Karli looked at herself in the mirror. At 14 years old
she found herself wondering if she could possibly ever
be satisfied sexually. Several boys at school fucked
her but she was never happy afterwards. They always
came but she rarely did as they constantly had orgasms
quickly before she was ever satisfied. She would go
home and masturbate to finally cum but without real

She stared at herself in the full length mirror. Her
body was good. Slightly boyish at her age with tiny
breasts that stood up nicely and dark areolas with hard
eraser tip nipples. Her tummy was hard from running and
her legs nice and long and shapely. But it was her
small curvy ass that she liked best. All the boys liked
it. They liked the way she looked in her low rider
jeans. It was like her mothers. A heart shaped tight
little ass that made the boys cum in their pants every
time she walked by.

Karli sighed hoping that one day someone would be able
to make her happy sexually. She couldn't help it if she
was insatiable. She loved to fuck. She could only wish
that after the weekend at her Aunts house, a boring
time she was sure, that maybe she could get one of the
boys to fuck her better.

She dressed and packed for her weekend at Aunt Debby's.


The cab delivered her to the farm in record time. The
cabby knew her Aunt well. She paid him collected her
bags and looked at the farm. It was a huge house and
barn along with tons of farmland that included cows,
horses and all sorts of a****ls. She heard the front
gate open and turned to see a beautiful older woman
walking toward her. She hadn't seen her aunt in many
years. She was so pretty at 50 years old.

"Welcome honey to the Double Deuce ranch."

Her aunt came and hugged her. Karli could smell perfume
and lilacs from her and she relaxed as her aunt pickup
her bags and led her to the house.

"Got a room upstairs for you honey. I think your really
going to like this weekend. Your mom told me all about

Karli couldn't understand what she meant by this but
happily was led along the front path and into the
house. The house was deep in the country woods and was
miles from town. Being so isolated meant lots of
privacy that her aunt enjoyed. That night her aunt made
supper and Karli being ravished ate a lot making her
aunt happy.

"You are quite a beauty Karli. Your mom wasn't k**ding
when she said you were an eyeful."

Karli actually blushed and looked down at her plate.
Her strawberry blonde hair fell loosely down her
shoulders to her back. Crystal blue eyes made her look
stunning. Her aunt was similarly blessed in beauty.
Short cropped black hair peppered with gray. Her green
eyes sparkled as she saw the results of her compliment.

Karli finally spoke up about the farm.

"What do you do here auntie?"

"Well, I raise horses. Real pricey breeders. Make lots
of money seeding the mares of the county."

Karli laughed. Imagine making money letting your horse
fuck other horses.

"It's big business. Make good money that keeps the farm
going and myself busy. How bout you honey. What do you
do for excitement?"

The aunt already knew. Karli's mother purposely sent
her to the farm. The girl was an insatiable slut and
her mother wanted her to find satisfaction the only way
the girls in the f****y knew how. It was the job of her
aunt to find a cure for the girls lack of satisfaction.

Karli hesitated before answering knowing that what she
found exciting wasn't anything she wanted her aunt to
know about.

"Not to much auntie."

"That's not what I hear."

Karli froze. Her pulse quickened. What was auntie
talking about?

"I understand that my little niece has a sex problem."

Karli, mouth open, sat still in the chair looking at
her aunt in shock. How did she know this? Was her mom
aware of her activities?

Debby saw the consternation on her nieces face and
decided to help her out.

"Don't worry honey its a problem all the McQuire girls
have. Lack of satisfaction. I must have gone through
the entire football team just trying to get a decent

Karli looked at her with amazement.

"But how did..."

Her aunt laughed and reached out to hold her hand.

"Darling there's not much we girls don't know. I'm
hoping to make this weekend a memorable one for you
honey. A change of life experience."

Karli completely lost just resigned herself to the fact
that all the hiding and fucking she did was in vain.
Her mom knew all along. But why was she here?

"I know your thinking about why your mom sent you to
me. Well I can tell you that we found the secret to the
best damn orgasms a woman can get. Were hoping it will
work for you."

