A f****y'S AFFAIR

Having only recently turned 16 and being the minister's
daughter; the man who oversaw the souls of those living
in the small village and most of who attended the
community's Baptist church. The girl was assuredly
precocious from an early age when it came to being a
vibrant girl who had secret desires.

She had long ago discovered being the preacher's k**
didn't make her life pleasurable. Milly was an amiable
young girl, but according to her mother she definitely
not only crossed the line, but all boundaries of
conduct towards religion by making jokes about

What made the infraction worse was that the joke
pertained to the Baptist faith, of which her mother had
committed her life and into which she believed all
things any minister or leader of the church said, was
without doubt - true and beyond questioning.

After all, Alicia knew her father Jeb Martin had been a
renowned local minister and man of the cloth. Even
though his life ended in a tragedy because he permitted
personal desires to abridge all the sacred vows and
beyond what the churches faith permitted.

One could honestly say the Jeb was to much into some of
the abridged parts of the word that were hidden in the
Good Book's messages pertaining to lust and sexual
deviants that were practiced by man, even before he
learned to walk upright. Worse yet, Jeb let his
imagination run wild when he saw carnality which could
be described in all the true meanings of gratification,
indulgence, hedonism, decadence, and sensuality in the
younger female members of his congregation.

In fact the tragedy could well be compared to any from
the archives of ancient Greece or Rome. The memory of
her father was somewhat clouded because of his untimely
death and manner of his death. From what she could
piece together and her mother had spoken to her about,
he was assuredly murdered.


Milly Sugg's mother, Alicia was born and raised in the
depths of the Carolinas and meet her husband when both
were attending college in Tennessee. Alicia was the
daughter of a small hill county minister who committed
suicide, but left enough life insurance that his
daughter could attend college. Alicia had a secret she
never shared with anyone.

As a young girl Alicia had felt embarrassed when
recalling daddy ticking the private spot between her
legs. This tickling occurred from the time she was
young and until her father died unexpectedly. It wasn't
till she was a teenager that she learned from her
mother that daddy had "killed himself."

No one knew which theological seminar or religious
college her father attended, or when or even if he was
an ordained minister. Some said Jeb Martin simply
arrived in Corbin and the 18 year old announced he was
the newly appointed minister to lead the congregation.
No one ever thought to challenge his credentials.
Especially after hearing the words of the spirit roll
from his lips and bring the souls of his religious
flock to the alter of the Baptist church; hidden back
amongst the hill county.

During his first Sunday evening service at the church,
the first to stand was Shirley Jean McIntyre, a
vivacious looking little girl who was all of 13. There
was a major difference with this girl from others in
the church; she had a terrific impact on the boys in
the rural area surrounding the Corbin First Baptist

At the tender age of 13 Shirley Jean was the epitome of
a girl with southern charms. Her southern accent
dripped with a melodious voice that said. "You all," as
if it was an angle speaking. One or perhaps it should
be said, there was more than one thing about Shirley
Jean, which caught one's attention, especially the
youthful males. Two of them were so pronounced on the
chest of the lithe girl that they seemed to be over
sized to rest on the small body of the petite girl-

Although they wouldn't have admitted it if asked, older
males looked at the "sweet little young thing" and the
phrase, "...with lust in their hearts and..." casued
many an adult man to wish he could be alone with the
apparition of the lovely ghost, the likes of which had
never been seen in and around Corbin.

Nothing could match such loveliness and even though she
was still a c***d, this girl gave all males an urge
that went beyond wishful, if not wistful thinking. Yet
no one ever assaulted the overly large chest that
screamed out a message to the males, "Touch me, as I
know they appeal to you - but I know not why my they
cry out to be touched or, can you believe, kissed?"
Shirley Jean understood her body was unmatched by any
female, that any man or woman in the community could
recall ever having seen before.

Shirley Jean was a brown haired girl with nearly milky
colored skin, who stood a shade less than five feet -
exactly kind of stretched the tape measure and her
cousin's fingers shook when he at last convinced the
girl to let him measure those delightful things.

According to some, Shirley Jean weighed a total of a
hundred pounds. Some claimed twenty pounds of that were
her 38-C breasts. Not one boy, except her favorite cuz,
Muriel, could claim to have actually touched those
famous breasts. Muriel had first touched his cousin's
chest when she was a girl who had just turned 12 and he
noticed that his sweet little cousin was growing real
sudden like - especially outward, he laughed at his own
joke. Lots of boys smiled and winked after walking her
home from late night services on Sunday or Wednesday

Jeb Martin looked down from his raised position on the
church's alter at the congregation; with his long red
hair framing his face. His eyes rested and looked upon
the carnal vision of loveliness in the white linen
dress standing with her hand held high. Jeb only looked
in her face for the briefest of a moment before his
eyes focused on those lovely 38-C globes sprouting on
the young girl's chest.

Before the eyes of the preacher man was a lovely girl
and beneath the thin summer dress was no visible
indications to show she was adorned with some sort of
undergarments. His eyes and those of the other males in
the church services were affixed to the pinkish color
of the puffy and overlarge nipples and areolas on the
solid glands on the 13 year old. Not only were the pink
showing on the tips of her breasts, but over her port
of delight one could see the outline of straight hair
that crowned the slit of pleasure that one could see
was narrow.

"Heavens, oh glorious heavens, this is a girl who needs
my personal consoling; I must show her the ways to
refuse sinful and lustful ways. Has any male abused or
soiled this c***d?" he asked him self. Then he
addressed the congregation, "Let us pray for this
lovely c***d who has spoken the words given her from
Above. She is without sin. We must take every step
possible to ensure no man takes advantage of her
innocence." then the preacher moved behind the pulpit
and stood there for the next hour as the wet spots on
the front of his slacks dried, although there was some
evidence of some male needs had spilled there for all
to view - even dried.

By the time the nightly service was over, and everyone
had left or those who lived nearby had already arrived
at their home. Shirley Jean, the vision that captured
the newly installed preacher, and from all accounts had
installed him self, evidently lost her virginity and
supposedly married the preacher, by Preacher Jeb
himself. Rumor had it the two of them stood on the
church house steps with Shirley Jean's father as a
witness, and the wedding took place after everyone else
had left for home.

Rumors were the girl-c***d's muscular daddy pulled his
fancy chrome plated 38-police stub nosed pistol from
its embossed leather shoulder holster and pressed it
firmly against the preacher's belly button the total
time he took in marrying Shirley Jean. The rumors told
how after the marriage, daddy had told the preacher,
"Watch this."

If the words made up a rumor or had suddenly become an
urban legend isn't certain. But daddy is reported to
have pointed the 38 at a cat walking about forty feet
away, across the road from the church. Later only skin
and fur was about all that was left of carrion for
other b**st of nature to enjoy as a meal.

What really happened according to two witnesses was
Shirley Jean's cry of saving grace was echoed from
behind the last row of church benches. This was in what
some say in part, placed Shirley Jean with c***d.
Everyone knew that exactly nine months after Jeb Martin
first preached to the people of Corbin; Alicia Martin
came from between Shirley Jean's loins and out of her
birthing canal.


Two young boys from the area told of seeing and hearing
Shirley Jean reach the height of religion that night.
The boys claimed they had decided to hang out and wait
for Shirley Jean to see if they could walk her home as
both had a thing about the cute large busted girl.
Shirley Jean didn't leave the church immediately like
the others, so the two pals had stood outside the
window and looked inside the church to see why the hot
looking teen hadn't left for home like everyone else.

According to the boys they had watched Shirley Jean
undress in less than a couple minutes while speaking
with the new preacher. Their story was the girl wasn't
the only one who got naked in the church. According to
the boys, the preacher removed his bid overalls and
white shirt he had on that night. Their description of
what the 13 year old girl looked like naked must have
been accurate.

Shirley Jean's mother confirmed to friends when they
discussed the girl and the preacher, that she did
indeed have three moles on the lower part of her tummy.
They were below her belly button and the first one was
just above the thatch of hair she had commenced to grow
only a couple of months before. Most of those who had
seen the cute teen in the thin linen dress had been
able to note the marks on her body the night she was

Also according to Denny, Shirley Jean must have lota'
of something extra in her bl**d because, "That Shirley
Jean has as much hair on her pussy as she has on her

Once more her mother somehow confirmed this detail
about her daughter's body. Some of the other women
wondered how a girl who had only become a teen a couple
months previously could have so much pubic hair. They
listened as the mother informed them, "I'm also hairy
down below - you know all around my female part."

