Wednesday nights at The Blue Devil Lounge in Ithaca, New York, they have a social hour that illogically lasts from 7 to 10 and is called 'Cougar Happy Hour'. During that time the ladies who fit that description get to buy well drinks for a buck a pop.

Since it's a college town, the women who come in to take advantage of the specials stand out like a sore thumb, not that the hot ones ever have to spend any of their own money for the discounted drinks anyway because the young men doing the hunting are happy to spend a couple of bucks for the chance to score.

It was on a Wednesday night in October when a combination of factors formed a perfect storm of sorts, and it was under that cloud that the following events occurred.


"It's a kennel," Dave Johnson yelled into his friend's ear as they stood at the end of the bar and surveyed the scene. "Slim pickings here tonight. I think I'll go back to the dorm and jerk off."

"Suit yourself," Steve Everett yelled back at his friend over the sounds of Sweet Home Alabama on the jukebox.

The Lynyrd Skynyrd tune was typical of the music played during Cougar Happy Hour every week, as the bar tried to cater to the older crowd, figuring that the guys would listen to anything in order to meet a female. This made the clientele consist mostly of barely legal boys and women from 35 to 60.

"You look like you're interested in somebody," Dave said to Steve as he watched his friend looking down the length of the bar. "Please don't tell me that you're checking out that train wreck in the blue."

"So what if I am?" Steve said.

"You're new at this," Dave said, reminding his roommate that he was more experienced at the Blue Devil Lounge scene. "Let's go. We'll come back next week, only earlier so we don't have to wade through the leftovers."

"Go ahead," Steve said. "I'll probably be back at the dorm soon."

"If you come back to the room with her, I'll never let you live it down," Dave said before leaving. "She looks like somebody... what's her face? The old bag on the Beverly Hillbillies. Not Granny - the other one that had the hots for Jethro. Miss Hathaway."

"Funny," Steve Everett said as he let his dorm-mate leave with his laughter echoing behind him.

In reality, Steve knew that his friend Dave was spot on. The resemblance was there, and as Steve watched the woman sipping a drink without anyone nearby, he took a long look at her.

Tall and skinny, almost painfully so, and wearing the style of eyeglasses that didn't take any years off of the half century's worth of chronological baggage she was carrying, she did play the Miss Hathaway role well.

The fact that none of the guys in the bar were giving her a second look was sad in a way, especially when you thought about the guys that were passing on her. It wasn't exactly like they were all that hot themselves.

So Steve grabbed the bartender and asked him to send a drink down to the woman, and after he took Steve's money and delivered the cocktail, Steve waited for the woman to react.

She seemed stunned when the drink arrived, and after she squinted down toward Steve she called the bartender back and said something to him. The bartender nodded and came back to Steve with a message.

"The lady says that she would like you to join her," the barkeep said before heading towards another customer. "Said something about not wanting to drink alone."

Steve nodded and grabbed his drink to join the woman who didn't like to drink alone. After all, she wasn't that unattractive, he reasoned, and was a very nice person as Steve recalled.

He knew that because he had known the woman all his life, and had recognized her right away. Steve knew that once he got closer and out of the dark corner of the bar he had been standing, Marie Hartwell would recognize him too.

"Thank you for the - omigod!," Marie said as she saw who had bought her the vodka and tonic. "Steven? What in the world are you doing here?"

"Hi Aunt Marie," Steve said and he leaned over and kissed his mother's s****r on the cheek and slid onto the stool next to her. "I could ask you the same question."

"Me? Oh - I - well, I was on my way home and I decided to stop in for a drink," Marie stammered, and Steve nodded. "Never been in here before and it looked like a nice enough place."

Steve nodded and said that he had never been in The Blue Devil Lounge before either, and Steve suspected that Aunt Marie might be lying even if he hadn't been. All of the signs inside and out made it clear what the place was, at least on Wednesday nights.

"I guess," Steve said. "How's Uncle Ed?"

"Uh - Ed is - well, we aren't together right now," Aunt Marie said with considerable embarrassment.

"Oh" Steve said, and hearing that made him look at his Aunt a little differently.

Steve had always had a sweet spot in his heart for his aunt, who looked a lot like his mother in some ways, although his Mom probably outweighed Aunt Marie by almost 100 pounds these days.

Almost six feet tall, Steve figured and the weight was anyone's guess, although whatever it was had to be at least 25 pounds less than normal for her height.

Measurements? Not exactly 36-24-36, but more along the lines of 30-25-35. Steve chuckled when he remembered his mother telling his father once that Aunt Marie's nickname when they were growing up was 'The Carpenter's Dream'.

"Flat as a board and easy to screw," Steve recalled his mother cackling after telling dad the old joke that was new to Steve back then.

His mother and her s****r had a strange and strained relationship, which was probably why their families didn't get together much any more, at least not like they used to when Steve was young.

Steve had been staring at Aunt Marie's bare arm next to him, with the bony elbow on the padded rail of the bar. Her skin was a ghostly white, and as Steve wondered whether he could get his thumb and index finger to touch if her wrapped them around her bicep, he realized that she had asked him a question.

"Sorry." Steve said, blaming his inattention on the noise.

"I said that I didn't think you were old enough to drink."

"I'm not," Steve said while leaning towards Aunt Marie's ear and the familiar scent of her perfume, giggling as he nuzzled into her light brown hair which had a hint of gray at the roots. "Fake ID. Don't tell on me, okay?"