Karli was speechless. Her body was trembling with
anxiety over the knowledge of her sexual escapades. But
this information was just too weird. Yet curiosity got
to her. Especially about the best orgasm ever.

"C'mon baby, lets get roaring d***k and ill tell you
about your mom and me."

Debby led her niece to the living room where a fire was
going. She went to a cupboard and retrieved a bottle of
Jack Daniels. She poured a straight shot for both of
them and gave a glass to Karli who looked at it like it
was a cobra.

"Your letting me drink Aunt Debby?"

"There are no rules here honey. Anything goes at this
farm. This weekend your free to do whatever you desire.
I'm going to help you."

Karli smiled as she began to drink.

Soon both were feeling the shots of whiskey. Debby
began telling Karli about her life and the farm. When
she started to talk about Karli's mom Karli listened

"Your mom was really a beauty. Still is. But the boys
really liked her. I don't think a night went by she
didn't have one of them in the barn fucking them like
crazy. I could hear her moaning and then yelling at the
boy for cumming too soon."

Karli laughed and knew exactly what she was speaking
about. Wow she didn't know that her mom was as slutty
as her.

"Tell me more auntie Debby."

Debby could see the interest spark as she talked of

"Your mom like all us girls wasn't easily satisfied.
But our mom told us about the secret. Once we learned
to fuck properly we always had great orgasms."

"The secret?"

"Don't rush me girl. We'll get to that soon enough. But
first I need to know more about you before I let the
f****y secret out."

Karli drank more whiskey feeling it burn its was down
her throat. She was getting very d***k. She was also
getting horny. Talking about sex always did that to

"What do you want to know?"

"Do you like fucking honey?"

Karli smiled and leaned toward her aunt unsteadily.

"I love it auntie. God I love it a lot."

Debby looked at the girl who was incredibly beautiful
and could imagine the cock that entered her so often.
The cock that was insatisfyable.

"But do you feel good when you fuck honey?"

Karli leaned back against the pillows of the couch and

"At first its good then the boys just cum and I don't
ever feel satisfied."

"What's the biggest cock you've ever had honey."

Karli liked this game. She was beginning to like her
auntie a lot. Sex stories and booze.

"That would be Randy. He has a good size cock. About
this big..."

She spread her hands apart about six inches.

"Not a lot of cock there baby. So you've never had a
real size cock to make you feel like a woman have you?"

Karli looked at her with her eyes wide.

"How big is real size auntie?"

"Baby if you don't have a good ten inches sliding
inside that pussy then you haven't felt anything."

Karli laughed and felt her pussy tingle at the thought
of that much of anything inside her hot little pussy.

"You can take that much auntie?"

"Baby, I love bigger cock than that. We girls can
really stretch our pussies. Regular cock means nothing
to us. That's why your not satisfied honey. You need
the big stuff. Cock that will open you wide and make
you cum hard."

Karli leaned forward again close to her auntie. She
could sense a close bond now between them. They were
talking about sex. Her auntie was so hot looking. The
whole thing was so surreal. Debby saw her leaning
toward her and reached out to steady her. The girl was
so enticing, so hot. It wouldn't take much to
indoctrinate her into the McGuire girls fold. First she
needed to heat things up.

"Honey you ever think about sex fantasies?"

Karli smiled at her. Her eyebrows arched she looked
like she was giving away a secret.

"All the time auntie."

"Really. That's good baby. What do you like to think

Karli wagged a finger at her d***kenly.

"If were going to play dare then you gotta go first."

Debby smiled and played along.

"Alright honey. I think about fucking two men at once."

Karli mouth open stared at her auntie in amazement at
the admission. Wow she thought she is so sexy.

"Now you baby."

Debby moved closer to her niece feeling her body close
to hers.

"I think about doing a threesome. A boy and a girl. I
think that would be so hot."

Debby moved closer her body touching Karli's. Her
warmth making her very wet between her legs.

"Have you ever made love to another girl honey?"

"No. But I always wanted too. My boyfriends always
mention it."

"What else do they want you to do baby?"

