"Why are you always so mean to your s****r?" I asked my cousin Sarah.

"Because she's mean to me!" Sarah yelled back.

"I am not!" Janet said equally as loud.

"You are too!" Sarah yelled as she threw a pillow at Janet.

Janet caught the pillow and threw it back in a sweeping roundhouse fashion. The pillow caught Sarah off guard and knocked her over the side of her twin bed. There was a loud thump and groan as she hit the floor.

I was up and off the chair by the desk in a shot. I should not have worried as Sarah came up off the floor fighting mad. She fired the pillow back at her twin s****r like a rifle shot, yelling, "I'm going to kick your little candy ass for that."

The pillow caught Janet full in the face and knocked her flat on her back.

Sarah jumped up on her bed and dove across the space between her bed and her s****rs. She landed on top of Janet and grabbed her long red hair with both hands.

Janet made a loud "Humph" sound as the wind was knocked out of her but she gamely grabbed her s****r around the neck.

They wrestled around on the bed as I sat there with my mouth open. We were all in our late teens, were about to graduate high school, and had grown up together. The two of them had fought since birth but this was serious. Most of their fights were verbal barbs or throwing pillows and other such soft stuff.

For them to get physical was a first that I knew of. Oh sure, we wrestled around in fun but this was something else and had been brewing for some time now. Janet had brought a boy home for her eighteenth birthday party a few months back and Sarah had made a pass at him.

"Let go of my hair, damn it!" Janet screamed.

"I'm going to snatch you bald!" her s****r yelled back.

Janet tried to roll her s****r off but was not having any luck. Trying a new tactic, she grabbed her s****rs left boob and squeezed. Now it was Sarah's turn to scream.

"I'll rip this saggy tit out by its roots, if you don't let go!" Janet yelled.

Sarah tried to roll away but Janet hooked her legs and clamped them between her thighs, squeezing hard. Sarah yelped in pain and anger as she ended up on her side with Janet's legs around her legs.

I was rooted to the spot by surprise at first and then by the view I was getting of Janet's ass as her short pleated skirt rode higher and higher. I was fascinated by the way, her ass and thigh muscles tensed up each time she squeezed Sarah's legs. Not to mention the fact that this was the first time I had seen either one of the girl's ass's since we had skinny dipped as c***dren.

Sarah let go of Janet's hair with her left hand and grabbed her s****r's wrist trying to get it away from her breast. The two girls were evenly matched and the same identical size and strength, she was not having much luck. She grabbed Janet's right breast and gave it a hard squeeze and then a harder twist.

Janet yelled in pain. Sarah twisted it again and shouted, "That'll teach you not to wear a bra!"

That was not news to my hormone enabled eighteen-year-old male eyes. I had spotted the twin bumps of her nipples in her cotton blouse the moment I had entered the room.

Janet released her death grip on Sarah's legs and tried to roll away from her s****r's grip. Sarah was not going to relinquish her advantage if she could help it. They rolled back and forth, up and down the length of the bed.

First one fine ass was in view and then the other. Janet's concealed by thin white cotton drawers and Sarah's starkly bare except for the thong down the center of the crack. My teenage dick was standing up, trying to get a peek at the goings on over my belt buckle.

The rolling around ended abruptly when they got to close to the end of the bed. A loud thump announced their arrival on the floor. I quickly scooted the chair away from the scene of their struggle. I did not want a stray foot catching me in the shins even if I did want to have a ringside seat for the action.

Both girls had lost their respective handholds and were now wresting around trying to find an advantage. Janet ended up on top and straddling Sarah's hips. For a moment I got a full view of Sarah's cloth covered sex and the dark dimly visible secrets it cancelled. Then Janet's dress covered everything up.

Sarah grabbed Janet's blouse for leverage and I heard buttons bouncing across the floor. "Bitch, this is my favorite blouse." I heard Janet yell and then I heard fabric rip.

With a loud yell, Sarah bridged up and Janet tumbled backwards, her head right at my feet. I scooted back more as my eyes took in the full view of her bare breasts. Very, very nice my mind whispered. The twin perky cones were just that with the dark puffy domes of her auroras at the top and capped off with a pair of hard nipples.

I did not have a lot to compare them to in my limited experience, but fantastic was the word running through my mind as I licked my lips.

Janet threw me a puzzled look for a second and then Sarah was on top of her. The catfight was back on. Sarah straddled Janet's stomach and grabbed a breast in each hand. Janet made a grab at Sarah's bra and jerked. The front clasp broke under the pressure and Sarah's breast sprang into view. They were identical to her s****rs.

Now it was Janet's turn to grab a pair of breasts and to arch up sharply at the same time. Sarah's face ended up in my lap. I'm not sure who was more surprised, she or I. It sure was not Janet.

Janet scooted away, spun around, and grabbed Sarah's breasts from behind. She yanked backwards and Sarah landed with a loud thud on the floor between Janet's wide spread legs. Janet wrapped her legs around Sarah's waist and squeezed.

"Do you give up, bitch?" Janet asked sharply.

"No way." Sarah yelled back as she fought to get free.

Sarah flayed around trying to grab some hair but Janet leaned back out of reach. Then Sarah rocked from side to side trying to turn on her side so she could get some leverage. That did not work.

Looking at me she yelled, "I could use some help here."

I scooted back to the wall and held up my hands. "No way, I ain't getting in the middle of this."

That was for sure. I was enjoying the show way too much to break it up. Anyway, I did not want either or both of them mad at me. I was young but I wasn't stupid, I knew better than to get between fighting s****rs.

Janet released her grip on Sarah's breasts, wrapped her arms over her s****rs, and pulled back. She now had Sarah's arms pinned where she couldn't use them. She squeezed hard with her legs. Sarah yelled loudly and struggled.

Sarah's chest was arched up from the way her s****r held her arms. Her breasts were on full display to my semi virginal eyes. I licked my lips and had an evil thought that would get me killed if I even attempted it.

Janet must have been watching me and read my mind, because she said, "Go for it. I've got her, she ain't going anywhere."

I shook my head and waved my hands in a negative. "You'll have to let her go sooner or later. She'd kill me when you did."

"I said go for it, candy ass. You will never have a better chance. You ain't got a hair on your ass, if you don't."

Well, I didn't have any hair on my ass, as a matter of fact. I didn't have much hair anywhere, except on my head and around my dick. She was right though; this was the best chance I had ever had at getting my hands or mouth on a set of tits.

When I licked my lips again, Sarah shook her head and yelled, "No way! Don't even think about it. I'll kick your ass from here to hell and back."

"Do it or I'll kick your ass!" Janet said harshly.

When I started to move off the chair, Sarah raised a leg to kick at me. I grabbed her ankles and held them down as I knelt and then sat on her lower legs. Now Sarah was completely pinned.

My hands were shaking as I reached out and for the first time in my life touched a pair of breasts.

"Asshole!" Sarah yelled as my hands touched her. She struggled but that just rubbed her breasts and nipples on my hands.

I gently caressed her tits and then grinned at Janet over Sarah's shoulder. "These are the same as yours, right?"

Janet did a quick double take and then laughed. "Yeap, they sure are. They're exactly the same, we're twins remember."

"Oh yeah, I remember. I remember all the time. I remember when we used to go skinny-dipping together. I've wondered for years how much you two had changed since then."

My parents had moved to the city when I was around ten and we had just moved back at the start of the school year. Being the new k** in school in my senior year sucked big time.

My hands were now caressing Sarah's breasts with more confidence since Sarah had stopped struggling so much. Her face held anger but there was something else under it. I teased one nipple by flicking it up and down with a fingertip. The anger slipped to the side for a second to show.... What I wasn't sure but it was an interesting expression.

The nipple grew firmer and larger as I flicked it. I flicked the other one the same way, with the same result. Sarah made a soft sound in the back of her throat and then yelled, "Quit that. I'm going to kick both of your asses."

"No you're not," her s****r whispered softly in her ear, as she pulled back on her arms harder.

Looking up at me Janet grinned and said, "Lick it and see what she does." I must have had a shocked look on my face because Janet added, "Go on, do it."

"No!" Sarah yelled as I leaned forward.

I flicked the nipple with the tip of my tongue much as I had used my fingertip. "No!" Sarah yelled again but something was missing from her voice this time. I flicked the other nipple the same way. Sarah struggled but did not say anything.

I took a deep breath to get up my courage and then sucked the end of the breast into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the soft end and the hard bud of her nipple. Sarah made a soft gasping sound and then moaned softly.

"See, she likes that," Janet whispered.

I sucked more of the smooth firm breast into my mouth and bathed it with broad strokes of my tongue. Sarah moaned again and pressed the breast forward. I sucked in more of it with the same result. I now had most of her smallish breast in my mouth.

Her flesh tasted sweet but with the salty overtones of her sweat. Its smoothness and spongy firmness excited me. I savored the feel and ran my tongue all over every square inch I could reach. Sarah moaned loudly as a strong shiver ran up and down her body.

"Now you're getting to her," Janet whispered in encouragement to me. "Do it to the other one now."

I slowly released that breast and then planted a kiss right on the hard nipple. Sarah made a soft whimpering sound and then moaned loudly as I sucked in the other nipple. By the time, I had her whole breast in my mouth, Sarah was making a moaning whimpering sound almost continuously, and shivers were running up and down her body.

"How do you like them apples?" Janet asked in a whisper at her s****r's ear. Sarah's head was now laid back against her s****r's shoulder. "Does it feel as good as we always imagined?"

I glanced up just in time to see Sarah nod. I slowly released her breast and then moved over to the first one. It felt cool and slippery as it went into my mouth. Sarah took a deep gasping breath and pressed her tit tight to my sucking mouth.

"Oh yes, his mouth feels so hot," Sarah said as she released that breath. Then she moaned loudly as I swirled my tongue around and over her sensitive flesh.

Janet slowly released Sarah's arms as I sucked and licked that breast. The first I knew about it was when Sarah's hands came up and tangled in my long hair. She did not pull me away; she pulled my mouth tighter to her.

I could see one of Janet's hands toying with Sarah's other breast out of the corner of my eye. She pinched and then rolled the nipple. When she did, Sarah arched her back more and moaned very loudly. I took the hint and moved my lips and tongue back to the nipple on my breast. I nipped at it lightly with my teeth.

This brought a loud yell from Sarah that scared me. I tried to lift my head but she pulled it back to her with surprising strength. I sucked on the nipple for a second and then nipped it again. She took a sharp hissing breath and thrust her chest out.

"Oh, she really likes that," Janet whispered softly. "Do it some more."

I nipped her nipple several more times and then switched to the other one, which Janet held out for me. Janet was now cupping and gently squeezing her s****r's firm breasts, as I kissed, licked, and nibbled on the nipples. Back and forth between the two prizes I went. Sarah would jerk and moan each time I nipped her.

"I've got to find out what that feels like." I heard Janet say.

"You're going to just love it." I heard Sarah whisper back between soft moans. "It shoots a spark down to your pussy every time he does it."

"Damn, I win the fight and you're having all the fun. What's wrong with this picture?" Janet asked with humor in her voice.

"We could move up to the bed," Sarah whispered. "But he only has one mouth."

"Yeah, that is a problem, isn't it?" Janet whispered back. After a moment she added, "We've got mouths to."

Sarah stiffened a second as Janet spoke and then moaned loudly as I sucked her whole breast into my mouth. My tongue was going a mile a minute as Sarah whispered, "That's very true, but you're my s****r."

