I guess I should tell you a little something about my
situation. My name is Ann and I am an average 13 year
old girl with a great f****y. I guess I’m kind of
attractive; at least that is what people have been
telling me. I have long blonde hair and my breasts are
growing nicely. Right now they are about the size of a
large orange.

I have an 11 year old b*****r Bobby, that isn’t too big
of a pain. He is actually well built for a young k**.
He plays a lot of sports and does a lot of swimming
too. We actually get along really well for a b*****r
and s****r.

My dad is a banker who at 35 is still in good shape and
my mother is a clerk at a grocery store at night, who
also is in great shape with a killer body. We are a
typical suburban f****y that cares about each other.

Mom and dad were going out to dinner and a movie since
it was Friday night. They told us to stay in the house
and behave ourselves for a few hours. Dad tossed me a
twenty dollar bill telling me to order a pizza for
supper. They kissed Bobby and me good-bye and walked
out the door.

We waved as they drove down the street before shutting
the door. Bobby wanted to know what we were going to do
to kill the time since we couldn’t go out tonight. I
told him to go find a movie to watch while I order the
pizza. When I walked into the f****y room I saw Bobby
digging through the cabinet where dad keeps all the
videos and DVD’s.

"Hey, some of these tapes aren’t labeled, how do we
tell what movie it is," Bobby asked me.

"I don’t know, just put one in and see what it is," I
told my little b*****r.

Bobby popped an unmarked tape into the tape player and
sat on the sofa next to me to watch the movie. It
opened with a woman walking into a bedroom and kissing
a man.

"EEWWW, I don’t want to watch some mushy love story,"
Bobby complained.

I told him to try another movie as I got up to answer
the door bell. It was the pizza delivery. I paid the
man and carried the pizza back to the f****y room.

"Here’s the piz..." I said but stopped dead in my
tracks as I looked at the scene on the television.

I saw the lady on her knees sucking the man’s stiff
cock. Bobby was staring at the TV open mouthed. I
grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. Bobby was
flushed and breathing hard. I saw a little lump in his
shorts and knew that he had a boner. I sat on the couch
next to Bobby and told him to start to eat. We ate in
silence as we both digested what we saw on the TV
screen. After we finished our pizza and cleaned up the
mess we started to talk about what we saw.

"Did you see that lady sucking the man’s dick?" Bobby
asked me.

"It sure was big, I wonder if mine will be that big
someday," he added.

"I’m sure you will grow down there soon enough, besides
it looks like yours is pretty beg now," I told him as I
looked at the bulge in his shorts.

"Annie, can we watch some more of that movie, please?"
he asked me.

"I guess, but we can never tell mom or dad," I told

Bobby took the remote hitting the play button. The
woman once again filled the screen sucking the man’s
huge cock. She turned her body around so that the man
could lick her cunt. I could feel myself getting wet
between my legs.

"Can I do that to you Annie?" Bobby asked me softly.

I looked at him in shock and asked him to repeat what
he just said. He told me that he asked me if he could
lick my down there.

"What do you know about that?" I asked him in total

"Nothing, but I would like to try, it looks like fun
and she seems to like it," he said to me.

"I don’t know Bobby, that would be too weird," I said.

"Please Annie, I want to try, aren’t you wondering what
it feels like too?" he asked.

I told him that I was curious about what I was watching
on television but we are b*****r and s****r. He said
that he won’t tell if I don’t. I told him to shut the
TV off and put the movie back. He did as he was told
and then I told him to follow me to my bedroom.

I told him to take off his clothes and get on the bed.
He was naked in record time. I looked at his hairless
little cock and nut sack. His cock was standing
straight up and bobbing with each beat of his heart. I
took off my clothes and joined him on the bed.

"Gee Annie, you're really pretty, and your boobs are
neat," he told me as he stared at my chest.

"Thanks, your dick is neat too, I guess," I said.

I asked him what he wanted to do. I want to do what
they did in the movie. I want to kiss you and your
boobs and between your legs. I told him to do what he
wants as I stretched out on my bed.

