my backside. I sighed heavily as his cock pushed into
my bowels.

"Oh daddy, it’s so big but it feels so good" I moaned
to him

"Take some more of it honey, OHHHH yeah, slide down my
cock" he groaned as another inch went in.

I had about three of his eight inches in my ass when my
pussy started to contract. I knew that I was on the
verge of feeling really good. I pulled his cock out
about two inches and then pushed those two back inside
again. I kept doing that feeling better each time I did

"OOHHHH daddy, OHHHHHH yeah, I’m cumming soon daddy."

My legs began to shake as my body shuddered from the
beginning of my orgasm. I felt the muscles in my pussy
begin to contract and my cunt released its load of
juice. I saw stars flashing before my eyes as my orgasm
slammed into me.

shook all over.

My legs gave out and I fell the rest of the way down
allowing the remaining 5 inches of hard cock to slide
into my ass. Fireworks blasted in my brain as I flopped
around on daddy’s cock. I was bouncing up and down
pulling all but the head of his cock out then falling
all the way down on it driving him deep into my rectum.

"I….I....I….I’m cum….cum….cumming again. OHHHHH, I….I’m

Everything went black as I fell forward on top of
daddy. When I awoke mom had a damp washcloth on my
forehead and I saw the concerned look on mom and dads
face. Bobby looked worried too as I smiled weakly. I
assured them that I was fine that I just felt so very
good that I must have passed out. I apologized for
worrying them but told them that it did feel great.

"Did it really feel that good that you passed out
Allison" Bobby wanted to know

"Oh Bobby it was the best, I thought I was going to die
and didn’t even care."

"Dad, you didn’t feel good yet have you?" Bobby wanted
to know

"Don’t worry about me son, I will be fine"

"Can you put it in my butt so I can feel what Allison
felt" Bobby asked dad.

"Wow Bobby, you really want dad to put it in your butt"
I asked him

"Did it hurt much" he asked me

"Not at all, it was wonderful"

"Then I want to see what it’s like" he said

Dad told Bobby to kneel on the bed so that his butt was
facing him. Mom told daddy that she would do the prep
work as she began to lick Bobby’s puckered hole. Daddy
and I watched as moms tongue worked around the tight
hole getting it soaking wet with her saliva. She
wiggled the tip against the hole and I saw that it
slowly opened up allowing her tongue to slide into it.
She spread his ass cheeks apart allowing more of her
tongue to slide inside. Bobby was moaning and pushing
his hips back to moms face.

"Oh geez mom, Oh wiggle your tongue some more.
AAAAAAAHHHHHH" Bobby sighed loudly

Mom slowly worked her tongue all the way into Bobby’s
12 year old ass. She began a steady rhythm and was soon
tongue fucking him with long strokes of her tongue.
Bobby’s cock was hard and dripping precum onto the bed.
I reached over stroking his cock smearing the precum
all over it.

"I think he is ready honey" mom told dad

She reached for the KY jelly and greased his upturned
ass. She then lubed up dad’s huge cock. Dad moved
behind Bobby placing the head of his cock at the
entrance of Bobby’s ass. I moved in front of Bobby and
kissed him gently sliding my tongue into his mouth.
Bobby moaned into my mouth as dad pushed his hips
forward. Bobby pulled his mouth from mine and put his
face in the pillow letting out a loud groan. Dad asked
him if he wanted him to stop and Bobby shook his head
no. Dad spread Bobby’s ass cheeks with his hand and
shoved just the head of his cock into Bobby’s ass hole.

big" he cried

"I won’t move until you tell me to Bobby" dad told him

"Allison, get under him and suck his cock that will
help" mom told me.

I quickly got under Bobby and took his stiff cock in my
10 year old mouth sucking all the way into my mouth.
Poor Bobby was crying softly from having a massive cock
in his ass but then moaning in pleasure as my tongue
licked all over his stiff cock. It wasn’t long before
Bobby began to push his hips down making more of his
cock go into my mouth but when he pulled back up again
dad’s cock pushed further up his ass. I was positioned
so I could see dad’s cock sliding up Bobby’s ass while
I sucked on his cock.

