Driving her car from the driveway of the home where she
lived with her parents and b*****r who was serving in
Iraq. Lori Jo Whitman was as excited as a girl of 18
could be.

The vivacious light-brown-haired pretty teenager was
off for summer cheerleading camp for a month. The camp
trained those wanting to be outstanding cheerleaders
and they would be receiving the latest in cheering

Lori was headed for college in the fall and she wanted
to continue as a cheerleader at the religious college
she had chosen to attend. Before leaving for the camp
her father and mother had told her, "Be careful and
don't do anything you shouldn't" her father had said as
he smiled. Lori heard him add, "Remember, keep your
feet on the ground - and you won't get pregnant."

"Kelvin you shouldn't say such things to our daughter
even in jest as she knows to behave and she's a good
girl," Dottie Whitman told her husband.

"Daddy, perhaps I can bring home five baby boys in my
tummy and we'll name them after you, Kelvin One, Kelvin
Two, Kelvin Three, Kelvin Four and Dottie Kelvin Five,
would you like that daddy?" Lori asked.

"You're worse than your father... and I don't need more
Kelvin's running around this place, one little boy is
enough," Dottie replied to her daughter's humorous

Before heading out the door with her luggage and her
father was carrying three of the suit cases and her
mother had her cosmetics case in her hand. Lori's
father reminded her, "Remember, if the trip comes
through, I will stop by the camp and ride back home
with you."

Lori had left around five in the morning, and had
stopped for breakfast around eight-thirty. After eating
she had walked to her high school graduation present, a
one-year-old Ford Mustang GT black convertible and put
the top down before heading West on I-80.

Her hair was in a pony tail and she was wearing a
sleeveless bright red top and white shorts. Lori was
brought up to be a religious person by her parents and
attended a large private church school from K-through
12. Now she would be attending a religious college to
keep her church's teaching.

Even though she looked exceptionally sensual in what
she was wearing and with her 36-C breasts, a waistline
of twenty-four, and her rounded hips that measured
thirty-five inches Lori was still a virgin. With light
brown hair crowning her five-three inch body the girl
was every man's dream to call his own.

Lori was not only a virgin, but her body had never been
touched in an inappropriate manner by anyone except her
boyfriend Billy Joe, and he was killed the night they
explored there sexuality. For several days Lori
wondered if she and Billy Joe had been punished by God
for their carnal activity, but finally decided that
wasn't the case. Being a Christian and a corresponding
virgin, also, Lori didn't flaunt her attractiveness as
some girls in her school did.


During her senior year in high school Lori had been hit
on by half of the football team and she still remained
true to her faith and remained a virgin. Several boys
had their face slapped when they attempted to crop a
feel of her breasts. One boy got close and that was
Billy Joe McPherson, who had played it cool for several
dates and caught Lori off guard one night after the
homecoming game.

Lori had been the homecoming queen and Billy Joe was
her king e****t. They had driven out to park at
Sandstone Point and Lori was still in her gown. Looking
at Billy Joe, she asked if he would behave himself if
she finally relented and removed her gown, as she had
consented to allow him to "dry hump" with her. When he
asked her to lie down on the back seat, she did. Then
she told the star football running back for the whole
state, "My gown will get wrinkled so let me up."

Still Billy Joe kept asking her to let him just "dry
hump' with her. "I'm not certain what you mean - so
don't be ugly mouth in describing what it means, but
tell me nicely," Lori had told the handsome boy.

"I just lay on you and rub around - you know like we
have done a few times."

"That was what you were doing, but it messes up my gown
- so if I take it off, you promise not to get out of

"You know I won't do anything wrong as I love you
Lori," Billy Joe had told her while kissing her.

"Unzip my gown in the back and be careful you don't
catch the material in the zipper - you must promise not
to do anything like - well you know what I mean - do
you promise?"

When the gown was unzipped and Lori started to slip her
arms from the gown, she asked Billy Joe, "Help me get
it down and off me - no touching my breasts - oh Billy
Joe, it feels nice to have you rub my shoulders and
everything, but you promised. Help me get the gown off
before it gets torn or dirty."

Once the gown was off and Lori had placed it on the
front seat, she turned and allowed Billy Joe to pull
her into his arms and once more start kissing her. When
she felt the boy's hands moving around on her back, and
even his unfastening her strapless bra didn't concern
her to much. Once she had her bra off, Lori decided to
let the boy touch her breasts a little. Lori enjoyed
feeling her breasts being lightly caressed as Billy Joe
was kissing her lips and occasionally licking her ear
with the point of his tongue. It tickled and caused her
to get goose bumps.

"Lori honey, can I take your panties off - you will
still have your stockings on, and I like feeling the
smoothness of you legs and to touch your stockings as

Uncertain what she should do, she raised her hips up
slightly and allowed Billy Joe to ease her panties down
over her hips. When they were at her ankles, she asked
him in halting breath, "Leave them on leg - please
Billy Joe, let me have them partly on, please?"

Billy Joe knew that leaving Lori's panties hanging
around one ankle would not hinder him in the least and
if that was all she wanted, he would not object. "Lori,
is it okay if I undress and be like you - we don't have
to do anything more than "dry hump" so may I undress?"

"I'm kind of scarred Billy Joe, but you have been so
nice - so I guess it will be okay."

In less than a half minute, the youthful boy was
completely nude and Lori was aware in the darkness of
the back seat of his car that Billy Joe was erect. When
they were once more kissing, she didn't stop him
pressing her down on the seat. When they had kind of
messed around and did what Billy Joe called dry
humping, she found it felt good to have him rub around
on her, even through her clothes. A strange thought
passed through Lori's mind and she wondered what it
would be like to masturbate, especially after feeling
excitement from Billy Joe rubbing between her legs.

