Every man desires something in life. I desired my 39 year old mother. I was helping her put away the Christmas decorations. She was standing on a step ladder in the garage. I turned to hand her a box of decorations and found myself staring into the folds of her camel-toe. It proved to be the inspiration of my desire.

"Is that it?" she asked looking down at me.

"What?" I blushed. I handed her the box in my hands and croaked, "Last one."

Mother ran her fingers lovingly through my dark hair before coming down the ladder, "Thanks for your help, Justin."

Her touch raised goose bumps on my arm and hardened my cock. I put up the stepladder and followed her back into the house. I was mesmerized by the undulation of her ass in her skintight blue jeans. I was undecided on whether she was wearing panties or not. I shook my head trying to clear the impure thoughts running wild in my mind. I muttered, "That's your mother you're lusting after, Pervert."

I headed up to my room. I heard Mother call after me, "Supper will be ready in an hour when your father gets home."

"Step-father," I corrected under my breath.

My biological father had died in a auto accident when I was ten. My mother had married, Alec, seven years ago when I was 13. We had tolerated each other until I graduated high school. Now that I was home visiting on Christmas Break from college we operated under a detente. But after getting an eyeful of mother's sweet camel-toe I was ready to renew hostilities with my stepfather.

Recalling a section of a Psychology class, I turned on my laptop and began researching Oedipus Complex. I concluded that I hadn't really resolved my Oedipus feelings for my mother. I had just repressed my feelings and mom's cooch in my face had triggered my yearning to bed her.

Mother called when supper was ready. She sat across from me at the kitchen table so I studied her as we ate. She flipped her honey brown hair out of her face. It was shoulder-length with sun-kissed highlights. She mumbled a profanity as red spaghetti sauce dribbled from her fork onto her white top. She vigorously rubbed her napkin against her amble bosom in an effort to clean-up the mess. Her bodacious boob bounced like a k**'s ball on the playground.

"I said, pass the bread," snapped my step-father breaking my trance. At 51, Alec had the confident air of a successful businessman, which was exactly what he was to a tee.

"Uh, sorry," I offered as I passed him the bread basket.

"Maybe if you weren't daydreaming about your Mama's titties you'd have heard me ask you three times for the bread."

"Alec!" Mother interjected.

"Lori, quit coddling the boy. He isn't going to make it in this world daydreaming. If he had any ambition he'd find a job over the Christmas Break."

My face reddened with embarrassment and rage. I met Alec's steel-gray eyes with a glare of my own. I hissed between my teeth, "I said, I was sorry."

"Sorry, I'll say you're sorry, Son."

"I'm not your son."

Mother intervened again, "Let it go. Can't we have a nice f****y dinner?"

"We could if we were a f****y." I rose to my feet, "Thanks, Mom, the spaghetti was delicious."

I walked out of the kitchen through the living room and opened the front door. I could hear my mother, "Alec, why do you have to ride him? You know even temporary jobs are hard to find in this economy."

"Chet Baker's boy got a job busing tables at the Harvey House over Christmas Break and he's in law school."

"That's not fair. Chet's b*****r manages the Harvey House."

I closed the door and headed down the street. The cold night air helped to clear my head as I walked. The image of my mother's camel-toe kept crept back into my mind. I imagined what it would be like to slide my hard dick into the silky sogginess of my mother's pussy. I chased away that lurid thought with a shake of my head. It was replaced with the vision of Mother's big breast bouncing beneath her top as she scrubbed at the spot of sauce. My mouth watered.

Before I knew it, I was downtown standing in front of Vladimir's Video Arcade. It had been my sanctuary when I was growing up. I pushed the glass door open and was greeted by thumping Rock Music. It blared just above the din of rowdy teenagers and pulsated in time to the flashing lights of the numerous video arcade games.

It was after midnight when I got back home. Mother was waiting up for me. She was watching an old black and white movie. "Where have you been? I was starting to worry."

"Hey, Mom, you didn't have to wait up for me."

She smiled as I sat down on the couch next to her. "Yes, I did. I wanted to make sure you were all right. I wish you and your father could get along."

"Alec is not my father. He's your husband."

"I know. I wish it could be different. I told him you used your computer skills to synchronize the Parker's Christmas lights. You got them to blink in time with Christmas music and got paid for it. He was unaware you had accomplished that and was quite impressed with your work."

"I just bet he was," I sneered.

Mother patted my thigh, "Don't be like that, Sweetie. Alec's a good guy."

Her sudden movement opened her pink bathrobe and revealed the flimsy black lace nightgown underneath it. She quickly clutched the collar but not before I got a glimpse of her beautiful bare breast beneath the black transparent nightie. She caught my half-grin and quickly changed the subject. "Where did you go?"

"Vladimir's Video Arcade."

She giggled, "I should have guessed. Is that ole Russian immigrant still in business? I'm surprised he hasn't been deported."

I laughed and said, "Vladimir does big business during Christmas Break. He had a busted "Zombie Nation" game so I fixed it for him. I just had to replace a circuit-board. He's got a couple of "Crazy Otto" machines. They're like 30 years old. He wants me to salvage enough good parts from both machines to make a single working model. He'd like to have a "Crazy Otto" tournament New Year's Eve.

Mother smiled, "I'm not sure what all that means, Sweetie, but it sounds like you're going to be putting your computer tech skills to good use."

I smiled back at her as I stood up, "Yeah, I better get to bed. I plan to get an early start in the morning."