"OOHHHHH it starting to feel good now, OOHHHHH Allison,
I can see why you liked it so much" he moaned to me.

"Gee, was my hole stretched wide open like that too" I
asked mom

"It sure was, it looked just like that" she said to me.

"Oh Dad, Oh move it more, AAAAAHHHHHHHHH" Bobby groaned
to dad

Dad pulled back slightly then pushed forward again. I
could see about two inches of hard cock slide into my
b*****rs p*****n ass hole. I reached up taking dad’s
hairy balls in my hand massaging them gently in my
hand. Bobby begged dad to push more in so dad grabbed
Bobby by the hips as he slowly pushed all 8 inches into
his tight brown puckered hole. Bobby sighed loudly as
dad held his massive cock unmoving deep inside of his

I could feel Bobby’s cock twitching in my mouth as
dad’s cock lay nestled inside its dark canal. Dad was
panting hard from the tight hot walls massaging his
cock and my hands fondling his balls.
Ever so slowly, dad began to move his cock in and out
of Bobby’s ass in short strokes.

Bobby moaned

"Yeah, Oh yeah dad push harder. OOOHHHHHH dad, OOHHHHHH

I sucked on his cock harder because I could feel it
pouring out more of his slimy precum. I knew it wasn’t
going to be long before he filled my mouth with his hot
sticky cum. My eyes were wide open watching dad’s huge
cock sliding in and out of Bobby’s ass as I sucked
lovingly on his cock.

"OOHHH Allison, I’m cumming, OOHHHHHHH suck it s*s,
OOHHHHHH here it cums" he shouted.

The first powerful blast of cum filled my mouth and I
swallowed quickly knowing that there was going to be a
lot more coming. Bobby shoved his cock deep in my mouth
as he shot 6 strong blasts of his cum into my mouth. I
gulped it down as fast as I could so I wouldn’t lose
any of it.
When Bobby’s cock stopped spewing out his cum I slowly
licked it clean of all the cum that was coating it. I
let his dick fall from my mouth then moved out from
under him so I could watch as dad really began to ream
his ass.

Dad had hold of Bobby by the hips pulling his cock just
about all the way out of his ass then slid it all the
way in again. As Bobby began to push his hips back, Dad
started to pump faster. Soon dad was fucking him hard
and fast.

"OOHHHHH dad, OOHHHHHH harder, come on dad harder"
Bobby cried.

Bobby was sobbing, not in pain but from pure pleasure.
Dad pounded his massive 8 inches in and out of Bobby’s
stretched out ass hole as Bobby begged for more.

"AAAAHHHHH, Oh dad I think I’m going to cum again" he
said loudly

I looked down at Bobby’s cock and saw that it was hard
and leaking precum again. Mom told me to stroke his
cock to help him cum. I reached my hand out taking his
hard cock in my hand. I started to pump my hand up and
down on his hard shaft.

"OOHHHHH dad, pound it hard in me. Allison, OOHHHH
Allison faster please rub faster" he begged us.

I’m cumming" Bobby screamed

I watched as he shot out a strong blast of cum onto the
sheets. I kept pumping my hand on his twitching dick as
he unloaded his balls. Bobby’s hips were humping back
to dad driving dad’s cock deeper inside of him.

"Oh Bobby, take my load son, OOHHHHHH take it deep in
your ass" dad shouted as he filled Bobby’s ass with his
hot load.

He held his cock deep in Bobby’s butt as his cock
poured out its hot sticky seed. Mom and I could see
some of his sperm leaking out of Bobby’s ass hole as
his bowels filled to the limit. Dad began to stroke his
cock in and out of Bobby’s sloppy hole getting the last
of his cum to empty into Bobby. Finally dad’s soft
dirty dick slipped from Bobby’s 12 year old butt hole
as a stream of cum followed it out.

"Let me change these dirty sheets, then I need some
attention" mom told us.

Dad and Bobby got up to take a shower while I helped
mom change the bedding. Mom and I were lying on the bed
playing with each other when dad and Bobby came back
into the room.

"What do you want us to do to you honey" dad asked mom.