Now she was on her back and though she tried to keep
her legs together, she did not hinder his pressing them
apart. Her body felt a sudden flash of heat as she felt
Billy Joe's erect and very hard penis nestle against
her vulva. Her hips moved up to make closer contact and
Lori had the urge to give in to sex. When she felt
Billy Joe rubbing his hard thing all over her sex, Lori
moaned out, "Oh my Billy Joe - you make want something
I shouldn't desire... do you love me?" Had Billy Joe
moved his hand down and guided his erection to her
opening, Lori would not have stopped his entering her.

Both teens were caught up in the feeling of sexual
stimulation and for several minutes they pressed their
bodies against the other. Taking a moment to think what
she was doing, Lori asked, "Billy Joe, we need to stop
for a minute and then I will let you do it some more,
but please stop for a minute - let's walk out side in
the night air and look at the stars? Lori wanted to see
what Billy Joe's penis looked like and she knew it
wasn't as large as the only other one she had seen -
her father's penis.

They got out of the car and the coolness of the fall
air chilled them and when Billy Joe pulled Lori to him,
she allowed him to place his erection between her
smooth thighs. "Do you realize we are almost having sex
and this is the first time I have ever allowed anyone
to see me or be this close, do you Billy Joe?"

"Yes, and I know your religious and more so than I am.
Not to embarrass you, but have you ever had sex - you
don't need to answer me if you don't wish as I know
that is a very personal question, Lori, but I just

"I'm proud to say I'm still a virgin and will be when I
marry. You are the only person I have ever allowed to
touch me and see me. Billy Joe, I like your penis
against my pussy, does it feel good to you... want to
get back in the car and rub around some more?"

Once they were back in the car, Billy Joe was feasting
on the long thick nipples on Lori's breasts and then he
was again lying between her shapely 18 year old thighs.
His cock was pressing and rubbing her clitoris and her
hips were moving around on the car seat so she could
make even firmer contact between their genitals.

Billy Joe was moving his cock so the head was pressing
against the slit of her sex and Lori could feel it
getting dangerously close to entering her. Yet her body
was finding extreme pleasure and blissful gratification
in the stimulation her sex was receiving.

Suddenly Lori felt the head of Billy Joe's erect penis
slip between the lips of her sex and she tried to pull
back from the contact. Her teenage hormones were
rebilling against the moral concepts she had always
adhered to and her hips moved to allow the penetration
of her sex with Billy Joe's hard erection - this is
what the girls call going part way and the boy has a
hard on, Lori though as she felt strange feelings.

"Augh Lori, I love you - I'm going offff, oh
sweetheart, I getting my nuts!"

Billy Joe did not try to enter the squirming hips that
were rocking around under him, but he unleashed five
thick ropes of cum inside the teenage sex of Lori. When
he finished getting his nuts, he was kissing Lori and
she had found out what a French kiss was at that moment
in her sex education.

Lori could feel the wetness from Billy Joe's penis and
knew he had shot his semen in the edge of her pussy.
Her misguided belief that she couldn't get pregnant as
Billy Joe hadn't gone in her all the way wasn't what
kept her from becoming pregnant. Rather, Lori had
finished her period only two days before so she wasn't
in her cycle to become with c***d.

"Lori, thanks for letting me get off, did you?"

"No - or I don't think so. Did you like getting off
like that - is this is called dry humping or going part
way - what are the two really," Lori asked as if her
lover for the night had all the knowledge in the world
about sex?

"Dry humping is usually when you are dressed and you
rub off against each other. But going part way is when
the girl lets the boy put his cock in the edge of her
pussy like you just let me do, and the boy moves it
back and forth in her pussy until he shoots off and
dumps his cum in her pussy entrance. Did you like
feeling me cum in you like that?"

"Yeah, guess you could say I enjoyed it and I feel your
stuff running from my pussy and down over my butt.
Billy Joe, it feels funny and it's cool running between
my hips - like you know across my butt hole. What was
it like when you got off like that with me?"

"Wonderful and if it feels that good going part way, I
would love to feel what it would be like going all the
way with you - you have great breasts, and is it okay
if I touch your pussy to see what it feels like?"

"Sure, why not and you just got me all wet so your
stuff will get on your fingers."

"No problem, it gets on my fingers when I jack off

Lori knew that Billy Joe had stopped talking as he had
just told her he jacked off, and she didn't want him to
be embarrassed, so she told him, "Wow, you do it to
yourself, how neat - would you show me how you do it
sometime - I think I love you Billy Joe. Please don't
tell anyone what we have done tonight as I don't want
anyone but you to know we have messed around... I love
you - will you show me how you jack off the next time
we go out?"

"You really want to watch me do that - okay, but I get
to watch you, also."

"Gee Billy Joe, I never have before - I don't know
how," Lori said with lowness to her voice as if she was
embarrassed she didn't masturbate.

"You don't jerk off or rub off - maybe Maryanne will
tell you how - she does it all the time she told me
that one time."

She told you that - Maryanne told you that - no way
your s****r shared such a thing with you - that is so

"Lori, the next time can we go all the way - please, or
at least let me put it all the way in so I can feel
what it is like to be inside a girl - will you?"

"Maybe, but won't that take my virginity if you go all
the way in me/"

"Yeah, but I want to feel you and I love you, please
Lori, tell me you will and next Saturday night we can
go out and park all evening."

When the dressed and after Lori had slipped her panties
on, she thought how it felt when Billy Joe had played
with her pussy just before she got her gown on. "Billy
Joe, do you have a hanky or something I can wipe off
with and if you would let me, I need a hanky to put
inside my panties as you got me really wet and it is
still dripping from me. How far in me did your stuff

Neither teen know that Billy Joe was only a slight
fraction of an inch from getting Lori's cherry as he
pushed in her when he was shooting his cum up her
virgin channel. The young boy had not jacked off a week
as he believed he needed to save his strength for the
big homecoming game, so he had lots of cum in his balls
when Lori got his nuts up her tight virgin twat.

When Billy Joe walked Lori to her door after taking her
home, he kissed her for a couple of minutes and she
listened as he asked her, "Next Saturday night and will
you let me go all the way up in you - I want to have
that dream all week, tell me yes, Lori, please?"