Mother held out her hand. I grabbed it to help her to her feet. This time her robe fell completely open. I got a full frontal view of her beauty, nude save for the thin black lace material. She fumbled with the flaps of her gown but I snatched her wrists before she could cover herself.

Her big beautiful round breasts heaved in time to her agitated breath. Her nipples strained rigidly against the lacey fabric of the nightgown from the center of her pinkish-brown areoles. Tracing my eyes down her taut torso my gaze fell between her legs. Her pubic hair was a neatly trimmed golden triangle. The pouting pink lips of her pussy peeked through her bush.

My lust filled brain hadn't registered that her hand had escaped my grasp until I was rocked by the slap of her open palm. The sound of the smack echoed in my ears while a stinging welt rose on my cheek.

"I'm your mother!" She sreamed then raced up the stairs. Her feet pounded up the steps with rage as she sought sanctuary behind the closed door of her bedroom.

I gaped at her retreating frame, spellbound by her wiggling butt and jiggling tits. I rubbed my still smarting cheek. Resigned to take my ass kicking like a man I waited for my stepfather to rush down the steps.

After a bit I surmised that Mother hadn't woke him. I felt somewhat guilty about forcing my mother to show me her nude body, well nude except for the translucent material of her nightie. At the same time my cock remained rigid with lust and longing. I replayed the glorious sight of her beautiful body again and again in my minds-eye.

Satisfied that Alec wouldn't be putting in an appearance a sudden inspiration came to me. I went to the laundry to check out my hunch. I rummaged through the dirty clothes hamper until I found what I was looking for; a pair of Mother's worn panties.

"Eureka!" I stuffed my treasure into the pocket of my jeans.

I assaulted the steps two at a time and reached my room with breathless anticipation. I locked the door and switched on the lamp. I kicked off my shoes and flopped on the bed. I brought Mothers panties up to my nose and lightly sniffed. My nostrils flared as they caught a whiff of her pussy perfume.

My cock hardened and threatened to rip through zipper of my jeans. I brought the panties out to arm's length and studied them. They were purple, French-cut and satin. I imagined them clinging to the crevices of Mother's cunt. I dropped them back down to my face and deeply inhaled from the gusset. An unexpected moan escaped me as I got another dose of her female fragrance.

u*********sly I opened my fly. My cock sprung out of my jeans like a predator on the prowl. I stroked my hard cock with vigorously. I imagined my mother slowly guiding my granite like cock into her wet wanton cunt. I pictured the O her mouth would make once my cock was seated insider her. Then I visualized the way she would look as she slowly slid up and down my proud pecker picking up speed as her passion built. Her breasts would bounce to and fro with fevered fervor.

The image burned through my brain as my testicles tightened. I brought mother's panties down to my dick just as the first frothy outburst of cum spewed forth. Red lights exploded through my brain as I hissed with enchanted release. I fought to stay conscious as spurts of pleasure shot from my cock and filled Mother's panties. Spent I collapsed and murmured, "Mom, I love you, Mom."

My lust exhausted and my desire only temporarily sated I let Mother's panties fall to the floor and drifted off to gratified sl**p and dreamt of wicked and wanton physical relations with my mother.

The next morning I jumped in the shower and beat off again to the lusty likeness of my mother created by my hallucinating imagination. I hurriedly dressed then cautiously slunk down the stairs expecting to catch hell over my actions last night. To my surprise Alec was in the kitchen scrambling eggs in a bowl with an egg-beater. He was wearing his customary barbeque apron over his dress shirt and slacks. Bacon sizzled and snapped in the skillet on the stove and filled the air with its unique aroma.

"Morning, Alec," I greeted him anticipating an ass-chewing.

Instead he said, "Good morning, Justin. Your mom had a restless night and asked me to fix you breakfast so she could sl**p-in."

"Uh, thanks Alec."

"Not a big deal. I have to eat too."

I poured myself a cup of coffee while the eggs cooked. I snagged a piece of bacon and munched on it while taking the plates to the table. As soon as the eggs where done Alec spooned them into a bowl and brought them to the table.

"Your Mom says you're working for the Russian."

"Yeah, he wants me rebuild an arcade game for him. Did Mom say anything else?"

"No, why?" He chewed his eggs.

"I did something I shouldn't have and it upset her."

"That explains her restless sl**p." He sipped his coffee, "You ought to send her some flowers, that's what I do when she's pissed at me. In fact I thought she was still pissed at me for getting on to you at supper. Any way, you did do a good job with the Parker's Christmas lights. How much you make on that job?"

"Fifty bucks...the eggs are good, Alec."

"Thanks. How long did it take you?"

I chewed another piece of bacon and contemplated. "I don't know... Ten hours."

"Ten hours for fifty bucks. That's not even minimum wage. You would've made more slinging burgers."

I sat my coffee cup down with an acrylic snap. I glared at him and hissed, "It isn't always about the money. I enjoyed the challenge of doing it and it seemed to make the Parkers happy."

Alec threw up his hands in self-defense, "Easy, Justin. I'm just saying don't sell yourself short. You have to look out for yourself. Always make sure you get what's coming to you."

That was as close to fatherly advice as Alec had ever given me. I hadn't tried to let him get close to me but he hadn't really tried either. I couldn't blame him for that either, Mother was his second wife. The c***dren from his first marriage were grown and gone before they got married. The truth of the matter was I never liked the fact that he got to sl**p with my mother and I didn't.

Alec stood, "I got to get to work. Don't let the Russian take advantage of you."

I stood up too and took the dirty dish from his hand. "You cooked, I'll clean."