"I won't, so long as you don't tell anybody you saw me out drinking."

Having made a deal, their conversation turned to other things. Marie said she had heard that her nephew was coming out here to college, and wasn't it a coincidence that they ran into each other like this?

As for Steve, he k**ded that the reason he chose Ithaca was so he could be near his favorite aunt, but while he was exaggerating about that, the thought that he might be able to scrounge a meal or something did enter his mind.

"Sorry about you and Uncle Ed," Steve said, which was partly true, but only as it affected his aunt, because Steve had always thought his uncle was a blowhard.

"I'd - I'd rather not talk about it," Aunt Marie said with a touch of sadness, and while that put a momentary damper on the conversation, before long they were laughing and reminiscing.

Steve looked up at the clock and saw that he had been talking with his aunt for over an hour, and he was having a blast. Aunt Marie seemed to be having fun too, and it wasn't just because of the drinks she was throwing down either.

Around that time Steve started making contact with his aunt. Innocent stuff, like their arms touching and him putting his hand on her forearm, and while Steve wondered if his aunt was noticing, she wasn't stopping him and was even joining in, and it was around then that the tone of the conversation changed.

"I'm probably getting a lot of guys mad," Steve said. "Monopolizing you like this. I should clear out and let somebody else enjoy your company."

"Don't go, Steven," Aunt Marie said, clutching his forearm to keep him around even though he wasn't moving. "Nobody wants to hit on me. They rarely do. At least not this early."

"Oh, I doubt that," Steve said, smiling while realizing that Aunt Marie pretty much admitted she wasn't a rookie in this meat market after all, just like he had suspected.

"Wish I was," Aunt Marie mused. "Sometimes, if somebody is d***k or desperate enough - but usually it's just me alone with this."

Aunt Marie lifted her glass with that, looking at it with slightly glassy eyes, and when Steve whispered that she had to be k**ding because she was still pretty she shook her head and looked at her nephew.

"No - no I'm not."

She didn't say it looking for sympathy, or wanting Steve to tell her she was wrong. Marie said it like it was a fact, and she was right. She wasn't pretty. She never had been and never would be.

"You are to me," Steve heard himself saying as he leaned close to his aunt and squeezed her while kissing her on the cheek.

"You're so sweet. Always were," Marie sighed as her eyes misted up. "If you weren't my s****r's k** I'd..."

"Don't let that stop you," Steve said, laughing in case she took it badly, but she just laughed and shook her head.

"Do you remember when you used to give me baths in that plastic dishpan thing?" Steve asked.

"Oh dear. Don't tell me - you can't remember that! You were just a baby!"

"Seems like I do recall it, but that's probably because I always see that picture at home of me sitting there in that thing with a rubber ducky and you squeezing a wash cloth over my head to make it rain."

"Oh how you used to laugh!" Marie chortled. "Those were good times."

"You know, I would love to get one of those baths tonight," Steve said, and he saw Marie's startled reaction.

"Heavens, I don't know what happened to that basin, and besides you would never fit in it now. You're as tall as I am these days," Marie said with a laugh.

"No, I couldn't fit in that. Don't have a tub at the dorm either, but you've got a bathtub, right?"

"Steven!" Marie said, her pale cheeks blushing.

"Well?" Steve sighed, and then ran his finger along Marie's creamy while forearm, and then when he reached the elbow, moved his digit to the inside of her arm.

"What?" Marie answered, with the words coming out in pieces because she started shuddering as her nephew's finger slid all the way up her pale, reed-thin arm all the way to her armpit, which was smooth and moist.

"Not tickling you, am I Aunt Marie?" Steve whispered as his finger slid back down to her elbow, and when she shook her head no he slid his finger back up.

"You don't know what you're doing to me," Marie gasped, with her arm now covered with goosebumps.

"I could say the same thing," Steve said. "About that bath - I'm serious."

"Steven," Aunt Marie pleaded.

"Wouldn't it be fun?"

"You're - you're Audra's k**!"

"I'm not a k** any more Aunt Marie," Steven said. "Here. Let me prove it to you."

Aunt Marie protested at first when her nephew took her wrist and tried to bring it under the bar, but Steve kept telling her that it was dark and no one else would see.

"Did you find it?" Steve had after putting his aunt hand on the bulge in his pants.

"Of course I did," Marie said as her eyes widened.

"So what do you think?" Steve said, and after he took his hand off of Marie's he was thrilled when he felt her moving it along the bulge on her own.

"It's big," Marie gasped. "Really big."

"That's not what I meant," Steve sighed. "I meant about you and me - maybe in your tub? You don't live that far away as I recall."

"Can't," Marie said as she breathed heavily while still squeezing the bulge that kept getting bigger and harder as a result.

"Can't or won't?"

"Can't," Marie said as she turned away from the mirror behind the bar to face her nephew.

"Could go to my dorm room," Steve mused. "It's not much and I don't have a tub, but..."

"Let's go," Aunt Marie said as she climbed off the bar stool and threw a few dollars on the bar, and with that Steve found himself following his aunt out the door.

"Which way?" Aunt Marie said when they got outside, and a couple of guys smoking outside chuckled as they heard her and saw her unsteadily spin around on the sidewalk.

