Frank was going to the ball field for a little practice
with his old teammates. He looked around the kitchen to
make sure nothing was left turned on. When he was
satisfied everything was in order, he put on his team cap
and left for the field.

The ongoing rivalry between him and his younger s****r
made him decide to walk to the ball field; otherwise he
would have to ask his s****r Trish to give him a ride.

Frank and his friends couldn't help noticing Trish. She
had become quite a cocktease. She was such a pain it was
a relief to get away from her annoying chatter. She had
just turned 18 and got her first car. She had a fine
body, and knew it. Her light brown hair was short but
attractively pulled back in a way that accented her soft
blue eyes.

Frank was 19 and home from college on break. Frank had an
athletic built from exercise and playing ball. He wasn't
a show off and maintained a positive relationship with
his friends.

Their parents were working, so it was the perfect time to
get in some practice with his old buddies. He had called
them last night and invited everyone to come over to the
vacant ball fields this morning for a little practice,
while no one was around and, lunch was on him.

Trish got up at 10:00, and restlessly puttered about the
kitchen. She put on an Nsync CD. She turned up the volume
and sat on the sofa closed her eyes and let the music
take over. She was moving her hips, bouncing her head,
and waving her hands in the air. She sang along, in
another world, a world of music and erotic fantasies.

Trish came back to earth when the CD stopped. She noticed
it was 11:30 just in time to catch up with Frank at the
ball field, and show off her car. She got off the sofa
and ran upstairs to get dressed. She put on white shorts
over her white cotton bikini panties and covered her
braless tits with a white shirt tied about her midriff.
After she fluffed her hair she checked her image in the
mirror. Satisfied that she looked sexy she ran down
stairs and out to her car.

The guys had finished practicing and were in the home
plate corner of the dug out talking. The dug out was two
feet below ground level and closed in along the side and
back from home plate to third base. Part of the bullpen
was a fenced in area at the end near third base, the only
entrance from outside was thru a gate at that end.

Chris and Tim started to leave by the gate when they saw
Trish's car coming into the parking area.

Chris alerted the group. Hey Frank your s****rs coming.

What? You're full of it Frank replied, looking towards
the parking lot.

No she's really coming. She's one fine piece, Frank,
Chris added. I'd like to put it too the little cocktease.

Yeah, remember last summer how she liked to show it off
in that bathing suit, Tim chimed in.

"Hey! Watch it that's my s****r you're talking about."
Frank replied. He was apprehensive talking about Trish in
a sexual way, but didn't want his buddies to think he was
a prude.

"Yeah!" Ed chimed in, "but think about getting some pussy
from a cocktease, it sure would be a nice lunchtime
diversion pounding the hell out of a cocktease. Hell!
She'd be too embarrassed to tell anybody, and from
outside nobody can tell what's happening in here," Brian

"Come on Frank, she's just what we need, young hot virgin
meat. She's begging for it, and it's your treat."

Frank was alarmed at their suggestion, but understood
their feelings. Why not? After all nobody was here to
protect her, and she liked to tease.

Ok, ok. I hear you, he said. Let's see if she comes into
the dugout first. If she comes in, we'll need to get her
to this end.

Now! Everyone was excited thinking of a gang **** to
f***e her to give up some pussy. Frank was no exception.
s****r didn't count now, what counted was her hot virgin
cunt. And rightly so, as this was about showing his
friends he was no wimp.

Tim and Chris went back to the other end just in time to
see Trish get out of her car.

She's coming this way, and does she look hot. I have to
videotape this, Tim whispered loudly, as he focused his
camcorder on her.

Trish walked towards the ball field not sure where she
would find Frank. She saw Chris and walked towards him
putting a little bounce in her step, just enough to make
her tits jiggle.

Look at her tits bounce! Wow! What a show, Tim said
giving the group a blow-by-blow commentary of her

Trish was now at the cage area. Have you seen my b*****r?
She asked Chris.

