As excited as I was to think about using the condoms
that night or over the weekend, well it just did not
happen. When Lennie came back from the bathroom, she
had a worried look on her face. I asked her what was
the matter, but she just seemed to be far away and
hardly paid any attention to me. I drove home in
silence, when we got there Lennie hurried off to bed,
not even giving me a hug.

The rest of the weekend we just stayed away from each
other. She spent the biggest part of the time in her
room. I hinted about "doing it" a couple of times, but
she just looked at me like I was an alien from a foreign
planet. She never took the hints and was as quite as a
mouse the rest of the time we had the house to

Mom and Dad came home from the funeral right on schedule
and things pretty much returned to our normal farm
f****y life. Getting up early, feeding the stock,
making sure everything was in order and then off to
school and life in the outside world.

We rode the school bus to school everyday, she sat with
her friends, I sat with mine. We were both pretty
shaky about it, at least that is the way I think about
it now.

Even though I could not get my mind off what had
happened, we just never seemed to have a chance to talk
about it. She just went about life like nothing had

The package of condoms I bought, well I had them hidden
in my hidey hole and looked at them everyday. It was
like I just had to make sure that Lennie and I had
actually done what I could not get off my mind. It was
almost a dream.

One night, about 2 weeks after the drive-in, I was in my
room, homework was a big thing to our parents and they
made us do it. Bad grades were not something they took
very quietly. Making all A's seemed to be the only
thing that truly made them happy. Sure a B was not to
bad, but a C, well that was grounds for being restricted
to your room. Anyway, I was at the books and just had
not realized how much time had passed. I figured
everyone else in the house was getting ready for bed.

Lennie picked that moment to come into my room and say,
"Hey, Big b*****r, want to talk to wifey?"

The words just about caused me to have a coronary, I got
scared as shit and must have looked it too, because
Lennie just about feel down laughing.

"Lennie, you can not talk that way, Mom or Dad might hear

"Well, I just wanted to tell you that I just finished my
period!", and with those words she started to walk out.

I said, "Hey, Lennie wait a second."

She stopped and looked back at me.

I asked her, "What's up? I mean now your talking to me
about . . . well, about what we did. But for the past
couple of weeks you've been so quite I thought something
was really wrong. I was concerned that I did something
super wrong. I been so worried lately, God it has been
keeping me awake at night!"

She said, "Well, I got scared and was afraid that I
might get pregnant, I was all worried that we might do
something that we would both regret for the rest of our

I looked at her and could tell that she was just being
safe with herself and then I said, "I need to tell you
that I bought condoms at the gas station that night. I
thought about that, your getting, . . . um, you know.
I ain't stupid you know. I bought them to keep us
safe. I mean you pregnant, I could just imagine what
would happen to you and us if the folks found out and if
you got pregnant, we'd have to tell them"

She laughed again, and said, "Well, I thought about it
too but you never said anything about condoms, so I
thought you didn't think about it. Why didn't you tell
me that night? I thought you were just like all the
other guys, do it and then just make out like it was all

I looked at Lennie and said, "You know I am not like
other guys, heck I am . . . your b*****r!"

She laughed then and said, "Yeah, I remember, but I was
still worried, I am getting to know you, . . . in a
different way, I guess.

I got scared then that mom and dad might over hear us
and I said, "Where are Mom and Dad?"

"I came up when they decided to go do some work on the
computer, they are in the office."

The office was way up in the front of the house, just
about as far away as they could get from where we were
in my room. I felt a little better about talking to
her, at least I did not have to worry about them hearing

Now she had that smile on her face again, the one that
said, "Hey, want to play house."

The next thing she said was a shock, She said, "Ok, so
when we going to the movies again?"

I stuttered and stammered for a second, but managed to
say, "You sure we should be talking about this?"

With a look of total defiance on her face she said, "You
damn right, I loved it that night and I want to do it
again and MORE!"

I was still scared by what she had told me before and
not at all convinced that we should be talking about the

She must have seen the internal workings of my mind
because she said, "Now look, I need to talk to you about
this, but now is not a good time. If we can get out of
the house tomorrow or the next day, I will tell you
everything I need to, we just can not take a chance on
the folks finding out about US!"

I was scared again and said, "Lennie, there can be no
US, we can not do that again, we have to much to worry

She laughed like I was a fool and said, "Well, you just
make sure and talk to me tomorrow!" With that she left
the room, I was worried again and afraid to say anything
as she walked out.

I was in a total quandary over what to do. My homework
just sat there on my desk, even though I was looking at
the books in front of me, nothing seemed to register.
I was worried and nothing was going to distract my mind
from what I had to face. Finally I could not take just
setting there any more and was just about to go march
into Lennie's room when I heard my parents outside my

Dad looked through the door at me. He must have real-
ized that something was wrong because he came in the
room and said, "Hey buddy, you look like you got
problems, anything I can do?"

I said, "Probably not, I got a big test tomorrow . . . I
think I am ready for it, but I am a little worried. It
is an important one, if I do well on it I might get a
break on taking the finals next month."

He said, "You'll do fine."

I said, "I hope so, but I sure need to study some more
and my concentration is not good right now."

He said, "Hang in there and don't over do it. You
should get some rest and let the mind do the work."

I said, "OK, but I don't think I can sl**p."