"This way Aunt Marie," Steve said, gracefully putting his arm around her and ushering her up the street. "Did you drive?"

"No - walked," she said, and for that they were both grateful. "Is your place far?"

"About a 10 minute walk," Steve said, and found himself regretting with every step not stopping to take a leak before they left the bar.

"Aunt Marie?" Steve said, and realized that he needed to drop the Aunt title, at least for the rest of the night. "Wait a second. Be right back."

Reaching a dark alley, Steve excused himself and ducked between the buildings and behind a dumpster and pulled out his cock, which took some effort because he was still a bit aroused from not only his aunt rubbing him through his jeans, but by the very nasty thought of having sex with his mother's s****r.

He was about to pee when he heard feet scr****g behind him, and then suddenly a hand came around and grabbed at him.

"Marie?" Steve blurted out as his aunt staggered up against him and grabbed his cock.

"Omigod Steven!" Marie blurted out as her hand wrapped around his semi-turgid member. "You really are hung like a horse, aren't you?"

"What the?"

Steve braced himself by grabbing the brick wall in front of him and looked over his shoulder at his aunt, who was almost exactly his height and was nuzzling into his scalp while wiggling on his dick.

"Pee honey," Aunt Marie was saying. "Hurry."

It took Steve a second to get the flow going, but eventually his urine was spattering on the ground, and by the time he was finished he was drilling the brick wall with piss, having become erect as a result of Aunt Marie's rough handling of his manhood.

After shaking his cock up and down, Steve heard his aunt shuffling around as she let go of his cock. At first he thought she was looking to stagger away and fall down, but what she was doing was moving a few feet down the alley, pulling her panties down as she wobbled over against the wall.

"Give it to me," Aunt Marie was saying as she reached over and grabbed his erect member and using it to pull her nephew toward her. "Right now."

Steve was taken aback once again when she saw his Aunt Marie kicking her panties off of her ankles and pulling up her dress to reveal her sex. Even in the near darkness Steve could see the dark triangle of hair between her legs, and as he moved up to her she practically climbed onto him.

No foreplay. No nothing, and Steve fell against his aunt, pinning her against the brick while trying to put his cock inside of Marie as she spread her legs and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Fuck!" Aunt Marie growled into Steve's ear as she guided the head of her nephew's cock into her opening, the coolness of the night making her breathing visible as she hissed, "Fuck me hard. Split me in two if you can."

Steve leaned into his aunt as he tried to f***e his cock into her. She was wet enough but she was tight and the thickness of his tool made it a challenge.

The befuddled young man was used to being the aggressor with the ladies, so the way Aunt Marie was acting and talking, her glasses falling off and talking like a dockworker, was off-putting to say the least. It was also erotic to the young man, and so he pushed hard, driving the skinny woman into the wall as he f***ed himself into her pussy while his aunt howled for him to go harder and faster.

It didn't last long, but long enough for Steve's aunt to have an orgasm that had her clawing at him frantically and speaking in tongues. Steve came soon after, and after he did he heard a couple of people snickering out on the sidewalk.

Fortunately the darkness made everybody anonymous, because Steve would have hated to have somebody see his aunt like that. Marie worked in the town library, so she was probably pretty well known in the area, but it hadn't seemed to matter to her as she nuzzled into her nephew's neck.

"So good baby," Aunt Marie kept saying, and let out a little sigh when Steve's deflating cock fell out of her pussy.

Steve took a step back and put his cock away, his mind spinning from more than the alcohol. Aunt Marie was unrecognizable to the nephew who had known her all of his life, and just as the young man began to wonder what was going to happen next, he found out right away.

"Excuse me," Aunt Marie said as she took a couple of steps away from her nephew and squatted down while holding her dress up as high as she could.

The resulting spattering was even louder that his own had been, and Steve was hoping her aunt wouldn't fall over as she got rid of a half dozen vodka and tonics along with a load of his seed before standing upright and lowering her dress.

"Um - how about these?" Steve said of his aunt's panties, which were twisted and on the ground where she had kicked them off, but she waved her hand at them and grabbed Steve's arm.

"Let's get out of here," Aunt Marie said as they staggered out of the alley. "Lead the way. It's cold out here honey."


She still wants to go to my room. Steve had figured that Aunt Marie would be trying to figure out a way to say good night, but she was far from ready to call it quits, and so Steve led her to the dorm, with her grabbing at his ass along the way.

Maybe somebody put something in her drink back at the bar? Possible, Steve mused, but why? He knew he didn't, but once they had started making out, it was like somebody hit a switch because up until that time, Aunt Marie was just Aunt Marie.

What transformed her into that wildcat back in the alley? Steve did okay with the opposite sex, but had never managed to get any girl acting like Aunt Marie had, and now she wanted more.

Steve brought Aunt Marie to his dorm building the least obvious route, but they still managed to come in contact with students along the way. During the day, it would be no big deal to have someone accompany a student that looked like a Mom to their room.

Now, at night, with the two of them - especially Aunt Marie - looking like they had been out in a hurricane, there was no doubt as to what was going on. Guys that passed by them in the hall nodded and winked at Steve, and a couple snickered after passing them.

Steve couldn't blame them because he would have probably done the same thing if he saw one of them with a woman more than twice their age who was walking erratically even with help. The fact that Aunt Marie was saying hello to guys as she passed them made it even stranger.

