Jim woke early the next morning. It was still dark outside. Jim lay there for about ten minutes wondering whether it had all happened like he thought or was it just a dream. He needed to find out one way or the other. He got out of bed and walked slowly and quietly towards his mother's bedroom. The door was locked from the outside just as he remembered. He turned the key in the lock slowly and carefully trying to make as little noise as possible.

He then pushed the door open slowly and peered in to the dimly lit room. His mother was asl**p; she was curled up in a ball on the far side of the bed. Jim still couldn't be sure. He crept into the room and around to the far side of the bed looking down at his mother. She slept soundly. Jim looked around the room, it was clean and tidy and there were no bottles anywhere. Jim went to leave the room but accidentally stood on an upturned plug let out a yelp. His mother woke from her deep sl**p and sat upright in the bed with the sheets wrapped around her.

"Master are you alright," she asked softly.

Jim realised everything was as he had thought it, "yes thank you Mom…err Jenny" replied Jim as he rubbed his foot.

"Come here Master let your little one do that for you" Jenny said as she let the covers drop from her naked body. She reached forward and took Jim's foot in her hands rubbing and massaging it. Jim sat on the side of the bed, he was only wearing some boxer shorts and the sight of his half-naked mom rubbing his foot was turning him on. Jim's mom had also noticed the tenting of Jim's shorts and started to run her hands up the inside of his legs until her hands cupped his testicles. She then started to stroke his ever-hardening cock through his boxers.

"Is that better Master?" she asked as she ran her hand up and down his shaft.

Jim swallowed, "yes Jenny that very nice" he replied a bit red in the face.

Jenny then undid the buttons at the front of his shorts and pulled Jim's cock out, she took both of her hands and started to massage his cock up and down. Jim looked at his mother she had moved forward and the sheets had completely fallen from her body. She was kneeling and Jim could clearly see the neatly trimmed strip of her pubic hair. Jenny looked up and noticed Jim looking and slowly eased her legs open so that he could get a better look. Jim looked up at her face; she looked back up at him and smiled. Jim looked back down between his mothers legs, her pussy lips were pink and puffy, he could see that she was wet and this turned Jim on even more.

"Would you like to fuck your little slut Master or would you like me to suck you?" Jenny said very softly bowing her head.

Jim swallowed again, what a proposition he thought, "suck me", Jim said in a stammer.

Jenny looked up and smiled at him before licking her lips and leaning down and taking Jim's cock in her warm mouth. Jenny started to bob up and down on Jim's cock taking it as deep as she could, Jim could feel it touching the back of her throat as she eased his cock in. As she worked on his cock Jenny stuck her butt high up in the air, Jim couldn't help but run his hands over her butt, but he couldn't quite reach her pussy. Jenny moved slightly round giving Jim better access. He didn't waste any time and immediately sunk three fingers into her wet hole. The insertion was welcomed with a low soft moan that vibrated along the length of Jim's cock and made it spasm with energy. As Jim fingered his mom she pumped his cock harder, taking it even deeper into her mouth. Jim could feel the pressure building up, as could his mom who pulled his cock out of her mouth, closed her eyes and started to pump it into her face. This sight was too much for Jim to hold back from and soon watched as his cum sprayed all over his mother's face. She opened her mouth slightly running her tongue over her lips. Once Jim had finished Jenny lowered her mouth back down to his cock and cleaned it off. She then ran her hand over her face and collected then cum on her fingers before pushing it along with her fingers up into her pussy. She came as the thick cum slid from her pussy. Jim stood up and feeling a little more confident removed his boxers, took his mother's hand and led her into the bathroom. They climbed into the shower and washed each other off.

Jim got out of the shower first and walked into his room to change, he put on some trousers and a short sleeved shirt. He turned round to see his mother stood naked in front of him.

"What should I wear today Master?" she asked bowing her head.

Jim looked intrigued, "so you haven't ever chosen your own clothes?"

"No Master, my master has always done that" she replied head still bowed.