He laughed and said, "It is great to have to such
wonderful k**s, you both make your Mom and I very

I could think of nothing but what Lennie had just said
to me and the thought that ran through my mind was,
"Yeah, well if you knew what we were talking about a
little while ago, you would not be saying that."

I sat there real quite, he must of thought that I was
thinking about the books, and said, "OK, just study all
you want too, I am going to bed."

I said, "Thanks Dad, I'll study for awhile longer and
then turn out the lights. First I think I will get a
coke and get back to the books."

As he left my room, he said, "Go get-um Big Guy!"

I laughed and felt some of the tension go away.

I got a coke and sat back down at my desk. I sat there
for a few minutes, drinking my coke and wondering about
what Lennie wanted to talk about. I was almost finished
with my coke and it was clear to me that I was not going
to study, I didn't even need to but my mind was running
about 100 miles per hour. I finally stood up and began
to undress, thinking that I would just crawl under the
covers and hide.

I got into bed and turned on my bed lamp and just laid
there thinking, then something else began to creep into
my mind, sex, sex, sex, sex!

I could not help but think about that night at the
drive-in, wow, it was something. The more I thought
about it, the more excited I got. My penis knew it
too, because it was hard as stone. I put my hand inside
my underwear and the feelings of pleasure were so
strong I almost had a climax. But then I started
thinking about Lennie and what she wanted to talk about.
I thought to myself, "well at least the first time was
good, lets see where things go from here."

I reached over turned out the light and tried to relax.
I must have been a lot more tired than I thought because
I went right to sl**p. I slept like a rock, I don't
think I moved all night long. The next thing I knew
the alarm was going off and it was time to get a new day

The morning routine was a breeze, nothing seemed to
bother me. Everything just seemed to go like clock
work. The chores seemed to calm me down and I got
everything done in record time and hurried back to the
house to get ready for school.

I got my clothes changed and hurried out to meet Lennie
for the long walk out to the road to catch the bus. On
the walk out to the road Lennie said, "So we going to
try to get away for a couple hours tonight?"

I said, "Sure, what we going to tell the folks?"

She said, "We can tell them we have been invited over to
Lauren's house."

I said, "What happens if they call over there?"

She said, "Well, let me talk to Lauren today, we can
really go over there if you want to. Lauren has been
asking me to get you to call her, why don't we go over
and see her?"

I laughed and said, "Sounds good to me."

Lennie laughed a kind of funny way and said, "Well it
will be good for me too!"

I must of looked curious at what she said, because she
laughed again and said, "I'll tell you more tonight."

The bus was already coming up the road, so I did not
press her for any details.

We made it to school, but it was a much longer day than
I remember day's at school being. I guess it was all
the stuff concerning Lennie on my mind. I never see
Lennie at school, our classes are far apart and we take
different hallways to get to them, so I did not see her
until time to catch the bus home.

When we got off the bus at home, on the walk from the
road to the house Lennie said, "OK, Lauren has invited
us over to their house but we sort of got a problem."

I said, "What's up?"

Lennie said, "The problem is her b*****r, Graham, he
will be there and Lauren is concerned about what he will
say to you."

I kind of looked at Lennie in a curious way and she
said, "OK, I will tell you part of what I was going to
tell you later tonight. Lauren and I have been friends
since 5th grade, remember she and I were in Mrs.
Lawson's class together? We been best friends ever

I said, "Sure I remember all that."

She said, "Well we have been a lot more than just

I did not understand what she was saying, at least not
at first, and she must have realized it, because she
said, "We have been doing it, you know."

I was shocked for a second, then said, "You mean, having

She laughed and said, "Yes, God . . . do I have to draw
you a picture."

"Lennie, I am not all that experienced, you know that.
I have never had a girlfriend and I have never done it
with anyone, but . . . you."

She laughed at that and said, "OK, I guess I can
understand that."

She continued, saying, "Remember how I used to go over
to her house and spend the night? Anyway, when we were
7th graders, we were playing with her dolls and she and
I just wanted to look at each other, our bodies, you
know and we did. Pretty soon we were playing a lot
more with each other than with the dolls. It was not
having sex to us, at least it was not to us. We just
wanted to know about each other and ourselves. I would
look at her and describe things for her and she would
look at me and describe things. Just learning about

I said, "OK, I can understand that, heck I been a little
curious about myself too."

She laughed at that and then continued, "One day at
Lauren's we got caught. Her b*****r, Graham, came into
the room, we had our panties off, but we both still had
our dresses on. Anyway, he caught us looking at each

I interrupted her and asked, "Lennie, did he do anything
to you?"

She laughed and said, "No way, he scared me pretty bad,
threatened to tell Lauren's mom, but he did not do
anything to me."

With that Lennie got real quite and she had a really
concerned look on her face.

I did not think she was going to say anything more, but
then she said, "But he did it to Lauren."

I completely stopped walking when she said that and I
must of looked real concerned, because Lennie stopped
and looked at me and said, "Don't worry about it, it
only happened once and then we figured out how to keep
it from happening again."

We were standing on the road leading up to the house,
Lennie looked at me, I must have still looked worried
because she said, "I will tell you the whole story when
we go over to Lauren's but we got to get out of here
before I can."

I said, "OK, lets get to the house, we can tell mom
we're going over there for awhile."

When we got to the house, Lennie went right up and told
Mom that we had been invited over to Lauren's and asked
if was ok that she and I would go over there for a
little while.