A few of the women in the area were treated to a view
of the mother's massive hirsute growth during their get
together and swimming in the creek with their k**s.
Some of the k**s were nearly teens and accompanied
their mother's to the creek and many a young lad had to
stay in the water because he was embarrassed by the
swelling between his young legs. Of course the girls in
the water seemed to find it fun to 'brush against that
straight thing' their older male friends had started to

"Heck fire that Shirley Jean laid on the floor and the
new preacher gave her his divine rod so hard the
rafters shook when he split her beaver and popped her
cherry," Billy told anyone who would listen. Of course
he and Denny had a captive audience in almost every
male in the county.

From the time Shirley Jean was eleven and her
development commenced, she had been an eye pleaser and
fueled many men's imagination of their doing it with
such a young girl. A girl with what must be the biggest
boobs to ever grow on a girl in their local town.

So many guys wanted to bust her open that any story
about her was welcomed as they felt cheated by that
red-haired, fire preaching man who landed in their
midst with no notice and popped that desirable cherry
on Shirley Jean that all the males around wanted to
have the honor of splitting within two hours after
first seeing the girl, and after church that historic
Sunday night.

In fact the boys claimed Shirley Jean's father walked
into the church after his daughter didn't catch up with
the f****y and he had walked back to the church after
her. Seems he got there just in time to hear his
daughter shout out her thanks to the preacher.
According to the boys, it was Shirley Jean's second
shout of alarm with the preacher on top of her nude

The first cry took place when the preacher man plucked
Little Shirley Jean's cherry so sudden the girl cried
out he was killing her while her young thin legs were
flying out in ever direction. "Man that girl got her
goodies so good that she shouted out her thanks to the
preacher and told him all kinds of things," Billy
repeated often.

"Heck yeah, that girl cummed harder than any little
girly I ever knew," when Billy was asked if Shirley
Jean got off her first time to have poontang.

Seventy year old Willie Derkson was listening to the
conversation taking place between the boy and the men,
and he inquired, "Yous' saying that you's heard her
crying out when she cummed young snapper of a lad?"

"Heck yeah Mister Derkson, I listened as Shirley Jean
cried when she was busted and also shouted out her
happiness when her little box gave up its first comes,"
Billy replied.

Knowing he had everyone's attention with the story of
Shirley Jean being nailed by the preacher man, Billy
went on to say, "You all should have heard her shout
out her pleasure."

Jake Marshak was an ornery man of about sixty and he
asked and made a comment in the same remark, "Think I
need to get me a piece of that young snatch, and I can
hear her get her goodies... what she says' Billy lad?"

Smiling as he continued with his commentary, Billy
replied, "That Shirley Jean shouted out help me
Preacher Man! Help me! Oh you're splitting me wide
open. Oh my goodness - my soul is leaving my body. I
want yous' to move faster. I'm floating up high on a
cloud Preacher Man, give me your seed - spray me with
your seeds. Plant me so I'll bear your fruit. Heavens,
oh heavens Preacher I'm doing something... yes - yes!
Fuck me Preacher Man - fuck me forever!" Billy repeated
this story often explaining how that preacher made that
little girl love what he was doing with her.

One Saturday evening at the small general store Billy
told those sitting on the store porch, "Heck, when that
preacher poked her that first time, why it was the
dangest thing I ever saw when that red pecker head got
poontang from that little gal. Damg, but it must have
been one good piece of tail as she yelped and begged
him to do her every which way."

A few of the men made remarks about what it must have
been like to have cracked the sex little gal,
especially with those big jugs to lay on when mounting
the slender form of the girl who had just become a
teen. One man with gleam in his eyes ventured to guess,
"Hell's fire, it would have been more fun to slip my
Johnson Bar between those titties for a great titty

Billy then spoke again about hearing the girl who'd
just gotten her cherry busted shout out she wanted
fucked. "By golly even though she was in the church,
Denny and I heard her shout out, for the preacher to
fuck her. I can't believe a 13 year old girl would use
that word in church. She not only lost her cherry that
night, but her religion also when she was plugged on
the church floor."

Denny Hankins told those listening, "You all should
have seen Shirley Jean with bl**d running down from her
little slit like a stuck pig at butchering time after
the preacher got up off her. Hey, that mass of hair on
her pussy was so full of bl**d it looked like a big
hunk of red clay ground. Ho boy, when she looked down
and saw she was bleeding, she started to sob and
Shirley Jean stood crying in the back of the church."

Some of those hearing the tales shook their heads in
agreement as if they had witnessed the carnal act, or
else recalled memories of their own. While others made
moves with their fingers as if to indicate the boys
were wacko, and must be smoking those strange plants
growing in the woods.

All church members noted the strange discoloration on
the floor where the boys claimed to have observed the
preacher nail Shirley Jean to the church's wooden

Billy Wilkinson said she shouted even louder when her
daddy walked in the church and she was standing naked
as all get out, with her gigot all covered in bl**d.
"Boy, now let me tell you, her daddy was pointing his
finger at her boobs and most of the time he spent
shouting and his finger was directed at her bl**dy twat
and the bl**d running down the insides of her legs.
Heck she was trying to tell her daddy she was having
her curse, of course her daddy boxed her ears really
good for that one," the lad exclaimed with a shout of

Denny laughed and told everyone who was enthralled by
their eyewitness account of the girl getting her cherry
popped on the church floor at 13, "You wouldn't have
believed how those milk jugs of hers bounced around on
that skinny chest. Those big old hooters shook like a
bag on a Holstein cow. In fact her nipples are so long
they might be from a Holstein," Denny laughed while
exaggerating the length of her nipples. He finally
admitted "They most likely only an inch long," which
Billy confirmed.

The boys told how Shirley Jean's daddy told the
preacher, "You're gonna' marry my daughter right now or
by damn I'll hang you before morning for messing with
my little girl."

These tales were told by Billy and Denny, and most
hearing their description of the girl having sex in the
church believed the stories. Some doubted what the boys
said as they were always making up wild stories.
Including what the locals considered a tale about their
seeing a two headed calf when they attended the fair in

However it was soon obvious the boys must be telling
the truth as word got out the couple were married and
living in the old parsonage behind the church. After
about three or four months the tiny girl was getting a
big belly and even more telling was the fact her
boobies had increased half again in size. This started
another round of quizzing the boys about seeing the
girl get stuck in the church of all places.

One man sitting on the porch of the local store smiled
as the boys unwound their tales about Shirley Jean.
Word had gotten out that seventy year old Willie
Derkson donated two thousand dollars to the pastor and
his young wife to repair the parsonage. What no one
except Shirley Jean and Willie knew was he'd stopped by
the parsonage one day when the pregnant girl was
somewhere along in her birthing by four months or so
and she was home alone the day he accidental stopped to
see the preacher, who he had just spoken to and learned
he was headed to Raleigh.

The twenty, one-hundred dollar bills Willie had with
him casued Shirley Jean to realize that much money
could make her home more livable. The pregnant girl
made the old man happy removing her clothes and
displaying the large glands getting ready to produce
milk for the baby she was carrying inside her womb.
While her hands played with Mr. Derkson's limp noodle,
she found tremendous pleasure from his nursing her
swollen nipples topping her DD-cup breasts.

Mr. Willie's mouth and tongue licking her hairy snatch
gave Shirley Jean humongous delight. The young 13 year
old bride had often asked, but to no avail, for her
preacher husband to kiss her sex down there. After she
cried out her release and tears fell from being with
another man, it didn't stop her from permitting Mr.
Derkson to enjoy feeding between her loins twice more
that afternoon.

Willie still chuckled as he remembered Shirley Jean's
description of what she called oral sex - 'feeding
between her legs' and her young body shook rapidly and
hard as she experienced oral sex for the first time.
One thing the older grandfather enjoyed about the
pregnant girl was how smooth and soft her skin was to
his touch.

When he licked between the lips of her sex and sucked
her clitoris between his teeth and nibbled at the
harden sex bud at the bottom of her clitoral hood, she
would climax almost constantly until she would push his
head away and tell him, "Oh Mr. Willie I can't stand
you feeding between my legs any more - oh golly gee,
yous' gonna' makes me cummed again!"

