Gary had always been close with his father. Since he was little, they'd done everything together, from going to the movies to eating at the restaurant. The two had never strayed apart, they'd always been getting closer and closer together, until finally Gary and his father realized they were in total love with each other, not just loving each other. Gary was 19 when they first realized it. His mother was out of the house for the day, and Gary was lounging around, reading a novel. It was his week off from college, and he was reading an erotic fantasy, when he decided to ask his dad if he wanted to do something.

His father was at the computer, so Gary walked to the door and opened it, and looked at his father, who was sitting in the leather chair on a fake cock, and staring at porn as he jacked off furiously. Gary stopped in his tracks, and stared at his fathers 6 inches. It was covered in pre-cum, and he continued to stroke it as he turned to look at Gary, who's penis was so turned on by his father, sitting there naked, that it bulged heavily out of his pants.

His father quickly covered his cock, and exited the site fast. "Gary . . . I . . . uh . ." was all he got out, before he realized his son's own cock was semi-erect just from looking at him. Gary just stood there for a bit, until finally he spoke.

"Dad . . . I . . . I don't know what to say. I'm really turned on by you! I'm sorry for walking in on you."

His father just smiled. "It's okay, son. I guess you know your fathers little secret, and I know yours," he said, motioning to the concealed dick inside Gary's pants. He looked down and saw it, and looked up again.

"Would you like to see it, dad?"

His father smiled. "I think it's time we got a little closer. From now on, you shall refer to me as 'master'. If you want me to look at it, you shall do as I say."

Gary looked at his fathers cock, and realized he had to have it, and smiled. "As you say, master. Kinky! I like it."

Gary got off the fake one, and moved to the corner of the room. "Your mother and me sometimes play master and slave. You, Gary, are now my slave. Bow to me, slave!" Gary got down on his knee's, and bowed to his father, as he took out a bunch of leather and clamps, and brought them to his son, throwing them down next to him.

"Now, slave," he said, as he threw his shirt off to be totally naked, "Suck me. Take me inside of your mouth!"

Gary looked up at the cock and, slowly, took it in his mouth, moving delicately down the shaft of his fathers sticky penis. His master leaned down, and, picking up two tit clamps, placed them on his sons nipples. He moaned, but continued to suck his fathers hot cock.

Gary's father, John, grabbed his sons hair, and pushed him further down the shaft, so that he gagged. "Slave! How dare you! You shall not gag when taking me in, for any reason, or punishment shall be given." And with that, he face fucked him, driving the cock down his own sons throat, who not twenty minutes ago he regarded as a close friend, nothing more. Gary sucked at him, twirling his tongue around the cock as it slid down, struggling not to gag.

Gary sucked his fathers manhood for almost fifteen minutes before finally stopping with his masters permission. "Now, slave, strip before me." Gary moved over to the chair, and sat down, after moving the dildo aside. His son slowly stripped off his shirt, then his pants, and then his underwear, revealing an amazingly hard ten inches of pure cock. It was almost vertical now that it was free or the restrainments, and John's mouth dropped. It was huge, amazingly wide, and at it's base was a jungle of pubes. The hair was black and beautiful.

Gary looked at his father. "Does it please you, master?"

John nodded, and ordered him to bend over. Walking over to him, he slowly probed his ass with his fingers, nodding. And then Gary felt his fathers warm cock on his ass cheeks, moving toward the hole, until finally it found it's destination and was suddenly inside him. Gary stood straight up, in pain, but he cried out in pleasure. He was thrown down by his father, who held his hips and pumped furiously inside his son, in and out, faster and faster, his hot cock sliding in as far as it could and then coming out again, and then back in the hot, tight, virgin asshole of his son.

Gary moaned over and over in pleasure, until finally his father, his master, came inside of him, orgasm overflowing inside his son, his warm cum flowing around inside of his slaves hot, tight ass.