Billy Joe, will you wear a condom, or will you not go
off in me - yes I will allow my boyfriend to go all the
way in me... promise you will never tell, but will I
still be a virgin if I let you do that?"

"I guess so unless I work it in and out of you until we
both go off - so you will still be a virgin, and I love
you Lori."

A half hour passed and Lori had not gone to sl**p as
she thought of all that she and Billy Joe had done that
night and what she had promised he could do next
Saturday on their date. When her phone rang, it
startled her and when she answered it, she heard
Maryanne crying. What's wrong - why are you crying

"Oh Lori, my b*****r was killed as he was evidently
coming from your place - Jackson Pitchford ran the red
light at Highway 68 and Brooksfield Road and hit Billy
Joe's car on the driver's door side of his car. "Can
you come over - oh Lori he was so excited about seeing
you tonight and his being your king for the homecoming


Around noon Lori pulled into a large truck stop at a
major intersection on the interstate and as she was
pumping gas heard many comments made about her from one
trucker to another. Getting back in her car after
filling her tank she pulled to the parking area by the

Walking into the restaurant Lori felt the intense look
from the eyes of the men eating. Looking around Lori
saw the entire booth and tables were taken. Spotting
two stools were open at the counter Lori walked to them
and sat down.

Within moments a young man who appeared to be around 25
sat down next to her. After the waitress had taken her
order and the guy who had set next to her, he asked,
"Where you heading... I wouldn't mind following you and
maybe we could get a room together tonight. Your
driving that hot black GT, aren't you?"

Ignoring the question the man asked, Lori heard him
say, "So babe, where are we going, and I must say, you
fill that top out perfectly, nice boobs."

"Please, I don't wish to speak with you and you have a
trashy mouth so keep your comments to yourself," Lori
told the brash young man.

"Hey you're hot and guess you're a topless dancer or a
stripper with a boob job like you have," the man

Just as Lori started to get up from where she was
seated, the two men who Lori beloved were truckers,
which they were. They were seated to the right of the
foul speaking man and they got up and grabbed him by
his arms and pulled him from the stool where he was
seated next to her.

"Look foul mouth, you apologize to the young lady or we
will fix your mouth so you have no front teeth and we
will put you in a trash can where you belong," the man
standing next to Lori said with brashness in his voice.

The other trucker told the man whose arm he was
holding, "Didn't you hear the lady telling you she
doesn't want to speak to you, and now you apologize to
her, or I will beat the crap out of you right here and
now. Then I'll tell security you were putting your
hands on the lady... so apologize now."

Lori could see the large man was gripping the man's arm
who had insulted her extremely hard with both his
hands. "Look you little jack-off, you apologize now."
As he spoke pulled the man's arm up behind his back and
caused him to believe his arm would be twisted off.

"I'm sorry for speaking as I did and apologize for my
comments," the young man said.

"Now let's get your ass out of here," and with that
both men held his arms and walked the man from the
restaurant. When they returned they told Lori, "He
drove off into the sun set and perhaps he learned a


After eating and driving back on the highway Lori drove
until around four in the afternoon. She pulled off in a
rest area at the welcome center at the state line.
Walking into the welcome center Lori asked the
attendant for information about motels about sixty or
seventy miles down the interstate. After getting the
information she needed Lori used her cell phone to book
a room.

After using the restroom Lori returned to her car and
saw the brash man who had bothered her at the truck
stop standing by her car. She walked to her GT and as
she tried to open the car door the man blocked her from
doing so.

"So hot one and you do have great tits and ass, are we
spending the night together," the man asked as he
grabbed her arm?

"Take your hand off me and move away from my car so I
may get in," Lori said with firmness to her voice she
didn't know she had.

The man reached out and grabbed her left breast and
then the right. The brashness of the act was so sudden,
Lori didn't cry out in alarm. Lori felt the man griping
and stroking her firm 36-C breasts and though she was
being sexually assaulted, sensations of some sort were
causing her nipples to harden and that she could feel.

Fondling of her breasts by the man was something no man
or boy had done before. Lori moved to escape the
physical assault and tried to escape from the man and
as she did, Lori fell.

Just as the man grabbed her breast and twisting her and
causing her to fall a State Trooper driving through the
parking lot watching for any vehicles that might need
checking out observed what was occurring. Seeing the
assault on the young girl he assumed it was a domestic
problem and as he pulled over saw the man knock the
girl to the ground.

Moving from his cruiser, Trooper Scott Barnes was able
to grab the man as he once more grabbed the girl's arm.
"Stop - release the woman immediately and move to the
front of my vehicle," the trooper ordered the crazed

Instead of obeying Trooper Barnes the man jerked away
and turning threw a punch at the law officer. Ducking
so he wouldn't be struck by the man's fist, Trooper
Barnes pulled his taser from its holder and said, "Go
to the front of my cruiser - do not come at me..., and
yet the man charged toward him. Using the taser, he
shot the tongs into the man's stomach and he fell to
the ground.

"Lie still and don't attempt to get up or I will taser
you again," and as he spoke, Trooper Barnes was calling
for backup. Once more the man was moving from the
ground to charge at the officer and again the Trooper
hit the button to shock the man with the taser. By this
time a group of people had gathered around and three
large men ran to assist the law officer. They pounced
on the man the officer was attempting to arrest and
held him until Trooper Barnes had him in cuffs.

Within a few minutes two State Troopers and a local
deputy sheriff arrived to provide backup. It took an
hour for the police to write up the record of the
assault and place the man under arrest. After she had
completed the forms regarding the man assault her by
grabbing her breasts, he was also charged with sexual


During the remaining drive to the motel where she had
reservations Lori listened to the CD's she had in her
car, and thought how it felt when the man had grabbed
her breasts. Even though it was an assault, Lori felt
what seemed like the man's fingers had left dents in
her breast.