"That's nice of you. Your mother will appreciate a clean kitchen when she gets up."

Soapy water filled the sink as Alec opened the door to the garage. I slipped the dishes beneath the suds and said, "Thanks for the advice, Alec."

He winked at me before he closed the door. "Don't mention it, k**o"

After I finished washing the dishes I went downtown on the way I stopped by a flower shop and order Mother a bouquet of flowers. I signed the card, "Sorry, Love, Justin."

I arrived at Vladimir's Video Arcade and waved a greeting to the Russian on the way to the back room of the arcade. The two "Crazy Otto" game machines stood side by side. I took a screwdriver and began to disassemble them. By lunchtime, I had the machines torn down and was shifting thorough the parts trying to decide which were functional and which were scrap.

The door from the arcade slammed against the wall as Vladimir burst through it. He was followed by my mother. He said with his thick Russian accent, "See, he's here, Pretty Lady."

"Yes, he is, thank you, Vladimir." Mother handed me a brown paper bag and a thermos, "I brought you some lunch."

"Thanks." I took the bag from her and moved down the counter to an open spot and sat it down. I pulled the stool over for her sit on. I watched as she unzipped her winter coat and started to lay it on the counter.

"Not there. I have parts there. Put it on the desk chair."

I watched her ass wiggle in her skin-tight jeans as she walked to the desk. The staccato of her boot heels on the warped wooden floor mirrored the beating of my heart. Since her breasts didn't jiggle I knew she was wearing a bra and was somewhat disappointed.

Mother broke my reverie, "Do we have some modicum of privacy? I want to talk to you."

"Sure. Vladimir is the only one who comes back here and he bursts in like a bear in the woods."

I unwrapped the turkey sandwich while mother poured hot tomato soup from the thermos into its cap. I took a bite of the sandwich and mumbled my thanks.

She handed me the soup, "don't talk with your mouth full." She brushed my errant bangs from my face. "Thanks for the flowers by the way."

I smiled weakly, "I'm sorry I upset you."

She squirmed onto the stool. She was close enough for me to catch a hint of her perfume. Once she was settled she said, "Oh, I'm still upset and confused. First you practically rip my clothes off of me and then I find a pair of my panties in your room."

I choked on the half-chewed bite and coughed violently. In desperation I spit the food onto the floor. Finally I wheezed an apology.

Mother looked at the mess on the floor and then directly into my eyes, "Justin, what's gotten into you?"

Red-faced I stammered, "You may the answer."

"Justin I love you. I'm your mother. I'm very concerned about your behavior. So tell me what's going on. I can't help you if I don't know what's going on."

I gazed fiercely into her eyes, "I think I have Oedipus Complex."

Mother's eyes widen, "What?"

"I did some research, Mom. Think about it. Dad passed away when I was ten that's about the time when the father-son rivalry diminishes. Then you married Alec when I was 13 about the time I really understood why my cock gets hard."

"Justin!" Mother scolded.

I rolled my eyes, sighed then continued, "Bottom-line, Mom, is that I never resolved my Oedipal feelings for you I just repressed them."

"On my goodness," she brought her hand up to her mouth. "How do you know so much about this stuff?"

I smiled, "Value of a college education."

"But, Justin I'm your mother. How can you want to have sex with me?"

"For one thing Mother, you're very good looking and sexy. You always have been. You used to get my friends all flustered when they came over to play video games."

Mother laughed, "It was easy to make your friends all flustered. All I had to do is pucker my lips and wink. Okay, I can understand your friends wanting to have the whole Mrs. Robinson thing with me but that doesn't explain why you want to have sex with me."

I shook my head. "Mother I don't want to have sex with you. I want make love to you. I've loved you all my life. You make love to Alec and he's only loved you about eight years."

"He's my husband."

Smashing my fist into the workbench I shouted, "I'm your son and I've loved you longer!"

I pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed her fully on the lips. Instinctively her lips parted and I penetrated her mouth, momentarily our tongues wrestled. Just as I thought she had surrendered to my advances she slapped me so hard I had to clutch the workbench to keep from falling down.

Mother retrieved her coat then retreated from the backroom. Her stomping heels declared her departure. She sobbed, "I'm your mother this can't be happening."

The door slammed with exasperated fury. I rubbed my face feeling the stinging heat and the rising welt. I went back to work and tried to concentrate on the job but traces of her perfume lingered in the air. I could still taste the sweetness of her lips on mine.

Vladimir burst through the door and refocused my mind on the arcade machine. The planned New Year's Eve tournament was just a few days away. He asked, "Will machine be ready for tournament? Yes or no. Must make advertisement, if yes."

I looked into his anxious eyes and realized he could either make or lose a lot of money based on my technical skills. I cocked an eyebrow, "I got most of what I need right here but a few things will have to be acquired. It depends on that, they don't sell parts for this antique at the neighborhood Electronics Hut."

"I need yes or no."

"Yes, if I can get the stuff." I shrugged.

"Good enough for me. I make advertisement."

I worked late into the night inventorying the parts I had salvaged then making a list of the components that had to be acquired. I searched the Internet for the necessary pieces and ordered them for a rush delivery. I really ran up the balance on Vladimir's credit card.

It was close to two AM when I got home. I figured at this late hour any drama would be postponed until daylight. I would not have been surprised to find all my stuff in the yard but everything was quite. I went up the stairs and went to bed. Lusty dreams of Mother kissing me in her black negligee were disturbed by visions of Alec frying my dismembered cock in a skillet like bacon.