Gary and his father had their fun for over an hour, until finally, the master gave the slave a rest, and told him to sit in the corner on a huge, long and thick fake, realistic cock his father had, so he would know what to expect when John decided to invite friends over, who he promised him had huge cocks, larger than Gary's, in fact.

It was then, as Gary sat on the cock in pleasure, and as his father looked at him as he jacked off, that Linda, Johns wife, came home. John turned in a flash, just as Linda entered the room, and stood stock-still. She looked at Gary jacking off in the corner, and looked at John, her supposedly loyal husband. Linda dropped the bag she had and stared at both their cocks, and, totally in contrast to what John expected, smiled.

"I see you've taught our son to behave as a good slave, correct?" John smiled, and nodded.

"Good. Let us see how obedient he is."

She walked over to Gary, and, as a beautiful woman, told him to stand up off the dildo. He did as he was told, and stood before his mother. Gary had fucked girls before, so he knew now he was bisexual, willing to please his parents. Linda, his mother and mistress, touched his cock, which stiffed a little more at this woman's touch. She turned, and told John to call Sarah, their 20 year old daughter, and have her come home. She had plans for her.

But for now, she needed to be stuffed by her sons hot, hot cock. She took off all of her clothes, and ordered her son up against the wall, sitting down. He did as he was told, and was greeted by his mothers ass, as she turned around. Suddenly, she sat down on his penis with her pussy taking it in, and she slid all the way down the shaft, moaning in pleasure. As her sons cock stretched her pussy to new widths, she began to feel electric like shocks shoot out from her crotch, which was about to burst. Finally, she came, over and over, and orgasm after orgasm hit her. The multiple orgasms turned Gary on, and he got harder, and harder, and closer to bursting as more and more orgasms hit his mother, whose juices flowed freely inside her pussy. Finally, he burst, his testicles firing their load into his mother's tight clit, and it was quite a load.

His white, hot, sticky cum sloshed around inside her, and she began to slide herself along him, an orgasm hitting every so often. Finally, she got off him, and walked over to her husband. With effort, she stopped panting with pleasure, and said, "You trained him to obey well. Now," she said, turning, "Your father and I are your new masters. You will do as we say. When your s****r gets here, she, too, will become our slave. You must forget about your college work -- We are your new reasons for living. From now on, you will do as we say. You will not wear clothes around the house. When friends come over, if they wish to fuck or be fucked, you will do as your are told. Occasionally, you will be tied up, or your cock wrapped around. Remember, slave, you refer to us as master and mistress, and others as master or mistress. Any disobedience will be punished." She smiled. "You will like your new place, slave."

And with thatGary sat naked in the corner of the living room as his parents fucked right in front of him. He watched as his mother took in John's cock, letting it slid into her tight, wet pussy. Gary watched in the corner and continued to jack off. He was naked still, as he was ordered to be. He yearned to fuck, for his cock was now aching from watching his parents making love for over an hour, cumming and yelling in orgasm. His s****r still hadn't shown up, so they eventually got bored and fucked.

Finally, his mistriss looked up. "Oh, look John, our Gary needs something to fuck. Gary, if you wait one minute, I'll get you something," she said.

"Okay, mistriss. Thank you."

Linda stood up, and walked away to the other room. A minute later, she returned bearing an amazing amount of leather and toys, and dumped them on floor. She ordered Gary to move away and wait. Quickly, she somehow managed to hang up a leather holder so that he would be held in place, and told him to get inside it. Gary did as he was told, and his cock fit through one of the breaks in leather. Then, Linda got behind him, fastened it, and slammed a vibrator up his ass, on. Gary moaned in pleasure, and his parents fucked again.

Sarah arrived two hours later. Gary had fallen asl**p after he came amazingly hard, spraying his cum everywhere until his father came over and sucked him, not wanting to waste the delicious man-fluids that erupted from his son's hot cock. John had sucked his son's hard cock until it finally stopped cumming, and then he removed the vibrator from his sons no-longer virgin asshole.