Bobby lay on top of me and placed his young lips on
mine. I could feel his heart beating against my tits.
He kissed me hard and I licked his lips with my tongue.
I pushed it inside of his mouth licking his teeth and
tongue. We traded tongues and spit for a few minutes.
He moved his hands down to my chest and began massaging
my tits. I had to tell him how to rub them and how to
play with my nipples to make me feel good.

He wasn’t experienced but he was enthusiastic. He was
pulling and pinching my nipples like a pro in no time.
I never had anyone play with my tits before but I know
what feels good from playing with myself.

Bobby moved his lips to my hard nipples and sucked on
them gently. I held his head to my tits as a shudder of
pleasure hit me. I never felt anything that good
before. I loved the feeling of his lips on my tits. He
moved between my legs looking at my 13 year old cunt
that was wet with my juice. He moved his nose close to
my slit to see if there was any odor. When he couldn’t
smell anything bad he took a quick lick of my wet slit.
I watched as he brought his tongue back to his mouth
and tasted my juice.

"Hey, it tastes good Annie!" he told me excitedly.

Bobby bent his head down and placed his tongue into my
slit. He ran it the length of my cunt crack.

"OH, AAAAHHHH!" I sighed as he licked my little clit.

"Did I hurt you?" he asked me in concern.

"Oh Bobby, no you didn’t hurt me, that felt so good
when you licked me there," I said.

He licked my clit again taking it in his mouth and
sucking it gently. He nibbled on it very lightly making
me squirm on the bed. I could feel my juices running
down the crack of my ass. Bobby licked all the little
girl cum that he could find.

"Oh Bobby, I’m close to cumming," I moaned.

He asked me what that meant. I told him that is what
happens when I feel really good down there. He told me
that he wanted to see me cum. I told him to just keep
doing what he was doing.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!" I cried out as he sucked my clit into
his mouth again.

"Oh, Bobby I’m cumming! Oh I’m cumming!!" I shouted as
I bucked my hips up to his face

Bobby put his lips against my cunt hole and sucked as I
pumped out my 13 year old girl juice. He lapped every
drop that flowed from my hole. When I finished he moved
his face away and I could see the wetness on his lips.
I pulled him to me and kissed him deeply tasting my own

"Oh Bobby that felt so good, turn around so I can do it
to you," I told him.

He spun around and I crawled between his legs. I took
his hard little 11 year old cock in my hand moving my
fingers up and down his bald little shaft. I lowered my
face near his cock and sniffed the air. I couldn’t
smell anything unpleasant so I licked his cock on time.

"OOHHHH Annie, OOHHHH gee that felt good," he moaned
out loud.

I took his little hairless 11 year old cock in my mouth
and sucked on it gently. I ran my tongue all over the
head and down his shaft. He was small enough so I could
get the entire thing in my mouth. I licked up and down
the shaft and played with his tiny balls.

He groaned as he bucked his hips up to my face. "Oh
Annie, I feel funny in my stomach!"

I told him that he was going to cum soon because that
is how you feel just before you cum. I put him back in
my mouth and sucked him hard. I liked all every inch of
his little cock.

"OH, OH, Annie OH, AAAAAEEEEEOOOHHH!!" he screamed as
he arched his back off the bed. He panted as he humped
my face. Nothing was coming out of his cock but I could
tell he sure was feeling good.

He finally pushed me away saying that it was getting
sore. He told me that he had never felt anything so
good before. He pulled me up and hugged me tight. He
told me that he loved me for being so good to him and
letting him do this stuff tonight. As we lay on the bed
talking the phone began to ring.

I ran to the kitchen to answer it. I listened to my mom
tell me that they were in a car accident and were in
the hospital. They were both okay but she wanted me and
Bobby to go next door to spend the night. I told her
that we would go right over. I went to the bedroom to
tell Bobby what happened and we headed for the

The next morning mom and dad came home from the
hospital. Mom had bumps and bruises but dad had two
broken legs and a broken arm. He had casts on both legs
and his arm. Mom put him to bed and told Bobby and I to
go in the f****y room to wait for her. She came in and
sat down on the chair next to the couch we were sitting
on. She told us that she needed our help taking care of
our dad.

