When he came home from the orgy, Brad was feebly trying to make it up the stairs through the darkened house to his room when he heard faint noises coming from his s****r Kelly's room. He cracked her door open a slit to see what was going on with his s****r. Speaking of slits, he couldn't believe his eyes. In the faint moonlight from the window, he could see her with legs spread wide, trying to jam Mr. Fleece, her teddy bear, as tightly as possible against her pussy and moaning as lewdly as any of the girls he had just left. Even with the numberless times he had shot his wad since the last class at school, he felt his dick start to harden. Ever since Kelly's body had begun to fill out, he had wanted to get a good look at her tits, but she always was careful around him.

Watching her wrap her 18-year old legs around the toy bear she had slept with since she was a c***d was really getting to him.

He slipped into her room as quietly as possible and approached the bed without being seen. He was afraid that she would wake up everybody with a scream if he didn't stop her, so he quickly put his hand over her mouth until she could see who he was.

"BRAD!!!" she hissed. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM. GET OUT OF HERE!" She was trembling with fury, embarrassment and pent up lust.

"Don't worry, k**. I know what you're going through. I was a virgin until two days ago and look at me now." He whipped his now hard dick out right in her face and waved it back and forth. Little drops of honey began to form at the tip in anticipation of another dip.

Kelly's eyes got bigger. She knew she shouldn't be seeing this thing, but she was so horny she didn't care. "Can I touch it?" she whispered.

"You can touch it, suck it, play with it or any thing you want to do with it. Just be careful if you don't want to get a face full of cum."

"What's cum?" she wondered as she hesitantly touched his distended prick and began to stroke it.

"It's the stuff that shoots out of it if you keep doing that," he answered.

"Oh," she said, in a quiet voice. "The told us about 'semen' in Sex Ed. Is it the same?"

"Yeah. It's just another word for it. If you want to see some, just lick the bottom of the head a little while you stroke it like you're doing and you'll see it pretty soon."

Kelly was fascinated. She had read all she could about sex, but the books she could get were not enough to help her understand how it all worked and her body wanted to know. She licked where her b*****r told her and put both hands around his mighty shaft to stroke the skin back and forth like he showed her and soon she felt him tense and start to shudder.

"Watch out!" he warned, as the stream began to splash in her face, on her cheeks, in her mouth and all over her naked body.

Kelly swallowed the bit in her mouth and liked the taste, so she put her mouth over the hole in the end of her b*****r's prick where the stream was coming from and soon had such a mouthful she had to swallow to breathe. The taste was fantastic! Nothing she had read or been told had prepared her for the idea of tasting 'semen', but she liked it immediately. She continued pumping her hands up and down his prick and swallowing the flood until it trickled to a stop.

Brad collapsed in a heap on her bed, his balls aching from being called on one more time after all the fucking he had done tonight.

"Wow, Brad, that was great! Will you 'intercourse' me, too?"

"I don't know, Kelly. You're my s****r and I don't want to hurt you. You're still a virgin and it's supposed to hurt girls the first time they do it. Besides, you're pretty small down there and my dick might be too big."

"Oh, you're just like Daddy. All he wants to do is put his penis in my behind. He never lets me see it and he runs away as soon as he finishes. I always have to go to the bathroom as soon as he leaves."

"Dad fucks you in the ass, no shit?" Brad was incredulous. He couldn't imagine his father m*****ing his own daughter. He was a harsh man, but Brad never suspected he was doing anything so unlawful. The thought of it was reaching his balls, however, and starting to make his prick jump again, even though it was beginning to get really raw from all the use.

Kelly was still idly stroking his prick and noticed it beginning to swell as soon as she told him about Daddy. "Is that what you call it, fucking?"

"Yeah, that's what we call it. Tell you what. If you are used to taking Dad's prick up your ass, I'll show you a trick the cheerleaders taught me tonight."

"You were fucking a cheerleader?" Kelly's dream was to be a cheerleader. She so admired their cute uniforms and all the attention they got. It must be heaven to be one of the chosen few.

"I fucked all of them tonight."

"All of them!"

"Yeah. Now let me stretch out under you and bend my knees up so you can lean back against them. Now smear some of the juice from the tip of my prick onto your asshole. When you're ready, sit on my prick and try to relax and let your weight push it into your asshole.

Kelly did as he instructed. Her heart was beating really fast. Although her father came into her room fairly often and used her, her never let her be part of it. He wouldn't let her see anything, didn't do anything to prepare her or to make her enjoy it. Now Brad was teaching her and treating her like a cheerleader! She would do anything he asked.