"So?" Janet asked. "We're damn near the same person anyway. We are identical in damn near every way. It wouldn't be much different from when we masturbate. I touch me and you touch you, but we're touching the same identical thing."

This came as a shock to me, and my mind wrestled with the problem of how girls jacked off. I had seen pictures of naked girls down there and I had seen these two naked when we were k** but how did it work for them. I had a few ideas but no solid facts.

I came up for air and did the only thing I could think of. I asked Janet.

Janet laughed and replied, "With a rub, rub here and a rub, rub there, how else."

All I could do was look confused.

"I think he's as big a virgin as we are," Sarah whispered.

"I think so to." Janet agreed. When I nodded, Janet grinned and whispered, "We'll show you if you'll show us."

My body yelled hell yes, but my brain yelled no way. I froze.

"I think you scared him," Sarah said to her s****r.

"Yeah, I did." Janet replied with a chuckle. "Hey George, Earth to George? Is anyone home?"

I suddenly had to take a deep breath. I had been holding that last one and finally ran out of air.

"Well, he's still alive," Sarah, said with a laugh.

"Yeah, kind of... sort of," I said as my brain slipped back into gear. "You guys shouldn't tease me like that."

"Who's teasing?" Janet whispered, "I was dead serious."

"Your mom and dad would kill me and then my mom and dad would kill me, so dead is an appropriate word.

"Mom and dad won't be back until tomorrow night," Sarah said and then grinned. "We sure as hell won't tell anyone, we don't want to die either."

"Come on, don't be such a baby," Janet said and then laughed, "Except when you suck on my nipples." She moved her hands away from Sarah's tits and rubbed her own. "Damn, they're tingling from me just thinking about it."

I watched her hands for a second and licked my lips. "I.... Uh.... Well...." I stammered for a moment as I tried to think of a way to say what I wanted to say.

"Go ahead and spit it out, you aren't going to shock or embarrass either of us," Sarah said.

"Just myself," I said under my breath.

Janet laughed and then sobered as she admitted. "Look, we're all virgins here and we don't have any more of a clue than you do. So there is nothing to be embarrassed about. You've seen our boobs so you are ahead of us in a way. Don't be a chicken. Come on, at least take off your shirt."

"Yeah!" Sarah chipped in.

They had me on the spot now. They were right about the boobs but I was shy about my hairless skinny chest. I'm tall and lanky. Not bony skinny but my muscles are long and thin instead of bulgy. The guys are always k**ding me about being a beanpole. A few have found out just how strong I really am, the hard way.

I took a deep breath and raised my hands to the bottom of my tee shirt. Before I could let myself think about it, I whipped the shirt up and over my head. I tossed it at Sarah and sat there waiting for the jokes.

Sarah caught the shirt and grinned at me. "See, that wasn't so hard, now was it." Her eyes dropped to my lap and centered on the large bulge in the front of my jeans that my tee shirt had been hiding. Her mouth opened but she did not say anything.

I realized that Janet's eyes were glued to the same spot. I squirmed on the chair and then Janet whispered, "It's peeking at us." My hands flew to my lap and covered the head of my dick as I blushed a deep red, the skin on my neck and face growing warmer and warmer.

Sarah moved her s****r's legs out of the way and scooted forward to pull at my forearms. "Don't do that. Just relax, everything is alright," she whispered with a touch of awe in her voice. I let her pull my hands away.

Janet stood up and then reached under the sides of her skirt. She wiggled her hips, slipped her white panties down below her knees, and then stepped out of them. She reached over her s****r's head and dropped the panties in my lap.

"Here are mine." She told me.

Sarah looked over her shoulder at her s****r and then got to her feet. She removed her panties in the same way and dropped them in my lap.

"Here are mine," she whispered.

Janet slipped off her blouse and nudged Sarah. Sarah grinned and removed her blouse and the bra. They both dropped the clothes on the floor. Neither girl wore shoes or anything else except earrings and the short pleated school skirts.

I sighed and leaned over to untie my tennis shoes. I removed them and my socks. I wiggled my toes as I sat back up straight. "Now what?" I asked shyly.

The twins looked at each other and then Janet said, "I don't know. Lets get on my bed and we'll play it by ear."

"It's not your ears you want played with," Sarah said with a giggle.

When they turned around, I brought each pair of panties up to my nose for a second. They smelled very much alike but Sarah's scent was stronger and seemed a little earthier. I stood up and walked toward the bed. I dropped the panties on Sarah's bed and stood next to Janet's trying to figure out how three of us were going to fit on that twin bed.

Janet looked at me funny and asked, "Is something wrong."

"The bed is kind of small." I replied.

Janet looked at her s****r and nodded. "It is, ain't it?"

"He's right." Sarah added.

"We could go into mom and dad's room or the guest room." Janet offered.

"The guest room." Both of them said at the same time and then laughed.

They got off the bed and each one took one of my hands as they led me down the hall to the bedroom at the far end. It was small but had a full sized bed in it.

"If you guys have a third bedroom, why do you two stay in one room?" I asked in confusion.

I shared a room with my younger b*****r and could not wait for my older b*****r to move out so I could have my own room. Sharing a room on purpose did not sound right from my point of view.

"We like it that way. We like to be close," Janet said in reply.

"We even sl**p together sometimes, especially when there's a storm." Sarah added.

My mind flashed a picture of the two of them cuddled up in one bed. My hard dick gave a quick sharp twitch that almost made me groan as it rubbed the sensitive head across the rough material of my jeans. My hips gave a little jerk.

Janet noticed and asked, "What was that all about?"

I stammered around again until she said, "Look, we've got to be honest and open with each other or we're not going to learn anything. You answer our questions as best you can and we'll answer your as best we can, ok?"

I nodded and took a deep calming breath. "A picture of you two cuddled up naked in bed crossed my mind and it made my thing twitch. The head of it is super sensitive right now and rubbed against my jeans."

"Did it hurt you?" Janet asked.

"No not really, but it made my hips jerk."

"It must be like the way our clits get after we get off," Sarah whispered.

"Clits?" I asked.

"Uh, it's kind of hard to explain," Janet said. "I guess showing you would be the best way. What do you think Sarah?"

"Hey, this was your idea, you show him."

"Okay, I will," Janet said as she sat down on the side of the bed.

She leaned back on her left arm and raised her feet to the side of the bed, about shoulder width wide. Her short skirt was pulled high enough for me to get my first in person look at a woman's sex. I felt myself blush hotly as I openly stared at the point of all young men's lust and attention.

I noticed that Janet and Sarah both blushed as Janet raised her skirt and spread her legs wider apart. She brushed a finger over the puffy outer part of her sex and said, "These are the Labia major or outer lips."

She sat up and used two fingers to spread the outer lips. She used a fingernail to brush against two thin ruffled pieces of skin and said, "These are the inner lips or Labia minor."

Her fingernail moved high in the bright pink slit and flicked at what looked like a bump at the very top. I moved closer and knelt down. I could see a pea sized bump with a piece of skin partly over it. As Janet's nail flicked back and forth, the peas grew redder and larger, pushing the skin back farther.

"This is my clitoris or clit for short. It's the most sensitive thing on my body and if I rub it right, I can have a mind blowing orgasm," She whispered softly. "Afterwards, it gets almost too sensitive to touch."

My eyes were feasting on her sex and my mind was filing away everything I saw and heard. My real sex education was under way, I realized. Everything up until now was just hearsay and conjecture. I was face to face, literally with the object of all men's dreams.

Her finger moved lower and the tip disappeared from sight. "This is my vagina. This is where your thing fits." Then she blushed a beet red and stammered, "Well, not your thing but the one that I marry. Uh, the man's that I marry." When Sarah laughed, Janet looked at her sharply and added, "You know what I mean."

I looked up at Sarah and asked, "Is yours the same?"

She blushed and then nodded. Then she grinned and slowly raised her skirt up around her waist. My eyes dropped to her sex as she lifted her foot and placed it on the edge of the bed.

The only difference I could see between the two of them was that Sarah's looked wet and shiny. I asked about it.

Janet giggled and said, "It's your fault. Your sucking on her tits got her all excited. Women get that way; it's for lubrication when they have sex."

"Oh! Is that why she smells slightly different from you?" I asked Janet.

"Probably." She replied and then she asked, "Can you smell us from there?"

Now it was my turn to blush as I admitted sniffing their panties when they were not looking.

"Why the hell did you do that?" Sarah asked.

I shrugged and said, "I don't really know for sure, other than I wanted to know what you smelled like. I was curious."

"Are you curious about taste?" Janet asked softly, a big grin on her face.

"Janet!" Sarah yelled loudly, a look of shock on her face.

With a laugh, Janet said, "Well, you got your tits sucked and I was just trying to one up you."

"What do you mean about taste? The taste of what?" I asked. Janet grinned and patted her sex. "Oh!" I added and then licked my lips. "Do guys actually do that? I've heard stories but...."

"We've heard the stories to and from some very reliable sources," Janet whispered and then asked, "Would you do it?"

"To you?" I asked back as my mouth dropped open.

She nodded and I swallowed hard. Did I dare? Did I have the nerve? Did I want to? What would I actually do? How did one go about it? Man, the questions were getting deep and I was already on my knees.

"Uh, what does it taste like?"

"I love the taste of mine," Sarah whispered as she blushed from her breasts to her hairline.

Janet's head snapped around to look at her s****r. Then she grinned and whispered, "I love the taste of mine too."

"How would I go about it?" I asked and then could not believe that I was actually considering it.

"I don't really know." Janet admitted as she leaned back on her elbows. "I guess you could just start kissing and maybe licking and I could tell you what feels the best."

"What if I do something wrong?"

"Then I'll tell you not to do it again. Just be gentle and don't bite is about all I can honestly tell you."

I took a deep breath and blew it out noisily. I inched closer to the side of the bed until my face was only a few inches from Janet's sex. There was a fine dusting of reddish blonde hair over the puffy part above her sex and the same over the outer lips. My head moved forward and back several times before Janet put a hand on the back of my head and pulled lightly.

My face was now less than an inch from her sex. I could smell her earthy rich aroma. So much for the fish theory, I thought as I stuck out my tongue and took a small quick lick along her outer lip. Her hand tightened on my head and she took a soft hissing breath.

I took another lick, this one longer and up along the edge of one lip. Janet sucked in a sharp breath and whispered, "Yes!"

I licked the other edge the same way. Her hips rolled up as I did and her outer lips were pressed to my lips. I kissed her pussy as I took a tentative lick between the tight folds and Janet shivered all over as she pulled at my head. I took that for a good sign and took a longer lick, parting the folds as I went upward.

"Oh, hell yes!" Janet almost shouted.

I tried to pull back and look up at her but she pulled harder on my head and yelled, "No, do that some more."

Her slit was wet and tasted much like her panties smelled only sweeter and muskier at the same time. I liked the taste so I had no intentions of quitting. I licked up and down her slit several times and felt it start to loosen and open up.

I ran my tongue down until I felt it touch a hole. Janet yelled and flexed her hips upward hard. My tongue slipped inside the opening and Janet damn near screamed. I thought I had hurt her and pulled my head out of her hand.

"No! No!" Janet yelled at me. "Don't stop. Do that some more." She lifted her hips and tilted them, her opening now plainly visible.