"Ok I guess you will have to show me everything you have" Jim said as he walked past her and into her room. Jim opened the curtains and sat on the bed as his mother walked in and opened her walk in wardrobe. Jim had never been inside of the wardrobe. It had a lock on it but his curiosity had never though it worthy of a second look.

As Jenny opened the wardrobe he saw firstly what was expected, the normal sort of mom clothes that he saw her wear most of the time. She had always been well dressed; usually she wore a skirt or a dress. Jim had once asked her why she didn't wear trousers and she had replied that men wore trousers and ladies wear skirts. Jim had just thought of it as old-fashioned but now he realised that she had seen it as a sign of authority.

Jim watched as his mother stepped into the wardrobe and pulled on a light switch, she then reached up to the top left and pulled on a lever. The rails of clothes glided to the sides and then the wall behind them also glided to the side. Jim was astounded, "cool" he said out loud. Jim stood up and followed Jenny she led him into a small room with countless rails of clothes on one side and on the other boxes and boxes of shoes and other items. Jim took a quick look through the clothes; there were leather skirts or all different lengths, rubber skirts and tops, lots of tight Lycra clothes, hot pants, corsets, bodices, and many others. Jim turned round and looked at the boxes, hundreds of pairs of shoes and boots. They ranged from quite sensible ankle boots to thigh high platform stiletto boots. She also had shoes that Jim has seen strippers wear the clear platforms with the six or seven inch heels. Jim looked around again he noticed a large set of draws in the corner, he went over and pulled out the first draw. Inside he found hundreds of different pair of panties, these ranged from large French frilly panties to the most minuscule panties that wouldn't cover anything. The next draw down there were suspender belts, the next draw stockings and pop socks. In the final draw Jim found and array of dildos and vibrators in all shapes and sizes. Jim was amazed; this little room contained all of these sexual things. He sat down on the floor and looked out at his mother. As he looked up her noticed a shelf above the door, one he hadn't noticed before. It was full of videos and dvds. Jim pulled down a video and read the label, it just had a date 'April 25th 2001'. He looked at several other tapes each of them with dates written on them but no more information. He pulled down one of the dvds and looked at it, these had colour pictures on the covers depicting hardcore sexual acts. One video had a picture of a young girl covered in cum, while another showed a girl being fucked by three guys at the same time. Jim put them back and picked up the video. He walked over to his mother's television and turned it on. He slid the tape in and pressed play.

Jim sat on the bed while his mother stood with her head bowed in the doorway to the secret part of the wardrobe. Jim watched as the camera focused on the familiar sight of the landing carpet. Jim watched as the camera focused in on the floor and then slowly moved up. First Jim saw a pair of very high stiletto patent heels, the feet in them were wrapped in dark black tights. As the camera moved slowly up Jim could see that they weren't tights but over the knee hold-up stockings with bows at the top behind the leg. The camera moved very gradually up further, showing a very tight black leather skirt that had a zip going from the bottom up in the front. It barely covered the roundness of the wearer's butt. The camera panned further up showing a bare midriff and then the material of a very tight top covering just the tops of some very pert breasts. The camera panned up higher and focused in on the face, it was his mother. Jim turned to look at his mother who had been watching but now bowed her head. Jim looked back at the film; his mother was posing for the camera, cupping her breasts and then bending over slightly so you could just about see her pussy under the skirt.

The doorbell went and the camera left Jenny and walked down the stairs to open the door. The door opened and Jim recognised his Uncle Bill and Auntie Nes being greeted by the came****rson. They walked in and made their way into the main lounge. They weren't really Jim's Auntie and Uncle but that's always what Jim had called them. Nes was a very attractive woman; she had long blonde hair and a perfect figure with large breasts. They both took their coats off and laid them on a chair. Jim watched as the camera zoomed in on Nes. She was wearing a black corset that pushed her breasts up and together, a tiny thong and stockings that were suspended off her corset with very high stiletto heels that had ankle straps.