"I think I want Allison to lick me until I’m ready to
get fucked by you, then Bobby can do my butt at the
same time" she told us smiling.

I quickly climbed on top of mom burying my face in her
clean shaven cunt. I ran my tongue through her slit
licking her wetness and spreading it to her clit. I
sucked her hard clit into my mouth gently nibbling on
it. I put my hands under mom’s legs lifting them up in
the air exposing her butt crack to me and my wandering
tongue. I licked her cunt slit from her clit all the
way down to her tight pussy hole. I moved my face and
tongue further down until I was in her butt crack. I
ran my tongue up to her tight rosebud licking all
around her puckered brown hole.

Bobby moved over to mom’s face and fed her his stiff
p*****n cock to suck on. Dad didn’t want to be left out
so he stood in front of Bobby so his cock was able to
slide into Bobby’s mouth. Bobby sucked on dad’s hard
cock while mom took care of his. I was rimming mom
getting her ready for Bobby’s dick. Dad told me to
grease her ass up and slide a finger or two inside to
get her really ready. I reached for the lube and
squirted a glob of it on my finger. I smeared it all
around her opening pushing my finger slowly inside of
her ass hole. Mom grunted as my finger slipped deeper
into her bowels.

Dad bent over whispering in my ear "I bet you can get
your whole hand in there if you tried"

"HUH, really" I said in surprise

He just nodded as I wiggled my finger in mom’s dark
hole. I pulled my finger out then slowly pushed two
fingers back into her. I felt her tense up for a few
seconds then relax and take both of my fingers deep in
her butt hole. She rotated her butt encouraging me to
do more. I pulled two fingers out and put three back at
the entrance. I twisted and turned my fingers while I
gently pushed forward. I watched as her hole slowly
opened up allowing my three fingers inside. I screwed
them into her pretty ass until they were buried all the
way in. I pumped them in and out in long strokes to
loosen her up even more. I then pulled them out and
stuck four fingers inside of her.

"UUUGGGHHHHH Allison, OHHHHHH I love it Allison, just
go slow please" she said to me

Slowly my four fingers worked their way up moms butt
hole. Dad and Bobby had stopped what they were doing
and stood behind me watching my four fingers working
their way in and out of mom’s ass hole.

"Go on Allison, add your thumb and push your hand
inside" dad urged me

I pulled my fingers out and added my thumb. I tried to
push all my fingers together then touched them to moms
stretched out ass hole. The fingers slipped easily
inside of her rectum stopping when my knuckles hit her

"UUGGGHHHH, OHHHH Allison, push them in slowly while
turning your hand" mom instructed

I began to turn my hand in a small twisting motion as I
put pressure to her rectum. I could feel her anal
muscles trying to suck my fingers inside as I pushed. I
pushed harder trying to get my fist in her tight ass.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, OOHHHHHHHH yeah, hold it there for a
second" mom groaned as my knuckles finally slid past
her anal ring.

Mom was panting hard from the intrusion but her ass
began to move in small circles trying to get more of my
hand in her ass. Dad told me to push farther inside.
Bobby asked me how it felt with my whole hand in her
butt. I told him that it was very warm and tight. I
slowly began to push my hand into her while twisting it
in a screwing motion. It wasn’t long before I was up to
my wrist in her ass hole. Dad told me to stop there or
I might hurt her. He told me to move it in and out just
like I was fucking her.

mom screamed out as I began to pump in and out of her

Dad reached down to her clit and pinched it hard
between his fingers. I felt her bowels gripping my hand
as he pulled and pinched her clit.

"Yeah, OOHHHH yeah, I’m cumming, OHHHH fuck I’m
cumming, don’t stop damn it, don’t stop" she screamed
at dad and I

she reached her orgasm.

Mom shoved her ass back to my hand as she squirted her
cunt juice out of her pussy. Dad kept pinching her clit
hard and I just held my hand inside of her bowels while
I slowly wiggled all my fingers in her.

again already" mom shouted

Dad told me to quickly pull my hand out of her ass. I
gave it a quick yank and my slimy hand came out of her
rectum with a squishy sounding plop. Dad quickly turned
her over so she was on her hands and knees then drove
his cock deep into her butt hole. He told Bobby to get
under her so that his cock was standing up straight.
Dad pushed mom’s hips into position so Bobby’s stiff
p*****n cock was lined up with her hairless cunt. Mom
sunk on Bobby’s hard cock when she felt him at the
entrance to her cunt.