As Steve got to his door he found it locked. There was no light at the bottom of the door, so that meant that either his roommate Dave was still out or that he was asl**p. If he was in there with a girl there would be a little heart sticker on the door handle, but there was none.

"Please don't be in there," Steve mumbled.

"What?" Aunt Marie asked.

"Nothing," Steve said as he opened the door, and after getting his aunt safely inside he locked the door behind them and left the light off.

"Which bed is yours?" Aunt Marie asked, and while Steve was tempted to say that it was the one without the 175 pound giggling lump under the covers, but instead moved his aunt over to the other side of the small room.

It was pretty dark in there, with only a little light coming in through the blinds, but Steve could hear Aunt Marie undressing and could make out her pulling her dress over her head as he started to lose his own clothes. Steve had been hoping Dave would leave, but he didn't. At least for the most part he stopped giggling though.

"A gentlemen," Aunt Marie said when Steve came behind her to help unhook the bra she was struggling with.
My pleasure," Steve whispered, and when he realized that he was going to be having sex with an audience - at the very least an audio witness - the thought excited him.

Steve had gotten trapped one night himself, f***ed to stay under the covers while his dorm-mate had sex with a girl, and while it was uncomfortable at first, by the end Steve found it erotic too.

Steve pulled the bra straps off of his aunt's bony shoulders and slid his hands under her arms to replace the bra cups with his hands, and as he kneaded Aunt Marie's breasts she sighed and leaned back against him.

Steve was momentarily stunned when he felt how small his aunt's breasts were. Not much bigger than lemons, the little orbs were real doughy and were mostly aureola and nipple. He learned that they must be sensitive because Aunt Marie was wiggling and squirming into him before spinning around and pulling Steve's shirt over his head. After tossing the shirt aside she went down to her knees to finish pulling Steve's jeans and underwear off.


Steve let out a moan as his aunt inhaled his half-erect cock, and even the giggle that followed his moan from the other side of the room didn't stop his cock from becoming fully erect again. Steve's hands ran through Marie's fine hair as he saw her head in the murky darkness moving as her lips slid up and down his cock.

Aunt Marie had been sucking jis cock down to where her hand was clutching the stump of his organ, but soon her hands were elsewhere with her right hand clutching his ass and her left busy squeezing his balls as her mouth worked further and further down the shaft.

"Shit!" Steve hissed when he felt his aunt's lips wrapped around the base of his shaft and the tip of his cock poking her throat, while all 7" were being sucked like they had never been before.

After a couple more trips up and down the length of his manhood Steve was being pulled by the cock over to the bed, where they tumbled onto the mattress. Marie scrambled on top of her nephew and was straddling his crotch before Steve knew what was happening.

"Oh fuck! Your cock is so fucking big!"

"Ssh!" Steve hissed as Aunt Marie impaled herself and began riding him like he was a bucking bronco, making the little bed slam into the cement wall as she humped him.

"Sorry," Aunt Marie whispered as she ran her hands through her hair. "So good."

If the room was brighter, Steve knew it would not be anywhere near as erotic as it was in the near darkness. For one thing, they would be able to look in each other's eyes, which might have been disconcerting. Secondly, Marie wouldn't look like she did as she bounced up and down on him. All of her imperfections would be there bared, but in the shadows she looked wild and untamed.

Steve's hands came up and grabbed her little titties as they flopped around on her broad chest, and as he pulled on the loose flesh his aunt made feral noises while pulling at her hair.

The squishy sound that was made every time Aunt Marie crashed down onto Steve sounded deafening in the tiny room until she started making stifled noises, followed by a squeal that caused more giggling from Steve's roommate's bed, but if his aunt heard him she didn't let on as her pussy clamped down on his tool.

"Cum for me baby," Aunt Marie was saying as she rode him harder, looking like a preying mantis on top of him, all arms and legs, and when she took his tits in her hands and stretched the skin straight out like she was trying to tear them off her chest while twisting her nipples Steve couldn't hold back.

"Oh - oh - oh," Marie gasped as Steve's cock jerked inside of her, filling his aunt's womb with his seed, and after he stopped cumming and went limp she gingerly climbed off of her nephew.

"Gotta go," she was saying as she felt around for her clothes, and Steve was not only exhausted, he was relieved.

"Where's my - oh yeah. That's right," Aunt Marie said as she apparently remembered where her panties had ended up, and soon she was dressed and ready to go.

"Hang on," Steve said, scrambling out of the bed and throwing on his clothes. "I'll come with you.

"It's okay honey, I know the way."

Steve hurriedly threw on his stuff and insisted on walking her out of the building. Mercifully they encountered no one on the way, because they looked even worse than before, and after they got outside Steve tried to remember which way Aunt Marie's house was.

"You aren't that far away from here," Steve said. "I'll walk you home."

"No," Aunt Marie said a little too loud and quickly while pulling out a cell phone. "I'll get a cab. You get inside before you catch cold."

"Well, at least let me wait with you out here," Steve said, and even though she tried to stop him he stayed.

They stood in silence, watching their breath in the cold autumn air, and then the TAXI light became visible from down the end of street.

I know you won't but - you're not going to tell anybody about this, are you?" Aunt Marie asked. "f****y, I mean."

"Of course not," Steve said, and she hugged her nephew, thanking him and kissing him unlike an aunt would or should, and then she was gone.