Yeah, come on in, he said. He's at the other end. Opening
the gate, he said step in but watch your step, there's a
step down. Trish stepped inside, and saw Frank standing
at the far end.

She thanked Chris and walked towards Frank. She noticed
Tim holding a camcorder on her; she gave a big sexy smile
and threw her arms up to pose for the camera.

They all felt the static charge that followed her into
the dug out. What luck! She just insured their success.
Her cock teasing was minutes away from coming to an end.
Trish's stride was confident as she approached Frank. She
was unaware that Tim and Chris were following her.

The guys were openly gawking at her sensuous body.
Everyone was gawking but Frank.

Hi, Frank. Her greeting was warm and friendly.

What are you doing here? Frank asked.

I stopped by to see if you needed a ride? Trish replied.

Frank looked at his friends and smiled. What do you think
guys? Frank asked his buddies, is she making an offer I
can't turn down?

He was met with an enthusiastic, yeah!

Trish looked at him, waiting for him to tell her. She
motioned was her hands, like, well! I'm waiting to hear.

Well I could handle a wild ride today, Frank told her.

Trish was naively intrigued by the thought of a wild
ride. She had no idea he intended she be the source of
that wild ride.

What do you have in mind, Trish innocently asked?

Frank made a split second decision. He suddenly reached
out and pulled her shirt open and cupped her tits. They
were firm, and her nipples were hard from rubbing her
shirt. They felt so good Frank didn't want to let go.

Trish was startled. "Stop it. Stop you pervert." She

"It's to late Trish," Frank said, "You're going to give
up some pussy today you can start by showing us your

Trish looked about in disbelief. She was frightened by
the lustful look on the faces crowding around her.

Frank gripped a bunch of her hair and pulled her head
upwards to look into her eyes.

"Show us your tits Trish," he growled. Trish yelled her
hands flew up to protect her head, as Frank released her

She was frightened by their intent stares, taking in all
the details of her young body from top to bottom. Taking
in her heaving breast, her tight white shorts, and her
sleek tan legs.

She found it sexually stimulating knowing the guys liked
to look her over, so she teased them. But today they were
looking her over with lust in their eyes. She looked at
Frank and knew there was no choice. She could see the
video camera recording her. She felt so degraded. Trish
obeyed Franks order, and untied the knot in her shirt
with trembling fingers. She averted her eyes as she
unbuttoned the only button holding her shirt closed. She
stood still not knowing what to do next. Her shirt clung
to her full breasts; her nipples were keeping her shirt

"All the way Trish!" Frank ordered. "Take it all the way

Her hands shaking, her fingers trembling she pulled her
shirt off her shoulders, and let it slide down her arms
to the dugout floor.

Trish glanced up, and saw the camcorder capturing her
f***ed stripping.

The guys were awed; all eyes were on Trish's exposed
tits, they stared in silences at her stunning tits. Their
lustful gawking at her naked tits unnerved Trish

Frank looked into her eyes, gripped her hair again, and
kissed her hard on the lips. She groaned as he f***ed his
tongue deep into her mouth. His other hand squeezed her

Tab tried to push him away, but someone grabbed her arms.
Suddenly they were sucking her tits and grabbing her ass,
while pushing their fingers inside the leg of her shorts

They were out of control blind lust was taking over.

Trish tried to fight, there were just too many of them.
Her shorts were being unfastened, she tried to stop them
from pulling her shorts down, but her arms were held
firmly over her head. Slowly her shorts were pulled off
her hips and down her legs. Hands were rubbing her panty
covered pussy mound.

Trish began to cry. She had never been with a man. She
was fearful that her first time was going to be with her
b*****r and his buddies. Surely Frank would stop it
before anything happen.

It was show time. Frank turned her around so her back was
against him. He pulled her against his body. He felt her
ass pushing against his stiff cock. He slid his hand down
across her firm stomach, and into her panties. He felt
her hairy triangle and began to rub her meaty mound. He
slid his middle finger down her slit and into her tight

Trish went bonkers, as his finger entered her virgin
cunt. Her body involuntarily jerked, and she cried out.
Her cries had the sound of panic in them. Trish's pussy
hole was so tight he had trouble getting his finger in.
He pushed harder, and his finger slid in to her. Her
pussy clamped down on his finger, she sure had a tight

Frank was so excited; he was beyond caring that this was
his s****r.