Mother knocked on the my bedroom door, "Justin get up, its almost nine."

I bolted upright in bed. After dressing I bounded down the stairs with pounding footfalls. A plate of waffles beckoned me to the table. Mother wrapped in her robe sat down across from me. "Justin, we need to talk."

I chewed my food and waited for her to explode when she didn't I wiped my mouth and quietly said, "I'm sorry I upset you but I'm not sorry I kissed you."

"I'm sorry I slapped you so hard. I was shocked and surprised. Justin, I want you to know I love you. I can see that you are hurting and really don't know how to handle all these emotions that you are feeling."

She took a long sip of coffee then pushed strands of honey-brown hair from her face. Her emerald eyes gazed at me with radiant compassion. She put her mug on the table and continued, "Once I calmed down, I went to the library and did some research on Oedipus Complex. Do you know the effects of unresolved Oedipal feelings? It can cause abnormal psychological conditions to develop, like obsessive compulsive disorder, neurotic phobias and panic disorders."

I nodded, "Yeah, that's what I found out on the Internet."

"I'm sorry. I haven't handled this well. I've been a bad mother. I've been so focused on my own feelings and societal standards that I have completely ignored your feelings, your pain."

"Do you think I'm some sort of sick pervert?"

"Not at all, most boys if they have a good relationship with their fathers resolve their Oedipal feelings about the time your father passed away. You've seen Alec as a rival instead of a father-figure so you never got to resolve your Oedipal feelings just repress them."

"You learned all this in the library?" I asked.

"Yes, but I did have to ask the librarian for some help on some the psychoanalytical material."

I rolled my eyes. "I guess I can never go back to the library."

This time mother rolled her eyes. "Justin, you haven't been in the library since you were thirteen. Actually the librarian was quite helpful she appreciated the fact that I didn't want my son to suffer the consequences of his Oedipal condition."

"I see and did you find a remedy to my condition in all your research?"

"Actually there are two choices. At this stage in your development, now, that you are grown man. I, as your mother, can reject your advances and ban you from my presence until you resolve your issues on your own. Or, I can feed your desires until they burn-out and help you resolve your issues."

Looking into her green eyes I simply asked, "Which course of action do you want to take?"

She gave me a look I knew well, it was full of care. "Justin, I love you. I don't want you to suffer some kind of neurotic breakdown when I have the power to prevent it."

I scooted up to the edge of my seat. "Are you saying you'll make love to me?"

She giggled and stood up tightening the belt on her robe. She held out her hand and said, "Come with me."

As if in a dream I took her hand and followed her into the laundry room. She closed the door and locked it after switching on the light. She turned and kissed me. Her tongue invaded my mouth as she pulled me into a tight embrace. Suddenly she broke our kiss and pushed me back to arm's length. "I love you Justin but you need to know I'm not comfortable with all of this....."

"I understand," I said moving to kiss her again.

Mother kept me at arm's length. "I don't think you do. I know you think we're going to have sex...but I can't take that step...not yet."

Disappointed I slunk back away from her until I bumped into the dryer. I choked, "I'm confused."

"There are ways to be intimate without intercourse." She smiled broadly and dropped her robe. Her nude body took my breath away. She looked me sternly in the eye, "Justin I love you so much. If you love me as much as I love you then you won't try to go further than I comfortable with, okay?"

I dropped my eyes to her breasts. They were big, round and her nipples looked to be as hard as my cock. My eyes continued down her frame, finally my gaze rested between her legs. I noted that she had trimmed her bush into a neat landing strip of pubic hair and her labia were totally hairless. Having completed my inspection my eyes quickly traversed back up her body and returned to her eyes.

"I don't know, Mom. You're so beautiful and I want you so bad. I may not be able to control myself."

She kissed me then with a hushed tone, "I know you want me Baby, but we're playing with fire, if we aren't careful we'll both get burned and scarred. If you want to fuck me I can't stop you...I won't tell anyone. I might even enjoy it but it will be ****. If you **** me, then I won't ever want to see you again. Do you understand?"

"Okay, what do you have in mind?"

She backed up until her buttocks were pressed against the folding table. Then she hopped on it her breasts swayed from her exertion. "When couples can't copulate, they engage in mutual masturbation."

Mother leaned back on her elbows then spread her legs presenting me an open invitation. "Take your cock out your jeans, Justin. I know its hard. Let Mama see it."

I stepped between her knees and unzipped my trousers. My cock sprung out like a horse bolting from a barn. Pre-cum drooled from my it. I could actually see the big blue vein on top of it twitching as bl**d pulsated through it.

"Sweetie, your cock huge. Just like your daddy's. Stroke that monster for Mama."

Curling my toes to keep from shooting jizz. I took my throbbing cock in hand and began to slowly stroke it while feasting on the naked beauty of my mother.

Mother inserted two fingers into her cunt with a moan. Her pussy lips glistened with the promise of wet wonderful pleasure. The aromatic scent of her sex made my nostrils flare. She huffed, "I'm so wet, Baby. The sight of your cock is making, Mama, so wet. Suck my tits while I lube your cock with my lust."

As I bent over her to suck on her breasts she grabbed my cock and coated it with her nectar. I had to curl my toes again to keep from climaxing. I engulfed her hard nipple into my mouth and sucked on it like it was straw.

She moaned and ruffled my hair, "That's it, Baby. That feels so good."

I gently bit down on her nipple raising another moan from Mother. I looked down at her as she rapidly rocketed fingers in and out of her hot hole. I watched amazed as she pressed down on her clit with the palm of her hand.

