Justine was a late c***d for me, I had been busy
building a career, not time for c***dren, after all
women in business and c***dren don't mix. I had the
drive back then, to make it all the way to the top in
marketing. I had wanted nothing else from my early
years in high school.

I worked and worked, putting my marriage at risk a few
times and then when I was offered the Managing
Department Head position, I discovered I was pregnant.
I was also 38, so if I wanted a c***d I had to
seriously think this one through. As fortune would have
it, when I went to the doctor I discovered I was four
months pregnant, and an abortion was out of the
question. I resigned that same day.

My husband took a little time to adjust to me being
around the house, but he seemed comfortable with the
idea and I had time to catch up on all that reading and
all those hobbies I had abandoned long ago. As the bump
grew, so did my maternal instincts. I had this
affection for this baby growing within, taking shape as
the baby took shape. When Justine was born the
affection was also born into love.

She was the most beautiful, perfect thing I had ever
seen in my life. A miniature of me and the cutest
button nose I had ever seen. She came along just before
summer, so around 3 months as her sl**ping patterns
changed and she was awake a lot more, I would leave her
to lay naked on the rug. She was always such a
beautiful sight, my heart would do flips just to see

I chose to breast feed of course, there was no
alternative as far as I was concerned. And I have to
admit, I quite enjoyed it. I have always had sensitive
nipples and the feel of Justine's little mouth on them,
tugging and sucking away would arouse me. I didn't put
too much by it, just enjoyed the sensation.
Occasionally, I would allow myself to masturbate while
she was at my tit, and they were always special times,
but not often.

I had always believed it was important to breast feed a
c***d until they lost interest. Justine never did. At
five when she started school, she would have a drink
from my breasts at breakfast - her father rarely being
there these days, he had assumed full responsibility
for our money matters and was always gone to the office
before she got up. She would eat her cereal, then come
over to me, pull my dressing gown aside or lift my top,
pull on my breast and take long, luscious sucks.

She would do little drawing patterns with her tiny
hands while she did this, and then go to the other. The
ritual always ended with her kissing me on the lips and
saying "I love you mummy." Then when she got home from
school, she would tare into the house to find me, rip
my top aside and drink deeply. After she had had her
fill, she would hug me and say hello.

For the rest of the night, she would drink at will and
always had a good night drink before sl**p. Weekends
were her favorite time, because she could always sneak
one in around lunch time. During the week, I would
express milk for her and she would take it in a drink
bottle to have with lunch.

At age seven there was no sign of this stopping, and
truth be told I liked that. This was a special time
shared by me and my daughter. A very loving, bonding
time that seemed to help us become closer as mother and
daughter as time moved on. It was on her eighth
birthday that I quizzed her about it.

"Honey, do you like drinking mummy's milk?"

"Yes mummy, I like it very much, why?"

"Mummy just wondered why you still did it, none of your
friends do."

"Mummy, I'm not hurting anyone. I'm not hurting you. I
love you mummy and I love drinking your milk, do you
want me to stop?" she seemed so grown up as she stood
there with her hands on her hips.

"No, my love I do not. Mummy never wants you to stop.'

"Good because I won't. I will grow up and get married
and have c***dren and still come to you for milk." She
meant it too, I could see it in her eyes. I don't know
why but at the mention of her getting married I had a
pang of jealousy. At the same time, at the thought of
her always coming to me for my milk made me fall in
love with her. And then it hit me. I was in love with
my daughter, always had been. It was after that that I
began to see her in a new light.

The next day, when she came to me for her breakfast
drink, I held her tight. My heart was bursting with
love for her. Not motherly love though, this was
something different. I put my cheek to her head and
felt the excitement in my groin grow as she sucked
away. Her fingers did strange things to my breasts as
they drew their imaginary pictures.

The sexual arousal was growing and I was enjoying it.
Something this wonderful, this pure, how could that be
wrong? I would never do anything to hurt someone this
precious to me, someone I love this much, and how I
loved her.

A week later my husband had to go interstate on
business for a few days. This wasn't new, he was doing
it more and more lately. This time however, if Justine
came into my bed as she often did, I didn't know what I
would do, I longed for her little body so much. Yes, I
lusted after my eight year old daughter, but I loved
her as well.