By the time she was two days short of delivering the
baby, Shirley Jean had raised another three thousand
dollars to fix up her home. The mother-to-be had
shortly after their first time together found a way to
use her mouth to make Mr. Derkson's limp noodle hard,
and used her gentle soft hands to ease it inside her
body. Shirley Jean was surprised to find it became hard
and could squirt her female parts with his male juices.

The inventive couple found ways to permit sex between
them after some exploring was necessary because of her
large rotund belly. She'd lie on her back with her hips
at the edge of the bed and Willie would stand between
then to enter her. With her legs caught in his arms he
loved looking down at the thick growth of hair crowning
her sex and even at her young age, down the lips of her
pussy. Other times she would lie on her side and he
would scissors his legs between hers and together they
moved their bodies until body would reach a climax.

Once when he was taking her from behind and she was
bent over the bed while standing on the floor, he
looked at her puckered ring and touched it with his
finger tips. Wetting his finger with saliva from his
mouth, he eased his finger in her anus and when she
didn't object, eased his erection from her sex and
placed it against her anus opening.

Slowly he worked it up her butt and she didn't ask him
to stop, but remarked, "Oh Mr. Willie, can't it take
care of itself - oh be easy - it kind of hurts...
urrrhhhhh." After that one time she wouldn't permit him
to have her anus until the last time they had sex
before she delivered her baby.

During Sunday's offering, a small envelop would be
placed on the offering plate. The money to fix the
parsonage was placed on the offering plate each Sunday
morning during church, so no one knew the truth of how
the money came about to fix the preacher's residence.
Many times the preacher man spoke of how blessed he and
his wife were and how the money came from the heavens
to bless the preacher and his very pregnant 13 year old

With a smile on his face, Willie thought how the life
insurance money from his wife had blessed him as well.
Some Sunday mornings he'd watch the lovely teen mother-
to-be as she swayed and in effect at the end of her
pregnancy, waddled as she moved around the church.

He loved observing Shirley Jean walk around the general
store and when she looked at him, the twinkle in her
eyes and the soft sound of her young voice, she always
greeted him by saying, "Why hello Mr. Derkson. My you
look happy and might I add, very spry and youthful
looking as a lad who is in some sort of mischief. You
must have a new girlfriend."

"Why thank you Preacher Wife, and might I return the
comments and say you look so stunning as a bride and
now an expectant mother. Something seems to be making
you a happy person." Willie knew from speaking with the
pregnant c***d, that her husband had stopped having any
relationship with her when she was four months along in
her pregnancy.


The community had been without a minister for over
three years so a new preacher was the hit of the hill
country before he hung himself. Heck fire, no man had
ever stepped behind the pulpit and did an alter call
such as Preacher Martin. There were more confessions
coming from the members of the church when "Preacher
Jeb" would raise his hand and shout, "Who wants to
testify... come on people... give down your testimony
and share it with the rest of us."

Over the next years more girls were delivering red
headed babies than one could believe. Up until Preacher
Martin arrived there hadn't been a single red headed
c***d in the hills surrounding Corbin. The women and
young girls all spoke of how it was a good sign and
showed the higher powers of religion didn't rest on
earth, and they were pleased with the preacher and the
man above showing approval by the girls and woman
having red haired c***dren.

Another thing that happened after Jeb Martin arrived in
the community was how so many boys suddenly found it
easy to poke one of the girls they'd previously been
rebuffed in their attempt to even kiss the girl's sweet
lips. After that might it wasn't unusual for a girl to
offer two offers in one day to walk some place private
with a boy. The young girls learned quickly how a
simple smile, a wink or two of her sexy eyes, and
lushness to her voice got her a quick mount in the
woods, or behind someone's big old barn. In fact lots
of girls got pregnant for the "second time" in a

Sexual activity was being offered by the girls without
the boys needing to ask. Many a boy was joking about
maybe going some place private like to be alone, when
the girl sealed the boy's fate to become a daddy and
husband by grabbing his already swollen boner. Some
guys found love when hearing a sweet little voice
asking, "Would you like to jab me with that big thing
of yours I just found hiding down there?" and within
five minutes most of the girls were on their back and
their legs in the air.

The boys loved listening to the girls, such as Tina
Mays squealed out, "Darn it Duddy that big fat thing is
killing my tiny little twat." The boys found that a
girl would come close to uttering cunt, pussy, slit or
slot, but they all must have been taught to call their
little hole hidden between their legs a twat.

One boy had remarked one day as they sat around
discussing girls, "Hey, the only person around here
that ever called a girl's pussy a twat was that red
headed preacher - you don't suppose...?" and his
comment was cut short as he and the other boys knew the

Suddenly boys were sliding between sleek legs of girls
who squealed their pleasures on a daily basis. This
surprised the boys as they had no idea or hadn't
thought Betty, Josie or any of the girls could be so
sexy and express desires on a sexual basis. Some
p*****n girls became known as easy lays and not one
teenage boy considered his good fortune was because of

Not even parents thought their young ten or eleven year
old girl would be receiving any blessings by the red
haired preacher. Yet teen boys suddenly were having
access to the yet to develop bodies of young girls,
because the Preacher Man had anointed the preadolescent
girls' groove located in the lipless vulva at the top
and junction of those lovely p*****n and slender legs.

According to Tim Jones he got with the preacher's
daughter Alicia. She told him her daddy often tickle
the spot between her legs. Tim told about the first
time he did her and that, "She dropped down on the
ground under the big old tree on the far hill before I
could get my britches down. Hell that girl wiggled like
a darn chicken with its head cut off once I was poking
her good. She loved feeling the bone splitting her open
and ask if we were fucking?" he laughed when he had
replied, "Heck yeah girl, we be fucking."

What the boys did know was they enjoyed pumping away
and dumping their juices in the willing little snatches
offered up with absolutely no restrictions. Even more
surprising was how the girls knew what to do,
especially when telling the boys they were virgins.
That might have worked if they hadn't told this to
other than just one boy, and at times the boys would
get together and brag about nailing so and so for her
first time.

But hey, the guys didn't care they might not be the
first as long as they got to unload their little sperms
in the willing pussy of a little hill girl. The boy and
girl would marry shortly after finding the girl he had
been doing almost nightly was pregnant. But none
computed their new brides were having six, seven or
eight month pregnancies. Later on most of the young
guys felt cheated and when looking at their first born,
wondered who the father truly was as the baby almost
always had red hair.

Some girls had so many lovers after finding they might
be with c***d after the fear of the preacher got around
on being the father of so many, that they knew only one
thing. That thing was simple. "I've gotta get some boy
to do me in the event I'm pregnant."

So the newly sexed teen girls made a concerted effort
to be laid by the end of the day they discovered they
hadn't started their monthlies. Some girls had as many
as twenty or more boys by the end of one month. All
they knew was a simple fact, once there was a baby
growing inside their bodies; they needed to get some
guy they might not even like to do them.

Even first cousins became willing partners, and some
married in hushed and rushed arrangement. By the time
summer was over, forty girls were married and all had
babies in their tummies. The girls ranged in age from
12 to 19. A few older girls determined it was easier to
have an abortion than get married and have a baby.

Even women in the late twenties, thirties and older
women in their forties were becoming with c***d and
later delivered red haired c***dren. All told, there
were 170 red haired k**s in the hills around Corbin
within three years after the new preacher arrived.
Surprisingly they favored the facial features of
Preacher Jeb and had his fair complexion.

This within itself might not have raised suspicion
until the day the preacher was found hanging from the
belfry of the church entrance. A hand written note,
some say forged, as everyone knew Preacher Jeb couldn't

The final statement of Preacher Jeb alleged to his, the
church's leader, being the father of all the red heads
in the area. One who seemed happy in the acts and
actions of Preacher Martin demise was Will Senniot the
48 year old lumber king. No one knew or hazard a guess
what else Will did to raise money and increase his
considerable wealth. Will had been married four times
and not one of his wives was able to bear him a c***d
to carry on his f****y name. No one ever questioned it
might be his gene pile that failed to offer an off-
spring to this wealthy man.

Will Senniot was the one who found the preacher hanging
in the church vestibule. One thing was certain, when
Will's fifth wife who was down right young beauty.
Actually she had just turned 20 years old and her name
Chastity Nell DeLong. Chastity Nell delivered a red
haired seven months after the terrible tragedy of the
preacher leaving the earth.