He held Trish tightly around the waist with his left arm,
while he pushed her panties down below her knees with his
right hand, revealing her neatly trimmed bush. She was
naked now except for her sneakers.

The guys crowded around anxious to see her exposed cunt.

"Come on spread her legs!" one of the guys yelled, "Let's
get a look at her hot gash."

Frank held her with his arms wrapped around her waist.
Jon and Chris grabbed her legs and pulled them apart. Her
glistening pink slit was surrounded by fleshy down
covered lips.

Trish was alarmed, it all happened before she had a
chance to realize what was going on. She was humiliated.
She had never let a man see her naked body. But today she
had no choice. The guys were intently studying her well-
developed body. Her cunt was awesome to be hold, the
fleshy lips surrounding her pink slit was the center of
their attention.

"Please stop Frank," she pleaded. "Don't do this to me."

"Well, Frank said to the leering guy's, do you think we
should find out if her pussy is really as good as it
looks." "Should I stick it to her?"

"Yeah, do it," shouted several guys.

Trish was struggling as Frank freed his throbbing cock.
He placed his rock hard cock against the crack of her
ass. Holding her kicking, struggling body with one arm,
he used the middle finger of his other hand to locate her
tight opening.

Trish kept struggling as he pushed a second finger into
her tight virgin cunt. Frank was so high from the
excitement that he didn't hear the cheers of
encouragement from the guys crowding around.

He rubbed his cock along her crack. His cock looked so
huge against her pink slit. He put his cock in position
between the fleshy lips of her slit and slowly pushed the
tip of his cock against her tight hole. He pushed but
couldn't get the tip in.

"Frank! Don't! Please! I'm a virgin. NOOooo!"

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The look on
her face, as his cock began to penetrate her tight cunt
was worth a thousand words.

He pushed harder. "God she's tight!" He exclaimed, as the
first inch of his aching cock slid into the tight velvety
depths of her virgin cunt.

He looked at her round ass cheeks as his cock entered
her, and marveled at the feel of her snug pussy. He knew
he made the right decision. She was a great fuck, a fine
piece of ass.

Trish was trying to evade his probing cock. She was
pushing against his restraining arms with her hands while
trying to get her feet firmly planted on the ground.

She lost her footing, her feet slid out from under her
causing her to fall back onto his invading cock. No
escaping now, her weight pushed his cock deeper into her
tight cunt she was now hopelessly impaled on his hard

Relax Trish." Frank told her. You're about to get fucked
by a group of ardent admirers.

Franks cock slid a few more inches into her snug cunt.
Slowly with steady thrusts his cock slipped deeper and
deeper into her tight constricting cunt. Trish struggled
against his invading member, but she didn't stand a
chance he was firmly planted.

Hands held her. Trish knew there was no stopping it. The
guys were in a highly elevated state of sexual arousal,
salivating waiting to get their piece.

Placing his hands firmly around her hips, in one big
thrust he pushed his rock hard cock into her to the hilt.
Trish screamed with pain as he popped her cherry. Once he
was all the way in he began to move his cock in and out
of her with violent f***e, he pounded her harder and
harder. Her cunt was so tight he could feel it clinging
to his cock.

"This is tight virgin pussy," Frank said. "I can't wait
to feel her get all juice up," he laughed.

Her vaginal secretions began to coat his hard shaft
allowing his hard shaft easier access to the lubricated
depths of her virgin cunt. Frank soon picked up a rhythm
and began to seriously fuck her slick cunt. Her virgin
cunt was snug but easier to slide his cock into her hot

Trish screamed, and began to cry as he began to
f***efully move his hips back and forth, plunging his
hard cock violently in and out of her tight virgin cunt.
She couldn't believe her b*****r was r****g her while his
friends watched and videotaped her ****.