She felt the familiar sensation of a prick sliding up her ass, but this time it didn't hurt like the other times. Brad's prick was much larger than Daddy's, but the way they were doing it now, with a little preparation and consideration for her feelings made all the difference. It was making her very excited. She felt the big head finally slide past her sphincter and waited a few seconds to get used to it, then slowly let her body slide more and more of her b*****r's prick into her bowels.

Brad really admired his k** s****r's spunk. After all the times of her dad r****g her asshole, she seemed to actually be enjoying this. He would teach her how to enjoy sex tonight. Tomorrow, he would deal with his dad.

"See this little thing sticking out here at the front of your pussy, s*s? Have you played with it before?"

"Just a little. It felt good, but I didn't know if I was supposed to do it."

"Ok. You play with it while I try to stick my finger up your pussy to get you ready for fucking." Brad wet his finger with saliva and spread her virginal pussy lips.

Kelly had sunk all the way to the bottom of his shaft and had her bowels completely filled with her b*****r's prick. As she squirmed around to accommodate the enormous thickness, she felt it continuing to swell. She just hoped that it would not split her in two. However, the bigger it got, the more she seemed to be able to tolerate it and a fire was starting to spread from her asshole to her cunt.

Brad had his finger in his s****r's cunt, against her cherry, pressing gently and probing. He would concentrate on stretching the lips with his fingers until she got off on his prick in her ass. He knew that she wouldn't feel anything else when she was blowing her wad.

Kelly had now gotten used to the log in her ass well enough to start bouncing up and down on it. This was something she had never done before. Daddy didn't let her become involved. If she ever moved at all while he was r****g her, he would tell her to be still. She liked the feeling of lust, as well as the feeling of being in control of her own pleasure. As she rose and fell on her b*****r's huge dick, she stroked her clit and luxuriated in the feeling of her b*****r's fingers in her cunt.

At first, it seemed like she heard a roaring in her ears, then her heart started to beat faster and her legs were bouncing her up and down faster and faster. She rubbed furiously at the itching in her clit and tried to push forward to make Brad's fingers go deeper in her cunt.

Brad was the first to go. When his hose started gushing gallons of cum in Kelly's ass, it was enough to bring on her first orgasm, ever. This was what he had been waiting for. He stuffed two fingers in her pussy and rammed them through her hymen to the back of her cunt. With his other hand, he stifled the screams that Kelly was having trouble suppressing.

Kelly rode and rode and rode. She was on a cloud. There were a few minor indications to her brain that told her she might have some soreness in her body tomorrow, but tonight she was in heaven. She had always liked Brad, but kept her distance. After all, he was a boy and she had some kind of instinct that made her keep to herself from him. Now that he was showering her bowels with his second love offering tonight, she felt a great affection for him. She pulled her body off his rapidly shrinking prick and popped the head in her mouth to get the last of the nectar that still oozed from it. The taste and smell of her shit on his prick did not deter her.

Brad was just about used up. Too much of a good thing is still too much.

"Now will you fuck me?" asked his horny k** s****r, just getting started.

"Oh, wow, s*s. I'm all fucked out. Tell you what. Let me sl**p with you a little while, to get some rest. You can snuggle up in front of me and put my prick between your legs. Maybe you can start it sliding in your cunt while it's soft and small and it will grow bigger when I've had a chance to rest. Ok?"

"Ok big b*****r. I love you."

"I love you, too, Kelly. Now let me sl**p some." Brad rolled over onto his side, tucked his s****r's body into his lap and immediately fell into an exhausted, dreamless sl**p. Kelly reached between her legs and pulled the entire length of her b*****r's flaccid rope between her legs. Her pussy was still a little sore from having her cherry popped, and her asshole was still a little sore from having a log jammed up it, but she was on a high.

For about an hour, she rubbed the head of her b*****r's prick against her clit in a slow sensual motion, using the drops of honey that kept appearing from his pisshole to keep her clit and pussy slick. When she could wait no longer, she used both hands to f***e the head between her distended pussy lips.

Soon, she felt the first signs of swelling as her cunt began to stretch. Brad's prick grew and grew in her belly until she wondered if she had done the right thing. Oh well, she could always pull off if it got to be too much. In the meantime, she was enjoying the power of knowing that she could bring a dead prick back to life. She gently and rhythmically began to push back against the monster swelling in her gut. Each push hurt a little, but she was pushing his prick further and further into the depths of her womb on each stroke.