Mom said it was Ok but that I needed to check with dad
and let him know so that he could do the extra stuff
that I normally did. I was standing there and said,
"I'll run out and tell him" Mom said, "Fine"

Lennie looked at me and said, "I am going to put on my
jeans, I'll be ready when you are."

I just shook my head and hurried out of the house to
find dad. I found him in the big implement shed, he
was working on one of the tractors. He said, "Glad
your home, need some help." I said, "Hey, I did great
on the test today, no final for me." He laughed and
said, "Yeah, well I knew you'd do great, but that is
good that you don't have to take the final. Hand me
that wrench, will ya?"

I grabbed the tool he wanted and gave it to him. I
then said, "Dad . . . Lennie and I have been invited
over to Lauren's, Mom said we could go if I could get
you to do my work tonight."

He smiled and said, "Sure, I can do it."

He looked at me real serious and said, "Be a gentleman,
I like Lauren, she is a fine young lady." He had that
twinkle in his eye that said he understood a lot more
than I was telling him.

I was kind of embarrassed by his statement and he
laughed and said, "Heck, I think it is about time you
got a girlfriend and Lauren is quite a catch."

I laughed and said, "I don't think it is that."

He laughed and said, "Yeah, we'll see about that. I
was slow to get the message about girls too you know.
Your Aunt Steph, she had to work me over real hard to
get me to ask your mom out."

I was real uncomfortable with what he was telling me and
he could see it and kind of chuckled.

I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could and
quickly said, "I guess I better go" and turned to leave.

He said, "Hey, take the car, I will need the pickup to
haul the feed in."

I said, "Thanks Dad, see ya after while."

As I walked away, he said, "You call us if you are going
to be late!"

I said, "Sure thing, but we will probably be back pretty

He laughed and said, "I bet your not home as soon as you

I laughed and headed back to the house.

When I got inside, Lennie was ready to go. I looked at
her and said, "Let me change into my jeans too, won't
take but a second." She said, "OK, I'll be here."

I hurried, in record time I had my clothes changed.
When I got back to Lennie I said, "Dad wants us to take
the car, I'll get the keys."

I stopped in the kitchen and told mom we were taking the
car, she said, "Good, you two have a nice time and have
a burger in town, I will not cook for you tonight."

I said, "Good idea, Dad said for us to call if we were
going to be late."

Mom said, "Fine, just be careful on the highway."

Lennie and I hurried out of the house to the shed where
we parked all the farm vehicles. Dad kept the car in
the shed too. When we got inside the shed, Lennie
said, "Look out the door, can you see anyone?"

I said, "No, what the heck do I need to see if anyone is
out there for?"

She said, "I need to get something out of the truck, I
thought we were taking it, so I put some stuff in it."

I said, "What the heck did you put in there?"

She laughed and said, "Don't worry, you'll like it, now
go see if anyone is outside."

I looked out the door, not a person in sight and I told
Lennie that.

She hurried around to the passenger side of the truck
and got her gym bag out of behind the seat.

I was worried that she had put stuff in the truck and
said, "Lennie what would have happened if Dad had found

She giggled and said, "Stop worrying, I put a bunch of
stuff in the bag that Dad would never look at, clean
undies, things like that. He never looks in my bag, he
knows girls keep things that men are not supposed to
meddle in."

I said, "Well I guess I am just really over cautious
about this whole thing, maybe I need to lighten up a

She laughed at me.

The f****y car is a big old land yacht of a station
wagon. It is a pretty old car but we don't drive it
much, most of what we do requires the trucks and the old
car is in great shape. It still looks new and drives
like it too. Lennie threw her bag into the back seat
as I climbed under the wheel.

As we pulled out of the shed, Lennie said, "We are not
supposed to be at Lauren's for an hour. I need to talk
to you and you need to be able to listen, so we need to
go somewhere where we can be in private. Got any ideas?"

I said, "We could go get a burger?"

She said, "I think we need to be more private than

I was thinking where we might go, when Lennie said, "Can
we go over to the lease place, you know there is a barn
over there where we could put the car inside?"

I thought about it for a second. The lease place is
some farm land that Dad leases from an old lay in town.
Her husband died a long time ago and rather than sell
the place she leases it out. She gets a few extra
dollars, above the taxes and Dad always talks about
maybe trying to buy the place one of these days. He
has hinted that I might want to buy it and build me a
place, but I keep him from getting to aggressive about
buying by telling him I ain't sure I want to farm, even
though I know that I do. Right now there was nothing
over there but a big field of cotton and an empty barn.
I said, "It would be ok, unless Dad decides to come over
there for some reason."

Lennie said, "Well do you think he might come over

I said, "Heck, I don't know, he might, but there is no
real reason for him to come over there."

Lennie said, "Well let's go over there then."

The lease place was only a few minutes drive away and it
did not take us long to get there. When we got there
Lennie hopped out of the car and opened the big door on
the barn and I pulled the car inside. The old barn is
in pretty good shape, we use it to store hay for the
winter, but most of it was empty right now. As she
closed the door, it got dark as midnight in the barn.
For a second I did not think she would be able to find
the car, but I heard her yell, "Open the car door, the
dome light will come on."

I felt kind of stupid not thinking of that and opened
the door. She was back in the car in a flash. After
she got in she said, "Close the door, the light from the
radio is enough to see by."

I got the feeling that she had done this before and
said, "You act like you've done this before!"

She laughed and said, "Just part of the story."