After checking into the motel, showering and drying
off, Lori looked in the mirror at her reflection. Her
hands moved to cup her breasts the way the man had
done. Lori's body became hated and looking at the hair
covering the spot which marked the female cut between
the shapely legs, the teen decided to do something she
had never done before.

Walking to the bed Lori lay done and uncertain how to
proceed, other than the jokes she had from her friends
or had read in books, Lori was uncertain how to

Lori moved her left hand up and cupped her hard full
breast and her right hand sought the hair over her
mons. Wondering what it would be like to have a man
doing what she was; Lori didn't realize that her
fingers were stroking her sex. Slowly, as if she was in
a trance Lori was soon moving her fingers up and down
the damp cut between her legs.

When her finger tip struck her clitoris Lori knew
feelings she had only previously read about. Soon Lori
was beyond any realm of reality as her body sought out
release. Two fingers were suddenly rubbing the hard
button inside her prepuce and without warning; white
lights blinded her as she knew the pleasures of

"Yes... it feels so wonderful and it makes me want
something..." and Lori felt the strong needs come to a
point as the strong point of her orgasm hit their peak
and she cried out, "Daddy... daddy... oh daddy what are
you doing?"

Lori's legs became stiff and her fingers pressed hard
and deep at her virgin sex and she felt her body become
tense. The muscles in her legs became like knots and
hurt. Understanding she had just climaxed for the first
time, Lori realized it wasn't the just the circumstance
or the case of masturbating for the first time that she
climaxed. Lori understood and the realization why she
had cried out, "Daddy, daddy, daddy," hit her like a
rock falling from the top of the highest mountain.

The truth of her utterances was not only surreal, but
the bizarre knowledge of what caused her to cry out to
her father caused her face to form in a grotesque look
and shape. "My own father, I just masturbated to the
image and desire to be with my father. I have sinned in
masturbating and even worse, I wanted i****tuous sexual
contact with my father... I've sinned."

Yet the pleasure she had just received caused Lori to
seek out the sensations and desires once more. For the
second time in her 18 years Lori was masturbating.

Without any planned concept that she would do so, Lori
was again stroking and using her fingers to touch
inside her sex. The image of the day she got her car
for graduation and how she was in her room changing
clothes as she walked to the bathroom to brush her
teeth ran across her mind and was once more fingering
her sex.

I loved it when I saw daddy nude and I walked over and
hugged him in the hallway as he was coming from having
showered. Hugging my daddy and thanking him for my car,
I loved pressing my nude body against his I remember
somehow his hard thing was between my legs and I closed
then tight around his man thing.

Then her body was becoming to the point of no return a
person feels as they are ready to climax. Lori's body
became tense and she commenced to climax and it was
stronger than the first time. Once again Lori was
crying out, "Daddy, I love you... oh daddy, play with
me... do anything you want to me... daddy put it
between my legs again. You can put it in me... dad,
daddy...daddy I'm getting it... daddy you need to make
me yours... fuck me daddddddyyyyyy!"

The climax hit Lori so hard that her body rose from the
bed and only her head, shoulders and heels were on the
bed covering.

"I said the bad word... oh I have sinned so terribly
and yet I want to know what sex is like... even with my
own daddy. My sinful actions caused me to say... fu...
fuck..., I must be..."

For several minutes Lori lay on the bed and rehashed
what she had done and cried out for her father to...
fuck... fuck me... during the first two times she had
ever masturbate. Thinking how she had always kept her
emotions in check and never sinned by touching her own
flesh previously. Finally when she did masturbate it
was to an i****t image of her father.

Out on her own for the first time in her life, the
teenager knew she could never go back to being the pure
and virginal girl she once was... yet reasoned she was
still a virgin.

Getting up to dress Lori walked into the bathroom where
she had her cosmetic case and did her eyes and face
with fresh makeup. Lori's mind ran across the times she
had either seen her father nude or he had observed her
nude while she was bouncing around in her going from
her room to bath or vise-versa.

Either way, the image of her father's penis had always
caught her eye, or a few times it was sticking out from
his body in what she knew to be an erection. Until just
a short time ago she'd managed to keep the image of her
father's penis to simple curiosity.

One time she recalled leaving the shower and her father
had entered the bath room and he told her, "Leave it
run and I will jump in." As they moved past each other
the prong like thing was sticking out and brushed
across her hips.

"Sorry honey I didn't mean to touch you," Kelvin had
said as the contact seemed protracted but far too
short, Lori thought at the time.

After all she had just explored it struck Lori that she
was using the image of her father in her masturbation
fantasy and she wondered why she hadn't thought of
Billy Joe. Perhaps it is because he died the night we
found out some about sex and he had promised to let me
watch him masturbate and I was going to do it so he
could watch. Yet before I could find out more about it
from his s****r, my first love was killed. "Was Billy
Joe thinking about going off in my pussy when the car
struck his - were his last thoughts about our making
our and my promise he could put his penis in me?


Leaving her hotel room and wearing a new skirt and
blouse, one of four she had purchased to take to camp
with her, Lori knew she had always been attractive. Now
for some reason she now wanted to be seen and thought
of as a beautiful female. Lori walked across the
parking lot to the Kountry Kup restaurant for dinner.
Entering the restaurant a young girl perhaps her own
age greeted Lori and asked if she wished smoking or

"Non-smoking please, and would it be possible to have a
table by a window?" Following the hostess to a small
table by the window, Lori wondered if her father had
thought about having viewed her in the nude. Especially
when his erection brushed against her hips and her body
tingled from the contact and this was only a couple of
months previously that daddy's thing touched me. I wish
it had touched me more. Maybe the next time it can even
brush against the hair over my sex.

"What would it feel like if daddy pushed his thing in
me? It seems so big, and I want to reach out and take
daddy's penis in my hand," she thought to herself.

Ordering dinner from a boy server who appeared to be
her age, Lori asked, "Are the pork chops the loin type
or the shoulder cut with the dark meat of the shoulder
in them?"