She panted, "I'm close...pinch my nipples. Please...pinch my nipples."

I did as she requested and took each nipple between my forefingers and thumps and gently but firmly applied pressure until she squealed with unmitigated delight. I said, "I love you, Mom."

Her eyes were glazed with passion. Her mouth formed a perfect circle as a moan erupted from her core. Her eyes rolled over and her entire body quaked as her quim convulsed around her digits. She puffed, "Cum...pussy...cum."

It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen. I flogged myself without mercy with one hand while continuing to squeeze Mother's breast with the other. My entire shaft was coated with her warm wet cunt solution. My testicles tightened then cum spewed from my cock blasting her torso.

"Mama...I'm...cum....cumming," I stuttered as red light exploded in my brain. My knees weakened and I clutched the table to keep from collapsing. Spurts of cum shot from my cock as Mother stroked more of it from my shaft. My eyes rolled over white and I fought back the beckoning black as bl**d pounded in my ears. At last the meteoric ride of my climax subsided and I was able to catch my breath. "I love you Mom. You're so beautiful especially when you cum."

"I love you too, Baby. You look pretty sweet when you cum too. And, Baby, this is a lot of cum."

Sperm coated Mother's torso from between her breasts down her tummy, covering her belly. The largest amount was on her pussy. It completely covered her little landing strip of pubs and painted her bald vulva with its milky-white thickness.

I replaced my cock into my jeans and handed her a damp towel to clean herself. I helped her slip her robe back on and kissed her on the cheek and said, "Thanks, Mom. I love you so much."

"I love you too, Baby. You better get to work."

I spent the rest of the day at Vladimir's rebuilding the video game. The parts I ordered for overnight delivery began to arrive right after lunch. By evening I had most of it back together. It was a good thing I was able to salvage some components from both machines or I wouldn't have been able to put together a single working unit in time for the tournament. Pleased with my progress I began to daydream about Mom's naked body and how sexy it looked drenched in my cum.

Vladimir charged through the door, "Justin, it goes well?"

Looking up from the screw I was tightening to secure a circuit board to the frame. "I got everything back together. I'll tweak it tomorrow and you can display it the day of tournament."

Tossing Vladimir the electric cord I asked him to plug it in to the wall outlet. Once he did, the video screen glowed, blinked then came on. The game's theme song began to play then spluttered to an annoying screech. I understood the problem and dropped behind the machine to fix it. I extended the screwdriver into the machine to tighten a connection on the audio board.

Sparks exploded as the screwdriver made contact with the electrical current. Pain shot up my arm. Compressed high energy turned circuit boards into shrapnel as they blew out the back of machine and into my face. Everything went black as I passed out from shock and pain.

I awoke a few minutes later. My whole arm throbbed with pain and my hand was blacken were it had gripped the screwdriver. bl**d poured from a cut on my forehead where a shattered circuit board had sliced it. I heard Vladimir on the phone talking to the 911 operator despite the ringing in my ears.

Later at the hospital the emergency room nurse had just finishing bandaging my burnt hand when Mother ripped back the privacy curtain. "Justin, are you alright?"

I smiled weakly at her and nodded. "I'm fine."

The nurse interjected, "All done, make sure to apply this salve to that hand everyday and keep it bandaged. The stitches in your forehead can come out in a couple of weeks at your regular doctor's. I'll get you the prescription the doctor ordered for your pain."

Alec sidestepped out of the nurse's way and winked at me. "Don't worry about it, Justin. Chicks dig scars."

"I don't think that's very funny Alec," scolded Mother, "He could have been killed. I can't wait to give that old Russian a piece of my mind. He should have known a thirty year old machine wasn't safe to work on."

I interposed, "It wasn't Vladimir's fault. I was the one who failed to unplug the machine before I stuck the screwdriver into it."

"Justin, you know better, that's Safety 101," rebuked Alec.

After the nurse return with my pills we left the hospital. Vladimir was in the waiting room I apologized for destroying his machine. He was relieved I wasn't seriously injured. We all left the hospital together and parted ways in the parking lot. Alec and Mother drove me home. The pain medication made me drowsy so I went to bed and slept through the night.

Mother woke me up the next morning. She was carrying a tray of chicken soup. "Get up sl**py-head, its almost eleven." Mother put the tray in my lap and pulled a chair next to the bed. "How are you feeling Baby?"

I blinked and sat up. "Slight head ache but I'm hungry, chicken soup and orange juice for breakfast?"

"Breakfast of champions," giggled Mother as she threw open the curtains and bright sunshine invaded my room. "Chicken soup cures all that ails and organge juice will boost your immune system."

The soup was hot and seemed to ease the pounding in my head. Mother felt my face with the back of her hand, "No fever, that's a good sign."

"Really, I feel fine. What makes me sick is destroying Vladimir's machine."

"You're lucky you weren't seriously injured," scolded Mom. "If you're up to it, we'll go get your car. It's till at Vladimir's."

When I finished eating Mother took the tray and put it on my dresser. She dropped her robe and it puddled around her feet. "Maybe, Mama can help you feel better."

I choked on my breath as I gazed at her nakedness and grew hard. I lifted my bandaged hand and whined. "I don't think I can jerk-off."

Mother smiled with mischief as she strode towards me one foot in front of the other accentuating the roll of her sexy hips. Her large breasts swayed with each step. "Don't worry, Justin, Mama's goin' to take care of you."

She ripped my bed covers off of me. "How long have you been sl**ping naked, Baby?"

"You're baby has grown up." I laughed.