Will kicked Chastity Nell out of his house and he was
often heard saying the baby was the preacher's k**.
Which Chastity Nell confirmed during the divorce that
followed. Seems she and the preacher had been more than
just religious friends from before the time the
preacher married Chastity Nell and Will less than a
year before.

Now the sheriff thought about the hanging case and the
note supposedly written by a man who couldn't put a pen
to paper, for a short while. Like maybe a half hour,
before closing the case. It was reported the sheriff
went home and confronted his wife and 14 and 16 year
old pregnant unmarried daughters. All three had red
headed babies and the sheriff soon had them packed up
and all six, the wife, two daughters and three babies
were headed for Winston Salem by the end of the week.
The sheriff was divorced in only four weeks, a record
for the county.


Although Alicia didn't find humor when her daughter
asked, "If Wendon only has one church, and happens to
be named the First Southern Baptist Church of Wendon,
isn't that kind of overkill? Heck mom we don't even
have a Methodist church, let alone a second Baptist
church. After all, Alicia had to live with the
knowledge of her father hanging him self in the church,
and her mother was f***ed to move from Corbin when her
two c***dren were young.

"Milly your humor isn't necessary. I never wish to hear
you making satirical comments about our Lord's House
again. What if our leader, Dr. Leonard Willis, our
church's President of our convention should hear you
making such mocking comments? What would you tell him
if he asked you the basis for your sardonic humor about
our faith?" and with a stinging slap, Alicia Suggs
slapped her daughter across her nearly naked buttocks.

Smiling in her youthful manner, Milly remarked, "Augh
mom, don't slap my butt. I'm a teenager and parents
don't slap adult c***dren. But in reply to your
question, why I'd asked President Willis why is it that
I see a Baptist Church called the 'First Baptist
Church' in almost every town we visit or drive

Then she assuredly went too far in her religious humor,
"Mom, I've never seen the 'Last Baptist Church' any
place we've been. So if the whole bunch of Baptist tag
a sign on the building and it reads First Baptist, with
that churches being first, then which one is truly
first? Could those of us living here in the middle of
nowhere, yep right in good old Wendon, really have the
'First Baptist Church' when it wasn't built until 1955?

"Besides mom, there are two Baptist churches up in the
state capital with the name first as part of their
name. Some others have the same name and they aren't
even Baptist. Now does that mean the Baptist are first
or are the other denominations the First? Tell me mom,
doesn't it really seen odd to say first in a church's

Looking at her daughter and knowing she must stop the
silliness the older of her two c***dren was making of
the church, Alicia said in a curt voice, "Stop it right
now. Milly, say anything else and you won't go with the
youth group tomorrow night on the monthly Youth
Missionary visitations."

"Promise mom? Now that's the kind of threat I like to
hear," Milly said in her usual joking demeanor.

With exasperation in her voice, after trying to curtail
what she consider her daughter's ill mannered conduct
and speaking in a harsh tone of voice, "Hand me your
cell phone. Note on the calendar you may have your
phone back until a week from today."

Taking the phone from her daughter, Alicia opened the
back of the small computer looking phone and removed
the SIN card. Then handed the phone back to her
daughter and saw tears were easing from the corner of
her pretty daughter's eyes. Hating to take such action
against her only daughter, Alicia knew this punishment
seemed to be the one that worked when she had to punish
Milly for her insolent behavior.

Looking at Milly as she turned to leave the kitchen,
Alicia looked at the shorts she was wearing, and
thought the garment is definitely to revealing. The
short legs cut nearly half way across her buttocks and
the curvature of her hips was visible.

Forgoing any further comments about her daughter's
style of dress, Alicia decided to have her husband, the
pastor of the church speak to his daughter. Every time
she asked Todd to address his daughter's behavior he
would roll his eyes, look toward Heaven and reply, "You
raise our daughter and I'll instruct our son."


Her mind thought of Judson who was a young man of 14
and stood nearly six feet in height. Yesterday morning
when collecting the f****y's dirty clothes before doing
her weekly laundry, Alicia discovered a men's magazine
under the mattress when she stripped the sheets,
including the mattress cover.

Alicia hadn't considered her son a problem until
discovering he was looking at magazines with images of
naked women. When viewing the contents of the filthy
magazine Alicia understood what the "spots" were she
had been finding on her son's bedding. "Oh my, Judson
is masturbating to the sick images in the magazine."

In a flash her mind conjured up images of her young son
playing with his body. She recalled seeing him asl**p
in his bed a few mornings ago and his youthful male
organ sticking up through the opening of his boxer
style under shorts. Even though a mother, she couldn't
help but relate the image of her son's penis to that of
his father's organ.

Alicia knew her son's organ surpassed that of her
husband's when erect. The idea of thinking such
thoughts made her feel shame in the near lust induced
idea of having images of her own little boy's thing in
her mind. Without a doubt such thoughts were as
terrible, if not more so than her charming daughter's
negative and disrespectful words about their church.

Alicia recalled her c***dhood, her father tickling her,
Tim something or the other and a bunch of other boys
and the things learned in Corbin. Was my life good, or
was it terrible? I only know my c***dhood gave me
satisfaction that a young girl shouldn't have. Thank
goodness that I have Milly under control and the doctor
told me when she was checked up near her 13th birthday,
that she was still chaste.

Picking up the phone she dialed her mother's number.
"Hello, this is Shirley Jean... oh hi Alicia... honey
let's not speak about your father... yes... yes I know
he did... what more do you want me to say? Yes, I just
said he did those things with you... no he wasn't
evil... oh course he loved you... you accept what
happened between you and your father? Of course...
honey I know that Jeb loved you... yes he loved you as
his daughter and lover... now are you happy to hear
that... I never told you before because you never
asked. What... of course... I'll drive up next week.

I guess I represent the, "Like father... like
daughter... like daughter... like son..." Alicia knew
there was no way the image of such a large organ on a
young boy would leave her mind. She recalled walking
over to stand by her son's bed and how Judson's
erection casued her to look lovingly, and yes she must
admit, envious it was something a young girl would some
day find pleasure with. Nothing had prepared Alicia for
the sight of her son's young bl**d filled penis
pointing up at her - seemingly making an invitation for
her to touch and feel the warmth in such a masculine
object of pure delight.

The sex life she shared with her husband Todd was
nearly non-existent for the past two years. The image
of her son's erection had come into her mind
unexpectedly often since viewing what she believed must
be nearly seven if not eight inches of young male
manhood. "Daddy, I wish you hadn't left me like you

Along with the knowledge her son was able to ejaculate
floated into her mind and Alicia shuddered as her mind
produced images of viewing her son squirting his seed
onto his bed covering. "Could I somehow watch him? Oh I
must not think such things," Alicia said aloud. Yet the
heat between her loins was leading her to her own bed,
where she laid back and allowed her fingers to slip
insider her panties and bring her relief.

"My lord, it has been years since I last masturbated.
Oh I want and need to be taken with a manly object so
badly. And in her mind floated the image of her own son
filling her sex with its long and large mass and her
much needed desires filled with a male organ. After
climaxing Alicia got off her bed and onto her knees and
prayed for assistance to overcome her wicked desires.

Even she knew and had to admit as she stood to leave
her bedroom, "I will not be satisfied until I have
Judson over my body and between my spread loins and he
fills me with his youthful fluids. I don't want to find
he has spilled his seeds on the bed again - oh I want
them spilled deep in my body - in my pussy. Oh how
could I have such thoughts?" and once more the needs of
her flesh took her back on her bed and into the act of


After walking from the house, out to the barn at the
far end of the church property where she and her f****y
lived, Milly entered the old barn. The teen walked to
the far end of the building where a room had been
portioned off and used as a sl**ping room for the hired
worker when the land had been a productive farm. The
room had a small kitchen, an even smaller bathroom that
was side by side on one end of the barn.

The main room was fairly large and Milly had measured
the common room and found it was 14 by 20 feet. Within
the large room was a sofa, two clothe covered chairs, a
twin size bed, and a small café style table with two
metal chairs. Milly had hooked up her computer up on a
small desk she had moved from her room in the house
into the efficiency barn-apartment.

With the phone line and other things her father hooked
up or added to the place she felt was her own home. One
of the nice things her father did, and which she helped
to complete was paint the upper part of the walnut
style paneling, then add a chair board molding around
the room to make it wainscot in appearance. Milly used
cast off framed prints in all sizes to decorate the
walls, and found a couple of small sides stands to sit
decorative items on to make the place homey.