"They are center cut loin and are grilled so they have
a nice favor to them and are hickory smoked with
sassafras root, also. They are one of our favorite
meals according to those who eat at the Kountry Kup
often," the young boy replied.

When he returned with a cup of green tea for her, he
asked politely, "Would you like me to place the bag in
the teapot for you," Lori smiled and liked the added
touch of his service.

During her meal Lori found the boy was evidently
infatuated with her as he seemed to show up at her
table ever few minutes asking if she need anything.
Finally she smiled at the boy, whose name tag said his
name was Mike and replied, "How about a kiss on the
cheek," and giggled at her own brashness.


It was another two days before she reached the camp and
she had found driving into the upper part of Wisconsin
a beautiful drive. When Lori pulled into the small town
where the camp was located she found out it was five
miles from the small community out to the camp. Lori
decided to stop and eat and enjoy a small meal and once
she was in the local restaurant, noted it was 3:30 in
the afternoon.

Ordering a garden salad with chicken and a variety of
cheeses, Lori enjoyed how the small town people seemed
friendly. They all spoke to her or nodded their heads
as she passed their tables. The lady taking her order
was likely in her early fifties and she asked Lori,
"Here for the cheerleading camp aren't you and I hope
you come back often to enjoy dinner with us."

During the next four weeks Lori learned several new
routines and loved being the top part of the pyramid.
Lori found it interesting when the boys seemed to slip
their hands between her legs or grip her buttocks when
catching her.

At the start of her third week Lori received a call
from her father and he told her he was heading to
Madison. "I will stay over and ride back home with you
if you don't mind."

"Daddy, that would be wonderful, but I wanted to take a
side trip and go across into Michigan and explore the
Upper Peninsula, will that be a problem as it will add
seven to ten days to the trip?"

"No problem and I will call your mother and if she
doesn't object, I will plan on it... it should be fun
for the two of us to see the world. Lori, I can't
believe that in a few years you will be leaving home
and I realize you will in the fall to attend college.
Lori, none of it will be the same once you're out on
your own."

Friday afternoon, Lori was paged on the camp speaker
and when she arrived at the camp office, found her
father wafting for her. "Daddy, oh it's nice to see you
and as much as I enjoyed camp, I got homesick like,
thanks for coming. Did you get a room nearby or where
are you staying?"

"Mrs. McVey is putting me up in a room tonight here at
camp and I guess you and I will be leaving tomorrow at
noon when camp is formally over. I'm told they have an
awards ceremony before everyone leaves and so how about
you and I enjoying dinner this evening in town?"

"Daddy, there is a banquet this evening and let me
check and see if you can be my date." Returning from
the office and back to where her father was seated,
Lori informer her father, "Mrs. McVey stated you were
more than welcome to dine with us this evening."

"Why don't you come to my room this evening around
seven and walk me to the banquet," Lori asked her
father. After making arrangements, Lori walked around
with her father so he could look over the camp.

At six o'clock, Kelvin stopped outside his daughter's
dorm, and listened as she told him, "Daddy, just come
in the dorm and shout out man in dorm and the girls
will be sure they are covered up. Come to the far end
of the hallway and I'm in room 12, it's on the right

Taking a quick shower and putting on a pair of grey
slacks and white polo shirt and slipping on a dark blue
blazer, Kelvin walked back to his daughter's dorm.
Inside he shouted out "Man in dorm," and seeing a
couple of girls in somewhat revealing dress walked to
room 12.

Knocking on the door to his daughter's dorm room he
heard Lori ask, "Daddy is it you... wait a minute," she
said when he confirmed it was him knocking.

When his daughter opened the door she was standing with
a towel wrapped around her. "I'm just getting ready to
dress... your early daddy, but come in anyway."

Once her father was in the small room her father sat on
the desk chair where Lori's laptop computer was laying.

"There isn't much space in here, but it has been fun
having the room like this to myself. Most camps are
open bays or you have three or four girls to a room,"
Lori informed her father.

Moving to the small wardrobe Lori took and out a dress
and placed it on her bed. Then she opened the top
drawer of the small chest of drawers and selected a
pair of panties and a bra. Moving to the bed Lori
looked at her father and told him, "Sorry, I must be
nude for a moment," and removed the towel covering her

Facing her father Lori saw his eyes moving up and down
her body and she felt somewhat wicked being naked.
Knowing her father had no idea of how she had been
calling out his name when she masturbated in bed Lori
discovered a certain enjoyment in allowing her father
to view her nudity.

Walking to where her father sat in the chair Lori sat
on his lap and hugged his neck. Hugging her father as
she sat naked on his lap the teen girl understood the
passions coursing through her eighteen year old body.

Lori knew she was breaking any normal father-daughter
f****y type of relationship by being nude on her
father's lap. Only since she had discovered
masturbation and the image of her father's penis had
been the phallus used in her fantasy was she so
liberal. Hugging her father's neck for a while she
eventually stood up and walked over to the bed and sat
down to slip on her panties.

Pulling her legs so they parted Lori knew she was being
brazen and her father must wonder why she was so openly
displaying her body. After slipping on her panties and
bra, Lori stood up and pulled the dress down over her
head. Walking into the bathroom Lori made certain her
makeup was okay and her hair in place. Going to where
her shoes were under her bed, Lori took out the three
inch heels and slipped her feet into them.

Lori and her father walked to the lodge for dinner in
the cafeteria and after eating, they visited with other
campers and a couple of other parents spending the
night at the camp. Around ten o'clock Kelvin walked
with Lori back to her room in the dorm. To his surprise
he watched his daughter undress down to her bra and

They sat and spoke for a while and Kelvin had to admit
he was somewhat disappointed when his daughter didn't
remove her bra and panties. When he left his daughter's
room Kelvin knew he was not being a Christian by having
desires to view his daughter in the buff and even worse
he could feel how erect he was.

"In the past when I saw her nude I don't recall seeing
her as a sex object. Now I have the image of her nudity
in my mind and hate to admit it, but she seems to be
testing me," Kelvin thought.