"Sit on the side of the bed." Mother squatted in front of me and took my throbbing cock in her hand. Stroking it she cooed, "You sure have grown. I love your big dick."

She kissed the swollen head of my cock before licking the shaft from base to tip. She sucked both my balls into her mouth. She spit them out and looked up at me, "They seem full, Baby. Do you want me to empty them for you? Would you like to empty your balls into Mama's mouth?"

I hissed, "Yes, yes, gosh yes."

Mother giggled took my cock into mouth and sucked. She couldn't get all of it in so she stroked what wouldn't fit. Her head bobbed and her fist flew as she labored to coax the cum from my balls. Her fingers slid beneath the lacey material of her panties and I could hear the wet swooshing sound as she fingered her cunt.

She stopped long enough to whisper, "You have me so wet, Baby."

I practically jumped out of my skin as she slithered her tongue into my piss slit. I curled my toes as I felt my testicles starting to contract in preparation to climax. My cock began twitching in Mother's mouth she increased her suction and stroking. I lost control as cum shot from my cock like an artillery barrage. Red lights danced before my eyes as bl**d pounded in my ears. I groaned, "Cumming."

Mother swallowed as much of my cum as she could but I overfilled her mouth and cum dripped down her chin. She looked at me with her cummy face. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. She pushed her palm against her clit. Her body quivered as her own climax racked it with pleasure. Once she calmed she asked, "Feel better, Baby? I know I do."

I lay panting as my climax eclipsed anything I had ever felt before. "I love you, Mom."

I watched her naked ass wiggle as Mother left my room to clean up and dress. I dressed myself and met her downstairs. We drove to Vladimir's. I went inside to see the old Russian.

He seemed genuinely glad to see me even though I had ruined his equipment and cost him a lot of money. "I'm so glad to see you Justin. You are well?"

"Yeah, I'm good. I'm sorry I blew-up the 'Crazy Otto'."

Vladimir led us to the back room. The machine was on its side. Part of the side was blackened from the flash burn. I was surprised that more of it wasn't destroyed. I pulled what was left of the circuit boards out of it and examined them.

"Justin, what are you doing?" Mother asked.

"This can still be salvaged."

Vladimir was startled, "You can fix."

"Yeah, where's your laptop?"

The old Russian pointed at his desk. I quickly scanned the search history and pulled up the site I was looking for. "I thought so. I remembered seeing part of a "Crazy Otto" listed at an arcade in Evansville. I can get what I need from it."

"Tournament is tomorrow. There is no time." Vladimir insisted.

"It's four hours to Evansville. We can drive there pick it up and drive back tonight. I can put it all together tomorrow and maybe have a couple of hours to spare before the tournament starts."

Mother was shaking her head. "Justin, you can't."

"I have to try. If I don't get this fixed, Vladimir is going to lose a lot of money. I can do this if you help me."

My puppy dog eyes melted Mother's objections. I started driving her van to Evansville as she called Alec to let him know what we doing. We arrived at our destination just before the arcade closed. The frame of the "Crazy Otto" was junk but the guts were good and that was what I was after. I made a deal with the proprietor and pulled the inner workings out and placed them in a box. After a quick supper we were back on the road headed home with Mother driving.

We were two hours from home when Mother pulled off the Interstate. "I'm tired Justin. I'm going to get us a room. We'll get some rest and start fresh in the morning."

"We're only a couple of hours from home," I whined.

Mother ignored me and slammed the door of the van heading to the motel office. Her ass wiggled in her jeans with pleasurable purpose. She came back with a key and pulled around to the back of the motel. She grabbed a plastic bag filled with free and disposable toiletries from the lobby, and opened the door to our room.

The first thing that caught my eye in the room was the single king-sized bed. Mother headed straight for the bathroom, I watched mesmerized as the globes of her ass wiggled in the tight fabric of her jeans. My cock hardened and I licked my lips. I heard Mother giggle, she had been watching me in the big mirror over the sink. I blushed as she closed the door to bathroom.

I kicked off my shoes and flopped on the bed. I grabbed the remote and started to turn on the television when the squeaking hinges of the bathroom door caught my attention. I sat up on the side of the bed and gazed at Mother.

She strode towards me wearing nothing but forest green panties. Her eyes sparkled like impish emeralds. In the mirror I caught the jiggle of her fleshy panty encased ass peeking from beneath her panties. Her breasts bounced lightly with each step. She gently twisted each of her hard nipples as she approached me like a predator stalking its prey.

Mother stood and looked down into my eyes, "Justin I know you want me and I've done my best to resist you. I know its taboo but I can't resist you any more I want you as much as you want me."

She bent her face to mine and kissed me. Her tongue probed for mine. She moaned into my mouth as my hand went to work on her breast squeezing it and gently pinching her nipple the way she liked it. She pulled my shirt off while continuing to kiss me. Suddenly she broke our kiss and stood up. Her eyes filled with lust as I reached for her panties.

I slid them down her legs. The damp gusset of her panties momentarily clung to her cunt. The narrow landing strip of pubic hair seemed to point to her completely shaved labia which glistened with her wet excitement. I reached for mother's leg and lifted it on to my shoulder. Clutching Mother's ass I brought her beautiful pussy to my face and dipped my tongue into her nethers.

Mother hissed with gratified release as my tongue probed the inside of her cunt. She ran her fingers through my hair as I tantalized her clit with tiny flicks of my tongue tip. Her cunt seized at my fingers as I drove two of them up Mother's pussy with a wet whooshing sound.