I said, "Oh, guess there is a lot I don't know."

She said, "Yes, there is a lot I need to tell you" and
with that she gave a huge sigh, like she was relieved to
be there and leaned back into the seat.

I sat still for a second, wondering what I had let
myself in for, wondering what she would say next, my
mind was running a mile a minute.

The silence in the car was pretty nerve racking, finally
I reached over and turned the radio up enough to hear
it. Then I kind of slid down in the seat and threw my
head back against the head rest. I also gave a huge
sigh and then said, "Well here we are, so what is on
your mind?"

Lennie said, "Rickie I don't really want to talk right
now, but I do need a smoke."

I looked at her and said, "I didn't know you smoked?
I don't think Mom or Dad would approve of your smoking

She laughed at that and said, "I don't smoke cigarettes,
I smoke grass, you know marijuana."

I was really shocked at that and said, "Well, I ab-
solutely know that they would not approve of that, you
crazy or something?"

She laughed at me and said, "Just more of the story, but
I need some right now, or I'll never get the courage to
tell the whole thing."

I said, "Lennie I don't have any grass, I have never had
any grass and I don't know where there is any grass!"

She said, "I know where there is some, but I will not
smoke any unless you say it is ok with you."

For a second I thought about just telling her that we
needed to go home, but then I realized that if I took
her home that I would never hear what she had to say and
I felt like I needed to listen to my little s****r.

I said, "Lennie, if you want to smoke, I guess it is ok
with me."

She got really happy then and said, "Oh, Rickie, I just
knew that I could be myself with you. She started to
open the car door and the light just about blinded me.

I said, "Lennie where the heck you going?"

She said, "I'll be right back, I need to get out for a
second." Then almost like she was having second
thoughts she said, "Rickie, I will not smoke it if you
don't want me to."

I looked at her with tenderness and said, "Lennie, if
you think the grass will help you, then go ahead."

Again I could tell that what I said made her feel better
and she continued to get out of the car. She looked
back inside at me and said, "You have to get out of the
car, I can not smoke in the car, Dad would know."

I said, "Ok" and opened the door and climbed out. It
was warm in the old barn and dark as night. Lennie
left the front door on her side open and then opened the
back door. She said, "Let me get my bag out, I got a
flash light in it."

She got the bag and after a second of rummaging around
brought out a small flash light and turned it on. She
then closed the car doors on her side and said, "Close
the your door, we don't need the lights any more."

I watched her as she walked around the front of the car,
and then at an angle across the nearly empty barn. The
yellow halo of the light was illuminating only a circle
on the ground. I heard her kind of whisper, "Follow
me, there is a place over here where we can set down.
Be careful, there are a bunch of old boards that will
trip you."

I followed her. She went all the way across the barn
to an old feed bin that we had never used. She lifted
the lid on the bin and moved a couple of old feed sacks
to the side and hauled out what looked like a sl**ping
bag all rolled up. She then reached back into the bin
and brought out a big battery powered lantern, one of
those that people take on camping trips.

I said, "Everything we need, wow, you know how to set up
things up right."

She laughed and said, "Welcome to Lennie and Lauren's
hide out. Just follow me big b*****r!"

She then turned and walked away, I followed along behind
her, stumbling over a board here and there. She said,
"I know all the obstacles, you will learn them after a
few times out here."

I did not say anything, just followed along. We went
almost all the way across the barn, me stumbling along
behind and she giggling whenever I made a lot of noise
or caught myself to keep from falling down.

Once we got to the other side she said, "I am going to
turn on the lantern, it is pretty bright when I do."

I heard the click of the switch and the whole side of
the barn was suddenly bright. She was standing next to
the door of the old tack room in the corner of the barn,
again an area that I had never been in. The room was
small and did not take up much space so dad had left it
standing, even though once I had heard him say that he
was thinking about tearing it out, "give us more room
for hay," he'd said.

I asked Lennie, "Why the heck didn't you turn that on
over there?" I pointed back at the feed bin.

She said, "Well, we have to be careful and the light can
be seen from outside. I know. Once when Lauren got here
before me, I could see the light shining through the
cracks in the barn. We used to just stay out here in
the big barn but the light through the cracks scared us.
That is why we moved in here."

She then opened the tack room door. She went in, I was
right behind her. Once we were both inside she closed
the door.

I scanned the room, they had made them a real cozy
little corner out of the place. There was a couple of
chairs and small table in the corner, an ice chest, a
small coffee table in the center of the room, even the
old cot had a clean cover over it. I looked around the
place and said, "Nice, you got a pretty nice hide out

She laughed and said, "Well, I cleaned it up a little
the other day. I thought I would bring you here and
wanted to have a good place to set and talk, or what-
ever." She giggled when she said that.

She kind slid past me and hung the lantern from a long
wire hanging from the ceiling. With the lantern up
high, the whole place was lighted well enough to see,
not real bright, but kind of a nice easy light.

She looked back at me and said, "Isn't this a nice

I said, "Lennie we can not stay long, Mom might call
over to Lauren's and find out we are not there."

Lennie said, "Don't worry about that, Lauren's b*****r
will answer the phone, he is supposed to tell anyone
that calls that we have gone to get a coke or

I was still worried and said, "But what about Lauren's
parents, won't they know?"

She said, "Little worrier aren't you! No, they are
working, remember both of her parents work the night
shift. Relax, nothing to worry about, honest."