I lowered my head and stabbed my tongue into her hot wet depths. She yelled again and kept right on yell as I swirled my tongue around. I moved my head back and forth working my tongue quickly in and out of her sex. Her hips rose higher and so did the volume of her yelling.

Suddenly she clamped her thighs closed and did several half sit ups. Her hips were jerking hard enough to hurt my neck. I could not hear or see and most importantly, I could not breath. I swirled my tongue around inside her and hoped for the best. This just made her clamp down even tighter. It was a wrong thing from my point of view but not from hers obviously.

As I was running out of air, I brought my hands up and pried at her knees. I felt another set of hands and slowly Janet's knees started to open. I jerked once and then twice before my head came free and I took a deep, deep wheezing breath.

"Are you alright?" Sarah asked, worry heavy in her voice.

I nodded and sat back on my heels breathing heavily. I looked at Janet to find her on her side, curled into a ball. I looked at Sarah and asked in a frightened voice, "Is she alright?"

Sarah grinned and whispered, "Oh yeah, she's just peachy keen."

"What's wrong with her? Did I hurt her?"

"Nope, you just blew her socks off, if she'd had any on. She just had one beauty of an orgasm, believe me."

My mouth dropped open. I had given her an orgasm. I could not believe it. Then I was grinning like an idiot.

Sarah grinned back at me and nodded. "Do you want to try it on me?" She asked in a shy hesitant voice.

When I licked my lips and nodded, she blushed and moved over to sit on the side of the bed next to her s****r. She laid back and lifted her feet to the edge of the mattress. Her feet were close together and her knees closed.

I knee walked over in front of her. When she did not move her legs apart, I put my hands on her ankles and slowly ran them up and down her legs. After a moment, I ran them up over her knees and down along the outside of her thighs. Her skin was so warm, soft, and smooth.

My hands caressed her outer thighs and hips for a few minutes. She gave a shiver and whispered, "I don't think I can do it."

"Yes you can." I heard Janet say.

"I'm scared," Sarah whispered.

I saw Janet shift on the bed and then there was silence. I continued to caress Sarah and waited. For what I was not sure but there wasn't much else to do.

A few minutes later, a hand appeared on Sarah's left knee. Slowly it moved down between her thighs. I heard Sarah whimper softly, but it had a muffled quality to it. The whimper got louder as the hand moved lower between her thighs.

I assumed the hand was Janet's. The fingers curled and the nails raked lightly at the tender sensitive flesh of Sarah's inner thigh. Sarah moaned softly as her legs spread apart slightly. The nails ran up and down a longer path and Sarah's legs moved farther apart.

I could now see Janet's head and she was sucking on Sarah's left nipple. Sarah had a hand on the back of Janet's neck and the other one on her right breast. She was rolling the nipple between her finger and thumb.

Janet's hand moved lower and cupped her s****r's sex. Sarah's legs were now wide open. I kissed her inner knee as Janet's hand lightly stroked the outer lips. One fingertip was tracing the seam between them and slowly disappearing into the tight folds.

Sarah was moaning softly in a continuous whinny voice. As I kissed and licked my way toward Janet's slow moving hand, Sarah got louder. When my cheek brushed Janet's hand, I kissed and licked my way back up the other thigh. By the time I reached her knee, Sarah was shivering.

When I looked up, Janet was now sucking on Sarah's other breast. She had her head turned my way and winked at me. I smiled as her hand moved off Sarah's sex. She motioned me forward and then ran her hand up and down Sarah's inner thigh.

I kissed my way down the other thigh and then took a lick along one of her outer lips. She tasted stronger than Janet had but had much the same flavor. As I licked and kissed her outer lips, I moved my hands up next to my head and caressed her.

I was planning ahead, if she slammed her thighs together as Janet had. I wanted a way out if I needed it. Janet might not notice my distress as Sarah had.

Armed with the little knowledge I had gained earlier, I took my time and explored other areas. I listened to the noises that Sarah made to try to gauge what she liked and what felt best. Sucking on her inner lips was good and nibbling on the tender flesh even better.

When my tongue ran over her clit, I found the jackpot. She gave a muffled yell and arched her hips up, pressing her sex tighter to my mouth. I glanced up as I sucked on the tiny bud and saw Janet kissing Sarah.

I flicked the bud with the tip of my tongue rapidly, as I had her nipple and she was yelling and trying to close her thighs at the same time. I quickly moved my hands and arms up to hold them wide. Her hips were bouncing up and down so hard and fast that I had trouble holding onto the little bud.

I moved back abandoning her clit. I put my hands under her knees and pushed up and outward. Her hips were still jerking but my next target was in full view. I leaned forward and stabbed my tongue into her very wet opening. I almost jerked back as a gush of fluid filled my mouth. I swallowed automatically and continued to tongue her.

Sarah's hips were rolling back and forth at a furious rate as she was almost screaming into Janet's mouth. Since I had not hurt Janet doing this, I figure I wasn't hurting Sarah.

A moment or two later, I felt a hand aimlessly swatting at my head. It was Sarah's hand so I took this as a signal to quit. I lifted my head and sat back on my heels. Her hips continued to work for a few seconds longer and then they collapsed onto the bed.

As I sat there, watching Sarah's twitching stomach and quivering thighs; I realized the head of my dick and the part of my stomach were it was pressed were sticky and wet. I grinned as I also realized that girls were not the only ones to get wet when they were excited.

Janet had her head resting on her s****r's shoulder and she was smiling as she looked at me. She was lying on her side and her left knee was pointing toward the ceiling. The hand that had been between Sarah's thighs earlier was now slowly moving over her own sex. She sighed deeply and flexed her hips as a finger brushed something sensitive.

"Do you want me to...? Uh.... You know...." I asked in a hushed whisper.

She shook her head slowly and grinned. "Not right now. I had two or three small ones while s****r here was trying to set a new worlds record. I'm fine, I'm just teasing myself."

I shifted my position and Janet whispered, "Why don't you get up here on the bed?" I moved up and lay down on the other side of Sarah from her.

She grinned at me and added, "Your face is a mess, all shiny and wet looking."

I licked my lips. "Yeah it is." I replied, grinning like a fool.

Janet's eyes drifted down to my jeans and she whispered, "Your face ain't the only place you're wet."

"Guys seem to do that lube thing to." I told her softly.

Sarah moaned softly, shifted her hips, and slowly closed her legs. "Am I dead yet?" She asked in a hoarse whisper.

"No such luck," Janet whispered back. "I'm still stuck with you."

I watched her breasts move up and down slowly. "You're still breathing."

"I wasn't at one point," She whispered back. "I couldn't catch my breath."

"Damn s*s, mine was great but yours was way out there. What did he do differently?"

When Sarah did not answer, I said, "I think it was the little clit thingy. When I licked it she yelled a lot louder." Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Janet's thighs tensing up several times.

"You licked her clit." Janet looked at me her mouth hanging slightly open. "You didn't lick mine."

"I went the other way on you. I decided to explore a little on her. Then when she was jumping too much for me to continue doing it to her clit, I did to her what I did to you. Was that the wrong thing to do?"

"Hell no!" I heard Sarah say. "It was perfect. It liked to have taken the top of my head off. I started to come and then when it got to sensitive, you moved down and stabbed that hot tongue of yours in me. I just took off again. That was the longest and most intense orgasm I've ever had."

"Yeah, I know. When I stuck my tongue in there, I had to swallow, so much of that lube came out." Janet and Sarah both just looked at me. "What?" I asked.

"You swallowed that?" Janet asked with a note of wonder in her voice.

"Well, yeah. There wasn't much else I could do. Anyway, it was just reflex. I already had it all over my face and tongue so what was the difference."

"Your face is a mess," Sarah said with a grin.

"You did it. Well, most of it anyway." I replied, grinning back at her.

Sarah got up on her elbows with a soft groan and then rolled over toward me. She licked my face and then laughed. "His faces tastes just like my pussy."

"Well, duh!" Janet said with a laugh. "It probably tastes like mine to."

"Come over here and see," Sarah said, grinning at me.

"Oh you'd just love that wouldn't you? Then you could tease me about licking your old slimy pussy juice."

"It ain't slimy, it's wonderful," I said to no one in particular.

Janet climbed over the top of her s****r and me to lay done on my other side. "I know that silly. I'm just giving her a ration of shit."

I turned my head just as she started to lick my face. The next thing I know, we were kissing. I had never kissed a girl before except for my mom and one weird aunt, but this was entirely different. Janet seemed to know what she was doing and guided me along gently.

When she lifted her head and broke the kiss, she looked at Sarah and whispered, "Your turn."

Sarah looked at her for a second and then leaned over to kiss me. It was softer and sweeter than Janet's was but it was growing stronger by the second. When Sarah moaned softly in her throat, she jerked her head back.

"Okay, that's enough," She said and then gave a little shivering shake.

I looked from one girl to the other and then asked, "Who taught you two to kiss?"

"We did." Janet replied. "We practiced on each other. We didn't know of any other way of going about it."

"Oh," I said as a vision of the two of them kissing floated across my mind. My manhood gave a slow twitch for some reason.

Janet leaned over and licked my chin. She rolled her tongue around in her mouth for a second and nodded. "He tastes like me too." Then she grinned and winked at Sarah. "Now we know what each others pussies taste like. If kissing each other was such a big turn on, I wonder what that would do."

Sarah started to laugh and then sobered suddenly. "Oh shit!" She whispered softly.

"Exactly." Her s****r replied with a grin.

"Huh...." I started to ask a question.

"Don't even go there," Janet said. "We don't know right now but we'll figure it out sooner or later."

Sarah laughed nervously and said, "Why don't you go wash your face."

Janet laughed and licked my chin again. "Why? One of us will just get it messy again in a little while."

The phone rang down stairs about then and Sarah jumped off the bed and ran out of the room.

Janet leaned over and kissed me again. My hand came up and caressed the soft warm skin of her back. She murmured softly and moved closer to me. Her nipples brushed my chest and she shivered as she pressed her breasts tighter to me. They felt so good and so warm against my skin.


By the time Sarah returned, Janet was lying mostly on top of me, her right leg between mine. My hands were roaming freely over her back and dipping ever so often down into the top of her skirt to caress her smooth round ass. My dick was throbbing as her hip shifted against it ever so often.

"Hey you guys, break it up!" Sarah said softly.

Janet lifted up and looked over her shoulder. "Why should we do that?"

"Because I want in there to." Sarah replied with a laugh.

"Wait your turn, greedy." Janet told her with a grin. "Who was on the phone?"

"George's mom."

I jumped and almost rolled Janet off the top of me. "What did she want?" I asked nervously.

"There's a big storm headed this way and she wanted to know if you were staying over here or if you wanted her to come get you." Sarah paused to grin. "I told her we were studying for a big test and asked if it was alright for you to stay over. She said it was fine for you to stay but that you needed to be home around ten in the morning."

"Yeah, they're going to visit one of her friends in the hospital tomorrow and I have to watch my little b*****r." I told them.

"Alright, we've got you for the night," Janet said loudly. When I looked at her funny, she went back to kissing me.

"Hey guys, no fair," Sarah said as she climbed on the bed.

Janet broke our kiss, laughed, and grabbed her s****r. She started kissing Sarah right on the lips as she had been kissing me. I watched them kiss as I slipped my hand around Sarah and stroked her back. My other hand was back under the waistband of Janet's skirt.