Brad slept on. He was so tired from all the fucking of the evening. Now he was dreaming that he was fucking the most beautiful woman in the world. He had her bent over a chair and was drilling her with the longest, most powerful strokes of his life. It seemed that he pulled out a yard of prick and rammed it back into the tightest, sweetest, hottest cunt imaginable.

Kelly felt Brad begin to respond, but she assumed he was still asl**p because he failed to answer her whisper. She met each of his instinctive thrusts with an instinct of her own. Soon, she was being fucked as completely as man ever fucked woman and she felt that this was true. Brad pulled his dick almost completely out of her tight cunt and rammed it to the depths in a single, powerful thrust. Kelly could feel herself climbing higher and higher on the ladder of lust. Her budding tits were tingling. Her clit was throbbing. Her cuntal muscles were clinching and her ass was puckering.

Brad woke up with the first gush of cum into his s****r's pussy. She was bucking and jumping around on the end of his prick like a cowgirl on a bronco. He wrapped his arms around her tightly and drifted back to sl**p with his dick still pumping love juice into his s****r.

"If this is what it's like, I'm going to do this every day of my life, from now on," Kelly promised herself as she drifted off to sl**p, also, with her b*****r's cock still lodged deep within her belly.

Brad woke up again with daylight flooding the room and Kelly riding him almost to another blowoff. "What are you doing?" he whispered frantically. "They'll catch us!"

"Yeah, and then what, Big b*****r? They should enjoy the story about how my Daddy has been r****g me for years. You taught me how to fuck and I plan to enjoy it. Now shut up and fuck me."

This exchange excited Brad for some reason and he dutifully flooded his s****r's body with a renewed reservoir of boiling white goo. Kelly pushed back on his yard to feel all of it in her body before withdrawing to clamp her mouth on it. At eighteen, Kelly was still very petite. Brad had no trouble lifting her body and placing her in a 69 so that he could experience the only thing he hadn't tried last night. This was licking his own cum out of a pussy. He drilled his tongue to the bottom of his s****r's pussy, licking up every drop.

"You k**s better get down here for breakfast or you're going to be late for school," his mom called from the bottom of the stairs. They looked at each other with a smile as they wondered what she would say if she knew what they were doing.

The next day was Saturday and Brad made a point of cornering his Dad. "Kelly told me what you've been doing to her."

"Oh yeah? What's it to you?"

"Well, if you don't stop hurting her, I'll make sure you wished you had."

"Yeah, well maybe you're getting too big for your britches."

"I may be, but I'm big enough now to find out. Besides, last night I fucked the Chief of Police's wife. She told me if I ever needed a favor to let her know. I've heard that some of the guys in state prison really like to put it to guys who are in for c***d m*****ing."

"What are you doing fucking the Chief's wife?"

"Never mind. Just remember what I told you. Also, Kelly said she really doesn't mind you fucking her so much if you would just hold her and give her time to get ready. The way you do it now just makes her feel used."

"She does, huh? Well, we'll see. I'm late for my golf game now. I'll talk to you later. Meanwhile, don't forget I can beat the shit out of you long before any cop can stop me."

"Maybe you can and maybe you can't. If you can today, maybe you can't tomorrow. You just remember that I'm still growing and I'm already as big as you."

"You keep your pants on. I'll be back later."

Brad went back into the house for a drink and to let his adrenaline subside. Facing up to his father had been one of the most terrifying things he had ever done, but it felt good. He must be growing up!

His mother came into the room and saw his flushed face. "What's the matter, Brad. Why is your face so red?"

"Oh, I've been having a go-round with Dad. Did you know he's been r****g Kelly for a long time?"

"Oh, Brad! Oh no! I suspected something I guess, but I really didn't want to let myself believe it. There seemed to be nothing I could do about it so I suppressed it."

"Well, don't you want to stop him or get back at him some way?"

"Of course, but I don't have any way to do either."

"Well, I do. I've met some people in this town who have a very exclusive club. They are also some very powerful people. I told Dad if he didn't start treating Kelly with more respect that I would have him stopped. I also have a way for you to get even with him."

"Brad! Really? It would make me feel so relieved to know that poor Kelly wouldn't have to endure any more bad treatment and I must confess that a little revenge would taste sweet, but how can I do that?"

"Easy. Right here for starters and I have more surprises when you're ready." Brad whipped his long prick out to show his mother how much he had grown. As usual lately, it was already half hard and rapidly lurched to full stand while she watched, open-mouthed.

"Bradley Edison! You put that thing up this minute. Don't you know I'm your mother?" She was trembling with outrage and fear of breaking taboos.