After going back upstairs to his room, Steve braced himself for the inevitable abuse from Dave, who was waiting for him as soon as the door closed.

"Oh your cock is so fucking big!" Dave cackled in a falsetto voice imitating Steve's guest. "When did you get such a big cock anyway?"

"I didn't say it was big," Steve replied.

"Your cougar did," Dave said. "At least a couple times. She sounded like you were fucking her with a Louiville Slugger."

"Well, it's only big compared to guys like you."

"Fuck you."

"So now I'm going to have to listen to you rip me for the rest of the semester?"

"Actually no," Dave said. "I gotta admit that she wasn't that bad."

"Why, because it was dark?"

"My eyes adjusted to it pretty good," Dave explained. "I mean, she wasn't hot or anything. Those droopy little tits were sad, but I loved the way she talked dirty, and it was like she was attacking you."

"Probably hasn't had sex in a while," Steve suggested.

"Too bad you didn't get more than one shot at her. She ran out of gas fast," Dave said.

"Actually, we did it on the way here too," Steve sheepishly admitted.

"You did? Where?"

"There's an alley down the street from the Blue Devil," Steve explained. "One minute we're walking down the sidewalk, and the next thing I know she's got her panties off and we're doing it with her pinned against the bricks."

"Right there? In the alley next to the plumbling supply place? Out in public, in the cold?"


"Oh man, now I really love her!" Dave declared. "I'm gonna think of that every time I go past that alley. You know, that's a good place to take a leak if you gotta go on the way home."

"Really?" Steve said with a poker face.

"Man, I wish I had gotten a better look at her at The Blue Devil," Dave said. "Because if I ever recognize her I'll be all over her in a New York minute. Who gives a shit about looks when they respond like that, instead of just laying there."

"Maybe in your case it isn't the woman's fault," Steve mused.

"Fuck you again and good night," Dave retorted, laughing as he threw the sheet up over his head.


The next afternoon after his last class, Steve wandered into town to the public library. It was a small library and had strange hours because of budgetary restraints, so Steve wasn't sure they would be open or even if his aunt would be working, but he felt compelled to try.

The library was still open but just barely, as he was informed they were getting ready to close in about 15 minutes when he arrived. He saw Aunt Marie at the desk talking to a patron, so he slipped in without her noticing and pretended to be looking at books while observing his aunt from the far side of the small room.

She looked the same as always, but Steve thought it was strange how once you saw somebody naked you couldn't get that image out of your mind. Standing so tall and so slender, she looked like the stereotypical librarian, and nothing like the a****l she was last night.

Steve found himself getting hard just watching Aunt Marie, which was something beyond his understanding. What was it about her that was so compelling?

The patron left and the only other staff member in the place, the girl that had told him they would be closing soon when he arrived, was getting her coat on. Steve heard the girl mention to Aunt Marie as she left that there was only one person left in the library, and gestured in Steve's direction.

They stared at each other for a moment before Steve started walking toward the front desk, and Marie looked apprehensive as he approached.

"Hi Aunt Marie," Steve said softly.

"Steven," Marie responded. "Nice to see you again."

"Uh - about last night," Steve began, but his aunt asked him to stop and came around the counter to lock the front door first.

"Yes. Last night," Marie repeated. "I remember it. Quite well as a matter of fact."

"Uh - just wanted to check to see that you were alright," Steve mumbled. "I know you had a lot to drink."

"I'm fine. I was fine last night too," Marie said. "I assume that you were so d***k you can't recall a thing?"

"No. To tell you the truth, I haven't been able to think about anything else all day," Steve confessed.

"Is that why you came down here? To tell me that?"

"I guess - I mean - I don't know."

"I want to show you something Steven," Aunt Marie said, and led Steve to a room behind the desk.

It was a storage room of sorts, with a couple of bookcases and desks, and after Steve got inside the door closed behind him, and the lock clicked on.

"You were a lot more confident last night, Steve," Aunt Marie said as they stood face to face, so close that Steve could almost taste her minty breath as his aunt looked at him through those outdated glasses. "Was that because of the alcohol, or is it because seeing me in the light of day makes you wonder how you were able to get it up last night?"



"I got it up twice, remember?"

"Of course I do."

Their eyes were locked onto each others, and remained so as Steve took his aunt's bony hand and brought it down to his crotch once again, and when she felt the rigid bulge her eyes rolled back in her head, and for a minute Steve thought she was going to faint when her head rolled on her shoulders as if in a trance.

"So why was it that you came down here?" Aunt Marie asked as she squeezed his package. "Come down her to fuck me?"

"Yes. I want you," Steve said. "Can we go somewhere?"

A minute later, Steve was on his knees with his face buried between his aunt's skinny thighs, his tongue burrowing through the hairiest pussy he had ever tasted. He licked and chewed like an a****l, inhaling the ripe scent of Marie's cunt like it was life itself.

Marie was on her back on the desk, which was almost bare after she had shoved everything off the surface. The woman herself looked ravaged already, with her clothing either off or askew, and Marie was gripping the edges of the table while her nephew ate her out.

It was quite a sight, with Steven kneeling there with his erection out of the fly of his jeans. Marie's dress was in a heap on the floor along with the pamphlets and pens, as were her panties.