Janet suddenly broke the kiss and got up on her knees. She looked down at my jeans and grinned. She continued to stare at my crotch as she unzipped the side of her skirt and pushed it down off her hips. The skirt fell and pooled around her knees.

My mouth dropped open at the beauty of her long lean naked body as my eyes wandering lustfully up and down and all around.

"Your turn s*s," Janet whispered softly.

Sarah swallowed hard and then got to her knees. She undid her skirt and pushed it down off her hips. She held it for a second and then let go of it. It fell down around her knees.

Now I had two beauties to look at. My head swiveled back and forth, back and forth. They were identical except for a small scar on Sarah's left hip and Janet had a little more hair on her sex.

"Well?" Janet asked in a soft whisper.

"Just beautiful!" I answered in a breathy whisper.

"Now it's your turn," Janet said as she sat back on her heels. Sarah did likewise and nodded.

I shivered and took a deep breath. My moment of truth had arrived and I was not sure I was ready for it. The problem was that I knew the girls would not take no for an answer. I had seen them and even kissed and tasted them to orgasms. Now they wanted their turn.

With trembling hands, I reached for my belt buckle. I unclipped it and then paused as my hands shook worse.

"Relax," Janet whispered. "We're not going to kill you any more than you tried to kill us, so there's nothing to be nervous about." Then she grinned and spread her knees apart, her hand going down to caress her outer lips.

Sarah looked over to see what Janet was doing and grinned as she did the same. "Just think about this and don't worry. It will be alright."

I took a deep breath and undid the button on my jeans. With fumbling fingers, I opened the zipper. I lay there for a second to get my courage up and then lifted my hips and wiggled the jeans down off my hips. I raised my knees and pulled the jeans all the way off.

Janet took the jeans and dropped them on the floor as I slowly lowered my legs. I now lay before the two girls in just my briefs. My dick was a dark ridge up the center with the dark reddish pink head peeking out the waistband. I trembled with excitement and a little fear.

I tried to watch both girls' faces at once. Janet just stared and slowly licked her lips. Sarah had blushed as I lowered my legs but now her eyes darted up and down over the front of my drawers.

Finally, Sarah whispered, "Well?"

I wiggled out of the underwear and lifted my knees to slip them off over my feet. I tossed them on the floor but kept my knees up. In unison, the two girls grabbed a knee and pulled downward. I let them have their way and then lowered my legs back flat on the bed.

My hard dick was now on total display for their hungry eyes, and believe you me, their eyes were all over it. I swallowed hard and tried to relax.

Janet was the first to move. Her hand came out from between her legs and hovered over my manhood for a second. I felt my shaft twitch in anticipation and both girls giggled.

"Did you do that?" Janet asked.

"I can but most of the time it does it on its own." I replied truthfully.

"Do it again," Sarah said.

I clenched my ass muscles and my dick jumped. Both girls grinned and then chuckled.

Janet's hand brushed my shaft and it jerked sharply this time. She jerked her hand back and laughed. "It tried to get me," She whispered.

"It doesn't bite." I said, making a joke.

"Are you sure?" Sarah asked with a grin.

"Nope, it only spits." I replied with a laugh.

"When does it do that?" Janet asked as her hand moved back toward me.

"Probably a few seconds after you touch me." I answered in a whisper.

Her cool fingers wrapped around my shaft and I groaned loudly. A girl had finally touched me, even if it was my cousin. Her fingers squeezed my shaft firmly and then moved up and down it slowly.

"It's so hot and hard," She said to no one in particular.

"Let me feel," Sarah whispered as she leaned forward to get a closer look.

Janet held my shaft straight up by the base and Sarah wrapped her fingers around it just above her s****rs. I groaned and damn near came right then and there.

"We're not hurting you are we." Janet asked with concern in her voice.

All I could do was shake my head as my hips worked up and down trying to get one of them to touch the head. Sarah moved her hand up to the head and that was all it took. I was coming for all I was worth. Jet after strong jet of cum shot high in the air.

"Holy shit!" I heard Janet say as Sarah's hand disappeared with a squeal.

I felt part of my cum land on my belly but I did not know where the rest went and at that particular time, I really didn't care. My hips continued to jerk even after there was nothing else to shot. Janet's hand moved up and down my shaft from the base to the overly sensitive head. Each time she touched the head; my hips would jerk and shake.

"I'd say we found out how that worked, easy enough," Janet whispered.

"Yeah, but you did not end up with part of it on your tit like I did," Sarah whispered back.

I opened my eyes to see her smearing it around on her right tit with her forefinger. "It's really slippery." She added.

Janet ran her hand around and over the head of my dick. I groaned loudly as she replied, "It sure is."

She released me and chuckled as my still hard member slapped wetly against my belly. She brought her hand up in front of her face and sniffed. "It doesn't have much smell." She licked her palm quickly.

"Janet!" Sarah said loudly.

Janet laughed and said, "It tastes salty but with a spicy musky overtone. Not as bad as I thought it might taste, in any case."

Sarah looked at the fingertip she had smeared my cum with and then stuck it in her mouth and sucked. Janet grinned and shook her head. "Curiosity wins every time."

Sarah pulled her finger out of her mouth and whispered, "Not bad, not bad at all."

Janet looked at her hand and then grinned as she rubbed the sticky slick fluid on it over her left breast. She shivered and then rubbed some on her right breast. Then she used both hands to massage her breasts. She made a soft almost purring sound deep in her throat.

Sarah had been watching her and as Janet made that sound, she reached out and smeared the big blob of cum on my belly around with the palm of her hand. Then she smeared it all over her breasts as Janet had.

She gave a shiver as she used both hands to rub her breasts and then said, "It does feel good, doesn't it."

"Kinky is more like it," Janet whispered back. Both girls laughed.

Watching both girls playing with their breasts kept my dick hard and it would twitch from time to time.

"We're going to have to take a shower," Sarah said to Janet.

Janet nodded and then got an evil grin on her face. "Together, all three of us. That should be fun. I think we would all fit in mom and dad's shower."

"There's only one way to find out." Sarah replied as she got off the bed.

"It's been a long time since we've taken a shower or bath together." Janet whispered as she got off the bed.

Sarah nodded and then looked at me. "Are you coming or are you going to just lay there like a log. You're the one that made this mess so you should have to wash us both."

I grinned and sat up. "I don't have a problem with that. Two soapy slippery female bodies in a shower, that's not a problem at all." I gave them a leering grin and then laughed.

The girls looked at each other and then Janet said softly, "Just remember, you'll be fair game also. Four hands can touch more than just two."

I chuckled as I got off the bed. "I ain't scared." And I wasn't. I suddenly had a newfound confidence that I had lacked before. "Shall we?" I asked as I put an arm around each of their waists.


I had fantasized about having a girl in the shower with me but never two. That will teach me not to limit my fantasies. Two soft slippery bodies and four soft female hands exploring and teasing me were more than a fantasy; it was close to ecstasy. My dick never even thought about going down and throbbed constantly. I nearly came several dozen times.

My hands were not idle. I used them to explore every square inch of both girls. After my initial fascination with their breasts and sexes, I found I had a definite fetish for their asses. My hands kept wandering back to caress the soft muscular cheeks and the deep cleft.

"You sure seem to like my ass." Janet commented as my fingers traced the crease.

When my finger teased her tightly puckered asshole, she gave a jerk and then shivered. "You seem to like it to," I said softly.

Janet grinned and pushed her ass back against my finger. "What gave you that idea?"

"What's he doing?" Sarah asked.

"Show her," Janet whispered as my fingertip teased her more firmly.

My hand slipped down Sarah's back to caress her ass and then dipped into the crack. As my finger brushed her asshole, she gave a soft squeal and moved away from my hand. I returned my hand to her ass and did it again.

This time she did not squeal or move away, she just pushed her ass back and made a soft sound deep in her throat.

"See what I mean," Janet said softly and then moaned loudly as my soapy fingertip suddenly snapped through the tight ring of muscles and entered her to the first knuckle.

Janet shifted her hips and spread her legs wider as she stuck her ass out even more. My finger slipped farther in and she gasped loudly, coming up on her toes.

"What the hell?" Sarah asked.

"He has his finger in my ass," Janet whispered as she moved her hips back and forth. My finger moved in and out of her ass slowly. She made a loud groaning noise as a shudder ran up and down her body. She leaned forward and held onto my shoulder.

"He's what?" Sarah asked loudly and then gave a low yelp as my finger slipped into her ass. Her hips moved in short choppy jerks for a second and then she also leaned over and held onto me. I moved my slippery finger back and forth inside her and she groaned loudly.

Both girls were moaning, groaning, and whimpering as I continued to finger their asses. Suddenly, Janet gave a loud moaning yell and her hips jerked back and forth, as her asshole clamped down on my finger tightly in fluttery little grabs. Sarah was not but a minute or so behind. No pun intended.

After a while, Janet blew out a noisy breath and whispered; "Now that was interesting. One minute it was feeling very good and the next second I was coming my brains out."

"Uh huh," was Sarah's witty mumbled reply.

I slipped my fingers out of their asses and put my arms around their waists. There was something to file away for future reference, I thought to myself with a big smile as both girls still hung onto me for support.

Janet blew out another noisy breath and slowly straightened up. "Chalk up another interesting discovery," she whispered and then laughed. "I sure didn't know that could happen."

"Me either," Sarah whispered as she straightened up.

They both looked at me. I shrugged and shook my head. "Don't look at me, I was just playing around, exploring as they say."

Janet put her hand on my dick and moved it up and down slowly. I took a hissing breath as she did. She grinned and said, "Maybe we should do some exploring of our own. What do you think s*s?"

Sarah giggled as she added her hand to my shaft. "Sounds like fun to me. I just don't want to get messy again."

"If you keep that up, you're sure as hell going to make another mess." I told them as my hips started to move back and forth slowly.

Janet squatted down and watched my dick slip back and forth through their hands for a second or two. "I'll bet that this would just blow my mind if it was inside me," she whispered almost as if she was talking to herself.

"Janet!" her s****r yelled. "Don't you dare!"

Janet chuckled and shook her head. "I was just thinking out loud. It isn't as if we haven't talked about it and how we thought it would feel to finally lose our cherries. I know two of my fingers sure feel good and I'm sure yours do to."

"You scared me there for a moment," Sarah whispered softly.

Both girl's had stopped moving their hands and I was glad, my legs were starting to shake.

Janet looked at my trembling knees and then up at my face. "What's wrong with you?"

I took a deep breath and whispered, "I'm pretty close to coming again."

"Oh!" She said sharply and took her hand away.

Sarah got an evil grin on her face and moved her hand up and down slowly as she aimed the head of my dick toward her s****r.

Janet saw what was going on and yelled, "Hey! Don't point that thing at me."

Sarah laughed and stroked me faster.

I was on a hair trigger and just as my orgasm started its meteoric rise, Janet leaned over and sucked the head of my dick in her mouth. Needless to say, I went off like a bomb at the feel of her hot wet mouth on the head of my dick.

I let out a loud yell and Sarah yelled, "Janet?" at the same exact instant. Janet sucked greedily at my dick as I shot off for all I was worth. It felt like my spine was ripped out of my body and I sagged back against the wall and slowly slid down it.

Somewhere along the way, Janet released my dick and so did Sarah. I was in a dense fog as far as my brain was concerned and my body was one big twitching jerking mess of disassociated parts.