She told us that she could take care of him during the
day but at night it will be up to Bobby and me. She
explained that he will be bed ridden for at least 6
weeks until the casts come off. She said that I would
have to feed him his supper because his right arm is in
a cast and he can’t do much with his left hand. She
told me that before I went to bed I should take a damp
cloth and wash is face and chest for him.

I asked mom what happens when he has to go to the
bathroom. She laughed and told me not to worry about
that. Mom turned to Bobby and told him that was going
to be his job. When dad needs to pee, Bobby is to get
the jug and hold it for his dad so he can pee in it.
Dad shouldn’t have to poop, but if he does there is a
bed pan under the bed and just be sure to wipe him

"EEEWWWW mom! That’s nasty!" Bobby complained to her.

"I don’t even want to hear it, your daddy took care of
you when you were a baby and couldn’t do anything for
yourself, so I expect to see you help him now," she
scolded him.

"Okay mom, I’m sorry, I’ll do it," he told her softly.

She told us that we didn’t have to worry about it for a
couple of days because she called her boss and said she
needs to take a few days off. We helped mom around the
house and sat with dad to keep him company. On Tuesday
mom went back to work leaving us to care for daddy for
the first time.

I made some macaroni and cheese for supper and took a
plate into daddy. I sat on the bed and fed him his
dinner. He laughed telling me that it was like playing
house and I was the mommy. He finished his dinner and I
headed to out to clean the kitchen up. Bobby and I did
the dishes putting everything back to normal. I heard
dad calling for Bobby.

He said that he needed the jug. Bobby looked a little
scared as he headed for the bedroom. I followed him
down the hallway and stood out of sight in the doorway.
I watched as Bobby picked up the jug and asked dad what
he needed to do. Daddy reached in his pajamas and took
his big cock out and told Bobby to put the head of it
inside the jug.

Bobby moved the jug to daddy’s cock pushing it over his
cock head. I heard the stream of pee hitting the bottom
of the jug. When daddy was down he took his cock and
shook it a few times then put it back into his pajamas.
Daddy thanked Bobby saying that he did a very good job.

Bobby left the room and pulled me into the f****y room.

"Did you see how big his cock was?" Bobby said to me
once we were far enough away so daddy couldn’t hear us.

"Yeah, it was huge!" I told him.

I teased my little b*****r about the size of his cock
and he laughed along with me. We watched TV until we
heard daddy calling for Bobby again. I followed Bobby
again and stood just outside of the door and watched as
Daddy took his cock out of his pajamas. I saw Bobby
take the bottle and put it by daddy’s cock.

Bobby surprised me by taking daddy’s cock in his hand
and putting the head in the bottle for him. I head
daddy let out a low moan as he felt Bobby’s hand on his
cock. I watched as daddy peed and then Bobby shook the
last drops of his pee into the bottle. I heard daddy
tell Bobby that it was nice not having to reach down to
hold his cock while he peed. Bobby told him that he
didn’t mind helping him out. Bobby walked out of the
bedroom and we headed to the f****y room.

"What was it like?" I asked him as soon as we got into
the room.

"Oh Annie, it was hard and soft at the same time and
hot too!" he told me.

I told Bobby that he should get ready for bed. I went
in to wash daddy’s face and chest for him before I went
to bed. I got the wash cloth running hot water over it.
I wrung it out so it was just slightly damp. Daddy had
only his pajama bottoms on and I washed his face and

As I slowly rubbed his chest I noticed that his pajamas
were beginning to get a bulge in the front. When I
finished washing him I asked him if there was anything
he needed before I went to bed. He thanked me for
taking such good care of him and told me that he was
fine until mom came home.

