Father and daughter have a very special ongoing
relationship that would be considered perverted to
anyone else. But to them it's as natural as anything.
(M/F-teen, inc)


"Mr. Simpson, your daughter's here to see you,"
announced Dave's secretary as she showed young Julie
into her father's plush top-floor office.

"Hi, honey! My, you do look pretty this morning," said
Dave with a broad smile.

He spoke in a fatherly voice for the benefit of his
secretary, but the way his eyes traveled up and down
over Julie's gorgeous young body was far from fatherly.
The tight blouse she wore accentuated the youngster's
tits and her form-hugging skirt was so short, it barely
concealed the bottom of her tight little ass. Little
wonder Dave couldn't keep his hands off his sexy young
daughter, no red-bl**ded heterosexual male in his right
mind could have!

"Darlene, hold all my calls please," said Dave glancing
at his pretty secretary, "I want to spend some quality
time with my little girl."

"Okay, Mr. Simpson," said Darlene, giving him a knowing

Darlene had seen the way her boss looked at his
daughter, and somehow it troubled her. There was more
to this than met the eye, thought Darlene as she turned
and left the room, closing the door behind her. As soon
as she'd gone, Julie locked it carefully before turning
towards her father.

"She's quite cute, isn't she? Have you fucked her yet,
Daddy?" she asked, sauntering slowly around beside his
desk. Dave leaned back in his chair and smiled at her,
unshaken by his daughter's blunt personal question.

"No, not yet, baby," he chuckled. "But I've often
thought about it."

Julie moved closer until her leg touched his thigh. She
looked down at the bulge forming rapidly in her
father's pants and slowly lifted her skirt to her

"You don't need her Daddy. Not when you can have this!"
whispered Julie, thrusting her moist, panty-covered
crotch towards her father.

Dave could only stare transfixed by her youthful

Growing impatient, Julie grabbed her father's hand.
"Feel me Daddy! Feel how hot I am for you!" she husked,
shoving his hand between her smooth young thighs. With
a moan, the girl pressed her father's big, sweaty palm
tightly against her eager young snatch.

Dave gasped at the contact, feeling the wetness of his
daughter's hot little cunt through the sheer fabric of
her panties.

"Oh, shit!" breathed Dave.

"No, Daddy!" Julie giggled, and dropped her small hand
to his zipper. "That's not shit! That's pussy. That's
hot, juicy cunt. And it's all yours!" Julie opened her
father's bulging pants and pulled out his long, thick

"Jesus, baby! You can't wait, can you?" marveled Dave,
as his eager young daughter jerked her fist up and down
on his prick.

Julie moved between her father's thighs until she could
rub the tip of his cock along the deep groove of her
rapidly moistening panties.

"No, I can't, Daddy!" she groaned, "I can't wait for
you to stick your big ol' cock into my little pussy and
fuck me till I cum all over you!"

Dave had never seen his daughter in such a state of
arousal before.

"What brought all this on, honey?" muttered Dave,
slipping his other hand up under the rear of his
daughter's skirt to squeeze and fondle her firm young

"Dave played with my pussy in the elevator on the way
up, Daddy!" admitted Julie, "and it got me all worked

"So!" growled Dave, in mock anger, "Your horny b*****r
feels you up, and you come crawling to me for hot cock,
huh? Is that it?"

Julie looked at her father with utter surprise. Dave
was loving it!

"Stand over there girl, and take off all your clothes,"
he barked, "and make it fucking snappy!"

Julie did as she was told, not sure whether her father
was serious or not. Dave on the other hand was having a
ball. He watched his lovely daughter remove her blouse
and skirt. As he had guessed, she wasn't wearing a bra,
and his cock twitched involuntarily as Julie's gorgeous
little tits sprang into view. She stood there
shivering, clad only in her tight, clinging panties.
Dave stood up and took off all his clothes, folding
them neatly before sitting back in his chair.

"Come over here and bend over my knee!" he said

Julie did as she was told, intimidated by her father's
sudden apparent mood change. She lay across his lap,
with her tits pressed into his thigh and her cute
little ass up in the air.

"What are you gonna do, Daddy?" whimpered the
frightened girl.

Dave suppressed a groan as his erect cock brushed
against her quivering belly, leaving a wet trail of
pre-cum excitement.