Her cries turned him on. He knew he couldn't last long,
but he didn't care. He was getting the most pleasurable
ride of his life. He often watched her playful teasing,
and couldn't believe she provided them with this
opportunity today. She played and now she paid. He was
not one to pass up an opportunity to get a good fuck.

He began to pull her up and down on his hard shaft as he
thrust his cock deeply into her.

Suddenly he drove his cock into her as deep as he could,
and shot a load into her that filled her womb with seed
and seemed to last forever. Trish had never felt a man
cum in her until Frank groaned with pleasure and pushed
this cock deeper into her cunt as his semen filled her

He lay there with his dick buried inside his s****r,
satisfied that her cunt had drained his cock of every
drop. He looked at her ass; from his position standing
behind her he could see her ass and her glistening red
puffy pussy.

He was amazed, she had just provided him with the best
fuck of his life, and her cunt didn't look any the worst
for wear. Frank would remember his orgasm for the rest of
his life as the best load he'd ever shot into a pussy.

But Trish wasn't on the pill and panic seized her, what
if she got pregnant?

Tim quickly replaced Frank. He thrust his cock into her
snug cunt and began to fuck her. When she tried to scream
someone shoved his hard cock into her open mouth. Trish
had heard about blowjobs, but had never done it. The very
thought was disgusting to her.

Trish had a hard cock in her mouth for the first time,
and didn't know what to do. She started to gag, she was
told to "start sucking, treat it like a lollipop, suck
and lick."

Her head was grasped on either side and hands started to
guide her head up and down on the hard cock in her mouth.
Soon she was giving head like a pro. He started pumping
his hips fucking her mouth. He pumped her mouth faster
pushing his cock against her throat. Suddenly he pushed
his hard cock deep into her mouth and shot his warm cum
into her mouth. It tasted salty and was bitter. Trish was
tasting cock for the first time and, had no choice but
swallow the vile liquid.

For hours the only sounds emanating from the dug out were
the sounds of sexual excess as thirteen lusty guys had
their turn with her. Laughing male voices often groaning
with pleasure followed the begging and whimpering. The
slap, slap, slap sounds of flesh striking against flesh
continued through out. At first Trish cried and
occasionally screamed, but soon the only sound was the
slap, slap, slap followed by loud happy groans of

It was getting dark when they were finally satisfied.
They wiped off her cum spattered body and carried her out
to her car. They placed her naked behind the steering

Frank was sliding her around to get her legs into the
car, when it occurred to him how sweet it would be to put
it to her in her car. He pulled her legs back out and
pushed her down across the seat. He pulled her legs over
his shoulder and pushed his hard cock into her resilient
cunt. He pounded into her with a hard but study rhythm.
He was pleasantly surprised to feel her thrusting back
matching his stroke. He was even more pleased when he
felt her pussy grip his cock as she had an orgasm.

Trish never told about what happened in the dug out.

Most of the guys that enjoyed Trish also had s****rs.
Several had s****rs Trish's age; some had s****r's a few
years older.

The Dug out would see action again and again.

The day after Trish became the first female to receive a
degree in dug out diplomacy the guys were still high on
their success.

Trish was an exciting young hot body old enough to be
legal fair game. Her lack of sophistication largely
contributed to the successful hunt.

Tim reviewed the taping; he wondered if under these same
circumstances his s****r Kim would perform as well as
Trish. He had fantasized about Kim for a few years. Now,
he vowed, it was time to find out what reality felt like.
No time better then this Friday.

Kim was 25 with a very professional demeanor. She had a
college education and worked for a large financial
institution, competing in a mans world. She dressed in
stylish business pants suites that were conservative but
quietly accented her outstanding body. Her hair was
always well groomed, and her fingernails professionally
manicured, in her world appearance was everything.

When Tim started school Kim was finishing junior high.
When he started high school Kim was half way through
college, and by the time he finished high school Kim was
in her second year in the business world making good
money, and driving an expensive car. Tim at 19 was
determined to close in on Kim.