This was our routine every night that mom worked. On
Thursday night that changed forever. Bobby and I were
watching television when daddy called for Bobby. I
followed as usual and watched from the doorway out of
dad’s sight. I saw Bobby grab daddy’s big cock and put
it in the jug.

When the pee stopped flowing Bobby pulled daddy’s hard
cock out of the jug. He shook it a couple of more times
and instead of putting it back into daddy’s pajamas
this time Bobby ran his hand up and down the shaft.

"UUGGHH, Bobby, you shouldn’t do that," he moaned to
his son.

But Bobby kept up the stroking of daddy’s cock as daddy
moaned and squirmed on the bed.

"OH, OH, AAAAAHHH! Oh it’s been a while since I felt
like this," daddy sighed.

I could see drops of wetness on the tip of his cock.
Bobby asked his dad if that was pee and if he needed
the jug. Daddy explained to Bobby all about precum and
its purpose. Bobby smeared the liquid all over Daddy’s
cock head and his hand began to pump faster.

"Oh Bobby, I’m going to cum if you don’t stop," he
groaned out loud.

But Bobby just bent his head and licked a big drop of
the precum off daddy’s cock. He tasted the liquid that
was on his tongue and said it was slimy but good. He
bent down again and put the head of daddy’s cock inside
of his mouth.

"Bobby! Oh son that feels so good," daddy moaned.

Bobby began to bob his head up and down his daddy’s
cock. He ran his tongue over the head and around that
shaft. I watched as my little b*****r played with
daddy’s balls as he sucked him deep into his mouth.

"OH, OH, Bobby I’m cumming! OOHH! I’m cumming!!" daddy
yelled. He screamed as I saw Bobby’s cheeks puff out
and some white liquid dribble from his mouth.

Bobby gulped as fast as he could to swallow daddy’s hot
sticky load of cum. I watched in fascination as daddy
pumped his cock into his son’s mouth. I watched Bobby
take his entire load of cum into his mouth. When daddy
finished shooting his sticky load into Bobby’s mouth
his limp dick slipped out. He told Bobby that it felt
wonderful but they must never tell anyone what

Bobby nodded his head and walked out the door. He
grabbed me by my arm and pulled me into his bedroom. He
kissed me quickly pushing some of daddy’s sticky cum
into my mouth.

As I tasted it he told me that he had saved me some so
I could see what it tasted like. I told him that it
tasted kind of salty but not bad. I thanked him for
thinking of me and asked him what it was like to feel
daddy squirt all that in his mouth. He told me that he
liked it and couldn’t wait to do it again.

I heard daddy calling my name and I went into his
bedroom. When I was standing by his bed he told me that
he wanted me to wash his face and chest. He said that
he felt all sweaty. I went to the bathroom to get the
washcloth again. I wiped his face and chest clean of
all the sweat that was there.

"Annie, could you please wash my penis for me, I think
I dribbled when I peed last time," he said me.

I took his cock out of his pajamas and wiped it off
with the washcloth. I could hear him moan as I wiped
his huge cock. I rubbed his hard cock with the rag over
and over again.

"Oh Annie that’s good honey," daddy moaned to me.

I bent my head down and licked his hard cock from the
bottom to the tip. I took his spongy head into my mouth
and licked all the precum that I felt seeping from his

"OH, Annie can I taste you too?" he asked me softly.

I stood up and took off my clothes quickly. I glanced
at the doorway and say Bobby with his little cock in
his hand stroking it slowly. I climbed on the bed and
put my 13 year old pussy over my daddy’s face. I
lowered my cunt to his waiting lips as I bent back down
and swallowed his hard cock. I could feel his tongue
licking my slit all over and nibbling my little clit. I
let out a loud groan as I felt his long tongue snake up
inside of my pussy. We were both getting more and more
excited as we used our tongues on each other.

"Annie, turn around and back up until you feel my
cock," daddy told me.

I spun around straddling his waist as I moved my ass
backwards until I felt his cock bump into my ass. I
lifted my hips and placed his hard cock inside of my
cunt slit and rocked my hips back and forth along the
length of his hard cock.