The next morning Kelvin met Lori for breakfast at the
cafeteria and liked seeing her dressed in her
cheerleading outfit. During the final performances he
watched his daughter win first place for individual
cheering and her group tied for third in the group of
six cheerleaders category.

Leaving the camp Lori followed her father into the
small town where he dropped off the rental car he was
driving and then got in with her. "Where should we go
Mr. Whitman, do you have a preference?"

"Where does my driver wishes to take me for my dream
vacation? I'm ready for a new adventure, so drive my
lovely one." They drove until around four in the
afternoon and as they approached a small village saw a
sign for antique malls. Kelvin suggested they stop at
the first motel they came to and check into a room,
then explore the malls.

Obtaining a room wasn't a problem, but after checking
with three motels Kelvin told his daughter, "Lori, the
last two motels and even this one only has a room with
one bed. The woman working the desk here told me they
were busy because of the cheerleading camp ending and
the next groups arriving. She suggested we take this
one, but I will leave it up to you."

"Daddy, get it, it won't be a problem for me if it
isn't for you," Lori replied. Kelvin got the room and
after he'd carried the baggage into the room they
started exploring the malls which were on a large area
of land.

Around seven in the evening they walked back to the
motel and after getting inside Kelvin asked, "Who gets
first debs on the shower?"

"Go ahead daddy I want to rest my legs and I feel tired
after the routines this morning and walking the hundred
miles of antique booths."

Kelvin walked into the shower and after he was finished
wrapped a towel around his body and walked out to
obtain clean underwear and socks and to dress for
dinner. Leaving the bathroom he saw his daughter lying
on the bed in the nude and her legs were open enough he
could view the labia of her vulva.

"Done daddy," Lori asked as he entered the bedroom
portion of the motel room and she swung her legs to get
up from the bed. Lori did so in such a way that her sex
was completely visible to his eyes. "My god, she has no
idea what she is doing to me or does her." Kelvin

Kelvin drove to a restaurant about ten miles down the
highway that a couple running one of the antique booths
recommended. The food was delicious and after having a
cocktail, they returned to the motel. While driving to
the motel Kelvin told Lori she should call Dottie and
let her mother know they were okay.

Lori sensed that her mother's voice was strained and
she seemed short of breath, but decided it was her
imagination. My mother sounds like the times when I
would speak to her immediately or very close to those
times I knew she and my dad had been having sex.
Wanting to ask her mother if she had just had sex Lori
knew she couldn't, but mom sounded like she just made


Lori thoughts were correct regarding her mother and why
she was out of breath and it was because she had just
had sex with someone other than her husband. Her first
time to commit adultery was with a minister of her
church and was with the 24 year old youth pastor of the

Dottie had never enjoyed sex with anyone besides her
husband and that wasn't until they were married and
young teens. For the past six months, since Reverend
Joshua Reynolds had arrived at the church, Dottie had
carnal thoughts about the handsome youth. Yet she
remained the perfect church member wife and forego
adultery as it was something she related to as a
terrible sin.

Around five that afternoon Dottie had gone out for
dinner at the local old style chrome diner located just
outside of town. While eating, the youth pastor had
entered the packed restaurant. Dottie invited the young
man to join her and over their meal she became aware he
was flirting with her.

Dottie had heard the women of the church speak highly
of the youth pastor and several had attempted to fix
their daughters up with the handsome young man. Now she
was being looked upon as a woman he found attractive
she recognized. Wondering what he thought of her Dottie
would occasionally move her legs so they touched
Josuha's and she felt his touch hers in return.

When they finished eating and decided to have one more
cup of coffee. Dottie forgot she was a 38 year old
mother and invited Joshua to have a cup of coffee at
her home if he didn't have anything else to do this

Joshua knew where the Whitman's lived and drove out to
their home and pulled into the drive leading to their
log cabin. The wonderful log home was situated in a
large grove of maple and oak trees and blue spruce
coniferous lined the front of the property and along
the first part of the curving drive to the house.

After Dottie had driven up the drive with Joshua
following her they entered the house. They had been in
the house no more than a half hour when Dottie felt the
urge to tease the youthful looking pastor.

"Would you like to swim Pastor Reynolds, if so come
with me and I will show your our pool," Dottie said
with a nervousness to her voice. Having become as
smitten with the attractive young man as the teenage
girls of the church had the older woman felt nervous.

"Yes, I'd enjoy seeing your pool," and as they looked
at the screened in large pool at the back of the house
Joshua found the pool was half roofed over and the
other half caught the sun. They had walked through the
large five bedrooms five bath home and he was impressed
with the way the log home was decorated. The Whitman's
were wealthy Joshua had heard from the pastor, but had
no idea they had such an elaborate home.

"So would you like to swim and the pool has a small hot
tub at one end and it is under the waterfalls? Shall we
take a dip and enjoy the hot tub?" Dottie asked. Dottie
could hear her voice reflecting the nervous thoughts
and worst of all the sexual thoughts she was having.
Dottie understood she wanted to seduce the young man
who was a couple years older than her son. She had her
son when she was 18 and Kelvin was 20. Now she became
edgy as she heard her guest reply, "I would love to
join you in the pool, but I don't have a suit."

Looking at the young man Dottie did what she would
never believe she could do before this moment in time.
Dottie simply pulled her sweater over her head, slipped
her skirt down over her hips, unfastened her bra and
suddenly pushed her panty down over her hips.

Standing nude before the young man she saw his eyes
moving up and down her body. The older woman knew her
body was nearly identical with her daughters except her
breasts cups were 38-C. Her weight was only a 110
pounds and she was still trim and sensually appealing.

"Don't be embarrassed as you're making me feel odd and
no one will ever know we've been swimming nude
together," Dottie said in a halting voice. Watching the
young man undress and Dottie noted Joshua never spoke
one word as he disrobed. They were soon under the
waterfalls and Dottie commenced to twine her hands
around his body as they moved into the water and
letting it fall over them.