Two nights later, I heard the little pitter patter of
her feet, telling me she was coming into my room. Sure
enough, the door creaked open and the covers lifted.
She crawled in from the bottom of the bed and snuggled
into me. I pretended to be asl**p. The next thing I
felt were her hands on my breasts, but this time she
wasn't drinking, she was exploring through touch.

I wanted to see where this would go. She traced her
fingers around my nipples, which were starting to get
harder. I sighed and she stopped, after a moment she
resumed her explorations. She rubbed her little c***d's
hands all over my breasts, arousing me no end. I could
feel the heat rising inside me, the wetness pooling
inside my snatch. I didn't know how I was going to
cope. Then I felt her hands begin to trail down.

Slowly, slowly they made their way down my tummy to the
top of my hairy mound. I could feel a small tugging on
the hair there, as if she were exploring some strange
new phenomenon. The tugging went on in various places
on my mound, but always so carefully, she never hurt
me. I felt myself involuntarily spread my legs – just a
little. Justine had noticed this, I felt her fingers
slowly walking there way down my mound. A little finger
found the start of my slit and it stayed there, rubbing
so slowly back and forth, as if hesitant to explore
further. I heard Justine sigh, contentment evident in
that sound.

"I love you mummy." she said as her finger began to
work its way deeper inside. She swirled her finger
around in my wetness then withdrew. A second later I
heard a sucking sound and realised she was sucking my
wetness from her finger. Again the finger was put to my
snatch and again it began to explore the crack.

This time, she put in 2 more fingers and they came to
rest on my now hotly engorged clit. "I love you mummy",
was once again muttered and the fingers began to circle
my clit causing a moan to escape from my dry lips. This
caused Justine to circle faster, again the "I love you
mummy" was audible.

Without being aware of what I was doing, I felt my hips
begin to arch up to meet that little hand, which had
now completely slipped inside. I looked up to see my
daughter watching my face, smiling. "I love you mummy."
She said and leant forward to kiss the very tip of the
opening of my slit. I could not help myself, the
tension had built to a point of no return. I bucked
wildly and moaned allowed.

"I love you too Justine." This caused her to begin
pumping my pussy, a tiny fist fucking, and the feel of
it had me spilling over the edge of ecstasy. Again she
lowered her head and I felt a small tongue enter my
snatch and begin to play with my clit, licking up my
juices. This immediately brought on another shattering
orgasm and I called out her name loudly.

As the feeling began to subside, I pulled her up to me
and put my lips to her tiny lips. We kissed as
passionate lovers for the first time that day. I
carefully slipped my tongue inside her mouth and tasted
her c***d's breath. It was beautiful. Again I held her,
saying over and over "I love you, Justine. Mummy loves

"I love you mummy." she said again.

After a few minutes I had composed myself then asked
the question I had wanted to ask for the longest time.
"Justine, what do you mean when you say you love

"I love you, the way daddy does. I love you the way two
grown ups love each other. I love you, mummy and I want
to always do special things with you."

"What do you mean by special, Justine?"

"Like what we just did. I want to have sex with you
mummy, to make love with you the way you and daddy do,
but different."

"The way two girls do?" I asked curiously.

"Yes, the way two girls do." There was a pause. "Mummy,
would you make love to me?" She looked up with innocent

"Yes." I said and lowered my mouth to kiss her again.
This time I raised my hand and gently rubbed over her
chest, stopping to playfully squeeze her girlish
nipples. She gave the slightest moan and I was
encouraged to go further. I rubbed my hand down her
soft, girl's torso and found the hairless 8 year old
mound. I gently rubbed a finger back and forward over
the outside of her slit, all the while kissing her.
Then slowly, so slowly I pushed one finger into her
tiny hole. She moaned as it went in and her eyes began
to glaze over. I realised my baby was extremely horny
and wanting the pleasure I was about to give her.

"Baby, sit up here, sit on mummy's face." I said and
helped scoot her around to the sitting position. I laid
down and put my hands around her waist, helping to
raise her as she placed one leg over my head and then
gentle sat her virginal 8 year old, beautiful cunt over
my mouth.

My tongue darted out, tracing the edges of the slit up
and down, to ensure it was moist, then carefully, and
teasingly I pushed through the tiny, puffy lips. I felt
her tense and lean forward to hold onto the bed's
headboard. I began to move my tongue slowly back and
forth, feeling all of her bumps and ridges within, just
starting to take shape. She gave a little moan and
relaxed down further onto my mouth.