The room was simply a small apartment and Milly
constantly begged she be allowed to live in the barn-
apartment. Milly asked her father if she could live in
the barn-apartment she thought it so neat.

After cleaning the apartment and hanging curtains her
mother gave her over the two windows, and having her
father put a new lock on the door, it became her
personal place on earth.

Milly listened to music, watched television or
completed her home work in her private home. Her father
had installed a phone line in the room and she could
use her computer to her hearts content. Feeling sorry
for her because the room was hot in the summer her
father installed a mid-size window air conditioner for
her in the barn-apartment. The air conditioner unit was
large enough it took less than a half hour for the
place to be comfortable on the hottest of days.

When Milly moved to close the door of her private
place, she watched her b*****r walking into the barn.
Before closing the door to her private home, the cute
teen girl greeted her b*****r and asked, "Hi Judson,
what are you doing? I'm hiding from mom - she took my
phone from me again."

"Yeah I know. I was listening to you two and laughing
at your commenting about the Second Baptist Church.
Personally I thought you were funny." By now Judson was
standing by the door of the barn-apartment, and his
eyes took in the extremely spandex short-shorts his
s****r was wearing. They cut across her legs directly
at the level where her legs connected to her body and
he saw they were splitting her pussy right down the
middle. His eyes also took in the hair hanging from the
legs of the shorts.

Turning away from him, Milly said to her b*****r, "Come
in and sit a while in my house. Do you like how I've
fixed the place up?" and wiggled her tiny round hips
when walking toward the air conditioner. Milly could
sense her b*****r's eyes starring at her hips, although
she couldn't see his face. She was glad that more than
half of her buttocks were uncovered and her thoughts
weren't sibling related.

Judson was looking at the smooth tight round globes of
his s****r's hips and knew his thoughts were
i****tuous. There wasn't any way Judson couldn't help
but notice how nice his s****r looked. Saying to him
self, she is really cute and her auburn hair makes her
look sexy as all get out.

Heck man, my s****r has really great boobs and he knew
personally they were 38-C in size. This he knew because
he read the small white tag on the back strap of the
bra after he had rummage around in the laundry hamper
in the bathroom seeking them out to use when he

Not satisfied with just studying her bra, Judson
searched until he located a pair of her panties. He
checked her panties and found they were a size five. At
times Judson would placed his s****r's panties against
his face as he masturbated to her aroma on the soft
cloth in the center of her undies.

There were times when he actually licked the crotch of
her panties, especially when seeing they were stained
and he wondered if the crusty stuff he found once in a
while was from her becoming excited and leaking her
come in the garment. He tried to visualize what his
s****r would look like nude while stroking the hard
thing in his hand until it released its wet contents in
jerking squirts.

While rubbing his hand over the growing erection in his
Levis, his s****r Milly turned around to find him
studying her with a lustful stare.

She thought for a moment her b*****r would jump her
bones, as some of her friends said their boyfriends did
to them. Smiling at her b*****r, she asked in a sexy
way, "Like what you is seeing b*****r?"

Since turning 13, Milly had the normal teen feelings
and desires of other girls and often teased the boys in
the small town by flirting with them in body movements
and words that seemed to be making promises. For the
past three years she had often wanted to have sex, but
knew her father being the minister, some boy would tell
him during a religious soul saving meeting used to
cleanse the youthful lad's sins that he would confess
to the minister he had messed with his daughter.

A few times she did permit a boy to touch the little
spots on her chest when they first started to grow, and
even later when they got bigger. During some bus trips
to football games a few guys were lucky enough to cup
her breasts under her bra. By she arrived home her body
was on fire and she wanted sex in the worst way.

Between her legs was off limits to all, except one; who
had been the youth pastor who had spent the last summer
with her father. He had instructed the perky 15 year
old girl how to stroke a cock and hold her legs apart
enough for him to touch her. Eventually he convinced
the charming girl they should "just go part way" and
after a few minutes of going part way dumped his loads
of cum in the sweet grotto between Milly's thick growth
of russet colored hair that lined her sex.

"Milly Darling" he called the girl who soon found the
small back office in the church basement an ideal place
to explore sex. Sex wasn't complete as the youth
minister, Brad, said he wouldn't deflower her, but
would provide both pleasure. Oh did he ever, Milly
thought and many times she begged him to shove it all
the way up her.

One day Brad told her, "Milly, you have the most hair
on your little hole than any female I have ever seen. I
mean it is thick and long. You're sure are a surprise

Heck she had found her little hot hole a boiling spot
that would exploded when the youth minister worked his
thing back and forth in the entrance of her sex. Milly
loved feeling the top of his cock rubbing the tiny
button at the end of her funny looking thing she called
a girl's penis. There were days when she made Brad do
her three or four times.

Smiling as she observed her b*****r running his hand
over his doohickey, she realized he had been watching
her butt in the extremely short shorts covering only
half of her buttocks.

"See something you like to look at b*o... be careful it
doesn't bite you," Milly said in a playful voice? Am I
pretty and sexy Judson?" the teasing teenager asked her

"Oh yeah. Man you are really a great looking girl. If
you weren't my s*s I'd try to hook up with you," Judson
replied. Knowing that using the term hook up also meant
having sex with someone. The 14 year old boy hoped his
s****r didn't tell their mother what he had said.

Still his eyes watched his s****r and in utter
amazement looked on as she took the top she was wearing
and somehow flipped it up and down over her boobies.
For the first time ever, he had actually seen a girl's
boobs encased in a bra. Judson grabbed his cock inside
his pants and being to rub it as his s****r showed him
her boobs.

With a mischievous look crossing her face Milly winked
at her b*****r and asked, "Like what you just saw b*o?
Maybe if you would show me yours then I would show you
mine. Have you ever seen a girl naked, Judson?" and as
she spoke once more pulled the top down and this time
let it stay below her breasts before pulling her bra up
over her boobs and display them to his eyes. Then Milly
said, "Okay your turn. If you lock the door and take
all your clothes off, then I will, also. Do we have a
deal b*****r of mine?"

Something that he had never expected to happen was, and
after locking the door pulled his tee-shirt over his
head and tossed it on one of the chairs. Slowly he
unfastened the belt around his waist, unsnapped the
button on them and tugged the zipper down and eased his
Docker's from his body. With shaking hands Judson
pushed his boxers down from his hips and revealed his
throbbing erection to his s****r.

"Holly cow, man that thing is big. Are you bigger than
other guys Judson? Have any other girls seen your
whopper?" and with unhurried steps Milly walked over to
stand directly in front of her b*****r's nude body.
Wow, his boner is sure bigger than Brad's the youth

Nothing was said by either sibling, and before his eyes
Judson watched the first female ever to remove her
clothes and display her charms to his eyes. When he saw
the pinkish brown of her nipples capping her breasts,
he couldn't help but love seeing how his s****r's boobs
were disguised with a sprinkling of freckles. The small
spots seemed to make a pattern of dots that made him
want to kiss each of the marks that were on her chest
and then grew on her breasts until the reached the
round quarter size circles of reddish pink that help
her nipples in the center.

"Holly mackerel but you have a lot of hair on your
pussy. Darn Milly! Like wow! You also have the most
beautiful boobies of any woman I've ever seen. May I
touch or kiss them s*s?" and as he spoke moved his face
forward until his lips were pressing against the point
cones growing out from her body. Breaking the kiss for
a moment, Judson in broken English and due to his
excitement remarked, "They so hard and skin so soft."

"Hey, I thought you'd never seen a naked girl before;
you lied to me," Milly asked with hurt in her voice in
first believing she was allowing him to see her as the
first nude girl in his life.

"No I didn't lie, but I have a magazine with pictures
of naked girls in it. Oh yeah, there was one girl, well
not a girl, but a woman who saw me nude," Judson told
his s****r.

"You serious? Who saw you naked?" and her hand reached
out to touch the young penis pointing straight up in
the air and nearly against his tummy.

Knowing he might get in trouble for telling who had
seen him, Judson said, "Don't tell on me, but it was
mom and it was really spooky. She came in my room the
other morning and I was lying on top of my bed with
only my boxers on as I had been playing like - you know
with my boner. I heard and saw the door starting to
open so I jerked my hand away, but couldn't cover
myself before she entered my room. I watched with my
eyes squeezed shut most of the way. Mom opened my
bedroom door and stood in the doorway."