Kim lived at home by her own choice; she could easily
afford her own apartment, but chose to live at home and
focus on her career.

Her relationship with Tim was one of a distant mother.
She often criticized and corrected, but didn't interact
with him. He was more of a nuisance to her.

Tim suddenly saw her in a different way, he wanted to see
her down and dirty. He finished making copies of the dug
out tape, while thinking about getting Kim in the dug
out. Kim would be different; she was a woman in her mid
twenties older then any female they ever dealt with. The
thought of fucking an older female was very exciting. She
was going to be different then doing Trish, much more

Tim called Frank and asked Frank how it was going? Frank
replied, "Never been better, I just banged the fuck out
of Trish."

Are you up for some more practice Friday? Tim inquired.

"Yeah! Who's for lunch?" Frank asked laughing. "Your
s****r Kim?"

"Yeah that's my plan," Tim responded.

"Wow!" Frank said, "Do I understand this right, you're
talking of taking your big s****r down?" Call the team
together this calls for a high-level strategy meeting.

Kim was glad she got off early on Fridays. She used the
extra time each week for a vigorous work out. Today she
had to pick up Tim, Mom and Dad were away so her routine
was modified to accommodate Tim. Kim pulled into the
athletic field parking area. She was surprised to see so
many cars she didn't think softball had started yet.

Kim parked near a sidewalk that led to a ball field. She
thought it had to be the right one as the cars were all
parked close to this field. She carefully exited her car.
She was wearing wedge-heeled shoes and walked carefully
so she wouldn't trip. She became uncomfortable,
apprehension took over as she walked towards the
bleachers; it was like someone was watching her.

Inside the dug out hungry eyes were watching her every
move, knowing they were going to get some of her sweet
pussy. This time they were prepared, there were more
lusty males waiting for a piece of Kim then the last time
when Trish dropped by unannounced.

Kim slowly made her way along the sidewalk leading to
where she hoped Tim was playing. She u*********sly opened
her charcoal gray suit jacket as she looked about for

Chris and Frank watched her approach. She looked great in
her tailored, pinstriped, charcoal gray suit and plum
colored knit top. "Are you getting this show on tape?'
Frank asked.

Kim slowly walked towards the ball field. Seeing Frank
she straitened her back, pulled her shoulders back, and
confidently walked towards him.

"What a sweet piece," Chris uttered.

They all knew Kim starting when they were preschoolers
playing with Tim and going to Tim's birthday parties.
Over the years Kim gained notice when their young eyes
noticed her breasts start to develop. For many she became
their first wet dream, for others she was at times their
sitter. In other words Kim had become a legendary figure
of their sexual fantasies.

Kim called out to Frank, "Have you seen Tim?"

"Sure he's in here come on in," Frank replied opening the
gate for her.

Kim stepped inside while thanking Frank. She saw Tim and
walked towards him. She noticed Chris pointing a
camcorder at her. She was flattered, but anxious being in
such a tight area with all these guys.

Kim made her way through the group to get to Tim. She
thought she heard some remarks and grunting sounds as she
made her way past them. She was in front of Tim when
someone in the group made a remark, "check out the ass on
her?" Kim tried to ignore the remark. "Yeah! Sweet tits
too. I'll bet she's a great fuck."

Kim turned to see who had made the remarks. She was
alarmed; she suddenly realized she was surrounded by a
group of horny 18 and 19-year-old men.

Kim turned back to Tim. "What's going on here Tim?" she
asked in an authoritative voice.

Tim grinned at her. "You're going to become a graduate of
the Dug out Club, Tim responded, but first you're going
to put on a little strip show for us. Now get your
clothes off, we want a sexy photo shoot.

"You're crazy! Now let me out of here," Kim pleaded. For
a few minutes she tried to stare him down, she realized
there was no escape. Her situation was hopeless. "I won't
strip for you or anyone for that matter." She angrily

"We can do it for you," Chris exclaimed while reaching
for her jacket.