I worked my tongue a little faster and drove it deeper
into her hole. She arched her back and groaned, then I
rested my tongue against her clit. She gave a jolt and
I knew I had found the spot. My tongue worked back and
forth, bumping over the clit, then I circled it until I
felt my little girl begin to wriggle around on my face.

At that point I simply repeated the movement I was
making with my tongue and I was rewarded with the sound
of her sighing. She was having a pleasurable time,
which was only going to get better in a minute. I
played and played with the c***d clit and felt it grow
against my tongue.

"Oh mummy, oh mummy" she repeated over and over,
getting louder as her orgasm grew. "Oh god mummy,
please please1 I want to cum, please mummy!" she said
loudly then she froze and I could feel the powerful
vibrations on my tongue as my daughter's first orgasm
washed through her. She slumped forward and I quickly
grabbed her and pulled her down beside me. She looked
up at me with a broad smile.

"Oh mummy, can we please do that again and again? All
the time?" she asked excitedly.

"Yes baby, mummy loves you the way I love daddy, but
more special and I want to always share that love with
you in a physical way, like we just did. But Justine,
we can never tell daddy or anyone else about this, they
wouldn't understand."

"Oh I know mummy. Mary at school told me one day she
did this with her father and how much she really loved
it, but when the teacher heard, he was taken away from
her. She cried and cried because she really loves him
and now she can never see him. I won't ever tell anyone
cause I love you mummy and I never want to lose you."
Then she threw her arms around me and squeezed.

The next morning, I was awoken to the feel of her mouth
sucking at my nipple as she had her first feed for the
day, but something else was happening. It took me a
minute to realise my daughter also had her hand at my
mound, playing with my slit. She looked up and grinned.
"I'm always going to play with you mummy, when you feed
me cause I want you to always enjoy it and never want
me to stop."

And she never did stop. Over the years, my daughter
came to me for her twice daily feeds and every time she
would play with my pussy while she did. As she grew it
got easier and easier for her to masturbate me while
she fed and she got so good at the time, she would make
me cum as she finished up drinking.

After she met Mark, I thought things would change, but
they never did. She was at university when she met him
and it took them all of 8 months to marry. Because they
were both poor students, she put forward the idea they
live with us. This my husband and I readily agreed to,
he didn't want to see his daughter move away from home
and I didn't want to lose my lover.

On the day of her wedding, my daughter came to me for
her morning feed as usual. As usual, she played with my
pussy and clit until I came. Then she sat down with me
to talk.

"Mum, Mark and I are going away for a few days for a
honeymoon, we only decided last night. When we come
back I want to continue to feed from you and to fuck
you, like we always have. That has never changed and
never will. But mum, I need to ask you something."

"Yes honey, what is it?" I felt a little nervous not
knowing what it would be.

"Well, I wanted to know if you would also feed Mark? He
was never breast fed as a baby and he's talked about
the fantasy of it. Even said when I eventually get
pregnant that I might breast feed him with the baby.
Would you consider it?"

I was taken back. I had never thought of anything like
this ever happening. Two grown up people to feed? My
daughter and her husband? I needed no more time to
think. "Of course I will honey. The idea is quite
arousing to me, actually."

"Oh mum." she said and threw her arms around me. We
kissed passionately and I gently groped her tit. She
had her nightly on, which she began to draw up and I
got down on my knees to passionately kiss her lovely
mound. She leaned back and relaxed as I
enthusiastically lapped away at her juices.

"You know mum, this is something we could include Mark
in too. I'm sure he would like to have his dick sucked
by you, and he gives the best head."

"Mmm," I replied with my mouth buried nose deep in my
daughter's gorgeous pussy. The idea was extremely
arousing to me and one I would need to think over a lot
more, with my fingers in my snatch.

The End

80% (10/2)
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2 years ago
Totally wrong and bloody horny as hell. I loved it and would love to hear how Mark got on feeding from mother-in-law. So much more to know. What about Justine's children? Keep writing! You have a horny audience to feed.
3 years ago
Thank you, now I feel all horny . . . lol
3 years ago
great story will there be a part two?