I said, "Ok, guess I am just up tight about this whole

She said, "I used to worry a lot about things too, but
believe me, it will be OK. Go over there and get us a
coke out of the ice chest, it will be hot, but we can
still drink it.

I walked across the room, which really wasn't that small
once you got inside and began to get into the ice chest.

Lennie walked over to the cot and put the rolled up
sl**ping bag on it and began to open it up. She said,
"Now for a nice little treat for me." It did not take
her but a second and she had all the stuff out and was
busy stuffing loose grass into a small corn cob pipe.

I watched her and laughed saying, "Something new every-
day, my s****r smokes a pipe."

She laughed too and said, "We never could get this stuff
to stay in a rolled up piece of paper, so we got a pipe
at the d**g store and it works great, even better than a

I watched Lennie as she continued to work on the pipe,
eventually getting it ready and putting it in her mouth.
With a small disposable lighter, she got the pipe to
going taking a huge inhales of the smoke into her lungs.
She held her breath for a few seconds and then let the
smoke escape into the room.

I could see the stress drain from her as the grass
started working on her. She sat down on the cot and
leaned back against the wall, a dreamy kind of expres-
sion on her face. She sucked on the pipe several
more times, each time holding the smoke in her lungs
for as long as she could hold her breath.

I moved over to one of the chairs at the little table
and sat quite as a mouse in the corner, watching my
little s****r get high. Wondering what it would be
like to do the same thing, but just a little bit afraid
of what it all meant.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me. I smiled back at
her. She did not say a word and I wondered what was
going through her mind.

I sat there as long as I could, it seemed to me that
there was just way too much happening for me to be able
to handle it all.

Finally I said, "Do you think you can talk now?"

She said, "I don't think I want to talk right now, I
think I would rather do what we have both been thinking

I looked at her and said, "Lennie, I don't know, maybe
we should not do this thing."

She looked kind of hurt for a second and then said, "I
think you need a couple of hits off this pipe."

I said, "I don't know about that either, I don't think
it is a good idea for us both to get stoned."

She laughed and said, "Rickie, it is not as bad as you
have been told, honest. A couple of hits, you feel
good, a couple more hits you feel great, a couple more
hits and your ready for anything. I think you should
try it" with that she leaned forward and handed me the

I just sat there looking at it. It felt real heavy in
my hand, almost like it was made out of lead or

I guess she could see the hesitation on my face because
she said, "Go on, it won't hurt you, try it."

So I did, I put the pipe to my mouth and sucked in a
little smoke. I coughed a little but not bad. I
puffed a couple more times and for the life of me I
didn't think I felt a thing.

Lennie watched me and said, "Give it back to me, I need
another hit."

I handed the pipe back to her and she sucked in another
huge breath through the pipe. She held her breath
until she was almost red in the face.

For some reason, her red face just seemed very funny and
I started laughing.

She said, "Ah see, it does feel good doesn't it."

That was when I realized that she was right. I felt
really good, a nice warm feeling spreading through me,
from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, I
could felt the most relaxing feeling in the world.
Suddenly I wanted to talk real bad and said, "Wow, that
feels great!"

She laughed and said, "See your little s****r ain't so

Looking at her I said, "Lennie, I never thought you were
dumb. I love you a lot and would never think that
about you. I like to be around you, you're a lot of

She smiled back at me and said, "I love you to Rickie,
even more than I ever thought that I could, but it is
not the kind of love that I ever thought that I would
have with my b*****r!" and she started laughing.

I could not help myself and I started laughing to. We
laughed for what really did not seem like very long, but
then I noticed that she was just looking at me, with
kind of a serious look on her face.

I said, "Hey, what's wrong?"

She said, "The first time you smoke, it is . . . well
kind of new and you don't realize how it affects you.
You'll understand one of these days."

I didn't know what to say to that, so I just mumbled an
OK and looked at her.

She said, "Well, dear b*****r, we are setting here
wasting time. You want to play house with little

I just sat there looking at her, at least for a second.
Lennie, however, seemed to know exactly what to do.

She slowly reached out her hand and I took hold of it.

She kind of guided me over toward, I stood up and slowly
moved across the little room, her with a steady pull
guiding me. I did not resist her, even though I felt
that maybe I should. Her hand felt so warm and soft
and the strength of her seemed to flow into me. I then
realized that I could not have resisted her if I wanted

As I got closer to where she was setting she kind of
swing her legs around and laid full length on the small

I stood next to the cot and looked down at her. She
still held my hand and pulled me with the same steady
pressure as before. As I watched her she gave me one
of her heart breaking smiles and I just kind of melted
onto the cot next to her.

The cot was pretty small, but neither of us being very
big people there was plenty of room for me to lay beside
her, but we had to get real close. I could feel her
body trembling next to me, and she could feel me
trembling too.

She looked me in the eyes and said, "Rickie, I've been
dreaming about this since that first night, it was all I
could do to stay away from your room at night after mom
and dad go to bed. I laid awake at night thinking
about you and what we did and I wanted to do it so bad.
Do it to me again, I want it so bad."

I never broke eye contact with her and said, "Lennie, we
can not do it again, you remember how worried you were
before, I mean about getting pregnant, well, we would
have the same problem again, I didn't bring any thing to
protect you."

She smiled and said, "Well, if that is all that is
stopping us, then we don't have anything to worry about
now. During the week of my period . . . I went to the
clinic over at the college and got birth control pills.
I have been taking them for two weeks now. The doctor
over there, she told me that after two or three days I
would be safe."