"Justin that feels so good, Baby," she groaned.

Without warning I shoved my thumb up her ass driving it towards my two fingers sloshing in her cunt. I pinched them together like I was holding a six-pack. I lightly bit Mother's clit. Her satisfied scream filled my ears and her cunt clamped down and contorted with satiated convulsions.

Mother fell on the bed panting, "I haven't cum like that in long time. You're so naughty Justin."

I stood and stripped off my jeans. My cock was so hard it hurt. Pre-cum wept from the tip. I felt the bl**d pulsating in my ears.

Mother scooted back on the bed and spread her legs wide to receive me, "Fuck me, Justin fuck me with that monster cock."

I crawled on the bed. My cock swayed between my legs like a tree limb in a storm. I paused to suck on Mother's pouting nipples before I mounted her. "I love you, Mom."

She reached between my legs and lightly rolled my brimming balls like they were dice. She grabbed my cock to guide it into her pussy. She moaned as the blunt head of my cock penetrated her warm wet depths. She muttered with bated breath "So big...So big."

I paused as I felt my balls brush against her butthole. I kissed her cheek just as her eyes rolled over white and she began to wail. My cock felt like it was caught in a wet velvety vice as Mother's cunt contracted around it in another climax.

"My pussy...cum," she sobbed.

As soon as her cunt relaxed I began thrusting my cock into her like a wild man. I rose up on my arms to get better penetration. I was surprised when she clutched at my ass trying to get more of my dick into her. My ears rang as she practically shouted encouragement into my ear.

"Harder, fuck me, harder."

With a final thrust I buried myself into her cunt bottoming out against her cervix. My balls contracted and I liberally coated it with cum. I felt Mother's cunt muscles contracting and contorting milking my cock. I guess my pubic bone had been tapping her clit because once again she howled with orgasmic delight.

Once I was spent I kissed mother and rolled off of her. I pulled her into an embrace and held her close. "I love you Mom. I love you so much."

She kissed my cheek and asked, "Was it everything you had hoped it would be?"


We made love twice more that night and once the next morning in the shower before heading home. Mom drove right to Vladimir's and I was surprised when Alec followed the Russian out the backdoor. Mom gave Alec a wink and a kiss before taking her van home. "Have fun guys I'll see you later."

Alec smiled at me as he opened the door for me to carry the box of parts through. "I took the day off, thought I might be able to give you a hand."

"Great," I said without much enthusiasm. I wondered if he suspected what Mother and I had done.

I sat the box on the workbench and started to disassemble the inner workings of the damaged machine. Alec suggested that he do that while I used my expertise to decide which parts of the old machine were too mutilated to use. I followed his suggestion and began pulling circuits from the "Crazy Otto." I examined them for scratches, dents and breaks that would interfere with its operation.

We stopped for lunch when Vladimir rushed through the backdoor with burgers and fries. He asked, "Will be done in time?"

I shrugged unsure. "Maybe. I think maybe, just." Alec offered, "Justin is doing the best he can. We have all the damaged parts replaced and now its just a matter of getting everything back together."

Satisfied Vladimir ripped open his cell phone before he stalked back into the arcade to complete arrangements for tonight's tournament. "Tony's Pizzeria? Yes, this Vladimir. I need pizzas, many pizzas."

A few of hours later we not only had the machine put back together but were able to play a couple of test games to make sure everything worked. We smiled at each other in the glow of the flashing lights and arcade theme music like k**s with a new toy.

"Thanks, Alec. I couldn't have finished this without you." I said thrusting out my hand.

Alec took my hand and shook it with a firm grip. "My pleasure Justin. I respect that you worked so hard to finish the job you started. I know I wasn't always there for you when you were a k**. I'm sorry. I'd like to start over."

"It wasn't your fault entirely," I offered. "I took a lot of my hurt out on you. I was jealous of you and Mom."

"k**, truth of the matter is I was jealous of you. You have a part of your Mom's heart I'll never have, she's loved you all your life. You ready to call a truce and let your Mom love us both?"

I smiled, "Sure, Alec that would be nice."

The tournament was set for two person teams to compete. Being the f****y guy that Vladimir was he had made it a father-son tournament. The arcade was packed with men who had played "Crazy Otto" in their youth and now wanted to share a nostalgic moment with their sons who played more modern fair. The noise was deafening. Unbeknownst to me Alec had signed us up and Vladimir gave us the honor of going first. We had the score to beat for about fifteen minutes.

Mom showed up just as the tournament was starting to root for us. She moved to kiss Alec on the cheek and then me. She shouted with a smile, "I'm proud of my guys."

Her outfit was a stunning black leather and fishnet teddy encased in skin tight hip-hugger jeans. The teddy was flattering and the plunging neckline emphasized her bust. Her nipples were evident through the fishnet material. The high cut leg was evident above the waist of her jeans and created the look of endless curves. The teddy's studded leather strap around her neck added a naughty touch. She wore a short leather jacket in an attempt to be discreet. Mother's sassy hair style and slightly slutty make-up screamed of sexual shamelessness.

She asked, "Do you like my outfit?"

I choked, "You are definitely the MILF at this party."

Mother loved being the center of attention especially the attention Alec and I were giving her. She smiled at me when he put his arm around her waist and trailed his hand up her hip to give her breast a prudent teasing tweak. She stood next to me and kissed my cheek and whispered hotly, "Don't be jealous. I love you both"

With a subtle drop of my hand I was able to unobtrusively clutch her ass and playfully pressed it in my hand. I whispered in her ear, "I love you, Mom."