"All right! All right! I'll do it myself; I don't need
your help."

Do it slow, we haven't seen a good strip show for a week,
Chris added.

Kim slowly pulled her jacket off and placed it on the
bench. She stood with her back towards them; she heard
yelling, "Take it off!" She grasped the bottom of her
sleeveless knit sweater and pulled it over her head and
off too loud cheers. Kim was deeply humiliated by the
loud cheers. She slowly unfastened and pulled the zipper
down on her suit pants and reluctantly slid her pants
down her hips

There were cheers as she stepped out of her pants. Kim
was standing facing away from them in her bra and
panties. She felt ill, this just wasn't happening. She
could feel them staring at her succulent panty covered
posterior. She felt so naked and humiliated, the
realization that all these males 6 or 7 years her junior
were about to view what no male had ever seen, her naked.

Kim pulled her bra straps off her shoulders as chants of
"Take it off!" Filled the Dug out.

She released the hooks of her front closure bra holding
the cups away from her breasts one at a time to loud
cheers. She allowed her bra to drop to the ground as she
shook her ass and slowly slid her panties down her hips
and allowed them to fall to her feet. Kim stepped out of
her panties and kicked them aside. The crowd was silent
never had they seen such an exquisitely defined ass.

Kim turned around throwing her hands in the air giving
them a full frontal. She looked at the eager faces, most
of whom she had known for years. Some had their eyes
glued to her full firm breasts crowned with quarter sized
aureoles and hard pert nipples; others stared at her
neatly trimmed hairy mound.

She looked at the video camera recording every detail of
her naked body. They were thrilled; Kim presented them a
view of a fantastic body. She had the mature fullness of
a woman ready to mate. Trish had been exciting fun, but
Kim was overwhelmingly the finest of female specimens.

She was the vision of femininity they dreamed of but
never got to fuck. Today that would change when 20 hard
dicks would get to sample that dream. One guy was picking
up her panties and stuffing them in his pocket, another
had her bra around his neck.

Tim stepped in front of her; he turned his head to look
at his friends, and asked if they enjoyed the show? "If
so, let's go for it!"

Kim gave a wide-eyed squeal as hands groped her, she saw
Tim in front of her. He looked into her eyes, and
immediately began to play with her nipples. He whispered
in her ear, "You're going to get the best bang of your
life," while reaching down and finger fucking her tight

As his fingers explored her tight cunt he was surprised
to discover that Kim was still a virgin. Tim pushed a
struggling Kim down on the bench. Having just done this
with Trish, Chris and Frank knew what to do to control
her thrashing body.

"Hold her; I'm going down on this pussy."

Chris held her hands over her head, while Frank pulled
her legs apart.

Tim attacked her pussy with a vengeance, licking nibbling
and sucking as his fingers and tongue explored her pussy.
He played with her pussy until she loosened up. Tim's
cock had never been this hard before. He dropped his
pants and placed his rock hard cock at the entrance to
her cunt. Kim turned her head aside amazed that Tim would
have such a big cock. It was so thick and long.

She tried twisting and turning, she screamed, Nooo! Tim
stayed with her and slowly shoved his hard aching cock
into her tight virgin cunt. Kim shuddered and her eyes
popped wide open when the head of his cock entered her
tight virgin pussy. Tim had an exceptionally large cock.
It took awhile before his hard cock pushed against her

Kim screamed and frantically struggled against the hard
hot cock invading her pussy. Kim's heart pounded she was
feeling hard cock inside her pussy for the first time.
She struggled but the cock in her pussy was firmly in
place. With a sudden thrust of his hips Tim drove his
hard cock through her hymen and deep into her virgin
cunt. Her eyes lit up in disbelief.

He was all the way into the clutching confines of her
virgin cunt. His cock was where no cock had been before.
He was experiencing thrills and sensations of pleasure
second to none. He was r****g Kim! She was incredibly
tight he had to slowly begin pumping his cock in and out
to slowly f***e his cock deep into her cunt. He was
finally hilted; his cock was all the way in. This was
pussy at its best.

