I can't wait to tell my son about his new girlfriend. I
know his mother is aware of this fact. And she thinks
it pretty hot as well. At least that's what she told me
the other night at my second apartment. My wife doesn't
really know about that place, nor will she.

Perhaps I should clue you in a bit. About fifteen years
ago, I started an affair with my secretary. I'm amazed
that it held on for so long and that it was such a
secret from my f****y as well. About a year after it
started, she slipped up and forgot her birth control
one month. A young girl was born from this. I helped
support her as much as possible, giving her raises when
needed in place of c***d support. And I continued to
sl**p with her. My wife and I had a son just around the
time I started the affair, making him the older b*****r
to this love c***d. Well, nobody knew any better, so
everything was cool when Jim, my son, came home from
school one day and told me he had a date with this
chick from school.

I asked him what her name was, and when he told me what
Ashley's last name was, I almost laughed. The next day,
I went to my lover at work and told her what was
happening. She pretty much laughed and said that we
should let it happen to see if they get along well
enough. We joked about if the dating went too far and
got sexual, but the joking stopped when we got pretty
hot from that. The fucking after that was something

Well, Jim and Ashley went on their first few dates, and
apparently my wife likes Ashley. I find this funny
considering that she is my daughter as well. After a
few months, I came home from work early to hear some
fun noises coming from Jim's bedroom. I snuck up there
and saw him and Ashley in the throws of passionate sex.
I quickly snuck to my bedroom and grabbed my camera and
started to film them fucking. They moved from position
to position, even starting on oral from time to time.

They finished when my son pulled his cock out of her
pussy and shoved it in her mouth and she sucked every
last drop of his cum. I quickly shut off the camera and
ran back into my room. I sent off a quick phone call to
my secretary to meet me at the apartment in an hour. I
took the tape from the camera with me. I met my son in
the hallway. I told him some lie that I didn't know he
was home, and that I only came back to get some
paperwork and head back to the office. I was going to
be late, I told him, so kiss his mother for me.

I got to the apartment and there was my lover. I
started to kiss her with such passion that I think her
head was about to explode. I pulled away just enough to
pull the video tape from my briefcase. We were watching
it on the television and we didn't make it past fifteen
minutes before we were fucking like wild rabbits.

After that first time catching him and Ashley, I
started to sneak home more often to catch them. It took
some time, but I managed to get a jackpot. I had found
out that you can get a really good view of his bed and
anything that happens from the heat vent in the
bathroom. Our house was old and was built strangely. We
just never went to fix it. Well, I started to film and
he was already face down in her. She was talking while
she was fucking. She was saying how her mother thought
he was hot, how her mother was glad that they started
to have sex. I was really turned on by this. I started
to rub myself at this thought. He pulled up from her
face and then asked if her mother wanted to fuck him.
Ashley them responded with a yes, and that got me going
good. He sat up and she started to suck his cock with
expert precision.

I don't even think her mother can do it that well. Jim
was talking about how he thought Ashley's mother was
hot, and how he would like to fuck her one day. How he
would like to tag team both mother and daughter. He was
trying to describe in detail what he wanted, but I saw
him tense up and knew at once that she was swallowing
all his seed. I gathered myself together and quickly
snuck out of the house, hoping that neither of them
knew I was there at all.

I drove to the apartment, finding my lover there
cleaning up. We started to kiss, and then we started to
make love like wild jackrabbits. We fucked so many
times, I couldn't stand myself.

After our serious fucking session, I then played the
tape for her. She was so hot from it that she pushed my
face into her crotch and told me to eat. I did as I was
told, considering that I loved her sweet pussy cream.

After that tape was done, she pulled out another tape.
Seems that her daughter has been asking her to film
scenes in her own bedroom. I was amazed that she was
allowed to do this. We watched, and apparently my son
knows how to anal my daughter. I was hot from this.
Then I felt a set of lips on my crotch and we continued
to watch the video.

After an hour or so of video, we discussed setting up
an orgy with our c***dren. We talked about letting them
use this place, and then telling them we don't care
about them having sex. We figure it would be best if we
didn't tell them about their relation just yet.

It was about a month later when I was told at the
office that Jim and Ashley were going to use the
apartment. I told my lover that I won't be there the
first time. But I had a plan to try to get Ashley into
bed in a couple of weeks. I insisted that pictures be
taken, though.

So a couple of days later, I was fucking my lover on
our lunch break. We had made plans to go to the
apartment after work and watch the video of when the
k**s used the apartment. Once at our little apartment,
we watched the video and it was one of the hottest
things I had seen in a long time. Jim was fucking
Ashley on the same bed that her mother and I fuck on,
and then things got even more fun. Ashley then got up
and took the camera.