"I'm gonna give you what you deserve, sweetheart.
You've been a naughty little girl and naughty girls
need to be punished!" smiled Dave, rubbing his hand
slowly over his daughter's firm, little behind.

Raising his hand, Dave brought it down on Julie's firm,
up-thrust buttocks with a resounding smack.

"Owwww!" she screamed indignantly, "That hurts, Daddy!"

Dave rubbed his hand over her reddening flesh, pushing
aside the girl's panties with a deliberate flick of his

"Spread your legs honey, or I'll give you another one!"
demanded Dave.

As her legs parted, the swollen mound of his daughter's
moist little cunt appeared, framed beautifully by her
creamy ass cheeks.

"Mmmmmm! Nice, baby! Real nice!" moaned Dave, cupping
her squirming butt.

"Oooooh! For God's sake, touch me Daddy!", whimpered
Julie, "I can't stand it anymore!"

"Yeah? Well, I'm sorry baby, but you've been a very
naughty little girl!" her father replied, "And unless
you tell me what you're gonna do about it, I'm just
gonna have to beat your cute, sexy little ass until you

"No, don't!" cried the young girl, "I'll do anything!
Just don't hit me again, Daddy!" The way her tits and
pussy were wriggling against his naked thighs was
driving Dave crazy.

"What are you gonna do for Daddy, baby?" asked Dave,
caressing her ass.

"I'll suck your cock, Daddy!" she gasped.

"Hmmmm, not bad for starters.... what else?"

"Oooooh, Daddy! I'll let you suck my cunt, and my ass
and then you can fuck me, okay?" whimpered the horny
young girl.

"Oh, baby! That's what I wanted to hear!" groaned Dave,
slipping a finger deep into his daughter's melty little

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", Julie moaned as her father
diddled her gooey cunt-slit. Her little pussy was

"You like that, don't you, baby?" asked Dave, screwing
his finger deeper into her hot, clinging little fuck-

"Mmmmm yes Daddy! It feels so nice!"

The pressure on his pistoning digit was fantastic, her
snug, adolescent cunt-hole felt like a tight, velvet
vice around his finger, and Dave could hardly wait to
feel the same maddening grip around his eagerly
throbbing prick, but first things first.

Dave lifted his daughter up onto the edge of his desk
and spread her slender young legs wide. Julie's
sparsely-haired little cunt-lips opened like a flower
revealing the dewey pink cunt-flesh within. It was such
a delicious sight that Dave actually licked his lips as
he stared for a second at her tight, juicy little fuck-
hole. Then, with a moan of pure lust, he pushed his
face right into his daughter's lewdly open crotch and
began licking and slurping at her sweet little slot.

Julie arched her back and thrust her hips forwards as
her father ran his stiff tongue up and down her
drooling slit. She was obviously enjoying her father's
mouth on her hot little cunt very much indeed.

"Mmmmm, oh yeah, Daddy! Lick me!" she moaned, looking
down at her father's mouth and lips on her tender
pussy. "I love it when you do that!"

Dave held her thighs wide open with his hands, using
his thumbs to part her pussy-lips as he slithered his
tongue as far up inside her tasty young cunt-hole as he
could. Her adolescent cunt-juice was delicious and
there was plenty of it as Julie rapidly approached her
first orgasm. Like her mother, she always came quickly
with Dave's talented mouth and tongue working on her
cunt. He lapped and licked at her drooling slit, then
he sucked her pussy-lips completely into his mouth and
nibbled the sensitive little bud of her clit, quickly
bringing the squirming young girl to the edge of an
intense orgasm.

"Ooh yessss!" she hissed. "You're making me cum Daddy!
You're making me cum!!"

The wet sounds of licking and slurping echoed loudly
within the big office as Dave tongue-fucked his lovely
young daughter. Julie put her hands on the back of her
father's head and thrust her cunt out at his face,
squirming her tight little ass around madly on the
smooth surface of the deck.

"Suck me, Daddy! Suck me!" she bawled. "Fuck!"

Dave sucked his daughter's sweet young pussy like it
was honey, lapping and slurping wildly. Julie undulated
her hips, forcing her gaping young twat almost brutally
into her father's face. She was extremely close to a
wonderful, wonderful orgasm.

"Oh yes! Yesss! OH DADDY!" she moaned, hotly grinding
her juice-filled little slit into her father's sucking

Dave sucked her clit more vigorously as he felt his
daughter's climax peak and Julie's high-pitched little
cries of lust stopped for several long seconds as the
intense pleasure of orgasm literally took her breath
away. Her back was arched and her head was flung back,
her whole body shuddered with the spasms of hot ecstasy
which shot up and down her tingling spine.