"Sure Mom. I know, but there really isn't any reason not to, and I can't think of a sweeter revenge on Dad than for you to fuck his son to get even with him fucking your daughter." He continued to stroke the entire length, watching his mother's eyes follow his hands all the way to the tip and all the way back to the root. In spite of her outward anger and obvious fear, he could see her breath coming in short gasps and a sense of excitement taking over her. He moved closer and placed her hand under his, letting her be the one jacking him off under his hand.

"Aren't you horny, Mom? Hasn't Dad ignored you in the sack while he's making Kelly take it up the ass?"

"Oh, Brad. Don't do this to me, please. Don't make me break all the rules I was raised to respect. It will make me feel like I have shamed us all.," she moaned, but left her hand where it was and began convulsively squeezing his prick as Brad jacked her hand back and forth on her son's prick.

"Dad is the one who has shamed us by invading Kelly's private feelings. I'm old enough to be comfortable with my own sexuality and I know you take the pill, so all the old rules that were made to prevent the dangers of inbreeding have been obsoleted. Come on. I can tell the idea excites you." He lifted her skirt and stuck his hand into her panties to feel her cunt. His mother's snatch was dripping with lust juices. He knew he had won.

Brad backed his mother up to the kitchen table and pushed her backwards until her crotch was thrust outwards. In one motion, he pulled her panties down and knelt between her legs, driving his hungry tongue deep between his mother's steaming cunt lips to the back of the womb he had come from.

Sally gave a long, low, continuous moan full of longing, lust and regret. It just wasn't right, she knew, but everything had happened so fast and she was so horny and she so much wanted some way to punish that slimy son of a bitch she had married for the damage he had done to his own daughter. Now, she was getting caught up into only the lust as her son expertly brought her to an almost immediate orgasm. Over the years, she had experienced few orgasms, as Henry was totally inconsiderate in bed.

All he wanted was to get his rocks off as fast as possible. It seemed to diminish his pleasure if she had any. About the only time she ever got off was by masturbating while watching some of the sexier soap operas. Now, she was being brought off very expertly and quickly and she would worry later about the fact that it was her own son doing it.

Brad sensed the moment when his mother gave in. He stood up, turned her around quickly and lodged his long pole deep within her cunt, doggy style before she had a chance to say anything. Her cunt was so wet and hot from her extreme excitement, as well as from her first orgasm, that it was no problem to ram all the way in one stroke. He reached around his mother and loosened her blouse enough to be able to cup her tits in his hands and squeeze the nipples that had nourished him.

His mother was moaning and coming. She had reached a level of continuous orgasm few women achieve and which she had never experienced before. Wave after wave of continuous shudders racked her body. Every time she would start to remember who was fucking her and begin to have some kind of doubt, another orgasm would take over and she would be incapable of rational thought until it worked its way through her body.

Kelly had entered the room unobtrusively and was watching excitedly as her b*****r fucked their mother. She could tell that Mom was lost to the world and she was glad for her. It wasn't right that Dad treated all of them so badly. She would do whatever it took to help get back at him. She sat across the kitchen from the fucking couple and pulled her short dress across her waist to have total access to her hairless cunt. After stroking her clit for a few minutes, it just wasn't enough. She looked around and spied some cucumbers on the drainboard that Mom had been about to cut up for salad. After smearing one with butter, it slid quite nicely up her still new fuckhole.

It felt to Sally as if she could just continue fucking her son all day without a stop. No matter how many times she got off, she immediately began building up to another. Brad was still pumping in and out of his mother's pussy, very slowly, reveling in the sensations he was obviously giving her. It must be the best Mother's Day ever!

Brad saw Kelly come into the kitchen and smiled at her silently. He watched as she prepared the cucumber and slowly took it all into her tight cunt. When she was starting to breathe faster, he motioned for her to come closer. She pulled the cucumber out of her cunt and came over to him, expectantly awaiting orders from her hero, but Brad motioned for her to leave the cucumber in her cunt, so she obediently complied. She sat back down and let him watch as she slowly slid the entire thing inside her pussy. At first she did not understand his next instruction, but then it hit her! He wanted her to leave it in and stick another one up her ass!

"Wow! This guy knows how to fuck," she thought to herself as she buttered up another cucumber and again made sure he could see the entire length disappearing into her asshole. She felt like one big cucumber and now he was motioning again. What did he mean? She didn't have any more holes she could get a cucumber into then she realized he wanted one up his ass, too! "Like, gangbusters!"