"Yuck, the soap tasted terrible." I heard Janet say from somewhere far away. "But the rest was tasty to say the least."

"I don't fucking believe that you did that!" I heard Sarah say loudly.

I opened my eyes to see Janet grinning at Sarah. "You bet your cute little ass I did that. I had to see what it tasted like fresh out of the.... Well, fresh anyway."

Sarah grinned and replied, "You bitch! You've always got to be the first at everything, always trying to one up me."

"You'd have done the same to me, if you had thought of it first." Janet shot back.

Sarah laughed and nodded, "Yeah, that's true but it still doesn't make it fair."

"I'm sure you'll get a chance before the night is over." Janet reassured her.

About then, the lights went out with a loud clap of thunder. The girls squealed and I jumped. It was a mad free for all as we tried to rinse off the soap all at one time by the Braille system. By the time we were finished, we were all laughing.

Luckily, the girls could find us towels in the completely dark bathroom. We dried off as best we could and then Janet went for a flashlight. Sarah held onto me tightly.

"I don't like the dark. Not complete dark like this anyway," She said with a tremor in her voice.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. "It'll be alright. Janet will find a flashlight in a few minutes."

"I sure hope so," Sarah whispered as she turned around in my arms. Her warm firm butt was now pressed against my upper thighs.

My manhood had been soft when I first held her but now it was slowly on the rise. I could feel it pressing against Sarah's tailbone. It got stiffer and slowly rose up, sliding across the warm skin of her lower back. I shifted my hips and it slipped between us and was now a hot bar down the center of her lower spine.

Sarah rubbed against it and me for a second and then chuckled. "I think you like holding me."

"What's not to like?" I asked softly as I followed the wet outline of her hair down to kiss her neck.

She shivered and whispered, "I like it to."

I kissed and licked her neck as far down as I could reach without breaking the contact between our bodies. Sarah came up on her toes so I could reach more of her neck. I could feel the top of the crease in her ass rub against the base of my hard shaft.

I bent my knees out to either side of her legs and squatted until my manhood was fitted tightly in that warm silky cleft. Sarah shivered and pressed back tight to me. I kissed her neck where it met her shoulder and squatted a bit lower, and then moved back up, rubbing myself in the crack of her ass.

She shivered and made a soft whimpering noise. I moved my hands up and cupped her breasts gently. Between my hands on her breasts, my dick rubbing at the crack of her ass, and my lips on her neck and shoulder, Sarah was soon moaning softly and helping me rub up and down her ass.

I'm not sure what would have happened if Janet hadn't returned about then with the flashlight.

"You two seem to be having fun," she said as she shined the light on us.

Sarah made a little gasp of surprise and moved away from me quickly. "I'm afraid of the dark, remember," she said too quickly.

Janet laughed and replied, "You had better be careful what sneaks up behind you in the dark. You might find something long, hot, and hard getting shoved up that tight little ass of yours."

Sarah laughed nervously and then whispered, ""Would that be a problem or an asset?"

Janet burst out laughing, as did Sarah. I laughed along with them but did not really understand the joke. Why did they find my sticking my dick in Sarah's ass so funny? I decided not to ask, although the idea did appeal to me greatly.

"We need to find some candles," Janet said.

That jerked me away from visions and fantasies about Sarah's ass or Janet's ass for that matter, since they were almost one and the same. In any case, my dick preceded me as we filed out of the bathroom and began the great candle quest.

It was not much of a quest, as Sarah knew exactly where the emergency candles were kept in the kitchen. We were lighting candles when the phone rang. Sarah snagged it off the wall and answered it.

"Yes Aunt Sue, the power is off over here also," she said into the receiver. My heart raced for a second, it was my mom.

"We were just fixing to make some supper when the lights went out," she said next.

"There's no need for you to do that, we'll just make sandwiches. We have a lot more studying to do and sandwiches will be faster and easier anyway."

"Yes, we'll be very careful with candles and we'll stay inside," she said grinning at Janet and me.

"Okay, goodnight Aunt Sue and yes I'll set the alarm for George."

She hung up the phone still grinning. "Any questions?" She asked.

Janet laughed as did I and we both shook our heads.

"A sandwich does sound good," Sarah said turning towards the icebox.

"Me to," Janet said as she walked past me. She looked down, grabbed my dick, and added, "You probably need one to, so come on."

I had no choice but to follow her.


We made sandwiches and drank cokes. Eating with two beautiful naked girls made things very interesting but I am surprised that I didn't bite a finger off without noticing it, especially when Janet dabbed mustard on one of Sarah's tits and licked it off.

I did the same to Janet and she damn near dropped her sandwich the first time I nipped one of her nipples. She did drop some lettuce on the floor but did not make a move to pick it up. She pushed my head away with a deep moan.

"Wait until I finish eating and we'll do that some more I promise," she said as she gave a shivering shake. Looking over at her s****r she whispered, "Damn, that feels good."

Sarah grinned around a mouthful of sandwich and nodded.

We finished our meal and cleaned up our mess. Sarah bent over to pick up the dropped lettuce and I moved quickly over behind her and grabbed her hips. I bent my knees and pressed the length of my hard on between her ass cheeks.

When I did, Sarah gave a soft yell of surprise and then pushed her ass back against me. "What the hell are you doing?" She asked with a soft laugh.

"I don't know but it looked like fun." I told her. She laughed and wiggled her ass from side to side. "It feels good on my end, how about yours?"

She and Janet both laughed and then Sarah moved her ass up and down. My shaft sank deeper between her satiny cheeks.

"That feels good," she whispered with a slight catch in her voice. "It's so hot and...." She paused as shiver ran up and down her back. "It's rubbing my asshole and opening in a way that makes them tingle."

Janet moved over and pulled a stool over in front of Sarah. "Here lean on this and spread your legs wider."

Sarah did as Janet suggested which tilted her ass more and allowed my dick to slide deeper as she spread her legs. Sarah groaned loudly and bounced her ass up and down. "That feels so good," she whispered and then she wiggled her ass. "But it's not quite touching all the places it should."

"What do you mean?" I asked moving back from her and straightening up. "That position is killing my legs and back," I said as I stretched my back.

"I wasn't rubbing my clit for one thing and not enough of my slit," Sarah said as she stood up. The lettuce was still on the floor and she stooped to pick it up this time.

Janet laughed and asked, "Why are you being careful now. It's too late, if he wanted to stab you somewhere."

"That thing ain't going in my pussy. I'm keeping my virginity, thank you very much," Sarah said hotly.

"There's more than one hole back there and there ain't no cherry in the other one," Janet said jokingly.

Sarah got a shocked look on her face as I grinned and nodded. "Oh no, don't even think about it. A finger is one thing but that damn thing, no way."

"Oh come on s*s, you know you want to. You have since he was rubbing against your ass up in the bathroom," Janet said teasingly.

"Thinking about it and doing it are two entirely different things." Sarah shot back. I did notice that her eyes were on my dick the whole time she was talking.

Janet nodded and picked up a candle. "I know what you're saying. Come on; let's go back upstairs. It's starting to get cool down here."

I got a candle, as did Sarah. Following the two girls up the stairs was very interesting to say the least. Sarah's ass was at eye level, I loved to watch it sway back and forth, and the cheeks shift up and down as she climbed the stairs.

Janet's ass, being a little higher on the stairs had the added bonus of her sex peeking at me on each step. I licked my lips and grinned as I followed along behind.


We placed a candle on each nightstand and one on the dresser at the foot of the bed. The room was not brightly lit but the flickering light added depth and dimension to the girl's bodies as they crawled onto the bed.

I was amazed how a shadow here or a flicker of light there changed the appearance of things. How it highlighted this feature and masked another. Janet was lying on her back. The shadows from her breasts made them stand out. The dim light between her upper thighs hid her sex but highlighted her mound and clit.

Sarah was lying on her belly and the dark cleft between her ass cheeks made her ass look fuller and rounder. The light and shadow highlighted the muscles of her back and calves. Her back had much more detail than I had seen before.

Janet looked up at me and asked, "What are you doing?" I tried to explain to her about the light and shadow. She nodded and told me how they had learned about that in an art class.

"You guys can draw? Would you draw me a picture of each of you?"

"Sure, no problem," Sarah whisper as she shifted on the bed, bringing her leg up to cross her ankle behind the knee of the other leg.

"I like that pose right there." I said to Janet. "One of her that way and one of you lying face up in the same pose."

Janet sat up and looked at Sarah. "I suppose you want us nude in the drawings."

I grinned and nodded. "Is there any other way?" I asked her.

She laughed and got off the bed. "I'll be right back," she said as she left the room.

I stood studying Sarah's body. A bright flash from the door made me jump. I turned to see Janet standing there with an old Polaroid camera in her hands. She pointed it at me and took a picture.

As she slipped the picture out and fanned it, she said, "I've got almost a whole pack of film left in this thing."

"Here, hold this," she said to me as she handed me the two pictures she had taken. I took them as she pulled a chair over by the bed and stood up on it. She aimed the camera down and snapped a shot of Sarah.

Sarah rolled over and said, "Hey!"

Janet laughed and pulled the picture out of the camera. "Let me get on the bed and you take my picture." She told Sarah.

Sarah got to her knees and I said, "Hold it right there." Sarah looked around at me. "Keep looking at me and lay your head back on the bed." Sarah did as I asked. "Now spread your knees apart farther." She shifted her knees and looked at me funny.

Janet grinned, stepped back a little, squatted slightly, and took a picture of Sarah. "That's going to be a great one," Janet whispered as she handed me the developing picture.

Sarah got off the bed and Janet lay down in the spot that she had vacated. Janet got comfortable and pulled her foot up behind her knee. Sarah climbed upon the chair and took her picture. Janet grinned, lifted her legs straight up, and then spread them way out wide. Sarah took that shot.

"Now he has a shot of every part of us," Janet said with a big smile.

Sarah got down off the chair, knelt down in front of me, and pointed the camera straight at my dick. The flash went off and she had me turn to get a side view.

As Sarah pulled the picture out of the camera, Janet rolled off the bed and knelt in front of me. "Take my picture." She told Sarah as she leaned forward and sucked the head of my dick into her mouth.

Sarah gave her s****r a wide-eyed look and then took the picture.

Janet's mouth was so warm and felt so good that I moaned softly. When she swirled her tongue around the head, I moaned even louder. She sucked me in deeper and then held suction as she raised her head. My knees began to shake. She took her mouth off me and grinned broadly.

"You want to give it a try, s*s?" She asked Sarah.

Sarah blushed but she moved over and knelt by Janet. Janet held my dick out in front of her. Sarah looked at Janet and then up at me. "You're not going to shot that stuff all over again are you?"

I lied by shaking my head. I was very close to shooting off as it was. I figured if she did what Janet did, I would go boom big time. Why I lied, I did not know but I did it anyway. Janet was grinning up at me as if she knew I was lying.

"Suck the head into your mouth, run your tongue over it, and then suck more of it into your mouth. Then hold suction on it and bob your head up and down. That's what several girls told me, when I asked them about blowjobs," Janet said slowly.

Sarah looked at her s****r and then leaned over to flick her tongue against the flared head. She did that several more time and then took a deep breath. She glanced up at me and then sucked the head into her mouth. She did as her s****r had done and suggested. The only thing is she did it more slowly.

My hips and legs were all aquiver by the time she released me. Why I had not come already, I did not know. Maybe it was the two orgasms I'd already had.