Who kissed the other first neither knew nor cared, but
Dottie soon had her legs wrapped around Joshua's right
leg and rubbing the vast mass of pubic hair covering
her sex against his thigh. After kissing for a few
minutes Dottie led the young male into the hot tub and
they were soon caressing each others bodies.

Dottie lost any sense of marital truthfulness as she
mutter out while they were kissing, "Joshua, fuck me...
oh fuck me..." and as she spoke pulled him from the hot
tub and immediately lay down on the marble stones
making up the deck of the pool.

Dottie cried out, "Joshua, easy, oh your large, ohhhhh,
your in me... no one else has ever... I'm coming...
aughhhh, Joshua - Joshua... I'm getting off... yessss!"

"I'm there also... oh Mrs. Whitman... I can't help... I
shooting off in you... oh yes... it's so good. Your
body is fantastic," the youth pastor echoed out his own
ejaculation as Dottie was climaxing the second time
with no more than two minutes.

Not concerned with the fact she was having sex with a
minister of her church Dottie lay in complete surrender
as her climax was still lingering in her body. She
sobbed out, "My god Joshua, you just fucked me and no
one but Kelvin has ever been in me... oh god your cock
is good."

The phone rang that was on the table near the door
entering the house and as she answered it hated the
interruption of the ringing device. "Hello," Dottie
said as she tried to get her breath.

"Hi mom - thought I would give you a call and dad said
to see if your okay, you sound out of breath like you
have been running." Lori knew she couldn't tell her
mother that her voice sounded like the times when she
heard her parents having sex. Mom is alone so she can't
be having sex.

For another five minutes Lori spoke with her mother and
finally listened as she sound like someone was
whispering to her mom. "Mom, have you got a boyfriend
with you, or are you at the pool, but it sounds like
someone is speaking to you?"

Joshua had moved to where Dottie was standing while
speaking on the phone. The minister was whispering how
he loved her breasts and was soon sucking them and his
fingers were moving in and out of her come filled

After getting off the phone with her daughter Dottie
felt guilty for committing adultery. However, that
didn't stop the married and until a short time before
faithful wife from leading the young man into her
husband's bed. Once they were on the Whitman's marital
bed Dottie immediately started sucking his cock back to
life as she wanted his hard bone again.

That night Dottie kept the young man's cock as hard as
often as she could. Dottie lost track of how many times
they had sex. The next morning she woke up in her
husband's bed and looking at the young man with her
reached down and took his cock in her hand and soon had
it hard. Once more he was driving it back and forth in
her sexual depths.

Dottie fixed breakfast and they decided to eat out on
the pool deck and they carried the food and coffee pot
and sat by the pool in the nude. While they were eating
Joshua was asking Dottie all kinds of questions about
them having sex and had she really never cheated on her
husband before.

"You're the first man to ever see me nude and made love
to me besides Kelvin. Joshua, you must be twelve inches
long when you're hard and Kelvin is ten inches I know
because I measured him once."

"Your breasts are so large, and I must ask are they are
real and not implants? Your nipples must be an inch
long... they drive me crazy... I want to do it right

They placed a couple of towels on the floatation piece
big enough to lie on and within moments they were
enjoying sex. Dottie was crying out how she loved his
cock fucking her deep and hard.

Neither noticed Kindra Anderson as she had walked to
the back of the house when she saw the youth minister's
convertible parked in her friend's driveway. Hearing
Dottie shouting something out fairly loud she walked
quickly to the back yard where the enclosed pool was
located. Kindra stopped dead in her steps and looked on
in horror as she watched the youth minister and her
best friend committing adultery.

The shock of finding her best friend having sex with
one of the pastors of the church caused Kindra to cry
out in surprise, "Dottie, Reverend Reynolds... oh... oh
my... no!"

Dottie and Joshua heard the loud voice of a woman and
Joshua seeing it was Mrs. Anderson jumped up from his
sex partner after she got her legs down from his
shoulders and his twelve inches of manhood stuck out in
front of him.

Dottie had her legs wide open and before she could
close then and get up from the bed she and Joshua had
made for sex saw her best friend looking at her sex.
Her sex had not closed immediately after the long and
thick manhood of her lover pulled from her vagina.
"Kindra, oh... no... don't leave... let me explain..."

Dottie and Joshua both understood that they would
suffer from the affair in being caught. Perhaps five
minutes passed as Dottie sat on the chair where she had
sat eating breakfast. Still nude, she did not notice
Kindra had returned, nor did Joshua.

"Dottie... Pastor Reynolds, I don't know what to say...
finding you both... and you are still nude... I'm not
only shocked but confused... how...?"

Rising from her chair Dottie walked over and reaching
out hugged her best friend to her. "Kindra, you saw...
it is the first time I've cheated on Kelvin... oh my
life is over..." and Dottie was crying extremely hard
as her best friend begin telling her she needed to
settle down and stop crying.

Joshua had made no move to dress as his clothes were in
the upstairs bedroom and decided he would likely be
defrocked as a minister for his indiscretions.

"Look, I think the two of you need to get some clothes
on what if someone finds you nude... oh god come on and
get dressed," Kindra told the two lovers.

For an hour after Dottie and Joshua had finished
showering and dressing the three of them discussed what
all had happened. Listening to her friend and recalling
how large Pastor Reynold's erections was, Kindra was
becoming confused about her own feelings and wondered
if she could enjoy being with the young man.

Finally, she simply asked, "I'm 44 years old and like
you Dottie I have only known one man, although Daniel
and I lived together for two years before we married. I
have often thought of being with another man. Do you
suppose... Joshua... Dottie... I want to be with
Joshua... Daniel is only about five inches... oh what
am I saying?"

Looking at Kindra, Dottie said, "Joshua, make my friend
happy, and here, let me help you take off her clothes."
When Kindra stood nude in front of Dottie and Joshua
her body was perfectly formed.