The third cucumber slid slowly up her b*****r's asshole as Kelly held it tight and let him back onto it a little more on each backstroke. Soon, it, too, disappeared. "The case of the disappearing cucumbers," thought Kelly with a smile, but now Brad was gesturing again. What could he possibly want now? It became more clear when he pulled his prick out of his mother's cunt with an extra long stroke, followed by her disappointed moan, then rammed it back into her asshole.

His mother gave a little shriek of pain and surprise, then settled back into her regular series of orgasms. Never had she been so immersed in lust as she was now. She really didn't care about anything that might happen now or in the future as much as she cared about keeping this thing going as long as possible. She was not capable of rational thought to the extent of wondering how long her son could keep fucking her or the danger of someone finding them rutting over the kitchen table. She just wanted him to keep fucking. At first, the momentary pain of having her asshole so rudely violated was almost enough to bring her out of her lust-d**gged state, but she quickly resumed it. Her pussy felt empty, but now it was being filled again. She idly wondered how for a moment, then forgot it.

The filling of her cunt was accomplished by her little daughter pushing the fourth cucumber up her mother's cunt. It was exciting to Kelly to see Mom's cunt close up and to be fucking her with the cucumber. She didn't simply slide it in, she fucked her mother with it, in rhythm with Brad's fucking their mother's ass. She also diddled Mom's clit as she had done her own. The two cucumbers lodged all the way in her own ass and cunt kept her on the brink of orgasm as she rocked back and forth on her heels to make them fuck her.

From time to time, Kelly licked her b*****r's balls and stuck a finger or two up his ass to keep him on the edge. Once in a while, Brad would groan as hot jets of boiling cum would gush into his mother's asshole and flood her rectum. At these times, he would take extra long strokes, to give Kelly a chance to suck some of his cum. He knew she liked the taste and it made him ready to go again much faster to know his s****r was licking his cum and his mother's shit off his prick.

Sally finally ran her course. She slowly ran down. Her body wasn't capable of another jerk or quiver without some food and some rest. Her mind slowly came back from never-never land and realized that it was her own son fucking her in the ass, over her kitchen table and somehow was managing to fuck her pussy and stroke her clit at the same time. Now he was licking her clit! How could that be?

She slowly straightened and pushed back against Brad who still had his prick lodged in her asshole and looked down into the merrily twinkling eyes of her own daughter who was fucking her mother with a cucumber and licking her clit voraciously.

Sally froze. "What am I doing?" she thought. "No, no, no," she murmured as she pulled her son's prick from her ass and stepped away from her cuntlicking daughter. "What are we doing here, k**s?" she asked in a small voice as she collapsed into a chair, drawing her thin dress around her in a futile gesture of modesty. Her naked son and daughter beamed at her from across the room as they pulled the cucumber out of Kelly's cunt and replaced it with her b*****r's dick. The cucumber still lodged in her asshole drove deeper every time she squirmed on her b*****r's prick.

"We can't do this k**s," Sally declared quietly.

"Why not Mom. You know you've never gotten off like that in your life, if I know Dad, and he's already made a fuck machine out of Kelly. You're on the pill and I'm sure you can get them for Kelly. It feels good, we can do it with no one knowing better and I like it. If you don't want me to fuck you any more, that's your choice, but I didn't fuck Kelly until she begged me to and we'll go on fucking as often as we can. She really loves it and so do I. There's more I haven't told you about the people I've met. If you really want to take care of Dad, just let me handle it."

"Well, I just don't know."

"Trust me, Mom. I know how to handle this."

When Sam came home from his golf game, he was surprised to see two strange cars in his driveway and one of them was a police car. "Oh, shit," he thought. "Has that stupid boy called the cops on me?" He raced into the house, prepared to bluff it out, but sk**ded to a halt as he entered the living room. There sat the Chief, with Kelly balanced on his lap and Sam's own wife was sitting on the lap of a huge black man he recognized as Leroy Steward, the coach of the Westwood football team.

Bristling with rage, Sam shouted, "How dare you hold my wife on your lap, you son of a bitch. I'll kill you."

"You won't kill anybody, you silly motherfucker, and she isn't just sitting on my lap, she's kissing my black lips," and Leroy kissed her juicily, their tongues entwining.

Sam was beside himself with rage. "Stop them, somebody, before I kill him."

"Shut up, Sam, and watch. We're on to your little games and we're here to stop them. If you make a move, I'll blow your head off," said the Chief very casually and patting Kelly on the head.