Her bra was still on sort of, the padded harness still hooked but pulled up to her collarbone, exposing her breasts. The small orbs looked a little like fried eggs as they sagged down onto themselves, but the sight of Marie's tits actually inflamed Steven as he got to his feet and yanked his jeans down to his knees before slamming his cock into Marie's pussy.

"Fuck!" Marie screamed as her nephew began pounding into her savagely, with each thrust making the desk thump into the wall.

Marie was cumming again, and the sight of her having an orgasm drove Steven to fuck her even harder. Her glasses were tangled in her hair as she writhed on the wooden desktop, and as her pussy clamped down around her nephew's cock he fought the urge to cum himself.

Steve kept thrusting after Marie came, determined to make her cum again and again. She pulled herself up to a sitting position so she could kiss her nephew, practically swallowing Steve's tongue as another orgasm approached.

"Oh fuck! Fuck fuck fuck!" Marie screamed as she slammed herself down on the desk again, squirming and writhing under her nephew's relentless fucking.

Fucking. That was what this was, Steve thought as he watched his aunt on the desk. Not lovemaking, although Steve loved his aunt and he thought she loved him too. This was just two savages acting nothing like they did in real life.

Marie was speaking in tongues, or so it sounded to Steve, cursing and babbling as her arms flailed and the skinny legs wrapped around Steve's hip, and as she started to have another orgasm she reached back over her head and clutched the edge of the desk.

Stretched out like she was, Marie looked androgynous, with her small breasts all but disappearing except the plump aureola and fat nipples. As she reached, every muscle and tendon in Marie's pale upper torso was visible.

Marie's armpits, with only the faintest hint of five o'clock shadow coating the moist hollows, became cavernous in this position, and her ribs were clearly visible as she stretched. All of this - his Aunt's strange body and the fact that she was his mother's s****r - combined to send shivers down his spine.

Steve began ejaculating a few seconds before Marie came, and kept thrusting until his aunt's body stopped convulsing. He pulled his limp cock out of the gooey cauldron and caught his breath while looking at his semen drooling out of his aunt's pussy and hanging onto the brown hairs.

They didn't say anything to each other as they got dressed, but Marie stopped Steve before they left the store room and gave him a kiss.

"I'm glad you came by, honey," she said before unlocking the door, and Steve was about to ask her when they could get together again when she froze in her tracks at the front door when a black car pulled in front of the building.

"Honey - go out the back door for me," Aunt Marie said, and ushered her nephew out the rear entrance.

Steve walked around the side of the building after a few minutes, just in time to see the black Chrysler pull away, figuring it must have been her boss or even the mayor. Steve looked back to the building to see if Aunt Marie was looking out, but the the building was dark.

Too bad, Steve thought as he headed down the street, because he was in the mood for more. Maybe he could take her someplace, like a nice motel or something, and really go at it for a whole night. Better yet, save the money and use her house, he figured.


The next day, the library was closed as Steve discovered when he went down for a visit. Since it was a nice autumn day, if a bit cold, Steve decided to do some exploring.

He had a vague idea of where his aunt and uncle's house was, although he was pissed that he never paid more attention when he was riding in the back seat of his folks car back in the day.

Since Uncle Ed and Aunt Marie weren't together any more, Steve had no idea which one of them lived in that little split level these days. Maybe they sold it, or maybe Uncle Ed lived there and Marie had moved out. That would be weird, Steve figured, to knock on the door and see his uncle standing there.

It wouldn't be the end of the world or anything, but the thought of having to listen to that windbag babble on about horses and cigars would be torture. Ed wasn't a bad guy, but just one of those people that got on Steve's nerves. Besides, having to look the guy in the eye after having screwed his ex-wife would be weird.

None of that would matter if Steve couldn't find the house though. He recalled that it was on a street that had a variety of tree in the name, and as Steve wandered around in the general area he thought it was in, he was tempted to call home and ask his mother.

"Say Mom," Steve imagined himself saying to her. "Could you give me Aunt Marie's address? Why? Because I've been screwing her for the last couple of days and I'm horny again, that's why."

Maybe Mom didn't know about Ed and Marie breaking up. Knowing his mother, Steve thought she would get a kick out of that, so he took out his phone and called home.

After his mother got over the shock of getting a call from him that didn't involve a plea of funds, she was happier to hear from him, and after he gave the usual answers to the usual questions about school, he got to the point.

"I was thinking about paying Aunt Marie a visit."

"You?" Mom said. "What brought that on? You aren't usually the sociable type."

"I dunno. Just in the mood to get away from the books. Take a walk or something."

"Well, it is nice around there, and Ithaca is Gorges, right?"

"Yes Mom," Steve whined, amused that his mother always got such a kick out of that corny slogan the town used to push the area's natural features. "So what's the address?"

"33 Beechwood," his mother informed him. "Funny that you want to go see them. I thought you said Uncle Ed drove you crazy?"

"He does - didn't they get divorced or separated or something?"

"Ed and Marie? Not that I know of," Steve's mother said. "Heavens, who else could put up with either of them? What made you think that?"

"I dunno," Steve mumbled. "I though you mentioned something about it before I left."

So it was news, Steve thought as he ended the call as fast as he could. News he couldn't share without another interrogation about how he knew that, so instead he went about finding Beechwood Street.

As it turned out, he had been close at one point of his wanderings, but eventually he found the elusive street, and his heart started racing and he went down the street.