As Julie came down from her incredible high, she
noticed her father was not crouched between her
wantonly spread thighs anymore. He was standing in
front of her holding his massively thick cock in his
fist, jerking the shaft slowly as he stared at her body
hungrily. Her thighs were widely parted and her cunt-
slit still gaped open invitingly, dripping pussy-juice
onto the shiny surface of his desk.

"OH DADDY!" smiled Julie dreamily, "You sure have an
big fat boner there! What are you gonna do with it?"

Dave just smiled and nodded towards her juicy wet
pussy. "I'm gonna put it where it fits, baby!" he

"OH DADDY! You naughty man!" giggled Julie, pretending
to be scared. "Are you gonna fuck me? But you're too
big! You'll hurt my poor little pussy with that

"Don't worry, honey," said Dave, stepping up between
her thighs. "It'll fit alright. It'll fit so well you
might not want me to take it out!"

"Mmmmmmm! I hope so, Daddy!" murmured Julie as her
father sank his cock slowly into her eager little slit.

Dave held her by the hips and hunched forwards, pulling
his daughter bodily onto his cock at the same time. Her
juice-slickened young ass slid along the glassy desk-
top stopping only when Dave's cock was buried in her
tight hot little cunt-hole to the hilt. She leaned back
and lifted her ass up, grinding her clit onto the base
of his pulsing prick. She always felt full when her
father fucked her, but today for some reason, his cock
felt incredibly huge.

Perhaps it was the added excitement of fucking his own
daughter in the office with his secretary right outside
that aroused him so much, thought Julie. But then, when
he started to pump his huge shaft in and out of her
tight, clinging hole, Julie didn't care. All she wanted
was to fuck and fuck and fuck her wonderful Daddy until
she was exhausted.

He sometimes made her cum five or six times when they
had sex and today Julie was exceptionally horny...
maybe they could break a few records.

Dave fucked his pretty little daughter aggressively,
knowing how she liked a good hard reaming first up.
Plenty of time later after she'd sucked him to erection
again for a nice, slow, loving father/daughter screw to
finish up with. His cock slammed into her snug little
slot with incredible f***e, making her little tits
jiggle saucily and her tiny ass slide back and forth on
the juice-slick desk-top. If Dave hadn't held onto his
daughter's hips tightly each time he fucked into her
cunt, little Julie would surely have shot right across
the desk and ended up on her ass on the floor.

"Oh, God! Fuck! Uhhhh, shit!" she squealed shamelessly,
looking down at the long, stiff, glistening stalk of
her father's cock stabbing into her bulging, hairless
little pussy. "Yessss! Fuck me! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my
cunt! OH, OH DADDY!!"

Dave could feel his swollen cock-head slamming against
his daughter's cervix, the tip penetrating that tight
little inner hole more and more on every thrust as
Julie's slippery young cunt gripped her father's
pulsing prick with incredible f***e. Her hot little ass
was bouncing on the desktop and she was squealing
loudly, but Dave kept fucking her, kept picking up the
speed of his slamming strokes, each thrust jerking her
bodily, making tiny little tits jiggle and her tightly-
packed cunt squelch and suck up around his pounding

His sexy little daughter was almost beside herself with
lust, hunching her tiny twat hard up against him as
Dave kept fucking his big, fat cock deep up inside her.
With a great deal of effort, he held back from cumming,
trying to last as long as he could in order to sustain
the deliciously tight grip of his daughter's hot, snug
little cunt around his powerfully fucking cock. But
Julie was rapidly approaching her own orgasm.

She was gasping and trembling, and Dave could feel the
waves of pleasure rippling through her little body. Her
mouth was open and her tiny jiggling tits shook with
each thrust, looking for all the world like twin cones
of stiff, flesh-colored jello, topped with hard little

"Oh shit, yeah!" Julie moaned, her hands going out to
grapple his ass-cheeks and to squeeze them, "Fuck me
hard, Daddy! I love it when you fuck me really hard!"

And that was exactly what Dave was doing. He fucked the
squirming little girl in a fury, his prick throbbing
and hardening even as he was driving his cock into her
cunt; swelling inside the horny little girl until it
felt like she was being screwed by a horse!