I was curious how she had gotten in the clinic, but I
did not want to take the time to ask how she managed it,
so I just stored that one away to ask another time.

She was still holding my hand, and again must of
realized that I was still kind of unsure about the whole
situation. She saw the confusion on my face and with-
out a seconds hesitation she took my hand and put it
between her legs and said, "Rickie, feel me, I am
soaking wet, I need you bad, please do me, please!"

I could feel the heat of her coming through the jeans
she had on and the crotch of the jeans was wet to my

I needed her too, my prick was as hard as stone and she
could feel me as I pressed up against her side.

I said in a hoarse whisper, "We can not do it with our
clothes on, let me take off my pants."

She watched me as I stood back up beside the cot, as
soon as I was off the bed she began to pull her clothing
off too.

We both just threw our clothing on to the floor. I
turned my back and as I was dropping articles of my
clothing, hers were matching mine. First my shirt, and
Lennie's was right on top of it. Then my shoes and I
heard hers hitting the floor as mine did. Then her bra
was on the floor. Before I could get my pants off,
hers flew on to the floor in front of me. I tossed my
pants on the floor on top of hers.

I was standing in my underwear when I turned back around
to look at her. God, she was beautiful, she still had
her panties on, but there was a huge wet area going all
the way up the front of them.

She had her hands over her breasts, but they were not
trying to hide her nakedness, she was twisting her
nipples between the thumb and finger of each hand. A
deep red flush had crept up her chest, rising upward
toward her face.

I had not seen the flush before, the first time we
played at the drive-in it was to dark, but here in the
tack room the flush was clearly visible. I watched her
as she continued to stroke her breasts. She was
moaning softly and with each tweak of her nipples she
rolled her hips forward, just like the night at the
moves when my hand was between her legs.

I sat down on the cot beside her and leaned over and
kissed her, her arms flew up around my neck and she
kissed me back. Without breaking the kiss, I moved my
legs around and laid down beside her on the cot again.

I put my arms under her back and lifted her upward,
pressing her into me real hard. She held me just as
tightly as I held her. Our mouths pressed together so
hard it almost hurt. The hunger for her was burning
through me like a hot poker.

We continued to kiss like that for a long time. My
tongue seemed to know what to do and sought her lips and
mouth. She responded by French kissing me back, our
tongues entangled in a battle of passion.

I allowed my arms to loosen just a little and pulled one
hand from behind her and placed it on her breast. It
was so soft and seemed to be huge under my hand, even
though Lennie does not have huge breasts. I could feel
the nipple as it hardened under my hand, the wrinkled
skin feeling very rough to my hand.

Things began to happen really fast then. I rolled up
on top of her and she spread her legs to let me between

I pressed hard into her and she moaned deeply at the
pressure on her abdomen. My cock was pressing directly
into her and she was rolling her hips back and forth
against me. I could feel her passion rising higher and

We continued pushing harder and harder into each other
and I felt my orgasm approaching too.

Lennie suddenly stopped moving against me. I opened my
eyes and looked at her.

She looked back at me and said, "Rickie, I want to
really do it with you. I want to feel you inside of
me, I want to cum with you inside of me."

I looked at her for a second and said, "Lennie, we can
not do that, you're a virgin and I don't want to do that
to you. I don't want to hurt you!"

She laughed and said, "Rickie, I am not a virgin, I just
have never made love to a guy. I can take you inside
of me, it won't hurt me, I promise."

I had more questions, but I could see that now was not
the time to ask.

Lennie reached down between us and began to push my
underwear down. I raised up a little and she pushed my
underwear about half way off and then I helped by
pushing them down and tossing them onto the floor.

I said, "You still got yours on, let me move and we can
take them off."

She said, "OK, just move back a little."

I raised up into a kneeling position and she pulled her
legs up in front of me and wiggled her panties out from
under her and then pulled one leg and then the other out
of her panties and tossed them away.

She grabbed me around the neck and pulled me back down
on top of her. My cock was against her pubic mound and
I could feel how wet she was. I tried to move back
enough to get it into her, but it just kept slipping up
over her. never going in. I did that three or four
times and she tried to help me too, but it just would
not go in.

She said, "Let me help, raise yourself up just a

She put one hand down between us and guided me to her.
She moved my penis up and down over her a couple of
times, getting me situated just right and then she said,
"Ok, Rickie, push into me just a little."

I pressed forward just as she asked. A slow steady
pressure, the feelings from the head of my cock of pure
pleasure, unbelievable feelings, unlike anything I had
ever experienced before pulsed through me, coming in
wave after wave.

Lennie moaned deep inside of her, her breath coming in
short, fast gulps. She moaned, "God, oh God, it feels
so good, I never expected it to feel like this."

I pushed in a little deeper, and suddenly the pleasure
changed, almost feeling like thousands of tiny pin
pricks on the head of my cock. Lennie must of felt the
same thing because she kind of flinched against me, I
looked at her face and her eyes were open wide, and she
had a scared kind of look on her face.

I instantly pulled back out of her, she grabbed me and
said, "No, don't stop, I need you inside of me.

I muttered, "Lennie, it hurt for a second. I could
feel it hurt you too!"

She said, "Your bigger than what I am used to, just put
it in, it won't hurt but for a second more. You'll see."