Janet looked at me oddly and leaned in to suck on the head some more. My hips moved back and forth, moving my shaft in and out of her mouth gently. Damn, that felt good. Janet took more and more of my shaft into her warm mouth. By the time she had half of me in her mouth, my knees were shaking.

She sucked hard and lifted her head. I came out of her mouth with a sucking slurping sound. She wiggled her jaw back and forth and whispered, "That thing is bigger than it looks. My jaw muscles were starting to cramp up."

"Let me try again," Sarah whispered as she took my dick from Janet's hand.

She licked the spongy sensitive head of my dick like an ice cream cone, taking her time and covering the whole thing. She was looking up at me the whole time. The feel of her tongue was driving me up the wall but her eyes had my attention. I could not understand the fascination I suddenly had with her eyes.

Then she sucked the head into her hot mouth. The sight of my dick in her sweet mouth and her eyes boring into mine pushed me over the edge. I grabbed the back of her head and f***ed half my dick into her mouth as I came in a gush. Sarah's eyes got very wide and then she was sucking on me harder than ever as her tongue fluttered everywhere at once. She swallowed and then swallowed again.

Her whimpering moans mixed with my grunts and groans. I could feel her body jerking and shaking. My knees where shaking and threatening to drop me on my ass again as I pulled away from her and fell across the bed. I felt completely drained in more ways than the one.


After a while, I rolled over on my side and looked over the edge of the bed. Sarah was stretched out on the floor, her arms flung wide, and her legs splayed open. One of her knees was up and spread out, while the other one was on the floor and pulled up to hip height. My eyes studied her pussy for a second. There was a small stream of fluid seeping out of it and trickling down the crack of her ass.

Janet was sitting on the floor by Sarah's feet, and leaned back against the bed. She was looking at her s****r with a look of awe on her face.

"Uh, is there a problem?" I asked in a soft whisper.

Janet looked up at me and shook her head. "The greedy bitch had a barnburner of an orgasm when you came in her mouth," She whispered back.

"I heard that," Sarah said in a shaky voice. "I'm not dead but I should be." She took a couple of deep ragged breaths and then giggled. "Man, what the hell happened? I feel like I was hit by a truck right in my stomach."

"You came your brains out, is what happened. I can't take you anywhere without you getting into trouble," Janet said with a grin.

"If that was trouble, I want a whole bunch more of it."

"I'll take some also." I chipped in.

Both girls laughed and looked at me. Sarah shook her head and said, "A little while ago he was to shy to even touch my tits, now he's came in each of our mouths, and wants more." She looked at her s****r and added, "And you called me a greedy bitch."

"Ok, so we're all greedy, because I'll take more also." Janet replied and then grinned as she leaned over and crawled over to her s****r with her ass high in the air.

My eyes locked onto her ass and the dark circle at the bottom of the deep cleft between her cheeks. Her wet sex was pointed straight at me also. I licked my lips and started down off the bed. I was part ways down when Sarah yelled and rolled across the floor.

"Not on your life," Sarah said sharply.

"You don't want me to lick up that mess you made." Janet asked with a hurt sound in her voice.

"Right now, I don't want nothing or nobody even close to my pussy. One touch and I would shatter like glass. My clit just tingles from my breathing."

Janet sighed and laid her chin on the back of her hands. Her ass was still up in the air and her knees were shoulder width wide. When my tongue speared onto her hot wet pussy she literally tried to levitate. All she accomplished was to give me freer access to her sex as her knees went wider.

She would whimper loudly as my tongue stabbed in and out of her hot sweetness. Then she would gasp and moan as I shifted to flick the tip of my tongue back and forth over the tight ring of her anus. She would wiggle her ass from side to side, as my tongue invaded her asshole. I was having fun bouncing back and forth, seeing just what sounds I could make her make.

Her hips would tremble but she did not come. Then I remembered about Sarah's clit and how she had gone off so hard when I sucked on it. I backed up and lay down on the floor, my head between Janet's feet.

"Sit up on your feet." I told her as I pulled on her hips. She pushed up and looked at me from between her legs, a look of confusion on her pretty face. Then the light dawned and she grinned broadly as she rose up and lowered her sex toward my waiting mouth.

At the last second, I shifted my position and her clit landed square in my mouth. I sucked on the small bud and flicked it with the tip of my tongue. With a loud yell, she tried to rise but I grabbed her hips and pulled her back. I attacked her clit again and this time she went up in smoke and flames.

With a scream of pure lust, she grabbed my hair and ground herself against me. I had the flat of my tongue dancing over the hard bud of her clit as she literally gushed on my chin. I held onto her hips and her clit as she jerked and bucked through the wildest orgasm yet. It went on and on, rising and flowing from one height to another.

After a couple of minutes, she tore herself away from my grip and fell forward to stretch out on the floor next to her s****r. Sarah had that look of awe on her face that Janet had worn earlier.

"Well, I'll be damned, you found her clit," She whispered and then giggled. "I told you it would take the top of your head off."

Janet mumbled something and then groaned loudly. Sarah laughed and scooted over to kiss her s****r on the shoulder. Looking at me she winked and said, "She say's to thank you for the lovely orgasm or something to that effect. I think that's what she said anyway."

Janet mumbled again and then sighed deeply.

When I looked at Sarah, she chuckled and shrugged. "Don't ask me."


I took a candle and went to the bathroom to wash my face. When I returned the girls were cuddled up on the bed with the spread pulled over them. I blew out the two candles by the bed and placed the one I had back on the dresser. As I crawled on the bed I wondered where the alarm clock was that was supposed to wake me to go home.

As I snuggled up behind Sarah and spooned up against her warm ass, I forgot all about alarm clocks. With a deep sigh, I put my arm across both girls and relaxed. I was beat and felt like a million dollars as I dozed off to dream land.


I woke up slowly from a raunchy dream about sex with my cousins to find one of them straddling my hips. Her hot slippery sex was sliding up and down along the bottom of my shaft. She had her hands on my chest, her eyes were closed, and she had her head thrown back. Soft murmurs of pleasure came from deep in her chest.

My hands went to her knees beside me and ran up along her thighs, across her hips, up along her sides and then back down her arms. Her head came forward slowly and she opened her eyes and looked down at me with a smile.

"I hope you don't mind," she whispered softly. "I woke up and went to pee. When I came back, you were laying on your back with your hard dick sticking up along your belly. I just could resist."

I licked my dry lips and tried to stifle a moan as I nodded to her. Her hips moved a little faster as she answered my moan with one of her own. The heat from her sex went up a notch. I lifted my hips, pressing myself tighter to her. She gave out with a little shivering gasp and then her hips were jerking and twitching as she slowly laid forward on my chest.

I could still feel her stomach muscles rolling and giving small jerks for a minute or so longer. With a sigh, she snuggled her head against my neck and kissed me there.

After a little shiver ran up and down her body she sighed again and whispered, "What a wonderful way to start a day."

I glanced at the window but it was still dark outside so I assumed she meant that metaphorically. I stroked her back and then ran my hands down to cup and squeeze her ass. I caressed and rubbed her back from her shoulder blades to her tailbone.

After a while she whispered, "That feels so good."

"Yes it does." I whispered back, cupping and squeezing her ass again.

She giggled softly and whispered, "Wrong s****r, Sarah's the one with the ass fetish."

"I do not." I heard Sarah say from beside me. "You came with his finger in your ass also, so there."

"I want that thing in my pussy not my ass, but that ain't happening," Janet said as she wiggled against me.

Both girls were silent for a moment and then Janet wiggled again. "I wonder what it would feel like in my ass. It would be so hot and so...."

"Hey!" Sarah said sharply.

Janet laughed and then whispered, "I told you, you were the one who wanted fucked in the ass."

"I do not!" Sarah protested. "Anyway, there's no way it would fit."

"See you've been thinking about."

"So have you." Sarah shot back.

"True dear s****r, very true." Janet admitted. Sarah giggled and Janet laughed.

"We'd have to flip a coin," Sarah said with another giggle. This one sounded nervous and a little f***ed.

"No dear, the honor of being first is all yours, I can wait until a later time," Janet whispered.

I had been lying there listening to them. My mind was thinking about me shoving my dick up one of their asses and since they were twins, one was just like the other. My mind was running pictures across my mind. That is until Janet talked about doing her later and then my full attention was back with them.

I had always figured this was a one-time thing, something that had happened by accident and would be forgotten tomorrow. Well, not forgotten, I would never forget it as long as I lived, but something that wouldn't happen again. Now I wasn't so sure.

"What do you mean by a later time?" I asked softly.

Janet pushed up and flexed her hips, rubbing her slippery sex against me. "Do you think we're going to let you get away that easy? We've got our own private sexy boy toy, we ain't letting you get away."

"You've got that right." Sarah agreed. "We need more practice at things like blowjobs and you need a lot more practice at eating pussy."

"Not to mention two ass's to fuck," Janet whispered with a giggle.

Sarah's head snapped around to her s****r. "You're serious then?" She asked breathily.

"Hell yes! He can't fuck our pussies but there isn't any cherry in my ass or yours. I want to know what that damned thing feels like inside me and that's the only way."

Sarah's nervous giggle was back as she asked, "How would we go about it? His finger was a tight fit when we were in the shower."

"Mom's got a bottle of lube in that compartment in her headboard and her vibrator is under the edge of the mattress," Janet said.

Sarah grinned and then laughed. "So you've found it also."

"Heck yeah, I used it on my clit once and damn near died." Janet admitted.

"Me too," Sarah said and then added. "That vibrator isn't much smaller than his dick."

"Then we'll need to find several other things and work our way up in size. We have fingers and then there are the candles. What else is there that's bigger than the candle but smaller than the vibrator?"

Both girls were lost in thought for a few minutes and then Sarah whispered, "There's the handle on that silver brush you have."

"And dad has that aluminum cigar tube he got in Florida. It's bigger than the brush handle and smaller than the vibrator," Janet said and then rolled off me.

"Let's get everything together." She told her s****r as she scooted off the bed.

Both girls left at a dead run.


When they returned, they laid everything out on the bed. The candle was about a half inch at the big end and tapered. The brush handle was three quarters of an inch in the middle and tapered at each end. The cigar tube was eight inches long and about an inch in diameter with a rounded end.

Janet held the eight-inch vibrator up next to my dick and giggled. It was close to the same diameter as my dick but several inches longer. "I'll bet mom comes her brains out on this thing."

"That's a scary thought," Sarah whispered and then giggled. "I try not to think about our parents and sex at the same time."

"Me too," Janet whispered and then in a normal voice she added, "If this thing will go in your ass, so will he."

I saw Sarah give a shivering shake as she climbed on the bed. "Now we're back to the original question. How do we go about this?" She asked softly.

"Get on your hands and knees and stick your ass up in the air. We'll take it from there," Janet said with a wink at me.

Sarah looked back and forth between us for a moment and then turned over on her belly. She came up on her knees, moved forward on the bed, and then lowered her head to the bed. Her ass was sticking up beautifully. She shifted her knees out to the side and took a deep breath.

"Damn, that's a beautiful sight," I whispered under my breath.

Janet grinned at me and then said, "Did you hear that s*s? He said we have beautiful asses and I have to agree with him. You look awesome in that position."

Sarah pushed up onto her hands and knees as she looked at Janet and said, "I'm not going to be able to stay like that for long when you start to, uh, you know."