"Uuuhnngg!! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me with your big, fat
cock!" she begged. "Oooooo, I'm so close!"

"Christ, baby! You get hotter every time I fuck you!"
grunted Dave, struggling to hold his daughter's
squirming little butt on the desk so he could fuck his
prick into her. "Shit, you're tight!"

Julie's tiny young cunt was so tight, his cock hurt. It
was a wonderful warm tightness he never felt when he
was fucking his wife, and Dave looked forward to these
private fuck-sessions with his sexy little daughter.
Lately, Dave hadn't been lucky enough to score a fuck
from any of the young teenaged girls in the typing
pool, and it made his manhood swell and throb just to
think that it was his own sexy little daughter he was
fucking, and she couldn't get enough of it!!

Holding onto Julie's smooth round buttocks, Dave
continued to ram his prick into his little daughter's
upthrust cunt. Julie had her legs wrapped around her
father's waist and her arms flung around his neck as
his massive cock slammed down into her young twat to a
depth the girl had never known before, causing her to
gasp and moan with pleasure.

"Ooooohh, Daddy! God! Yes, just like that! Fuck me
hard! Oh yes, deeper!" squealed Julie.

Dave increased his tempo, fucking the whimpering little
girl just like she'd asked... long and hard... all the
time staring down between their legs at his incredibly
thick organ slamming deeply into her squirming, cock-
filled little cunt. He was stretching her tight young
twat to the limit. On each stroke, the little
teenager's taut pink pussy-lips clung to her father's
cock-shaft like a small, sucking mouth.

The lewd sight had a tremendously exciting effect on
Dave and despite being very close to orgasm himself, he
began to fuck his cock into his daughter with deeper,
harder thrusts.

Julie looked up at her father, adolescent lust burning
brightly in her baby-blue eyes as she jerked her slim
young hips up to meet his pile-driving cock-thrusts.
Her father's huge prick was giving her hot little cunt
so much pleasure, Julie felt like she was going to
faint from sheer ecstasy.

"Ohhhh, Daddy! Fuck me hard! Uhh! Uhh! I'm gonna cum
any second!" squealed Julie. "GOD FUCK MEEEE! FUCK ME
DADDY! FUCK ME! I love it! Oh, unnhnhnnhh!"

Dave grabbed his whimpering daughter by the thighs and
lifted her hot little ass up off the desk, driving his
plunging cock deep into her squirming cunt as she came.

"Ooooooh, God! I'm cumming, Daddy! It feels so
good!...Yes! Yes! YES!"

Dave wanted deeper penetration. Knowing he was about to
bring his horny little daughter off a second time,
triggered his ejaculation, and he wanted her to really
feel it when he came inside her tight little cunt. He
put his palms under her trembling thighs and lifted her
ass up off the desk, spreading her legs wide at the
same time.

"Uhhhg! Jesus! I'm cumming too, baby!" yelled Dave,
shuddering and hunching his cock deep up inside his
squealing little daughter.

"Oh god, right up your cunt! I'm c-cumming up your
tight, sweet, little cunt, you gorgeous little fuck!

Julie's eyes fluttered wildly as her father's cock
jerked inside her, filling her quivering twat to the
brim with load after load of hot, scalding cum. "Uuuuhh
yesssss! Give it to me Daddy! Come in my cunt!" Julie
screeched, her little pussy convulsing around his
throbbing prick. "Cum, Daddy! CUM!"

As they climaxed together, Dave continued to drive his
spurting cock into the girl's frothy little hole, never
letting up for an instant as he fucked his squirming
daughter with all the strength he could muster. Julie
thrashed her ass about, writhing and squealing in
frenzied abandon, her tits so firm and tight that there
was almost no movement in them at all.

As her father repeatedly rammed his prick into her to
the hilt, Julie felt a familiar sensation begin to
spread rapidly from deep inside her juice-filled cunt.
Her blue eyes opened and closed and her blonde hair
flew as a second powerful orgasm wracked her tiny body.

"Oh God! OO GOD! Ooooh, I'm cumming again, Daddy!
Uuhhhh, I love your cock; love your big hard cock,
Daddy! Fuck me, cum in my cunt. Ahhhh! YES! I'll suck
you off and you can lick my pussy and... ohhhh, I don't
ever wanna stop cumming!"