So I pushed back in to her, she felt a lot wetter this
time and the feelings on the head of my cock were just
the same as before, so wonderful that I could hardly
believe it. Then it started feeling like pins and
needles again. This time I stopped and just held

I could feel the muscles inside of Lennie squeeze me.
A hard squeeze and then relax, hard squeeze and relax,
over and over, it was such a shock to realize that she
was doing it. I said, "Lennie I can feel you as your
body squeeze down on me."

She did not hear me, or something, just kept moaning and
slowly moving her hips in jerky little spasms.

I just held real still, wondering if the feelings from
my cock could get any better. There was a deep feeling
of intense pressure building inside of me, I knew that
if we stayed like this for very much longer that I was
going to cum and I did not want to cum.

The pin prickly feeling on the head of my cock was still
there, but only right around the very head. It felt
like to me that Lennie's whole body was opening up for
me, waiting for me to get inside and I wanted to get
inside of her, to put as much of me inside of her as I

I looked at her face again, she was in an unbelievable
state. Her eyes were closed tightly, jaw slack and the
flush that I noticed before was a motley red all over
her cheeks, even up to her forehead. There was a light
film of perspiration all over her and little beads
collected on her upper lip in the fine blonde hair.
For a second I almost felt like laughing, but I stopped

The feeling of pressure seemed to let up when I took my
mind off my penis and I felt a relieved that I was not
about to cum. I continued to watch Lennie and her face
change. I was amazed at the intensity of what she had
to be feeling. She had to be experiencing something
even better than me. With each spasm of her body, her
face changed, sometimes there was a look of deep
concentration, sometimes a totally foreign, almost scary
expression of hardness and commitment to what she was

I was still holding steady pressure into her, but
suddenly, I guess from all the steady pushing of my hips
I had kind of a spasm in my back and my hips thrust
forward. I felt my cock kind of bend in the middle, as
hard as I was, and I was harder than I had ever been, my
cock still kind of kinked up. With the sudden thrust
Lennie's eyes flew open and for a second I thought that
I had hurt her, she gave out a huge breath and made all
kinds of deep sounds in her body. A deep guttural
almost gurgling sound that I never expected, and her
mouth began to shake, rapidly opening and closing. I
clearly saw that what she was experiencing was not pain,
but intense pleasure, mind numbing pleasure.

As the spasm in my back subsided, I relaxed for a
second, but kept a constant pressure into her. She
stopped the gurgling noise, but was now making little
whimper sounds almost like a cat.

I watched her and with a sudden thrust rolled my hips
into her again, this time under my control. I felt her
stiffen again and make the deep sounds again. I
watched her face again and again her jaw started to
flutter just like before.

I saw that what ever was happening to her she liked it,
so I did it again a little harder this time.

This time the sound was louder than before and from
deeper inside of her. I thrust into her and held with
pressure and I felt the pin prickly feelings on my cock
again, but this time it was not on the head but behind
the head on the shaft of my cock.

I held there for a second and then kind of pulled back
until the prickly feeling was on the head again, then
thrust into her again. Again the deep moans from her
and the feelings on my cock were so great that I could
feel the cum boiling up. I stopped and held right
there, I was afraid to move, I could feel the hot cum as
it moved through my cock, I could feel it as it moved
through the head, but I did not cum. I held steady
real hard and tried to relax my back some, that seemed
to relieve the desire to ejaculate too.

I did not think Lennie could get much wetter, but when
my cum flowed into her it was like her whole body
suddenly became liquid fire. I could not control the
thrusts of my pelvis and I thrust into her with more
f***e than ever.

This time there were no prickly feelings at all. My
cock flowed into her and I could feel the bone at the
base of my cock suddenly hit against the bone in her
body too. The feelings that shot through me were
almost beyond my control.

I felt her pubic hair against the base of my cock and it
was a magical feeling, so wonderfully good. I was as
deep inside of Lennie as I could get and I loved the
feelings, my whole body tingled from the bottom of my
feet to the top of my head.

I knew then what fucking meant and I realized then and
there that I would do this again, and again, and again.
Anytime I had the chance I would fuck Lennie, as often
as she would let me. I gave up ever being able to tell
her no.

I felt her body as she moved it against the bone in my
hips and could tell that she was getting closer and
closer to her own orgasm. She was moaning louder than
ever and when I looked at her this time the saliva was
flowing out of her mouth, she was almost foaming at the
mouth and I almost laughed again, but I stopped again,
just in time.

I felt her cunt squeezing my cock in harder and harder
grasps, her butt shaking like crazy.

I pulled back out of her again, just to the point that I
felt her cunt grip the head of my cock and I thrust back
in. Again the bones came together with a little pain
and this time Lennie said, "Fuck me, fuck me harder."

I held my penis deep inside and thrust my hips forward,
bone to bone again. She said, "Fuck me, fuck me" and
breathed in huge gulps of air.

She was getting closer and closer to cumming, but I did
not want her to cum either, so I pulled the front of my
body away from her, just enough so that there was no
more bone to bone contact.

The wetness was still there and I could feel the super
slick feeling of her. I thrust back in, but did not
bang in to her, just a quick jabbing with my hips.
That felt good too, but I could see that it did not have
the same affect on Lennie. It felt especially good to
the head of my cock, but not the ball wrenching feeling
in my testicles.

I was learning how to fuck, each stroke was a learning
experience and I knew that I had control of when I
ejaculated and when Lennie would cum too. I decided to
try some steady in and out action.