"OOHHHHHHHHH my God, OOHHHHH fuck me hard, both of you
fuck me hard and deep" she yelled.

Dad and Bobby got their rhythm together and soon were
sliding their hard dicks in and out of mom’s holes. I
sat on the chair watching their cocks plunging in and
out of their respective holes. Mom’s head was shaking
back and forth as she was pounded by two hard cocks. I
saw her cunt juices running down Bobby’s cock shaft as
he pulled his cock out of her cunt before he plunged
back inside. After a few minutes Dad told me to play
with mom’s tits.

"AAAWWWWWWWW Allison, OOHHHHHH pinch my nipples honey,
OOHHHHHH" she moaned as I pinched and twisted her erect

"OH, OH, OH, harder, OH fuck me hard, AAAWWWWW deeper,
come on push your cocks in deeper, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH yeah
like that"

"Oh God, Oh God, almost there, OOHHHHH, almost there
don’t stop" mom begged us

Oh, Oh, OOOOHHHHHHHHH I’m cumming, fuck me I’m cumming,
AAAAEEEOOOOHHHH" mom screamed as she collapsed on top
of Bobby.

Bobby’s cock was driven deep into her convulsing pussy
as dad followed her ass down holding his cock deep in
her ass.

I want to feel your cum inside of me, OOHHHHH hurry"

Dad and Bobby pounded their cocks into her holes about
a minute longer then they both grunted as they unloaded
their cum into mom.

my holes" mom cried as Bobby and dad emptied their nuts
into mom.

"AAAAAWWWWWWWWW so hot and wet,
AAAAAAAHHHHHHEEEOHHHHHH" she shouted as she orgasmed

Dad and Bobby finished pumping mom full of their sticky
cum then dad let his limp cock fall from her ass hole.
When dad’s cock slipped out of mom’s ass she lifted her
hips from Bobby’s soft cock. Dad went to take a shower
right away as mom kissed Bobby softly on the lips. I
bent down to clean his sticky cock. I pushed his soft
cock between my lips licking up all the combined sticky
mess coating his cock. Bobby sighed deeply as I sucked
his p*****n cock clean. I knew he was spent for the day
because he never got hard while I cleaned his dick.

Dad came back joining us on the bed. He asked mom if
she was okay after that assault. Mom chuckled out loud
saying that she hadn’t been that abused in a long time
and it felt great she told us. Mom asked Bobby and me
where we learned how to do all the things that we did.
As we all snuggled on the bed, Bobby and I told mom and
dad how it all got started.


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3 months ago
HOT & SEXY Thanks for the posting
2 years ago
Very hot love bro/sis stuff.
2 years ago
That tale was breathtaking... I wondered when it would end and I never wanted it to end. Super.
2 years ago
That was a HOT SEXY story!! Had me stroking to an orgasm. Love to hear more.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Absolute filth. I loved it.
2 years ago
excellent to bad you left or got a new profile . sexaddict66???
3 years ago
3 years ago
OMMMGGG Tats Was AWeSomE.........
3 years ago
I wish to be them,
3 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
awesomely written. great fantasies too!
mmmm, made me cum
3 years ago
Wow so hot
3 years ago
Reminds me of my early years but without the adults. Very erotic!
3 years ago
Incredible!! you definitey covered the gammet on this one. HOT for sure. After a busy day for all of them, Allison might have forgotten to feed the family pet. Maybe another learning experience in store... :)
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
that was down right sinful and your going to burn in hell for writing it , and all the rest of us will be down there to for enjoying it so much
thanks for writing and
Please post more
3 years ago
this was one the best you have writen you are a great writer
3 years ago
wow is all i can say
3 years ago
that is a PERFECT storie in every way!!!!
3 years ago
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3 years ago
Oh gosh. It has everything great mixed into one!
3 years ago