"OH daddy, OOHH can you put it in, I want to feel it in
me," I begged my dad.

Bobby walked into the bedroom and wanted to know what
was going on.

"Bobby, put my cock by your s****r’s cunt hole for me,"
he asked his 11 year old son.

Bobby reached down taking his dad’s cock and put it by
my pussy hole. I could feel the head of his cock at the
entrance of my cunt. Bobby rubbed the head up and down
my slit getting it nice and wet with my little girl
juices. Daddy gave a little push and I felt the head
slip into my cunt channel.

"OH my God daddy, it feels so big in me," I groaned.

I pushed back slowly and another inch slid into my
pussy. All of a sudden it hurt. I told daddy that it
was painful and he told me that it was my cherry and
that it would have to be broken to feel good. He told
me that it would hurt for just a few minutes and then
feel real good. I lifted my hips slightly and slammed
my 13 year old pussy down hard on my daddy’s hard cock.

I screamed as daddy’s stiff rod ripped through my
cherry. I had his whole length in my cunt and it began
to feel real good. I started to slowly lift myself up
and then fall back down on his hardness. "OH daddy, it
feels so good!" I panted as I bounced on his stiff

Bobby was still stroking his little 11 year old cock
with his fingers. Daddy told him to come up by him.
Bobby walked to the head of the bed and daddy sucked
his little cock into his mouth. I could see daddy
swallow his whole cock into his mouth. He even took
Bobby’s balls in too. He sucked his little dick and nut
sack gently while I rode his cock.

"OH, OH, AW, AAHHHHH! I’m close to cumming daddy!" I
cried out to him.

He began to buck his hips up to meet my movements. I
was lifting way up and letting his entire length of
cock shaft slide back into my hot wet hole. I was
beginning to shudder in pleasure as I felt his huge
cock hitting my cervix.

I screamed out as my juice flowed around his cock.

I jammed my groin down on his cock, grinding my pussy
on his crotch. I wanted more of his hot cock inside of
me. I bounced on his cock like a mad woman. I couldn’t
stop cumming. It was a continual orgasm. Suddenly I
heard daddy grunt real loud and I felt his hot sticky
seed splashing into my cunt.

"OOOHHHHHH I feel it, OOHHHHH, I feel it squirting!!" I
yelled as I had another powerful orgasm on my daddy’s

He pumped me full of his hot seed as he continued to
suck on Bobby’s cock. When daddy emptied his nuts of
all the cum, I rolled off of him. I watched as he
sucked my little b*****r’s cock. Daddy was bobbing his
head fast and he ran a finger to Bobby’s ass hole. I
watched as he pushed it into Bobby’s butt.

"OH daddy, I’m cumming, AAAHH!" Bobby shouted as his
hips jerked into daddy’s mouth.

He still wasn’t producing any seed but it felt good
anyway. When we all were finished, Bobby and I cleaned
daddy up and let him rest until mom came home. Bobby
and I headed for my bedroom. When we closed the door he
wanted to know how it felt to have daddy inside of me.
I told him that it felt great and that his stuff was
still inside of me.

"Let me look," Bobby said.

I spread out on the bed and let Bobby look at my
sopping wet cunt. Bobby lowered his head and began
lapping at the sticky mess. He used his tongue to clean
my cunt completely clean of all the combined juices. We
both agreed that this was a great way to spend six
weeks of our summer vacation.


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4 months ago
Dafaq does it have a 13% like if all commenters enjoy it!
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fuckin hott
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Great story
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so nasty hot would love to take care of daddy !
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It got me horny, I want to see bobby fucking his mother in few more years with a 10 inches cock. Please!
I love the father and daughter fucking...
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It pays to be layed up around a family like that...mmm
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man you write a good story.
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Now that really IS looking after Daddy. What deliciously dirty kids. I love 'em. Great story.
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very hot...hope you continue this story line.

I fantasize about having a sister and learning about sex with her
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That is one close family
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wow, wish i started that young and in that way too, it might have been so wonderful.