27 - 29 - 31 - and there it was. 33. Hadn't changed a bit, and as Steve got close a car pulled into the driveway. A black Chrysler, and when the door flew open a familiar figure hopped out. A burly guy smoking a cigar and carrying a newspaper, and the recognition from each was instantaneous.

"Steverino!" roared Uncle Ed, waving his arms wildly at him. "What the hell are you doing out this way?"

"Hi Uncle Ed," Steve said as his extended hand got brushed away in favor of a hug, not an easy task for a man holding a cigar in one hand and a Daily Racing Form in the other. "I go to SUNY Ithaca and..."

"That's right! I heard about that," Ed roared as he wrapped his arm around his nephew and herded him towards the door. "Good for you Steve! Come on in! Marie will shit when she sees you."

Steve went inside on rubbery legs, dazed and confused over what was going on, and as the door closed behind him his Uncle was bellowing their arrival.

"Marie! Come look what the cat dragged in!" he yelled, and after complaining about her husband carrying on like that, turned the corner and came into the living room.

"St... Steven," Aunt Marie said with a face that turned even more ashen.

"Told you she'd be surprised!" Ed crowed, and she shook off her initial shock and did her best to pretend like it had been years instead of hours since they last met, and she did far better at it then her nephew, who still had the look of a deer in the headlights as he was ushered into the kitchen.

The small talk was painful for Steve, and fortunately the looks they gave each other under Uncle Ed's nose went unnoticed. Steve wanted to bolt out of the place, but Aunt Marie had other plans.

"Ed, you promised to fix the mailbox today," Aunt Marie complained.

"Come on Marie. We've got company, plus I've got a horse running in the feature at Aqueduct in the sixth race that can't lose," Ed whined.

"So fix the mailbox now and get it over with," Marie declared. "Can't take more than 15 minutes tops."

Grumbling every step of the way, Ed went out to the shed and grabbed some tools before heading out to the roadside mailbox.

"What's going on here Aunt Marie?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean what's Uncle Ed doing here?" Steve complained. "You said you and him were divorced or something."

"I did not."

"Separated then."

"What I said was when you asked about your uncle, was that we weren't together right now."

"Well you two look pretty fucking together to me!"

"I said we weren't together right now, and we weren't. He was down at the OTB parlor pissing money away while trying to get into the pants of the girl with the fat ass that sells tickets down there, and I was at The Blue Devil, as you well know."

"Clever dealing in semantics," Steve said.

"Why do you care, Steven?" Marie retorted. "When did you become such a fan of my husband?"

"It's not that, it's just that it was wrong - wrong on every level."

"Is that your mouth talking or your cock?" Aunt Marie snapped, and then took a breath.

"Look, I know what you mean, but you just don't understand."

"I understand now that I was taking part in the destruction of a marriage."

"Nothing to destroy," Marie said as she looked out through the open blinds at her husband at the mailbox. "This is a sham of a marriage. We don't have sex more than once a month, tops. He can't even get it up most of the time. What's there for me? A man with a limp dick who smells like an ashtray? I need love."

"Love at the Blue Devil Lounge?"

"All right then. Sex. Someone to hold me and tell me they care. Someone to tell me I'm good looking even though I know they're lying. Someone to fuck my brains out even if they don't give a shit about me," Marie explained before adding, "like you did."

"I care about you, Aunt Marie. I love you. I even love you right now even though I hate you at the same time."

"Is your cock hard?"


"I asked you if your cock was hard," Marie repeated, and then was grabbing at Steve's crotch searching for his cock, which was flaccid. "I can get it up for you in no time."

"I can't..."

"Fuck me," Aunt Marie was saying as she stood up and lowered her slacks and panties while looking out the window at her oblivious husband.

"What? Where?"

"Right here," Aunt Marie was saying. "I'll get on the counter and you can do me while we look out at him so we'll know if he heads this way."

"I can't do that!"

"Sure you can," Aunt Marie insisted as she pulled her nephew's zipper down while that crazed look came back to her face. "You don't mind an audience. You fucked me in the alley with people walking by and you fucked me in your room with you roommate there giggling and probably jerking off. I did it for you so you can do it for me. Besides, he's not even looking this way."

"Aunt Marie..."

Steve stood in the middle of the kitchen and looked down at his Aunt Marie, who had pulled his cock out through the fly of his jeans and was sucking maniacally on it, pulling and stretching in a futile attempt to get him erect.

"You're bored with me already, aren't you?" Aunt Marie said when Steve reached down and helped her to her feet.

"I just can't," Steve complained.

"I need to cum," Aunt Marie whined. "I need to cum bad. At least - please. Leave it out. Leave your cock for me. Please honey."

Steve felt embarrassed standing there with his cock hanging limply out of his fly, but Aunt Marie had no such feelings. Instead, she just leaned against the refrigerator and put her hand between her head, frigging herself briskly while staring at his cock.

"Pull on it, That's it, stretch your cock," Marie snorted as her fingers danced madly inside of her pussy.

It was over in a minute as her nephew's eyes went back and forth from his uncle in the front yard to his aunt doubled over with half of her hand in her pussy. After she stopped cumming, she returned to being Aunt Marie and Steve put his cock away.

It was the longest afternoon Steve could imagine, and it was painful to endure. As he was leaving, Aunt Marie pulled him aside and told him that she wanted to see him again while her husband cursed at the television.