Dave felt Julie's hot little cunt tighten around his
prick as his horny young daughter climaxed on his cock
for the second time within minutes. Her tiny budding
tits were flattened against his hairy chest and she
moaned loudly into his neck as she came, bucking her
ass up to meet his every thrust, trying to get his cock
in better contact with her throbbing little clit.

DADDY!! Uhhhhhggghhh! I'm... oh fuck! I want you to
make me cum forever!", she wailed, "Yesss, yesss! Fuck
me with your wonderful big prick! Oh fuck, yessss

Dave's cock was still hard. For the first time in many
years, he was actually able to stay hard enough to
continue fucking after he'd ejaculated. Of course
Julie's tight, hot, clasping cunt massaging his prick,
and the fact that he was fucking his own sexy little
daughter made all the difference. Without missing a
beat, Dave began to move his semi-hard cock inside
Julie's tight little fuckhole.

"Ooh, Daddy! You're still hard!" giggled Julie.

"All the better to fuck you with, little girl!" grinned
Dave, thrusting his rapidly-swelling prick up inside
his daughter's gooey young twat with renewed vigour.

Julie's legs and lower body were suspended in mid air,
and her wide-stretched cunt-hole clung desperately to
his long, hard cock as Dave began thrusting deeply into
the moaning girl. Each time he hunched forward, Dave
pulled Julie's pussy onto his ramming cock with equal
f***e. The new angle of penetration was so tight that
after only five or six powerful jabs, Dave climaxed

"Uuunnghngh! Get ready, Baby! Here it comes! Arhhgggh!
Here it fuckin' comes!"

Julie was ready alright! The horny little girl shook
with wild i****tuous passion as she felt her big,
handsome Daddy coming inside her. Dave gave his
daughter's cunt one last powerful thrust, fucking her
to the hilt as his deeply embedded prick began to spurt
hot jism, way up inside her quivering little belly for
the second time in minutes!

"Ohhh jesus... give it to me... cum in me again Daddy!
Fill me up with your sperm! I wanna have your baby!!!
Ooooh, fuck YESSS!"

As they both came down from their respective orgasms,
the intercom beside Julie's ear, burst into life.

"Ummmm, Mr. Simpson? Do you want me to, to stick around
and lock up? It's past five o'clock."

Dave kept his cock deeply buried inside his daughter's
panting body, enjoying the contractions of her hot
little cunt around his cock as her climax faded. He
reached over and punched the "SEND" button on the
intercom. "Ah, no, Darlene... you can go home now,"
said Dave, trying not to sound out of breath. "I've got
a few more things to discuss with Julie before we're
finished. See you tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay, Mr. Simpson, bye-bye Julie!" replied Darlene

Almost TOO cheerfully thought Dave.

Julie was still panting, trying to grind her father's
wilting cock onto her clit as the last sparks of orgasm
faded completely from her well-fucked little cunt.

"Say goodbye to her!" Dave whispered quickly.

Julie turned her head and spoke into the intercom,
careful to sound calm and unruffled.

"Bye, Darlene!" she said chirpily. "See you next time!"

"Bye Julie!"

The intercom went dead, and Dave punched the OFF
button. Smiling down at his naked little daughter, Dave
kissed her on the nose and gently removed his limp cock
from her tight young slit. Julie moaned, a little
disappointed that the sex with her hunky father had to
end so soon. Dave stood up and began to pull on his
clothes, all the time watching his sexy little

"You know, I think your mother is going to aerobics for
a couple of hours tonight, honey," he smiled. "You
wanna see how many times you can cum before she gets

"Oh yes Daddy!! Can we?" giggled Julie, throwing her
arms around her father's neck and rubbing her hot,
naked little body against his.

"We sure can, baby?" grinned Dave, slipping a finger up
into his daughter's gooey little cuntslit. "I could
fuck you all night!"

"Umm, I sure hope so, Daddy!"

As they left the building, smiling... hand in hand,
nobody would have suspected that the cheerful couple
were anything more than daughter and loving father. But
there was something in the way that the man's hands
lingered on the little girl's tight young ass and the
way that she kissed him, letting her hot little tongue
dart into his mouth as they paused in front of the car
before getting in and driving off home, to an
i****tuous rendezvous.

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3 years ago
Mmmm. What did the secretary get up to? Hopefully she and the daughter get it on.
3 years ago
a threesome would be nice
3 years ago
Another HOT story. Maybe the secretary would like to join in...