After pausing a moment, he continued, "Mom watched me
for a while and my thing was sticking up in the air as
mom walked over and looked at me, then she leaned over
and placed her mouth about an inch or so from the end
of my dick. She blew lightly on it and I thought it
would make me come. For the briefest of time, she stuck
her tongue out and let the tip touch the slight on the
end... you see it there? Finally she stood up, looked
at me once more and then left my room."

Milly shook her head in disbelief and asked, "You
serious? Religious mom was checking out your equipment?
Darn, what a trip. Do you like my hand holding your -
you called it a dick, is that right?" and begin moving
her hand up and down on his stiff thing. It was as if
her hand had a mind of its own. One thing was certain,
her own body wanted touched after feeling his thing
starting to jerk in her hand.

"Milly, oh s*s, you is gonna' make me go off... aiyeee,
now! Jack me faster s*s! I'm coming now - oh Milly I
love you, even if you are my s****r! Oh!" and as he
sobbed out his feelings, his first sexual experience
with a member of the opposite sex caused him to squirt

Judson watched it splattered all over his s****r tummy.
Some landed on the hair growing on her lower tummy. He
could see it was running down around her pussy.

The surprised teen girl had no idea her b*****r's penis
would empty its stuff so quickly all over her belly and
onto her pussy. The excitement of feeling it jerk and
spit out its stuff made her feel weak. Milly thought
how it has been a year since I felt a cock spray its
load of come on or in me.

Still holding Judson's thing in her hand she moved to
the small single bed in the barn-apartment and lay
down. Tugging on her b*****r's thing she pulled him
down with her. Milly turned on her side and placed her
left leg up on her b*****r and told him, "Move onto
your side and face me - yes, like that."

Judson was amazed to feel his s****r rubbing his thing
against the lips of her sex and understood that if she
continued what she was doing he would again become
erect. Within no more than two minutes he was
completely firm and his s****r moved onto her back.
Without releasing her b*****r's hard thing, she told
him, "Get on top of me. You can work it in the edge,
but don't push it all the way up into me. You're my
b*****r so we can't have sex together."

Fitting his body over his own sibling's small frame,
while rubbing his thing up and down the wet and hot
feeling center of her sex he couldn't help but ignore
his s****r's comments as he wanted to feel his boner up
in a pussy, s****r or not. Judson was soon working his
erection deeper and deeper up his s****r's welcoming
hole. Finally he was at least two inches deep in the
hot wet passage and he wanted to bury his bone all the
way inside his s*s.

Images of the youth minister telling her he would just
put it in the edge and go part way. Milly decided this
time she wouldn't be denied the feeling she had wanted
from the gitgo with the youth minister last summer, and
decided to forgo the knowledge she was doing the deed
with her own b*****r.

In a very low tone of voice Milly breathlessly said,
"I'm gonna' get my pussy fucked - finally I'm gonna'
get fucked. Oh Judson you can do me if you want," and
she didn't think her b*****r heard her, but she knew in
another minute she was about to be nailed to the bed.

"Push it in me a little way and work it back and forth.
Just don't shove it all the way inside me, okay
b*****r?" and as she spoke knew only one thing, she
wanted him to put in in her all the way so she could
finally have sex, she just couldn't say so to her own

Judson was beyond any thoughts about what to do and not
do, and only knew one thing, "I want to feel how hot my
s****r's pussy is inside. Gee I can get her cherry if
she doesn't know I'm gonna' shove it up her. Wow is it
hot inside," he said to him self as he eased it a
little deeper each time he shoved forward.

"Oh my Judson, be careful," Milly said as she felt the
long thick thing starting up inside her pussy. Thinking
she was ready for more, told her b*****r, "Shove it a
little deeper... yeah like that. Noooo, oh hell it
hurts!" and one thing was certain, her b*****r feed all
of his cock into her and spit her virginity before she
was ready and the somatic pain gave the teenager both
stinging and burning sensations from being stabbed all
the way up into her sex.

Milly felt her b*****r must be all the way up her and
her b*****r's cock felt so deep up her sex, it caught
the teenage girl completely unexpected. "Hell Judson,
you're killing me and splitting me apart. Wait!"

"Don't you like it? Why did you scream s*s?" the
younger of the siblings asked. Judson didn't realize
he'd got his first cherry with a hard lunge of his dick
up his s****r.

Wincing out in the pain of having her virginity spit
apart so suddenly, Milly exclaimed, "Damn Judson, you
just got my cherry. Oh crap. Oh well, move it back and
forth, it's too late to worry now. Oh no, not so hard.
Gosh you must be bigger than other guys and it feels
like you gonna' punch my tummy to death. Darn Judson,
it hurts and feels good all at once," and for the next
seven or eight minutes the siblings enjoyed their first
act of intercourse.

Before the day ended, Judson had shot several loads of
sperm filled semen into his s****r's welcoming sex.
That day they were lucky that Milly had only finished
her periods a few days before. When his s****r took him
in her mouth and sucked him until he shot off, he had
to ask, "Gee s*s, how many guys have you done it with?"

"Judson, how can you ask such a thing? You saw my bl**d
and knew you got my cherry - you were my first, but I
knew girl's suck guys off, so did you like me sucking
your boner? I wanted to be the first to give you a BJ,
as you're the first guy to shoot his stuff in my little
hole. Guess I should say two holes. You ready again?"
and the girl was soon feeling the large young cock
plowing her open and deep up inside her by now tender


Two weeks later, Judson went with his mother to a
f****y funeral that was two days drive to reach. The
first night on the road, he and his mother got a motel
room and Judson was happy the place had a pool he could
swim in after they had checked into the motel.

That night they shared the king size bed, and before
long had snuggled up while watching television. Nothing
happened as they watched the show and then the late
news. When they lay in the dark room, he felt his
mother pulling him onto his side and facing her. He was
erect and afraid his mother would discover he was
excited, and she would think it was from her. He still
thought of her watching him that morning in bed when he
had a boner on, and she had walked into his room.

When they got ready for bed, he had seen his mother
undress and slip on her short gown, and to his surprise
she had removed her bra and panties. All he could do
was compare her to his s****r, and knew his mom had
bigger boobs and a lot more hair on her sex. So much
hair he couldn't even see the lips on her pussy. When
she got into bed after slipping the nightie on, she had
smiled at him and asked, "You watched your mom get into
her gown. Did you like seeing me, and am I pretty?"

To his surprise, his mother hand turned onto her side
and was facing him after she was in bed for a minute or
so. Then she reached out and moved so spots of their
bodies were touching the others intimately.

Moving so he was pressing against his mother, Judson
hoped she wouldn't know he was attempting to shove his
painful erect boner against her body, and he felt his
mother's arm reach across him and her hand settled on
his back. Nothing was said, but he reached down and
slid his cock from his boxers and eased his body
forward against his mother's body.

When Alicia felt her son moving toward her, she knew he
had taken his young cock from his boxer shorts. Alicia
moved her leg up over his body. Her short gown was up
over her hips and a bolt of lightning struck her as the
hard young cock of her son punched against her mass of
pubic hair.

For a few minutes neither said a word nor moved. Taking
things into her hands, Alicia rolled onto her back and
pulled her son with her. She opened her legs and the
firm member of her son was seeking its pathway through
the hair covering and growing around her sex.

Then it happened. The large pole of her son's penis was
sliding up into her body. Alicia shuddered as if her
body was chilled to the bone, while sobbing out, "My -
oh my, oh Judson you mustn't shove it all the way up
into me. Oh son it's too late. You're all the way up
me! God you're large Judson... yes, oh yes like that."

Having learned the way to great and happy sex with his
s****r over the past couple of weeks, Judson knew how a
female liked feeling a boy move his thing inside her
sex. For the next several minutes both mother and son
strove to give the other total bliss. What Judson
didn't know was he wasn't the only male besides his
father to be up in her body. When he asked, "Mom, have
you done this with someone besides dad?

"What an odd question - you don't ever ask a woman such
a question. But no, you only the second man to be in my
body, now are you happy to hear that?" and she patted
his buttocks as he lay over her.

But she smiled in thinking, "You're only the first in
more than two years to unleash his male juices inside
his mother's pussy."