"You'll get over what you're feeling," she whispered. "Your cock will be hard by the time go get home. We both know that. I know what young guys are like, and you're way more of a man than any of them. You're the best fuck I've ever had."

"The Blue Devil," Marie said after smiling at her nephew shaking his head no. "Wednesday. Be there. Pick me up like you did last week. We'll do it your way. Any way you want. You want your roommate to watch this time? Really watch?"

"God no," Steve whispered, wanting to escape this madness.

"I know k**s today like crazy stuff - stuff you see on the Internet. Anything you want, I'll do. You have a girl that goes both ways? I'm good with that. You could watch us and then do us both."

"Please, Aunt Marie," Steve pleaded as he tried to get out without bowling his aunt over.

"Would you want him to join in?" Aunt Marie said as she held on to Steve's arm at the door while her husband was screaming at the ride Edgar Prado was giving his horse on TV. "Your roommate - you can both do me at the same time. You would like that, I'll bet."

"Aunt Marie..." Steve pleaded, and something about the way he looked at her brought his aunt back to reality, at least momentarily.

"Sorry," she said, biting her lower lip and taking a deep breath. "They say menopause makes you crazy, but not like this. Lately I'm..."

"It's okay," Steven said. "But I really have to go."

"I do need you though. Wednesday night Steven," Marie said as her nephew stepped outside. "I'll be there."

"I won't be."

"I'll be there anyway," she said softly, and that was the last thing Steve heard, besides his uncle yelling at him from the living room, telling his nephew to not be a stranger.


Steve did not go to The Blue Devil Lounge that next Wednesday, and did not go the next week either, even though his roommate Dave pressured him to go out with him one last time before winter break.

"I'll just stay home and jerk off," Steve told him, and strangely enough he did do that.

Strangely enough, he did just that, and the image in this mind was of the woman that he was still obsessed with, even though he was torn between love and hate. The logic of it escaped him, but as he stroked himself to climax he was thinking of his Aunt Marie sitting at the Blue Devil waiting for him.

Maybe he would go someday, he told himself, and that was what he was thinking about as he dropped off to sl**p.


"Oh yeah! Fuck me hard!"

Steve thought he was in a dream, but when he opened his eyes it was all too real. His roommate Dave had come home with a friend, and when Steve hear the voice of the woman bouncing on Dave's crotch, he wanted to cry.

It was her. Aunt Marie. Even if the voice didn't give it away, the silhouette of the impossibly skinny woman making the bed a trampoline while her droopy tits flopped around wildly gave her away.

She was cumming, and Steve rolled over and put the pillow over his ears, but he could still hear her. Worse still, he could still see her in his mind.

Over an hour later, Steve heard the door open and the light go on. Relieved that she had left, Steve turned around to face his roommate so he could listen to him brag about his conquest, and Steve would have to act like he didn't care.

Instead, what he saw what his Aunt Marie sitting on the bed looking at him.

"Hi," she said meekly.

"Where did Dave go?"

"He said he had to, and I quote, 'take a dump'."

"What you did, did that feel good to you?"

"He wasn't that all good."

"I didn't mean that," Steve snapped. "I meant you coming here and rubbing it in my face."

"I didn't..."

"You know I still care about you!"

"I know. I didn't know that he was your roommate. He just picked me up."

"Just like that?"

"Just like that," Aunt Marie said. "That's the way it works. Don't you remember?"

"Anyway, when we got to this building I started to freak out, and when we got to this floor and then down to this room, I wanted to leave."

"But you didn't."

"No. I didn't."

"But you could have."

"I suppose so," Aunt Marie said softly, and then stopped. "No. That's not right. I couldn't have."

"Why not?"

"Because he wanted me. It could have been you instead. I wanted it to be you, believe me."

Steve sat up and looked at his aunt, who despite her almost six foot frame now looked small as they looked at each other.

"Were you listening?"

"Tried not to."

"Were you listening when he asked me to put my bra back on?" she said sadly as she shrugged her shoulders, on the verge of tears, before standing up and putting her clothes back on.

"I'm sorry," Steve heard himself saying. "I just - thinking about my aunt getting picked up by guys who just use her as a sperm bank really hurts."

"I use you, you use me. What's his name? Don?"

"Dave," Steve corrected.

"Whatever. same with him. Every woman in that bar is an aunt - mother - grandmother to someone. We're all looking for somebody," Aunt Marie concluded. "If I'm a guy, what I do would be great, right? A guy that screws around is a stud, but a woman who does it is a slut, right?"

"I don't know what to think."

"Look Steven. Things happen. Maybe if your mother had the shitty marriage and I got lucky in life like she did, you would be having this conversation with her instead of me," Marie said.

"I can't imagine - shit - I don't know," Steve said

"Anyway, I have to go. Tell your friend Dave I said goodbye, and wish your f****y Merry Christmas for me, okay?" Aunt Marie said before leaving.

"And remember, if you ever stop hating me and change your mind..."

"The Blue Devil on Wednesdays," Steve said, finishing her sentence for her.

Aunt Marie gave her nephew a little smile and nodded before closing the door and heading home.

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the sad thing is its belivable, oh so belivable.
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Excellent filthy story, wonderfully written.
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Send her to san mateo ca. So i can do her,if you will not or can't
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great story about great times, hope you still are doing her. Older woman are the best!!
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