Debby let her hand rest on Karli's knee. Rubbing it

Karli knew she was feeling so good. So d***k. The
conversation was making her so wet and horny. Her aunt
was so close to her and that only made it hotter.

"They tell me that they want to ass fuck me a lot. Some
just want me so suck their cocks and swallow."

"Did you ever let them ass fuck you honey?"

Karli could feel her aunts fingers sliding slowly
upwards almost reaching her inner thighs. It was all
she could do to concentrate. Her body was so excited
sexually. God her aunt was making her sexually crazy.

"I tried it once but it hurt too much. I wanted to so
badly. I have girlfriends that say it feels so good."

"It does sweetheart. Nice big cock sliding way up
inside your tight little ass. You can cum so hard."

Karli's mind was spinning out of control. Her sexual
needs were overriding reason as her aunts fingers slid
between her legs. The pressure from her fingers on her
jean clad pussy was incredible. She was going to cum
just from that.

Debby moved quickly leaning in to kiss the girl. Her
hand between the girls legs rubbing. Karli opened her
mouth to accept her aunties kiss. Their lips met wet
and hot as tongues twirled inside mouths. Karli groaned
as her aunts fingers dug deeper into her jeans making
her clit swell in pleasure.

"Ohhh auntie...." Came Karli as they kissed again.

Debby knew that she had the girl the way she wanted and
really wanted to teach her what fucking was all about.
She broke their kiss and looked at her niece with
loving eyes.

"Baby I want you to stand up and strip for me. Do it
slow and sexy."

Karli got up unsteadily from the couch and began to
strip slowly as her auntie asked. She smiled at her as
she undid her jeans letting them drop to the floor and
stepping out of them. Her panties were soaked through
and she slid them off too revealing her shaven cunt.

"God you are so beautiful baby. Turn around honey let
me get a good look at you."

Karli twirled slowly around showing off her tiny body.
She watched her auntie look her up and down. Her body
thrilled to such attention. No boy ever asked her to do
these things.

"Baby bend over. Let me see you hot little ass."

Debby leaned forward inches away from the girl. Karli
bent down her ass just inches from her aunties face and
knew that her auntie could see all of her. She closed
her eyes thinking of how erotic this all was.

Debby reached out and pulled apart her ass cheeks
revealing her very wet pussy all pink and swollen and
also her asshole.

"Nice honey. Very nice. Just like your moms. Come here

Karli turned and went to her and Debby took her in her
arms letting the girl rest in her lap. She began to
kiss her again hotly, deeply. When she pulled back she
could see the girls eyes nothing but lust filled slits.

"Open your legs wide for me baby. Show me that great
looking cunt of yours."

Karli spread her legs wide giving auntie a prime view
of her wet sopping pussy. Her tiny clit stood up and
out of its sheath. Debby immediately trailed her
fingers to the girls pussy sliding one inside her
feeling the warmth and the velvet wetness grasping her

"Ughhhhh...ohhhh auntie..." Cried Karli as she felt the
finger move within her cunt.

"That's it honey relax, enjoy it. I want you to play
with your breasts baby. Pull your nipples while I fuck

Karli obeyed. She reached up and cupped both her tiny
breasts and began to pull her tiny nipples which got
hard instantly. Debby moved her finger deeper and began
to pump it in and out of the girl. Karli instinctively
began to hump back against the finger loving the way it
made her feel.

"Bring your legs farther back baby. I want to be able
to fuck you better."

Commanded her auntie. Karli brought her legs back far
enough her knees almost touching her breasts. Debby
slid two more fingers into the girl. Three in all and
began to spread them inside her stretching her wider
and wider and she fucked.

Karli moaned in pleasure never before feeling anything
like it. God what was her auntie doing to her?

Debby wanted to see how much the girl could take. If
she was like her mother....

She slid another finger deep inside the girl feeling
the tight cunt wrap around her fingers. The girls
vaginal muscles squeezing them over and over as she
fucked her. Hot wet sounds emanated from her sopping
pussy as she shoved her fingers deeper. Karli moaned
loudly as her auntie fucked faster and faster driving
her fingers into her starved cunt.