Feeling his ejaculation moving from his testicles and
up through the nearly eight inches of his 14 year old
penis and as if being blasted from the end of a
shotgun, his semen coated the interior of his mother's
vagina. The excitement caused him to shout out, "Augh
mom - I'm coming in you, augh mom it feels so good! Do
you want me to come in you?"

Judson realized his question was rhetorical as he had
already squirted twice and was ready to allow another
squirting load of his young cream in the tight grip of
his mother's sex and finally the small seeping stream
of cream eased from his penis as he begin to shrivel up
to a used up hard-on.

After they finished reaching their sexual satisfaction
they lay one on the other. When she felt her son
starting to move from atop her body, Alicia wrapped her
arms and legs around her son and whispered in a sated
voice, "No, no Judson don't move. It has been so long
since I've felt a man inside my body - my God what a
man you are. You're so large and firm. Get hard for me
again - yes, like that, let it grow. Move it easy in
me, but don't let it slip out. Like that darling - like
that; augh son, you're getting big again."


She had walked to the small diner on the main street of
Wendon and now sat at one of the three outdoor tables
and enjoyed her soft drink and fries. She saw the man
watching her and knew the bright orange spandex short-
shorts were catching his attention and also the tube
top enclosed around her hard breasts and pointed
nipples poking through the band of her top were likely
making his imagination run rapid. Milly had watched the
man get down from the large tractor, without the
trailer rig and walk toward the diner.

When Chet walked past the girl he saw she moved her
legs apart as if to flash him. "To bad she isn't
wearing a skirt and flashing her young panty covered
pussy in my direction," he thought to him self. "Even
so, I'll be damned, but I can see the material of her
shorts separating her little twat. Holy shit, the lips
of her cunt shows it must be one tight little hot box."

Just as he approached the table where the girl sat, he
listened as she greeted him, "Hi, hot today, huh?" and
her legs moved as far apart as they could evidently
spread. Before his eyes he could see small whiffs of
hair sticking out on each side of the legs of her

"Sure; yeah I'll bet it could be hotter. I'll bet - I
mean it certainly is hot and Chet said the two comments
to see what the girl would do or reply.

"Get your food and join me, there isn't anyone else
here to speak with. Have you eaten here at the Wendon
Diner before? If not you gotta try the Giant Wendon
burger and ask them to load it with everything. You
gonna love it, and I love things big; hee-hee-hee,"
Milly remarked knowing her comments were nothing more
than a double entendre.

Catching the sexually suggestive comment from the girl,
he figured she was around 15 or 16, Chet replied,
"Sounds like a winner, so if big is good for you then
it will good for me, how about I bring my food out and
join you?" and listened as the girl made another remark
that was assuredly an invitation, if not a direct and
provocative summons to join her in more than

With a smile on her cute and definitely adorable face,
Milly said, "Oh yes, big is good for me. I like a big -
you know a big sandwich."

Watching the man walk into the restaurant, Milly knew
she was leading the man on, but for four days she
hadn't been able to enjoy the pleasures her b*****r
could give her. Even her attempt to seduce his best
friend Jacob was for naught and she determined he was
such a dud that he was scarred to be with her. Maybe he
has a small dick and doesn't want to let me find it
out, or his is afraid of getting his nuts off with a
girl. "I'll bet the trucker has a big one and he sure
checked me out.

Five minutes or so later, she watched the restaurant
door open and the trucker walked over and sat down with
her. "Hi there, I'm Milly. What is your name?" and she
giggled when she saw him looking at her breasts and the
nipples sticking out in front of her tube top.

"Hi right back and I'm Dru, the trucker replied and
smiled as he decided for some reason not to tell her
his name was Chet Heywood. So is this the sandwich you
were telling me to order? You're right about one thing.
It is big and the woman inside told me it was eight
ounces of prime chuck. Hope the onions don't bother you
- later, but you said to ask for everything. Did I miss
something?" and allowed his eyes to focus directly on
the nipples pushing the front of the tube top out.

"Oh, I don't think you missed anything, but if you did
we'll have to take care of that later," Milly replied
and used her fingers as if adjusting her top, but in
effect pulled it up a little so the bottom roundness of
her right breast cup was exposed.

For the next twenty minutes they k**ded each other and
finally Chet asked, "So are you the preacher's k**, or
at least the woman inside said you were? What gives,
are you as mischievous as you act or having fun at my
expense Miss Milly?"

"No, I'm not mischievous, but lonely. Yep I'm the
daughter of the preacher of the First Southern Baptist
Church of Wendon. My mom gets ticked at me for making
fun of the Baptist always saying the First Baptist, and
she gets all bent out of shape when I ask her where the
Last Baptist Church is located. Something wrong about
my being a preacher's k**?" and this time she pulled
the tube top so the round top of her left breast was
exposed down to where her areola was visible. As if her
boob itched, Milly scratched the pink circle and knew
her nipple was exposed.

Four minutes later Milly was inside the cab of the
large truck and seated sideways in the seat so she was
facing Dru. Milly asked where they could go, he told
her, "Back out to the truck stop at the intersection.
Mind if we pull on the back side and park?" and to his
surprise watched as the girl removed her seat belt.

Easing her tube top off and then her shorts and lastly
the small piece of material that made up her panty.
Chet watched as she slide the small thong over the
mirror and smiling asked, "Isn't that better than the
dice most guys hang on their mirrors?"

"Definitely better - a heck of a lot better. You're
awfully brave or something and I hope you not trying to
get me in trouble. Damn but you're stacked. What size
tits are those? 38's?" Chet asked and eased his hand to
cup her full solid left boob.

Milly sat nude before the large black male and wondered
what he must be thinking and liked how his hand was
lightly squeezing her boob. Asking, "Care if I get in
the back where no one can see me?" and she climbed into
the sl**per. The overly stacked teen felt the large
hand move up her leg and slide between them and her
body trembled as his fingers sought her pussy.

Chet could feel the girl respond to his fingers as they
played in the narrow crack between her legs. Man but
this girl has got a great muff. Man I could rest my
face in that thick hair for a month and not want to
move. Easing his finger up inside the narrow opening
between her pussy lips, Chet, asked, "That thing seems
awfully tight, you certain it has had a cock up

"Yep, it's been opened like I told you, but it hasn't
for a few days. Besides I only started having sex a
short time ago. You better find a place to park this
thing before you start something, or else pull over to
the side of the road," Milly remarked and laughed as
she stopped in her climbing into the sl**per of the
huge Peterbuilt truck.

"We'll be at the truck stop in a couple of minutes, so
you get back there and get ready sweet one," Chet said
with a tone of voice indicating he was more than ready
to spear the little pussy he had just felt.

From what his fingers had discovered, he knew this girl
had a nice tight pussy, and had told him only one guy
had done her. Chet had chuckled as he had watched the
girl count on her fingers the number of times she said
the guy had shoved it up her and announced the guy had
done her 15 times.

Parked in the far corner of the truck stop parking lot,
Chet undressed and his thick dark colored cock was
pointing toward the girl. Her eyes watched his every
move and her face made a surprised look when she looked
at his cock.

With a glee in his voice Chet asked, "Little white
girl, you never saw a cock this big have you? Your
wondering what it's going to be like getting stuck with
a black bone."

"Oh am I ever. Dru, I can only compare your's with
Judson's, the other guy I've done it with. Man is sure
that thing is real? You're isn't as long as Judson's -
but sure a heck of a lot thicker than I've been
getting. Gee how big around that black thing you got
hanging there is?" and Milly's hand gripped the black
cock that was scarring her as she wondered at the
thickness and she asked, "Dru, how can such a big thing
get in me?"

Smiling as he looked at the girl and he said in a soft
voice, "Lie back and hold those pretty legs apart for
me. I want some of that delicious looking hair pie.
Damn girl you have the hairiest pussy I have ever seen.
Not only that I could hardly get my finger up in that
little twat. Time for a little dessert," and as he
spoke eased his face between the young legs.

For perhaps five minutes and finally getting the girl
off from licking her tiny clit, Chet was ready to fuck
the delectable little cunt.

With the large man over her, Milly felt Dru's hand move
between her legs as he lodged the head of his cock
between her labium. Already she could feel how big
around the end was when he pushed against her opening.
There was resistance and Milly was glad he'd licked her
sex. Making her pussy wet she determined his big thing
would enter her easier. Gosh but I hope he licks me
again, I love oral sex. Judson, you have something to

"Oh gosh Dru you splitting me open... its good, go
easy... augh! Dru!"