Janet grabbed the two pillows, stacked them up, and stuffed them under her s****r's hips. "Lay down on those and lets see how that'll work."

Sarah lay down across the pillows; they held her ass high. Janet moved up onto the bed behind her s****r and used her hands to spread her knees wider. Once she was satisfied with Sarah's position, she sat back on her heels and whispered, "You look good enough to eat."

"Don't you dare touch my pussy, I'm going to have enough trouble keeping from coming when you start playing with my ass. If his finger in the shower was any indication, I'm going to come like mad and I don't know how much I can take," Sarah said sharply.

Janet smiled as she leaned over and kissed her s****r on each tight firm ass cheek. "I love you," she whispered just before she leaned over and flicked the tip of her tongue against the tight circle of Sarah's asshole.

If Sarah was going to reply, it was lost in a loud gasp as the hot tongue touched her. She whimpered and moaned softly as Janet tongued and licked her. She gasped loudly and pushed back when Janet f***ed the tip of her tongue through the tight ring of muscles. She went back to whimpering softly as her s****r tongued her ass.

I was standing by the bed and when Janet started licking her s****r's ass, my dick jerked and twitched. I had never seen anything so hot in my life or even in my fantasies. My hand dropped to my dick and then I jerked it away. The women had a better plan for it later.

Janet raised her head, reached out, and rubbed her finger over Sarah's wet opening. Sarah gasped loudly and started to protest. Janet's fingernail lightly scr****g over the pucker of her anus killed the protest before it could be uttered.

Janet ran her finger over her s****r's asshole for a little while and then turned to me. "Maybe you should do this, my long nails might hurt her, and we don't want that."

"You've got that right," I said as I climbed on the bed beside her.

When I reached for Sarah's sex, Janet caught my wrist and shook her head. She picked up the bottle of lube and opened it. "Maybe you should use this."

I took the bottle from her and then grinned broadly as I dribbled the cold gel right on her anus. Sarah gave a loud gasp and flexed her hips wildly. I reached down to rub it in.

My fingertip touched her opening and suddenly disappeared to the first knuckle as her ass came up sharply. Sarah moaned softly and shivered as her ass moved down and my finger popped out. I lowered my finger and pressed it to the opening.

When Sarah raised her ass, my finger went in to the hilt, my hand tight against her ass cheeks. Sarah took a deep hissing breath and froze. I held my hand still and waited. A few seconds later, Sarah's ass gave a little quivering shake.

Taking this as a sign, I started to fuck her ass slowly with my whole finger. "Oh God yes!" Sarah whispered sharply.

Janet bent over and placed her head on the bed next to her s****rs. "Does it feel good?" She asked and then jerked as I caressed her upturned ass.

"Want to find out?" I asked Janet. "I have two hands."

Janet hesitated a second and then wiggled her ass from side to side slowly. "I'd love to but I think we had better save it for later. Right now I want it to be all about Sarah."

Sarah was moaning softly and moving her ass back to meet my finger on every thrust. I could feel little pulses and grabs on my finger from time to time as it moved in and out of her hot tight depths. I turned my hand slightly so the finger could go even deeper.

My eyes had been fixed on the point where my finger was appearing and disappearing so nicely in and out of Sarah's ass. It was mesmerizing to watch the skin around the opening pucker inward as my finger went in and pull up cling to the finger as it came out.

Janet had to tap me on the shoulder to get my attention. She was holding the brush out toward me, a grin on her face. When I finally looked at her, she whispered, "I think we can skip the candle."

When I pulled my finger out of her ass, Sarah whimpered as her ass gave a little jerking motion. I touched the brush handle to the tight ring and gently pushed it forward an inch or so. Sarah gasped and shoved her ass back hard.

Janet had lubed the handle and half of it disappeared into Sarah's ass. Sarah groaned loudly and froze except for a shivering quiver in her hips. I held the brush still. Somehow I sensed that if I moved it, Sarah would come and that would not be good.

A minute or so later, a growling moan came from deep in Sarah's chest. Janet bent back over, put her face next to her s****rs, and kissed her gently on the lips. The growling moan grew louder.

"If you come then we're going to have to swap places," Janet whispered softly. "Then he'll get to fuck my ass until I come."

Sarah yelled, "No!" and rammed her ass back, impaling herself on the brush. When her ass cheeks touched my hand, she pushed up on all fours and wiggled her ass violently from side to side. She was coming for all she was worth.

I slipped my arm under her hips and fucked her with full hard strokes of the brush handle. Her orgasm jump to a new level and she was pushing back against the brush and yelling incoherently. At first, I had been afraid I was going to hurt her but seeing her reaction just spurred me on in fucking her ass with the brush.

Suddenly, Janet was at my elbow with the cigar tube in her hand. She was rubbing lube on it and had a wild look on her face. "It's time for this," she said as she held it out to me.

I pulled the brush handle out of Sarah's ass and Janet pressed the cigar tube against the opening. It went in about four inches as Sarah's ass came back. Her hips paused and then pushed back hard against the tube. Another three inches disappeared up her ass.

Sarah froze as a long drawn out moaning groan came to her lips. Slowly she started to move forward. Janet let go of the tube and we both watched as Sarah collapsed across the pillows. Sarah was completely still except for the tube, which moved ever so slightly as her ass grabbed and clutched at it.

Janet broke the spell on me as she grabbed the brush out of my hand and scooted off the bed. I watched as she headed out the door of the bedroom.


Janet returned a few minutes later with two more pillows and the hairbrush. She tossed the pillows on the bed and grabbed the bottle of lube. She spread lube on the handle of the brush and then handed it to me as she climbed up on the bed.

She quickly stacked the pillows and d****d herself over them as her s****r had been at the start. Looking at me over her shoulder, she grinned and whispered, "Now it's my turn. Use the brush first and then I want to try the toy. If I don't come from the toy then I want you to try and fit your dick in there."

"What if you start coming?" I asked more than a little confused by the change in plans.

"Then keep fucking me with whatever is in my ass at the time until I fall out like Sarah. After that we'll decide if either of us can go on to the end or in the end." Janet replied and then giggled.

My hand was shaking as I dribbled the lube on her asshole. Where Sarah had gasped, Janet moaned softly and moved her ass from side to side. "Oh God, hurry," she whispered.

I touched the tip of the handle to her asshole and pushed gently. Janet made a moaning groaning sound the whole time it moved forward. My hand did not stop moving until it touched her ass cheeks. I took my hand away and looked at the brush head sticking out from her ass.

I glanced over at Sarah and the tube sticking out of her ass. Damn what a hot sight. My dick twitched and I ran my hand up and down along its length. My mind was trying to figure out what it would feel like for my dick to be in place of either on of those objects.

Janet made an impatient whimpering noise. I slipped my arm under her hips and got a grip on the brush. I eased it almost all the way out and then pressed it back in the same way. The whimper was no longer impatient. It was now from pure pleasure.

"Oh God yes!" Janet whispered and then moaned loudly as I moved the handle out and then back in faster than the first time. "Fuck me, please fuck me."

I was only too happy to oblige her. I started out slow but it was not long before I was ramming the bush handle in and out of her ass. Janet was yelling and pushing back on every stroke. I was not sure if she was coming or not but she was sure enjoying it.

A movement to my right drew my attention to Sarah who was slowly getting up on all fours. Her hand came up and around to the tube sticking out of her ass. Her fingers explored there for a moment and then she sighed deeply as she came up on her knees. She settled down to sit on her feet and looked at the brush moving in and out of her s****r's ass.

Sarah moaned softly and whispered, "Oh yes, fuck her hard, it feels so good."

I was doing just that so I grinned at her and said, "Why don't you lube up your mom's toy, that's what she wants next."

"What about the cigar tube?" Sarah asked.

I laughed and replied, "You seem to want to keep that for yourself."

Sarah's hand dropped down between her legs and I figured she was stroking the end of the tube. Then I noticed that her hand was moving up and down and assumed she was fucking herself with the tube. When she moaned softly and shivered, I knew that's what she was doing.

"It feels so good," Sarah whispered more to herself than to me as she bent forward and lay back down across the pillows.

Now I could see her fucking herself with the tube. Talk about your hot sights. One s****r fucking herself in the ass and me fucking the other knowing that sooner or later my dick will be buried in one hot ass or the other. I moaned loudly at that thought as my dick twitched and jerked.

I left the hairbrush where it was as I lubed up the toy. Janet was whimpering impatiently again and moving her ass around in small tight circles. The toy was tapered, small at the tip and growing bigger toward the base. The tip was not much bigger than the cigar tube.

With a grin, I wiped the excess lube off on my dick and pulled the brush handle out of Janet's ass. I rubbed the head of the toy back and forth over her anal opening. Janet made a growling groan as I centered the head up on the circle of her asshole.

I held a light pressure against the opening and watched as the toy started to sink slowly into Janet's ass. The growling groan grew louder and suddenly Janet rammed her ass back on the toy. Her head came up and she froze as her body started to shake. She was coming, and big time from the way her hips were jerking and she was yelling.

Sarah was suddenly sitting up next me; her eyes glued to the toy that was halfway up her s****r's ass. "Holy shit!" She whispered as her eyes grew wide.

"Uh huh," was my witty reply as I held onto the toy.

"Fuck her with it," Sarah whispered as a shiver ran up and down her body.

I started to work the dildo in and out. Janet came up on all fours ramming her ass back hard. More of the toy than I had intended entered her ass. Janet froze except for her jerking and jumping hips. She held still for several seconds and then slowly slumped forward. I let go of the toy.

Sarah and I sat there watching the toy as it very slowly slipped out of Janet's ass. She was strangely quiet but her hips shook and twitched as the toy made its exit. When it came free, Janet made a soft whimpering moaning groaning sound and then sighed deeply.

I looked at Sarah and then grinned as I grabbed the toy and headed for the bathroom to wash it.


When I returned to the bedroom, Sarah and Janet were cuddled up together under the sheet and fast asl**p. With a shake of my head and a smile, I put the toy on the nightstand. I saw the hairbrush on the floor and picked it up. I looked for the cigar tube but could not find it.

On a hunch, I lifted the sheet on Sarah's side of the bed. The tube was still sticking out of her ass. With a sigh of disappointment, I headed back to the bathroom to wash the brush.

Returning to the bedroom, I saw the alarm clock on the nightstand. It was a little before four in the morning and I had to get up in five hours to go home. As I climbed into bed behind Janet, I sighed and cuddled up to her. Things could still happen. If not now then, there was always later.


There was bright sunlight streaming through the windows as I slowly drifted up from the depths of sl**p. My dreams had been hornier than ever and involved my two cousins. I gave a startled jerk as I realized that the warm female body I was cuddled up with was not a dream.

Janet murmured softly and flexed her hips. The lube in the cleft of her ass and the lube on my dick from earlier made it slide easily back and forth between the warm satiny cheeks. Memories of the hairbrush and toy in her ass made my dick jerk and twitch.

I flexed my hips sliding my dick up and down between her cheeks as I pressed my hips forward. Janet made a soft whimpering sound and pushed back against me. I was totally into the feelings that humping her ass brought to my dick. Janet seemed to be into it also, as her whimpering was now a soft moaning.

Sarah's head appeared over her s****r's shoulder and she grinned at me. She blew me a kiss and whispered, "I wonder if you can fuck her ass in this position."

The same question had crossed my mind a few minutes before. "I don't know," I whispered back.