Kindra stood five-six and her 34-B breasts sagged only
slightly and her waist was not overly thick. Her hips
were round and a little rounder than they should be on
a woman as trim looking as the woman who was also about
to commit adultery. Looking at her round buttocks
Dottie thought to herself, "She has a bubble butt, and
her pubic hair is trimmed in a heart design."

Dottie watched as Joshua and Kindra were soon into sex
and Kindra was shouting out how good it felt to be so
full of a man's thing. "Gawd you're so big and I've
never felt someone strike me so deep and in places a
cock has never touched. I getting off oh help me Dottie
- aughhhh, oh yes, Joshua fuck me, and hell your cock
is so big."


Lori undressed in front of her father and standing nude
before him watched as he removed his clothes. Glancing
at the bed she thought can I sl**p with my father and
be able to masturbate? I want to do so as I'm viewing
his large manhood. "How does a girl know if a man is
large?" Lori asked herself.

Once they had turned the lights out and were in bed,
both nude and when Lori moved over and hugged her
father she knew only one thing, "I want daddy to do

For several minutes neither spoke and finally Lori
reached down and took her father's erection in her hand
and whispered to him as she lay with her head on his
chest, "Daddy, I want to have you do me, is it is okay
because I want you to make me yours."

"Lori we must stop as I'm your father. You shouldn't
stroke me as your... oh my daughter...," and as he
spoke, Kelvin was soon caressing the firm 36-C breasts
of his daughter and nursing at her nipples.

Moving his body down hers, Kelvin was soon kissing the
crown of her maiden hair and then his lips were parting
the hair lined labium of his daughter. Feeling her hips
bump up from the bed Kelvin knew she was enjoying his
oral love making of her 18 year old pussy. His tongue
was probing inside her sex as deep as possible and
wished his tongue was long enough to take her cherry.

Lori could wait no longer and used her hands to pull
her father's body up over her own. Parting her legs
wide allowed the hips of her father's body between her
thighs and to cover her pubic area with his own.

Lori sobbed out in feeling the first penis ever to
touch her sex and her voice was somewhat shrill,
"Daddy, oh daddy, it is going in me and kind of
hurts... no don't take it out... give it to me quick...
don't hold back... shove it in me!"

Kelvin could feel the tightness of his daughter's
virgin sex as he attempted to enter her fully. When he
struck against her cherry, Kelvin knew hers would be
like her mother's hymen and thicker than most women.

The knowledge that taking his daughter's virginity
would be painful when he pushed it open made him wish
to hear her cry out. He wanted to split her cherry
badly and knew he would be hearing Dottie all over.
With a mightily thrust he honored his daughter's final
request to take her cherry and he heard her sob out,
"Daddy do it - shove it to me!"

With a near brutal lunge of his ten inches of hard
cock, Kelvin struck against his daughter's hymen and
after two more attempts and hearing her crying out as
he was attempting to penetrate her, tore her cherry

"Aughhhh, oh daddy... daddy... your splitting me open.
Oh gawd it hurts so much, I can't take it - I've
changed my mind, take it out daddy, and take it out, it
hurts to much... I don't want fucked - stop daddy,
stop!" Lori cried out as she was penetrated for the
first time.

Yet, as Lori was penetrated and his hard bl**d filled
cock moved in and out of his daughter tender pussy over
the next five minutes, Kelvin rode her deep, hard and
fast. Never had a young girl had her cherry taken so
brutal and with so much love at the same time as was
done when the man captured his daughter's bleeding

Only after Kelvin shot his come into his daughter's
painful feeling pussy did he stop moving? Still he
continued making short jabs with his cock until he felt
her pussy push his shrinking manhood from her sex.

"Happy, are you happy my lovely daughter? Did you get
what you wanted Lori, be honest, how long have you been
planning this?"

"Dad, not until this trip in all honesty. Daddy I never
masturbated until this trip and when I did, it was to
the image of your penis - do you remember the time it
was hard and rubbed against my buttocks and I caught it
between my legs?"

Suddenly Lori understood something, but thought, no it
can't be. My mother's voice sounded just like mine does
now when we spoke on the phone. Mother was having sex
with someone while daddy and I are?"

There was someone with mom... I know she must have been
with another man... I can't tell dad... what I should
do..., "Oh dad, your devouring my breasts -
daddddddyyyyyy!" Lori loved feeling her father chewing
and sucking her breasts so hard.

Unknown to the teenager was the fact her nipples were
the same as her mother's, thick and longer than an
inch. For several minutes Kelvin was sucking and
playing with his daughter's breasts and moved his face
down and begin licking her pussy and probing it with
his tongue.

The third night of their sexual sojourn Kelvin was
erect and ready for his second time that night to be
with his daughter. Asking her to get on her hands and
knees, Kelvin moved behind his daughter and when he had
his cock wet from being up her pussy, he pulled out and
placed the thick head against her anus.

Feeling her father shoving his cock up her behind, Lori
cried out, "Oh no daddy, it burns and hurts... your
going in the wrong hole! Stop daddy your in my butt...
aughhhh - nooooo, oh stop - no daddy you doing my
butt... aughhhh, it burns!"

From that moment on, Lori was a woman who loved anal
sex. The trip was much to short for Kelvin and his
daughter. They arrived home a day early, and it was
around seven in the evening when they pulled into the
lane leading to their home.

Entering the house, they did see anyone but heard
sounds coming from upstairs. They both knew what the
sounds represented, but when they walked into the
master bedroom they weren't expecting to find Dottie
with Joshua Reynolds the church youth pastor and
Dottie's best friend Kindra. Seeing Kindra and Dottie
doing a 69, neither father or daughter could speak.

Finally Kelvin spoke out extremely loud and asked,
"What in the hell is going on? Dottie, hell will the
three of you get dressed, oh my god I can't believe
what I'm seeing!"

Kelvin and Lori were in the kitchen when the threesome
came down the stairs and as Kelvin could see them
walking toward the front door he shouted out, "Get the
hell in here! Kindra and Joshua don't even think of


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