Midnight came and the tournament stopped long enough to welcome in the New Year. Mother kissed me at midnight her tongued darted into my mouth and I clutched her butt and pulled her into me. She broke our kiss and turned into Alec's waiting arms and kissed him too. "Let's go home."

Mother went home. Vladimir thanked me and paid me a bonus that covered the expense of going to Evansville. Alec patted me on the back as we went out the door, "I'm proud of you, Justin. You did a great job."

The house was dark save a flickering glow coming from the living room. Alec whistled as we walked into the dancing light. Mother had filled the room with lit candles and was standing in her fishnet teddy next to the sofa-sl**per which she had pulled out into a bed.

Mother's husky voiced quivered with excitement, "Get undressed, boys, I'm in need of cock."

Alec began ripping his clothes off while I stood in wide-eyed wonder and confusion. Alec noticed my inaction, "Justin its okay, get undressed. Your mother told me everything the day you got hurt. She felt responsible for distracting you."

Mother sat down heavily on the corner of the bed and unsnapped the crotch of the teddy exposing her dripping pussy. She sank her middle finger into her twat and began twisting her hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger of the other hand. She pressed her palm against her clit until she threw back her head and howled at the ceiling in climatic release.

Once she calmed down Mother looked at me with glazed eyes. "It's okay, Justin. Get undressed I want both mine men to make love to me. I told Alec everything. He was the one who suggested we stop last night at the motel and satisfy our lust for each other."

As soon as I was naked I joined Alec next to the bed. Mother had fallen to her knees and was sucking his cock with unbounded lust. I stood next to Alec in front of Mother, who reached for my cock and began stroking its stiff shaft. Alec groaned as she spit out his cock and began stroking it.

She kissed my cock head before engulfing into her warm wet mouth and I curled my toes to keep from cumming. Mother soon got into a rhythm of bobbing on one cock and then the other. With a mouthful of cock she moaned as Alec played with one breast and I the other.

Mother had enough foreplay. She pushed me down onto the bed. She straddled my legs and once again began sucking my cock and playing with my bloated balls. Alec fell to his knees behind Mother's uplifted posterior and began lapping at her cunt and asshole like a kitten does a saucer of milk. After several minute of these Mother's low moan grew in strength. She spat out my cock and bayed. She laid her head on my belly as her body quaked with another orgasm.

Alec didn't bother to let her come down from her climatic heights before he shoved his cock into her and pounded her pussy with rapid-fire intensity. He held her hips driving his cock into pussy again and again. The wet smacking sound of urgent flesh on flesh contact filled the room.

She let Alec bang her for just a few minutes before gruffly commanding, "Alec, wait. Stop."

Mother crawled forward and Alec groaned his displeasure when his cock slipped from her cunt. She paused above me. Her hair d****d around her face like a halo as she kissed me. Her tongue probed my mouth. She took my cock in her hand pointed it at the simmering entrance of her snatch and lowered herself on to it. Her eyes rolled over white as I increased the pinching pressure to her nipples. When she was fully impaled on my cock she pressed her palm against her wet exposed clit. She squealed with climatic release.

I struggled to keep from busting my nut as Mother's quim wetly quivered around my cock like a silky clamp. I embraced her as she collapsed like a falling star on my chest. I kissed her as she muttered, "Cock...big...good...big, cock."

Alec moved forward on the bed until he was behind Mother who rose up on her hands while staying firmly seated on my cock. Alec grabbed one of her buttocks and pushed it trying to open her ass to him.

Mother's glazed eyes blazed lustful as she ordered, "Justin help your father."

I clutched her other buttock and pulled it towards me. I watched her eyes grow large. Her mouth grimaced an O as Alec feed his cock into her asshole. I used my other hand to firmly apply pressure to her granite-like nipple causing Mother to hiss with zest. I could feel Alec's cock slipping into Mother's ass and rub up against mine through her innards. Once Alec was balls deep in Mother's ass we all paused to catch our collective breaths.

Mother shook as another orgasm ripped through her trembling body. A tear fell on my chest as she sobbed with solace. " cock. Love cock. I love your cocks."

She began to slowly glide herself along our cocks which skewered her holes like indulgent b**sts. With a guttural groan she demanded, "Fuck me, boys, fuck me good."

Moans of decadent pleasure filled the room as Alec and I fell into a ying-yang rhythm. As he pushed his cock into Mother's ass I would pull out of her cunt. As he pulled out I pushed into her. Mother remained stock still as Alec and ravaged her pussy and ass. He squeezed one of breasts while pinched the nipple of the other. Mother's body started to tremble as her orgasm began to build. Soon she was convulsing her shouts turned to screams as her orgasm ripped through her body and brain with pleasure. Suddenly Mother screeched louder and warm fluid shot from her cunt drenching me. It took me a second to realize she had ejaculated.

I could feel Alec's cock spewing his seed into Mother's innards against my twitching cock. I could hold out no longer as her entire pelvic seemed to contract around my cock with intense pleasure. Red lights exploded in my mind as my balls contracted. Cum spurt from my cock like water from a fire hose. I bellowed like satisfied bull.

We all collapsed into a sated pile of flesh. We spent the rest of night fucking. Each orgasm seemed to peek the previous one. As daylight filtered into the living we fell into a satiated sl**p each of us fully spent. What a way to start a new year!

The desire I had for Mother was fulfilled and had brought us all closer together with renewed intimacy. We're now one happy f****y.

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well done that man, sooper job init!
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A brilliant story, and beautifully written.
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