The knowledge that as a virgin she had never bothered
with birth control, and he might impregnate her drove him
to pound her harder. Nothing could be finer then this.
Tim gripped her hips and slammed his cock in and out of
her virgin cunt.

Tim smiled down at her and said, "This is just beginning
s*s, for the rest of the day you're ours."

"The cherry was a great touch. You let good pussy go to
waste for to long. Your pussy was made for fucking, and
from now on it will get all the fucking it can handle."

Kim struggled and begged him to stop before it was too
late. The guy's were cheering Tim on. She was horrified
at what was happening. She knew in reality it was already
too late, as a line formed to take turns fucking her. The
excitement had them holding their cocks waiting for a

Tim was now intent on fucking Kim's tight pussy. She was
hot tight pussy. He picked up a rhythm, her objections
drove him to pound her harder and deeper. The thrill of
**** made him pound into her with brutal thrusts. Feeling
her tight clutching pussy spasm around his cock pushed
him over the edge. He shot his load deep in her cunt. For
the first time she felt hot semen filling her with seed.
This was his best ever fuck.

"She's good guys. You have to try her she's so good." Tim
exclaimed pulling away.

Tim pulled out and Frank quickly took his place.

Kim still struggled, as a new cock filled her cunt. She
was angry. Her face was flush and her breathing was
rapid. She had saved herself for Mr. Right, money, power,
and handsome. Now that was gone forever. She lost it all
to her k** b*****r and his friends.

Frank was really into fucking Kim; after all, he gave
them Trish, now it was his turn. He quickly shot his load
deep into her hot cunt.

Kim was learning that cocks came in many different sizes.

Chris was the next up, his cock was rock hard on contact
he drove his cock fully into her well-lubricated cunt.

The rough entry brought her to realize that this was what
the emptiness she felt for so long cried out for, a hard
cock, hot hard cock buried deep in her hungry pussy. She
groaned in satisfaction. She couldn't help the feeling of
lust that was consuming her. She was aching to cum.

Kim was so ashamed; they were all seeing her have an
orgasm. She just lost her virginity to her b*****r. Now
all his friends were filling her hot box with their seed,
while she was losing control.

Sensing her surrender Chris began pumping in and out as
she thrust her hips up to meet his strokes. It took a few
deep thrusts for her cock hungry pussy to reach her first
orgasm. Chris took his opportunity as her unbelievably
tight cunt began to spasm around his cock. He pounded
into her as she was experiencing intense pleasure from
his vicious fucking.

Chris smiled at the gang; they realized that this sweet
bitch belonged to them.

"Come on Kim! Fuck me! Ride my cock."

Kim started to push her hips up and down his hard cock,
riding his cock with her hot wet cunt driving his cock
further into her hungry cunt.

Chris pulled his cock from her pussy and pressed his wet
cock against her puckered opening. His cock slid into her
ass with little effort. Kim tried to close her spinster,
but she was still having an orgasm allowing Chris easy
access. Kim never felt such pain.

Kim rocked her head back and forth as inch-by-inch his
cock slid into her virgin ass. She was so hot an odd
feeling of warmth from deep inside was spreading through
out her body as satisfaction consumed her. She couldn't
believe the feelings. He was fucking her ass in a way
that the thrusting of his cock in and out of her ass was
causing her to have feelings of pleasure.

Chris began to pound her cock hungry ass. It took a few
deep strokes in her tight ass before she began to meet
his thrusting cock. Despite herself the degrading act was
bring her pleasure. Chris grabbed her hips and pushed his
cock in as deep as possible and shot his load into her
twitching ass.

One after the other they plunged into her hot pussy over
and over as she matched each thrust. Tim returned several

For the next 7 hours Kim was fucked in every orifice.
There was something to be said about the sensuous
opportunity Kim offered as she enjoyed what most women
would consider down and dirty sex.

Tim helped an exhausted Kim into her car. He drove home
planning on a long weekend of sexual excess.

78% (10/3)
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