So I started stroking in and out with little thrusts, a
whole new set of sensations flowed up my body. I
picked up the speed of my thrust and again different
feelings. A steady tingle seemed to be centered right
on the head of my cock and there was tightness of my
balls again. I kept up the steady rhythm for a little
while longer, feelings building higher and higher. I
still had control but if I kept it up much longer then I
would ejaculate. So I slowed down just a little.

Lennie was learning too, because her hips seemed to pick
up the rhythm of my thrusts and we suddenly seemed to be
in time, pleasure for pleasure.

I felt the control slipping from me to her as she
thrust up into me. So I stopped thrusting completely,
but now she seemed to pick up where I left off and her
hips kept rising and falling, pushing her cunt on to my
cock, into her then out, just a little more and I would
cum. I held steady and she fucked me.

Up to this point I had been laying with all my body
pressing down on top of Lennie. I realized that she
was having a hard time breathing with me laying with all
my weight on top of her, so I slowly raised up on my
arms, getting my chest off her. Also she had been
laying with her legs flat on the bed, as I raised up it
just seemed natural that she should pull her knees up
and then lay them out to the side.

Her breathing seemed to be a lot easier now and the
gasping seemed to let up. With her laying like that
the only part of either of us touching the other was my
cock inside of her.

I thrust my hips forward, hard again. I felt my cock
go deeper than ever and she suddenly flinched and a look
of pain flashed across her face. I felt a hard button
hit the end of my cock and it hurt. She said, "To
deep, not so deep, it hurts when you go that deep."
More new feelings were flowing through me. The pain
had actually caused my balls to tighten again.

It was like my body did not hear what Lennie had just
said, because on my next thrust I felt the hard button
again, again Lennie flopped away from me and said, "Ah,
not so deep, it hurts."

I said, "OK, but I can not keep from pushing in like

She said, "It hurts and makes me not feel as good, be
careful, you'll make me bleed."

I was worried by that and she saw it on my face, she
said, "I can help keep you from going so deep" and I
felt her put her legs back down to the side, but this
time she put her feet over my legs at my knees. She
said, "There, I can move away from you just a little bit
when you push in to me."

I guess the pain had brought her back just a little too
because she was not nearly so out of it as before. She
said, "I am going to cum next time, OK?"

I said, "Me too, but I don't want to cum without you."

She said, "Don't worry, I will cum when you do."

This time I knew there would be no holding back, I
didn't want to hold back anymore anyway.

I rocked forward into Lennie and felt her met me, and
with one stroke we were back in perfect rhythm.

I stroked deep and hard, with her legs around mine we
had an easier time of staying together, me thrusting
into her and she meeting me.

I pushed my body further down between Lennie's legs and
I could feel her pubic hair and bone against me again.
We did not waste anytime getting to the peak.

I felt her begin to cum, the muscles of her cunt began a
kind of rapid grasping motions and then she was there.

What I was not ready for was the sounds she made and
what she said.

She started by saying, "Fuck me" over and over. "Fuck
me! Fuck me!, I am going to cum , fuck me!"

When her orgasm began she started almost yelling those
words, and a few more included. She said, "Fuck me
goddamn, fuck me, come on you son-of-a-bitch fuck me".
I was shocked at first and realized then that she was
not even aware of what she was saying. Her head was
thrown back and she was just saying what ever came into
her mind.

I did what she asked and fucked her, harder and harder,
I drove my self into her.

The pain of my pubic bone hitting hers was intense, but
the feelings in me were building to a level I thought I
could never experience.

Suddenly I was cumming too. I felt my balls tighten up
against my body and the sperm flowing through my cock.
I felt the spurts of it, one deep muscle contraction
after another, each ejecting a stream of hot cum into

She felt it too, she started having a second orgasm,
even more intense than the first one and she was moaning
and thrashing into me harder than ever.

She was not talking, at least not words that I could
understand, just shuddering and whipping her pelvis into
me and the sounds were nothing but pure sexual. Deep
moans and gasping of breathe.

The whole process seemed to go on and on, but it could
have only lasted a few minutes. For me it was over in
about 30 seconds but Lennie's lasted a lot longer and I
watched her as she came.

Finally she started slowing down and stopped. I kept
my cock buried in her and slowly lowered my self down on
top of her. She hardly moved a muscle. I could feel
her as she relaxed and her heart was beating real fast
and hard. I could feel her heart beat in my stomach,
it was like we were part of each other.

We laid like that for a long time, I don't know how
long, but long enough that I realized that my butt was

I began to rise up on my arms again, but Lennie threw
her arms around me and said, "No don't get up, lets lay
here for a little while longer."

I dropped back down on her and held her to me. I said,
"Lennie we got to get out of here, we still got to get
over to Lauren's."

She said, "I know, but you feel so good, I don't want to
stop now."

I said, "Lennie, we ain't got a choice, we need to go,
we can do this again."

She said, "You promise me that?"

I laughed and said, "You bet your ass I promise."

She giggled at that and said, "OK, lets get dressed."

I got up off the cot and started sorting my clothes out
from hers. She saw what I was doing and said, "I got
to pee, you get things separated, I'll be right back."

She went out the door of the tack room.

I stood in the middle of the little tack room, which was
again just a little room in the corner of the barn and
thought about when we could do this again and as far as
I was concerned, the sooner the better.

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