"I'm not just kissing your wife, motherfucker, I'm playing with her white tits. My, I sure do love white tits. I wish I could get the whole thing in my mouth, mmmm-mm."

Sam merely vibrated. He knew the Chief's reputation well enough to know the man might well blow him away if he didn't stay quiet, but this was too much! Nevertheless, he did his best to hold himself back.

"I'm not just playing with your wife's white tits, motherfucker, I'm stripping her naked."

Sam watched with resignation as Leroy pulled Sally's dress over her head, revealing her nude body to all in the room. For the first time, he realized that Brad was lounging in the corner, pulling on a prick that was longer than a k** his age should have. Actually, longer than his father's, by a good amount, and more than most men's. "What was the k** doing with his dick out, in front of these people," he wondered with a small part of his brain. The rest was in a form of shock.

"I'm not just stripping her naked, motherfucker, look what she's got in her cunt," he said, lifting Sally from his lap high enough for Sam to see a huge black rod disappearing into his own wife's cunt. Sally smiled at him from Leroy's lap and bounced up and down a few times to show her enjoyment.

Sam made one more appeal to the Chief. "Chief, can't you do anything about this? That man is fucking my wife in front of my whole f****y. If you must do this to me, at least don't let my daughter see it."

"Why not, Daddy? The Chief loves fucking me while Leroy fucks Mom. Don't you Chief." Kelly lifted her short dress to show a hard piece of red meat attached to the Chief's balls sticking out of her tight pussy. "He's cum in me three times and Leroy has cum in Mom four times, so he's trying to catch up. Don't you want to know why Brad's playing with his prick?"

Sam could not comprehend what was happening. He was so stunned by these events that he allowed Brad to bend him over the sofa and ram his entire rod up his ass with no preparation, no warning and no grease. The pain was incredible!

With a grunt, Brad told his father, "Now maybe you'll understand what you've been doing to Kelly. It's bad enough that you made her feel like a piece of shit by using her for a cum pot, but you never even took the time to help her get ready. What does it feel like to have a poker up your ass?"

Sam was incapable of speech. The pain was just too intense. If there had been any way to retreat from it, he would have cut off an arm to get away, but Brad had him trapped against the sofa where his own wife was lustfully fucking the blackest guy in town and the Chief of Police had his own dick buried in Sam's daughter. Even Sam had spared his daughter's cunt.

Brad kept ripping away in his father's asshole. When he felt the cum start to boil up in his balls, he pulled his prick out and motioned for the first of the football team to come from the next room and take his place.

Sam may have thought that his punishment was over when Brad pulled his dick out, but he was in for a shock. Brad's prick was immediately replaced with another one of similar size and less grease and his head was f***ed onto his own son's gushing prick, which he was f***ed to swallow. As each of the members of the football team was about to blast off, they would pull their pricks from his ass and f***e him to swallow their cum. Their next teammate in line would plow dryly into Sam's ass to continue his gang ****.

As Brad and each of the players finished forcing their cum down Sam's throat, they would save a little for his wife and daughter. Both Kelly and Sally slurped the last few gobs of slimy spunk from all the pricks that had plundered his asshole. Kelly kept bouncing on the Chief's prick, bringing him off several more times as he watched her lick football player cum from her cherry lips, and Sally kept bouncing on Leroy's prick bringing him off a few more times than the Chief, so he won the bet.

When nobody could continue the orgy, the Chief spoke to Sam, very earnestly. "Sam, you're a piece of shit. You've terrorized this f****y long enough. I would lock you up, but then the city would have to support you and the county would have to support your f****y. I want you to keep working and giving your entire paycheck to this fine woman." At the moment, he was standing beside Sam's wife, who had the Chief's prick down her throat. "Nobody in this town is going to give you a fuck except in the mouth or the ass. Any time any of these guys wants to fuck, you better be prepared to bend over or blow. If you want something, ask Sally for it. If she feels like it, she might give it to you. If I ever hear of you doing anything to get even with them, I will personally blow your ass to hell. Got it?" The idea of blowing Sam away made him blow gobs of cum down Sally's throat.

Sally smiled at Sam's miserable state of dejection as she greedily swallowed the flood of goo from the Chief's throbbing dork. "Who would have suspected so much help and so much cum from this man?" she thought.

That night, Sally and her c***dren slept in a confusing tangle of arms, legs, tits and one prick while Sam slept alone in the next room, nursing his ripped and bleeding asshole and plotting revenge.

"Tomorrow night, I'll introduce you to the rest of the gang, Mom," Brad promised
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