In a lust filled whisper Janet said, "Let's try it and find out."

Sarah giggled and lay back down to kiss her s****r. A moment later she whispered, "If you don't do it, I will."

"Not with that cigar tube still stuck up your ass you won't," I said with a chuckle.

"I can't help it if my ass likes it there. Anyway, if you fuck Janet then I get to try the toy."

Janet gave out with a whimpering moan. "That damned thing is dangerous. You don't realize how much is in your ass until you start to come and then you don't care, you just want more and more."

Sarah grinned and replied, "That's the way I am with this tube only it's deeper and deeper."

Shifting my hips, I used my hand to rub the head of my dick over Janet's anal opening. She gave a little jerk and then wiggled her ass. Then she gave a little whimpering moan as I pressed the head against the opening and held it there.

Nothing happened for a few seconds and then the head of my dick was squeezing through the tight ring of muscles as they relaxed and gave way. Janet gasped loudly and a shiver ran throughout her body, followed closely by a loud moaning groan as my dick went deeper.

As for me, my attention was on the tight hot grip her ass had on my dick. I had never even imagined anything that felt so good and it was getting better and better. Janet was jerking and twitching and my dick kept on going deeper and deeper.

When my hips were pressed tightly to her ass cheeks, we both let out deep moaning groans. I did not want to move. I could not move. If I did, I would have come right then and there. I think she was the same way.

Sarah was sitting up on the bed and watching us. As my hips touched her s****r's ass she whispered, "Holy shit, it all the way in."

Janet groaned again. "Tell me about it, it's so hot and feels so good. The toy was good but this is even better."

Sarah shivered and quickly got off the bed to get her mom's toy and the lube. As she took the first few steps, she moaned as a quiver went through her hips. She had not removed the cigar tube and it was working in her ass as she walked.

By the time, she reached the nightstand on the far side of the bed she was whimpering and moan almost continuously. She paused and leaned over placing one hand on the table. With the other hand, she slowly removed the tube. As it came free, she sighed and stood up.

"I'd come if I tried to walk back around the bed with that thing still up my ass. As it is I'm going to come my brains out when I stuff this toy up my ass," she whispered breathily.

"I'm gong to do the same thing when he moves his dick," Janet whispered.

"Then that will make three of us," I whispered.

Sarah walked back around and got on the bed. She was rubbing the lube all over the toy. She started to d**** her body over the pillows like she had been the night before.

"Turn around s*s so we can watch." Janet told her with a big grin.

Sarah looked at us for a second and then blushed deeply. "It's a little to late to be shy after last night." I told her with a chuckle.

With a giggle, Sarah turned around and moved the pillows closer to the foot of the bed. Laying down across them she shifted until her ass was pointed in our direction. "How's that?"

"Perfect. We have a front row seat so the speak." Janet told her.

I moved my hips a fraction of an inch back and then forward. Janet made a gasping whimpering sound as her ass clamped down on my dick and then she whispered, "Be still, I want Sarah to come with us."

"You won't have to worry about that," Sarah said as she rubbed the head of the toy up and down in the cleft of her ass. "If this thing feels any better than that cigar tube then...."

The rest of the sentence was lost in a moaning groan as she pressed the tip of the vibrator to her asshole and it slowly slipped inside. One of her hands held the toy and the other snaked under her body to tease her clit.

With a soft moan at the vision of her s****r so wantonly displayed in front of her, Janet flexed her hips like I had earlier. I took it as a signal and worked my hips back and forth slowly. Now there were three people softly moaning and groaning.

Sliding my dick slowly up Janet's ass had felt wonderful. Slowly fucking that same ass was out of this world. Her inner muscles grabbed and clutched at my dick as it moved and the hot slippery feeling was driving me up a wall.

The sight of Sarah fucking her own asshole was awesome. She was now working half of the toy in and out slowly. The fingers of her other hand were slowly rolling her clit around as her hips jerked and twitched with the mixed pleasure.

Janet was now moving her ass back to meet me on each stroke and our contact was making a soft slapping sound. Her breathing was harsh and ragged as was my own. I was not sure who was closer to coming of the three of us and frankly, I was close to not caring.

Instinct was taking over on my part, as my climax grew closer. My hips moved faster and I took longer strokes. My hips were slapping Janet's ass harder and she was making a grunting sound as she rammed back solidly.

I think watching Sarah had both of us well ahead on the orgasm front. Janet was hotter than ever on the inside and now taking full complete strokes with soft yells of pure pleasure. I was trying my best to hold back my own orgasm as I pounded her ass.

Sarah was by now ramming most of the toy in and out as hard as she could. Her hips were flexing up and down as the toy moved in and out of her ass. She was not make a sound but her other hand was almost a blur.

Janet suddenly yelled loudly as her hips lost the rhythm we had and started to jerk and twitch. Her insides grew even hotter and clamped down on my dick trying to hold it deep inside. I rammed my hips forward, planted my dick as deep as I could and let my orgasm wash over me.

The first hard hot spurt from me caused Janet to yell even louder and grind her ass back against me. The second weaker on had the same affect. For me it was a dizzying experience. I felt light headed from the pleasure coursing through my body.

A loud yell from Sarah drew my attention. She had the toy pushed as far up her ass as she could get it and was hunching her hips wildly against it. Her fingers on her other hand were still now except for a flick back and forth over her clit ever so often.

The three of us were slowly coming down from our orgasmic highs when Janet reached out and flicked a tiny switch on the bottom of the toy still stuck up Sarah's ass. Sarah gasped loudly and came up on all fours, her hand flying back to the now buzzing toy. Her hips were jerking, as was most of her body.

She pulled the toy almost all the way out and then paused. The jerking slowed and then she rammed the toy back home in her ass. Her body gave a huge jerk and then collapsed on the pillow as she slowly pulled the toy out and let it fall to the bed.

Janet sighed and giggled. "I don't think she knew about the vibrator part."

"If she didn't, then she does now," I whispered.

Janet giggled again and nodded. Her ass moved slowly and sensuously back and forth for a moment and then she sighed contently. "I loved that hot liquid feeling when you came. It just blew me away."

I kissed her on the shoulder and sighed, as I cuddle up close hugging her tightly.


The loud jangling alarm made everyone jump. I tried to roll over to turn it off but found myself still tightly attached to a part of Janet that did not have any intention of letting me go. I groaned softly as her ass clamped down even tighter.

Janet sighed and then giggled. "I think Sarah will have to get that."

Sarah pushed up on her hands and knees and groaned. "It might have to turn it's self off," She said as she slowly got off the bed. After a moment, she walked stiffly around the bed and shut off the alarm.

Instead of walking back around, she sat down on the side of the bed by me. "Is he still in your ass?" Sarah asked her s****r.

"You better believe it and he's getting harder by the second."

Sarah looked at the clock and then at us. "We only have an hour before he has to be home."

Janet chuckled and whispered, "Is there something you want to try before he leaves?"

"Well. Yes, there is," Sarah, whispered back.

Janet sighed and moved away from me. We both groaned as my now completely hard dick slowly slipped out of her ass.

"The things I do for you," Janet said and then laughed. "Take him to the shower and have fun, I'm going back to sl**p."

Sarah was grinning as I rolled over on my back. Her eyes were on my dick in an instant. "Do you think you can do it one more time?"

I frowned and shook my head. Her grin was instantly replaced with disappointment. When I laughed, she hit me in the chest. "That was mean." She told me.

I sat up, reached across Janet, and retrieved the bottle of lube. "We'll need this." I told Sarah as I handed her the bottle.

"After that toy, we won't need nearly as much," She whispered shyly.

"Let me be the judge of that." I told her as I stood up and held out my hand to her.


Janet on the bed from behind was one thing but Sarah leaning on the shower wall was quite another. We had washed each other and teased each other before she had turned and leaned on the wall. She had spread her legs and pushed her ass out.

Breathily she asked, "Can we do it this way?"

My hand slipping between her thighs and rubbing her sex was my answer. I would play with her pussy for a moment and then her ass. Back and forth, I went as she went up and down on and off her toes.

Finally, she whispered, "Please."

I grabbed the bottle of lube form the shelf above the shower and applied some to my dick. As I rubbed the slippery stuff over my hard shaft and the spongy head, I realized that I would not come nearly as quickly this time. Sarah was in for the ass fucking of her life, now that I had some idea of what to expect.

That it was her first time with a real dick did not matter. From the way she had fucked herself with the toy and how hard she had climaxed, I knew she was up for it big time. Even so, I took it nice and slow and let her proceed at her own speed.

It had been several hours since the toy had been in her ass. My dick did not slip right in but it was easier than my first time with Janet. Sarah moaned softly and rose up on her toes as the head of my dick entered her ass. I paused and held still.

When she came down off her toes, more of my dick entered her tight ass. We both moaned as her ass touched my hips. I held onto her hips for a second or two and then ran my hands up and down her back. She whimpered softly and pushed back against me.

"How does that feel? It feels wonderful to me. All hot, slippery, velvety soft, and tight." I told her.

She made a whimpering sound and then replied, "It's a hot full feeling that makes me shiver right now. When you were moving inside it sent little jolts and sparks straight to my pussy."

My hands returned to her hips and held her there as I made a slow single stroke out and then back in. With a loud gasp and then a deeper groan, she threw her head back and shook it. "Oh God, yes!" She almost yelled.

With a grin, I started to fuck her with full hard strokes, my hips spanking her ass at the bottom of each one. She was yelling and pushing back to meet me as I did. I knew she was coming almost immediately as her hips bucked and her asshole grabbed and released me.

Where I thought I could last a long time earlier, I now knew it would not be long at all. A minute or so later, I came deep inside her ass. Sarah went wild, ramming her ass back against me time after time. Her legs finally giving out are the only things that stopped her, I believe.

As it was we ended up sitting on the shower floor with her still impales on my dick. Luckily Janet was there to help her up or we both might have drown from the hot stinging spray. I had this big grin on my face as I slowly got to my feet. Janet had the same kind of grin as she dried her s****r off.

Seeing me looking at her, Janet said, "You need to hurry up or you'll be late getting home."

I nodded and grabbed the soap. My mind wandered back over the past fifteen hours or so as I washed up. I had been a virgin when I arrived but now I had been through a lot. My sex education was far from over but I was well on my way.

We had all learned a lot and the future was now wide open to learn even more. We had time on our side.

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11 months ago
My good man, I have fucked my own cousin many years ago, but I must admit that it was really nothing in comparison to your well told story! Either you have a real live vivid imagination or you are truly blessed to have such lovely slutty cousins and twins to Boot. My good god man I certainly envy your exploits with these two lovely lassies. Being the little virgin explorers made the story so much more believable, indeed a yarn well spun! I for one would like to implore you not to put down your pen but rather allow your imagination to roam free as the Buffaloes! You should consider writing plots for porno movies, they will sell like hot cakes as most of them do not have a "plot" at all. Bravo my good man, Bravo I applaud you!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great writing, thanks so much for posting.
3 years ago
Great story. Only half way through and lost control twice!!!
3 years ago
That was so fucking hot! Thanks for posting! :-)
3 years ago
i know from experiance that if you get two sister's together, they turn into slut's (in a good way) most of the time. twins are even worse, though, in the mornings it can cause some confusion to which sister you wake up in.
3 years ago
woah this story's huge! loved every part of it! i've also fantasized doing it with twins...fav!