They knew it was Sarah by the delicate knock on the door, and Linda quickly stood up and threw on her robe, which covered her breasts and pussy, but left her legs unsupervised. She walked to the door, and opened it, and sure enough, there was Sarah. She had on a silk shirt that came down to her stomach and short shorts, exposing most of herself.

"Mom, where's dad? He told me it was urgent. What's wrong?"

"Nothing," said Linda, smiling, leading her to the living room. "Nothing is wrong, we just wanted to show you something," she said as they entered the living room. Suddenly, Sarah stopped, staring at her father, who was sitting on the couch, asl**p, moaning, his cock erect. She could make out what he was saying.

"Oh . . . Gary . . . yes . . . . YES! Right . . .uhh . . ." he mumbled, and stopped. Sarah gazed at his six inches, and then looked over to her mother, and was greeted by a naked woman.

She yelped and stepped back. "Sarah, it's okay. We feel as though you would be a good sex toy for us. We want you, and we want you here, willing to be fucked and sucked and suck. We want to feel you, love you, caress you. You'll never have to work, and you'll get anything you want. You'll be able to fuck any of our friends slaves, or our friends. All you need to do is never, ever wear clothing again. I'm sure that you'll get used to it. Besides, it's nice not being restricted all the time." She slowly pushed her daughter to the leather couch, and they sat down, Sarah in between her moaning father and her mother.

"I'll never have to work?"


Her eyes drifted to her naked, asl**p b*****r, and to his cock, which, although limp, was a hefty and wide 8 inches in length. She nodded in his direction. "Can I get fucked by him?"

"Oh, Sarah, you can fuck anyone. And just show respect to me, your mistress, and your father, your master, and you won't be punished. Disobediance to us or other masters will result in punishment."

She nodded. "Alright, mistress, I will."

Linda shook John, who woke up. "Huh?" he said, confused.

"We've got a new slave to serve us," she said, motioning to Sarah. John smiled. "Now," Linda continued, "To demonstrate obediance, strip before us."

Sarah did as she was told, moving to the center of the room. Slowly, she removed the silk shirt, throwing it on the floor. Next came her shorts, and she casually slipped out of them, kicking them off. Her bra held up enormous tits, and her panties concealed a pussy, which was soon exposed, as were her tits, the bra and panties resting on the floor.

Linda gazed at her tight, pink pussy, and then at her large, firm breasts, and ordered her daughter to lay back on the floor, and she did as she was told. Gary stirred, and, upon seeing his s****r naked, spoke. "Master, may I be released?"

John looked absently over at him, and stood up, stretching, his cock hard, and untied him. Gary got an up-close view of his s****rs virgin pussy, just before his mother moved in, and rammed her tounge deep inside of it. Sarah moaned at her mothers tounges motion, and felt it inside of her, licking the wet pussy of her hot twenty year old virgin daughter. How she remained a virgin was a mystery, but she definitly was.

Linda expertly licked her daughters pussy, up and down inside of her, taking in her juices as they came out. Finally, after about five minutes of licking her daughter, she moved away, and probed her pussy with her fingers. When she felt the moment was right, she drilled them into her daughters cunt, and heard her moan in pleasure. As she continued to stuff fingers in her, she saw John move, and saw his ass in her face as he straddled her stomach, ramming his cock between his daughters huge tities. Gary jacked off furiously, growing harder again, as his mother fingered her daughter, and as his father fucked his daughters tits with his manhood. His balls clapped against the tits with a light skin-on-skin sound. Finally, Sarah yelled in pleasure, erupting tons of love fluid into her mothers face, who lapped it all up. John then moved straight forward, ramming his cock in his daughters mouth, and came, shooting a load into her mouth. After swallowing it all, John and Linda moved off, nodding.

"Looks like we've got another obedient slave."

Gary licked his lips in anticipation of fucking his s****r.

, she sucked him dry.

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