"More...auntie...more..." Karli cried out finally
feeling herself ready to cum. Debby slid the last
finger inside the girl, her whole fist slipping wetly
inside. Then Karli cried out in orgasm. She began to
squirt her girl cum over and over her aunties wrist as
her fingers spread her cunt wider and wider.

There was no doubt now. She was indeed a McQuire girl.

"Ok baby your ready for the secret. Time to let you
really have some fun baby. Really get your pussy nice
and wet."

She led the girl naked to the barn. It was dark outside
and she quickly lit the barn revealing several stalls
that were occupied. The horses all whinnied at their
arrival especially one. A beautiful stallion named
Blackie. Debby smiled at him and went over to rub his
face gently.

"Hello lover. Brought you a nice hot little girl to
play with."

Karli still dazed with liquor and a great sexy session
with her aunt was baffled at the conversation. What did
her auntie want with her horse? She was soon to find
out. Debby went to get a small bench that was padded
and dragged it out into the center of the barn. She led
Karli to it and laid her flat on her back her legs
spread wide.

"Are you ready to find out the secret of the f****y?
And the greatest sex ever?"

Karli still high from her orgasm nodded and excited.
She watched as her auntie got Blackie out of the stall.
He was huge but sleek and incredibly beautiful. Her
auntie led him to her. Brought him close enough to
stand over her naked form. He sniffed and brought his
head down to her open pussy and immediately began to
lick her pussy with his huge tongue.

Karli cried out in pleasure as the tongue swiped up to
her clit then down to her asshole. The horse loved the
taste of her and showed it by continuing to lick
faster. Karli's body arched as she felt the next orgasm
overtake her. She squirted again and again onto
Blackie's tongue. He licked up the generous hot morsels
from her open wet cunt.

Karli looked at her auntie who now knelt below the huge
a****l and was stroking what appeared to be the biggest
cock she ever saw. The cock was huge. Its length at
least twenty inches long with a flared head and as big
around as her arm. Her auntie stroked it till it
hardened even more almost touching the hay strewn

"This is the secret baby. The best fuck you will ever
have. Your cunt is so ready for this baby. Spread your
legs nice and wide honey."

Karli afraid, not willing to believe that she could
take such a formidable cock into her tiny body still
obeyed. Her body trembled still hot and willing. Auntie
led the horse over her his cock now resting on her taut

"Relax baby. Ill take care of everything."

Karli felt her aunts fingers again at her pussy
spreading it and fingering it getting it ready. Karli
groaned anew feeling the fingers play upon her clit
then asshole. She was so wet so ready. Then she felt
the horses cock pressed against her pussy opening and
her auntie spreading her vaginal lips wide. Slowly
Blackie who was trained well moved cautiously forward
his big flared head of his cock slid past her opening
spreading her wide.

"Ughhhhh...." Karli grunted as she felt the huge member
slide into her. It was opening her up wider than
anything she ever had before. Inch after inch moved up
into her wet cunt stretching her.

"That's it honey relax let Blackie fuck you nice. Feel
that wonderful cock inside you baby?"

Indeed she did as Blackie began to hump his flanks
driving his cock further inside the tiny girl. At least
half his length was inside her stretched out cunt and
Karli was loving every inch. She cried out as she felt
her cunt muscles quiver in orgasm allowing Blackie
fleshy cock to slide deeper into her. Twelve thick
inches of horse cock impaled the girl as she squirmed
in pleasure under the b**st.

Debby watched in awe as the girl pushed upwards to
accept more of the horses cock as she fucked faster and
faster. Soon the horse whinnied loudly and his cock
swelled inside the girl who cried out in intense orgasm
then Blackie came like a fire-hose inside the female
drenching her insides with hot lava like cum.

Debby watched her niece cum hard as Blackie's cum shot
into her. Hot spurts of whitish fluid spewed out of her
stretched cunt as she cried out again and again in

Her auntie backed the horse away and came to her.

"Now you know the secret baby."

"I want more auntie. So much more."

Debby smiled and went to get another horse.


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