I saw her mother lay on the bed and she started to suck
on Jim's hard cock. Mind you this cock had been in
Ashley's quim just moments before. She kept sucking on
my sons cock and Ashley had moved to get a better view
as my son was fingering this older twat like a pro. He
then laid down next to her and started to eat her out
as she sucked on his cock. This went on for quite some
time, and I could tell that both of them went through
an orgasm each as they did this.

After that, my lover turned it off and told me that I
couldn't watch the rest until I told her the plan for
getting Ashley in bed. I explained in detail everything
that was going to happen, and how I wanted it to happen
at my house. I decided that I was going to set this
plan in motion next week when my wife was out of town
visiting her s****r. She then told me that she would
set the whole thing up as well.

Time came, and my wife was out of town. I hadn't done
anything with my lover, nor had I been able to see
anything from Jim or Ashley for the past week. But then
my wife left, and Ashley was over all the time, and
things were going just as planned. Jim had Ashley come
over for dinner with the two of us, and she told me
that her mother, just as we had conspired, had met me.
She also insisted that I be given the same
considerations that she gave Jim. I pretended to not
know what that meant. Jim apparently knew what was
going on here. Little did he know, but so did I.

Ashley then got up from the table and gave me a small
kiss on the lips. She told me that if I wanted more,
then I had to start by filming her and Jim. I thought
that I was going to have to bring this whole thing up,
but the little minx knew what she was doing the whole
time. She then stood up and went into the living room.
Jim followed her and they started to kiss and fondle
each other in the living room.

I got up and grabbed the video camera that Ashley had
brought over. They started to undress and Ashley dove
down and started to suck on Jim's cock. She sucked him
off to a shattering orgasm, and then she looked up at
me and asked in her sexy voice if I wanted the same
thing. I said yes, and she then told jim to take the
camera. Jim did just that and her hands unzipped my fly
and pulled out my boner. I just stood there with the
same cock that made her in her face. She then took it
in her mouth and started to suck like a young pro. I
had to hold off as long as I could, just so I could
properly enjoy this. I felt her soft hair, and he was
moaning as she sucked on my cock.

It felt like an hour, but it only took minutes before I
was sending my cock cream into her mouth. I pulled my
cock from her mouth and started to undress her. I
quickly devoured her young and firm breasts. She
continued to undress me, actually getting my pants and
shirt off as I sucked on her young nipples.

I made my way down to her pants, only to find out that
she never wore any panties today. I dove into that
sweet young pussy and ate like I had never eaten

After several minutes and several orgasms, I then moved
up and went to fuck this young girl who just happened
to be my daughter. I pushed my cock into her slowly,
letting us both enjoy the feeling. She was moaning, and
I felt like I was in heaven. I let her get used to my
cock and started to pump. I went slowly, and then
started to speed up. She was matching me move for move.
I decided to go so fast and hard that I was pushing her
across the floor.

I rolled her over and she never lost a beat when she
got on top of me. I thought she was going to start
pushing me as well. I then spun her around and got her
going reverse cowgirl, and I was getting excited from
the view of her ass.

After several minutes of that, I managed to get us into
a doggy style, and that's when I started to lose it. I
was fucking her so hard from behind that she fell
several times. I kept pounding into her the last time
as she lay on her stomach on the floor. And that's when
I came, as she was pinned down under me. I came long
and hard in her quim. And then the door opened.

Ashley's mother walked in, and I could hear Jim
freaking out. I never pulled out of Ashley, just kept
her pinned there. I welcomed my lover, and exclaimed it
that she was my lover. Jim didn't know what to say.
Ashley was trying to question the whole thing her self.

I pulled off the young girl and then her mother bent
over and licked at my dick. It felt nice. We all sat on
the couch, respective girlfriends on the others laps. I
had explained that Ashley was actually my daughter.
When we found out about the dating, we decided to let
it happen. We wanted to have everyone meet one of these
days, but never thought it would be under these

Ashley and Jim had said that they knew her mother
worked for me, but never that we had sex. And they were
a bit curious about the apartment. I gave them both a
set of keys and told them that anytime they wanted to
use it, they were more than welcome. Just no friends
without our permission. And that I wanted to keep our
sexy tryst going, Jim fucking Ashley's mother and me
fucking Ashley whenever we could. Everyone agreed and
we started to make out and fucking was started just
right then and there.


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3 years ago
Loved and I loved how it made me feeel!
3 years ago
''' but did the wife get back from her sisters place?? she needed to get some too, WOW such hot goings on !!
3 years ago
Very hot