Jim couldn't believe what he was seeing. Bill was wearing usual trousers and shirt. As he sat down Nes kneeled down on the floor next to him bowing her head. Jim looked round at his mother, "Auntie Nes too?" asked Jim. His mother just nodded. Jim turned back to the film. The came****rson then moved to the bottom of the stairs, Jim heard his dad calling out for his 'slut'. Jim's mother appeared at the top of the stairs and she slowly glided down towards the camera. On seeing Bill and Nes she bowed her head and walked over to Bill, she leant over him and kissed him softly on the lips, "Master" she said softly. She then leant down to where Nes was knelt, Jim saw his mother take two fingers and slide them into Nes' tiny panties and then into Nes' pussy. Jim's mother then withdrew the fingers and sucked them clean.

She leant close and kissed Nes passionately and then went to kneel by her Master's chair. Jim looked over at his mother, who had moved closer and stood with a smile looking at the television, when she noticed Jim looking at her she knelt and shuffled over to his side bowing her head as she moved. Jim turned back to the film, the camera turned off momentarily and then restarted, now Jim figured that Bill was holding the camera as Jim's father was stood naked while, Jim's mother and Nes took it in turns sucking his cock. The camera panned down to show that Jim's mom and Nes both had large dildos inserted into their pussies and other dildos in their butts.

As they sucked, occasionally one of the girls would ease one of the dildos out and thrust it back in quickly, each moaning. The camera switched off momentarily again, this time all four were in view, Bill was fucking Jim's mom and Jim's dad was doing the same to Nes while the girls kissed and fondled each other. After about two or three minutes of this they switched partners but this time fucked them in the butt. The girls became a little more playful as they groped each other.

Pushing fingers up each other's pussies and even at one point slapping each other hard before kissing again. Bill was pulling back on Nes' hair hard as she screamed out with her mouth wrapped around Jim's mom's breast. The finale came when both men withdrew and started to masturbate their cocks over the faces of their slaves. The girls both opened their mouths as cum hit their faces and tongues. They then kissed swapping cum between them. Before gathering the cum from their own face on their fingers and inserting it into each others pussies. The girls collapsed on the floor licking each other's faces as you could clearly see a trail of cum sliding from between their pussy lips. The film stopped.

Jim looked down at his mother who was knelt next to him, Jim noticed that she had slid a couple of fingers into her pussy and was now trying to slide them out without him noticing. Jim knelt down in front of her and lifted her head up so she was looking directly at him.

"You are a dirty slut whore!" Jim said quietly, "what are you?"

"I am a dirty slut whore Master" she replied even quieter.

"Pardon" asked Jim a little louder.

"I am a dirty slut whore Master and I am yours to do with as you please" she replied louder and clearer.

"Good girl" Jim replied in his most condescending voice.

Jenny just smiled and took it as a complement.

"I would do anything to please you Master"; she said looking up at him as Jim stood.

"Go and get dressed then slut whore. Wear something that is suitable for a slut like yourself, but something that you can go outside in" Jim said as he walked out of the room, "oh and hurry!"

Jim walked out of the room and made his way downstairs and into the kitchen. He made him self a drink and then sat down in the lounge in front of the television. He was sitting in his father's chair but that's where he belonged now. He felt powerful. He was not only the Master of his mother but also the Master of the house and it felt great. He started contemplating what he could do with his mother as he heard the loud clipping of high heels walking down the wooden stairs. Jim looked at her as she entered. She was wearing a very tight see though black lacy top with a push up bra underneath. She then wore a very tight black leather skirt that showed off her butt perfectly. Below the skirt she wore the same stockings that Jim had seen before; the ones with the bows at the back that come to just above the knee. Lastly she wore some black platform sandals with six-inch high heels. She came in front of Jim knelt, bowed her head and said "Master I am Jenny your little whore slut and I will do anything to please you".

Jim smiled and told her to stand up. After he had spent enough time looking her up and down he grabbed her car keys off the table and walked out to the car opening the door for her. She slipped into passenger seat as Jim locked the house. Jim climbed into the driver's seat and adjusted it. He then looked over to this mother and asked, "tell me again what are you?"

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