After a few movements of his back and forth in the
entrance of her tight pussy Chet felt the head slip in
and perhaps after ten or so shoves he was buried
completely up inside the 16 year old girl.

Chet listened as the teen girl moaned out the name that
the name he had given her as "Dru" as he drove his cock
in and out of her pussy. Each shove into her pussy was
done slow and firmly and he didn't give her time to
accept each shove up into her body before he pulled
nearly all the way out before plunging all the way back
inside her tight little cunt.

All Milly knew was how different it was to feel
something stretching her so wide open, and not striking
so deep inside her body. Even so she thought he is
still striking in me deep enough it kind of hurts. Then
she felt him shoving harder and faster and she sobbed
out, "Ughhhh, oh heck Dru you're killing me... go

Voicing her approval of the overly thick cock opening
her so wide on each shove up her, Milly was moaning
out, "Umph... oh man not so fast... ugh, oh gawd it's
good, but you must put my legs down. Dru for gawd's
sake let my legs down off your shoulders! Nooooo, oh
hell it is killing me when you do that," she cried out
as her body was bent backwards and her feet were behind
her head as the thick erection plowed her hard and

She cried out in release when the massive thick black
cock was filling her sore pussy with its come. "I'm
getting off - oh hell but it is so good... fuck me some
more... don't stop, oh no... please don't stop," she
sobbed out when she felt the thick cock pressed up into
her and realized the in and out movements were stopping
as her pussy was drenched with the cream from the black

Twice more Milly felt her pussy plundered by the overly
thick cock before she was dropped off near the barn on
her farm. She watched the large truck drive off and
noted it had no company markings on the sides or rear.
Gee I wonder what Dru's last name is and I forget to
get his phone number. Boy would I like to have him
again. Maybe he will stop at the restaurant again.

Chet smiled to him self as he drove off thinking what a
great fuck the little winch was. He loved hearing the
teen girl cry out when taking her puckered rear
opening. Hell she was something else. I should have
gotten her phone number, but it is better she don't
know me, after all my being 35 and she is only 16, I
could get one hell of a long vacation.


Three months later the doctor confirmed Milly was
pregnant. Her mother and father tried to f***e her to
tell who she had been having sex with and got her with
c***d. Milly refused to say the baby's father was and
even when threatened to have her apartment taken away
from her place to live, she didn't tell about Dru. One
thing Milly knew was if her parents knew she was
pregnant by a black man or a remote possibility it was
her own b*****r's baby she was carrying she would be
f***ed to have an abortion.

Hearing his s****r refuse to say who knocked her up
pleased Judson, but he and his parents were totally
surprised after another six months passed and Milly
delivered healthy black twins, a boy and a girl. No
matter how much of an investigation the sheriff's
office did, they could never determine who Dru was.

One thing Alicia knew was she didn't want any more
grandc***dren, white or black, so placed her daughter
on birth control. This pleased both siblings, and
Judson loved tasting the milk from his s****r's
lactating breasts. He learned to enjoy drinking the
juice from her sex and did so until they left home to
start their own lives. The siblings had sex together
several times a week and nothing was held back in what
they wanted to experiment with when coupling with one

Even Alicia found her son to be a tremendous lover and
participated in sex with each other whenever possible.
One day while they were enjoying an afternoon of sex,
Milly walked from the barn-apartment into the house and
hearing her mother, walked to her parents' bedroom and
watched her b*****r riding their mother doggie style.
For a few minutes she watched in stunned silence, then
turned and walked to the barn where the twins were


Milly thought back to the day she had been lying nude
on her bed in the barn-apartment and her father had
walked in to discuss building two more rooms for her in
the barn. Evidently when her father had entered the
room she was asl**p, as it wasn't until she heard him
remark, "Honey, can we talk about the additions to your
apartment or do you want me to come back?"

She had looked at her father and saw his eyes were
directed at her sex and breasts. Instead of being
offended, she sat up and said to her father, "Here dad,
sit next to me. What do you have or have you decided
what to do with the place?"

Her father studied her body as he explained he was
going to have concrete blocks placed around the lower
part of the barn, and bricks placed over the block. The
top of the barn would be covered with vinyl siding and
the new addition would have a fireplace and reduce the
heating cost of the apartment during the fall and
winter months.

The new rooms would be bedrooms and the larger one
would be for her and another bedroom for the twins. As
they spoke he looked at her once more and as his eyes
moved to the hair over her sex, Milly opened her legs
and said in a soft whisper of a voice, "If you want to
just once, then I will... no I would like to with you.
Daddy it has been over a year since I had sex my first

Knowing this would keep any suspicion from her and
Judson, Milly told the little white lie. When her
father didn't answer, but placed the papers on the bed,
she reached out and took his hand in her own. "Touch me
and do it to me... all day long if you want. Mom and
Judson won't be back until late this afternoon. Daddy

After graduating from high school, Milly enrolled at
the local junior college. Her father had built the
additional rooms on her apartment so Judson could sl**p
in the living room and it was like having his own room
in the barn-apartment. There were times Milly wanted to
be with her father again, but neither approached the
other about renewing their i****tuous relationship.

Her parents and Judson went on vacation and drove to
the Badlands for a two week trip. On the four day of
their trip they were killed when two tractor trailers
collided and her father's SUV was wedged between the
two large trucks.

Once the funeral was over and her life was back to
normal, Milly started college at the end of summer. For
the next two years of junior college and after two more
years at the local university, she had her bachelor's
degree and attending grad school to become a

Milly was 25 years old when she obtained her license as
a pharmacist. Her life was easier by not having to
attend class, take care of her c***dren and the twins
had grown into nice p*****ns. They gave her no trouble
and she was glad that her son had moved into the room
that had been her b*****r's room before he was killed.
She had caught the twins playing house a couple of
times, but never noticed them doing anything sexual and
determined they were simply exploring each other's

She worked at a local pharmacy and her neighbor baby-
sits for her. One Saturday and just before lunch a
motorcycle pulled into her drive and she watched the
man get off the bike and remove his helmet. Her eyes
took in the handsome man and then realized it was her
second cousin Muriel.

Running out the door and toward the man, who was
looking at the house and not her barn home, she
shouted, "Muriel... Muriel, oh gawd it has been so long
since I last saw you," and by now was hugging the
handsome man in her arms as he pulled her into his
strong arms.

After a few minutes, they stood looking at each other
and she recalled her mother once telling her that she
had allowed her cousin to measure her boobs. When she
asked her mom, "Is that all you did or will you tell
the rest?" and giggled as her mothers faced turned red.

"Never you mind. I wish we could go visit the folks
back home. I haven't been back since you were 3 years

"Come on in, the k**s are visiting the grandparents for
the month in West Virginia. How have you been... how
long are you staying? No wonder mom always said you
were her favorite cousin... your really handsome...
what are you 40 or so?" she asked in excitement in
being around a relative for the first time since her
parents were killed in the auto accident.

"Boy you are full of questions... yeah I'm 40 plus 1.
So I see you are getting along fine." and they walked
to the house together.

She let her mind wander and thought, "It has been so
long since I last had sex... my last time was with my
b*****r. Now I'm alone with a handsome man in my house
and my c***dren are gone. I'll be alone in my house
with a terrific looking man and... oh why am I thinking
of sex after all this time of being chaste?" and even
though she tried to set up a denial, Milly felt her sex
become damp with expectation.

They lay in her bed, their bodies soaked with sweat
from the excessive f***e of their sex and joining of
their groins. For the next hour they spoke like long
lost lovers and not second cousins. They joined their
pubic areas together once more and this time she didn't
climax, but Milly couldn't get enough of the thick
penis moving back and forth in her clinching body.

Once more they lay speaking and Milly asked, "Muriel,
did you and mom mess around or just play touchy-
touchy?" and her hand was holding his shrunken penis.
She loved feeling it being wet with his and her juices.

"Your mom let me touch her breasts, but when I kissed
her nipples for the first time, she wouldn't let me
touch her after that. That is the truth. Once time I
put my fingers in the massive hair she had growing
between her legs, and you have the same breasts and
hair as you mom."


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1 year ago
The story theme is very good, excitable and raunchy; however, the details and descriptions are very confusing, especially the many males, and even some females, running into and out of the lives of the several main characters.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Good story.